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health & liFe sciences May to August 2012 Titles

ta b l e

o f

c o n t e n t s

dentistry .................................................................1

GastrOenterOlOGy ..................................................................... 10

General Dentistry......................................................................... 1

General & internal meDicine .................................................. 11

Oral BiOlOGy ................................................................................... 1

intensive / critical care ........................................................... 12

Dental nursinG ............................................................................... 2

Geriatric meDicine....................................................................... 12

PeDiatric Dentistry ....................................................................... 2

hematOlOGy ................................................................................... 13

OrthODOntics ................................................................................. 2

BlOOD transfusiOn ..................................................................... 13

General & allied HealtH ...................................3 ecOnOmics Of health & sOcial care ...................................... 3 health & sOcial care ................................................................... 3 cOnsumer health General ........................................................ 3 cOnsumer health sPecial tOPics ............................................ 4 health care PrOfessiOnal DevelOPment & eDucatiOn .. 4 PuBlic health BehaviOr & eDucatiOn ..................................... 4 PuBlic health services & POlicy .............................................. 4 aDDictiOn .......................................................................................... 4 health, Diet & nutritiOn ............................................................. 5 nutritiOn ........................................................................................... 5 OccuPatiOnal theraPy ................................................................ 5

aquaculture, FisHeries & FisH science .......6

sexually transmitteD Disease............................................... 14 neurOlOGy ...................................................................................... 14 GynecOlOGy.................................................................................... 15 OncOlOGy & raDiOtheraPy ....................................................... 16 PsychO-OncOlOGy........................................................................ 16 meDical OncOlOGy ...................................................................... 16 PathOlOGy ....................................................................................... 17 PeDiatrics........................................................................................ 17 clinical PharmacOlOGy & theraPeutics ............................ 17 Psychiatry ...................................................................................... 18 surGery & surGical sPecialties ............................................. 18 vascular surGery ....................................................................... 18 transPlantatiOn.......................................................................... 19 intrODuctiOns tO nursinG ....................................................... 19

fish Diseases .................................................................................... 6 nursinG chilDren & yOunG PeOPle........................................ 19 fish ecOlOGy .................................................................................... 6 Primary care nursinG & Practice nursinG ....................... 19

Medicine ...................................................................6 meDical WritinG ............................................................................. 6

clinical sPecialties..................................................................... 19

Veterinary ............................................................20

meDical PrOfessiOnal DevelOPment ..................................... 6 General equine ............................................................................. 20 meDical laW & ethics ................................................................... 7 Basic meDical sciences ............................................................... 7 anatOmy ............................................................................................ 7

General & intrODuctOry veterinary meDicine ................................................................... 20 veterinary clinical PathOlOGy & laBOratOry meDicine ................................................................. 20

Pain meDicine ................................................................................... 7 veterinary DermatOlOGy ......................................................... 21 carDiOvascular imaGinG ............................................................ 8 veterinary emerGency & critical care .............................. 21 electrOPhysiOlOGy ....................................................................... 8 veterinary imaGinG ..................................................................... 21 PeDiatric carDiOlOGy ................................................................... 8 veterinary surGery, OrthOPeDics & trauma ................... 21 DermatOlOGy ................................................................................... 9 veterinary meDicine – small animal General ................. 22 emerGency meDicine & trauma ................................................ 9 veterinary meDicine – DOGs & cats....................................... 22 DiaBetes ........................................................................................... 10

veterinary meDicine – exOtic Pets ........................................ 22

systematics.................................................................................... 24

veterinary nursinG & animal care ...................................... 22

micrOBiOlOGy & virOlOGy ......................................................... 25

liFe sciences .........................................................23

animal Genetics ........................................................................... 25

ecOlOGy & OrGanismal BiOlOGy ............................................ 23 marine ecOlOGy............................................................................ 23 BiOGeOGraPhy ............................................................................... 23 cell & mOlecular BiOlOGy....................................................... 24 BiOtechnOlOGy (life sciences) ................................................ 24 BiOchemistry ................................................................................. 24

animal science & ZOOlOGy ....................................................... 25 neurOscience ................................................................................ 26 micrOscOPy .................................................................................... 26 entOmOlOGy................................................................................... 26 ParasitOlOGy ................................................................................. 26 fOrensic science .......................................................................... 27

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General dentistry PRACTICAL



The ADA Practical Guide to

Patients with Medical Conditions Edited by Lauren L. Patton

Oral Biology

The ADA Practical Guide to Patients with Medical Conditions

Mineralized Tissues in Oral and Craniofacial Science

Lauren L. Patton

Biological Principles and Clinical Correlates

This clinical manual is the must-have resource for all general dentists in practice. With contributions from over 25 experts in the field, it:

Laurie K. McCauley, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA; Martha J. Somerman,

• Includes information on a range of common medical conditions • Imparts guidelines for treating patients presenting with these conditions • Contains individual chapters reflecting the different systems or specific disorders and conditions such as Cardiovascular, Pulmonary, Endocrine and Metabolic, Neurologic, Gastrointestinal and others-or specific disorders and conditions-such as Bleeding Disorders, HIV/ AIDS and Related Conditions, Head and Neck Cancer, Women’s Oral Health Issues, and others • Follows a consistent format and include sections on background, description of disease, pathogenesis, coordination of care between the dentist and patient, medical management, dental management, and key questions to ask the patient and the physician ISBN 111824530-X 488 pages • July 2012 Print: 978-1-118-24530-9 • PB • US$84.99

Treating the Dental Patient with a Developmental Disorder EditEd by

Karen A. Raposa and Steven P. Perlman

9 781118 245309

Treating the Dental Patient with Developmental Disorders Karen A. Raposa, Speaker and author, Raynham, MA, USA; Steven P. Perlman, Special Olympics Special Smiles and; Henry M. Goldman, School of Dental Medicine, Boston, MA, USA

Treating the Dental Patient with a Developmental Disorder provides a basic understanding of patients with developmental and intellectual disorders and offers help in communicating with and treating these patients. The book opens with an overview of the major types of developmental disabilities-autism spectrum disorders, Down Syndrome, attention deficit, cerebral palsy-and others such as spina bifida and learning difficulties. The following chapters discuss how to gather personal information, medical histories, dental experiences, and oral habits; determine family dynamics; and understand how to communicate with patients and model desired patient behaviour. The authors also cover aspects of the dental exam and hygiene appointment, and restorative treatment, both in the office and hospital setting. A review of follow-up care and the long-term impact on the practice, the patient, and the families when caring for these patients is covered. This is an essential resource for practitioners, student pediatric dentists, general dentists, and dental hygienists whose patients include families with developmentally or intellectually disabled members. ISBN 081382393-5 288 pages • August 2012 Print: 978-0-813-82393-5 • PB • US$99.99


9 780813 823935

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National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, Maryland, USA

Mineralized Tissues in Oral and Craniofacial Science is a major comprehensive update on knowledge in the field of mineralized tissues in the oral and craniofacial region. The book is written in a manner that lends easily to their use for case study teaching venues. Section 1 features the many aspects of bone in the craniofacial region, including embryology, cell biology, and stem cell biology. Section 2 focuses on teeth-tooth development, dentin, enamel, cementum, and tooth regeneration. Section 3 discusses the interaction between bones and teeth, including those associated with inflammatory processes, periodontal ligaments, biomechanics, and other impact factors-such as nutrition, metabolic bone diseases and therapeutic modalities. The novel approach of linking the basic principles of the cell and molecular biology of hard tissues to clinical correlates will appeal to readers at all levels of their research careers, both students and faculty. Key Features: • Clinical correlation between research in the lab to the patient in the chair • Comprehensive overview of latest research in hard tissues of the oral and craniofacial regions • International contributors provide a global perspective on the latest research and clinical correlates linked with mineralized tissues • Downloadable photographs available at for academic presentation purposes ISBN 047095833-2 392 pages • May 2012 Print: 978-0-470-95833-9 • CL • US$149.99

9 780470 958339

Questions and Answers for Dental Nurses 3RD EDITION

Hardy Limeback, University of Toronto, Ontario, Canada

• The author is the current Chairman of the NEBDN and a member of its ‘New Exam Project’ Question Writing Team

Comprehensive Preventive Dentistry is grounded in a patient-centered, pre-emptive, and minimally invasive philosophy. The book begins by covering individual diseases as well as therapies (sealants, fluoride) and other relevant conditions (toothwear, hypersensitivity). Additionally, concepts such as the role of diet and nutrition in oral health are discussed. Also covered are oral care products and new techological developments in caries diagnosis and risk assessment, periodontal disease and oral cancer, as well as new developments in home care products. This authoritative and comprehensive resource will appeal to dentists and dental hygienists.

• 14 chapters in 4 sections covering the whole curriculum

Key Features:

• 2 types of multiple choice question throughout: - 1 of 5 single best answer questions - New scenario-based extended matching questions

• Comprehensive resource on all aspects of preventive dentistry

Carole Hollins, British Dental Association Questions and Answers for Dental Nurses has been completely revised to account for the significant changes to the NEBDN National Certificate. This guide functions as a self-assessment tool and is a must-have for all trainee dental nurses looking to sit either the NEBDN examination or the NVQ in Oral Healthcare, up to level 3. Key Features:

• Thorough discussion of common oral diseases, such as caries, periodontitis and oral cancer

• Clear explanation of answers • Boosts confidence of readers preparing for examinations 256 pages • July 2012 Print: 978-0-470-67090-3 • PB • US$27.99


Comprehensive Preventive Dentistry

dental nursing

• Broad-based approach covers other aspects of preventive practice, such as sports dentistry, and the role of diet & nutrition ISBN 047067090-8

9 780470 670903

• Brings together expert opinion from a variety of contributors 444 pages • June 2012 Print: 978-0-813-82168-9 • PB • US$99.99

ISBN 081382168-1

9 780813 821689

Pediatric dentistry Orthodontics

Clinical Cases in Pediatric Dentistry Amr M. Moursi, New York University College of Dentistry, USA

Martyn T. Cobourne, Honorary Consultant in Orthodontics, Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS, Foundation Trust

Wiley-Blackwell’s “Clinical Cases” series is designed to recognize the centrality of clinical cases to the profession by providing actual cases with an academic backbone. Clinical Cases in Pediatric Dentistry applies both theory and practice to real-life pediatric dentistry cases in a clinically relevant format. Each case is accompanied by academic commentary that question and educate the reader about essential topics in pediatric dentistry, while chapters are formatted to progress from common to increasingly challenging clinical cases, enabling readers to develop their skills while building the ability to think critically and independently.This unique approach supports the new trend in case-based and problem-based learning, thoroughly covering topics ranging from infant oral health to complex pulp therapy. Highly illustrated in full colour, the book fosters independent learning and is particularly useful for pre-doctoral dental students, post-graduate residents and pediatric dentists preparing for Board examinations. The book will also appeal to students and their faculty in pediatric dentistry departments. ISBN 081380761-1 380 pages • June 2012 Print: 978-0-813-80761-4 • PB • US$99.99

Clinical Cases in Orthodontics Dental Institute, London; Padhraig S. Fleming, Andrew T. DiBiase, Consultant Orthodontist, Kent and Canterbury Hospital, Canterbury, UK; Sofia Ahmad, Consultant Orthodontist, Queen Victoria Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, UK

Wiley-Blackwell’s Clinical Cases series is designed to recognize the centrality of clinical cases to the profession by providing actual cases with an academic backbone. Clinical Cases in Orthodontics applies both theory and practice to real-life orthodontic cases in a clinically relevant format. This unique approach supports the new trend in case-based and problem-based learning, thoroughly covering topics ranging from Class I malocclusions to orthognathic surgery. Highly illustrated in full colour, Clinical Cases in Orthodontics’ format fosters independent learning and prepares the reader for case-based examinations. ISBN 140519779-X 304 pages • June 2012 Print: 978-1-405-19779-3 • PB • US$119.99

9 781405 197793

9 780813 807614

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General & allieD health

economics of Health & social care

Health & social care Previously Announced

Contemporary Health Studies An Introduction


Louise Warwick-Booth, Leeds Metropolitan University; Ruth Cross, Leeds Metropolitan University; Diane Lowcock, Leeds Metropolitan University

Contemporary Health Studies: An Introduction provides a lively and accessible introduction to the current issues and key debates in this area. It contains a strong, up-to-date, global, social-scientific focus examining the human experience of health particularly emphasizing its social, political and environmental dimensions. The book’s diverse content is usefully divided into three main parts. Part one sets the scene looking closely at the definition of health studies and the debates surrounding the concept of health. Part two explores the different disciplines underpinning Health Studies, including chapters such as sociology, psychology, anthropology and health promotion. Part three of the book explores the determinants of health and contains chapters on individual factors influencing health, policy influences on health, public health and the global context of health. Each chapter:

The Science and Practice of Stuttering Treatment A Symposium Suzana Jelcic Jaksic, Children’s Hospital, Zagreb, Croatia; Mark Onslow, University of Sydney The Science and Practice of Stuttering Treatment is a comprehensive resource for practitioners and researchers that span the scientific basis and clinical management of stutters in people of all ages, from preschoolers to adults. Written by an international team of clinical and research leaders in the field of speech and language pathology, as well as scientists from the fields of epidemiology and neurology, the book offers a truly comprehensive coverage of contemporary stuttering management. Each chapter provides information on the ‘Theoretical Basis of the Treatment’, ‘Outline of the Treatment’, ‘Scientific Evidence for the Treatment’, ‘Advantages and Disadvantages of the Treatment’, ‘Planned Future Empirical Development’, and conclude with an in-depth critical review. This book is a must-have resource for speech and language pathologists, researchers and educators worldwide. ISBN 047067158-0 280 pages • August 2012 Print: 978-0-470-67158-0 • PB • US$69.99

9 780470 671580

• Opens with a list of key learning outcomes; • Contains topical learning tasks;

consumer Health General

• Poses questions for reflection and debate; • Provides an in-depth case study to summarise the key arguments made


Carefully chosen tables, figures and photographs bring the text to life, whilst the companion web-site offers additional learning resources for both students and lecturers alike. This is an essential guide for undergraduate health students written by three authors who have a wealth of teaching experience in this subject area. ISBN 074565021-X 320 pages • May 2012 Print: 978-0-745-65021-0 • CL • US$79.95 Print: 978-0-745-65022-7 • PB • US$34.95 9 780745 650210


Ann Douglas

the mother of all

Second Edition


ISBN 074565022-8

9 780745 650227

The Mother of All Pregnancy Books

Celebrating the 10th anniversary of this favorite guide to pregnancy and birth, the new fully updated edition has a fresh and appealing new design, presenting expectant parents with all the facts they need to know about conception, birth and everything in between.

