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Communications Technology

Geoff Varrall

LTE/SAE Deployment Handbook The


Jyrki T. J. Penttinen

Making Telecoms Work

The Th e Co C mS mSoc oc G Gui uide ui de es to to Com ommu muniica cati tion ons Tech ons on Tech Te chno n lo no logi gies gi es Niim K. K . Che heun un ng, g, Ser erie i s Ed ie dittorr

From technical innovation to commercial success

Jack Burbank William Kasch Jon Ward


Editors Seppo Hämäläinen, Henning Sanneck and Cinzia Sartori

LTE Self-Organizing Networks


Network Management Automation for Operational Efficiency

LTE SelfOrganising Networks (SON) Network Management Automation for Operational Efficiency  epmäläinen, Henning S Sanneck, Cinzia Sartori, All of Nokia Siemens Networks

Giving readers the full picture of the SONenabled system, LTE Self–Organizing Networks (SON) covers the organization, knowledge, and orientation of the technology, as well as providing the latest status of 3GPP standards. It comprehensively covers all aspects of the topic, addressing different types of SON, as well as relevant topics such as the management of SON and architecture. Covering the key functional areas of LTE Self-Organising Networks (SON), this book introduces the topic at an advanced level before examining the state-of-the-art concepts. ISBN 978-1-119-97067-5 • Cloth 428 pages • 2011 • £70.95 • €91.90 • $115.00

Self-Organizing Self-Organizing Networks Networks (SON) Self-Planning, Self-Optimization and Self-Healing for GSM, UMTS and LTE Self-Planning, Self-Optimization and Self-Healing for GSM, UMTS and LTE

Editors Juan Ramiro Khalid Hamied

Juan Ramiro, Khalid Hamied, Both of Optimi Corporation, Spain

With the deployment of LTE, most operators will have three simultaneous radio access technologies to manage, adding extra pressure to their already tight cost structures. This book offers a multi-technology approach that considers the implications of the different SON requirements for 2G and 3G networks, as well as 4G wireless technologies. Addressing the challenges in each layer, it covers relevant cases from the areas of self-planning, selfoptimization and self-healing, including theoretical, simulative and practical aspects. Written by leading experts in the planning and optimization of Multi-Technology and MultiVendor wireless networks. ISBN 978-0-470-97352-3 • Cloth 318 pages • 2011 • £70.95 • €91.90 • $115.00

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Jyrki T. J. Penttinen

Jyrki Penttinen, Nokia Siemens Networks

A hands-on description of the complete endto-end functionality, network planning and physical construction of LTE networks, The LTE/SAE Deployment Handbook is unique in its practical approach to the topic. This book gives a complete picture of LTE systems, as well as providing many examples from the operational networks, in order to be used as a handbook and guide in the planning and operational phase of the networks. ISBN 978-0-470-97726-2 • Cloth 44 pages • 2011 • £77.50 • €99.90 • $125.00

LTE for UMTS Evolution to LTE-Advanced, 2nd Edition Harri Holma, Antti Toskala, Both of Nokia Siemens Networks This new revised edition of LTE for UMTS includes information on 3GPP LTE Release 9 content, details on new updates to the standards, and a look at possible future developments, such as the imminent development of Release 10 and LTEAdvanced. Having been the definitive text on LTE following the LTE L1 standards, this new edition still explains the foundation concepts such as System Architecture, Physical Layer and OFDMA, SC-FDMA, and MIMI in LTE, and includes supplementary sections on MBMS, femto, SON, emergency calls, as well as MIMO updates. ISBN 978-0-470-66000-3 • Cloth 576 pages • 2011 • £70.00 • €89.90 • $115.00

Voice over LTE (VoLTE)


The LTE/SAE Deployment Handbook

The LTE / SAE Deployment Handbook

Miikka Poikselka, Harri Holma, Jukka Hongisto, Juha Kallio, Antti Toskala, All of Nokia Siemens Networks Covering radio, packet core and IMS, this book gives a holistic and system-wide view on how voice and SMS services will be provided in 4G mobile networks. Starting from the existing standards, it then gives readers an unbiased and end-to-end view of the standardized future voice technology. It also takes an in-depth look at the most important technological issues. Useful for operators who think of deploying VoLTE, product managers responsible for VoLTE products and also those who work in implementation and standardization of related technologies. ISBN 978-1-119-95168-1 • Cloth 272 pages • 2012 • £64.50 • €83.90 • $105.00

LTE - The UMTS Long Term Evolution From Theory to Practice, 2nd Edition Stefania Sesia, ST-Ericsson; Issam Toufik, ETSI; Matthew Baker, Alcatel-Lucent

This book builds on the success of its predecessor, offering the same comprehensive system-level understanding built on explanations of the underlying theory, now expanded to include complete coverage of Release 9 and the developing specifications for LTE-Advanced. The book is a collaborative effort of more than 40 key experts representing over 20 companies actively participating in the development of LTE, as well as academia. ISBN 978-0-470-66025-6 • Cloth 792 pages • 2011 • £75.00 • €97.90 • $120.00



LTE and the Evolution to 4G Wireless Design and Measurement Challenges, 2nd Edition Moray Rumney & Agilent Technologies

Written by Agilent’s measurement experts, it offers a valuable insight into LTE technology and its design and test challenges. ISBN 978-1-119-96257-1 • Cloth 504 pages • 2012 • £65.50 • €83.90 • $105.00

An Introduction to LTE LTE, LTEAdvanced, SAE and 4G Mobile Communications Christopher Cox, Chris Cox Communications Ltd

Introducing the technology that will underpin 4G mobile telecommunication systems, this book gives a clear explanation of what LTE does and how it works. ISBN 978-1-119-97038-5 • Cloth 320 pages • 2012 • £50.00 • €65.90 • $80.00

LTE, LTEAdvanced and WiMAX Towards IMTAdvanced Networks Najah Abu Ali, UAE University; Abd-Elhamid M. Taha, Hossam S. Hassanein, Both of Queen’s University, Canada

This book provides a concise introduction to WiMAX and LTE, covering both interface and networking considerations.


