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MOAC. Complete.

ICT Curriculum Roadmap: Pathways to Success

It’s Official.

The MOAC ready-to-teach programme is the official courseware of the Microsoft IT Academy.

Enterprise En terprise Administrator Administtrator 2008

Server Administra Administrator tor 2008


Administrator Windows Server 2003: Server Administra tor


70-647: Windows Windows Server Ser ver 2008 Enterprise e Administration

70 70-646: 0-646: Windows Server Ser ver 2008 Administration Ad dministration


70-643: Wind ows Ser ver 2008 Windows Server Application Applicatio on Configuration

70-297: Designing a Micr Microsoft osoft Windows Server Directory Ser ver 2003 Active Dir rector y and Network Infrastructure Infrastructure OR 70-298: Designing Security forr a Microsoft Microsoft Windows Server Ser ver 2003 3 Network

70-642: 70 0-642: Windows Server Ser ver 2008 N etwork Infrastructure Infrastructure Configuration Network

70-294: Planning, Implementin Implementing, ng, and Maintaining a Microsoft Microsoft Windows Window ws Server Ser ver 2003 Active Dir Directory ector y Infrastructure Infrastructure

70-640: 70 0-640: Windows Server Ser ver 2008 Active Ac ctive Directory Director y Configuration

Support Supp po ort Support Technician: Technician: Technic Vista Vcian: Vista V Viista

70-293: Planning and Maintain Maintaining ning a Microsoft Microsoft Windows Server Ser ver 2003 200 03 Network Infrastructure Infrastructure

Support Technician: Te echnician: Windows 7 Fu undamentals of of Windows Ser ver 2008 Fundamentals Server Ac ctive Dir ector y Active Directory

MCITP M 70-622 PRO: Micr Microsoft osoft Desktop D Supportt – ENT ENTERPRISE Suppor ERPRISE

The MOAC Ready-to-Teach Programme


Elective coursework coursework and exam

Fu undamentals of of Windows Ser ver 2008 Fundamentals Server In nfrastructure and Application Platform Platform Infrastructure

70-685 PRO: Windows W 7, Enterprise Desktop Support Support Technician Technician e

Database Administrator: Adm ministrator: SQL 2008 MCITP Designing, 70-450 PRO: Design ning, Optimizing and Maintaining a Database Databa ase Administrative Solution Microsoft Using Micr osoft SQL Server S ver 2008 Ser

System Administrato Administrator: or: Windows Server 2003 2003

70-432 TS: Micr Microsoft osoft SQL Server Ser ver 2008, Implementation, and Maintenance

MCSA 70-291: Implementing, Man naging, Managing, Microsoft and Maintaining a Micr osoft Windows Server Ser ver 2003 Network Infrastructure Infrastructure

Information Worker Wo orker

70-290: Managing and Maintaining a Microsoft Microsoft Windows Wind dows Server Ser ver 2003 Environment Environment

Information Worker Worke er

MOS on Office e 2007

Database Administration Administrattion Database Design

MOS on Office 2010

Web Developer 77-605: Microsoft Microso oft Office Access 2007 Access

77-882: Microsoft Microsoft Excel e 2010 Cor Core

77-602: Microsoft Microso oft Office Excel Exxcel 2007

77-881: Microsoft Microsoft Word Word 2010 Cor Core e

77-603: Microsoft Microso oft Office PowerPoint PowerPoint o 2007

77-888: Microsoft Microsoft Excel 2010 Expert Expert

77-604: Microsoft Microso oft Office Outlook Outlo ook 2007

Microsoft Word Word 77-887: Microsoft 2010 Expert Expert

Windows Developer


77-601: Microsoft Mi oso Micr oft Office Offi Word Wor o d 2007 77-600: Windows Window ws Vista for the Businesss Worker Worker

77-883: Microsoft Mi osoft PowerPoint Micr PowerPoint oi 2010 Cor Core e 77-884: Microsoft Microsoft Outlookk 2010 Cor Core e Microsoft Access 77-885: Microsoft 2010 Cor Core e

*Get y your our MOS in Of fice 2007 or 2010 Office by taking only one o off these cer tificatiions. certifications.

