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Linguistics New Books

We are pleased to present here some of our key linguistics titles publishing this season. Our complete booklist, including new titles and backlist, along with our wide range of journals, can be found on our website at Highlights for this season include new reference volumes in language and globalization, computational linguistics, and Old English grammar; a new introductory psycholinguistics textbook, plus a new edition of Aronoff and Fudeman’s What is Morphology?, both publishing in the popular Fundamentals of Linguistics series; and David Gillespie’s revision of the late Terence Wade’s A Comprehensive Russian Grammar, bringing this classic grammar completely up to date. A major highlight for this year is the much-anticipated publication of William Labov’s third and final volume in the Principles of Linguistic Change set. To coincide with the publication of Volume III, Volumes I and II are also being re-released with new prefaces from the author. We also publish nearly 20 key linguistics journals alongside our popular books program. Our pioneering online presence also includes the innovative Language & Linguistics Compass, which publishes peer reviewed surveys of the most important research and current thinking from across the entire discipline; Blackwell Reference Online, which includes our popular Handbooks in Linguistics series; and a growing selection of linguistics titles now available electronically through Wiley Online Library. Learn more at We hope you enjoy this selection of our new titles. Simply visit our website for further information about all these books and our full publishing program in linguistics.

Announcing the final volume in the trilogy!

Principles of Linguistic Change

Volume III

William Labov

Volume III: Cognitive and Cultural Factors

Principles of Linguistic Change Cognitive and Cultural Factors

WILLIAM LABOV University of Pennsylvania, USA

“Labov’s work is the cornerstone of quantitative sociolinguistics, and his pre-eminence in the field is assured for now and for some time to come. He has taught a whole generation of scholars the skills of careful and accountable fieldwork and of analyzing linguistic data collected in the field, and in this respect his work has been inspirational.” JOURNAL OF LINGUISTICS

This third and final volume of the Principles of Linguistic Change set examines the cognitive and cultural causes responsible for linguistic change, and traces the history of these developments, from triggering events to driving forces and endpoints. Written by the world-renowned pioneer in the field of modern sociolinguistics, it draws upon the newly-completed Atlas of North American English to look more deeply into questions of linguistic change, focusing on the cognitive factors that determine the capacity of the linguistic system to transmit information, and exploring social influences in the development of large-scale cultural patterns. The volume also deals with the diffusion of change across dialect boundaries, and across racial and ethnic groups. It establishes an essential distinction between transmission within the community, which is dependent on child language acquisition, and diffusion across communities, which is reliant on adult learning. SERIES: LANGUAGE IN SOCIETY

424 PAGES • OCTOBER 2010 978-1-4051-1215-4 • HARDBACK • £60.00 / €77.90 / $99.95 978-1-4051-1214-7 • PAPERBACK • £24.99 / €32.90 / $44.95

To be re-released with new Prefaces!

Principles of Linguistic Change Volume I: Internal Factors

Volume I

William Labov

Principles of Linguistic Change Internal Factors




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672 PAGES • OCTOBER 2010 978-0-6311-7914-6 • PAPERBACK £26.99 / €34.90 / $44.95

Principles of Linguistic Change Volume II: Social Factors

with a new preface by the author

Volume II

William Labov

Principles of Linguistic Change Social Factors


592 PAGES • OCTOBER 2010 978-0-6311-7916-0 • PAPERBACK £26.99 / €34.90 / $44.95

with a new preface by the author


Principles of Linguistic Change set Volumes I – III This seminal work in the field of sociolinguistics is also available as a complete three-volume set. 1,688 PAGES • OCTOBER 2010 Bundle ISBN: 978-1-4443-2788-5 • PAPERBACK £69.00 / €89.90 / $114.95


The Handbook of Language and Globalization

neW in PAPerBAck!

The Handbook of Clinical Linguistics

edited By nikolAs couPlAnd

edited By mArtin J. BAll, michAel r. Perkins, nicole mÜller & sArA hoWArd university of louisiana, lafayette, usA; university of sheffield, uk; university of louisiana, lafayette, usA; university of sheffield, uk

“The range of topics represented here, and the quality of the contributions, underline the advances Clinical Linguistics has made in three decades. This volume will for some time be the benchmark against which others in the field will be evaluated.” PAUL FLeTCheR, UNIveRSITy COLLeGe CORk