Based on the best advice from over 100 parents and a panel of experts, The Mother of All Pregnancy Books is packed with tons of nuts-andbolts information and presents expectant parents with all the facts on such perennial hot topics as pain relief during labor, episiotomy, and circumcision and empowering expectant parents to make informed personal choices. ISBN 111826677-3 600 pages • June 2012 Print: 978-1-118-26677-9 • PB • US$15.95

Vitamin The

D Cure

9 781118 266779

The Vitamin D Cure, Revised James Dowd MD, Diane Stafford

Completely updated with the latest research, The Vitamin D Cure tells you all you need to know about • • this miraculous natural substance- today’s best way • • to heal pain, prevent disease and improve your mood. James E. Dowd, M.D. Diane Stafford Incorporating the latest diet and lifestyle advice, the program helps you harness the power of the “sunshine vitamin” to transform your life. Whether you struggle with arthritis or chronic pain from an old injury or you simply want to lose weight and get back to a body image that reflects your best self, the book can be your key to a better, more vibrant you. ISBN 111817107-1 R E V I S E D


5 steps to feeling great Diet and supplement breakthroughs

The latest on preventing disease and reducing pain

Complete with all-new recipes and meal plans


304 pages • May 2012 Print: 978-1-118-17107-3 • PB • US$15.95

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9 781118 171073

g Easier!

2nd Edition

Weight Loss Surgery

Weight Loss Surgery For Dummies 2ND EDITION

Marina S. Kurian MD, Barbara Thompson, Brian K. Davidson

Learn to:

tDecide if gastric bypass surgery is right for you

Weight Loss Surgery For Dummies is the most up-to-date and authoritative guide to understanding the impact of surgical weight-loss before, during and after surgery. This 2nd Edition gives you expert guidance on knowing whether you qualify for the procedures, advice on choosing the best center and doctor and trusted information on evaluating the risks involved. Plus, it helps you plan to finance the procedure, prepare for surgery and achieve the best results as you adjust to a new diet and lifestyle post-surgery. ISBN 111829318-5 tChoose the best doctor and center tPrepare for surgery and achieve the best results

Marina S. Kurian, MD Barbara Thompson Brian K. Davidson

384 pages • July 2012 Print: 978-1-118-29318-8 • PB • US$22.95

9 781118 293188

St Vincent’s Hospital,


Australian Edition

Type 2 Diabetes

Rural Populations and Health Richard A. Crosby, University of Kentucky School of Public Health; Robin C. Vanderpool, Monica L. Wendel, Baretta R. Casey This book provides an overview of rural health in a social disparities framework, providing a strong theoretical and evidence-based rationale for rectifying rural health disparities in the U.S. Rural Populations and Health includes a comprehensive examination of critical issues in rural health, and rural health care services, as well as a road map for reducing disparities, building capacity and collaboration, and applying prevention research in rural areas. Also included are a diverse set of case studies designed to illustrate effective strategies for eliminating disparities and preventing public health problems in rural America. This important resource is written for students, faculty, and researchers in public health, preventive medicine, public health nursing, social work, and sociology. ISBN 111800430-2 400 pages • August 2012 Print: 978-1-118-00430-2 • PB • US$90.00

consumer Health special topics Diabetes Centre of D

Public Health Behavior & education

9 781118 004302

Type 2 Diabetes For Dummies® Public Health services & Policy


Lesley Campbell

An author team of medical professionals, led by Professor Lesley Campbell and Dr. Alan Rubin, offers essential guidance and critical advice for taking preventative measures to avoid developing Type-2 diabetes in the first place. For those who have already been diagnosed, the authors walk you through how to deal with Type-2 and clearly explain how it affects your body. Learn to:

• Manage type 2 diabetes and live life to the full

• Eat a balanced diet and exercise for a healthier life

• Keep an eye on your glucose levels and manage your medications

• Access the best online support

Professor Lesley Campbell

Forces of Change New Strategies for the Evolving Health Care Marketplace David A. Shore

and the Diabetes Centre of St Vincent’s Hospital

Alan L Rubin, MD

This easy-to-understand book teaches you how to maintain a healthy lifestyle and good blood glucose control so that you can prevent longterm complications and live a full and active life. ISBN 111830362-8

This groundbreaking book is based on an innovative model developed by David Shore that serves as the foundation for his Forces of Change program. Forces of Change offers an invaluable guide and sourcebook for the latest thinking on how organizations and their leaders can navigate an ever-changing health care marketplace. The book’s emphasis on creating competitive advantage and developing implementation strategies could scarcely be more timely or more in demand. ISBN 111809913-3

184 pages • May 2012 Print: 978-1-118-30362-7 • PB • US$14.95

288 pages • July 2012 Print: 978-1-118-09913-1 • CL • US$64.95

9 781118 303627

Health care Professional development & education Foreword by Ken Milne, MD




Improving Health Care Team Performance The 7 Requirements for Excellence in Patient Care Leslie Bendaly, Nicole Bendaly

Designed for leaders in all areas of a healthcare facility, this book provides the reader with a practical and proven approach to addressing and preventing everyday issues impacting patient safety, including inter-professional team dynamics, communication, and organizational culture. Armed with tools, assessments, and a customized action plan the reader can quickly identify areas of greatest need within their department/ team, take targeted action to address key gaps, and reliably measure progress as they begin to effect positive change and improve patient safety and performance. The book provides the reader with the ability to take immediate action to improve performance. ISBN 111819952-9 Leslie Bendaly & Nicole Bendaly

256 pages • August 2012 Print: 978-1-118-19952-7 • PB • US$49.95

General & allieD health

Making Everythin

9 781118 099131

addiction Harm Reduction in Substance Use and High-Risk Behaviour Diane Riley, Richard Pates Harm Reduction in Substance Use and High-Risk Behaviour offers a comprehensive exploration of the policy, practice and evidence-base of harm reduction from a global perspective. Starting with the history of harm reduction, the book addresses key ethical, legal and religious issues central to the debates and developments in the field. It discusses the full range of psychoactive substances, behaviours and communities with chapters on injecting; dance drugs; stimulant use; tobacco harm reduction; alcohol use; homelessness; women and sex working. This book is an essential resource for educators and researchers in Addiction and Public Health, postgraduate students on courses in ‘Substance misuse’, ‘Drug use’, ‘Drug Studies’, ‘Addiction’ and ‘Public Health’ and policy makers. ISBN 140518297-0 288 pages • August 2012 Print: 978-1-405-18297-3 • PB • US$55.99

9 781405 182973

9 781118 199527

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General & allied HealtH

Women and Recovery


Finding Hope Wo m e n & Recovery

Present Knowledge in Nutrition

Kitty Harris, Jodie E. Gould

Tens of millions of women today drink to excess and their numbers are growing. Now Dr. Kitty Harris, an experienced counselor and therapist who K i t t y S . H a r r i s, is herself a recovering alcoholic with more than thirty years of sobriety, presents a new model for recovery that focuses on treating the pain in women’s lives that can lead to a vicious cycle of addiction—not on the shame that fuels it. Combining her personal and professional experience, she offers tools that can help women who want to recover as well as friends or family members who are seeking help for a loved one. ISBN 047094183-9 finding hope

Lead Title

10th Edition

A Practical Guide to Alcoholism

f o r Wo m e n a n d T h e i r L o v e d O n e s

International Life Science, Washington, DC, USA

P h. D.

with Jodie Gould

256 pages • May 2012 Print: 978-0-470-94183-6 • PB • US$16.95

9 780470 941836

Health, Diet & Nutrition Weight Management A Practitioner’s Guide Dympna Pearson, Consultant Dietitian and Freelance trainer; Clare Grace, Queen Mary University of London This exciting new book from renowned experts Dympna Pearson and Clare Grace provides practitioners and those studying to become practitioners and public health professionals with a much needed modern guide that clearly presents the latest evidence underpinning treatments and uses a step-wise approach to implementing programmes and building skills and confidence. Written with the express needs of practitioners and related health professionals at its core, this book will be a ready reference for those working in both acute and community settings throughout the different and demanding stages of the weight management process.

Present Knowledge in Nutrition provides comprehensive coverage of all aspects of human nutrition, including micronutrients, systems biology, immunity, public health, international nutrition, and diet and disease prevention. This definitive reference captures the current state of this vital and dynamic science from an international perspective, featuring nearly 140 expert authors from 14 countries around the world. Now condensed to a single volume, this edition contains new chapters on topics such as epigenetics, metabolomics, and sports nutrition. The remaining chapters have been thoroughly updated to reflect recent developments. Suggested reading lists are now provided for readers wishing to delve further into specific subject areas. An accompanying website provides book owners with access to an image bank of tables and figures as well as any updates the authors may post to their chapters between editions. This book serves as a valuable reference for researchers, health professionals, and policy experts as well as educators and advanced nutrition students. 1440 pages • July 2012 Print: 978-0-470-95917-6 • PB • US$169.99 Online: 978-1-119-94604-5

POLITICS OF OCCUPATION-CENTRED PRACTICE Reflections on occupational engagement across cultures

Politics of Occupation-Centred Practice Reflections on Occupational Engagement Across Cultures Nick Pollard, Dikaios Sakellariou

• A practical guide to tackling weight management • Covers diet, exercise and behavioural therapy • Written for health professionals, by health professionals • Includes advice on continuity of care and handling group programmes ISBN 140518559-7 9 781405 185592

Politics of Occupation-Centred Practice addresses the cultural aspects of occupational identity and draws out the implications for practice, moving beyond the clinical environment to include the occupational therapist’s work in the wider community. It explores the development of individual occupational narratives, community traditions and their roots in everyday experiences, offering a range of examples from distinctive populations to demonstrate approaches to forming sustainable occupational engagements. Chapters span key areas like ‘Experiences of Disaster’, ‘Social Inclusion’, ‘Disability and Participation’, and ‘Sexuality, Disability Cultures and Occupation’. This cutting edge text is designed to meet the needs of students studying the conceptual foundations of occupational therapy, occupational science, role emerging practice, occupational justice, community development and community based rehabilitation. ISBN 144433698-3 Edited by Nick Pollard and Dikaios Sakellariou Foreword by Gelya Frank

272 pages • June 2012 Print: 978-1-444-33698-6 • PB • US$50.99


9 780470 959176

Occupational Therapy

Key Features:

380 pages • August 2012 Print: 978-1-405-18559-2 • PB • US$79.99

ISBN 047095917-7

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9 781444 336986

Medical Writing Fish Pathology 4Th EDITION

Previously Announced

Ronald J.Roberts Fish Pathology is the definitive, classic and essential book on the subject, providing in-depth coverage across all major aspects of fish pathology. This landmark publication is now fully updated and expanded and illustrated with beautiful fully coloured photographs. Commencing with a chapter covering the aquatic environment, the book provides comprehensive details of the anatomy and physiology of teleosts, pathophysiology and systematic physiology, immunology, neoplasia, virology, parasitology, bacteriology, mycology, nutritional pathology and other non-infectious diseases. A final chapter provides extremely useful details of the most widely-used and trusted laboratory methods in the area. Much new infomation is included in this new edition, including enhanced coverage of any diseases which have become commercially significant since publication of the previous edition. This book is an essential purchase for fish pathologists, fish veterinarians, biologists, microbiologists and immunologists, including all those working in diagnostic services worldwide. Personnel working in fish farming and fisheries will also find much of great use and interest within the book’s covers. 592 pages • May 2012 Print: 978-1-444-33282-7 • CL • US$199.99 Online: 978-1-118-22294-2

Making Everythin

g Easier!

Medical Billing & Coding Learn to:

tFind a course that’s right for you tStart your career in medical billing and coding tStay competitive in the field

Karen Smiley Description: The easy way to start a career in medical billing and coding

With healthcare providers moving to electronic record systems, Medical offices need professionally trained billers and coders to handle records for internal and external accessibility and efficiency. Karen Smiley

Medical Billing & Coding For Dummies gives you everything you need to know to get started in medical billing and coding. It gives you practical, easy-to-follow coverage and advice on how to find a course, educational topics you should review and pursue in order to stay competitive in the field, with the laws and other regulations you’ll encounter in your work. ISBN 111802172-X 336 pages • June 2012 Print: 978-1-118-02172-9 • PB • US$22.95

9 781118 021729

Medical Professional development How to Succeed at e-Learning

ISBN 144433282-1

9 781444 332827

Medical Billing and Coding For Dummies®

Peter Donnelly, Paul Kirk, Joel Benson With undergraduate and postgraduate curricula increasingly delivered or supported by electronic means, it is time for both learners and teachers to develop the specific skills that are essential to successful e-learning, but seldom taught in medical school. This concise guide, based on the authors’ experience in e-learning, is accessible to any novice and supplies a basic grounding in using technology to learn, to teach, and to conduct research.

how- to

succeed at e learning

Fish ecology

Peter Donnelly, Joel Benson and Paul Kirk

Aquaculture Pond Fertilization Impacts of Nutrient Input on Production Charles C. Mischke Aquaculture Pond Fertilization is a practical reference on nutrient input techniques and the strategies used to maximize production in freshwater pond culture systems. All fish raised in ponds require fertilizers to be added during certain developmental stages and this differs from species to species. Pond culture systems are used across a wide variety of freshwater fish species and appropriate fertilization is an important component to raising robust, efficient fish. Fertilization regimens must factor in many variables ranging from location and water quality to species type, all of which can impact responses to fertilizer application. This book provides readers with practical information on nutrient management and application from leading researchers in the field. Species specific chapters provide real world examples of fertilization strategies for such key species as catfish, bass, tilapia, perch, carp, sport fish, and ornamentals. 544 pages • June 2012 Print: 978-0-470-95922-0 • CL • US$219.95 Online: 978-1-118-32944-3

176 pages • August 2012 Print: 978-0-470-67023-1 • PB • US$46.95 Online: 978-1-118-30845-5

ISBN 047067023-1

9 780470 670231

ISBN 047095922-3

9 780470 959220

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aquaculture, fisheries & fish science / meDicine

Fish diseases



Medical law & ethics


Clinical Research and the Law Patricia M. Tereskerz, Associate Professor, Research Director, Program in Ethics and Policy, University of Virginia Center for Biomedical Ethics, Charlottesville, US

Making Everything


Anatomy Essentials

Anatomy Essentials For Dummies® Maggie A. Norris, Donna Rae Siegfried

Designed for students who want the key concepts and a few examples without the review, ramp-up, and anecdotal content, Anatomy Essentials For Dummies is a perfect solution for exam-cramming, homework help, and reference. If you have some knowledge of anatomy and want to polish your skills, Anatomy Essentials For Dummies focuses on just the core concepts you need to understand this fascinating topic. ISBN 111818421-1 Learn:

The legal implications of conducting clinical research and trials are becoming more complex. Everyone involved in clinical research increasingly needs to be aware of not only the ethical issues at stake but also how the law affects medical practice and research. Clinical Research and the Law comprehensively discusses these topics and provides the answers to the legal questions and potential pitfalls encountered in medical research. It is an up-to-date, practical guide for clinical investigators and their institutional administrators, particularly risk managers and research administrators, as well as healthcare administrators and members of institutional review boards. This book is also a key resource for medical students, postgraduate research students, practicing attorneys and counselors for teaching hospitals and institutions undertaking clinical research and contract research organizations. 280 pages • May 2012 Print: 978-1-405-19567-6 • PB • US$74.95 Online: 978-1-118-27215-2

