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PROFESSIONAL & TRADE Rights Highlights

August – October 2011

Welcome to the August – October 2011 issue of the Wiley Professional and Trade Rights Highlights Magazine

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The Story of Post-Modernism: Five Decades of Architecture Charles Jencks 978-0-470-68896-0 / 0-470-68896-3 272 pp. Pub: 09/09/11

The first up-to-date narrative of Post-Modern Architecture. In The Story of Post-Modernism, Jencks, the authority on Post-Modern architecture and culture, provides the defining account of Post-Modern architecture from its earliest roots in the early 60’s to the present day. By breaking the narrative into seven distinct chapters, which are both chronological and overlapping, Jencks charts the ebb and flow of the movement, the peaks and troughs of different ideas and themes. The book is highly visual with over 350 images. As well as providing a chronological account of the movement, each chapter also has a special feature on the major works of a given period. •

The first up-to-date narrative of post-modern architecture — other major books on the subject were written 20 years ago.

An accessible narrative that will appeal to students who are new to the subject, as well as those who can remember its heyday in the 70’s and 80’s.

Features the work of premier architects: Foreign Office, Frank Gehry, Herzog & de Meuron, Rem Koolhaas, Aldo Rossi and James Sterling.

Charles Jencks is an American architectural theorist, author and landscape architect. He has written widely on post-modern and modern architecture. His bestselling book The Language of Post-Modern Architecture (1977) popularised post-modernism in architecture and made him the leading author on the subject in the 70’s and 80’s. He is the founder of the Maggie Centres with his late wife Maggie Keswick, a charity that has become influential for its enlightened provision of uplifting environments for cancer care, designed by some of the world's most renowned architects. Jencks writes and lectures internationally on architecture and landscape design. Critical Modernism 5e - Licensed: Simplified Chinese Theories and Manifestoes of Contemporary Architecture 2e - Licensed: Polish


Radical Post-Modernism Charles Jencks, Sean Griffiths, Charles Holland, Sam Jacob Architectural Design (AD) series 978-0-470-66988-4 / 0-470-66988-8 144 pp. Pub: 09/09/11 Controversially puts Post-Modernism back on the map for contemporary architecture. In this latest issue of AD the guest editors are drawn, like the content, from contrasting tastes and generations. Jencks, the definer of Post-Modernism for thirty years, discusses some issues that have reemerged today, while the young group of British architects, FAT, argues for a particular version of RPM. An interview between Rem Koohaas and Charles Jencks discusses the influence of Post-Modernism while investigations of street art, graffiti and the 1980 Venice Biennale show that communication is at the heart of this radical strain of architecture. •

Features work by: ARM, Atelier Bow Wow, Edouard Francois, FOA, Rem Koolhaas, John and Valerio Olgiati.

Includes more than 250 colour images.

Charles Jencks is an American architectural theorist, author and landscape architect. He has written widely on Post-Modern and Modern architecture. His bestselling book The Language of Post-Modern Architecture (1977) popularised Post-Modernism in architecture and made him the international authority on the subject in the 70’s and 80’s. In the last ten years, he has become an influential landscape architect. Jencks continues to lecture on architecture in cultural institutions across the world. FAT is a London-based practice run by Sean Griffiths, Charles Holland and Sam Jacob. Established in 1995, FAT has developed a broad approach to architecture. Early work included a series of seminal interior and art projects. The Blue House, London, has been described as ‘the most memorable new house in London' since the 1980’s. Islington Square, a development of social housing in Manchester, completed in 2006, was widely praised by residents and press alike. Awards include: the Architecure Foundation New Generation Award 2006, FX Best Public Building Award 2006 and a RIBA European Award. Critical Modernism 5e - Licensed: Simplified Chinese Theories and Manifestoes of Contemporary Architecture 2e - Licensed: Polish


Computational Design Thinking: Computation Design Thinking Achim Menges, Sean Ahlquist 978-0-470-66570-1 / 0-470-66570-X 232 pp. Pub: 16/09/11 Provides an effective framework for computational thinking in design. This book will provide a unique collection of seminal texts on computational design thinking. An important aspect of the book will be the way that it connects adjacent fields and historical texts, introducing the original thinking that has been influential in the formation of today's computational design discourse. •

A title in the AD Reader series that compiles key classic and new texts for architectural students and professionals.

The first reader to provide an effective framework for computational thinking in design.

An essential book for undergraduate and graduate students grappling with the foundations of current computational architectural practice.

Features classic texts that underscore current thinking ranging from Goethe and D'Arcy Thompson, to Gordan Pask, William Mitchell and Manuel DeLanda, as well as newly commissioned articles by Mark Burry and Peter Trummer.

Professor Achim Menges is director of the Institute for Computational Design at Stuttgart University. Currently he is also Visiting Professor in Architecture at Harvard University's Graduate School of Design and Visiting Professor for the Emergent Technologies and Design Graduate Program at the Architectural Association in London. Sean Ahlquist holds a Master of Architecture degree from the Emergent Technologies and Design Programme at the Architectural Association in London. Prior to attending the AA, Sean founded the firm, Proces2, in San Francisco, while also teaching in the graduate and undergraduate Architecture departments of the University of California Berkeley and California College of the Arts.




Stop Talking, Start Doing: Amazing Ways to Find the Spark You Need to Make it Happen Shaa Wasmund 978-0-85708-173-5 / 0-85708-173-X 256 pp. Pub: 14/10/11 Belief + correct action = success. Do you feel your career is stuck in a rut-or maybe you're in the wrong job altogether? Or perhaps you just want to be more successful in general — without knowing exactly what your vision of success is... yet! You need true inspiration from someone truly inspirational! Shaa Wasmund's formula for success is: If you want results, you need to take action. Stop Talking, Start Doing is for anyone who wants to be more successful. Shaa shares her unique experiences of working alongside some of the world's most successful and famous business people. From being the only female boxing manager at 21 to internet entrepreneur and single mum at just 38, this book will show you how to fulfil your potential in every area of your life, no matter what's happened before. •

The confidence to make your goal a reality.

Provides all the courage and motivation you need to take action and make a start.

Do everything in this book and live the life you really want — TODAY!

Shaa Wasmund is the founder of, the UK's ultimate resource for business advice. She is one of the most high profile female business speakers in the UK. She is connected to everyone and anyone in the world of business and will secure some high profile endorsements.


What You Need to Know about Starting a Business Kevin Duncan 978-0-85708-204-6 / 0-85708-204-3 224 pp. Pub: 16/09/11 Everything you've always wanted to know about starting your own business, but were afraid to ask. The next installment in Capstone's brand new business series What You Need to Know About... These accessible books will get anyone up to speed, fast; and this latest edition is no different. Who wants to read tomes and reams of start-up advice? Who wants to spend days researching on the internet. If you have a brilliant idea for a business you just want to get on with it, get stuck in. What You Need to Know About Starting a Business will ensure you know the essentials, the basics, the foundation knowledge, the stuff you need to make a start and a success. Don't waste time — learn everything you need to know in one small book and get cracking. •

A one-stop guide to business start-up — 200 pages covering everything that everyone needs to know about entrepreneurship.

Direct and unbiased — guides you through all the information you need without pushing any particular point of view.

Easy to read — assumes a low level of background knowledge, packed with quotes, stories and sources of more information.

Kevin Duncan is a business adviser, marketing expert and author. He was educated at Oxford and has worked in communications for 25 years, advising companies such as British Airways, Carlsberg-Tetley, Heineken, Lloyds TSB, Marks & Spencer, Norwich Union, Reuters, Sony, and Virgin. For the last six years he has been an independent troubleshooter, advising companies on how to run their businesses, produce marketing plans, strategies and creative solutions and much more. So What? - Licensed: Polish Start - Licensed: Polish Tick Achieve - Licensed: French, Polish, Russian


On Equal Terms: Redefining China's Relationship with America and the West Mingxun Zheng 978-0-470-82886-1 / 0-470-82886-2 256 pp. Pub: 25/08/11 An insightful book on the new world being created by China's rise by someone who truly understands both China and the US. For anyone who wants to better understand China and its economic and political relations to the West, On Equal Terms offers front-row insight. It explores China's state-capitalist economic model and the unique qualities and ideals of Chinese culture that can make difficult for Westerners to understand its approach to business interactions. It also looks to the future, explaining how China and the US can cooperate to solve some of the world's major problems. On Equal Terms includes ten powerful chapters on the extraordinary changes taking place in China and China's relationship with America and the West. It explains China's state-capitalist model of governance, how history affects behavior in foreign policy, how China is emerging as an economic world power, that products are not made but assembled in China, that China is not one big market but many markets. It also discusses the essential and sometimes mysterious worlds of "Guanxi" and "Mianzi" - the notions of giving, saving and preserving "face" in business and cultural relationships. As Zheng suggests, "If you don't understand how these interactions work, you won't understand China and the Chinese people". Zheng Minxun’s earlier career was with US multinationals on assignment in New York, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Manila and Hong Kong. In the 1990's, he chaired an Asia-Pacific arm of a British trading conglomerate, the Hong Kong subsidiary of an international boutique investment bank and the Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce. He was also active in politics as a Hong Kong legislator and a member of the Preparatory Committee on Hong Kong's return to Chinese sovereignty. Since retiring from politics and corporate life, he has assisted the Hong Kong Government with a major privatisation project by chairing the Link Real Estate Investment Trust - the then world's largest REIT IPO in 2005. He now serves on several boards as an independent non-executive director and advises companies on China and Asia.


China Fast Forward: A Blueprint of Technologies, Green Industries and Innovations Driving China’s Future Bill Dodson 978-1-118-17632-0 / 1-118-17632-4 288 pp. Pub: 22/09/11 China Inside Out explores the impact modernisation is having on China's development as a civil society, international trade partner and up-and-coming world power. It takes readers deep into the re-shaping of China and illuminates the social and economic tremors the West has only just begun to feel. The personal stories of Chinese veterans and extensive research reveal a China few know about, with dramatic implications for the preeminence of Western society. It discusses: The growing internet sub-culture reflecting the clashes between parts of the society like no other medium, where government control, mob rule, legitimate business interests and the underworld all collide to reveal a modern China intent on bringing its emperors to heel. •

How population pressure punctured by the One-Child Policy will deflate the country's growth prospects.