ISBN 978-0470-74568-7 • Cloth 304 pages • 2011 • £64.50 • €83.90 • $105.00

LTE, WiMAX and WLAN Network Design, Optimization and Performance Analysis Leonhard Korowajczuk, CelPlan Technologies, Inc.

Providing a step-by-step method to evolve current systems so as to enhance and optimize their future performance, this book is sets out to evaluate existing wireless network technology. ISBN 978-0-470-74149-8 • Cloth 782 pages • 2011 • £96.95 • €125.00 • $160.00

Evaluation of HSDPA and LTE From Testbed Measurements to System Level Performance Markus Rupp, Sebastian Caban, Christian Mehlführer, Martin Wrulich, All University of Technology Vienna, Austria

This book explains how the performance of modern cellular wireless networks can be evaluated by measurements and simulations. ISBN 978-0-470-71192-7 • Cloth 408 pages • 2011 • £80.95 • €105.00 • $135.00

LTE Security Dan Forsberg, ISECure. fi Oy, Finland; Günther Horn, Wolf-Dietrich Moeller, Both of Nokia Siemens Networks; Valtteri Niemi, Nokia Corporation

LTE Security provides first hand information from 3GPP insiders who explain the rationale for design decisions. ISBN 978-0-470-66103-1 • Cloth 298 pages • 2010 • £65.00 • €83.90 • $105.00

Making Telecoms

Wireless Communications 2nd Edition

Innovation to Commercial Success

Andreas F. Molisch, Fellow, IEEE

Making Work Telecoms Work From Technical From technical innovation to commercial success

Geoff Varrall Making Telecoms Work provides a basis for more effective interdisciplinary analysis of technology, engineering, market and business investment risk and opportunity. ISBN 978-1-119-97641-7 • Cloth 432 pages • 2012 • £56.50 • €73.90 • $95.00

Principles of Communications Networks and System Nevio Benvenuto, Michele Zorzi, Both of University of Padova, Italy

This work addresses the fundamental aspects of communications systems and networks, and provides models and analytical methods for evaluating their performance. ISBN 978-0-470-74431-4 • Cloth 810 pages • 2011 • £64.50 • €83.90 • $105.00

Fully updated throughout with new material including three new chapters on ad-hoc networks, WiMAX and LTE. ISBN 978-0-470-74187-0 • Cloth 884 pages • 2010 • £95.00 • €122.00 • $155.00 ISBN 978-0-470-74186-3 • Paper 884 pages • 2010 • £50.00 • €65.90 • $80.00

Fundamentals of Wireless Communication Engineering Technologies K. Daniel Wong This book offers a broad exposure to the wireless communications field as it is practiced in the real world, providing the necessary practical, hands-on knowledge. ISBN 978-0-470-56544-5 • Cloth 568 pages • 2012 • £93.50 • €122.00 • $140.00

Mobile and Wireless Communications for IMTAdvanced and Beyond

From GSM to LTE An Introduction to Mobile Networks and Mobile Broadband

Afif Osseiran, Ericsson Research; Jose F. Monserrat, Polytechnique University of Valencia; Werner Mohr, NSN

Martin Sauter, Nortel Networks

This book applies the discoveries and investigations of the WINNER+ project, a study that acted as an external evaluator group for IMT-Advanced processes, and involved the collaboration of global network operators and standardization bodies. ISBN 978-1-119-99321-6 • Cloth 328 pages • 2011 • £86.95 • €104.40 • $140.00


Geoff Varrall

Providing a timely, single source reference on the rapidly growing field of cellular and mobile communication, this book enables readers to examine and understand each technology, and how to utilize several different systems for the best results. ISBN 978-0-470-66711-8 • Cloth 450 pages • 2010 • £65.00 • €83.90 • $105.00



VOLUME 22 · ISSUE 3 · APRIL 2011

ISSN 1541-8251



Transactions on Emerging Telecommunications Technology

International Journal of Network Management Editor-in-Chief: James Won-Ki Hong, POSTECH, Korea

Editor-in-Chief: Mischa Dohler, CTTC, Barcelona, Spain

Editor-in-Chief MISCHA DOHLER Smart Grids Green Communications Machine-to-Machine New Developments

Associate Editor-in-Chief: Aiko Pras, University of Twente, Netherlands

Recent hot articles: • Traffic models for future backbone networks – a service-oriented approach (Vol. 22, No. 4) • Energy consumption balancing (ECB) issues and mechanisms in wireless sensor networks (WSNs): a comprehensive overview (Vol. 22, No. 4) • Time-frequency iterative multiuser detection in time-frequency-domain spread multicarrier DS-CDMA systems over Nakagami-m fading channels (Vol. 22, No. 1)

Editor: Guy Pujolle, Université Paris 6, France

Publication acknowledged by the Convention of Societies of Electrical Engineers of Europe EUREL












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International Journal of Communication Systems

Recent hot articles: • Mitigating unfairness in locality-aware peer-to-peer networks (Vol. 21, No. 1) • Traffic engineering supported by Inherent Network Management: analysis of resource efficiency and cost saving potential (Vol. 21, No. 1) • Access link bandwidth externalities and endogenous Internet growth: a long-run economic approach (Vol. 21, No. 1) Read these articles online or subscribe at:

Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing

Editor-in-Chief: Mohammad S. Obaidat, Monmouth University, USA

Editor-in-Chief: Mohsen Guizani, Quatar University

Editor-Asia and The Pacific: Hsiao-Hwa Chen, National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan

Senior Editor: Hamid Aghvami, Kings College, London, UK Editor Europe: Michele Zorzi, University of Padova, Italy

