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Francis D. K. Ching & Ian Shapiro

Eric Firley & Katharina Groen

9781118562376 Mar 2014 • PB £33.99/ $49.95

9780470972250 Jan 2013 • HB £50.00 / $80.00

Sustainable design and building finally gets the Ching treatment with Green Building Illustrated

A highly illustrated reference tool, providing visual analysis of major urban extensions and masterplans from around the world

Using Francis D.K. Ching’s signature graphic presentation, the theory and practices of the complexities of green building are made clear and understandable. Beginning with an introduction explaining why we need to build green, the theory behind it, current rating systems and new directions in the industry, Green building Illustrated supplies a comprehensive look at: • Importance of community and site selection • Passive design using building shape and near-building features, as well as minimum-impact materials • Towards net zero energy through outer envelope and inner envelope design, the importance of unheated spaces and zoning/compartmentalization, and lighting and plug loads. • Water conservation, ventilation & indoor air quality and active heating & cooling • Operation, maintenance, and quality control • Affordability and life cycle analysis • Importance of nature and beauty in green architecture Sure to be the standard reference on the subject for students and professionals, Green Building Illustrated is also a great book to read and enjoy.

With an important emphasis on the processes and structures that influence urban form, this guide highlights the significant impact that public or private landownership, management and funding might have on shaping a particular project. The Masterplanning Handbook includes 20 subjects that are rigorously analysed through original diagrams, scale drawings and descriptive texts, complemented by key statistics and colour photography: • Each case study offers professionals, developers and city planners, as well as students of Architecture, both formal and organisational comparisons of urban design, leading to intriguing insights • Features a wide geographical range of contemporary and historic masterplans • Encompasses European projects from the 19th century to the present day, including Belgravia in London, Sarphatipark in Amsterdam and Hammarby Sjöstad in Stockholm • Features case studies of post-war development in North America, and recent international urban schemes situated in Buenos Aires, Downtown Dubai and the New Central Business District in Beijing.



Eric Firley & Caroline Stahl

Eric Firley & Julie Gimbal

9781119989981 • Oct 2010 • PB £29.99/ $50.00

9780470684740 • May 2011 HB • £50.00/ $80.00

Graphic representations & analysis of 30 worldwide urban studies.

30 in-depth case studies of iconic towers from around the world.

AL BAHR TOWERS: The Abu Dhabi Investment Council Headquarters

BUILDING CONSTRUCTION ILLUSTRATED 5th Edition Francis D. K. Ching 9781118458341 Mar 2014 • PB £33.99/ $49.95

Peter Oborn 9781119974161 Oct 2013 • HB £49.99/ $80.00

The classic visual guide to the basics of building construction, now with a 3D digital building model for interactive learning

The most distinctive and innovative new landmark in the Middle East Built for the Abu Dhabi Investment Council, the two 25-storey towers provide Abu Dhabi with a unique gateway to the city. Though built out of glass and steel, they represent a complete departure from other contemporary high-rise buildings. Modern and pioneering in their use of the most up-to-date technologies, they have been conceived to be entirely rooted in the local culture and environment. This publication is entirely centred on the design and delivery of Al Bahr Towers: • Includes 300 highly visual colour images, specially commissioned by Christian Richters • An illustrated and engaging introduction by the architectural correspondent of The Financial Times, Edwin Heathcote, providing a background behind the building

For over three decades, Building Construction Illustrated has offered an outstanding introduction to the principles of building construction. This new edition of the revered classic remains as relevant as ever, providing the latest information in Francis D.K. Ching’s signature style. Its rich and comprehensive approach clearly presents all of the basic concepts underlying building construction. New to this edition are digital enhancements delivered as an online companion to the print edition and also embedded in e-book editions. Features include a 3D model showing how building components come together in a final project. • llustrated throughout with clear and accurate drawings that present the state of the art in construction processes and materials

• Expert insight into the history and philosophy of Islamic architecture

• Updated and revised to include the latest knowledge on sustainability, incorporation of building systems, and use of new materials

• A unique description of the design and procurement of these ground-breaking structures provided by architectural author Edward Denison.

• Contains archetypal drawings that offer clear inspiration for designers and drafters


• Reflects the 2012 International Building Codes and 2012 LEED system


Diana Balmori

Rachel Sara & Jonathan Mosley

9781119967026 • Mar 2014 PB • £27.99/ $45.00

9781118361795 • Nov 2013 PB • £24.99/ $40.00

Practical solutions for sustainability.

