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978-0-470-16873-8 Hardcover • 624 pages 8 ½ x 10 7⠄8 in. $85.00 USA / $94.00 CAN 1,400 color images In stores December 2011

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ow in its Fifth Edition, this unrivaled, seminal work continues its long tradition of providing balanced insight and thorough historical background. Under the authorial leadership of Alston

Purvis, this authoritative book is full color throughout with over 1,400 high quality images, many newly updated, along with expansive coverage of such topics as Italian, Russian, and Dutch design. Presenting a saga of creative innovators, breakthrough technologies, and important design innovations, this new edition offers updated images, as well as new information on current graphic design trends and technologies, such as web, multimedia, interactive design, and private presses.



The late was a designer, educator, and author. He was School of the Arts Research Professor, Communication Arts and Design Department, at Virginia Commonwealth University; visiting faculty at Syracuse University and the National College of Art and Design in Dublin, Ireland; and contributing editor to Print magazine. He authored more than a dozen books and 150 articles and papers on design and typography, including a section on graphic design in Encyclopedia Britannica. He was inducted into the Art Directors Hall of Fame and received its Educator's Award for lifetime achievement and significantly shaping the future of the fields of graphic design education and writing.


is Professor of Graphic Design at the Boston University College of Fine Arts. During his career, he has worked as an instructor at The Cooper Union and at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts at The Hague. His photographs have been exhibited in Amsterdam, London, New York, and Paris. He is the author of Dutch Graphic Design, 1918–1945 and H. N. Werkman; and coauthor of Graphic Design 20th Century; A Century of Posters; Wendingen: A Journal of Arts 1918–1932; Graphic Design 20th Century; Creative Type; Dutch Graphic Design, A Century of Innovation; Jan Tschichold: Posters of the Avant Garde; Posters NL; Jan Tschichold: His Life, Work and Legacy; The Ballets Russes and the Art of Design; and Type: A Visual History of Typefaces and Graphic Styles.


CONTENTS Preface to the First Edition. Preface to the Fifth Edition. Acknowledgements. Part I. 1. The Invention of Writing. 2. Alphabets. 3. The Asian Contribution. 4. Illuminated Manuscripts. Part II. A Graphic Renaissance. The origins of European Typography and design for printing. 5. Printing comes to Europe. 6. The German Illustrated Book. 7. Renaissance Graphic Design. 8. An Epoch of Typographic Genius. Part III. The Bridge to the Twentieth Century. The Industrial Revolution: The impact of industrial technology upon visual communications. 9. Graphic Design and the Industrial Revolution. 10. The Arts and Crafts Movement and its Heritage. 11. Art Nouveau. 12. The Genesis of Twentieth Century Design. Part IV. The Modernist Era. Graphic design in the first half of the twentieth century. 13. The Influence of Modern Art. 14. Pictorial Modernism. 15. A New Language of Form. 16. The Bauhaus and the New Typography. 17. The Modern Movement in America. Part V. The Age of Information. Graphic design in the global village. 18. The International Typographic Style. 19. The New York School. 20. Corporate Identity and Visual Systems. 21. The Conceptual Image. 22. Postmodern Design. 23. National Visions within a Global Dialogue. 24. The Digital Revolution and Beyond. Epilogue. Bibliography. Picture Credits. Index.

Dramatic, beautifully illustrated two-page spreads now feature a context-setting Timeline design

A stunning, significantly revised design reveals the new edition's eloquently presented color images

Features astonishingly vibrant and exciting new content from the Middle East and Africa

Introduces a fundamental, cutting-edge exploration of multimedia, Internet, and interactive design

Hallmark features: • Revision of the bestselling graphic design "bible" • Full color throughout with over 1400 high quality images • Provides balanced insight and thorough historical background • Examines how cultures, movements, works and individuals influenced what Graphic Design is today • Documents graphic design innovation and those designers who have influenced design’s continuing evolution • Author Philip B. Meggs first published this classic work in 1983 and is credited with significantly shaping the academic field of Graphic Design

New to the Fifth Edition: • Fully updated to include key developments in the field of graphic design since 2004 • Increased coverage of design in the Middle East, South America, Asia and Africa • Includes new information on web, multimedia, and interactive design • Completely redesigned, the book itself embodies the best of graphic design • eBooks available for all eReaders, including the Kindle, Nook, and iPad • Mobile apps for Apple and Android platforms featuring 250 image flashcards to test yourself on titles of work, their artists, and year of creation

Introducing a revolutionary new interactive iPad edition. The breathtaking Inkling version brings the rich narrative of graphic design history to life: Image slideshows highlighting key designers and their work Interactive timelines with images and related events to provide context Flashcards featuring key images to test identification of work, artist and year End of chapter assessments allow users to navigate through a series of true or false, multiple choice and image identification questions.

Additional Features Highlighting and note-taking allow readers to add their own sticky notes in the margins of the text or highlight important content. All notes, highlights, and even reading history are synced to the cloud in real time, so everything is saved automatically and accessible—even if you delete and re-download the book. Study groups allow readers to have discussions anywhere in the book with the anyone who also uses it, including classmates, professors, Facebook friends, or people from anywhere in the world. If you have a question, odds are, someone’s got a good answer. The ultimate study guide, Inkling organizes all the notes, highlights, bookmarks and links that you create and “star” into one handy spot: the notebook. Instantly saved to the cloud, your notebook is like a friend who takes notes for you. You’ll be automatically building a study guide as you read.

Inkling’s powerful Search beyond the book feature allows users to search results from Wikipedia or Google appear right inside in the book. You can even save them to the notebook for instant study access.

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978-0-470-16873-8 • Hardcover • 624 pages 8 ½ x 10 7/8 in. • $85.00 USA / $94.00 CAN 1,400 color images • In stores December 2011

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Meggs' History of Graphic Design  

Meggs' History of Graphic Design

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