Why China needs its policy-driven apartheid to build cities, clean apartments, work in kitchens to maintain its double-digit economic growth.

The push toward modernisation and growth of the national security policy, including military and intelligence organisations, underscoring a China fighting to preserve its self-image, natural resource interests and foreign investments.

The extent to which local government officials rely on polluting and energy-intensive industries for promotions and to employ the great majority of the country's population subverts national policy green initiatives.

Bill Dodson moved to China in 1999 and has worked with Newsweek Magazine; The Economist; National Public Radio; China Economic Review; The Shanghai Business Review; China International Business Magazine, World Trade Magazine and many others. He is a regular columnist for Eurobiz Magazine, a publication for European companies invested in China.


High Performance Companies: Successful Strategies from the World's Top Achievers Nitin Pangarkar 978-0-470-83010-9 / 0-470-83010-7 224 pp. Pub: 26/09/11 What makes a company a star performer? This title investigates the strategies of a diverse range of companies to see what makes them tick and how they have become perennial over-performers. Complementing the approach adopted by many existing books on strategy, this title proposes a number of rules or principles that companies can consider while making the day-to-day decisions which, in turn, will determine their actual strategy. These principles traverse a wide spectrum of scenarios, such as strategic changes implemented by companies, resource allocation decisions towards building durable assets, and resource acquisition through inorganic means. The book adopts a reader-friendly approach by teasing out the lessons from detailed cases studies. The writing minimises jargon while maintaining rigour especially with regard to the applicability and relevance of the strategic principles to different business contexts. It also cites extensive evidence in support of the proposed arguments and achieves this without sacrificing readability for a typical business student or manager. The combination of both short and long case studies in each chapter demonstrate the general applicability of the principles and also improve the relevance to a typical reader by introducing diversity in contexts. A variety of examples are included ranging from well-known companies such Coca Cola, Singapore Airlines and Starbucks. Nitin Pangarkar has spent more than 15 years teaching strategy in schools such as National University of Singapore, Helsinki School of Economics and SP Jain Centre of Management Research. He has conducted training sessions for several leading companies including Panasonic, DHL, Toshiba, Citigroup Private Bank, and Nestle. The author of many cases and articles in academic journals, he also serves on the Editorial Review Board of Strategic Management Journal, the most prestigious journal in our field. Nitin is based in Singapore where he is serving as the Associate Professor and Academic Director of National University of Singapore's MBA Programme.


I Wish I'd Known That Earlier in My Career: The Power of Positive Workplace Politics Jane Horan 978-0-470-82968-4 / 0-470-82968-0 224 pp. Pub: 16/09/11 A plain language discussion of an under-discussed subject: corporate politics. The book provides the reader with an understanding of corporate politics from a positive perspective. Using a case study approach, the reader learns about organisational dynamics, power networks, decision making and dilemmas with the intent to build awareness and strategies for business and career success. It examines corporate politics and barriers that face many managers from getting to the top. It takes a different approach to politics-redefining it and addressing the positive side of politics-new ways to think about embracing politics to achieve organisational and career success. It is NOT about telling managers to move out and start their own business, but how to stay within the company and understand power bases and conversation more thoroughly. This book combines individual case studies, real life situations, and various tips and techniques to overcome corporate challenges. Each chapter relates a story and a constructive tip which is easy to reach, as well as accessible and thoroughly researched chapters on political savvy, the benefits of self-promotion, along with a chapter on performance management, sexual harassment, and other organisational challenges. Case study subjects include: defining and becoming savvy; understanding power and negotiating shifts; perception management and dress; mergers, change and power brokers; self promotion as a tangible skill; communication, perception and power; performance management and challenges with organisational systems across cultures and gender; building a gender rich, culturally aware work environment. Jane Horan is widely regarded as an expert on leadership, and cross cultural issues. As a popular speaker, the author has an outstanding reputation for her specialised work and a large online presence, courtesy of archived articles from major publications. She is a leading voice in Asia Pacific and an expert on building a gender rich, culturally aware work environment. She has written for Business Week, The OD Network, been interviewed and published in the Straits Times on transformational leadership and women leaders, had radio interviews with University of Chicago, Head-hunter Radio, Media Corp, the Living Room on careers, cross cultural issues and women leaders. She has published numerous academic articles on the same topic.


Startup Asia: Top Strategies for Cashing in on the Asian Innovation Boom Rebecca Fannin 978-0-470-82990-5 / 0-470-82990-7 224 pp. Pub: 23/12/11 An examination of entrepreneurship in Asia and explains how we can all benefit from this new and exciting wave. Asia's innovation hotspots are fast emerging as first choice destinations for bright young entrepreneurs. China and India have grabbed the brass ring and are attracting top talent, capital, and tomorrow's leading startups while Vietnam is on the frontier. The chance to become rich and famous with a breakthrough business plan is no longer just an American dream. Risks in doing business in Asia's developing markets abound: lack of intellectual property protection, political and regulatory shifts, bribery and corruption, to name a few. But the tide is shifting. In Startup Asia, Fannin shows how a new generation of entrepreneurs in China and India are crafting success strategies and no longer looking to the West for cues. They're creating local business models and original startups poised to go public. Multiple Silicon Valleys, not just in Beijing and Shanghai, have sprouted all over Asia and these new tech centers are gaining on the original. Rebecca A. Fannin is the author of Silicon Dragon and a contributor to Forbes. Her news, consulting and events group, SiliconAsia, publishes a China venture e-newsletter and develops entrepreneur conferences in the world's tech hotspots. Silicon Dragon (McGraw-Hill, 2008), was favorably reviewed by The Wall Street Journal and Financial Times, and translated into several languages. Her consulting work includes a KPMG thought leadership report on China outsourcing, content development for Sony Ericsson, and expert testimony on Capitol Hill about China's Internet for the US China Economic and Security Review Commission. She has programmed events for NASDAQ, Morrison & Foerster, DLA Piper, O'Melveny & Myers, K&L Gates, Deloitte, KPMG, InvestHK, SecondMarket and Wells Fargo in New York, Silicon Valley, Shanghai, Beijing and Hong Kong. She has lectured at Yale, Columbia, Tsinghua, National University of Singapore and University of Toronto, among others.


Through the Eyes of Tiger Cubs: Asia’s Challenges 2020 Mark L. Clifford, Janet Pau 978-1-118-09463-1 / 1-118-09463-8 224 pp. Pub: 23/12/11 A fascinating insight into the views and causes of Asia's next generation of business leaders. This collection of thought-pieces from a broad range of Asia's under 32s is the result of a competition organised by Time magazine, the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy at the National University of Singapore and the Asia Business Council. What will Asia look like 10 years from now? Few people are better-poised to tell us than members of the next generation that will be moving into positions of power. It's too easy to simply say that this is Asian Century. Behind Asia's success, many fault lines are already present. The majority of the world's most polluted cities are in Asia. Problems in health care and education threaten to overwhelm some countries. Demographics will work against much of Asia as populations dwindle.Asia's next generation has a high stake in ensuring Asia's long-term growth. How do they see the future of Asia? What do they see as the most important challenges facing Asia over the next decade, and what do they think can be done about these challenges? This book draws on the collective perspective of hundreds of thoughtful young Asian writers, who have identified these big challenges and suggested solutions for them. These young people's diagnosis of Asia's challenges cover a range of areas, including demographics, energy and the environment, business, labor markets, education, healthcare, geopolitics, and society. The book offers policy makers, business leaders, and others who are concerned about the future of Asia a unique glimpse into this younger generation's vision for Asia's future. Mark L. Clifford is Executive Director of the Asia Business Council. Previously he was Editor-in-Chief of the South China Morning Post, Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of The Standard and the Hong Kong-based Asia Regional Editor for Business Week. Janet Pau is Programme Director of the Asia Business Council, where she leads Council research, publications, and member initiatives on a variety of topics including innovation, green jobs, and green buildings in Asia.


Marketing Plans for Services: A Complete Guide, 3e Adrian Payne, Malcolm McDonald, Pennie Frow 978-0-470-97909-9 / 0-470-97909-7 480 pp. Pub: 2/09/11 A practical, no-nonsense approach to helping marketers in the service industry with the difficult task of marketing planning. Based on the structure and focus of the best-selling Marketing Plans title, this book brings focus to those in service organisations on how to prepare a marketing plan. It discusses the contextual issues that have to be considered that make marketing planning one of the most complex of problems. This book takes the marketer step-by-step through the key phases of the marketing planning process and demonstrates the barriers that can prevent a service organisation being successful in introducing marketing planning. Practical frameworks and techniques are suggested for undertaking the marketing planning process and implementing the principles covered. Key organisational aspects relating to marketing planning, that can have a profound impact on its ultimate effectiveness are tackled, including: marketing intelligence systems, market research, organisation development stages, and marketing orientation. It also covers recent developments in both marketing strategy and services marketing, such as: CRM; database marketing; integrated marketing and multichannel integration; competitive strategies; and marketing research. Professor Malcolm McDonald was formerly Marketing Director of Canada Dry. He is Chairman of six companies and works with many of the operating boards of the world's biggest multinationals on every continent. He is the author of over 40 books, many of which have been translated into several foreign languages and has published hundreds of articles and papers. Professor Adrian Payne is Professor of Marketing and Director of the Master of Marketing programme at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia and Visiting Professor at Cranfield University. Professor Pennie Frow is Associate Professor of Marketing and Director of the Master of Marketing degree at the University of Sydney, Australia. Marketing Plans 7e - Licensed: Czech, Greek, Polish, Vietnamese Key Account Management 3e - Licensed: Spanish, Vietnamese


How to Manage Project Opportunity and Risk: Why Uncertainty Management can be a Much Better Approach than Risk Management, 3e Stephen Ward, Chris Chapman 978-0-470-68649-2 / 0-470-68649-9 480 pp. Pub: 18/11/11 Required reading for anyone involved in managing projects. This book has a proven sales history, and has been listed by as one of the ‘best buys' on project management. It sets out the key issues and concepts involved in effective risk and uncertainty management in a clear and accessible way, providing a comprehensive discussion of risk management processes set firmly in the context of the project management task as a whole and focused on improving performance. The methodology and techniques discussed are applicable to all kinds and all sizes of project, whether the requirement is for detailed quantitative analysis or a quicker qualitative approach. Updated, redesigned and reorganised to meet the new challenges of project risk management, it incorporates discussion of all key developments in the field since 1997. •

A cornerstone work in the project risk management field based on rigorous conceptual foundations and thus perfect for courses, but developed to address the everyday practical concerns of those working in the field.