ISBN 140519567-3

9 781405 195676

Basic Medical sciences Embryology at a Glance Embryology

Samuel Webster, Rhiannon de Wreede

at a Glance

This brand new title provides a highly illustrated introduction to key embryological concepts, with concise, memorable descriptions of major embryological developments. It introduces the basic principles of human development, from mitosis and meiosis, and walks readers through the primary formation of each body system, with coverage of the continued development of the respiratory and vascular systems during the foetal and neonatal periods. Fully geared towards the medical school curriculum, the coverage of major steps in human development allows for better understanding of the adult anatomy, development associated conditions, congenital abnormalities and their treatments. ISBN 047065453-8 elf-tes


with s

Samuel Webster Rhiannon de Wreede

120 pages • August 2012 Print: 978-0-470-65453-8 • PB • US$37.95


9 780470 654538

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tThe anatomy of the human body

tHow to make sense of complicated technical terms tTo score high at exam time

Donna Rae Siegfried Maggie Norris

Authors of Anatomy & Physiology For Dummies

192 pages • May 2012 Print: 978-1-118-18421-9 • PB • US$9.95

9 781118 184219

Pain Medicine ABC of Pain Lesley Colvin, Consultant Anaesthetist, Department of Clinical Neurosciences, Marie Fallon, St Columba’s Hospice Chair

Western General Hospital, Edinburgh, UK ;

of Palliative Medicine, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, UK

Chronic pain is a very common problem, impacting on many patients. Assessment and management can be challenging. The ABC of Pain focuses on the pain management issues often encountered in primary care. Covering major chronic pain presentations such as musculoskeletal pain, low back pain and neuropathic pain, the book also provides guidance on the management of pain in pregnancy, children, older adults, drug dependency and the terminally ill. Beginning with an overview of the epidemiology of chronic pain, pain mechanisms and the assessment of pain, it then provides practical guidance on interventional procedures and methods of effective pain management. This comprehensive, evidence-based reference is ideal for GPs, junior doctors, nurse specialists in primary care, palliative care specialists, and also hospital and hospice staff managing chronically and terminally ill patients. ISBN 140517621-0 112 pages • June 2012 Print: 978-1-405-17621-7 • PB • US$44.95

9 781405 176217

The Illustrated Guide


P. Prithvi Raj, Professor Emeritus, Texas Tech

Clinical Electrocardiography

University Health Sciences Center, Lubbock, TX, USA;

A Textbook


Serdar Erdine, Professor of Anesthesiology and Algology, Istanbul Pain Center, Istanbul, Turkey

Multidisciplinary information is required if you intend to practice pain management at a high level of effectiveness. This includes anatomy and physiology, pain syndromes, diagnosis and management, and the correct use of interventional techniques. Pain-relieving Procedures provides readers with a step-by-step guide to interventional techniques underpinned by a solid multidisciplinary knowledge base. The text is enhanced by the wide use of illustrations, including amazing color 3D-CT images that enable readers to easily visualize anatomy. The first part of the book gives the fundamentals needed for modern pain practice. The second part describes all commonly used procedures, using a head to toe organization. Coverage includes: • The head

Previously Announced

Antonio Bayés de Luna, Hospital Santa Creu i Sant Pau, Barcelona, Spain

Written by one of the world’s most respected cardiologists and designed with the needs of the internist and general clinical cardiologist in mind, this new volume provides clear, accessible guidance on the use of electrocardiography to diagnose and manage cardiovascular disease. 568 pages • May 2012 Print: 978-0-470-65859-8 • CL • US$129.95 Online: 978-1-118-39204-1

ISBN 047065859-2

9 780470 658598

Pediatric cardiology Pediatric Cardiac Surgery

• The neck • The thoracic region

Constantine Mavroudis

• Thoraco-abdominal region

Lead Title


• The lumbar region A special chapter covers more advanced techniques such as continuous analgesia, spinal cord and sacral stimulation, vertebroplasty and kyphoplasty. Each procedure is described using a template that includes anatomy, indications, contraindications, technique and complications. Helpful Hints throughout will help readers refine their practice to achieve better results. Concise, straightforward, and indispensible, this book provides the most effective interventional methods for those practicing pain management.

This title is the gold-standard in pediatric cardiac surgery. The updated fourth edition successfully combines cardiac surgery and pediatric cardiology into one volume, maintaining its comprehensive coverage of the breadth of congenital heart surgery and related fields. Each chapter reviews the embryology, physical findings, diagnostic criteria, and therapeutic choices associated with each disease entity. State-of-the art technology and the latest in surgical techniques are also discussed.

496 pages • July 2012 Print: 978-0-470-67038-5 • CL • US$239.95 Online: 978-1-118-30048-0

928 pages • August 2012 Print: 978-1-405-19652-9 • CL • US$299.95 Online: 978-1-118-32075-4

• The pelvic and sacral region

ISBN 047067038-X

9 780470 670385

ISBN 140519652-1

9 781405 196529

Pediatric Heart Disease

cardiovascular imaging

A Clinical Guide

Pocket Guide to Echocardiography 2ND EDITION

Andro G. Kacharava, Alexander Gedevanishvili, Goran Imnadze, Dimitri Tsverava, Craig M. Brodsky This pocket guide presents echocardiographic information in a quick-reference format ideal for use at point of care. It covers normal values, measurements, useful formulae, guidelines, indications, protocols and other essential data related to the performance and interpretation of echocardiographic studies. ISBN 047067444-X 112 pages • August 2012 Print: 978-0-470-67444-4 • PB • US$39.95


Pain-Relieving Procedures

9 780470 674444

Piers Daubeney, Royal Brompton Hospital, London; Michael Rigby, Royal Brompton Hospital, London; Michael Gatzoulis, Royal Brompton Hospital, London; Koichiro Niwa, Department of Cardiology, Cardiovascular Center, St Luke’s International Hospital, Japan

This title is a companion book to Adult Congenital Heart Disease, focused on the practical management of children with heart conditions. It is aimed at general paediatricians and physicians who are responsible for ongoing management, rather than specialists concerned with acute or rare presentations. The book is illustrated with relevant radiology scans, demonstrating which investigations are appropriate and providing the relevant information for the generalist on patient management for different lesions. A section on emergency management is also included. The authorship is international, with contributions from both sides of the Atlantic and from Japan. 384 pages • August 2012 Print: 978-0-727-91861-1 • CL • US$108.95 Online: 978-1-444-36098-1

ISBN 072791861-3

9 780727 918611

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emergency Medicine & trauma

Baran and Dawber’s Diseases of the Nails and their Management

ABC of Major Trauma


David Skinner, John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford, UK; Peter Driscoll, Hope Hospital, Salford, UK


Robert Baran, David de Berker, Mark Holzberg, Luc Thomas The human nail provides a complex structure that supports fine manipulation of objects while protecting the extremities. Diseases of the nail disrupt this function. They can cause pain and discomfort, cause disfigurement and are often unsightly, with a profound effect on the sufferer’s self confidence. Baran & Dawber’s Diseases of the Nails and their Management has long been recognized as the pre-eminent authority on nail disease. The 13 chapters encompass the scientific and clinical management of all abnormalities of the nails including: • Imaging of the Nail Unit

The fourth edition of ABC of Major Trauma has been thoroughly updated and includes new chapters on nuclear and biological emergencies. Edited and written by leading UK trauma authorities, each chapter gives concise and clear guidance and is accompanied by excellent photographs and diagrams. This is a truly comprehensive and practical book for everyday use by emergency medicine staff, nurses, hospital doctors, paramedics, and ambulance services. ISBN 072791859-1 224 pages • July 2012 Print: 978-0-727-91859-8 • PB • US$44.95

• The Nail in Dermatologic Disease • The Nail in Systemic Disease • Congenital and Hereditary Nail Disorders • Cosmetics and Nail adornment

Ethical Problems in Emergency Medicine

• Surgery of the Nail

A discussion-based review Editor-in-Chief John Jesus · Senior Editor Peter Rosen CURRENT TOPICS IN EMERGENCY MEDICINE

New to this edition is a superb guide to differential diagnosis by colour, shape and location within the nail unit to provide rapid clinical information on nail disorders. Every chapter has been thoroughly updated to ensure a contemporary approach to the therapeutic and cosmetic management of nail disorders. This title is an excellent reference for those new to the field and for the experienced practitioner. 882 pages • August 2012 Print: 978-0-470-65735-5 • CL • US$317.95 Online: 978-1-118-28671-5

ISBN 047065735-9

9 780470 657355

IADVL Concise Textbook of Dermatology IADVL


Aimed at undergraduate dermatological teaching in India based on the standard Medical Council of India curriculum, IADVL’s Concise Textbook of Dermatology will also be of interest to students and doctors throughout South Asia, considering the relevance of cutaneous disorders representing Asian skin within these countries. This multi-authored book comprises 36 chapters with contributions from the teaching faculty in various medical colleges and experienced dermatologists from all parts of India. It covers all aspects of the subject in a concise manner and well-planned manner, with material that is peer reviewed by the editorial team. One of the defining features of the book is the photographic content which offers a collection of the best clinical material available from contributors all over India. Problem-based, case-based, factual and skills-based MCQs are included to help students in their undergraduate and postgraduate entrance examinations conducted at state, national and international levels. A comprehensive suite of dermatology resources in the form of MCQs, atlas of clinical photographs and photographic tables of differential diagnoses is available on the accompanying CD. ISBN 047067358-3 352 pages • June 2012 Print: 978-0-470-67358-4 • PB • US$57.95


9 780470 673584

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9 780727 918598

Ethical Problems in Emergency Medicine A Discussion-based Review John Jesus, Peter Rosen, Harvard Medical School, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Boston;

James Adams, Arthur R. Derse, Shamai A. Grossman, Richard Wolfe This title covers the major ethical dilemmas discussed within emergency medicine literature over the past decade. It tackles the topic on a case-based approach, highlighting a case in each chapter, followed by a discussion and review of current literature, and recommendations. This is an essential book for emergency medicine physicians and personnel facing ethical issues on a daily basis. 368 pages • July 2012 Print: 978-0-470-67347-8 • PB • US$103.95 Online: 978-1-118-29215-0

ISBN 047067347-8

9 780470 673478


Diabetes Chronic Complications Diabetes: Chronic Complications

Second Edition

Textbook of Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology

Previously Announced

Lead Title



edited by

Kenneth M. Shaw, University of Portsmouth, Michael H. Cummings,

Portsmouth, UK;

Queen Alexandra Hospital, Portsmouth, UK

C. J. Hawkey Jaime bosCH Joel RiCHteR Guadalupe GaRCia-tsao FRanCis CHan


C. J.Hawkey, The Wolfson Digestive Disease Centre, Jaime Bosch,

University of Nottingham, UK;

Hepatic Hemodynamic Laboratory, Barcelona, Spain;

Joel E. Richter, University of South Florida, Tampa, FL; Guadalupe Garcia-Tsao, Yale University School of Medicine, USA; Francis K. L. Chan, Division of Gastroenterology & Hepatology, w

w it h



This edition of Diabetes: Chronic Complications provides both the experienced and trainee endocrinologist with easy-to-read, up-to-date practical guidance on the management of the many complications that can result from the onset of diabetes, such as kidney failure, cardiovascular disease, retinal failure, and cerebrovascular disease. Reflecting the rapid developments currently taking place in the field, this edition introduces a brand new section on liver complications in diabetes, additional material on mental health complications in the section on diabetes and the brain and coverage of dyslipidaemia and hypertension in the section on diabetes and the heart, five MCQ’s are added to each section to help improve clinical skills, together with a case study and key points summary box in every chapter. ISBN 047065618-2 Edited by Kenneth M. Shaw and Michael H. Cummings

352 pages • May 2012 Print: 978-0-470-65618-1 • PB • US$98.95

9 780470 656181

While other textbooks mix a clinical approach with large amounts of the basic science of gastroenterology, this book concentrates on providing practicing gastroenterologists with 100% clinically focused, evidence-based chapters on how to correctly diagnosis and treat all disorders of the digestive tract. Once again, the book is divided into 4 clear parts: Symptoms, Syndromes and Scenarios; Diseases of the Gut and Liver; Primer of Diagnostic Methods; and Primer of Treatments. An accompanying website contains more than 85 high-definition surgical videos of diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopic procedures, 300 MCQs written to mirror the American College of Gastroenterology postgraduate course exams, more than 35 management protocol charts for different diseases, and 850+ illustrations for use in scientific presentations. ISBN 140519182-1

9 781405 191821

Natural Orifice Translumenal Endoscopic Surgery

Edited by Anthony N. Kalloo Jacques Marescaux Ricardo Zorron

Natural Orifice Translumenal Endoscopic Surgery

Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

1272 pages • May 2012 Print: 978-1-405-19182-1 • CL • US$349.95 Online: 978-1-118-32138-6





Textbook and Video Atlas Anthony N. Kalloo MD, The Johns Hopkins Hospital Baltimore, MD, USA ;

Jacques Marescaux MD, (Hon) FRCS, FACS,

(Hon) JSES, University Hospital of Strasbourg IRCAD (Research Institute against Digestive Cancer) Strasbourg, France;

Ricardo Zorron MD, PhD, Klinikum

Bremerhaven Reinkenheide Bremerhaven, Germany, NOTES Research Group Brazil

Natural Orifice Translumenal Endoscopic Surgery (NOTES) has the potential to change the practice of surgery as we know it. Proponents say the advantages over laprascopic surgery include lower anesthesia requirements, faster recovery and shorter hospital stays, avoidance of transabdominal wound infections, less immunosuppression, better postoperative pulmonary and diaphragmatic function, and the potential for “scarless” abdominal surgery. In this text plus video set, the leading world expert in NOTES shares his experience. The book includes three sections covering the fundamentals, current clinical applications and techniques, and future perspectives. 300 pages • June 2012 Print: 978-0-470-67103-0 • CL • US$247.50 Online: 978-1-118-30791-5

ISBN 047067103-3

9 780470 671030

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Physical Diagnosis in the Hospitalized Patient

General & internal Medicine

Jeff Wiese

Lecture Notes: Clinical Medicine

Previously Announced


John R. Bradley, Addenbrooke’s Hospital, Cambridge, UK; Mark Gurnell, University of Cambridge, UK ; Diana Wood, University of Cambridge, UK Clinical Medicine Lecture Notes provides a comprehensive, accessible introduction to the management and treatment of medical conditions. A short manual of techniques on communication and physical examination in Part 1 is supported by the core knowledge required on diseases specific to each body system in Part 2. Combining readability with high quality illustrations, this edition is thoroughly revised to reflect up to date practice in examination and clinical investigation, and advances in evidence base to support modern day clinical practice. Key Features: • Provides a no-nonsense, affordable, slender alternative to the larger medicine texts • Features a concise approach that covers both the clinical approach and essential background knowledge • Provides a concise guide to both clinical history and examination and to the essentials of clinical medicine on system-by-system basis • Includes summary and evidence-based medicine boxes to assist revision and learning Features new OSCE exam summaries 416 pages • June 2012 Print: 978-1-405-15714-8 • PB • US$47.95

