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The Wiley Engineering Collection allows Colleges of Engineering to subscribe to a rich library of digital textbooks while giving students and faculty choice over which titles to use.

Wiley Engineering Collection





Wiley Engineering Collection


Ensuring that your students have equal, consistent access to high quality learning materials shouldn’t be a challenge. Licensing the Wiley Engineering Collection will allow you to: 1) define your audience of users 2) set the number of titles they may acquire 3) permit your users to select from the broad Wiley catalog the titles they wish to own.

AFFORDABLE For a single annual fee, your college of engineering can provide all your students with affordable access to digital course materials. Pricing is based on the number of students in your community and the number of titles you want each to be authorized to download. Pricing begins as low as $50 per title credit and is discounted further based on the total dollar volume of your license.

DIGITAL Give students and faculty access to their choice of texts from among more than 100 of the most popular, market-tested textbooks used in undergraduate engineering. Titles downloaded from the collection become part of students’ e-text library to which they will retain access throughout their careers. Faculty may download an unlimited number of titles, making the process of previewing examination copies as simple as a few clicks of a mouse.

Faculty can download an unlimited amount of examination copies.

When the “Activate” button is clicked, a title is downloaded to a professor’s VitalSource Bookshelf.

From the search page, faculty can download examination copies with a single mouse click.

With the Wiley Engineering Collection you can give your students access to their choice of E-Texts from among more than one hundred popular undergraduate titles.

Students can easily highlight and annotate their

e-text. Notes and highlights automatically stay in sync no matter where students make them.

Wiley E-Texts: Powered by VitalSource are built in partnership with Vital Source Technologies. They let students access their books three ways: download, online, and mobile. The on-screen table of contents provides book-like navigation of the complete text.

Wiley E-­‐Texts:  Powered  by  VitalSource  are  built  in  partnership  with  Vital  Source  Technologies.  Access   your  books  three  ways:  download,  online,  and  mobile.  Notes  and  highlights  automatically  stay  in  sync  no   matter  where  you  make  them.  With  Wiley  E-­‐Text:  Powered  by  VitalSource  you  get  the  following:    


How can  you  get  a  Wiley  E-­‐Text:  Powered  by  VitalSource?   o You  can  purchase  on  today  or  ask  your  Sales  Representative  how  you   can  have  the  Wiley  E-­‐Text:  Powered  by  VitalSource  available  for  your  students  in  your   campus  bookstore!     Visit  to  discover  your  Flexible  options  today.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Isn’t this something the university library should handle? No. The Collection has been designed to permit individual students to obtain copies of e-texts for their individual use. The Collection offer has been structured to allow universities to aggregate their students’ buying power to reduce the cost of texts, while enabling students to retain control of the books they choose to own. Can students or faculty buy individual subscriptions? Not at the present time. Do books obtained from the collection ever expire? The titles that students and faculty download are not time-limited. They remain in the student’s or professor’s individual bookshelf even after the university license expires. How many titles may each student download? Licensees determine the number of titles each student in their community may download. Pricing is based on the total number of authorized credits (number of users x downloads per user). Pricing is discounted based on total dollar volume of the license. How many titles may a professor download? Faculty may download as many titles from the collection as they wish. Can my institution charge students for the cost of access? Access to the Collection is a benefit that institutions provide to their community. Licensees may recover the cost of the license from their students at their discretion. If students redeem all of their credits, may they purchase additional titles? Collection users who have redeemed all of their credits may purchase additional e-texts from Wiley at a discounted price. What if my student wants to purchase print copies instead of – or in addition to – e-texts? Users may click through to the Wiley website to purchase specially discounted print copies of titles in the Collection. What about FERPA? The Collection neither obtains nor stores any data relating to a student’s educational record. Students supply their own “directory” information sufficient to create a bookshelf account and an email address to permit their authentication as a member of a licensed community. How are users authenticated? Who will monitor and prevent unauthorized use? Wiley administrators will monitor account creation to determine that only authorized individuals are activating accounts under an institution’s license. Wiley may remove unauthorized user accounts, and may issue additional credits to an institution to offset unauthorized use.

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Wiley Engineering Collection

How do I obtain access to the Collection? Wiley grants licenses to the Collection on an institutional basis. Licenses are renewable annually. Fees are based on the number of students enrolled in your community and the number of titles you entitle each student to download.

Wiley Engineering Collection  
Wiley Engineering Collection  

This is an overview of The Wiley Engineering Collection. This Collection allows Colleges of Engineering to subscribe to a rich library of d...