Recent hot articles: • Performance evaluation of OFDM and single-carrier systems using frequency domain equalization and phase modulation (Vol. 24, No. 1) • On the identification and analysis of Skype traffic (Vol. 24, No. 1) • A QoE management system to improve the IPTV network (Vol. 24, No. 1) Read these articles online or subscribe at:

Security and Communication Networks Editor-in-Chief: Hsiao-Hwa Chen, National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan

Editor-Asia and The Pacific: Hsia-Hwa Chen, National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan

Recent hot articles: •  A pragmatic approach to area coverage in hybrid wireless sensor networks (Vol. 11, No. 1) • The effects of shadow-fading on QoS-aware routing and admission control protocols designed for multihop MANETs (Vol. 11, No. 1) • Measuring the performance of movement-assisted certificate revocation list distribution in VANET (Vol. 11, No. 7) Read these articles online or subscribe at:

Co-Editor-in-Chief: Hamid R. Sharif, University of NebraskaLincoln, USA Senior Editor: Norman C. Beaulieu, University of Alberta, Canada

Recent hot articles: • Better security enforcement in trusted computing enabled heterogeneous wireless sensor networks (Vol. 4, No. 1) • Biometric security for mobile computing (Vol. 4, No. 5) • A new biometric identity based encryption scheme secure against DoS attacks (Vol. 4, No. 1)


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Analysis of the Effect of High-Dielectric Substrate Size on the Directivity of an End-Fire Antenna 2127–2132 A. A. Eldek and F. El-Hefnawi

Investigation of Ionic Conductivity in Track-Etched Nanoporous Polyimide Membranes Using a Microwave Technique 2060–2063 I. Molenberg, M. Planckaert, L. Jonckheere, E. Ferain, and I. Huynen

Design of an Internal FM Radio Antenna for Mobile Handsets with an ArrowShaped Patch 2132–2135 S. Choi, G.-H. Kim, W.-M. Seong, and K.-S. Kwak

Novel Triple-Bandpass Microstrip Filter with Flexible Passband Assignment 2064–2066 F. Liang, B. Luo, and W.-Z. Lu

A Compact UWB Slot Antenna Optimized by Genetic Algorithm 2135–2139 L. Xie, Y.-C. Jiao, Y.-Q. Wei, G. Zhao, and F.-S. Zhang

Curvature Sensor Based on Fiber Loop Mirror with Polarization Maintaining Fiber 2066–2068 Y. Zhao, Y. Jin, H. Liang, J. Wang, and X. Dong

Improved Measurement of Complex Permittivity Using Artificial Neural Networks with Scaled Inputs 2139–2142 A. Hasan and A. F. Peterson

Equal-Length Coupled-Serial-Shunted Lines Band-Pass Filters with Suppression of the Second Harmonic 2068–2072 L.-C. Tsai and H.-S. Fang

A Dual-Band Shorted Monopole Antenna for WLAN-Band Application 2142–2145 W.-C. Liu and Y. Dai

A DC to 30-GHz Ultra-Wideband CMOS T/R Switch M. Shouxian, M. Kaixue, and Y. K. Seng

Multiresonance Small Square Slot Antenna for Ultra-Wideband Applications 2145–2149 M. Ojaroudi and A. Faramarzi


A Miniaturized Narrowband Bandpass Filter with Wide Stopband Using Open-Loop Resonator 2149–2152 L.-Y. Feng and H.-X. Zheng

Chief Editor: Barry G. Evans, University of Surrey, Guildford, UK A Dualband Monopole Microstrip Antenna I. Sarkar, P. P. Sarkar, and S. K. Chowdhury


Impedance Matching and Spurious-Response Suppression in SteppedImpedance Low Pass Filters 2081–2086 H. Oraizi and M. Seyyed-Esfahlan

Simulation of an Operation of Zinc Oxide Light-Emitting Diodes 2086–2090 P. Kowalczewski, M. Kuc, L. Piskorski, R. P. Sarzala, and W. Nakwaski Fractal-Shaped Regular Hexagon Patch Resonators and Application in Miniaturized Band-Pass Filters 2090–2093 D.-S. La, Y.-H. Lu, N. Liu, D.-N. Cui, and J.-L. Zhang

Design of RF Subsystem for Dynamic Spectrum Sharing System in UHF Band 2093–2100 C. You, X. Zhu, J. Liu, X. Zhang, J. Chen, and Z. Cao

Cavity-Backed Slot Array Antenna in Substrate-Integrated Waveguide Technology 2105–2108 M. J. Jiménez-Fernández, R. Torres-Sánchez, and P. Otero Monopole Antenna Based on the Modified Ground Plane for Wireless LocalArea Network Application 2109–2111 W. Jiang, S.-X. Gong, and S.-T. Yu

A Study of Erbium–Ytterbium-Codoped Polymer Waveguide Amplifier 2157–2160 D. Zhang, D. Zhang, X. Liang, F. Wang, and D. Guo FET Frequency Doubler with Out-of-Phase Switchable Output and Application in Balanced Frequency Doubler 2160–2164 N. Yang, C. Caloz, and K. Wu A Novel Design of 3-dB Coupler with Harmonics Suppression Using Powell’s Least Square Method 2164–2166 R. Li, D. I. Kim, D.-L. Wu, and Q. Yang Performance Enhancement Scheme for RSOA-Based WDM-PONs by Using a Single Fabry-Perot Etalon 2166–2170 C.-L. Yang, T.-L. Hsieh, S.-C. Lin, G. Keiser, and S.-L. Lee Miniaturized Patch Antenna for RFID Tags on Metallic Surfaces 2170–2174 A. A. Eldek Band-Pass Filter with Broad-Side Coupled Triple Split-Ring Resonator Using Left-Handed Metamaterial 2174–2177 K.-C. Yoon, J. H. Kim, and J.-C. Lee A Multiband Planar Monopole Antenna for Mobile Communication Applications 2177–2181 E. Mireles, M. K. Brar, R. A. Moody, S. K. Varanasi, and S. K. Sharma