ISBN 140515714-3

9 781405 157148

Perioperative Medicine Medical Consultation and Co-management Amir K. Jaffer, Paul Grant The first perioperative care resource to specifically target hospitalists, this book offers a comprehensive presentation of systems and operational issues related to the perioperative care of patients. Its coverage features complete but concise coverage of co-management topics, such as working with surgeons, intensivists, and nurses, as well as a thorough discussion of post-operative conditions and their management. The text also places special emphasis on care of the older hospitalized surgical patient. The book aims to be a singular resource for hospitalists who must manage the clinical and operational issues associated with perioperative care. 560 pages • July 2012 Print: 978-0-470-62751-8 • PB • US$79.95 Online: 978-1-118-37537-2


ISBN 047062751-4

9 780470 627518

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This resource offers a concise guide for inpatient physicians and trainees for optimal use of the physical examination in the care of hospitalized patients. Written by the current president of the Society of Hospital Medicine, Jeff Wiese, this new book offers the fast-growing community of hospitalists an approach to physical examination that is efficient and strategic, and points to the right choices for the best and most costeffective diagnostic tests. ISBN 111806250-7 320 pages • May 2012 Print: 978-1-118-06250-0 • PB • TBA

9 781118 062500

The Consummate Clinician What Every Student, House Officer and Hospital Practitioner Needs to Know Ary L. Goldberger, Zachary D. Goldberger MD, University of Michigan Health System

The Consummate Clinician offers hospital-based physicians an organizing framework for coping with daily challenges both in patient care and in teaching. The book describes exactly how physicians and physiciansin-training can think critically and act decisively in this age of medical information overload. Special emphasis is on (1) error avoidance and reduction – a topic that has long been championed by hospitalists, (2) efficient practice management for best patient outcomes and improved cost control, (3) the use of evidence-based medicine, and (4) improving communication among and between physicians and other staff in the hospital setting. Using real-world clinical examples and scenarios, the book focuses on essential topics, many of which tend to fall between the cracks of print and electronic resources. Pearls and pitfalls of gathering, processing, and communicating medical information are presented, but more than these, this book is meant as a kind of clinical GPS–a way of helping hospital-based physicians find their clinical coordinates and keep their bearings in the face of new challenges and uncertainties. In addition to the clinical scenarios featured throughout, additional mini-cases are collected at the end of the book. The over-arching goal of this resource is to enrich the way hospital-based physicians think about diagnosis, therapy, and prognosis, especially at the warp-speed of “ward world,” which increasingly lurches between the frazzled and the frantic. 256 pages • July 2012 Print: 978-1-118-01143-0 • PB • TBA Online: 978-1-118-38069-7

ISBN 111801143-0

9 781118 011430

$1,//8675$7('*8,'(727+(0$1$*(0(17 2),1-85,(6,13+<6,&$/$&7,9,7<

The IOC Manual of Sports Injuries Roald Bahr

Geriatric Medicine Evidence-Based Geriatric Medicine

(',7('%< 52$/'%$+5

This new book is developed in partnership with the Medical Commission of the International Olympic Committee and is edited by the world’s leading authorities in sports medicine. It serves as a comprehensive manual for the diagnosis, management, and continued care of patients with sports injuries. Beautifully illustrated with full-colour illustrations and packed with useful at-a-glance information, it is intended as a go-to guide for primary care physicians and other non-specialist clinicians who provide front-line care for the majority of those who participate in sports or personal fitness activities. No other book carries the full endorsement of the IOC or distill this much expertise in such an accessible and easy-to-use reference. ISBN 047067416-4 $662&,$7((',7256 /$56(1*(%5(76(1

Jayna Holroyd-Leduc, Madhuri Reddy

52%(57/$35$'( 3$8/0&&525<




520 pages • July 2012 Print: 978-0-470-67416-1 • CL • US$71.95

9 780470 674161

intensive / critical care

The latest addition to the Evidence-Based Book series, Evidence-Based Geriatric Medicine provides nongeriatrician clinicians an overview of the key topics central to the care of the older patient. This guide focuses on the management of common problems in the elderly, taking into account their life situations as well as treatment of specific conditions. Leading geriatricians with expertise in evidence-based medicine utilize the best available evidence to present this information in a concise, easy-to-use, question-based format. This resource is a unique guide to the optimum management of older patients. evidence-based geriatric medicine a practical clinical guide

Edited by Jayna Holroyd-Leduc Madhuri Reddy

208 pages • April 2012 Print: 978-1-444-33718-1 • PB • US$65.00 Online: 978-1-118-28179-6



Forrest O. Moore, MD Peter M. Rhee, MD Samuel A. Tisherman, MD Gerard J. Fulda, MD

Surgical Critical Care and Emergency Surgery Clinical Questions and Answers 8Th EDITION

Forrest O. Moore, St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center, Arizona; Peter M. Rhee, University of Arizona; Samuel A. Tisherman, University of Pittsburgh; Gerard J. Fulda, Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia and Christiana Care Health Systems, Newark

This is a unique question-and-answer book for surgical residents and trainees, concentrating on the growing subspecialty of surgery in critical care and emergency surgery. It covers all the surgical aspects of critical care and acute or emergency surgery, making it an ideal learning and review text for surgical trainees and professionals specializing in these fields. 480 pages • May 2012 Print: 978-0-470-65461-3 • PB • US$85.00 Online: 978-1-118-27423-1

ISBN 047065461-9

9 780470 654613

claire nicholl K. Jane Wilson 8th edition

ISBN 144433718-1

9 781444 337181

Lecture Notes: Elderly Care Medicine

elderly care medicine


lecture notes

Surgical Critical Care and Emergency Surgery


7+(,2&0$18$/ 2)632576,1-85,(6


Claire Nicholl, Addenbrooke’s Hospital, Cambridge; Jane Wilson, Addenbrooke’s Hospital, Cambridge

Elderly Care Medicine Lecture Notes provides all the necessary information, within one short volume, for a sound introduction to the particular characteristics and needs of elderly patients. Presented in a user-friendly format that combines readability with high-quality illustrations, this edition has been thoroughly revised to reflect advances in knowledge on how disease presents in elderly people, and changes in management practice, particularly regarding stroke, dementia, delirium, and cancer. Key features: • More treatment tables and boxes throughout for rapid access and revision • Expansion of material on polypharmacy and prescribing • Discussion of emotional support, counselling and spirituality • Advice for doctors on breaking bad news and end-of-life care • Consideration of ethical and legal issues • Companion website featuring appendices, key revision points for each chapter, reading suggestions and extended content for specialty training in geriatrics can be found at: lecturenoteselderlycaremed ISBN 047065454-6 256 pages • June 2012 Print: 978-0-470-65454-5 • PB • US$39.95

9 780470 654545

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Pathy’s Principles and Practice of Geriatric Medicine

Previously Announced

Lead Title


Alan A. Sinclair, University of Bedfordshire; John E. Morley, Saint Louis University School of Medicine and Saint Louis Veterans’ Affairs Medical Center, St. Louis, MO, USA;

Bruno Vellas, University of Toulouse

Tissue and Cell Processing Tissue and Cell Processing AN ESSENTIAL GUIDE EDITED BY

Deirdre Fehily, Scott A. Brubaker, John N. Kearney and Lloyd Wolfinbarger

As the population of older people continues to grow rapidly, both in the developed and the developing world, geriatric medicine is an increasingly important topic for clinicians. The impact of an expanding population and the result of a reduction of disease in early life both have dramatic effects on the diseases of later life. Now in its fifth edition, this comprehensive textbook of geriatric medical practice provides up-to-date, evidence-based, and practical information about all the major medical problems of aging citizens. Containing 41 new chapters covering new infections, treatments, approaches to care, and end of life care, Pathy’s Principles and Practice of Geriatric Medicine includes expanded sections on acute stroke, dementia, cardiovascular disease and health, respiratory diseases, and training. To capture an international perspective this new text has contributions from a global editorial team. 1944 pages • April 2012 Print: 978-0-470-68393-4 • CL Online: 978-1-119-95293-0 Special Introductory Price: US$559.95, valid till 31st July 2012. List Price: US$700

Blood transfusion

ISBN 047068393-7

By presenting the latest technological advances and growing national and international regulation, this new book explores state-of-the-art developments in the challenging field of tissue and cell processing. It provides a guide for easier and safer practice in the operational principles of preservation, decontamination, and sterilization. Nearly half of the book is devoted completely to tissue- or cell-specific issues relating to processing. With lists of learning points and case studies which consist of sample processing protocols, descriptions of where processing went wrong, sample risk assessments, or validation studies, the book helps readers to find specific information quickly. 352 pages • August 2012 Print: 978-1-405-19826-4 • CL • US$124.95 Online: 978-1-118-31646-7



Gary S. Hoffman, Lerner College of Medicine, Cleveland, OH, USA; Cornelia M. Weyand, Stanford University School of Medicine, Stanford, CA, USA; Carol A. Langford, Lerner College of Medicine, Cleveland, OH, USA; Jorg J. Goronzy, Stanford University School of Medicine, Stanford, CA, USA In recent years, considerable progress has been made in understanding the vasculitic diseases, largely due to the introduction of effective treatments for diseases that were once uniformly fatal, the conduct of structured clinical studies, and advances in immunology and molecular biology. Despite these achievements, vasculitic diseases continue to be associated with morbidity and mortality from chronic organ damage, relapses, and the side effects of treatment. Investigations into the mechanisms of vascular inflammation may lead to a better comprehension of the pathogenesis of vasculitic diseases and to treatment that is more effective and less toxic. These areas of promising research, together with current knowledge about the vasculitic diseases, are extensively examined in this new edition, which is designed to provide a comprehensive overview of the science and clinical consequences of vascular inflammation in health and disease. 600 pages • June 2012 Print: 978-1-444-33822-5 • CL • US$239.95 Online: 978-1-118-35524-4


ISBN 144433822-6

9 781444 338225

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ISBN 140519826-5

9 781405 198264

Tissue and Cell Clinical Use Tissue and Cell Clinical Use

Inflammatory Diseases of Blood Vessels

Deirdre Fehily, National Transplant Centre; Rome, Italy; Scott A. Brubaker, American Association of Tissue Banks, McLean, Virginia, USA; John N. Kearney, Liverpool Blood Centre, Liverpool, UK; Lloyd Wolfinbarger Jr., BioScience Consultants, llc, Norfolk, Virginia, USA

9 780470 683934


An Essential Guide

Ruth M.Warwick and Scott A.Brubaker

An Essential Guide Ruth M. Warwick, University of Bristol, Bristol, UK; Scott A. Brubaker, American Association of Tissue Banks, McLean, Virginia, USA

This title is the third and final book in a series which covers all aspects of tissue banking, donation, processing, and transplantation. Each book in the series includes listings of learning points and case studies which consist of sample processing protocols, descriptions of where processing went wrong, sample risk assessments, or validation studies. This book explores clinical information in the tissue transplantation field and acts as a comprehensive learning tool to comply with regulatory requirements. Broad in scope and coverage, it includes all the traditionally transplanted tissues and moves into more complex areas of tissue grafting and the assisted reproduction fields. This useful text focuses on the potential for disease transmission, ways to improve safety, and the role of the clinician in these safety aspects. The book starts off by describing non-surgical risks of using allografts and moves onto chapters devoted completely to tissue- or cell-specific issues relating to transplantation of the individual types of tissues or cells. ISBN 140519825-7 380 pages • August 2012 Print: 978-1-405-19825-7 • CL • US$124.95

9 781405 198257

Depression in Neurologic Disorders



Edited by Michael W. Adler, Simon G. Edwards, Robert F. Miller, Gulshan Sethi and Ian Williams

Michael W. Adler, University College London Medical Simon G. Edwards, Mortimer Market Centre, London; Robert F. Miller, University College London Medical School; Gulshan Sethi, St Thomas’ Hospital, London; Ian Williams, University College London School;

Medical School

This book is one of the bestselling titles in the world famous ABC series with contributions from internationally respected experts. Key Features: • Authoritative guide to the epidemiology, incidence and management of HIV/AIDS, reflects the constantly changing knowledge of the disease and its manifestations and new developments in drug and non-drug management • Distinguished editors with contributions from internationally respected experts • Written by the director of the Department for Sexually Transmitted Diseases at University College London • Concise and straightforward – can be used by all levels of health care workers caring for AIDS patients ISBN 140515700-3 152 pages • June 2012 Print: 978-1-405-15700-1 • PB • US$49.95

Edited by

Andres M. Kanner


sixth edition


9 781405 157001


Depression in Neurologic Disorders Diagnosis and Management Andres Kanner MD, Professor of Neurological Sciences and Psychiatry, Rush Medical College at Rush University

The first part of the book begins with an overview of depression, its incidence and manifestations and neurobiological origins; how it’s diagnosed; and its relevance to neurology, in particular to suicidality. The second part looks at depression in distinct conditions, in particular: migraine, stroke, epilepsy, Parkinson’s Disease, Huntington’s Disease, dementia, and traumatic brain injury. This useful guide takes a practical approach, with “tips and tricks” boxes, case studies, points of interest boxes, and take-home summaries. 248 pages • August 2012 Print: 978-1-444-33058-8 • CL • US$99.95 Online: 978-1-118-34809-3


sexually transmitted disease

ISBN 144433058-6

9 781444 330588

Emergency Management in Neurocritical Care Edward Manno Acute neurological illness is traumatic for patients and their families. Physicians caring for these patients are often under great distress and need to rapidly assess the situation to allow appropriate stabilization and management. This book provides readers with the tools needed to perform under pressure in the neurocritical or emergency care unit. The no-nonsense approach corresponds to the attitude needed in both acute emergencies and in the neurocritical care unit. Packed with handy tips to improve your care of patients, and written by internationally renowned experts, the book covers: • Acute Management of Neurological Emergencies

Clinical Aspects of Child Neurology in the First Year of Life Colin Kennedy This handbook of neurological practice in infants is sponsored by the World Health Organization and is designed to be of practical use to all clinicians, particularly those in under-resourced locations. Seventy per cent of children with disabilities live in resource-poor countries and most of these children have neurological impairments. This book presents recommendations for investigations and treatments based on internationally accepted good practice that can be implemented in most settings. The book is divided into two parts: Principles and Clinical settings, with the latter taking a symptom-based approach. The contributors have approached their chapters using an accessible, didactic style and consistent organization of material. The emphasis throughout is on clinical methods, the use of appropriate investigations and treatments, and the avoidance of unnecessary or potentially harmful interventions. For quick reference, all chapters feature boxes highlighting key messages, common errors, and when to worry. The book is designed to be carried round and referred to on the job and is excellent for those providing care for children with neurological problems, including those in resource-poor settings. ISBN 190831635-7 374 pages • May 2012 Print: 978-1-908-31635-6 • PB • US$50.00

• Cerebrovascular Critical Care • Infections of the Nervous System • Neuromuscular Complications Encountered in the Intensive Care Unit • Neurological Complications and Consultations in General Intensive Care Units • Acute Neuroimaging and Neuromonitoring in Neurocritical Care 252 pages • May 2012 Print: 978-0-470-65473-6 • PB • US$79.95 Online: 978-1-118-29716-2