Chris Chapman is Professor of Management Science in the School of Management, University of Southampton. He is past President of the Operational Research Society, current chair of the Committee of Professors in OR, and the founding chair of the Specific Interest Group for Project Risk Management. For more than 25 years his research has focused on risk and uncertainty management. Much of it is consultancybased, giving him a broad spectrum of practical experience across a wide range of organisations. He has authored and co-authored six books and more than 50 refereed papers. Stephen Ward, Senior Lecturer, School of Management, University of Southampton, also combines academia with consultancy work, and has published widely. He is the founding Director of Southampton's MSc in Risk Management. Project Risk Management – Licensed: Simplified Chinese Project Risk Management 2e – Licensed: Greek


The Growth Drivers: The Definitive Guide to Building Marketing Capabilities Andy Bird, Mhairi McEwan 978-1-119-95331-9 / 1-119-95331-6 312 pp. Pub: 21/10/11 A simple yet robust book that makes professional concepts of ‘marketing' more accessible and helping readers who wants to better understand how to build and deliver marketing capabilities within their organisation to deliver superior customer value and drive demand-led growth. The Growth Drivers is not only a practical guide to building marketing capabilities it also explains why it is critical that organisations invest in the capabilities needed to excel at customer-centric marketing to drive growth. It explains what world-class marketing means in practice and reveals the power of strategic marketing as a dynamic propeller of growth, clarifying the unique role that world-class marketing can play. This is a new, more sustainable way to ensure the organisation is equipped to deliver superior customer value and drive demand-led growth. Each chapter will include a summary, a separate in-depth case study, a range of illustrative real life examples and some ‘practical tools' based on the work of leading practitioners in this pioneering field, as well as relevant diagrams and pictures. •

Contains a vast array of international case studies and anecdotes from companies such as T-Mobile, Nokia, eBay, Shell, Novartis, Hewlett Packard, Tesco, Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, Royal Sun Alliance and Aviva among others.

Andy Bird and Mhairi McEwan are ex-VP Marketing executives with Unilever and PepsiCo International, and each have over 25 years hands-on experience in world-class marketing in Europe, Asia, and EMEA. The authors co-founded London-based consultancy Brand Learning in 2000 and are currently joint Managing Directors of an extensive specialist team which includes over 130 directors, consultants and support staff in the UK and overseas. Brand Learning has grown to become the leading international specialist consultancy in marketing capability development, strategic partners to over 50 multi-national companies, with a turnover of £10.5 million. Brand Learning has a litany of awards attached their organisation including winning 2011 Best Company Award in The Sunday Times Top 100 Companies Awards.


Managing Business Relationships, 3e David Ford, Lars-Erik Gadde, Hakan Hakansson, Ivan Snehota 978-0-470-72109-4 / 0-470-72109-X 256pp. Pub: 26/08/11 Managing Business Relationships helps students and managers understand the reality of business networks and how to manage them. This third edition is updated with the IMP Group's latest thinking from research, consulting and teaching experience over the past five years. Each chapter has been rigously updated and two chapters have been completely rewritten to accommodate developments in the fields of management technology and managing networks. Additionally new cases are introduced throughout the book to relate the theory to real world situations. Longer cases are introduced at the end of some chapters. •

Enables students and managers to understand the reality of business networks and how to manage them.


Updated with the IMP Group's latest thinking from research, consulting and teaching experience over the past five years.


Includes case material from across Europe and lecturer support materials, such as PowerPoint slides, which will be provided on a companion website.

Essential reading for students taking courses in business marketing, purchasing, business networks and relationship management at MBA and final year undergraduate levels. It will also be a valuable resource for managers in business marketing, purchasing and retail supply chains. David Ford, University of Bath. Lars-Erik Gadde, Chalmers University of Technology. Hakan Hakansson, Norwegian School Of Management. Ivan Snehota, Stockholm School of Economics.


Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management, 2e John Mangan, Chandra Lalwani, Tim Butcher, Roya Javadpour 978-1-119-99884-6 / 1-119-99884-0 496pp. Pub: 30/09/11 Logistics and supply chain management are key aspects of today’s business world. This 2nd edition builds on the strengths and successes of the first edition and is written by a highly experienced author team. The topics logistics and supply chain management, although often used interchangeably, are in fact distinct. This text covers both: logistics is concerned inter alia with flows of materials and related entities, while the subject of supply chain management is more strategic in nature and as such is a wider, intercompany, boundary spanning concept than is the case with logistics. The latest edition of Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management conveys to both advanced students and practitioners the diverse operational and strategic content of the subjects of logistics and supply chain management. This text reflects these characteristics by adopting a truly global perspective. Featuring contributions from various experts in the field, the book also provides a variety of pedagogical approaches and there are both long and short case studies included to aid learning. John Mangan is Professor of Marine Transport and Logistics at the University of Newcastle, previously holding positions at the University of Hull, University College Dublin and The Irish Management Institute/Trinity College Dublin. Chandra Lalwani is Professor of Supply Chain Management, Business School/Academic Director, Logistics Institute, University of Hull. Prior to this, he was with Cardiff Business School and was responsible for doctoral research in logistics, operations and supply chain management. Tim Butcher is Senior Lecturer, School of Management, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT). His last role was as MSc Programme Director at University of Hull Logistics Institute. Roya Javadpour is Associate Professor, Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering, California Polytechnic State University. Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management, 1e – Licensed: Simplified Chinese




The Smashing Idea Book: From Inspiration to Application Cameron Chapman 978-1-119-97742-1 / 1-119-97742-8 400 pp. Pub: 23/08/11 Designers love to look at beautiful things, from which they often draw inspiration for their own projects. The Smashing Idea Book is packed with nearly 1000 inspirational graphic designs, photos, and website designs from the leading web design brand in the world, Smashing Magazine. The Smashing Idea Book provides inspiration to web designers from a variety of sources, including existing website designs, graphic designs, product design, photography and more. Rather than purely focusing on website designs, as current web design inspiration books do, it looks to all areas of a designer’s life for inspiration. The Smashing Idea Book is visually-focused, with nearly 1000 screenshots and photos of existing designs from a variety of industries and mediums. And in typical Smashing Magazine style, Chapman goes further with advice on how to use the visuals as inspiration and translate them into website designs. The book also teaches designers methods for finding more inspiration beyond the book. •

Understanding inspiration.

What makes for good design?

Website design styles.

Product design.

Architecture and interior design.



and more… Cameron Chapman is a freelance designer and writes on the subject of design for Smashing Magazine, Mashable, Webdesigner Depot, Six Revisions and other prominent design blogs.


Computing for Seniors Linda Clark 978-1-119-97196-2 / 1-119-97196-9 224 pp. Pub: 15/09/11 A clear, step-by-step, full-colour guide that teaches you everything you need to know about getting up and running on your home PC. If you are serious about getting up and running on your PC, this clear, concise guide is the ideal companion for fast and efficient learning. It explains everything clearly and experienced U3A tutor Linda Clark takes you through the steps necessary to getting confident with computing. With full-colour screen shots and numbered, step-by-step instructions, SIMPLY Computing for Seniors teaches you not only all you need to know about working with a computer, but also how to make real-world use of it with pages upon pages of examples in plain, jargon-free English. The simple, yet elegant design features a multitude of images as well as tips & tricks to make this a perfect reference for the over 50’s just follow the instructions on your own computer. Explore how to shop and stay safe online, get connected with friends via email, book holidays and complete banking online with these easy-to-follow instructions. SIMPLY Computing for Seniors will show you how to: •

Get started on Windows 7.

Find your way around Microsoft Office 2010.

Email friends and family.

Get connected online.

Use Internet banking.

Book holidays and shop online.

Share photos, view videos and much more…

Linda Clark is an experienced U3A tutor who teaches computing at beginner’s and intermediate level to her U3A members.


Algorithmic Problem Solving Roland Backhouse 978-0-470-68453-5 / 0-470-68453-4 352pp. Pub: 23/09/11 This title offers a novel approach to the mathematics of problem solving, in particular how to do logical calculations. •

Many of the problems are well-known from (mathematical) puzzle books.

The solution method in the book is new and more relevant to the true nature of problem solving in the modern IT-dominated world.

The material in the book is relevant to many disciplines and the approach to teaching it is unique.

Only elementary understanding of mathematics needed.

Roland Backhouse leads the Foundations of Programming research group at the University of Nottingham. He returned to the UK in 1999 after spending 13 years in the Netherlands, 9 of which as professor at Eindhoven University of Technology (the institution that pioneered the style of reasoning and construction of programs that forms the basis for this book).