• Prediction of drop size distribution parameters for optical wireless communications through moderate continental fog (Vol. 29, No. 1) • Hybrid single frequency network propagation channel sounding and antenna diversity measurements (Vol. 29, no. 1) • A wideband, directional model for the satellite-toindoor propagation channel at S-band (Vol. 29, no. 1) Compact Microstrip Bandpass Filters Using Dual-Mode Stub-Loaded Resonators and Capacitive/Inductive Source-Load Coupling 2111–2116 A. Torabi, K. Forooraghi, O. Manoochehri, and S. Abbasiniazare Circuit Modeling Methodology for Small UWB Antenna with Vector Fitting Technique 2116–2119 W. Ren Improving the Radiation Performance of the Sierpinski Microstrip Fractal Patch Antenna through Novel Feed Methods 2119–2123 J. Church and S. K. Sharma

Efficient SP-FDTD Algorithm for Solving Oblique Incident Plane Wave in Dispersive Materials 2123–2127 H. Wang, Z.-x. Huang, and X.-l. Wu

SEPTEMBER 2011 1945–1949

New Microstrip Fractal-Shaped Square Patch Resonators Filters D.-s. La, Y.-h. Lu, N. Liu, D.-n. Cui, and J.-l. Zhang

pp. 1945–2198

Recent hot articles:

Design of Low-Timing-Jitter, Stable Picosecond Optical-Pulse Source Using an Uncooled Gain-Switched Fabry–Perot Semiconductor Laser with External Continuous-Wave Light Injection 2100–2105 Y. Liu and J.-G. Zhang

Notched Half-Circled Planar Monopole Antenna for Ultra-Wide Band Application 2153–2157 J. P. Thakur, W.-G. Kim, and Y.-H. Kim

ISSN 0895-2477

VOLUME 53 / NUMBER 9 High-Gain Ultrathin Resonant Cavity Antenna Y. Liu and X. Zhao

Volume 53 Number 9, September 2011

Dual-Band MIMO Antenna Using Polarization Diversity for 4G Mobile Handset Application 2075–2079 M. Han and J. Choi

Microwave and Optical Technology Letters 1950–1952

Design and Development of Flexible Fabric Antenna for Body-Worn Applications and Its Performance Study Under Flat and Bent Positions 2004–2011 S. Subramaniam and B. Gupta Design and Analysis of Spiral-Type Marchand Balun Using Physical Transformer Model on Glass Integrated Passive Device Substrate 2011–2016 C.-H. Huang, C.-H. Chen, Y.-C. Lin, and T.-S. Horng

A Compact Coupled Radiator Antenna with Reduced Hand Effect for Mobile Handset Applications 1964–1967 K.-J. Jung, C. W. Jung, M.-J. Park, Y.-S. Chung, D. Kim, B. Kim, H. Wi, T. Kim, and B. Lee

A Compact Multiband Antenna for WLAN and WiMAX Applications 2016–2018 C. Wang, P. Xu, B. Li, and Z.-H. Yan


UWB True-Time-Delay Lines Inspired by CRLH TL Unit Cells J. Zhang, S.W. Cheung, and T.I. Yuk

Designing a Chip Antenna with Dual-Band by a Material-Loading Technique 1967–1970 C.-F. Huang and P.-L. Yeh Design of a PIFA with Parasitic F-Element Miniaturized Antenna Assembly for Lower Band Ultra-Wideband and IEEE 802.11a Applications 1970–1974 C. H. See, R. A. Abd-Alhameed, H. I. Hraga, Issa T. E. Elfergani, M. M. Abusitta, and S. Adnan A Compact UWB Bandpass Filter Using a Center-Tapped Composite Right/Left-Handed Transmission-Line Zeroth-Order Resonator 1974–1976 J. Ju and S. Kahng

Recent hot article:

Ka-Band Quasioptical Detectors Based on Antenna-Integrated Planar Schottky Diodes 2019–2022 J. Mou, X. Lv, Y. Yuan, and W. Yu Full-Wave Analysis of a Microwave Rectifying Circuit Using Finite Difference Time Domain Algorithm 2022–2025 P. Cai, X.-X. Yang, J. Huang, Y. Zhang, B. Chen, and X. Guan Leaky Wave Radiation Phenomena in Metamaterial Transmission Line Based on Complementary Split Ring Resonators 2025–2029 S. Eggermont and I. Huynen

Novel Cross-Coupled Filter Design Using Improved Split-Ring Resonators Based On Stepped Impedance Resonator 1976–1980 L. Zhou, S. Liu, X. Kong, and Y. Guo

On the Antenna Efficiencies for the Dielectric Leaky-Wave Antennas with a Sinusoidal Metallic Diffraction Grating Coupled from the Broad and the Narrow Face of the Dielectric 2030–2034 A. Oral Salman

Broadband Planar Antenna with T-Shaped Strip and Capacitively Coupled Shorted Strip 1980–1983 W.-S. Kim, C. Yoon, S.-S. Oh, S.-Y. Kang, and H.-D. Park

Optical Leaky Integrator with Inverted and Noninverted Accumulation 2034–2037 P. A. Costanzo-Caso, A. Siahmakoun, and S. Granieri

Design and Implementation of Second-Order Microwave Integrators 1983–1986 L.-C. Tsai and H.-S. Fang

Printed Two Monopole-Antenna System with a Decoupling Neutralization Line for 2.4-GHz MIMO Applications 2037–2043 S.-W. Su and C.-T. Lee

Design of Microstrip-Fed Monopole Antenna with Two Branch Strips and a Rectangular Slit Ground for Dual-Band WLAN Operations 1986–1991 J. H. Yoon, S. J. Oh, and W. S. Kim

Multiband MIMO Antenna Using Orthogonally Polarized Dipole Elements for Mobile Communications 2043–2048 M. Han and J. Choi