Exploring ideas beyond the architectural periphery.

SUSTAINABLE FACADES: Designing Methods for High-Performance Building Envelopes


Ajla Aksamija

9781119940692 Nov 2012 • HB £49.99/ $80.00

9781118458600 May 2013 • HB £57.50/ $85.00

Practical information on designing sustainable, energy-efficient building facades Sustainable Facades focuses on the strategies and approaches for designing sustainable, high-performance building facades, and provides technical guidance for architects and designers. This timely and useful guide presents strategies and technical guidelines for designing environmentally sensitive, energy-efficient facades based on scientific principles. It provides climatespecific approaches for minimizing energy consumption, analyzes the thermal behavior of different facade systems and materials, and illustrates with case studies how these approaches have been implemented on architectural projects. It also discusses emerging facade technologies, materials, and systems.

CITY AS A TANGLED BANK e Sir Terry Farrell 9781118487341 Nov 2013 • PB £27.99/ $45.00

Written by international architect-planner Sir Terry Farrell, this book encourages planners and architects to look, learn and admire the nature of the forces that drive the change. Searching for patterns within the apparent turbulence and complexity, Farrell analyses the notions of urban design and urban evolution and examines whether or not they oppose one another. This book covers a range of themes, from discussing emergence as an idea in a biological and architectural context, to embracing the importance of chain reactions in the progress of urban engineering; the character of habitation; and the effects of digital technology on city evolution. Farrell brings his considerable experience in practice to bear, elucidating his thoughts with examples from cities across the world, including Beijing, Hong Kong, London, New York and Paris.

John C. Hopkins & Peter Neal

This is the story of the making of the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, created for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Situated in East London, the Olympic Park is recognized as one of the very first sustainable public parks of the 21st century. Exploring how Olympic Park was conceived as a new piece of city that shifted London’s entire center of gravity eastwards; this book reveals the philosophical context and technical insights that went into the creation of this sustainable, contemporary urban park of international significance. Richly illustrated, it is a unique reference for those involved in the planning, design, delivery and management of sustainable urban parks and new communities on post-industrial and other land, and those seeking to host future Games and other large-scale international events.

DESIGNING RAINWATER HARVESTING SYSTEMS Integrating Rainwater into Building Systems C. Novak 9781118410479 Apr 2014 • HB £57.50/ $85.00

Discover how to plan and implement effective rainwater harvesting strategies.

BIM IN SMALL-SCALE SUSTAINABLE DESIGN Francois Levy 9780470590898 Jan 2012 • HB £57.50/ $85.00

Leading guide to building information modelling workflow.

SYSTEM CITY: Infrastructure and Place of Flows e


Michael Weinstock

9780470974056 Nov 2012 • PB £29.99/ $50.00

9781118361429 Jul 2013 • PB £24.99/ $40.00

A radical shift is taking place in the way that society is thinking about cities. From this new perspective, cities are regarded not simply as spatially extended material artefacts, but as complex systems that are analogous to living organisms, exhibiting many of the same characteristics. In this title, ‘System City: Infrastructure and the spaces of flows’, Guest Editor Michael Weinstock highlights the radical change of design in our ever growing cities. With new designs based on intelligent and inhabited infrastructural systems, this book demonstrates the complex array of connections within city design and shows how cities should unite, rather than divide, urban morphological and ecological systems.

THE NEW PASTORALISM: Landscape into Architecture e Mark Titman 9781118336984 April 2013 • PB £24.99/ $40.00

An exploration of a romantic ‘green’ and technological architecture that heals the traditional cut between the city dweller and nature The New Pastoralism demonstrates how small-scale additions or conversions using planting and wildlife can bring about engaging, delightful and efficient structures and spaces. The book’s numerous contributors each showcase a particular Nature device that they used to enhance their built proposals. Images are provided with text as annotation. The prominent featured architects will include: Michael Sorkin, Nicholas Grimshaw, Ken Yeang, Kathryn Findlay and Mos Architecture. The other contributors will show small or medium sized built projects they have worked on.