Typographic Web Design: How to Think Like a Typographer in HTML and CSS Laura Franz 978-1-119-97687-5 / 1-119-97687-1 408 pp. Pub: 11/10/11 Enables designers to transfer tried and true typographic principles to the web using new features of HTML5 and CSS. Typographers who lack web design skills have begun to realise the potential of web-based type and they want to learn how to use it. This practical book applies decades of typographic theory and practice directly to web design using HTML and CSS. Clear explanations of all typographic rules and examples of successful and unsuccessful typographic solutions are covered to help you gain a solid understanding of the possibilities of web typography. Exercises in both HTML and CSS are included and are supported by a secure site with solutions, critiques, and revisions for each lesson, enabling you to think like a typographer while writing in HTML and CSS. Typography expert Franz takes you on a journey to learn ways to help readers find, understand, and connect with words, ideas, and information they seek. You'll learn how to choose fonts, create rhythm and tension, organise information, create a system of hierarchy, work with tabular information, apply a typographic system across multiple pages, build a font library, and garner beneficial lessons from historical approaches to typography. •

Delivers all typographic rules in a clear, straightforward manner.

Provides time-tested typography rules to follow, explains why they work and when to break them.

Presents opportunities to test rules with hands-on exercises in HTML and CSS.

Includes an array of helpful examples and solutions to common challenges.

Laura Franz is Associate Professor of Design and Chair of the Design Department at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth. She teaches a wide range of type classes, including Type as Information, Type in Context: Print and Web, and Undergraduate Research Projects in Typeface Design. She is also Cocoordinator of The Graduate Certificate in Web and Interaction Design at UMass Dartmouth, in which she teaches a Web Typography class.


Appillionaires: They Made Millions on the App Store. Could you? Chris Stevens 978-1-119-97864-0 / 1-119-97864-5 256 pp. Pub: 12/09/11 Shares the inside stories of those who have turned app ideas into millions of dollars, and how you can leverage their secrets to claim your own piece of the App Store gold rush. More than 10 billion apps have been downloaded from Apple's AppStore and with the right combination of original ideas, great features, solid coding, unique designs, and savvy marketing, your apps could be a part of that staggering number. This book shows you how! Citing a fascinating array of real-world examples, it invites you to meet the rich and famous of the app development world. You'll look behind the scenes of these successful visionaries to learn their secrets first hand and discover how these "bedroom coders" became overnight millionaires. •

Serves as a must-have introduction to the fascinating, cutting-edge world of app design, where innovation reaps reward.

Shows you how to structure your app development process based on the Appillionaires who made their fortune.

Explores what works and what doesn't with regards to getting your app featured and enticing buyers.

Looks at successful apps such as Angry Birds, Cut the Rope, Fruit Ninja, and many others that have taken the app world by storm.

If you were unaware of the potential to make money from selling your apps, then ‘app’-arently, you really need this book! Chris Stevens is a leading designer of iPad and iPhone software. He created the best-selling app, Alice for the iPad, and also designed Twitch Origins, the first four-player game for iPhone. He has worked for BBC television and CNET, producing cutting-edge multimedia. Formerly a technology columnist for The Daily Telegraph and The Times, Chris also presented and directed Space Bubble, a popular gadget show. Alongside his writing, Chris is an illustrator and film editor. He's worked for Warner Bros, EMAP, and Wired magazine. Designing for the iPad – Licensed: French, Portuguese, Spanish


CompTIA Strata Study Guide Andrew Smith, Faithe Wempen 978-0-470-97742-2 / 0-470-97742-6 500 pp. Pub: 21/10/11 An authoritative Sybex guide that prepares you for the Strata exam. The CompTIA Strata certification relates to computer systems maintenance and is often the stepping stone for progression to CompTIA A+ certification. This study guide offers complete, authoritative coverage of the Strata exam objectives in clear and concise language. With this resource, you'll find all you need to know in order to succeed in the exam. Along with gaining preventative maintenance skills, you will also develop the tools to complete troubleshooting and resolve common issues. •

Addresses the five key parts of the CompTIA Strata certification.

Offers thorough coverage of the Strata exam in a clear and concise manner.

Prepares you for troubleshooting and resolving common user issues.

Features practical examples, exam highlights, and review questions to enhance your learning experience.

CompTIA Strata Study Guide is essential reading if you are preparing to take the Strata certification exam. Celebrating 30 years of publishing excellence, Sybex is one of the world's oldest and most respected publishers of computer books. A Sybex text in this first commercial skills space would bridge the gap required for many educators, students, professionals and employers alike. Andrew Smith has held management roles that focused on course leadership, creating new programmes and has helped co-author several course books for BTEC and ICT students. He holds the leading position of the department of Communications and Systems, within the faculty of Maths, Computing and Technology at the Open University. His expertise and experience has often been requested by international corporations, universities, colleges and Awarding Bodies in the areas of programme development, sector-related funding and technical expertise. Faithe Wempen is an A+ certified PC technician and the author of over 120 books on computer hardware and software. She teaches Computer Technology at Purdue University, and her online technology courses have educated over a quarter of a million students for corporate clients.


Communicating the User Experience - A Practical Guide for Creating Useful UX Documentation Richard Caddick, Steve Cable 978-1-119-97110-8 / 1-119-97110-1 288 pp. Pub: 15/09/11 The first book to focus on providing a beautiful, clear guide to building the UX documentation that is now expected for all digital products. UX is a fledgling industry, but one that’s getting a lot of interest. People have a desire to become experts in different areas of UX - through blogs, events, training and books. New tools and ideas are also being released on an almost daily basis to help practitioners do their job better. With all this energy there is need for focus and clarity. Communicating the User Experience looks at the creation of great UX documentation. Inside, the authors share insights from their work with some of the world’s best known companies and show you how to take ideas from business requirements and user research and create documentation that clearly communicates the vision for the design and the blueprint for how it’s going to be developed. Focusing on useful and necessary UX documentation, the authors cover the most used tools including OmniGraffle, Axure, workshopping and research, and guide you through topics that include: •

Personas and user stories and user journeys.

Task models.

Funnel diagrams.

Content audits.



Interactive prototypes.

User testing and expert review reports.

Richard Caddick is managing director for cxpartners, a London-based design firm. Richard has been working on digital projects for over 14 years, working most recently with clients such as Expedia, Jaguar, The Cooperative Bank, Nokia and The Planning Portal. Steve Cable is a User Experience Consultant for cxpartners and has worked on many research and design projects, most recently for clients including Nokia Music, Virgin Trains, Planning Portal and Saga Holidays.


XDA's Android Hacker's Toolkit - The Complete Guide to Rooting, ROMs and Theming Jason Tyler 978-1-119-95138-4 / 1-119-95138-0 352 pp. Pub: 15/12/11 A one-stop shop for anyone interested in rooting, customising and understanding their Android device. Using the stellar work of the community at, this title offers the knowledge and steps for rooting many devices. It also provides the background fundamentals and knowledge to begin hacking and rooting a wide variety of Android devices. Starting with a solid understanding of the internal workings of the Android operating system readers will learn the terminology and functions of the android operating system. From the major nodes of the file system to basic OS operations, a solid understanding of the OS will give readers confidence for later steps. The distinction between rooting, ROMing, and themeing will be outlined first and in later sections specific instructions on how these things can be done by the user. Each section of Theory, Preparation and Practice will be outlined in easy to understand language followed by step by step instructions and illustrations where appropriate. Key terms will be explained with sidebars and solid background information. Topics include:


Just what is "root" and what can I do with it?

Fundamentals that will enable you to root and customise any phone - including new models.

Getting the right tools for the job — what do I need for my device?

Making backups of your OS, data and apps.

Changing ROMs — a new version of Android for your device.

Themeing — changing the look and feel of your device.

Adding new features — teaching your old Droid new tricks.

Step by step instructions for many of the most popular models including Droid, Droid 2, Droid X, Droid Incredible, Xoom, Galaxy S, Galaxy Tab, LG Optimus, HTC Evo, Nexus One, Dell Streak, and a wide variety of tablets.

Jason Tyler is a full time instructor for the world's largest IT training company. An avid Android hacker, Jason has been rooting and ROMing every Android phone he can get his hands on.

Future-Proof Web Design Alexander Dawson 978-1-119-97877-0 / 1-119-97877-7 320 pp. Pub: 17/11/11 Provides web designers with best practices in flexible design to meet the challenge of rapidly changing devices, development platforms and standards. The web is constantly changing and evolving with an increasing range of devices, browsers and standards to be considered in design. Future-proof Web Design takes you on a journey, examining how designers can prepare themselves for undefined change and cope in the dynamic environment of the web. Comprised of underlying principles and best practices, this straightforward and forward thinking approach to web evolution and iteration provides finely tuned layouts that leave no site visitor with a damaged user experience. Here you will find the essentials you need to survive the modern web, coping with the latest and greatest features (and when to use them), plus enough practical advice and tips to leave you less stressed and anxious about what's around the corner. While much of the future is undefined, everyone from beginners to the most seasoned developers will at some point find themselves redefining the way they produce layouts. Using the fundamental skills and processes laid out in this roadmap, you'll be able to boost your stability and flexibility while coding with confidence. •

Takes you on a journey of discovery as you learn how to prepare yourself for undefined changes in the dynamic environment of web design.


Shares straightforward tips for adopting a forward- thinking approach to the subject of web evolution.


Uncovers the essential skills you need in order to survive the future of the web.

Future-Proof Web Design is for web designers and developers with a firm grasp of HTML, CSS and Javascript. Alexander Dawson is an award winning web professional, and writer with more than 10 years of industry experience. He spends his days running his web consultancy firm, writing professionally about web design, and giving his free time to assist others in the field. Alexander has contributed to leading sites including Smashing Magazine, Six Revisions and SitePoint, and is a member of the Guild of Accessible Web Designers. He actively promotes and advocates the benefits of a good user-experience and web standards.