Now available in paperback, The Handbook of Clinical Linguistics brings together an international team of contributors to produce an original and in-depth survey of this multi-faceted field. It fills a gap in the existing literature as the first non-encyclopedic volume to provide comprehensive, up to date coverage of this ever-expanding area of linguistics. Relevant chapters include a range of pathologies, with each section exploring multilingual and cross-linguistics aspects of the field, as well as analytical methods and assessment. In those chapters examining a specific area of linguistics, a section has been included which outlines how mainstream theories and descriptions of language have been influenced, if at all, by clinical research. The result is an essential resource for students and practitioners of speech-language pathology, linguistics, psychology, and education. SERIES: BLACKWELL HANDBOOKS IN LINGUISTICS

712 PAGES • DECEMBER 2010 978-1-4443-3877-5 • PAPERBACK • £29.99 / €38.90 / $49.95

cardiff university, uk

“A fascinating exposition of the complex, multidimensional nature of globalization as it pertains to the world’s languages. Coupland has marshalled authors at the forefront of their fields who offer a diversity of approaches and do not flinch from disputes and challenging questions. I suspect that this book will transform the discourse on globalization within linguistics.” MARGAReT FLORey, ReSOURCe NeTWORk FOR LINGUISTIC DIveRSITy

Globalization is a complex combination of economic, social, and cultural shifts largely carried out through language; from texts and communicative exchanges to the orders of meaning that construct contemporary social lives. This volume meets the challenges that globalization poses to sociolinguistic theory by investigating key issues relating to language use and development. Comprising 36 chapters written by leading international scholars, the handbook brings together new research in the field and maps out new areas for future research. Contributors cover such topics as tourism, language teaching, social networking, terrorism, and religion, among many others. The volume also illustrates critical approaches to discourse, social semiotics, linguistic anthropology, and cultural studies. The result is a vibrant interdisciplinary mix of articles that represents some of the most compelling contemporary sociolinguistic research. venturing beyond the constraints of the typical speech community, it takes steps towards re-theorizing language in the world today. SERIES: BLACKWELL HANDBOOKS IN LINGUISTICS

672 PAGES • AuGuST 2010 978-1-4051-7581-4 • HARDBACK • £110.00 / €142.00 / $199.95

sPeciAl hArdBAck Price AvAilABle* 978-1-4051-3522-1 • HARDBACK (2008) • £29.99 / €38.90 / $49.95 * While stocks last – not to be used in conjunction with any other offer or promotion


The Blackwell Companion to Phonology 5-volume set edited By mArc vAn oostendorP, colin J. eWen, eliZABeth v. hume, and keren rice Meertens Institute, The Netherlands; University of Leiden, The Netherlands; Ohio State University, USA; University of Toronto, Canada

Bringing together 120 new contributions from leading international scholars in the field, The Blackwell Companion to Phonology simultaneously offers broad coverage and a high level of detail. Available online or as a fivevolume print set, this landmark work will be indispensable to students and researchers in the field for years to come. Comprehensive coverage includes sections exploring general issues and segmental phonology, suprasegmental and prosodic phonology, phonological processes, phonological interfaces, and phonology across languages. visit for full details. 3,008 PAGES • MARCH 2011 978-1-4051-8423-6 PRInT EDITIOn • HARDBACK InTRODuCTORy OffER PRICES*: £475.00 / €585.00 / $800.00 *Valid until end June 2011, not to be used in conjunction with any other offer or promotion LIST PRICeS TheReAFTeR: £595.00 / €735.00 / $995.00 978-1-4443-3526-2 OnlInE EDITIOn

The Handbook of Computational Linguistics and Natural Language Processing edited By AleXAnder clArk, chris foX & shAlom lAPPin royal holloway, university of london, uk; university of essex, uk; king’s college, london, uk

“This handbook is exceptionally broad and exceptionally deep in its coverage. The contributions, by noted experts, cover all aspects of the field, from fundamental theory to concrete applications. Clark, Fox and Lappin have performed a great service by compiling this volume.” RIChARD SPROAT, OReGON heALTh & SCIeNCe UNIveRSITy

This comprehensive reference work provides an overview of the concepts, methodologies, and applications being undertaken today in computational linguistics and natural language processing. The volume begins with an introduction to the major theoretical issues in these fields, as well as the central engineering applications that the work has produced. Also included is a detailed synopsis of the most cutting edge research. The major developments in this dynamic field are presented in an accessible way that explains the close connection between scientific understanding of the computational properties of natural language and the creation of effective language technologies. SERIES: BLACKWELL HANDBOOKS IN LINGUISTICS

800 PAGES • July 2010 978-1-4051-5581-6 • HARDBACK • £125.00 / €162.00 / $199.95

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evA m. fernÁndeZ & helen smith cAirns Both Queen’s college, city university of new york, usA

