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MAY Seasonal Bestsellers Making Everything


Making Everything

3rd Edition


2nd Edition




Learn to:

Learn to:

• Strategize with your bridge partner

s Choose, plant, and care for flowers, fruits, herbs, and vegetables

• Play in clubs and tournaments

2nd Edition


Making Everything


Learn to:

Learn to: • Take control of your camera’s exposure settings for better pictures

• Finish your work like a pro

4th Edition

as Digital SLR Camer y ph ra og ot & Ph

• Create beautiful designs in no time

• Choose the right tools

s Cultivate charming gardens in any climate

• Play for fun or profit


• Work with new patterns, stitches, and techniques

s Beautify your surroundings through plant design

• Use basic and advanced bidding techniques

Making Everything

• Choose the right lens for your photo shoot • Edit photos to remove mistakes and enhance color

Karen Manthey

s Prevent insects, pests, and diseases from invading containers

Former editor, Crochet Fantasy magazine

Susan Brittain


Author, Crochet Patterns For Dummies

Julie Armstrong Holetz

Eddie Kantar

Editor, Tension Magazine of Crochet & Creative Living

Member of the Bridge Hall of Fame

978-1-118-20574-7 $22.99 US • $27.99 CAN £16.99 UK

978-0-470-57705-9 $19.99 US • $23.99 CAN £14.99 UK

978-0-470-53645-2 $19.99 US • $23.99 CAN £14.99 UK

David D. Busch

978-1-118-14489-3 $29.99 US • $35.99 CAN £19.99 UK

978-0-470-17816-4 $12.99 US • $13.99 CAN £8.99 UK Spine: .768’’


Making Everything


4th Edition


Making Everything

y reunion! for the perfect famil

Grow, care for, preserve, and use healthful herbs

Family Reuniot n Planning Ki

Starting an herb garden outweighs the costs of buying retail herbs. Plus, adding homegrown ingredients to your meals is a healthy and tasty way to improve any dish you make at home. This friendly, hands-on guide gives you tips and advice on how to grow a thriving herb garden that will add depth and flavor to home-cooked meals — as well as boost your health. • Herbs 101 — get the 4-1-1 on the basics of growing herbs and the botany principles that’ll help them thrive • Know before you grow — make a garden plan based on your unique growing conditions and herb preferences • Get down to the nitty-gritty — discover how to plant your seeds indoors, when to move them outdoors, and how to care for and maintain them as they grow

• How to grow herbs in gardens, containers, and on windowsills • Culinary herbs, medicinal herbs, and herbs for health and beauty • Experts tips on what to grow • Design basics for herb gardens • The lowdown on soil • Guidance on how to choose seeds • How to cut and dry herbs • Delicious recipes • An encyclopedia of herbs

• Reap what you sow — find out how to harvest and preserve your herbs and get yummy recipes to use them in your culinary concoctions

2nd Edition

Herb Gardening

Learn to:

Learn to:

• Choose, plant, and care for herbs

• Create your Profile and update your Facebook timeline

Go to®

• Prevent pests and disease from invading your containers

for videos, step-by-step examples, how-to articles, or to shop!

• Set your security so only certain people see your Profile and posts

• Use homegrown herbs to boost your health, add flavor to meals, and save money

• Upload high-definition photos and tag your friends • Stay connected on the go with Facebook Mobile

$19.99 US / $23.99 CN / £14.99 UK

Cheryl Fall

Suzanne DeJohn is an editor with the National Gardening Association. The National Gardening Association is the leading garden-based educational nonprofit organization in the United States, providing resources at www. and

Author of Quilting For Dummies and Needlecrafts For Dummies

A Reference for the Rest of Us!

Carolyn Abram

978-1-118-09562-1 $21.99 US • $25.99 CAN £16.99 UK

Also covers the iPad


2nd Edition

Open the book and find:

Herb Gardening




2, original iPad, and


FREE daily eTips at

978-0-7645-5399-8 $24.99 US • $26.99 CAN £19.99 UK

978-0-470-03749-2 $21.99 US • $23.99 CAN £14.99 UK

ISBN 978-0-470-61778-6

978-0-470-28171-0 $19.99 US • $21.99 CAN £13.99 UK

5th Edition

Cutler Fisher DeJohn National Gardening Association

Karan Davis Cutler Kathleen Fisher Suzanne DeJohn The Editors of the National Gardening Association

978-0-470-61778-6 $19.99 US • $23.99 CAN £14.99 UK

Making Everything




Mom Blogging

Learn to:

Learn to:

tSet up your iPad, browse the web, and download apps

• Start your blog and create the right look and feel

tHandle e-mail, enjoy music and movies, and make FaceTime® calls

• Find your own unique voice and niche • Determine the right business model for your blog

tShoot photos and video, play games, read books and magazines, and text with iMessage

• Use your blog to sell your products and services


Wendy Piersall

Founder of Woo! Jr. Kids Activities Network

Edward C. Baig Bob “Dr. Mac” LeVitus

Foreword by Heather B. Armstrong, founder of

978-1-118-49823-1 $24.99 US • $29.99 CAN £17.99 UK

978-0-470-00829-4 $19.99 US • $21.99 CAN £13.99 UK

Making Everything


978-0-470-29112-2 $19.99 US • $21.99 CAN £13.99 UK

978-0-470-28747-7 $21.99 US • $25.99 CAN £14.99 UK

Making Everything


978-1-118-03843-7 $24.99 US • $29.99 CAN £17.99 UK

Starting an Etsy Business

Pregnancy n Cooking & Nutritio


Learn to:

Learn to: • Prepare and enjoy tasty meals while maintaining nutritional balance

• Sell handmade goods, vintage items, and craft supplies at

• Cook up 100 recipes that are good for you and your baby

• Photograph your work and write compelling item descriptions

• Identify and address the nutritional needs of yourself and your unborn child

• Market your wares and manage your shop • Provide excellent customer service

Allison Strine Artist and author

Tara Gidus, MS, RD

Kate Shoup

Nutrition advisor for American Baby magazine

978-0-470-38767-2 $19.99 US • $21.99 CAN £13.99 UK

978-1-118-08360-4 $22.99 US • $27.99 CAN £16.99 UK

Author and screenwriter

978-0-7645-7208-1 $19.99 US • $21.99 CAN £13.99 UK

978-0-470-93067-0 $19.99 US • $23.99 CAN £14.99 UK

978-0-470-04579-4 $21.99 US • $23.99 CAN £14.99 UK

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