Design for Hackers: Reverse Engineering Beauty David Kadavy 978-1-119-99895-2 / 1-119-99895-6 352 pp. Pub: 15/06/11 With reverse engineering examples as varied as graffiti in the ancient city of Pompeii, Monet, the iPhone and the New York Times, this approach to teaching the art of design is unique and refreshing and will appeal to the web design community who place a premium on the combination of functionality and beauty. Design for Hackers explains the classical principles and techniques behind creating beautiful design providing a framework for understanding good design, with a special emphasis on interactive mediums. It breaks down the classical principles and by explaining color theory, the role of proportion and geometry in design, and the relationship between medium and form—all while illustrating important cultural and contextual considerations in communicating clearly to a particular audience. By reverse engineering design samples as varied as the paintings of Monet, the graffiti of Pompeii, Apple's iPhone and the New York Times, the design principles at work can then be used in your own web designs, mobile apps, or other digital work. Topics include: •

Understanding Design: What Makes a Design "Good?“

Why Design is important. What is its purpose?

Medium and Form.

Why You Don't Use Garamond on the Web.

How some fonts have embraced the limitations of the pixel and many more…

The target audience is curious, entrepreneurially-minded developers and UI designers, familiar with the tools of their trade.

David Kadavy is a freelance User Interface Designer whose clients include Silicon Valley startups such as oDesk, UserVoice, and PBworks. He is a regular contributor to popular web design sites and writes his own creative blog on design topics. This book is the subject of a presentation to be given at the popular SxSW conference in 2011.


Pushing the Limits with iOS 5 Programming: Developing Extraordinary Mobile Apps for Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch Rob Napier, Mugunth Kumar 978-1-119-96132-1 / 1-119-96132-7 400 pp. Pub: 15/10/11 Apple's iPhone SDKs new version, iOS 5, lauches late 2011 and developers will want to get their hands on it right away. This advanced guide goes beyond the basics to show how to build extraordinary applications. This title offers the expert guidance needed to create amazing applications for Apple's iPad2, iPhone as well as the iPod Touch. Inside, veteran developers Napier and Kumar guide readers through maximising their programmes with Apple's iPhone SDK 5.0 including coverage of the major new APIs and building applications for the new Apple iPad 2. In addition, it delves into more advanced topics not generally found in other iPhone development books, including: •

Keeping Control of Multitasking.

Batten the Hatches with Security Services.

Running on Multiple Platforms.

Selling Past the Sale with In-App Purchase.

Cocoa’s Big Trick: Key Value Observing.

Think Different: Blocks & Functional Programming.

Going Offline.

Advanced Text Layout.

Building a (Core) Foundation.

Rob Napier has been developing iPhone apps for as long as there has been a platform, and helped develop the first iPad-only newspaper, The Daily. He is Technical Leader for Cisco System's OS X and iOS development team working on voice, video and chat clients. He muses on technical topics at Cocoaphony ( Mugunth Kumar has worked as a software design engineer for Honeywell and General Electric, has developed bestselling Appstore apps, and has been quoted and linked by various iOS forums as a go-to source for developer information.




Fashion Designer's Handbook for Adobe Illustrator, 2e Marianne Centner, Frances Vereker 978-1-119-97811-4 / 1-119-97811-4 216 pp. Pub: 19/08/11 A teach-yourself, visual guide that provides step-by-step instructions and diagrams on how to use Adobe Illustrator CS5. Bursting with detailed technical information and full colour illustrations, the highly practical approach ensures fast learning. You will not only learn how to create technical drawings, but also fashion illustrations, flat drawings and storyboards for the fashion industry, and how to combine Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. Once the basics are covered, you have the opportunity to learn more about the sophisticated aspects of this essential software package. If you are a fashion student or a fashion designer, this is the only book you'll need to master the very latest version of Adobe Illustrator. •

Adobe Illustrator is the fashion industry standard.

The only fashion title to focus on Adobe Illustrator CS5 - the latest version (launched April 2010).

Provides students and designers with the knowledge to ‘hit the ground running'.

Includes practical tasks and exercises to support learning.

Step by step approach supported with full colour illustrations and tasks.

Includes an online curriculum for teachers and students to use in conjunction with the book.

It appeals to a global audience made up of fashion students and practising designers. Marianne Centner has worked in the fashion industry for over 25 years, both in South Africa and Australia. She has worked extensively in Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. Marianne runs her own design studio and trains designers in the fashion industry. Frances Vereker has extensive experience teaching fashion drawing and computer drawing to students and teachers. She liaises with secondary and tertiary colleges throughout Victoria, Australia, giving her a unique opportunity to understand the learning process within fashion and textiles. Frances has lectured at major fashion institutions and has close links with the fashion industry.


Cooklin's Garment Technology for Fashion Designers Gerry Cooklin, Steven George Hayes, John McLoughlin, Dorothy Fairclough 978-1-4051-9974-2 / 1-4051-9974-1 200 pp. Pub: 09/09/11 Build the knowledge and understanding of garment technology essential to any designer. In today's competitive fashion industry, it is essential that designers have a working understanding of garment technology. This 2nd edition has been comprehensively updated, with in-depth information on stitches, guides and attachments and sewing techniques, all of which are fully illustrated. There are enhanced chapters on machine and equipment technology explaining the uses, features and limitations of garment manufacturing equipment, enabling designers to create products that can be manufactured efficiently and with a high degree of quality. •

Approached from the fashion designer's mindset, this book features illustrations to help users build their knowledge and understanding.

Illustrated throughout to help guide the readers knowledge and understanding of garment technology.

Provides students and professionals with the fundamental principles of clothing technology in relation to their own work.

Blends theoretical and practical material to help shape knowledge and understanding of garment technology.

Aimed at students studying fashion design and fashion technology but will also benefit practitioners throughout the fashion business, in particular designers, garment technologists and managers in both production and retail environments. Dr Steven Hayes, Principal Lecturer in Fashion Technology at Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU), has extensive experience in technology management, clothing engineering and fashion economics. John McLoughlin has 30 years of experience in the clothing industry both as a senior engineer and manager and is Senior Lecturer in Fashion Technology at MMU. Dorothy Fairclough is Senior Lecturer at MMU and has substantial experience within the fashion industry, including being a designer and a garment technologist. Introduction to Clothing Manufacture 2e - Licensed: Simplified Chinese, Spanish




Millionaire Teacher: The Nine Rules of Wealth You Should Have Learned in School Andrew Hallam 978-0-470-83006-2 / 0-470-83006-9 256 pp. Pub: 18/04/11 US schoolteacher Andrew Hallam explains how any middle-earning person can learn the ABCs of personal finance and become a multi-millionaire. Most people wouldn't expect a school teacher to amass a million dollar investment account. But Andrew Hallam did it, long before the typical retirement age. And he wants to show you how. With lively humor and the simple clarity you'd expect from a gifted educator, he demonstrates in The Millionaire Teacher how average people can build wealth in the stock market by shunning the investment products peddled by most financial advisors and avoiding the get-rich-quicker products concocted by an ever widening, self-serving industry. Using low cost index funds, coupled with a philosophy in line with Warren Buffett's, he guides readers to understand how the stock and bond markets really work, arming readers with a psychological advantage when markets fall. Readers will learn that young investors should hope for stock market crashes if they want to grow rich. The Millionaire Teacher shows how you can spend just 60 minutes a year on your investments, never open a financial paper, and avoid investment news, while leaving most professional investors in the dust. Andrew Hallam lives in Singapore where he works as an English teacher at Singapore American School, and writes freelance finance articles. Nominated a finalist for two Canadian National Publishing Awards, his writing has appeared in MoneySense Magazine, Reader's Digest, and L'Actualite. He has also being quoted in three investment related articles for The Globe and Mail, and in The Wall Street Journal - with a quirky plea to Warren Buffett.


The End of Progress: How Modern Economics Has Failed Us Graeme Maxton 978-0-470-82998-1, 0-470-82998-2 256pp. Pub: 12/08/11 Modern economics has failed us. We live in an Age of Endarkenment. Our economic, social and political systems have failed us. Modern economics has not done what it promised. It has widened the gap between rich and poor and not allocated the world's resources fairly. It has brought the West to the brink of financial ruin. It has valued short-term gain more than long-term progress and has made us focus on the individual, not society. The social consequences are easy to see. Much of the world is laden with debt. Our planet is being scraped clean of the resources needed by future generations. Science and technology are exploited for profit, not social advancement. The cult of celebrity, rise in global greed and belief that information is knowledge are limiting our imaginations. We are ill-equipped to respond to these challenges. We have been dumbed-down. Our politicians have become self-serving. Without a rethink, we face many unwelcome changes. Poverty will grow. Standards of health will decline. Resource shortages will change our way of life. Tensions between peoples will grow. During the ‘Age of Enlightenment’ our societies flourished, propelled by the wonder of new discoveries, radical ideas for economic and social development and a sense that we all had a responsibility to improve our world. We need to step back from the ‘Age of Endarkenment’. We need to examine our values. We need to work out what humankind really wants. If it is not just about just money and Twitter and Oprah, what is it? Graeme Maxton is an economist, writer and presenter. As a freelance contributor with The Economist for many years, he writes on subjects as diverse as fake banks in China and the hospital system in New Orleans. He has also written countless articles for other news publications in Europe and Asia, mostly on the world economy and China.