“The authors have done a masterful job of reviewing current and long-standing issues in psycholinguistics in a balanced, engaging fashion. An excellent introduction to the field!” JANeT NICOL, UNIveRSITy OF ARIzONA

Introducing the fundamental issues in psycholinguistics, this book explores the amazing story of the unconscious processes that take place when humans use language. It is an ideal text for undergraduates taking a first course in the study of language. • Topics covered include the biological foundations of language; acquisition of first and second languages in children and adults; the mental lexicon; and speech production, perception, and processing • Structured as an engaging narrative that takes the reader from an idea in the mind of a speaker to its comprehension in the mind of the hearer • Reflects the latest empirical developments in psycholinguistics, and is illustrated throughout with examples from bilingual as well as monolingual language processing, second language acquisition, and sign languages • Student-friendly features include chapter-by-chapter study questions and discussion summaries, and the appendix offers an excellent overview of experimental designs in psycholinguistics, and prepares students for their own research • Written by an internationally-regarded author team, drawing on forty years of experience in teaching psycholinguistics SERIES: FUNDAMENTALS OF LINGUISTICS

336 PAGES • July 2010 978-1-4051-9152-4 • HARDBACK • £55.00 / €71.90 / $89.95 978-1-4051-9147-0 • PAPERBACK • £19.99 / €25.90 / $39.95

neW edition!

A Comprehensive Russian Grammar 3rd edition terence WAde revised By dAvid gillesPie late of university of strathclyde, uk; university of Bath, uk

“The most complete, accurate and authoritative English-language reference grammar of Russian ever published.” ChOICe (of a previous edition)

A Comprehensive Russian Grammar, by Terence Wade, is the definitive guide to Russian usage and the standard reference work for students and professionals alike. In the third edition, Russian language expert David Gillespie updates and revises this highly acclaimed volume. Changes include updates to numerous examples and illustrations, as well as insights into several new developments in Russian language usage since the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991. Gillespie also reveals the increasing influence of globalization on Russian language structure. As before, accessibility to the intricacies of Russian grammar is enhanced through usage examples garnered from both modern sources and from classical literature. This revised edition solidifies the position of A Comprehensive Russian Grammar as the premier text for Russian language reference across the english-speaking world. SERIES: BLACKWELL REFERENCE GRAMMARS

640 PAGES • SEPTEMBER 2010 978-1-4051-3639-6 • PAPERBACK • £24.99 / €32.90 / $49.95

A Grammar of Old English volume ii: morphology

neW edition!

richArd m. hogg & r. d. fulk

What is Morphology? 2nd edition mArk Aronoff & kirsten fudemAn stony Brook university (suny), usA; university of Pittsburgh, usA

“An extremely pleasant tour of the issues in modern morphological theory for beginning students. The rich collection of exercises will be a godsend to instructors and students alike, and the thread of discussion of a single language throughout the book is a brilliant stroke that other texts should emulate.” STePheN R. ANDeRSON, yALe UNIveRSITy (of the previous edition)

Assuming only the most basic background in linguistics, What is Morphology? provides a concise, critical introduction to the central ideas and perennial problems of morphology. Designed to familiarize beginning students with the importance of morphology as a subject of research, this reader-friendly volume moves organically from the morphological facts of everyday life to important relationships with phonology, syntax, and semantics. • Now revised and expanded to include additional material on morphological productivity and the mental lexicon, and experimental and computational methods • Features new and revised exercises as well as suggestions for further reading at the end of each chapter • equips students with the skills to analyze a wide breadth of classic morphological issues through engaging examples • Uses cross-linguistic data throughout to illustrate concepts, specifically referencing kujamaat Joola, a Senegalese language • Includes a new answer key, available for instructors on publication at SERIES: FUNDAMENTALS OF LINGUISTICS

312 PAGES • nOVEMBER 2010 978-1-4051-9467-9 • PAPERBACK • £19.99 / €25.90 / $36.95

late of university of manchester, uk; indiana university, Bloomington, usA

A Grammar of Old English, Volume II: Morphology completes the two-volume analysis of the sounds and grammatical forms of the Old english language that began with Richard M. hogg’s highly regarded Grammar of Old English: Phonology. Initiated by Richard hogg, and revised and completed by R. D. Fulk, this new volume incorporates insights derived from current theoretical and technological advances, focusing on the morphological structure of Old english words. Most helpful in this regard is post-structuralist linguistic theory as well as findings resulting from digitized resources, primarily from databases compiled by the Dictionary of Old english project at the University of Toronto. hogg and Fulk explore the separation of diachronic and synchronic considerations in the frequently complex analysis of noun morphology. This volume also includes extensive bibliographical coverage of Old english morphology, and consideration of recent controversies in Germanic linguistics, particularly in the treatment of verbs. 416 PAGES • DECEMBER 2010 978-0-6311-3671-2 • HARDBACK • £75.00 / €97.90 / $124.95

neW in PAPerBAck!