70-516 TS: Accessing Data with Microsoft Micr osoft .NET Framework 4 70 513 TS: Windows 70-513 Communication Foundation Development with Microsoft Microsoft .NET Framework 4

Web 70-515 TS: W eb Applications Microsoft Development with Micr osoft .NET Framework 4

MTA: Security 98-367 MT TA A: Secu urity Fundamentals Fundame ntals

70-511 TS: Windows Applications Development with Microsoft Microsoft .NET Framework 4

70-513 70-51 13 TS: Windows Communication Foundation Development with Microsoft .NET Framework 4 Microsoft

MTA: Networking 98-366 MT TA: A Networ rking Fundamentals Fundame ntals

98-362 MT MTA: TA: A Windows Development Developm ment Fundamentals

98-363 MTA: Web 9 8-363 MT TA A: W eb Development Fundamentals

Microsoft SharePoint SharePoint o 77-886: Microsoft 2010 Cor Core e 77-178: Microsoft Microsoft Project Project 2010, 2 Managing Projects Projects

70-518 PRO: Designing and Developing Windows Applications Microsoft Using Micr osoft .NET Framework 4

70-516 TS: Accessing Data with Microsoft Micr osoft .NET Framework 4

98-365 MT MTA: TA A: Windows Server Se er ver Fundamentals Administration Fundame ntals

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70-519 PRO: Designing and Web Developing W eb Applications Using Microsoft Us sing Micr osoft .NET Framework 4

70-680 TS: Windo ows 7, Windows Configu uring Configuring OR 70-620 TS: Windows Vista, V Configu uring Configuring

Official denotes quality, authority, and trustworthiness. And, when your mission is to provide your students with the best curriculum and opportunity to succeed, why would you use Courseware that is less than official?

Elective coursework coursework and a exam

MTA: 98-364 MT TA: A Database Databa ase Administration Fundamentals

Elective coursework coursework and exam m

Only John Wiley & Sons works this closely with Microsoft to ensure your students get the latest curriculum they’ll need to get certified, get hired quickly, get a great job, and advance in their careers.

For detailed information about the complete programme of Microsoft Official Academic Courses: Website: Wiley’s MOAC Sales Manager - Natalie Lord on 07827 953158 or via email:

Computer Technician n 98-361 MTA: 98 361 MT TA A: Software Software Development Fundamentals

Computer Hardware Hardw ware Fundamentals (A+)

Application Design for Developers Developers

Digitally Digita lly Aware Individual

Which p path ath would you take e for a career career in Microsoft Micr osoft Technology? Technology e y?

te Digital Literacy Certificat Certificate


Computer Basics

MOS: Microsoft M Office Specialist

World The Internet Internet and the W orld Wide e Web Web

Productivity Programs Pr oductivity Pr ograms

MCPD: Microsoft Certified Professional Develope Developerr MCITP: Microsoft Certified IT Professional MCSA: Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator MCSE: Microsoft M Certified Systems Engineer

Computer Security and Privacy

MTA: Microsoft M Technology Associate

Digital Lifestyles

Reco R ommended d d Coursework C k Recommended Cour rsework & Examination Coursework Certi ification Certification

New to o Information and Comp puting Technology Computing

Job Role/Achievement R oadmap at NOTE: NO OTE: T Individuals Individ duals can enter the rroadmap oint, depending upon existing skills any po point,

© Copyright 2010 Microsoft Microsoft Corporation. All rights rights reserved. reser ved.

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Why choose MOAC for your courseware? Because it’s complete. Microsoft Official Academic Courses from Wiley are truly ready-to-teach solutions. It’s not just books or labs - it’s a cohesive programme designed to help you at every step, from your initial class prep to the students’ certification readiness. So no matter which IT Pro course, we’ll get you ready to teach and your students ready to learn.

MOAC delivers the whole package. Each Microsoft Official Academic Course includes an assortment of materials and form factors to help you transition your programme to the latest technology. Our programme is built around the challenges faced by instructors and institutions migrating to new software, new curricula, and new learning programmes.

Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) Certification

A complete suite of integrated teaching resources.

MTA offers certification in the fundamentals of IT and development and requires no prior IT or development experience or employment. It is designed to be a stepping stone to other, more sophisticated Microsoft technology certifications.

70-236: Microsoft® Exchange Server 2007 Configuration, Package ISBN: 9780470874868 By: Microsoft Official Academic Course

Classroom Tools Instructor Readiness •

Wiley Faculty Network Guest Lectures on technology, curriculum, and course tools

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Textbook / Lab Manual package MOAC Labs Online - Hosted online virtual labs Instructor’s Guide Test Bank PowerPoint® Presentations and Images

MTA has been designed to easily integrate into the curricula of existing computer classes.

70-640: Windows Server® 2008 Active Directory Configuration, Package ISBN: 9780470874981 By: Microsoft Official Academic Course

70-432: Microsoft® SQL Server Database Administration, Package ISBN: 9780470183762 By: Microsoft Official Academic Course

Student Software • • •

MSDN AA Windows Server 2008 evaluation software MOAC Labs Online

Student Assessment •

WileyPLUS – Interactive online textbook with practice cert exams

Certification helps IT students get jobs and keep them. Teaching technology proficiency is all about skills development for job success. Your students are looking to you to help them learn what they need and prove it to potential employers. Microsoft Official Academic Courses are great workforce education. They prepare students for Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist and Microsoft Certified IT Professional examinations.

Wiley Exclusive: MOAC Labs Online

Expand the reach of your IT Professional workforce training programmes by offering them completely online. Microsoft Official Academic Courses feature MOAC Labs Online, hosted online lab exercises created by Microsoft specifically for MOAC and the academic market. Students need only IE 6.0 and web access to complete the hands-on training portion of your courses. Lower your costs, eliminate the hassles of lab setup and support, and improve student access to the latest technology from Microsoft by adopting MOAC Labs Online for your networking programme.

Find out more by contacting Natalie Lord at

Windows Server Administration Fundamentals – MTA 98-365 ISBN: 9780470901823 Paperback 240 pages March 2011

70-642: Windows Server® 2008 Network Infrastructure Configuration, Package ISBN: 9780470875018

70-443 and 70-450: Microsoft® SQL Server Database Design and Optimization, Package ISBN: 9780470183748

By: Microsoft Official Academic Course

By: Microsoft Official Academic Course

Networking Fundamentals MTA 98-366 ISBN: 9780470901830

Windows Developer Fundamentals: MTA 98-362 ISBN: 9780470889138

70-643: Windows Server® 2008 Applications Infrastructure Configuration, Package ISBN: 9780470875049

70-536: Microsoft® .NET Framework Application Development Foundation, Package ISBN: 9780470183779

Paperback 216 pages March 2011

Paperback 240 pages June 2011

By: Microsoft Official Academic Course

By: Microsoft Official Academic Course

Security Fundamentals: MTA 98-367 ISBN: 9780470901847

Web Developer Fundamentals: MTA 98-363 ISBN: 9780470889152

70-646: Windows Server® 2008 Administrator, Package ISBN: 9780470875070

70-680: Windows 7 Configuration Textbook with Lab Manual Set ISBN: 9780470891223

Paperback 192 pages April 2011

Paperback 216 pages July 2011

By: Microsoft Official Academic Course

By: Microsoft Official Academic Course

Software Development Fundamentals: MTA 98-361 ISBN: 9780470889114

Database Administration Fundamentals: MTA 98-364 ISBN: 9780470889169

70-647: Windows Server® 2008 Enterprise Administrator, Package ISBN: 9780470875933

70-685: Windows 7 Enterprise Desktop Support Technician Textbook with Lab Manual Set ISBN: 9780470922576

Paperback 216 pages April 2011

Paperback 144 pages July 2011

By: Microsoft Official Academic Course

By: Microsoft Official Academic Course

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MOAC Brochure 2011 - 1  

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