Risk Sharing in Finance: The Islamic Finance Alternative Zamir Iqbal 978-0-470-82966-0 / 0-470-82966-4 256 pp. Pub: 19/09/11 The recent US finance debacle affected the entire world and led to major reviews of risk management in financial institutions. Perhaps a simpler alternative is to adopt the systems used for centuries in Islamic finance? The authors make a compelling case for these well-established and effective forms of risk strategies. The purpose of this book is to show how Islamic finance can be developed as a complete financial system in the world as it is today and why it may also provide a helpful paradigm for crafting global financial reforms. The authors show how Islamic finance can successfully expand its menu of risk sharing instruments—by developing a vibrant stock market that also includes the issuance of shares by governments to finance various development projects, with limits on short sale and leveraging, followed by other proposals for risk sharing. The main unique feature of the book will be an analysis of the comparative historical, theoretical, and empirical investigation of risk-sharing financing in both the conventional and the Islamic-type financial systems. It looks at the benefits and the implications and how wider reliance on risk sharing can be implemented in practice. Dr. Zamir Iqbal is Lead Investment Officer, Quantitative Strategies, Risk and Analytics department, World Bank in Washington, D.C. He has published several journal articles on Islamic finance and has presented at international forums. Professor Hossein Askari is currently holding the position of Iran Professor of International Business and Professor of International affairs at the George Washington University. He is also the author or co-author of various earlier published books and monographs. Dr. Abbas Mirakhor served as the Executive Director for Afghanistan, Algeria, Ghana, Islamic Republic of Iran, Morocco, Pakistan, and Tunisia on the Executive Board of the IMF until 2008. Noureddine Krichene works as Economist at the IMF. He previously served as Advisor at the Islamic Development Bank in Jeddah. He has written extensively on energy economics, macroeconomic theories and on international trade and finance. Islamic Finance: An Introduction to Islamic Finance. Licensed: Croatian , Bahasa Indonesian


Managing Hedge Fund Risk and Financing: Adapting to a New Era David P. Belmont 978-0-470-82726-0 / 0-470-82726-2 320 pp. Pub: 01/08/11 In the wake of the 2008 Financial Crisis there are calls for more stringent management of Hedge Fund Risk. This timely book offers comprehensive guidelines for CFOs in their role in ensuring world class levels of corporate governance are implemented and enforced. This book encapsulates the lessons learned from the recent crisis and advises hedge fund managers and CFOs how to manage the risk of their investment strategies. It presents in detail the various methodologies for managing hedge fund market, credit and operational risks depending on the hedge fund’s investment strategy. It also details best practice ISDA, Prime Brokerage, Fee and Margin Lock Up, and Committed Facility lending contracts negotiation points/tips for hedge fund CFOs. David Belmont is a quantitative international risk and investment management expert with over 17 years of strategic and technical experience across Hedge Funds, Equity, Fund of Funds, Sovereign Wealth Funds and Investment Banking. He is currently the Managing Director for UBS Prime Services in Connecticut working for the overall controlled growth and risk management of the Equities and Fixed Income Prime Brokerafe in the Americas. He previously held the position of Managing Director, Head of Risk Management in Temasek Holdings Singapore, responsible for the overall risk management of the holding's USD100B+ portfolio of private equity and hedge fund investments.


Financial Engineering and Arbitrage in the Financial Markets, 2e Robert Dubil 978-0-470-74601-1 / 0-470-74601-7 368 pp. Pub: 02/09/11 Written by a highly experienced practitioner and academic, this book is an easy-to-understand guide to the complex world of today's financial markets. Filled with insights and real life examples from the trading floor it is essential reading for anyone starting out in trading. Many students of financial markets and institutions learn a lot of the descriptive details about types of securities and products traded, but do not gain a real insight into what drives people to trade in these markets. They leave the classroom still believing that financial trading firms primarily speculate on the direction of the market movements or earn money from fees. They fail to grasp the concept of relative value arbitrage, which drives most of the trading in today's fast and interconnected markets. This book will teach them what money and capital markets are about through a sequence of arbitrage-based numerical illustrations and exercises enriched with institutional detail. It will explain to the reader what all the people sitting on the trading floors of financial firms do and why they all sit together. Fully revised and updated. Since 2004 the audience for the books has evolved from quants and advanced traders to a much broader, lower level. The book has been simplified and includes more cases and examples to reflect this. Robert Dubil is an Associate Professor of Finance at the David Eccles School of Business of the University of Utah. He is a former Chief Strategist at HedgeStreet, Director of Risk Analytics in the Corporate Risk Management group at Merrill Lynch, Head of Exotic Fixed Income Derivatives Trading at UBS and Chase Manhattan. His articles covering banking regulation, venture capital, risk management, and personal finance can be found in the Journal of Applied Finance, Financial Services Review, Journal of Entrepreneurial Finance and Business Ventures, Journal of Investing, Journal of Wealth Management, Corporate Finance Review, and Journal of Financial Planning. His last book An Arbitrage Guide to Financial Markets was published in October 2004.


Trading the Fixed Income, Inflation and Credit Markets: A Relative Value Guide Troy Bowler, Neil C. Schofield 978-0-470-74229-7 / 0-470-74229-1 312 pp. Pub: 09/09/11 In this book, the authors give an applied approach to relative value techniques, showing readers how to decide on the best place to put their money in order to get the best return. It covers multiple asset classes – fixed income, commodities and equities although the main focus is fixed income. They cover products that are rarely documented such as CMS floaters and structured interest and credit products. The initial part of the book will consider the main derivative products and their pricing interrelationships. It argues that within any asset class there are mathematical relationships that tie together four key building blocks: cash products, forwards/futures, swaps and options. The nature of these interrelationships means that there may be a variety of different ways in which a particular strategy can be expressed. The second part of the book will be focused primarily on relative value within a fixed income context and will look at strategies that build on the pricing relationships between products as well as those that focus on how to identify the optimal way to express a view on the movement of the yield curve. The third part of the book will take the main themes of relative value and show how they could be applied within other asset classes. Troy Bowler is currently a Director at Barclays Capital the Investment Banking arm of the Barclays Bank Group. He was appointed Global Head of Commodity Hedge Fund Sales in 2006 after spending several years working in fixed income hedge fund distribution. Prior to this he was head of relative value research at Deutsche Bank. Neil Charles Schofield, London UK is Associate Director at Barclays Capital, the Investment Banking arm of the Barclays Bank Group. He is responsible for the design and delivery of financial markets training for all staff globally. Prior to this he was a Director at Chisholm Roth Financial Training in London, where for 4 years he delivered a variety of training programmes to Blue Chip Investment Banks around the world.


An Introduction to Islamic Finance: Theory and Practice, 2e Zamir Iqbal, Abbas Mirakhor 978-0-470-82808-3 / 0-470-82808-0 350 pp. Pub: 04/04/11 The second edition of this best-selling title from Iqbal and Mirakhor incorporates the most recent developments in this booming financial sector. This timely book offers comprehensive coverage on the fundamental theory of Islamic finance and banking, according to the core concepts of Shari’ah law. New topics such as financial stability, globalisation, and nonbanking financial institutions are included. The authors explain clearly the distinct features of an Islamic financial system and how it compares with conventional systems. There have been a number of interesting developments in recent years and the authors discuss these fully, along with emerging issues that will influence future developments in Islamic finance. •

Offers comprehensive coverage on the fundamental theory of Islamic Finance and Banking.

Huge global interest in Islamic finance with numerous western banks trying to enter the market eg. HSBC, Citibank.

Additional new chapters to discuss financial crisis, globalisation, non-bank financial institutions and Takaful (Islamic insurance).

Zamir Iqbal is the Lead Investment Officer at the World Bank in Washington. Abbas Mirakhor is former Executive Director at the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and is currently The First Holder of International Center for Education in Islamic Finance (INCEIF) Chair of Islamic Finance. Islamic Finance: An Introduction to Islamic Finance. Licensed: Croatian , Bahasa Indonesian


Practical M&A Execution and Integration - A Step by Step Guide to Successful Strategy, Risk and Integration Management Michael McGrath 978-0-470-68796-3 / 0-470-68796-7 256 pp. Pub: 04/07/11 A practical guide to M&A execution, focusing on the implementation of controls to achieve successful integration, written by a leading practitioner in the field. Covering the field of M&A execution, this accessible and practical book is divided into sections which broadly reflect the chronological order a typical M&A deal follows. Taking the reader through the M&A process, stage by stage, the book describes the challenges and goals for each, and suggests approaches to dealing with these challenges, presenting guidance on how to prepare for the stage. At each stage topics such as strategy, IT, communications, HR considerations and legal/regulatory constraints are addressed. Replete with practical tools such as process flows and sample control documents, the book also contains downloadable template control documents on an accompanying CD. The book also includes a number of interviews with those currently involved in M&A deals, industry perspectives from those outside the process, and is peppered with examples and over 30 case studies and examples. Covering the topic of M&A in general, the book also has a number of sections relating specifically to banking M&A in light of the unique nature of M&A in this industry and recent trends and activities in banking M&A. Michael McGrath has worked for some of the world's top companies: IBM, JP Morgan, Bankers Trust, Deutsche Bank and Merrill Lynch. An M&A consultant since 2003, his clients include ABN AMRO, CLS, Lloyds TSB and HSBC. He has worked on some of the largest banking M&A deals in the last 10 years including Lloyds TSB Registrars de-merger from Lloyds TSB Group, Deutsche Bank acquisition of Dresdner Bank (deal was not completed), Deutsche Bank acquisition of Bankers Trust, Bankers Trust acquisition NatWest Markets, and the IBM acquisition of Lotus Development.


Handbook of Corporate Performance Management Mike Bourne, Pippa Bourne 978-0-470-66936-5 / 0-470-66936-5 416 pp. Pub: 09/09/11 A thorough and comprehensive guide to measuring and managing the performance of businesses, understanding where you are, communicating where you want to be and managing towards your longer term strategic goals. Measuring performance in a way which is linked to strategy and measures the right activities is a process which few organisations undertake, but those which do reap substantial benefits in terms of increased success. Even fewer organisations can maintain and use their measurement system effectively, engaging the workforce in delivering success. This book will show readers how to do just that, using relevant examples from a variety of organisations. Taking a practical approach, and including details of processes and tools that can be adopted and customised by any organisation, the authors also include guiding principles to help readers avoid the pitfalls of inappropriate performance management. The book, uniquely, combines guidance on the practical use of frameworks such as the Balanced Scorecard, with the application of measures to manage performance. Mike Bourne is Professor of Business Performance at the Centre for Business Performance, Cranfield School of Management. He has spent the last fifteen years working with organisations supporting senior management teams through the process of designing, implementing and using their balanced scorecards and related performance management techniques. He has over 100 publications to his name and is co-author of several books. Bourne is also the editor of the Gee Handbook of Performance Measurement and was the editor of the journal Measuring Business Excellence. Pippa Bourne is Regional Director for the Institute of Chartered Accountants. At Cranfield, Pippa ran the Open programme, in-company and general management courses, where she implemented and used the Balanced Scorecard to manage the profit centre. She is the co-author of Balanced Scorecard Instant Manager, Balanced Scorecard in a Week, Achieving High Performance, Motivating People and Change Management in a Week, and edited the journal Measuring Business Excellence.