Millimeter-Wave Carrier Generation by Optical Frequency Multiplication Using Stimulated Brillouin Scattering and Four-Wave Mixing 2185–2189 S. H. Han, C. S. Park, S. Hann, S. R. Lee, and C.-S. Park

New and Accurate Synthesis Formulas for Asymmetric Coplanar Waveguides 1991–1996 S. Kaya and K. Guney

Miniaturized Microstrip-Fed Self-Resonant Resonator Antenna 2048–2052 A. Eldek

A 0.35-m CMOS Cross-Coupled Complementary Colpitts Voltage Controlled Oscillator 2189–2192 S.-L. Jang, W.-C. Liu, C.-W. Chang, and J.-F. Huang

Characterization of Material Anisotropy Using Microwave Ellipsometry 1996–1998 F. Gambou, B. Bayard, and G. Noyel

Ultrawideband and WLAN Asymmetrical Dipole Antenna on FR4-Like Planar Substrate 2052–2056 S. Barbarino and F. Consoli

Single-Mode–Multimode–Single-Mode Fiber Structures for Simultaneous Measurement of Strain and Temperature 2181–2185 Q. Wu, Y. Semenova, A. M. Hatta, P. Wang, and G. Farrell

Editor: Kai Chang, Texas A&M Univ., USA

Small-Size Wideband Chip Antenna for WWAN/LTE Operation and Close Integration with Nearby Conducting Elements in the Mobile Handset 1998–2004 S.-C. Chen and K.-L. Wong


Wide Stopband Compact Microstrip Lowpass Filter Using Circular Ring Resonator and Split Ring Resonators 1961–1964 M. N. Jahromi

A Simple Printed Dipole Antenna with Dual-Band Behavior P. C. Ooi and K. T. Selvan

Differential Six-Port Demodulator 2192–2197 O. Owais, J. Östh, A. Serban, M. Karlsson, and S. Gong



(TOC continued on Cover 4)









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International Journal of Circuit Theory and Applications

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Editor: Marco Gilli, Politecnico di Torino, Italy

Recent hot articles:


Vo l u m e 5 3 I s s u e 3

Volume 53 Issue 3 May 2009



Bruce L. Golden Douglas R. Shier

• A broadband antenna using the modified ground plane with a complementary split ring resonator for 5-GHz WLAN band-notched performance (Vol. 54, No.1)



Compact Monopole Antenna with Triple Band-Notched Characteristics for UWB Applications 2056–2060 J.-J. Zhao, L.-S. Ren, S.-X. Gong, and Y.-X. Xu

Microwave and Optical Technology Letters

International Journal of Satellite Communications and Networking

Networks: An International Journal

• Low-voltage high-performance current mirrors: Application to linear voltage-to-current converter (Vol. 39, No. 1)

May 2009

Editors-in-Chief: B. L. Golden, University of Maryland, USA; D. R. Shier, Clemson University, USA

Find the journal online at:




Accurate modeling of microwave devices using kriging-corrected space mapping surrogates: S. Koziel and J. W. Bandler ...................................................................................................

Volume 25, Number 1

January–February 2012 wi











pp. 1–102


ISSN 0028-3045

International Journal of Numerical Modelling:


• Modeling and solving a multimodal transportation problem with flexible-time and scheduled services (Vol. 57, No.1) • Periodic railway timetabling with event flexibility (Vol. 57, No.1) • Special issue of Networks on optimization in scheduled transportation networks, (Vol. 57, No.1)

Volume 25, Number 1

Pages 229–314

Recent hot articles:



A numerical modelling: Opened perspectives to increase the performance of the electromagnetic forming processes: D. Luca .................................................................................................. 15 Accurate macromodeling algorithm for time domain identification of transient port responses: D. Deschrijver and T. Dhaene ............................................................................................... 24 Electrothermal model of a power LED for SPICE: K. Górecki ................................................ 39

Modelling and fabrication of optimum structure of novel interdigital sensors for food inspection: A. R. Mohd Syaifudin, S. C. Mukhopadhyay and P. L. Yu ................................... 64 A generalized CAD model for the full-wave modeling of Coplanar striplines discontinuities: S. Laib, F. Djahli, A. Mayouf, J.-C. Carru and T. Devers ......................................................... 82 Theoretical studies of the capacitance-voltage characteristics of metal-ferroelectric-GaN structures: J. Ran, J. Yang and X. Cai .................................................................................... 96 Call for Papers: Special issue on optimization techniques, algorithms, and applications: D. Weile................................................................................................................................. 102

IEEJ Transactions on Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Electronic Networks, Devices and Fields Editor: Eric Michielssen, University of Michigan, USA

Editor-in-Chief Eric Michielssen

January–February 2012 WILEY

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International Journal of Numerical Modelling: Electronic Networks, Devices and Fields

A circuit model of an ultra wideband impulse radar system for breath-activity monitoring: S. Pisa, P. Bernardi, M. Cavagnaro, E. Pittella and E. Piuzzi ................................................. 46

Recent hot articles: • Modeling tunable band-pass filters based on RF-MEMS metamaterials (Vol. 24, No. 6)

IJNFEX 25 (1) 1–102 (2012) ISSN 0894-3370 View this journal online at

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International Journal of RF and Microwave Computer-Aided Engineering

international journal of

RF and MicRowave Computer-Aided engineering

Official Journal of the Institute of Electrical Engineers of Japan

volume 21 / number 1 / january 2011 inder bahl, editor

Editor: Yoichi Hayashi, Aoyama Gakuin University, Japan

Editor: Inder J. Bahl, USA

Recent hot articles: • Array of waveguide-fed microstrip antennas (Vol. 21, No.1)

Recent hot articles: View this journal online at

• Dynamic  optimal route search algorithm for car navigation systems with preferences by dynamic programming (Vol.6, No.1) • The effect of nano-ZnO on corona aging and photo aging in low-density polyethylene (Vol.6, No.1) • Development and evaluation of a long-range 300-m leaky coaxial cable in the 2.4-GHz band for IEEE 802.11 b/g wireless network access (Vol.6, No.1)