ISBN 047065473-2

9 780470 654736

9 781908 316356

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Neuroanatomy and Neuroscience

at a Glance Fourth Edition Roger A. Barker Francesca Cicchetti With Neuropharmacology by M. J. Neal

Neuroanatomy and Neuroscience at a Glance

Previously Announced


ABC Breast Diseases of

Roger A. Barker, Cambridge Centre for Brain Repair and Department of Neurology, University of Cambridge;

Francesca Cicchetti, Centre de Recherche du CHUL

(CHUQ), Universitie Laval, Quebec

Neuroanatomy and Neuroscience at a Glance provides a userfriendly introduction to the anatomy, biochemistry, physiology and pharmacology of the human nervous system within one, succinct, highly-illustrated volume. Key features: • A manageable overview of the structure and function of the central nervous system • Full guidance on how to approach the patient with neurological problems and the investigations used in the most common scenarios • Cases highlighting the clinical relevance of the basic neuroscience • New chapters on the major neurotransmitters of the CNS and their functions, the enteric nervous system and stroke • A fully updated companion website with interactive self-assessment questions and case studies, flashcards and revision notes at This book is the ideal companion for anyone about to start a basic neuroanatomy or neuroscience course, or can be used as a refresher for those in clinical training. ISBN 047065768-5 160 pages • April 2012 Print: 978-0-470-65768-3 • PB • US$39.95


J. Michael Dixon, Western General Hospital,

The ABC of Breast Diseases provides comprehensive guidance to the assessment of symptoms, and how to manage all common breast conditions and provides guidelines on referral. It covers congenital problems, breast infection and mastalgia, before addressing the epidemiology, prevention, screening and diagnosis of breast cancer. It outlines the treatment and management options for breast cancer within different groups and includes new chapters on the genetics, prevention, management of high risk women and the psychological aspects of breast diseases. Edited and written by internationally renowned experts in the field and highly illustrated in full colour, this fourth edition remains a practical guide for general practitioners, family physicians, practice nurses and breast care nurses as well as for surgeons and oncologists both in training and recently qualified as well as medical students. ISBN 144433796-3

120 pages • June 2012 Print: 978-1-444-33796-9 • PB • US$46.95

GYNECOLOGY IN PRACTICE Series editor Aydin Arici

Sexually Transmitted Diseases

9 781444 337969

Sexually Transmitted Diseases 2ND EDITION

Richard H. Beigi MD, MSc. Assistant Professor, Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive

9 780470 657683

Rapid Neurology and Neurosurgery Kumar Abhinav, Frenchay Hospital, Bristol, UK; Richard Edwards, Frenchay Hospital, Bristol, UK; Alan Whone, Frenchay Hospital, Bristol, UK Rapid Neurology and Neurosurgery provides a concise, structured approach to neurology and neurosurgery learning, covering key facts in a simple and memorable way: Part 1 features the basic principles and facts that are essential for a good understanding of neurology and neurosurgery – common presentations; selected questions to ask; differentials; basic investigations and basic management Part 2 features OSCE-style examination preparation Part 3 presents important clinical conditions with common sections – definition; aetiology; pathology; epidemiology; history; examination; investigations; management; complications; prognosis and differential diagnoses Containing only essential and core facts in a concise, pocket-sized format, this ‘rapid’ refresher is great for use in the wards. ISBN 047065443-0



Edinburgh, UK

Edited by J Michael Dixon

Sciences, Division of Reproductive Infectious Diseases and Edited by Richard H. Beigi

180 pages • August 2012 Print: 978-0-470-65443-9 • PB • US$31.95

ABC of Breast Diseases

9 780470 654439

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Immunology, Magee-Womens Hospital of UPMC, Pittsburgh, PA, USA

The aim of the Gynecology in Practice Series is to provide a clinical ‘in the office’ or ‘at the bedside’ guide to effective patient care for gynecologists. The tone will be practical, not academic. The working assumption is that readers want to know what (and what not) might or should be done, without over emphasis on the why. That said, it is important to review the crucial basic science necessary for effective diagnosis and management, and to provide reminders in the context of the practical chapters. Sexually Transmitted Diseases present a major public health challenge. Over 25 diseases can be transmitted through sexual activity, and effective treatment, especially where long term infection can lead to further health problems, and in women infertility, requires good diagnostic skills and understanding of the best treatment methods. This book is a practical guide for diagnosis and treatment in a patient-centered framework, with care at the heart of the book. Key evidence (clinical trials, Cochrane or other meta analyses) is summarized in ‘Evidence at a Glance’ boxes and key references such as reviews, major papers are provided in the ‘selected bibliography’ at the end of each chapter. 176 pages • May 2012 Print: 978-0-470-65835-2 • PB • US$79.95 Online: 978-1-118-31493-7

ISBN 047065835-5

9 780470 658352

Union for International Cancer Control

TNM TNM Supplement A Commentary on Uniform Use fourth edition | cc


| james

r brierley

TNM Supplement

Previously Announced

A commentary on uniform use

| leslie sobin

The TNM Supplement includes new, detailed definitions of anatomical sites, regional lymph nodes, and TNM categories. It answers questions that frequently arise during daily use of the TNM system. Importantly, the TNM Supplement expands on the minimum requirements for pathological classification of individual tumour sites and enumerates the recommended criteria for each. Published in association with the Union for International Cancer Control, it provides oncologists with complementary material related to TNM staging not covered in TNM Classification of Malignant Tumours, 7th Edition. ISBN 144433243-0 288 pages • April 2012 Print: 978-1-444-33243-8 • PB • US$55.00

Cancer and Aging Handbook Keith M. Bellizzi, Keith M. Bellizzi Ph.D, MPH, is Assistant Professor in the Department of Human Development & Family Studies at the University of Connecticut


Christian Wittekind, University of Leipzig

edited by christian wittekind

Medical Oncology

9 781444 332438


in Storrs, Connecticut, USA;

University of Reading, UK. She is also a clinician working in Elderly Care at the Royal Berkshire Hospital NHS Foundation Trust in Reading.

This title is the first truly multidisciplinary handbook available that examines cancer and aging interface along the entire cancer care continuum, from cancer prevention to end-of-life and palliative care. The coverage fully incorporates perspectives from the associated disciplines, each critical to the success of caring for older adults with cancer. Detailed clinical and research information is enhanced with the latest evidence-based and best practice materials to guide patient treatment and caregiver training, research, and intervention. 528 pages • June 2012 Print: 978-0-470-87442-4 • CL • TBA Online: 978-1-118-31251-3

Cancer as a

Metabolic Disease

Clinical Psycho-Oncology An International Perspective Luigi Grassi MD, University of Ferrara; Michelle Riba MD, University of Michigan This international primer on psycho-oncology spans settings of care as well as regional boundaries. Designed to be an easy read with information clearly displayed in concise tables and boxes accompanied by clinical vignettes, the book provides clear, practical guidance on all aspects of the psychological care of patients with cancer. Both trainees and practitioners will find it useful in the clinic as well as a resource for continued professional development. 336 pages • August 2012 Print: 978-0-470-97432-2 • CL • US$65.95 Online: 978-1-119-94110-1


Pediatric Psycho-oncology Psychosocial Aspects and Clinical Interventions Edited by

Shulamith Kreitler, Myriam Weyl Ben-Arush and Andrés Martin

ISBN 047097432-X

9 780470 974322

Pediatric Psycho-oncology Psychosocial Aspects and Clinical Interventions

Margot Gosney, Margot Gosney MD, FRCP, is

Professor of Elderly Care Medicine and Director of the Institute of Health Sciences in the

On the Origin, Management, and Prevention of Cancer


Oncology & radiotherapy

ISBN 047087442-2

9 780470 874424

Cancer as a Metabolic Disease On the Origin, Management, and Prevention of Cancer Thomas Seyfried

This book addresses controversies related to the origins of cancer and provides solutions to cancer management and prevention. It expands upon Otto Warburg’s well-known theory that all cancer is a disease of energy metabolism. However, Warburg did not link his theory to the “hallmarks of cancer” and thus his theory was discredited. It aims to provide evidence through case studies that cancer is primarily a metabolic disease requiring metabolic solutions for its management and prevention. Support for this position is derived from critical assessment of current cancer theories. Brain cancer case studies are presented as a proof of principle for metabolic solutions to disease management, but similarities are drawn to other types of cancer, including breast and colon, due to the same cellular mutations that they demonstrate. Thomas N. Seyfried

430 pages • June 2012 Print: 978-0-470-58492-7 • CL • US$134.95 Online: 978-1-118-31031-1

ISBN 047058492-0

9 780470 584927


Shulamith Kreitler, University of Tel Aviv, Israel

Pediatric Psycho-oncology reviews the psychological aspects of care of the child with cancer. The book deals with critical issues such as the neuropsychological impact of treatment; pain; quality of life; returning to school; ethics; palliative care; talking to children and their families about death, and providing support to the dying. This edition also covers new topics such as family-centered care and psychopharmacology. 272 pages • July 2012 Print: 978-1-119-99883-9 • CL • US$95.95 Online: 978-1-119-94103-3

ISBN 111999883-2

9 781119 998839

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Pediatrics Bladder Pathology Liang Cheng, Antonio Lopez-Beltran, David G. Bostwick

This bladder biopsy interpretation book was prepared with the practicing pathologist as the LIANG CHENG foremost consideration. It reflects the most ANTONIO LOPEZ-BELTRAN DAVID G. BOSTWICK cutting-edge, contemporary practice of urologic pathology. The vast collection of full-colour, highest-quality photomicrographs and tables will materially aid the user in continuing efforts to recognize, understand, and accurately interpret the light microscopic findings in bladder specimens. The nomenclature and diagnostic criteria for these new and consistent standards were developed by an international team of more than 35 pathologists, including all three authors of this book, representing the World Health Organization and International Society of Urologic Pathologists. The standards provide, for the first time, a framework on which diagnostic features can be compared, evaluated, and integrated. 760 pages • May 2012 Print: 978-0-470-57108-8 • CL • TBA Online: 978-1-118-27543-6

ISBN 047057108-X

9 780470 571088

Flow Cytometry First Principles 3RD EDITION

Alice Longobardi Givan, The Herbert C. Englert Cell Analysis Laboratory of the Norris Cotton Cancer Center, and Dartmouth Medical School, Lebanon, New Hampshire

Addressing the ever-growing applications of flow cytometry in such areas as oncology, pathology, biotech, pharmaceuticals, and oceanography, the revised edition of this well-regarded, highly readable book introduces a new generation of scientists, technicians, and physicians to the state of the art in flow cytometry. Covering both principles and practice from the ground up, this edition brings all topics up to date, examining the latest advances in flow cytometer equipment, as well as new methods for storing flow data, newly available fluorochromes, sorting of cells, clinical flow cytometry, and much more. ISBN 047018308-X 328 pages • August 2012 Print: 978-0-470-18308-3 • PB • TBA

9 780470 183083



with Wiley


Essential Neonatal Medicine 5Th EDITION

Sunil Sinha, James Cook University Hospital, Middlesbrough, UK; Lawrence Miall, Leeds General Infirmary, Leeds, UK; Luke Jardine, Mater Mother’s Hospital, South Brisbane, Australia


e bs ite

As the technology for keeping premature and sick babies alive improves, those working in neonatal units are called upon to display an ever-wider range of skills and to manage more and more patients. To support all health professionals experiencing the discipline of neonatology for the first time, Essential Neonatal Medicine offers the depth and background of a textbook combined with the information overview and level of detail of a learning consolidator, allowing its users to gain an overall picture of the specialty and making them aware of key conditions, procedures and diagnoses. This edition includes new chapters on neonatal consequences of maternal disease, congenital abnormalities, developmental care and environment, extreme preterm births and small for gestational age infants. Now in full colour, it includes chapter introductions and key points, tips, end-of-chapter summaries, fully updated further reading lists, and a section of self-assessment questions and answers. Fully cross-referenced with the best-selling Wiley nursing title Nursing the Neonate, it is also accompanied by a FREE enhanced Wiley Desktop Edition – the interactive digital version of the book with downloadable text and images, highlighting and note-taking facilities, book-marking, cross-referencing, in-text searching, and linking to references and glossary terms. ISBN 047067040-1 348 pages • August 2012 Print: 978-0-470-67040-8 • PB • US$63.95

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9 780470 670408

clinical Pharmacology & therapeutics Pharmacovigilance Medical Writing A GOOD PRACTICE GUIDE

Justina Orleans-Lindsay

Pharmacovigilance Medical Writing A Good Practice Guide 2ND EDITION

Justina Orleans-Lindsay Pharmacovigilance Medical Writing covers the preparation of pharmacovigilance documents for all stages of the drug development process (i.e. from clinical development through to applications for marketing authorisations to the post-marketing stage). For each document, the book presents a review of the regulatory framework that governs the content of the document, followed by practical guidance (e.g. scheduling, source data, department/functions involved in document preparation/review, appropriate timelines and planning activities) and ending with a generic model document that is compliant with current guidelines, yet modifiable to meet specific company and product requirements. 312 pages • August 2012 Print: 978-1-119-96726-2 • PB • US$55.95 Online: 978-1-118-30190-6



w it h







ISBN 111996726-0

9 781119 967262

surgery & surgical specialties

Mental Illness, Discrimination and the Law

Transplantation at a Glance

Previously Announced Transplantation

at a Glance

Fighting for Social Justice Felicity Callard, Health Service and Population Research Department, Institute of Psychiatry, King’s College London, UK; Norman Sartorius, Univ. of Geneva, Switzerland; Julio Arboleda-Flórez, Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada; Peter Bartlett, School of Law and Institute of Mental Health, University of Nottingham, Nottingham, UK; Hanfried Helmchen, Charité-University Medicine, Berlin, Germany; Heather Stuart, Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada; José Taborda, Federal University of Health Sciences of Porto Alegre, Porto Alegre, Brazil; Graham Thornicroft, Health Service and Population Research Department, Institute of Psychiatry, King’s College London, UK

This book describes clearly how legislation can be used to advance the rights and entitlements of people with mental health problems. Straightforward and practical, it provides useful information on how to address disabilities so these people may enjoy full citizenship. It presents the key issues succinctly and illustrates these with legislative examples from around the world. This book documents the role that law can play, at all levels, in combating such discrimination and abuse. 352 pages • May 2012 Print: 978-1-119-95354-8 • CL • US$110.00 Online: 978-1-119-94535-2

ISBN 111995354-5

at a Glance Fifth Edition Cornelius Katona, Claudia Cooper and Mary Robertson

Menna Clatworthy, University of Cambridge, Addenbrooke’s Hospital, Cambridge, UK;

Christopher Watson, University of Cambridge, School of Clinical Medicine, Cambridge, UK;

Michael Allison, Support Center, Nonprofit Management Consulting Group; John Dark, Professor of Cardiothoracic Surgery, Regional Cardiothoracic Centre, The Freeman Hospital, Newcastle upon Tyne

Organ transplantation is now an established treatment for patients with organ failure. Transplantation is taught on all medical student curricula and is part of specialty training in medicine and surgery. In addition, nursing staff spend time on transplant wards during their training and pharmacists both in hospital and outside deal with transplant patients and immunosuppressants regularly. Transplantation at a Glance provides a succinct overview of both the scientific and clinical principles of organ transplantation which will appeal to this wide-ranging market. ISBN 047065842-8 120 pages • August 2012 Print: 978-0-470-65842-0 • PB • US$39.95

9 780470 658420

9 781119 953548

Psychiatry at a Glance Psychiatry

Menna Clatworthy Christopher Watson Michael Allison John Dark





Cornelius Katona, University College London, and Kent and Medway NHS and Social Care Partnership Trust;

Claudia Cooper, University College London; Mary Robertson, Royal Free & University College Medical School, London

Following the familiar, easy-to-use at a Glance format, Psychiatry at a Glance is an accessible introductory and study text for students of psychiatry, which develops students skills in history taking and performing the Mental State Examination (MSE). Key features: • Fully revised artwork throughout, making the subject even easier to understand • Includes greater emphasis on history taking and examination, and the basic science behind psychiatric disorders

Vascular surgery Haimovici’s Vascular Surgery 6Th EDITION

Lead Title

Enrico Ascher, Chief of Vascular and Endovascular Surgery at Lutheran Medical Center, New York, New york. Professor of Surgery Mount Sinai School of Medicine, New York, New York.