A Grammar of Old English volume i: Phonology 416 PAGES • DECEMBER 2010 978-1-4443-3933-8 • PAPERBACK • £40.00 / €51.90 / $64.95


Fundamentals of Psycholinguistics


The Earliest Stages of Language Learning

Cutting-edge Linguistics Resources on

WILEY ONLINE LIBRARY Wiley Online Library pushes the boundaries of knowledge with premier content from the most celebrated scholars, award-winning authors, and leading societies. Featuring 1500 journals, 9000 books, and hundreds of multi-volume reference works, databases, and other resources across all disciplines, this new online service extends the horizon of scholarship and research. View our resources in Linguistics, including the latest titles in The Language in Society series and The Language Library now at

edited By mAriAnne gullBerg & Peter indefrey lund university, sweden; heinrich heine university düsseldorf, germany

To understand the nature of language learning, the factors that influence it, and the mechanisms that govern it, it is crucial to study the very earliest stages of language learning. This volume provides a state-of-the art overview of what we know about the cognitive and neurobiological aspects of the adult capacity for language learning. It brings together studies from several fields that examine learning from multiple perspectives using various methods. The articles included examine learning after anything from a few minutes, to months of language exposure. They target the learning of both artificial and natural languages, involve both explicit and implicit learning, and cover linguistic domains ranging from phonology and semantics to morphosyntax. The findings will inform and extend further studies of language learning in multiple disciplines. SERIES: THE LANGUAGE LEARNING MAx PLANCK INSTITUTE FOR PSYCHOLINGUISTICS COGNITIVE NEUROSCIENCE SERIES

200 PAGES • nOVEMBER 2010 978-1-4443-3876-8 • PAPERBACK • £19.99 / €25.90 / $39.95

Mogadishu on the Mississippi

language, racialized identity, and education in a new land mArthA h. BigeloW university of minnesota, usA

forthcoming multi-volume reference Work

The Encyclopedia of Applied Linguistics 10-volume set edited By cArol A. chAPelle iowa state university, usA

This ground-breaking reference, which will be available online or as a 10-volume print set, is a comprehensive resource covering the highly diverse field of applied linguistics. Combining individual entries ranging from 1,500 to 4,000 words, with longer, essay-style contributions giving a detailed overview of key developments and ideas, it spans 31 key areas of the field. For further information visit 7,200 PAGES • nOVEMBER 2012 978-1-4051-9473-0 PRInT EDITIOn • HARDBACK InTRODuCTORy OffER PRICES*: £995 / €1,249 / $1,695 *Valid until end February 2013, not to be used in conjunction with any other offer or promotion LIST PRICeS TheReAFTeR: £1,200 / €1,499 / $1,995 978-1-4051-9843-1 OnlInE EDITIOn

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In Mogadishu on the Mississippi, Martha Bigelow brings together five years of interdisciplinary research within the Somali community in Minnesota, a little-studied population which is Muslim, refugee, and under-schooled. In the book, she investigates the language learning, multiple literacy development, and schooling and community experiences of this group, drawing upon theories from the fields of applied linguistics, second language acquisition, education, and sociology. Bigelow’s research uses a range of epistemological frames to explore central and contemporary problems that tie language learning to racialized, religious, and gendered identities. SERIES: LANGUAGE LEARNING MONOGRAPH

300 PAGES • OCTOBER 2010 978-1-4443-3874-4 • PAPERBACK • £19.99 / €25.90 / $39.95

Language as a Complex Adaptive System Language as a Complex Adaptive System

edited By nick c. ellis & diAne lArsen-freemAn Both university of michigan, usA

“What a breath of fresh air! As interesting a collection of papers as you are likely to find on the evolution, learning, and use of language from the point of view of both cognitive underpinnings and communicative functions.”

Editors Nick C. Ellis and

Diane Larsen-Freeman

60TH ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL ISSUE Series Editor Alister Cumming


Written by leading researchers in linguistics, psychology, and complex systems, this volumes explores a new approach to studying language as a complex adaptive system, illustrating its commonalities across many areas of language research. They summarize this new approach to language and illustrate its application across a variety of subfields, including language usage, language evolution, language structure, and first and second language acquisition. SERIES: BEST OF LANGUAGE LEARNING SERIES

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200 PAGES • fEBRuARy 2010 978-1-4443-3400-5 • PAPERBACK • £19.99 / €25.90 / $39.95

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