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New Year, New You

JANUARY Seasonal Bestsellers Making Everything


Making Everything

3rd Edition with CD


Making Everything

Credit Management Kit



Making Everything


Eating Clean

Detox Diets


Learn to:

Learn to: • Score higher to qualify for the military job you want

• Recover from mortgage-related and other credit score hits

• Test your skills with practice problems for each of the test’s nine subtests

• Master your credit from your first credit card to retirement

Premier Edition features 7 practice tests (which includes 1 AFQT) and 300 interactive vocabulary flashcards

• Successfully manage your finances to make your dreams come true

Take simulated CAT-ASVAB tests on the companion CD

Learn to:

Learn to:

• Build and maintain the best credit and credit score possible

• Build word knowledge and paragraph comprehension

• Understand your body’s natural detox systems

• Change your eating habits without sacrificing taste or breaking your budget

• Eat foods that lower your toxic exposure and improve your health

• Improve your overall health, prevent disease, and stabilize moods

• Rid your body of toxins safely through diet and exercise

• Make more than 40 delicious clean-eating recipes

• Prevent disease and strengthen immunity

Work with tools, forms, and documents on the accompanying CD

Jonathan Wright, MD

Medical Director, Tahoma Clinic, lecturer on nutritional medicine

Dr. Gerald Don Wootan, DO, M.Ed. Board-certified osteopathic physician

Rod Powers

Steve Bucci

U.S. Military expert and military guide for

978-0-470-63761-6 $26.99 US • $31.99 CAN £19.99 UK

Making Everything


978-0-470-41777-5 $19.99 US • $21.99 CAN £13.99 UK

4th Edition

Making Everything


The Glycemic Index Diet

Fitness Learn to:

Learn to:

• Get in shape and stay that way

• Use the glycemic index to achieve your weight-loss goals

• Set realistic goals and stick with your program

• Improve your overall wellness and control specific health conditions

• Stay motivated with social and digital support sources

• Eat and cook the low-glycemic way • Make positive, sustainable lifestyle and diet changes

Suzanne Schlosberg Liz Neporent

Meri Raffetto, RD, LDN

Bestselling authors of Weight Training For Dummies

Founder, Real Living Nutrition Services

978-0-470-76759-7 $21.99 US • $25.99 CAN £13.99 UK

978-0-470-53870-8 $19.99 US • $23.99 CAN £14.99 UK

Making Everything


Personal Branding

Learn to:



Learn to:

Learn to:

Learn to:

• Work all your muscle groups at once

• Read and understand a nutrition facts label

• Improve your strength, endurance, flexibility, agility, and body alignment

5th Edition

• Determine which carbs and fats are “good” — and which are not

• Burn fat, build lean muscle, and achieve core strength

• Create a winning strategy for securing a position


• Harness the power of LinkedIn®, Twitter ®, Facebook ® , and more to propel your job search • Make your online profiles work for you so that opportunities knock at your door

• Grasp the truth about vitamin supplements and energy drinks

• Boost your metabolism and lose weight

• Build your personal brand online to truly stand out from the crowd

Joshua Waldman, MBA

Noted authority on health and nutrition and author of Controlling Cholesterol For Dummies

Owner and founder of Iron Core Kettlebell Strength and Conditioning

978-0-470-93072-4 $19.99 US • $23.99 CAN £15.99 UK

Making Everything

Carol Ann Rinzler

Sarah Lurie, RKC, CSCS

Social media strategist and founder of Career Enlightenment


7th Edition

Personal Finance Learn to:

978-0-470-59929-7 $21.99 US • $25.99 CAN £15.99 UK

Making Everything

• Improve the health of your digestive tract

Eric Tyson, MBA

Dr. Shekhar K. Challa

Learn to: • Organize your finances today and plan for the future • Stay on top of your bills and discover where you can save • Track deductions and prepare for tax time • Plan and manage your investments

Stephen L. Nelson, MBA, CPA

Board Certified Gastroenterologist

Author of QuickBooks For Dummies

978-1-118-16973-5 $16.99 US • $19.99 CAN £11.99 UK

2nd Edition


Learn to:

• Keep a proper bacterial balance


Quicken 2012

• Bolster your immune system against disease

• Make smart investments in any economic environment

978-1-118-11785-9 $22.99 US • $27.99 CAN £16.99 UK

Making Everything


• Assess your credit report and improve your score

Bestselling author, Investing For Dummies

978-0-470-93231-5 $21.99 US • $25.99 CAN £15.99 UK

™ Easier!

• Alleviate allergies and asthma

978-1-118-11792-7 $24.99 US • $29.99 CAN £16.99 UK

978-1-118-00013-7 $19.99 US • $23.99 CAN £14.99 UK

Making Everything

• Save more and spend less

Susan Chritton, M.Ed.


Job Searchingia with Social Med


• Evaluate and manage your financial fitness

Master Personal Brand and Career Strategist for Pathways-Career & Life Strategies

Making Everything

Making Everything

• Transform your image to communicate a clear and concise message

• Craft a winning strategy to launch your personal brand

u have a

978-0-470-52512-8 $19.99 US • $23.99 CAN £14.99 UK

• Build your personal brand to authentically stand out from the crowd

• Tap into the power of social media to showcase your brand

978-0-470-43111-5 $19.99 US • $23.99 CAN £13.99 UK


Nutritionist and Busy Cooks’ Guide for

Freelance writer

978-1-118-01385-4 $34.99 US • $41.99 CAN £24.99 UK

Making Everything

Linda Larsen

M. Brittain Phillips

Nationally syndicated columnist for

978-1-118-09121-0 $24.99 US • $29.99 CAN £17.99 UK

Making Everything

Restaurant Calorie Counter


Yoga Learn to:

Learn to:

• Design and follow your own personal Yoga program

• Track calories, fat, saturated fat, sodium, carbs, fiber, sugar, and protein on the go

• Choose specialized instruction by age — from children to teens to seniors

• Make smart choices at popular drive-thru, quick-stop, and sit-down chains

• Integrate the health benefits of Yoga into a complete wellness and exercise program

• Pick the right restaurant foods for your health, kids, and athletic performance

• Practice Yoga during pregnancy

Rosanne Rust, MS, RD, LDN Meri Raffetto, RD

Author of more than 40 books, including The Yoga Tradition

Georg Feuerstein, PhD Larry Payne, PhD

Coauthors of Calorie Counter Journal For Dummies

Internationally renowned Yoga teacher, author, and Yoga therapy pioneer

978-0-470-64405-8 $7.99 US • $9.99 CAN £5.99 UK

978-0-470-40114-9 $21.99 US • $25.99 CAN £15.99 UK

978-0-470-29034-7 $19.99 US • $23.99 CAN £13.99 UK

978-0-470-44539-6 $19.99 US • $23.99 CAN £14.99 UK

978-0-470-50202-0 $19.99 US • $23.99 CAN £14.99 UK

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