Since 2004, the vascular surgeon’s purview has expanded and the number of tools at her/his disposal have increased. Particular advancements have been made in the areas of imaging, endovascular techniques, and non-operative management options for vascular disease. In this revised text, each chapter in the book is updated to reflect new scientific findings, diagnostic technologies and emerging treatment modalities, honed to provide the clearest and most practical guidance on best practices. ISBN 144433071-3 1100 pages • August 2012 Print: 978-1-444-33071-7 • CL • US$399.95

9 781444 330717

• New chapters on mental health capacity and coverage of the Australian and New Zealand health care legislation • More EMQs, brand new SBAs, and sample OSCE stations • Supported by a companion website featuring updated case studies, downloadable illustrations, and revision flashcards. ISBN 047065891-6 136 pages • August 2012 Print: 978-0-470-65891-8 • PB • US$36.95

9 780470 658918

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meDicine / nursinG


Primary care nursing & Practice nursing

Handbook of Renal and Pancreatic Transplantation EDITED BY

District Nursing Manual of Clinical Procedures

Iain MacPhee, St George’s University; Jiri Fronek, St George’s University

Edited by

This book is designed to fill the need for a contemporary handbook for the practice of renal and pancreatic transplantation that is focused on a European rather than North American approach. There are significant differences in transplant practice internationally and there is a need for a practical guide to application of the current evidenced base. 480 pages • June 2012 Print: 978-0-470-65491-0 • PB • US$84.95 Online: 978-1-118-30529-4

ISBN 047065491-0

9 780470 654910

The Student’s Guide to


The District Nursing Manual of Clinical Procedures addresses the complexity of district nursing care and encompasses key aspects of clinical practice, including those that district and community nurses often struggle with or find difficult when they are on their own in a patient’s home. It utilises the latest clinical research and expert clinical knowledge to address these challenges, and to provide the underlying theory and evidence for district nursing care. Key features

• Contains recommendations for expert care within a patient’s own home

Ian Peate, School of Nursing and Midwifery

The Student’s Guide to Becoming a Nurse is an essential guide for all student nurses who want to become competent practitioners. It explores the knowledge, skills and attitudes that all pre-registration nursing students must acquire by the end of their program of study – enabling them to become confident, successful nurses. Thoroughly re-written and updated to include the latest 2010 NMC standards for pre-registration nursing education, this invaluable textbook is ideal for all pre-registration nurses and those about to qualify. ISBN 047067270-6 9 780470 672709

• Addresses key concerns of district and community nurses working on their own within a patient’s home • Encompasses key aspects of district nursing care • Placed in the context of person-centred care • All procedures include the rationale for each action – ‘why’ as well as ‘how’ ISBN 140511459-2 432 pages • May 2012 Print: 978-1-405-11459-2 • PB • US$50.00

9 781405 114592


Haematology Nursing

Previously Announced

Marvelle Brown, University of West London, UK; Tracey Cutler

nursing children & young People

Haematology Nursing is a comprehensive handbook with a nursing focus on the care and management of patients with haematological disorders.

Paediatric Advanced Life Support A Practical Guide for Nurses 2ND EDITION paediatric advanced life support

Liz O’Brien, Parkway Health Centre, Surrey

Liz O’Brien

• Clear, user-friendly and easy to understand

The Student’s Guide to Becoming a Nurse

332 pages • July 2012 Print: 978-0-470-67270-9 • PB • US$39.95

Previously Announced

• Evidence-based manual of practical clinical skills in district nursing care

introductions to nursing SECOND EDITION

District Nursing Manual of Clinical Procedures

Key Features:

Philip Jevon, Manor Hospital, Walsall

a practical guide for nurses

In the event of a paediatric cardiac arrest, it is essential to be able to respond rapidly and to provide safe and effective care. The second edition of this successful text provides readers with a practical and systematic guide to the rapid assessment and delivery of appropriate resuscitation to infants and children.

• Provides an introduction to haematology, looking at haemopoiesis, immunology and genetics

Key features:

• In-depth information on various nursing care interventions, including blood transfusion, venous access devices, and palliative care ISBN 140516996-6

second edition

phil jevon

• Conforms to current European Resuscitation Council Guidelines • Based on up-to-date research and evidence-based practice protocols • Synoptic approach enables rapid delivery of effective treatment • Written by experts in the field of both resuscitation and paediatrics. ISBN 264 pages • April 2012 Print: 978-1-405-19776-2 • PB • US$49.99



9 781405 197762

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• Coverage of non-malignant haematology, including anaemia, haemoglobinopathies and haemochromatosis • Explores the pathophysiology, care and management of Myeloproliferative and Lymphoproliferative Disorders

336 pages • May 2012 Print: 978-1-405-16996-7 • PB • US$50.00

9 781405 169967

Peter Chantler, Royal Veterinary College

Equine Behaviour 2ND EDITION

Daniel S. Mills, De Montfort University Understanding the flexibility and limits of behaviour is essential to improving both the horse’s welfare and its performance. This book tackles the fundamental principles which will enable owners, riders, trainers and students to understand scientific principles and apply them in practice. Subjects covered include the analysis of influences on equine behaviour, the perceptual world of the horse, learning and training techniques including the latest developments in “join-up” and “imprint training”. Key Features: • A readable, practical scientific text at a reasonable price for students and owners • Other texts dealing with horse behaviour and its management tend to be prescriptive and cannot be universally applied • Unique qualified authoring team who understand the needs of owners, trainers, students and horses • Clarification of key concepts through the extensive use of illustrations ISBN 140513395-3 288 pages • August 2012 Print: 978-1-405-13395-1 • PB • US$49.99

9 781405 133951

General & introductory Veterinary Medicine Veterinary Euthanasia Techniques A Practical Guide Kathleen A. Cooney, Jolynn R. Chappell, Robert J. Callan and Bruce A. Connally

Veterinary Euthanasia Techniques A Practical Guide Kathleen Cooney, Home To Heaven PC; Jolynn Chappell, Aspenwing Bird & Animal Hospital; Robert Callan, Colorado State University; Bruce Connally, Colorado State University

Veterinary Euthanasia Techniques: A Practical Guide provides detailed guidance on euthanasia procedures in a wide variety of species, including dogs, cats, exotics, horses, and production animals. Based on the current AVMA guidelines, the book offers step-by-step descriptions of the recommended methods of euthanasia, with additional information on client communication, equipment, and aftercare. It aims to helps practitioners, students, and technicians expand their knowledge base and provide competent, compassionate veterinary care during this difficult stage in a pet’s life. Divided into sections on small animals, exotic pets, equine species, and production animals, each section gives a detailed account of the euthanasia appointment from start to finish and puts complete information at the practitioner’s fingertips, offering specific advice to improve skills and aid in decision making. ISBN 047095918-5 208 pages • July 2012 Print: 978-0-470-95918-3 • PB • US$59.99


This groundbreaking textbook is the first to bring biochemistry, molecular biology, cell biology and genetics together in one single volume, with the veterinary student in mind. Providing the scientific framework on which clinical skills are built, this book is essential reading for veterinary students in their preclinical years. Divided into three main sections, Molecules, Cellular Functions, Genetics and DNA Technology, it covers the gamut from classical biochemical metabolism to contemporary issues in cell and molecular biology. As well as providing core information, the book also includes topical and advanced areas of interest, enabling the reader to keep abreast of current developments in the field. With over 250 line diagrams and many colour and black and white photographs, this textbook is a key teaching and learning tool. ISBN 140514552-8 328 pages • August 2012 Print: 978-1-405-14552-7 • PB • US$67.99


Veterinary Molecular Biology

General equine

9 781405 145527

Veterinary clinical Pathology & laboratory Medicine SECOND EDITION



Veterinary Hematology and Clinical Chemistry 2ND EDITION

Mary Anna Thrall, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, Colorado; Glade Weiser, Heska Corporation, Fort Collins, Colorado; Terry W. Campbell, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, Colorado; Robin Allison, Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, Oklahoma

Veterinary Hematology and Clinical Chemistry is a clear and concise guide to veterinary diagnostic techniques and interpretation. Covering both hematology and chemistry for a wide range of species, including birds, reptiles, amphibians, and fish, the book provides an overview of these critical veterinary skills. Beginning with the basic principles of laboratory testing and diagnosis, the book moves into in-depth information on hematology and chemistry of common domestic and non-domestic species. Clinical cases, presented at the back of the book, offer more than 50 case discussions to promote skills in data interpretation and diagnosis. Packed with useful information and well-illustrated throughout, this book is a comprehensive resource for diagnostic evaluation for veterinary students, technicians, pathologists, and researchers. ISBN 081381027-2 800 pages • August 2012 Print: 978-0-813-81027-0 • CL • US$99.99

9 780813 810270

9 780470 959183

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Veterinary imaging

Previously BSAVA Manual of Canine Announced and Feline Dermatology

Practical Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging Suzanne Easton SECOND EDITION



Hilary Jackson, Dermatology Referral Service, Glasgow, UK; Rosanna Marsella, Associate Professor of Veterinary Dermatology in the Department of Small Animal Clinical Sciences, University of Florida,

Suzanne Easton, Senior Lecturer, University of the West of England

This book is an essential and practical guide to the use of radiography in veterinary practice. It moves from basic mathematic and physical principles through to discussion of equipment and practical methods, covering both small and large animal techniques w

College of Veterinary Medicine.

Dermatological complaints account for a large proportion of consultations and there have been rapid advances in our understanding of long-described diseases. Building on the success of previous editions, this new edition concentrates on the common clinical skin diseases seen in dogs and cats, and aims to provide a ready source of practical information for veterinary surgeons in general practice worldwide. Veterinary students, nurses and technicians, plus those working toward specialist qualifications in veterinary dermatology, will also find this Manual an essential resource. ISBN 190531927-4 296 pages • April 2012 Print: 978-1-905-31927-5 • PB • US$137.99

9 781905 319275

Veterinary emergency & critical care Manual of

Small Animal Emergency and Critical Care Medicine Douglass K. Macintire Kenneth J. Drobatz Steven C. Haskins William D. Saxon

Second Edition

Manual of Small Animal Emergency and Critical Care Medicine 2ND EDITION

Douglass Macintire, Auburn University; Kenneth Drobatz, University of Pennsylvania; Steve Haskins, University of California at Davis ; William Saxon, IDEXX

Manual of Small Animal Emergency and Critical Care Medicine presents essential information on common emergencies in small animals using a concise, practical outline format. As in the previous edition, chapters are extensively indexed and cross-referenced to facilitate ease of use in emergency situations. With many formulas, tables, drug dosages, and illustrations, this book is an indispensable, convenient resource for busy emergency clinicians, whether they are new graduates or seasoned professionals. Key Features: • Concise, practical format, ideal for emergency situations • Divided into two parts for ease of accessing information • Information is presented both as an outline for critical care and divided by body system • Offers formulas, tables, drug dosages, and illustrations to supplement the text • Thoroughly updated with references, drug information, and protocols ISBN 683 pages • June 2012 Print: 978-0-813-82473-4 • PB • US$89.99


Practical Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging


w it h


Veterinary dermatology

• Provides a practical guide to radiography techniques used in veterinary practice • Includes chapters on ultrasound, and advanced imaging techniques • Discusses health and safety legislation and its impact on clinical practice • Offers revision points and self-assessment questions in each chapter • Contains many clear line diagrams and helpful clinical photographs • Covers legislation and safety issues in the context of their impact on the veterinary practice 328 pages • July 2012 Print: 978-0-470-65648-8 • PB • US$56.99 Online: 978-1-118-27889-5


ISBN 047065648-4

9 780470 656488

Veterinary surgery, Orthopedics & trauma Clinical Manual of

Small Animal Endosurgery Edited by Alasdair

Hotston Moore | Rosa Angela Ragni

Clinical Manual of Small Animal Endosurgery Alasdair Hotston Moore, Rosemary Lodge Veterinary Rosa Angela Ragni, The Blue Cross

Hospital, Bath, UK;

Animal Hospital, London, UK

Written and edited by experts in the field, this book is a practical and comprehensive guide to rigid endoscopy and endosurgery in small animal practice. Fully illustrated throughout, it covers the clinical treatment of small animals (with focus on cats and dogs) from pre-operative through to post-operative care. With reference to specific procedures, this manual includes guidance on the selection of equipment, surgical techniques, anaesthesia and possible complications. A specialist chapter advising on the treatment of birds, reptiles and small mammals is also included. The book will enable veterinarians to develop and improve their endoscopic techniques in clinical practice, as well as providing guidance on referral options for more complex cases. ISBN 140519001-9 400 pages • July 2012 Print: 978-1-405-19001-5 • CL • US$109.99

9 780813 824734

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Key features:

9 781405 190015

BSAVA Manual of Small Animal Practice Management and Development

Previously Announced

Carole Clarke, Mill House Veterinary Hospital, Kings Lynn, Norfolk, UK; Marion Chapman, Elands Veterinary Clinic, Sevenoaks, Kent, UK This brand new manual provides a daily reference book for veterinary surgeons and managers in practice, to aid with all aspects of the organisation and delivery of clinical veterinary care in companion animal practice. It will also be a useful resource for current and aspiring practice owners, veterinary nurses and vet and VN students. ISBN 190531940-1 320 pages • July 2012 Print: 978-1-905-31940-4 • PB • US$150.00

9 781905 319404

Veterinary Medicine – dogs & cats BSAVA Manual of Canine and Feline Endocrinology 4Th EDITION

Carmel T. Mooney, University Veterinary Hospital, School of Agriculture, Food Science and Veterinary

Veterinary Medicine – exotic Pets Ophthalmology of Exotic Pets

Previously Announced

David L. Williams, Associate Lecturer in Veterinary Ophthalmology in the Department of Clinical Veterinary Medicine at the University of Cambridge, UK