Brian McGrath

The discipline of urban design is undergoing a rapid expansion and realignment. Bringing together classic and new texts from the last 40 years, this AD Reader focuses attention on the critical tools needed to understand how cities have been designed and constructed and then changed over time. With its emphasis on both urban design and the ecological, this book brings together key articles that point the way forward for reconciling the often conflicting concerns of urbanism and environmentalism. Twenty-three texts are organised into four distinct sections, covering metropolitan architecture, the sprawling megalopolis, the megacity and the recently emerging megacity.

DESIGNING URBAN AGRICULTURE: A Complete Guide to the Planning, Design, Construction, Maintenance and Management of Edible Landscapes April Philips 9781118073834 May 2013 • HB £50.00/$75.00

A comprehensive overview of edible landscapes—complete with 300 full-colour photos and illustrations This detailed guide showcases projects and designers from around the world who are forging new paths to the sustainable city through urban agriculture landscapes. Beginning with a foundation of ecological principles, this resource outlines the design process based on systems thinking and developed for a lifecycle or regenerative-based approach.

THE SUSTAINABLE SITES HANDBOOK: A Complete Guide to the Principles, Strategies, and Best Practices for Sustainable Landscapes Meg Calkins 9780470643556 Feb 2012 • HB £65.00/ $95.00

The Sustainable Sites Handbook offers in-depth coverage of design, construction, and management for systems of hydrology, vegetation, soils, materials, and human health and well-being. Focusing primarily on environmental site design and ecosystem services, this wide-ranging guide also covers issues of social equity, economic feasibility, and stewardship, which are crucial to the success of any sustainable site. Equally useful as a handbook for obtaining SITES credits or for the independent development of sustainable sites, The Sustainable Sites Handbook is an indispensable resource for practicing professionals in landscape architecture & design, architecture, civil & environmental engineering, horticulture, ecology, and parks and recreation management.

SUN, WIND, AND LIGHT: Architectural Design Strategies, 3rd Edition G. Z. Brown, Mark DeKay 9780470945780 Oct 2013 • PB £60.00/ $90.00

The principles of designing buildings that use the sun for heating, wind for cooling, and daylight for natural lighting. This fully updated Third Edition covers principles of designing buildings that use the sun for heating, wind for cooling, and daylight for natural lighting. Using hundreds of illustrations, this book offers practical strategies that give the designer the tools they need to make energy efficient buildings.

ADVANCED BUILDING TECHNOLOGIES FOR SUSTAINABILITY Asif Syed 9780470546031 Jul 2012 • HB £57.50/ $85.00

In this timely guide, one of the world’s leaders in advanced building technology implementation shows architects and engineers proven and practical methods for implementing technologies in sustainably-designed buildings. This book offers clear and workable solutions for implementing solar energy, radiant heating and cooling floors, displacement ventilation, net zero, and more. It provides helpful tips and suggestions for architects and engineers to work together on implementing these technologies, along with many innovative possibilities for developing a truly integrated design. This book also explores and explains the many benefits of advanced technologies, including reduced greenhouse gas emissions, lower operating costs, noise reduction, improved indoor air quality, and more.

URBAN DESIGN FOR AN URBAN CENTURY: Placemaking for People, 2nd Edition Lance Jay Brown & David Dixon 9781118453636 May 2014 • HB £57.50/$85.00

This book offers a comprehensive introduction to urban design, from a historical overview and basic principles to practical design concepts and strategies. It discusses the demographic, environmental, economic, and social issues that influence the decision-making and implementation processes of urban design. The Second Edition has been fully revised to include thorough coverage of sustainability issues and to integrate new case studies into the core concepts discussed. Ancillary materials, including PowerPoint slides, sample questions and projects, and bonus case studies, help to enrich understanding of this topic.

INSIDE SMARTGEOMETRY: Expanding the Architectural Possibilities of Computational Design

URBAN DESIGN SINCE 1945: A Global Perspective David Grahame Shane 9780470515266 • Apr 2011 • PB £29.99/ $50.00

Discusses the emergence of urban design as a global phenomenon.

Terri Peters & Brady Peters 9781118522479 Mar 2013 • HB £29.99/ $50.00

Inside Smartgeometry can be seen as a retroactive manifesto for Smartgeometry (SG), examining and contextualising the work of the SG community: the digital spaces, prototypes and buildings designed using bespoke tools created in response to architectural ideas. From interactive crowd-sourcing tools to responsive agent-based systems to complex digitally fabricated structures, it explores more than a decade of advances that have been influential for architecture. Through 23 original texts including reflections by the founders, and key contributors such as Robert Aish, Martin Bechthold, Mark Burry, Chris Williams and Robert Woodbury, the book offers a critical state of the art of computational design for architecture.