Frequently Asked Questions in Corporate Finance Pascal Quiry, Yann Le Fur, Maurizio Dallochio, Antonio Salvi 978-1-119-97755-1 / 1-119-97755-X 488 pp. Pub: 30/09/11 A concise FAQ format guide to corporate finance, from the team behind the website. Filled with the answers to all of the most common, and not so common, questions about corporate finance, the book presents authoritative, reliable information from a respected team of experts from the banking, corporate, and academic worlds. It is presented in an easy-to-use, highly accessible "question and answer" format providing an essential reference for students of corporate finance and practicing corporate financiers alike, answering key questions in financial engineering, valuation, financial policy, cost of capital, financial analysis, and financial management. Covering both theory and practice of corporate finance, this book demonstrates how financial theory can be put to use solving practical problems like: •

What advantages are there to a business looking to spin off its divisions into subsidiaries?

Is there a formula that can be used to determine the change in normalised free cash flows?

What are the possible reasons behind a share buyback?

What are the pros and cons of off-market share buy-back?

Pierre Vernimmen (deceased) Graduate of HEC and Harvard, was a founding member and first coordinator of the Finance Department at HEC, where he established himself as a leading academic in the field of corporate finance. In 1973 he joined Paribas, initially as a private equity banker, moving onto the advisory business line (M&A, privatisations, financial restructurings) which he set up and managed from 1993 until his death in 1996. Pascal Quiry is Adjunct Finance teacher at leading French Business School HEC Paris, and Managing Director at BNP Paribas Corporate Finance, specialising in M&A transactions for listed companies. Yann Le Fur is based at Schroder Salomon Smith Barney, France. Maurizio Dallocchio is past Dean of SDA Bocconi School of Management, and holder of the Lehman Brothers corporate finance chair in Bocconi University. Antonio Salvi teaches at the Bocconi Business School.


Understanding and Managing Model Risk: A Practical Guide for Quants, Traders and Validators Massimo Morini 978-0-470-97761-3 / 0-470-97761-2 448 pp. Pub: 23/09/11 A practical guide to measuring and managing model risk – an essential for all risk practitioners in a new era of risk regulation. Understanding and Managing Model Risk is a guide to the validation and risk management of quantitative models used for pricing and hedging. It starts from regulatory issues, but translates them into practical suggestions to reduce the likelihood of model losses, basing model risk and validation on market experience and on a wide range of real world examples. It offers a deep understanding of the financial implications of mathematical models for regulators, senior management in financial institutions, traders and other practitioners. •

Highly topical – the risk of model failure cannot now be underestimated, and is a core focus for all financial institutions.

Although mathematical, the book offers highly practical and easy to implement methodologies for model risk management from an author with hands on experience in managing model risk and implementing risk measures.

Massimo Morini is Head of Credit Models and Coordinator of Model Research at IMI Bank, where he is responsible for the development and validation of new models for Interest Rates, Credit, Equity and Hybrids including at times Inflation and FX. He is also Professor of Fixed Income, Bocconi University. Previously, he has held positions as Senior Front Office Quantitative Analyst for credit derivatives and Senior Internal Consultant for interest rate derivatives and models. He has served as a Consultant for Banco Del Bilbao, Dexia Bank and KPMG, and regularly runs training courses on quantitative finance topics, and speaks on the quant conference circuit.


Dynamic Copula Methods in Finance Umberto Cherubini, Fabio Gobbi, Sabrina Mulinacci, Silvia Romagnoli 978-0-470-68307-1 / 0-470-68307-4 288 pp. Pub: 14/10/11 A unique book bringing the latest tools and techniques for pricing and risk management to the practitioner. Copulas form a core part of modern mathematical finance and are used in a broad range of functions including derivatives pricing, risk management and statistical arbitrage trading. This book will introduce readers to the use of copula functions to represent the dynamics of financial assets and risk factors, integrated temporal and cross-section applications. The first part of the book will briefly introduce the standard theory of copula functions, before examining the link between copulas and Markov processes. The second part of the book will show readers how to apply these methods to the evaluation and pricing of multivariate derivative contracts in the equity and credit markets. Umberto Cherubini is Associate Professor of Mathematical Finance at the University of Bologna, and partner in Polyhedron Computational Finance, Florence, Italy. He is Fellow of FERC, Cass Business School, London, and Ente Einaudi, Bank of Italy, Rome. He has also taught graduate finance courses at Catholic University in Milan, Hitotsubashi University in Tokyo, and is supervisor of the Market Risk Area at the risk management education programme of the Italian Banking Association. He is a member of the independent screening committee of TLX, the new Italian structured products market. Before joining academia, he was with the Economic Research Department of Banca Commerciale Italiana, where he was Head of the Risk Management Unit. Fabio Gobbi Post-Doc fellow, University of Bologna. Sabrina Mulinacci, Associate Professor, University of Bologna. Silvia Romagnoli, Assistant Professor, University of Bologna.


The Principles of Banking: Capital, Asset-Liability and Liquidity Management Moorad Choudhry 978-0-470-82521-1 / 0-470-82521-9 350 pp. Pub: 18/04/11 An essential book for the international banking community as it seeks to re-establish its credibility and put its house in order. Explains the original principles of banking such as sound lending policy and liquidity management the dire need for these to reinstated and emphasised by and for bankers, regulators and investors. This book investigates the part played by unsound banking practices in the creation of the 2007-2008 financial market crisis. Moorad Choudhry is currently Head of Treasury at Europe Arab Bank, a subsidiary of Arab Bank, in London. He was previously Head of Treasury at KBC Financial Products UK Limited. Prior to that he worked as a government bond trader at ABN Amro Hoare Govett Limited and Hambros Bank Limited and was VicePresident in structured finance services sales and marketing with JPMorgan Chase Bank. Choudhry is a Visiting Professor at the Department of Economics, London Metropolitan University, and a Senior Research Fellow, ICMA Centre, University of Reading. He is co-editor with Professor Frank Fabozzi of The Handbook of European Fixed Income Securities. An Introduction to Repo Markets 3e, Licensed: Simplified Chinese Yield Curve Analysis, Licensed: Japanese , Orthodox Chinese,Simplified Chinese An Introduction to Bond Markets 3e licensed: Simplified Chinese


Corporate Finance: Theory and Practice 3e Pascal Quiry, Yann Le Fur, Maurizio Dallochio, Antonio Salvi 978-1-119-97558-8 / 1-119-97558-1 1024 pp. Pub: 19/08/11 A well established, Europe-focused textbook and accompanying website, completely updated. This book covers the theory and practice of Corporate Finance from a truly European perspective. It shows how to use financial theory to solve practical problems and is written for students of corporate finance and financial analysis and practising corporate financiers. Corporate Finance: Theory and European Practice, 3e is split into four sections covering the basics of financial analysis; the basic theories behind valuing a firm; the major types of financial securities (equity, debt & options) and, finally, financial management; how to organise a company's equity capital, buying and selling companies, M&A, bankruptcy and cash flow management. Key features include: •

A section on financial analysis - a Corporate Financier must understand a company based on a detailed analysis of its accounts. Large numbers neglected this approach during the last stock market bubble and were caught in the crash that inevitably followed. How many investors took the trouble to read Enron's annual report? Those who did found that it spoke volumes!

End of Chapter Summary, Questions and Answers, Glossary, European Case Studies

A supporting Website with free access to statistics, a glossary & lexicon; articles, notes on financial transactions, basic financial figures for more than 10,000 European and US listed companies, thesis topics, a bibliography; case studies, Q&A; A letter box for your questions to the authors -- a reply guaranteed within 72 hours

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Pierre Vernimmen (deceased) Graduate of HEC and Harvard, was a founding member and first coordinator of the Finance Department at HEC, where he established himself as a leading academic in the field of corporate finance. In 1973 he joined Paribas, initially as a private equity banker, moving onto the advisory business line (M&A, privatisations, financial restructurings) which he set up and managed from 1993 until his death in 1996. Pascal Quiry is Adjunct Finance teacher at leading French Business School HEC Paris, and Managing Director at BNP Paribas Corporate Finance, specialising in M&A transactions for listed companies. Yann Le Fur is based at Schroder Salomon Smith Barney, France. Maurizio Dallocchio is past Dean of SDA Bocconi School of Management, and holder of the Lehman Brothers corporate finance chair in Bocconi University. Antonio Salvi teaches at the Bocconi Business School.




Amazing Fishing Stories: Incredible Tales from Stream to Open Sea Paul Knight 978-1-119-97033-0 / 1-119-97033-4 272 pp. Pub: 26/08/11 Be enthralled by a wonderful collection of fishing tales! A wonderful collection of true tales of adventure with rod and line. Lifelong fisherman Paul Knight knows the thrill of the chase, the one-on-one battle of endurance between man and beast that is sport fishing. For this book he has travelled to remote parts of the globe to reel in stories of epic adventures with rod and line. In Amazing Fishing Stories, he takes readers on a breathtaking expedition from frozen Russian rivers to the wild jungles of India, detailing heart-pounding capture of sailfish, tuna, and shark and thrilling struggles with monsters from the deep. There are wonderful stories of fly fishing, as Knight describes, in captivating detail, the pursuit of salmon, trout, and more exotic sport from around the world. Covering all types of fishing from open ocean to mountain stream, this eclectic collection of well told fishing stories has something for everyone. •

A compelling and entertaining read that covers a variety of fishing around the world.

Amazing Fishing Stories is an exhilarating trek across the globe, with a skilled fisherman and masterful writer, in search of the perfect catch.

Gripping reads covering all sorts of fishing around the world.

Ideal for armchair enthusiasts and active fishermen alike.