This quick reference handbook covers the diagnosis and treatment of eye disease in a range of exotic companion animal species, including rabbits, rodents, reptiles, birds, amphibians and fish. It clarifies when extrapolation from cat or dog eyes is appropriate, or when new information is needed to ensure that diagnoses and treatments are appropriate for the particular species. Written in an accessible and down to earth style, the author brings a wealth of personal experience to this specialised subject area. The book contains many ophthalmic photographs of both anatomy in normal eyes and pathology in abnormal cases. It also includes a separate chapter on the common ophthalmic features of exotic pets, discussing what can be learnt from cross-species comparison and another chapter giving a brief history of comparative ophthalmology. ISBN 144433041-1 248 pages • April 2012 Print: 978-1-444-33041-0 • PB • US$67.99


Veterinary Medicine – small animal General

9 781444 330410

Medicine, University College Dublin, Dublin, Ireland;

Mark Peterson, Caspary Institute and the Bobst

Hospital of the Animal Medical Center, New York, USA

In recent years, several endocrine disorders such as feline acromegaly and hyperaldosteronism have become of greater importance and a range of new therapies have emerged that are now considered routine. This new edition has been comprehensively updated, while retaining the emphasis on the common problems encountered in investigating and treating endocrine diseases. Unlike previous editions, the manual is now divided into sections covering each endocrine gland, as this is more traditionally used by endocrinologists. These sections cover the major and minor endocrine disorders of each species. A separate section deals with the relevant presenting complaints in a problem oriented manner. This book provides a ready source of practical information for veterinary surgeons in general practice and will also be useful for undergraduate veterinary students, veterinary nurses and veterinary graduates embarking on further qualifications in small animal medicine. ISBN 190531928-2 304 pages • May 2012 Print: 978-1-905-31928-2 • PB • US$124.00

9 781905 319282

Veterinary nursing & animal care Small Animal Internal Medicine for Veterinary Technicians and Nurses Linda Merrill, Academy of Internal Medicine Veterinary Technicians

Small Animal Internal Medicine for Veterinary Technicians and Nurses is the first comprehensive resource on internal medicine written for the veterinary technician. Organized by body system, each chapter discusses pertinent diseases, from clinical signs, diagnostic testing and prevalence to treatment options and nursing considerations. This comprehensive resource, which includes a companion web site with quizzes and additional images, is a must-have resource for both veterinary technicians and veterinary technician students. ISBN 081382164-9 608 pages • July 2012 Print: 978-0-813-82164-1 • PB • US$79.99

9 780813 821641

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veterinary / life sciences

The Consulting Veterinary Nurse The Consulting Veterinary Nurse Nicola ackermaN


Biological Oceanography

Nicola Ackerman, Senior Medical Nurse, The Veterinary Hospital Group, Plymouth, UK


The Consulting Veterinary Nurse is an invaluable source of information for all veterinary nurses setting up and conducting their own nursing clinics in small animal practice. From the basics of setting up the consulting room to running and marketing individual clinics, this book provides a comprehensive coverage of the role of the consulting veterinary nurse. A large section of the book details specific clinics run by nurses, including nutritional assessments, behavioural clinics, puppy parties, seasonal information campaigns, senior pet clinics and medical clinics for a full range of conditions from arthritis and dental problems to epilepsy and cancer. A chapter specifically on rabbit clinics is also included. Written by an experienced senior veterinary nurse, this is a vital guide for all veterinary nurses seeking to develop their consulting role and contribute effectively to the longterm success of their practice. ISBN 047065514-3 232 pages • August 2012 Print: 978-0-470-65514-6 • PB • US$47.95

9 780470 655146

ecology & Organismal Biology Shaping Ecology

Previously Announced

The Life of Arthur Tansley

Sir Arthur Tansley was the leading figure in ecology for the first half of the 20th century, founding the field, and forming its first professional societies. He was the first President of the British Ecological Society and the first chair of the Field Studies Council. His work as a botanist is considered seminal and he is recognized as one of the giants of ecology throughout the world. Shaping Ecology records the life of Tansley, a multi-faceted man whose friends included Bertrand Russell, Marie Stopes, Julian Huxley, GM Trevelyan, and Solly Zuckerman. Historical context is provided by Tansley’s family, as his parents moved in the Fabian-socialist world of John Ruskin and Octavia Hill, both instrumental in the foundation of the National Trust. While Britain was relatively slow to protect its green spaces and wildlife, it did establish in 1913 the first professional Ecological Society in the world. Tansley was its President. By organising the British Vegetation Committee and initiating a series of International Phytogeographic Excursions, he changed phytogeography into ecology. Shaping Ecology The Life of Arthur Tansley Peter Ayres

232 pages • May 2012 ISBN 047067156-4 Print: 978-0-470-67156-6 • CL • US$99.95 Print: 978-0-470-67154-2 • PB • US$29.95 9 780470 671566 Online: 978-1-118-29092-7



Charles B. Miller, Oregon State University; Patricia A. Wheeler

Previously Announced


This new edition of Biological Oceanography has been greatly updated and expanded since its initial publication in 2004. It presents current understanding of ocean ecology, emphasizing the character of marine organisms from viruses to fish and worms, together with their significance to their habitats and to each other. The book initially emphasizes pelagic organisms and processes, but benthos, hydrothermal vents, climate-change effects, and fisheries all receive attention. The chapter on oceanic biomes has been greatly expanded and a new chapter reviewing approaches to pelagic food webs has been added. Throughout, the book has been revised to account for recent advances in this rapidly changing field. The increased importance of molecular genetic data across the field is evident in most of the chapters. The book is primarily written for senior undergraduate and graduate students of ocean ecology and professional marine ecologists. Artwork for the book is available online at: SECOND EDITION

ISBN 144433301-1 480 pages • May 2012 Print: 978-1-444-33301-5 • CL • US$160.00 Print: 978-1-444-33302-2 • PB • US$70.00 9 781444 333015

ISBN 144433302-X

9 781444 333022


Peter G. Ayres


Marine ecology

ISBN 047067154-8

9 780470 671542

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Mediterranean Mountain Environments Ioannis Vogiatzakis, University of Reading; Joseph Tzanopoulos, University of Reading


Mediterranean Mountain Environments places its emphasis on physical geography while still adopting an integrated approach to the whole subject area. The book draws examples from a wide range of environments, demonstrating the interaction between human and physical processes responsible for shaping mountain areas. Risks and conflicts, as well as methods and tools for the conservation and management of both the natural and cultural environment are covered in the light of future challenges for the sustainable development of the Mediterranean mountains. 248 pages • July 2012 ISBN 047068624-3 Print: 978-0-470-68624-9 • CL • US$119.95 Print: 978-0-470-68625-6 • PB • US$59.95 9 780470 686249 Online: 978-1-119-94115-6

ISBN 047068625-1

9 780470 686256

Yeast Molecular and Cell Biology Second, Completely Revised, and Greatly Enlarged Edition Edited by Horst Feldmann




Molecular and Cell Biology 2ND EDITION

Horst Feldmann, Adolf-Butenandt-Institut, München, Deutsc Based on the feedback of his very successful monograph Yeast, Martin Feldmann devised a comprehensive, student friendly textbook on yeast biology. The scope has been expanded and the cell and molecular biology sections have been drastically expanded to make this a stand-alone all-inclusive textbook. Information on other yeast species and the biotechnology of yeast has been added with contributions from additional authors. Given the tremendous importance of yeast biology in almost all areas of modern biology, this textbook is long overdue and caters to need of an increasing number of students in biomedical research, cell- and molecular biology, microbiology and biotechnology. 1002 pages • August 2012 ISBN 352733309-6 Print: 978-3-527-33309-7 • CL • US$155.95 550 pages • August 2012 Print: 978-3-527-33252-6 • PB • US$84.95 9 783527 333097

ISBN 352733252-9

9 783527 332526

Industrial and Environmental Applications Edited by Markus Schmidt

Simon Gaisford, School of Pharmacy, University London; Mark Saunders, Kuecept Ltd Essentials of Pharmaceutical Preformulation describes the basic principles of pharmaceutical preformulation for undergraduate level pharmacy students and new hires in the pharmaceutical field with no pharmaceutical background. Successful preformulation requires knowledge of a number of concepts (solubility, partition coefficient, acid dissociation), familiarity with a range of analytical techniques and their application to dosage form design. These concepts are explained and tackled in the context of pharmaceutical development. Special focus is given to the principles and use of analytical apparatus, thus providing a core set of transferable knowledge skills. Key Features: • Easy to follow text highlighted with relevant pharmaceutical examples • Self-assessment assignments in a variety of formats • Numerous diagrams, figures and examples • Material that maps to the Royal Pharmaceutical Society’s indicative syllabus • Full colour throughout

Biotechnology (life sciences) Synthetic Biology

Essentials of Pharmaceutical Preformulation

life sciences

cell & Molecular Biology

• Written by leading experts in the field • Accompanying website with further reading

Synthetic Biology Industrial and Environmental Applications Markus Schmidt, Organisation for Intern. Dial. and Conflict

192 pages • August 2012 Print: 978-0-470-97636-4 • PB • US$43.95

ISBN 047097636-5

9 780470 976364

Manag. Vienna, Austria

This is the only book to focus on industrial and environmental applications of synthetic biology, covering 17 of the most promising uses in the areas of biofuel, bioremediation and biomaterials. The contributions are written by experts from academia, non-profit organizations and industry, outlining not only the scientific basics but also the economic, environmental and ethical impact of the new technologies. This makes it not only suitable as supplementary material for students but also the perfect companion for policy makers and funding agencies, if they are to make informed decisions about synthetic biology. ISBN 352733183-2 272 pages • July 2012 Print: 978-3-527-33183-3 • CL • US$96.95

9 783527 331833

systematics WARD C . WHEELER

SYSTEMATICS A Course of Lectures

Systematics A Course of Lectures


Ward C. Wheeler, American Museum of Natural History Systematics: A Course of Lectures is designed for use in an advanced undergraduate or introductory graduate level course in systematics and is meant to present core systematic concepts and literature. The book covers topics such as the history of systematic thinking and fundamental concepts in the field, including species concepts, homology, and hypothesis testing. Analytical methods are covered in detail with chapters devoted to sequence alignment, optimality criteria, and methods such as distance, parsimony, maximum likelihood and Bayesian approaches. Trees and tree searching, consensus and super-tree methods, support measures, and other relevant topics are each covered in their own sections. This book covers the basics as broadly as could be handled in a one semester course. Most chapters are designed to be a single 1.5 hour class, with those on parsimony, likelihood, posterior probability, and tree searching stretching to two classes of 1.5 hours. 448 pages • May 2012 ISBN 047067170-X Print: 978-0-470-67170-2 • CL • US$149.95 Print: 978-0-470-67169-6 • PB • US$99.95 9 780470 671702 Online: 978-1-118-30108-1

ISBN 047067169-6

9 780470 671696

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animal Genetics

Evolution of Virulence in Eukaryotic Microbes L. David Sibley, Barbara J.Howlett, Joseph Heitman Evolution of Virulence in Eukaryotic Microbes

Evolution of Virulence in Eukaryotic Microbes offers a unique, up-to-date review of eukaryotic virulence in fungi, oomycetes, and protozoa parasites and how they affect both animals and plants. The only book to combine a discussion of human and plant pathogens, it takes a fresh look at the selective processes that have shaped the evolution of these organisms. Written by the world’s top leaders in the field, the book explores advances in genetic tools, how pathogens exchange genetic material in nature, and the common themes of evolutionary adaptation that lead to disease in different hosts. edited by

L. David Sibley Barbara J. Howlett Joseph Heitman s

616 pages • July 2012 Print: 978-1-118-03818-5 • CL • US$149.95 Online: 978-1-118-30816-5

ISBN 111803818-5

9 781118 038185


Bovine Genomics

Bovine Genomics James Womack

Edited by James E. Womack

The genetic information being unlocked by advances in genomic and high throughput technologies is rapidly revolutionizing our understanding of developmental processes in bovine species. This information is allowing researchers unprecedented insight into the genetic basis of key traits. Bovine Genomics is the first book to bring together and synthesize the information learned through the bovine genome sequencing project and look at its practical application to cattle and dairy production. The book opens with foundational chapters on the domestication of cattle and traditional Mendelian genetics. Building on these chapters, coverage rapidly moves to quantitative genetics and the advances of whole genome technologies. Significant coverage is given to topics such as epigenetics, mapping quantitative trail loci, genome-wide association studies and genomic selection in cattle breeding. The book is a valuable synthesis of the field written by a global team of leading researchers and is an essential guide to researchers, breeders, and advanced students. 284 pages • May 2012 Print: 978-0-813-82122-1 • CL • US$199.99 Online: 978-1-118-30173-9

Concepts and Applications P. S. Bisen, Mousumi Debnath, G. B. Prasad This book connects the basic biology of microbes, microbial biodiversity, advances in microbialomics, and the role microbes play in modern biotechnology, agriculture, food science, and environmental remediation. In short, it offers the most complete treatment of microbial biology available. Each chapter contains a detailed account of what is known about the microbes, how key discoveries were made and the latest advances/future direction of microbialomics. This is likely to inspire current undergraduate and graduate students in their own research in medicine, biotechnology, or environmental science. 808 pages • June 2012 Print: 978-0-470-90594-4 • CL • US$199.95 Online: 978-1-118-31191-2

Spine copy: “Bovine Genomics” Womack

life sciences

Microbiology & Virology

ISBN 047090594-8

9 780470 905944

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9 780813 821221

animal science & Zoology The Science of Meat Quality Chris R. Kerth The Science of Meat Quality looks at the development of quality meat products from the physiological processes that result in meat development through to final consumption of meat products. Each chapter opens with the theoretical foundations to meat science practices, alongside methodologies for measuring quality in relation to specific aspects of meat. It also provides the necessary tools to interpreting information gleaned from quality experimentation. This book will be an essential purchase for all animal and meat scientists concerned with the production of quality meat products. ISBN 081381543-6 272 pages • June 2012 Print: 978-0-813-81543-5 • CL • US$199.99


ISBN 081382122-3

9 780813 815435

The Scientific American





The Scientific American Healthy Aging Brain

Insect Outbreaks Revisited

The Neuroscience of Making the Most of Your Mature Mind Judith Horstman, Scientific American

The Scientific American Truth About Your Aging Brain taps into the most current research to unearth secrets about the brain as it ages. The book offers new insights on how even an aged brain can repair itself, and the best strategies for keeping your brain healthy. It shows how aging people can still achieve new levels of intelligence, acquires new skills, perspective, and productivity. Dispels myths about the aging brain-improvement and explores what we should be aware of and what to expect as our brains mature. ISBN 047064773-6 JU D IT H H ORSTM AN

280 pages • May 2012 Print: 978-0-470-64773-8 • CL • US$25.95

9 780470 647738

Microscopy Current Protocols Select Methods and Applications in Microscopy and Imaging Simon Watkins, Claudette St. Croix Compiled by editors with hands-on experience in microscopy, teaching, and protocol design and communication, this book provides a practical, bench-side guide to the various methods and applications of the advanced light microscope in the cell biology laboratory. It offers detailed step-by-step instructions written at a level that lets investigators employ even very sophisticated microscopy methods. The result is a resource for seasoned investigators and those new to the use of the microscope alike. ISBN 111804431-2 700 pages • May 2012 Print: 978-1-118-04431-5 • PB • TBA