SCARCITY: Architecture in an Age of Depleting Resources e Jon Goodbun, Jeremy Till & Deljana Iossifova 9781119973621 • Jul 2012 • PB £24.99/ $40.00

Developing new forms of analysis for global flows and scarcities.


THERAPEUTIC LANDSCAPES: An Evidence Based Approach to Design Healing Gardens and Restorative Outdoor Spaces

9780470152935 • Jun 2009 • HB £57.50/ $85.00

Introduction to green building concepts that reduce the need for fossil fuel use.

Clare Cooper Marcus & Naomi A Sachs 9781118231913 • Oct 2013 • £57.50/$85.00

Evidence-based overview of therapeutic landscapes from planning to evaluation.

THE LANDSCAPE LIGHTING BOOK 3rd Edition Janet Lennox Moyer

SUSTAINABLE PRESERVATION: Greening Existing Buildings Jean Carroon & Richard Moe 9780470169117 • Dec 2010 • HB £55.00/ $80.00

Green strategies for preservation and adaptive reuse.

9781118073827 • Aug 2013 • HB £85.00/$125.00

Richly illustrated and updated guide to aspects of landscape lighting.

HUMAN EXPERIENCE AND PLACE: Sustaining Identity e Paul Brislin 9781118336410 • Oct 2012 • PB £24.99/ $40.00

Designing outstanding buildings that sustain local identity.

PERFORMANCE-ORIENTED ARCHITECTURE: Rethinking Architectural Design and the Building Environment e Reader Michael Hensel 9780470973318 • Mar 2013 • PB £27.99/ $45.00 9780470973325 • Mar 2013 • HB £70.00/ $115.00

Innovative and highly practical approach to architectural design.

SUSTAINABLE CONSTRUCTION: Green Building Design and Delivery, 3rd Edition Charles J. Kibert 9780470904459 Nov 2012 • HB £57.50/ $85.00

Classic references revised for green building delivery systems.

ECO ARCHITECTURE: The Work of Ken Yeang Sara Hart 9780470721407 Mar 2011 • HB £45.00/ $75.00

A critical reflection of Yeang’s Eco Architecture work.

HIGH DEFINITION: Zero Tolerance in Design and Production e Bob Sheil 9781118451854 Jan 2014 • PB £24.99 / $40.00

Explores the onslaught of new, highly accurate digital metrology tools in 3D modelling and scanning.

CITY CATALYST: Architecture in the Age of Extreme Urbanisation e Alexander Eisenschmidt 9781119972662 Sept 2012 • PB £24.99/ $40.00

Rethinking design in a time of extreme urbanisation.

ECOMASTERPLANNING Ken Yeang 9780470697290 Apr 2009 • HB £50.00 / $80.00

Guide to Eco Architecture, featuring Yeang’s own practical examples.

SUSTAINABLE LANDSCAPE MANAGEMENT: Design, Construction, and Maintenance

FOUNDATIONS OF LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE: Integrating Form and Space Using the Language of Site Design

SUSTAINABLE AND RESILIENT COMMUNITIES: A Comprehensive Action Plan for Towns, Cities, and Regions

Norman Booth

Stephen J. Coyle, Andrés Duany

Ann Marie Van Der Zanden & Thomas W. Cook

9780470536476 Apr 2011 • HB £60.00/ $90.00

9780470480939 Jan 2011 • HB £57.50/ $85.00

Guidebook for making communities resilient, resourceful, and healthy.

Complete guide to the sustainable management of landscapes.

9780470635056 Dec 2011 • PB £42.50/ $60.00

Introduction to landscape architectural design.



Construction Specifications Institute

Mike Malina

9781118078556 Nov 2013 • PB £55.00 / $80.00

Recommended best practices for commercial-level sustainable facilities.

LONDON (RE) GENERATION e David Littlefield 9781119993780 Jan 2012 • PB £24.99/ $40.00

9781405194174 Feb 2013 • PB £54.95 / $90.00

Best practice advice for energy-efficient and sustainable buildings.

Thought-provoking exploration of the contemporary regeneration of London.

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