!mmce cover final.indd 1

11/2/10 4:29 PM

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App Development

Beginning iOS 5 Application Development Wei-Meng Lee  eginning iOS 5 B Application Development offers the reader a full-color jumpstart to developing applications for the next major release of the iPhone operating system – iOS 5. ISBN 978-1-118-14425-1 • Paper 656 pages • 2012 • £27.99 • €35.90 • $39.99

Professional Android 4 Application Development Reto Meier

Written by one of Google’s lead Android developer advocates, this practical book walks you through a series of hands-on projects that illustrate the features of the Android SDK. ISBN 978-1-118-10227-5 • Paper 696 pages • 2012 • £29.99 • €38.90 • $44.99

Windows Phone 7 Programming for Android and iOS Developers Zhinan Zhou; Robert Zhu; Pei Zheng; Baijian Yang With a special focus placed on the new Windows Phone 7 (WP7) design guidelines and technologies, this reference helps you extend your knowledge so that you can learn to develop for the new WP7 platform. ISBN 978-1-118-02197-2 • Paper 360 pages • 2011 • £26.99 • €34.90 • $39.99

Professional Unity and C# Multi-Platform 3D Game Development Deniz Opal; Sean McCracken; Mike Renwick This book is the first to offer professional-level programming of Unity using C#. You begin with learning how to install Unity3D and gradually move on to more advanced coding topics in C#. ISBN 978-1-118-06337-8 • Paper 740 pages • 2012 • £29.99 • €38.90 • $44.99

Professional Cross-Platform Mobile Development in C# Scott Olson; John Hunter; Ben Horgen; Kenny Goers A team of authors draws on their vast experiences to teach you how to create cross-platform mobile applications, while delivering the same functionality to PC’s, laptops and the web. ISBN 978-1-118-15770-1 • Paper 360 pages • 2012 • £29.99 • €36.00 • $44.99

Beginning Flash, Flex, and AIR Development for Mobile Devices Jermaine G. Anderson

 acked with examples, P this book shows you how to build applications for mobile devices using a combination of ActionScript, the Flex framework and AIR. ISBN 978-0-470-94815-6 • Paper 400 pages • 2011 • £27.99 • €34.90 • $39.99


Jack Burbank William Kasch Jon Ward

Jack Burbank; William Kasch; Jon Ward

This book provides the practicing engineer with a concise listing of commercial and opensource modeling and simulation tools currently available including examples of implementing those tools for solving specific Modeling and Simulation examples. ISBN 978-0-470-46726-8 • Paper 216 pages • 2011 • £46.95 • €61.90 • $69.95

Gigabit-capable Passive Optical Networks D. Hood  s well as a history that A clarifies the reasons for many of the existing features, the book looks at current and evolving technology and discusses some of the alternatives for future access networks.

Kai Zeng, Wenjing Lou, & Ming Li, All of Worcester Polytechnic Institute, USA


Multihop Wireless Networks Opportunistic Routing

An Introduction to Network Modeling and Simulation for the Practicing Engineer

The Th e Co C mS mSoc oc G Gui uide ui de es to to Com ommu muniica cati tion ons Tech ons on Tech Te chno n lo no logi gies gi es Niim K. K . Che heun un ng, g, Ser erie i s Ed ie dittorr

This resource offers a comprehensive review of the technological challenges behind opportunistic routing. The authors cover fundamental research issues for this new concept, including the basic principles, performance limit and performance improvement of opportunistic routing compared to traditional routing, energy efficiency and distributed opportunistic routing protocol design, geographic opportunistic routing, opportunistic broadcasting, and security issues associated with opportunistic routing. The authors discuss technologies such as multi-rate, multi-channel, multi-radio wireless communications, energy detection, and channel measurement. It brings together the results in a unified presentation, provides a comprehensive introduction, and includes a website containing simulation codes to carry out the simulation studies. ISBN 978-0-470-66617-3 • Cloth 312 pages • 2011 • £74.50 • €95.90 • $120.00

ISBN 978-0-470-93687-0 • Cloth 488 pages • 2012 • £70.50 • €91.90 • $105.00

Push bounDariEs WilEy onlinE library access this journal and thousands of other essential resources. Featuring a clean and easy-to-use interface, this online service delivers intuitive navigation, enhanced discoverability, expanded functionalities, and a range of personalization and alerting options. sign up for content alerts and rss feeds, access full-text, learn more about the journal, find related content, export citations, and click through to references.



Mobile Agents in Networking and Distributed Computing Jiannong Cao, Hong Kong Polytechnic University; Sajal K. Das, University of Texas at Arlington, USA

Mobile agents reduce the flow of raw data in networks by moving computation to data rather than data to computation, thus overcoming the network latency that is critical to real-time applications. This book introduces the concepts and principles of mobile agents, provides an overview of mobile agent technology, and focuses on applications in networking and distributed computing. It shows graduate students, instructors, and professionals how to simplify development and improve the performance of network distributed systems in mobile agent technology. ISBN 978-0-471-75160-1 • Cloth 336 pages • 2012 • £53.50 • €69.90 • $79.95

Automotive Inter-networking Timo Kosch, Markus Strassberger, Christoph Schroth; Marc Bechler, All of BMW Group Research and Technology

This text introduces a range of new network and system technologies for vehicle safety, entertainment, and comfort systems currently being researched and developed. New automotivespecific technologies are presented in detail, explaining millimeter wave short range systems and special automotive network protocols. ISBN 978-0-470-74979-1 • Cloth 400 pages • 2012 • £68.95 • €89.90 • $105.00


and Unified Communications Internet Telephony and the Future Voice Net work

Understanding VoIP Internet Telephony and the Future Voice Network William A. Flanagan,

