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Dads & Grads Easier ! Making Everything


4th Edition

Making Everything

• Prepare classic and contemporary drinks • Become an expert on the latest liquors, wine, and beer • Experiment with the latest flavored rums and vodkas

Ray Foley



Making Everything

978-0-470-63312-0 $16.99 US • $19.99 CAN £12.99 UK

• Make tasty, affordable meals the whole family will enjoy

• Buy, serve, and enjoy beer wisely

• Prepare a complete holiday or party menu

Marty Nachel

Bryan Miller

Certified beer judge and author of Homebrewing For Dummies

Food and feature writer, The New York Times

with Steve Ettlinger

Food, beverage, and media consultant

Foreword by Jim Koch Brewer, Samuel Adams

Member of the International Association of Culinary Professionals

Marie Rama

Eve Adamson

978-1-118-12030-9 $22.99 US • $27.99 CAN £15.99 UK

978-0-470-41580-1 $21.99 US • $23.99 CAN £14.99 UK


Also covers the iPad


Learn to: • Know what causes hair loss — and what you can do about it

• Choose the right gear and the right spots for fishing

• Evaluate the latest treatments, from cosmetic to surgical

• Safely get the whole family involved


• Understand the links between health problems and hair loss

Peter Kaminsky

N E A L L- I N - O



William R. Rassman, MD Robert M. Bernstein, MD


with Jae P. Pak, MD Eric S. Schweiger, MD

Nancy Muir

Hair transplant pioneers

With new material by

Greg Schwipps Fishing and outdoor lifestyle writer

iPhone 3GS!

6th Edition



Learn to:

Making Everything



4th Edition

Job Interviews Learn to:

t Set up your iPhone, send and receive e-mail, and download apps

• Survive web-based screening knock-outs

t Browse the web, capture and share photos and video, and listen to music

• Master the essentials of popular video interviewing

t Video-chat with FaceTimeÂŽ, get organized with Reminders, and stay connected with Notification Center

• Manage your social media presence to make a great impression

978-0-7645-9904-0 $24.99 US • $29.99 CAN £14.99 UK

Making Everything


5th Edition


• Get “The Big Oneâ€? to bite

Contributor, The New York Times, Field & Stream, and d Outdoor Life

iOS6! 2, original iPad, and


Learn to: • Catch the fish you want, and more of them

4S, iPhone 4, and

978-0-470-91388-8 $26.99 US • $31.99 CAN £19.99 UK

Hair Loss & Replacement


Covers the iPhone

4th Edition

Learn to: • Master grilling, slow cooking, baking, roasting, sautÊing, and more

• Grasp the ingredients and processes that brewers use to make beer

Making Everything

978-0-471-76871-5 $21.99 US • $25.99 CAN £16.99 UK


• Familiarize yourself with various styles of beer from around the world

2nd Edition

978-0-470-93068-7 $21.99 US • $25.99 CAN £15.99 UK


Cooking Basics

Author and beer enthusiast

Founder and publisher of Bartender Magazine

Making Everything

2nd Edition

Learn to:

• Concoct the perfect cocktail

978-0-7645-9902-6 $21.99 US • $23.99 CAN £14.99 UK



Bartending Learn to:


MAY–JUNE Seasonal Bestsellers

978-0-470-08787-9 $16.99 US • $18.99 CAN £11.99 UK

978-1-118-49696-1 $34.99 US • $41.99 CAN £24.99 UK


Job Searchingia with Social Med Learn to: • Harness the power of LinkedInŽ, Twitter Ž, Facebook Ž , and more to propel your job search • Make your online profiles work for you so that opportunities knock at your door • Create a winning strategy for securing a position • Build your personal brand online to truly stand out from the crowd

IN FULL COLOR! Edward C. Baig Bob “Dr. Mac� LeVitus

Joyce Lain Kennedy

Nationally syndicated careers columnist

978-1-118-35201-4 $24.99 US • $29.99 CAN £17.99 UK

978-1-118-11290-8 $17.99 US • $21.99 CAN £13.99 UK

Joshua Waldman, MBA Social media strategist and founder of Career Enlightenment

978-0-470-93072-4 $19.99 US • $23.99 CAN £15.99 UK

Making Everything



6th Edition




Samsung Galaxy Note


• Skyrocket interviews with the new instant customizing method

• Use the Galaxy Note to make calls, text, e-mail, and video-chat

• Use right resume forms with different digital docks

• Draw, sketch, take notes, and more with the S Pen

• Control privacy and reputation issues in online social job search

• Have some fun with photos, videos, eBooks, movies, music, and apps

• Avoid resume-killer mistakes you never knew about

Joyce Lain Kennedy

Nationally syndicated careers columnist and author off Job Interviews For Dummies and Cover Letters For Dummies

978-0-470-40956-5 $21.99 US • $25.99 CAN £14.99 UK

Making Everything

978-0-470-43068-2 $21.99 US • $25.99 CAN £14.99 UK

Learn to:

Learn to:

978-0-470-17344-2 $16.99 US • $18.99 CAN £19.99 UK

978-0-470-24587-3 $21.99 US • $23.99 CAN £14.99 UK

978-0-470-87361-8 $16.99 US • $19.99 CAN £13.99 UK


Bestselling author of Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 For Dummies

978-1-118-38846-4 $24.99 US • $29.99 CAN £17.99 UK

978-0-470-04604-3 $16.99 US • $18.99 CAN £11.99 UK

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