9 781118 044315

Insect Outbreaks Revisited


Pedro Barbosa, University of Maryland; Deborah Letourneau, University of California, Santa Cruz; Anurag Agrawal, Cornell University

The abundance of insects can change dramatically from generation to generation and these changes may occur within a growing season or over a period of years. Such extraordinary density changes or “outbreaks” may be abrupt and ostensibly random, or population peaks may occur in a more or less cyclic fashion. They can be hugely destructive when the insect is a crop pest or carries diseases of humans, farm animals, or wildlife. Knowledge of these types of population dynamics and computer models that may help predict when they occur are very important. This important new book revisits a subject not thoroughly discussed in such a publication since 1988 and brings an international scale to the issue of insect outbreaks. The book is intended for senior undergraduate and graduate students in ecology, population biology and entomology, as well as government and industry scientists doing research on pests, land managers, pest management personnel, extension personnel, conservation biologists and ecologists, and state, county and district foresters. Edited by Pedro Barbosa, Deborah K. Letourneau and Anurag A. Agrawal

480 pages • June 2012 Print: 978-1-444-33759-4 • CL • US$129.95 Online: 978-1-118-29520-5

life sciences


ISBN 144433759-9

9 781444 337594

Parasitology Volume 3

Drug Discovery in Infectious Diseases Series Editor Paul M. Selzer

Parasitic Helminths Targets, Screens, Drugs and Vaccines Edited by Conor R. Caffrey

Parasitic Helminths Targets, Screens, Drugs, and Vaccines 3RD EDITION

Conor R. Caffrey, University of California, San Francisco, Paul M. Selzer, Intervet Innovation GmbH,


Schwabenheim, Germany

This third volume in the successful ‘Drug Discovery in Infectious Diseases’ series is the first to deal with drug discovery in helminthic infections in human and animals. The result is a broad overview of different drug target evaluation methods, including specific examples of successful drug development against helminthes, and with a whole section devoted to vaccine development. With its well-balanced mix of high-profile contributors from academia and industry, this handbook and reference will appeal to a wide audience, including parasitologists, pharmaceutical industry, epidemiologists, and veterinary scientists. ISBN 352733059-3 552 pages • June 2012 Print: 978-3-527-33059-1 • CL • US$143.95

9 783527 330591

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life sciences

Alan Gunn and Sarah J. Pitt


Previously Announced

An Integrated Approach Parasitology An Integrated Approach

Alan Gunn, Liverpool John Moores University; Textbook Sarah Jane Pitt, University of Brighton

Parasitology provides a concise, student-friendly account of parasites and parasite relationships that is supported by case studies, with suggestions for student projects. The book focuses strongly on parasite interactions with other pathogens and in particular parasiteHIV interactions, as well as looks at how host behaviour contributes to the spread of infections. There is consideration of the positive aspects of parasite infections, how humans have used parasites for their own advantage and also how parasite infections affect the welfare of captive and domestic animals. The emphasis of the book is on recent research and each chapter ends with a brief discussion of future developments. This text is not simply an updated version of typical parastitology books but takes an integrated approach and explains how the study of parasites requires an understanding of a wide range of other topics from molecular biology and immunology to the interactions of parasites with both their hosts and other pathogens. 456 pages • May 2012 ISBN 047068424-0 Print: 978-0-470-68424-5 • CL • US$149.95 Print: 978-0-470-68423-8 • PB • US$79.95 9 780470 684245 Online: 978-1-119-96898-6

ISBN 047068423-2

9 780470 684238




A Practical Guide

David Hall, Jason Byrd, University of Florida Textbook Forensic Botany is an accessible introduction to the way in which botanical evidence is identified, collected and analysed in criminal cases. Increasingly, this form of evidence is becoming more important in forensic investigation.

Key Features: • Aimed at the non-specialist looking for an introduction to the field • Written in a clear and logical manner – What is it? Where can you find help? How can you use plant evidence? Why is this kind of plant important? Where to look for evidence? Evidence collection made easy; evidence preservation; evidence transportation and chain of custody • Includes evidence collection data sheet and a laboratory analysis data sheet for use in the field • Includes key chapters on microscopy analysis of plant evidence and on DNA collection, use and relative costs • Numerous relevant case studies included to show forensic botany in practice and how to present botanical evidence in court 216 pages • May 2012 ISBN 047066409-6 Print: 978-0-470-66409-4 • CL • US$149.95 Print: 978-0-470-66123-9 • PB • US$99.95 9 780470 664094 Online: 978-1-119-94573-4


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Previously Announced

ISBN 047066123-2

9 780470 661239




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ABC of Breast Diseases, 4E






ABC of HIV and AIDS, 4E

Adler, Edwards, Miller, Sethi, Williams





ABC of Major Trauma, 4E

Skinner, Driscoll





ABC of Pain

Colvin, Fallon





Anatomy Essentials For Dummies®

Norris, Siegfried





Aquaculture Pond Fertilization: Impacts of Nutrient Input on Production






Baran and Dawber’s Diseases of the Nails and their Management, 4E

Baran, de Berker, Holzberg, Thomas





Biological Oceanography, 2E

Miller, Wheeler





Biological Oceanography, 2E

Miller, Wheeler





Bladder Pathology

Cheng, Lopez-Beltran, Bostwick





Bovine Genomics






BSAVA Manual of Canine and Feline Dermatology, 3E

Jackson, Marsella





BSAVA Manual of Canine and Feline Endocrinology, 4E

Mooney, Peterson





BSAVA Manual of Small Animal Practice Management and Development

Clarke, Chapman





Cancer and Aging Handbook

Bellizzi, Bellizzi Ph.D, Margot Gosney, Gosney MD





Cancer as a Metabolic Disease: On the Origin, Management, and Prevention of Cancer






Clinical Aspects of Child Neurology in the First Year of Life






Clinical Cases in Orthodontics

Cobourne, Fleming, DiBiase, Ahmad





Clinical Cases in Pediatric Dentistry






Clinical Electrocardiography: A Textbook

Bayés de Luna





Clinical Manual of Small Animal Endosurgery

Moore, Ragni





Clinical Psycho-Oncology: An International Perspective

Grassi MD, Riba MD





Clinical Research and the Law






Comprehensive Preventive Dentistry






Contemporary Health Studies: An Introduction

Warwick-Booth, Cross, Lowcock





Contemporary Health Studies: An Introduction

Warwick-Booth, Cross, Lowcock





Current Protocols Select: Methods and Applications in Microscopy and Imaging






Depression in Neurologic Disorders: Diagnosis and Management

Kanner MD





Diabetes Chronic Complications, 3E

Shaw, Cummings





District Nursing Manual of Clinical Procedures






Embryology at a Glance

Webster, de Wreede





Emergency Management in Neurocritical Care






Equine Behaviour, 2E






Essential Neonatal Medicine, 5E

Sinha, Miall, Jardine,





Essentials of Pharmaceutical Preformulation

Gaisford, Saunders





Ethical Problems in Emergency Medicine: A Discussion-based Review

Jesus, Rosen, Adams, Derse, Grossman, Wolfe





Evidence-Based Geriatric Medicine

Holroyd-Leduc, Reddy





Evolution of Virulence in Eukaryotic Microbes

Sibley, Howlett, Heitman






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Health & Life Sciences 2012: May to August New Titles


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Fish Pathology, 4E






Flow Cytometry: First Principles, 3E

Longobardi Givan





Forces of Change: New Strategies for the Evolving Health Care Marketplace






Forensic Botany: A Practical Guide

Hall, Byrd





Forensic Botany: A Practical Guide

Hall, Byrd





Haematology Nursing

Brown, Cutler





Haimovici’s Vascular Surgery, 4E






Handbook of Renal and Pancreatic Transplantation

MacPhee, Fronek





Harm Reduction in Substance Use and High-Risk Behaviour

Riley, Pates





How to Succeed at e-Learning

Donnelly, Kirk, Benson





IADVL Concise Textbook of Dermatology






Improving Health Care Team Performance: The 7 Requirements for Excellence in Patient Care

Bendaly, Bendaly





Inflammatory Diseases of Blood Vessels, 2E

Hoffman, Weyand, Langford, Goronzy





Insect Outbreaks Revisited

Barbosa, Letourneau, Agrawal





Lecture Notes: Clinical Medicine, 7E

Bradley, Gurnell, Wood





Lecture Notes: Elderly Care Medicine, 8E






Manual of Small Animal Emergency and Critical Care Medicine, 2E

Macintire, Drobatz, Haskins, Saxon





Medical Billing and Coding For Dummies®






Mediterranean Mountain Environments

Vogiatzakis, Tzanopoulos





Mediterranean Mountain Environments

Vogiatzakis, Tzanopoulos





Mental Illness, Discrimination and the Law: Fighting for Social Justice

Callard, Sartorius, Arboleda-Flórez, Bartlett, Helmchen, Heather Stuart, Taborda, Thornicroft





Microbes: Concepts and Applications

Bisen, Debnath, Prasad





Mineralized Tissues in Oral and Craniofacial Science: Biological Principles and Clinical Correlates

McCauley, Somerman





Natural Orifice Translumenal Endoscopic Surgery: Textbook and Video Atlas

Kalloo MD, Marescaux MD, Zorron MD





Neuroanatomy and Neuroscience at a Glance, 4E

Barker, Cicchetti,




Ophthalmology of Exotic Pets






Paediatric Advanced Life Support: A Practical Guide for Nurses, 2E






Pain-Relieving Procedures: The Illustrated Guide, 2E

Prithvi Raj, Erdine





Parasitic Helminths: Targets, Screens, Drugs, and Vaccines, 3E

Caffrey, Selzer





Parasitology: An Integrated Approach

Gunn, Pitt





Parasitology: An Integrated Approach

Gunn, Pitt





Pathy’s Principles and Practice of Geriatric Medicine, 5E

Sinclair, Morley, Vellas





Pediatric Cardiac Surgery, 4E






Pediatric Heart Disease: A Clinical Guide

Daubeney, Rigby, Michael Gatzoulis, Koichiro Niwa,





Pediatric Psycho-oncology: Psychosocial Aspects and Clinical Interventions, 2E






Perioperative Medicine: Medical Consultation and Co-management

Jaffer, Grant





Pharmacovigilance Medical Writing: A Good Practice Guide, 2E






Physical Diagnosis in the Hospitalized Patient






Pocket Guide to Echocardiography, 2E

Kacharava, Gedevanishvili, Imnadze, Tsverava, Brodsky






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Politics of Occupation-Centred Practice: Reflections on Occupational Engagement Across Cultures

Pollard, Sakellariou

Practical Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging, 2E





Present Knowledge in Nutrition, 10E

International Life Science





Psychiatry at a Glance, 3E

Katona, Cooper, Robertson





Questions and Answers for Dental Nurses, 3E






Rapid Neurology and Neurosurgery

Abhinav, Edwards, Whone





Rural Populations and Health

Crosby, Vanderpool, Wendel, Casey





Sexually Transmitted Diseases, 2E

Beigi MD





Shaping Ecology: The Life of Arthur Tansley






Shaping Ecology: The Life of Arthur Tansley






Small Animal Internal Medicine for Veterinary Technicians and Nurses






Surgical Critical Care and Emergency Surgery: Clinical Questions and Answers, 8E

Moore, Peter Rhee, Tisherman, Fulda





Synthetic Biology: Industrial and Environmental Applications






Systematics: A Course of Lectures





Systematics: A Course of Lectures






Textbook of Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology, 2E

Hawkey, Bosch, Richter, Garcia-Tsao, Chan





The ADA Practical Guide to Patients with Medical Conditions






The Consulting Veterinary Nurse, 4E






The Consummate Clinician: What Every Student, House Officer and Hospital Practitioner Needs to Know

Goldberger, Goldberger MD





The IOC Manual of Sports Injuries






The Mother of All Pregnancy Books, 2E






The Science and Practice of Stuttering Treatment: A Symposium

Jaksic, Onslow





The Science of Meat Quality






The Scientific American Healthy Aging Brain: The Neuroscience of Making the Most of Your Mature Mind






The Student’s Guide to Becoming a Nurse






The Vitamin D Cure, Revised

Dowd MD, Stafford





Tissue and Cell Clinical Use: An Essential Guide

Warwick, Brubaker





Tissue and Cell Processing: An Essential Guide

Fehily, Scott Brubaker, Kearney, Wolfinbarger Jr.





TNM Supplement: A commentary on uniform use, 4E






Transplantation at a Glance, 2E

Clatworthy, Watson, Allison, Dark





Treating the Dental Patient with Developmental Disorders

Raposa, Perlman, Goldman





Type 2 Diabetes For Dummies®, Australian Edition






Veterinary Euthanasia Techniques: A Practical Guide

Cooney, Chappell, & Robert Callan, Connally





Veterinary Hematology and Clinical Chemistry, 2E

Thrall, Weiser, Campbell, Allison





Veterinary Molecular Biology






Weight Loss Surgery For Dummies, 2E

Kurian MD, Thompson, Davidson





Weight Management: A Practitioner’s Guide

Pearson, Grace





Women and Recovery: Finding Hope

Harris, Gould





Yeast: Molecular and Cell Biology, 2E






Yeast: Molecular and Cell Biology, 2E







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PATHY’S PRINCIPLES AND PRACTICE OF GERIATRIC MEDICINE, 5TH EDITION As the population of older people continues to grow rapidly both in the developed and the developing world, geriatric medicine is an increasingly important topic for clinicians. This new edition of Pathy‘s Principles and Practice of Geriatric Medicine is extensively revised and expanded with several new chapters; and provides upto-date evidence-based, and practical information on all the major medical problems of ageing citizens. This book is an essential reference work for all clinicians who deal with older people, particularly geriatric medical specialists, gerontologists, researchers and general practitioners, as well as post graduates, nurses, care home staff, trainees in health specialties and social workers.

Edited By: Alan A. Sinclair, John Pathy, John E. Morley, Bruno Vellas 9780470683934 Hardcover, 1944 pages April 2012 Introductory Price: US$559.95, valid till 31 July 2012. List US$700

Praise for the 4th edition:

2 - 4 15 7 8 excellent reference for learners at all clinical and preclinical “levels and a useful contribution to the geriatric medical literature. ” Journal of the American Medical Association, November 2006

References for

Clinicians Medical Ethics Today

The BMA’s Handbook of Ethics and Law

how to

British Medical Association Ethics Department

present at meetings third edition

George M. Hall and Neville Robinson

9780470654583 January 2012

9781444334364 June 2010

9781444337082 March 2012


The Philosophy of

Evidence-based Medicine

JEREMY HOWICK With a foreword by Paul Glasziou

The Knowledgeable Patient Communication and Participation in Health



9781444337174 December 2011

9781405198172 January 2011


9781405196673 May 2011

Wiley New Titles Catalogues – May to August 2012 Issue  

Wiley New Titles Catalogues – May to August 2012 Issue

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