Flanagan Consulting Concise and to the point, this text tells readers what they need to know to deal with vendors, network engineers, data center gurus, and top management with the confidence and clear understanding of how things really work. This book takes readers from traditional voice, fax, video, and data services delivered via separate platforms to a single, unified platform delivering all of these services seamlessly via the Internet. William A. Flanagan

ISBN 978-1-118-01921-4 • Paper 300 pages • 2012 • £40.50 • €53.90 • $59.95

Cooperative Networking Mohammad S. Obaidat, Monmouth University USA; Sudip Misra, Indian Institute of Technology

This book focuses on the latest trends and research results in cooperative networking. Following an introduction to the fundamentals and issues surrounding cooperative networking, the book, written by leading experts in the area, address models of cooperation, inspirations of successful cooperation from nature and society, cooperation in networking, cooperation and ambient networking, cooperative caching, cooperative networking for streaming media content, optimal nodetask allocation, heterogeneity issues in cooperative networking, cooperative search in networks, and security and privacy issues with cooperative networking. ISBN 978-0-470-74915-9 • Cloth 352 pages • 2011 • £77.50 • €99.90 • $125.00


Robert C. Hansen, consulting engineer Robert E. Collin, Case Western Reserve University; USA

Now in an completely revised, updated, and enlarged Second Edition, Small Antennas in Portable Devices reviews recent significant theoretical and practical developments in the electrically small antenna area. Examining antenna designs that work as well as those that have limitations, this new edition provides practicing engineers and upper level and graduate students with new information on: work on improving bandwidth using spherical helix dipoles; work on electromagnetically coupled structures; exact derivation of the Q for electrically small antennas for both the TE and TM modes; and a new simplified Q formula. ISBN 978-0-470-89083-7 • Cloth 360 pages • 2011 • £83.50 • €109.00 • $125.00

Wireless MultiAntenna Channels Modeling and Simulation Serguei Primak, University of Western Ontario, Canada; Valeri Kontorovich, CINVESTAV-IPN, Mexico

Wireless Multi-Antenna Channels: Modeling and Simulation focuses on modeling and simulation of multiple antennas channels, including multiple input multiple output (MIMO) communication channels and impact of such models on channel estimation and system performance. Both narrowband and wideband models are discussed. The book covers topics related to modeling of MIMO channel, their numerical simulation, estimation and prediction, as well as applications to receive diversity and space-time coding techniques.



Small Antenna Handbook

Wiley Communications Technology

Antenna Theory and Applications Hubregt J. Visser, TNO Industrial Technology, The Netherlands

This book provides comprehensive coverage of fundamental antenna theory and applications. The author discusses electromagnetic radiation and antenna characteristics such as impedance, radiation patterns, polarization, gain, and efficiency. By enabling readers to fully analyze basic antennas, it gives them the background to analyze more complex antennas and for designing new ones. For completeness, a refresher chapter on vector algebra, including gradient, divergence, and curl operation is also included. Throughout, ample examples of employing the derived theory are offered with problem sets, giving the reader the opportunity to test his or her acquired knowledge. ISBN 978-1-119-99025-3 • Cloth 280 pages • 2012 • £50.00 • €65.90 • $80.00

ISBN 978-0-470-69720-7 • Cloth 272 pages • 2011 • £74.50 • €95.90 • $120.00



Radio Engineering From Software Radio to Cognitive Radio

Practical Guide to MIMO Radio Channel

J. Palicot

Tim Brown, University of Surrey, UK; Persefoni Kyritsi, Elizabeth De Carvalho, Both of Aalborg University, Denmark

Software radio ideally provides the opportunity to communicate with any radio communication standard by modifying only the software, without any modification to hardware components. However, taking into account the static behavior of current communications protocols, the spectrum efficiency optimization, and flexibility, the radio domain has become an important factor. ISBN 978-1-84821-296-1 • Cloth 300 pages • 2011 • £130.00 • €169.00 • $195.00

Mobile Backhaul Juha Salmelin, Esa Metsälä, Both of Nokia Siemens Networks

Focusing on backhaul from a radio network viewpoint, Mobile Backhaul presents IP/ MPLS/Ethernet backhaul network technologies and solutions for 3GPP mobile network systems such as LTE, 3G/HSPA and 2G/GPRS. It combines perspectives on mobile networks and transport network technologies, focusing on mobile backhaul specific functionalities, which are essential in building modern cost efficient packet networks for mobile systems, IP, MPLS and Carrier Ethernet. Both radio network experts and IP networking experts will benefit from the treatment of essential material at the borderline between the radio and backhaul technologies. ISBN 978-1-119-97420-8 • Cloth 424 pages • 2012 • £70.00 • €81.30 • $115.00


A comprehensive introduction to MIMO Radio Channel, Practical Guide to MIMO Radio Channel provides a summary of the current channel modeling approaches used by industry, academia, and standardization bodies. Written in clear layman’s language, the book contains experimental and measurement-based results and provides a comprehensive down to earth approach with concise and visual explanations of MIMO Radio Channel. An excellent reference to all who need a practical introduction to this topic, the book will appeal to engineers and R&D engineers and postgrad and graduate students. ISBN 978-0-470-99449-8 • Cloth 288 pages • 2012 • £62.50 • €81.90 • $110.00

Vedat Coskun, Kerem Ok, Busra Ozdenizci, All of Isik University, Turkey

In this book, the authors present the contemporary research on all aspects of NFC, addressing related security aspects as well as information on various business models. In addition, the book provides comprehensive information a designer needs to design an NFC project, an analyzer needs to analyze requirements of a new NFC based system, and a programmer needs to implement an application. ISBN 978-1-119-97109-2 • Cloth 390 pages • 2012 • £68.95 • €89.90 • $115.00

Mobile Radio Channels 2nd Edition Matthias Pätzold, Agder University College, Norway

Building on the success of the first edition while filling a gap in the current literature, Mobile Radio Channels, Second Edition provides an understanding of the key issues currently being investigated in the area of mobile fading channel modeling. Including coverage of the fundamentals of stochastic and deterministic channel models as well as modeling and simulation of frequency-nonselective fading channels, this updated guide gives scientists and postgraduate students alike several new chapters, numerous illustrations, and MATLAB programs for the evaluation and simulation of mobile fading channels.

