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d painless way to ur score on the ACT

— prepare yourself for the English portion of sher on the grammar rules you once knew but

Study Aids/Test Prep/ACT

Making Everything 5th Edition

• An overview of the exam and how it’s scored • Tips to help you gauge your strengths and weaknesses • How to make the best use of your time • Ways to sharpen essential grammar, writing, math, and science skills • Practice essay questions and guidance for the optional writing test • Reasons not to believe common myths about the ACT


Making Everything

5th Edition


Open the book and find:



2nd Edition

g Easier! hing E erythin ki g Everyt Makin

2nd Edition

Algebra I Workbook

Algebra I

2nd Edition

Anatomy & Physiology


discover time-tested strategies for scoring high from basic math and geometry to algebra — problems

e time and brain cells with helpful tips on how ding passages — and still have enough time to

Spine: 1.1891


ns of students taking the ACT? Have no fear! s you a competitive edge by fully preparing the ACT, including the writing test. Plus, te practice tests and sample questions — th proven test-taking strategies to improve you waiting for?


JULY-AUGUST Seasonal Bestsellers

earn to analyze the various science passages oven techniques on how to tackle each type

— test your skills as you go with three fullthat mirror the real deal (complete with ons)

A and Scott A. Hatch, JD have been preparing tandardized tests, gain admission to college, and 87. For nearly 30 years, they have provided their dized test preparation throughout the world.

Learn to:

Learn to:

• Score higher on the ACT and get into the school of your dreams

Go to® for videos, step-by-step examples, how-to articles, or to shop!

• Solve complex problems

• Grasp the scientific names of the body’s structures • Know the functions of hundreds of tissues and organs

Review key concepts and formulas

• Find the solution every time

• Take your skills to the next level with three practice tests

Learn to:

Practice on hundreds of Algebra I problems

• Understand algebra

• Stay focused on test day and manage your time wisely

• Increase your understanding of how algebra works

• Understand how the body develops, repairs itself, and is affected by disease

Get complete answer explanations for all problems

$19.99 US / $23.99 CN / £13.99 UK

ISBN 978-1-118-01259-8

Maggie Norris

Mary Jane Sterling

Lisa Zimmer Hatch, MA Scott A. Hatch, JD Hatch Hatch

Freelance science writer

Author of Algebra Workbook For Dummies, Algebra II For Dummies, and Algebra II Workbook For Dummies

Coauthors of SAT II History For Dummies, Sat II Biology For Dummies, and GMAT For Dummies

978-1-118-01259-8 $19.99 US • $21.99 CAN £13.99 UK

Donna Rae Siegfried

Mary JJane Sterling M St li

Coauthor of Biology For Dummies

Author A h off Al Algebra b I For F Dummies D i

978-0-470-55964-2 $19.99 US • $23.99 CAN £14.99 UK

2nd Edition

978-1-118-04922-8 $19.99 US • $23.99 CAN £14.99 UK


Making Everything


2nd Edition

• Grasp basic chemistry principles • Make sense of matter and energy, atoms and molecules, and acids and bases • Tackle problems you may face in your Chem I course

Mark Zegarelli

John T. Moore, EdD

Author of Molecular and Cell Biology For Dummies

Donna Rae Siegfried

978-0-470-59875-7 $19.99 US • $23.99 CAN £14.99 UK

Making Everything


Learn to:

Learn to:

• Break down complicated material into easy-to-understand parts

• Recognize bones, muscles, nerves, and other structures of the body

• Grasp the parameters and applications of the U.S. Constitution

• Score your highest in a clinical anatomy course

978-1-118-16170-8 $19.99 US • $23.99 CAN £14.99 UK

Making Everything

Constitutional Law

• Use common clinical anatomy terms

Coauthor of Biochemistry For Dummies

Math tutor and writer

Writer and former college professor

Clinical Anatomy


Learn to:

Learn to: • Use the model of supply and demand

Professor of biomedical sciences

Professor of Constitutional Law, California Western School of Law

Shereen Jegtvig, DC, MS

Patricia Fusco, JD

Steven Briggs

Making Everything


2nd Edition

Making Everything


• Understand fiscal and monetary policies

Sean Flynn, PhD

Assistant professor of economics, Scripps College

978-0-470-87948-1 $21.99 US • $25.99 CAN £16.99 UK

Also covers the iPad

• Work with resistors, capacitors, diodes, and integrated circuits

Learn to:

Learn to:

sGet up to speed in the rules of English grammar

• Grasp the latest developments in genetics

• Build and troubleshoot circuits

sImprove your writing and verbal communication skills

• Explore ethical issues as they apply to genetics

Cathleen Shamieh Gordon McComb

Geraldine Woods

Tara Rodden Robinson, PhD

5th Edition

Learn to:

tSet up your iPad, browse the web, and download apps tHandle e-mail, enjoy music and movies, and make FaceTime® calls

• Get up to speed on molecular genetics, genetic counseling, and more

sImprove your grades and/or test scores



• Understand the latest on stem cell research

• Protect your safety

2, original iPad, and



English Grammar

sBrush up on your proofreading abilities

• Identify factors that lead to inflation

978-0-470-39696-4 $19.99 US • $23.99 CAN £15.99 UK

2nd Edition

2nd Edition

• Decipher consumer behavior

Nationally recognized criminal justice expert

978-1-118-02378-5 $26.99 US • $31.99 CAN £17.99 UK


• Consider the methods that have been developed to solve and punish crime

Criminal prosecutor


• Understand the sociological, environmental, and psychological causes of criminal behavior

• Measure crime and identify the important points of criminal theory

978-1-118-11643-2 $24.99 US • $29.99 CAN £15.99 UK

Making Everything


Glenn C. Smith, JD, LLM

Certified nutrition specialist

978-1-118-00730-3 $19.99 US • $23.99 CAN £14.99 UK

• Appreciate the techniques law enforcement officers use to investigate crimes

• Understand the ins and outs of the Supreme Court and constitutional interpretation

David Terfera, PhD

Learn to:

Learn to:

• Score high in your Calculus II class

Rene Fester Kratz, PhD

978-1-118-02174-3 $19.99 US • $23.99 CAN £14.99 UK


2nd Edition


Learn to:

Making Everything

• Use a multimeter, oscilloscope, and logic probe

• Get ahead of the curve with easyto-understand explanations of complicated subject matter

Richard H. Langley, PhD



• Make sense of advanced calculus topics

Author of several books on chemistry and biochemistry

2nd Edition

Making Everything

Learn to:

• Think like a biologist and use scientific methods

2nd Edition

Calculus II


• Grasp the latest discoveries in evolutionary, reproductive, and ecological biology

Author of Chemistry For Dummies


• Identify and dissect the many structures and functions of plants and animals

John T. Moore, EdD

Making Everything


Learn about: • How cells obtain and use energy

978-0-470-25152-2 $19.99 US • $21.99 CAN £13.99 UK

Making Everything

978-0-470-33732-5 $21.99 US • $23.99 CAN £14.99 UK

• Biochemistry principles • Biochemical structures and reactions

978-0-470-28817-7 $16.99 US • $19.99 CAN £11.99 UK

978-0-470-92326-9 $24.99 US • $29.99 CAN £16.99 UK

tShoot photos and video, play games, read books and magazines, and text with iMessage

IN FULL COLOR! Author, English Grammar Workbook For Dummies®

978-0-470-28697-5 $24.99 US • $29.99 CAN £17.99 UK

978-0-470-54664-2 $19.99 US • $23.99 CAN £14.99 UK

Edward C. Baig Bob “Dr. Mac” LeVitus

Instructor of Genetics, Extended Campus, Oregon State University

978-0-470-55174-5 $19.99 US • $23.99 CAN £14.99 UK

978-0-470-08946-0 $19.99 US • $23.99 CAN £13.99 UK

978-1-118-49823-1 $24.99 US • $29.99 CAN £17.99 UK

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