Paul Knight is a hugely experienced fisherman. He battled monsters of the deep as well as fished some of the most beautiful salmon streams in the Scottish Highlands. He is a leading figure among UK anglers as CEO of the Salmon and Trout Association. Paul has written for a wide range of angling magazines including Trout & Salmon, Fly Fishing & Fly Tying and Trout Fisherman — and for the Salmon & Trout Association's member's magazine, Gamefisher.


Amazing Sailing Stories: True Adventures from the High Seas Dick Durham 978-0-470-97803-0 / 0-470-97803-1 240 pp. Pub: 19/08/11 Be enthralled by incredible tales of great adventure on the high seas! It's not just sailors who love a good yarn. This title rides the wave of gift books – a market that is established and growing – and this new format gives a new twist on a proven approach. With strong appeal to anyone who loves an exciting story and a timeless mono format, this title should have good longevity. This eclectic and wonderful collection of thrilling stories of the sea, both ancient and modern, features monster sea creatures and tragic shipwrecks, epic races and brave rescues, tiny dinghies and mighty Tall Ships. No sailing knowledge is needed to delight in these epic tales. All the reader requires is a love of good writing and a taste for adventure. •

Gripping reads — ancient and modern.

For armchair enthusiasts and active sailors.

A perfect gift.

The first in a series of ‘Amazing ....... Stories'.

Dick Durham served on the last working Thames barge before joining the Fleet Street press pack. He also wrote regularly for the yachting press and joined Yachting Monthly in 1998 as feature writer and news editor. He is the author of three sailing titles. Dick has a massive knowledge of sailing as well as extensive personal library and access to the Yachting Monthly library and archives. He is well known for his writing style: both powerful and poetic.


Be Your Own Tactics Coach Jon Emmett 978-0-470-97321-9 / 0-470-97321-8 192 pp. Pub: 17/06/11 Master the tactics of sailing to boost your racing results. This book acts as your own coach: telling you not just what to learn, but explaining how to learn it Boat speed is not enough! A good understanding of tactics is crucial if you want to win races. Be Your Own Tactics Coach takes sailors through a comprehensive programme that provides an in depth understanding of the tactics of racing. The focus is on dinghy sailing though most of the advice is equally applicable to keelboat and yacht racing. •

Individual chapters look at every aspect of tactical success from before you get on the water, through the pre-start and start to the various race stages. Each section contains detailed advice for beginner, intermediate and advanced sailors.

Numerous diagrams illustrate every point, allowing lessons to be learned at a glance and making this a useful aide-memoire as well as a tactical text book.

There is advice on how to structure your training to ensure maximum results, both in practice and on race day.

Jon Emmett is a world-class Laser Radial sailor. In 2008, he won the UK National Championships and the Radial Europa Cup series by winning events in Holland, Denmark, Austria and Germany. In 2009 Jon once again won the UK National Championships and the Radial Europa Cup series. In 2010 his key event is the Radial combined World and European Championship which will be sailed in Largs, Scotland. Jon coaches professionally, particularly in single-handed boats. He also acts as a professional yacht racing tactician.


Sail for a Living Sue Pelling 978-0-470-97564-0 / 0-470-97564-4 176 pp. Pub: 19/08/11 For any sailor, or sailing enthusiast looking to work within their dream industry, Sail for Living helps to make these dreams reality and shows how you can turn your passion into your career. Sail for a Living provides you with all the information you require to change your job, and quite possibly your life. Discover the realities of your dream career, both the perks and the pitfalls. Benefit from insiders' experiences and advice. Learn industry secrets and salary details. Clearly divided into sections that include: Charter; Superyacht; Sailing school; Marine industry; Media; Racing; and GAP and summer jobs. There's information on how to get a foot on the ladder as well as how to set up your own charter business or sailing school. Discover jobs you never knew existed and learn the quickest career paths. •

There's a job for everyone, from dinghy instructor to superyacht skipper and from sailmaker to yachting photographer.

Provides expert advice on how to work in the sailing industry.

Includes extensive interviews from people who enjoy success at sea.

Reveals invaluable information on how to get a start in sailing and warns you of the pitfalls that only those in the business are aware of.

Sue Pelling is a freelance journalist specialising in yacht racing, marine, lifestyle and travel, producing features for numerous titles including Yachting World, Yachting Monthly, Practical Boat Owner, Classic Boat, Motorboats and Yachting and Motorboats Monthly and SuperYacht World. She is also the Vice Chairman of the Yachting Journalists' Association. She has covered most of the world's major regattas including Olympic Games, Vendee Globe, Volvo Ocean Race, Mini Transat and the America's Cup and these experiences have given Sue the opportunity to exploit her passion for sailing and racing. As a keen racing sailor she has competed in the Mini Transat 200-mile the double handed Demi-Clé race, the Fastnet Race, and crewing the Extreme 40 Origin during a windy Round the Island Race when it clocked up one of the fastest recorded times.




The Secret Army: Chiang Kai-shek and the Drug Warlords of the Golden Triangle Richard Michael Gibson, Wen H. Chen 978-0-470-83018-5 / 0-470-83018-2 240 pp. Pub: 03/10/11 Drawing on recently declassified documents from the US and China, The Secret Army: Chiang Kai-shek and the Drug Warlords of the Golden Triangle is a fascinating account of one of the Cold War's greatest secrets. Authors Richard Gibson and Wen-hua Chen describe how part of the defeated Koumintang army retreated into the Burmese jungle and reinvented themselves as the notorious drug warlords of the Golden Triangle. Richard M. Gibson joined the US Department of State as a Foreign Service Officer in 1971. His postings included Martinique, French West Indies , Burma and Japan. He speaks French, Thai, and Japanese fluently, and received the Department of States meritorious and superior honor awards. After retiring from the Department of State in 1997, Gibson worked as the East Asian specialist for Drug Strategies, a narcotics control think tank in Washington, DC (1997-1998); managed an Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) field office and regional coordinating center in Croatia (1998-99); worked as a project manager for the US Agency for International Development in Croatia (1999-2000); and for Raytheon Company (2001-2005). He currently works part-time for the Department of State in Washington, DC. Gibson and his wife live in Reston, Virginia. Wen-hua Chen began a career in 1975 with the United Nations as a Chinese translator, working in both Bangkok, Thailand, and at UN Headquarters in New York. He retired in 2000 and has been pursuing various writing projects, publishing several works in Chinese language periodicals in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and the United Kingdom. Today, he resides with his wife in Tokyo, Japan.


Living Thin: One Woman's Journey from Penniless to Prosperous in a Year Antonia Magee 978-1-74216-976-7 / 1-74216-976-7 216 pp. Pub: 30/09/11 Living Thin has all the fun and glamour of Confessions of a Shopaholic with a practical edge. Maggie Rose is a 29 year old, single, journalist who never has a dollar in her bank account at the end of each month. Like so many other women her age, money has always been something that you spend, not save! But with her 30th birthday fast approaching, and the man of her dreams in love with someone else, Maggie finds herself desperate to change her ways, pay off her debts and save a deposit for her very own house - all on a wage of $50,000 pre tax. By taking readers on a year-in-the-life of protagonist, Maggie Rose, this book maps out a series of welldefined, realistic steps that will help you get as much money as you want and put an end to financial worries. Not just a cure for every woman's financial woes Living Thin is a fictionalised riveting tale of a woman's journey from poverty to Prada and highlights the very best financial strategies that she learns along the way. Antonia McGee is a staff journalist with the Herald Sun. The idea for this book came about after discussions with her editor about writing a girl's money column. These conversations inspired Antonia to go on the money-saving journey and to document it in diarised form.


20 Must Ask Questions速 for Every Property Investor Margaret Lomas 978-0-7314-0774-3 / 0-7314-0774-1 232 pp. Pub: 02/10/11 Property expert and best-selling author Margaret Lomas says the key to successful property investing is asking the right questions before you buy a property. Her new book, 20 Must Ask Questions速 For Every Property Investor, has been written with this in mind and is destined to be a hit with property investors everywhere! In 20 Must Ask Questions 速 Margaret shares with readers the 20 questions she has formulated over her many years of investing and working with property buyers to create lasting wealth through successful property investment. The 20 questions have been a popular feature of her five best-selling property titles - so much so that Margaret has trade-marked the term. In this new book readers have the chance to delve deeper into how, when and where they are best put to use in the cut-throat world of property investment. Margaret Lomas, founder and Director of Destiny Financial Solutions (with 12 franchises across the country) was the 2006 NSW Telstra Businesswoman of the Year. She is a regular commentator in the national media on real estate investing and financial planning.


Richard Pratt: One Out of the Box: The Secrets of an Australian Billionaire James Kirby, Rod Myer 978-1-74216-960-6 / 1-74216-960-0 400 pp. Pub: 02/20/11 This warts and all biography will be the first time that Richard Pratt's story has been told in full. Insightful and revealing, this is the first time that Richard Pratt's story will be told in full. From humble Polish-Jewish immigrant beginnings to Australian billionaire businessmen, Richard Pratt had the ability to polarise public opinion. He was a paradoxical man: a devoted husband yet he had a mistress and daughter; Australia's most generous philanthropist yet the ACCC alleged he was price-fixing; a great supporter of the cultural arts, yet savior of the Carlton Football Club. Renowned journalists James Kirby and Rod Myer have combined forces to bring readers the whole truth about Richard Pratt in this insightful biography that will encourage readers to decide for themselves --was Richard Pratt a saint or a sinner? Rod Meyer was has worked as an electoral assistant and speech writer for the Australian Democrats before embarking on a career in journalism. He has made radio documentaries for the ABC, Public Radio News and 3RRR and has written for The Age, The Sunday Age and The Herald. In recent years he has published Living the Dream: The Story of Victor Smorgon. Rod has been on business trips with the Pratts and has written about the extensively for newspapers over the past decade. James Kirby is the co-founder of the Eureka Report, author of several business books and a columnist on The Sunday Age.


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