Indoor Radio Planning A Practical Guide for GSM, DCS, UMTS, HSPA and LTE, 2nd Edition


Near Field Communication From Theory to Practice

Morten Tolstrup, Solutions, Tyco Electronics

This new edition of Indoor Radio Planning delivers an overview of cellular systems to provide background on this technology, and is updated to include a significant emphasis on LTE and its changes and requirements. As with the first edition, the book covers why indoor coverage is needed for GSM, CDMA, and UMTS networks and how this coverage is achieved. Each method is discussed in detail giving the reader a good understanding of all the available solutions. ISBN 978-0-470-71070-8 • Cloth 480 pages • 2011 • £73.95 • €95.90 • $125.00

Wiley Handbook of Science and Technology for Homeland Security 4 Volume Set John G. Voeller

Edited by a senior analyst in the Executive Office of the President, this is an essential and timely collection of resources on every area of homeland security. ISBN 978-0-471-76130-3 • Cloth 2888 pages • 2010 • £1116.00 • €1440.00 • $1730.00

ISBN 978-0-470-51747-5 • Cloth 616 pages • 2011 • £90.50 • €119.00 • $150.00



Multimedia Semantics Metadata, Analysis and Interaction  aphael Troncy, Centre R for Mathematics and Computer Science, The Netherlands; Benoit Huet, Institut EURECOM; Simon Schenk, University of KoblenzLandau, Germany

This book provides both the fundamental knowledge and the latest state-of-the-art results from both the multimedia and the semantic web communities. Includes an accompanying website containing user cases, datasets, and software mentioned in the book, as well as links to the K-Space NoE and the SMaRT society web sites. ISBN 978-0-470-74700-1 • Cloth 328 pages • 2011 • £70.00 • €89.90 • $115.00

Connections for the Digital Age Multimedia Communications for Mobile, Nomadic and Fixed Devices E. Bryan Carne

This book discusses the ever increasing need to provide connections that make the electronic encounter as natural and convenient as possible. It explores and analyzes past and current technologies and trends in multimedia communication. ISBN 978-1-118-05416-1 • Cloth 280 pages • 2011 • £73.50 • €95.90 • $110.00

Connected Services A Guide to the Internet Technologies Shaping the Future of Mobile Services and Operators Paul Golding, Magic E Company, UK

“This book is a must read for those charged with leading innovation in a world of connected services where telco and Internet collide.” – Jason Goecke, VP of Innovation, Voxeo Labs This book explains the common underlying technological themes that underpin the new era of connected services in a post Web 2.0 epoch. ISBN 978-0-470-97455-1 • Cloth 350 pages • 2011 • £51.95 • €67.90 • $85.00

The Internet of Things Key Applications and Protocols, 2nd Edition Olivier Hersent, NetCentrex, France; David Boswarthick, ETSI; Omar Elloumi, Alcatel-Lucent

An all-in-one reference to the major Home Area Networking, Building Automation and AMI protocols, including 802.15.4 over radio or PLC, 6LowPAN/RPL, ZigBee 1.0 and Smart Energy 2.0, Zwave, LON, BACNet, KNX, ModBus, mBus, C.12 and DLMS/COSEM, and the new ETSI M2M system level standard. ISBN 978-1-119-99435-0 • Cloth 370 pages • 2012 • £65.95 • €85.90 • $105.00


David Boswarthick, ETSI; Olivier Hersent, NetCentrex, France; Omar Elloumi, Alcatel-Lucent

A comprehensive introduction to M2M Standards and systems architecture, from concept to implementation. The book addresses the end-to-end landscape for M2M including: M2M Devices, M2M area networks, access and core network optimizations for M2M, M2M Service Delivery Platform and M2M network applications. It also covers important application areas such as Smart Metering, Smart Grid, eHealth, and connected cars. The book provides a focus on the latest standards currently in progress by ETSI and 3GPP, the leading standards entities in telecommunication networks and solutions. An advanced introduction to this complex technical field, the book will provide an essential end-to-end overview of M2M for working professionals and advanced students. ISBN 978-1-119-99475-6 • Cloth 336 pages • 2012 • £62.50 • €81.90 • $99.95

Channel Equalization for Wireless Communications From Concepts to Detailed Mathematics Gregory E. Bottomley

Channel Equalization: From Concepts to Detailed Mathematics presents each channel equalization topic with incremental learning methodology, from the very fundamental concept to more advanced mathematical knowledge.

Nonlinear Distortion in Wireless Systems Modeling and Simulation with Matlab


M2M Communications A Systems Approach

Khaled M. Gharaibeh, Yarmouk University, Jordan

This resource describes principles of modeling and simulation of nonlinear distortion in single and multichannel wireless communication systems using both deterministic and stochastic signals. In addition, the author also discusses the problem of how to embed models of distortion in systemlevel simulators such as MATLAB®, providing practical techniques that professionals can use on their own projects. ISBN 978-0-470-66104-8 • Cloth 386 pages • 2011 • £75.00 • €90.00 • $120.00

High Voltage Protection for Telecommuni­ cations Steven W. Blume, Applied Professional Training, Inc

Using a practical, hands-on approach, High Voltage Protection for Telecommunications combines all the essential information and key issues into one book. It sets forth the steps needed to protect critical telecommunications circuits from power faults and lightning in high voltage environments. ISBN 978-0-470-27681-5 • Cloth 264 pages • 2011 • £60.00 • €77.90 • $89.95

ISBN 978-0-470-87427-1 • Cloth 256 pages • 2011 • £83.50 • €109.00 • $125.00


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