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Consumer Dummies Business & Economics Roberto Pedace ECONOMETRICS FOR DUMMIES Econometrics • 978-1-118-53384-0 Paper • US$ 26.99 • 360 pages • 18.73 x 23.50 cm. • 06/13/2013 Econometrics For Dummies breaks down this complex subject and provides students with a course supplement that further refines their understanding of how econometrics works and how it can be applied in real-world situations.   

Econometrics is a set of quantitative techniques that are useful for making “economic decisions.” Econometrics For Dummies provides readers with an introduction to the techniques and application of econometrics. In addition to economists, econometrics are also used by social scientists, specifically researchers in history, political science, and sociology. Econometrics is a key component of many graduate level MBA and specialty business courses and Econometrics For Dummies is an excellent resource for anyone participating in a graduate level econometrics course.

Roberto Pedace is an associate professor in the department of economics at Scripps College. Prior to this, he was an associate professor in the Drucker School of Management at Claremont Graduate University and chair of the economics department at the University of Redlands. His published work has appeared in the Southern Economic Journal, the American Journal of Economics and Sociology, Contemporary Economic Policy, the Journal of Sports Economics, and other outlets.


Geoffrey Parker, Edward Anderson, Mary Ann Anderson OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT FOR DUMMIES Production Operations Management • 978-1-118-55106-6 Paper • US$ 26.99 • 384 • 18.73 x 23.50 cm. • 06/19/2013 Topics in Operations Management For Dummies track to a typical course in operations management or operations strategy and cover topics such as evaluating and measuring existing systems’ performance and efficiency, materials management and product development, using tools like Six Sigma and Lean Production, designing new, improved processes, and defining, planning, and controlling costs of projects.  

Opportunities for operations careers exist in every industry, from manufacturing and service organizations, government institutions, education, and retail companies. Operations Management courses focus on operating systems, quality management, product design, supply chain management, and inventory control.

Mary Ann Anderson is a consultant in system dynamics, supply chain management, and operations strategy as well as a Lecturer at the University of Texas McCombs School of Business where she teaches courses in operations and supply chain management. Dr. Edward Anderson is an Associate Professor of Operations Management at the University of Texas McCombs School of Business. He is the co-author of the book The Innovation Butterfly: Managing Emergent Opportunities and Disruptions Under Distributed Innovation. Dr. Geoffrey Parker is Professor and Area Head of Management Science at Tulane University’s Freeman School of Business.

James D. Underwood COMPETITIVE INTELLIGENCE FOR DUMMIES Business Technology • 978-1-118-45102-1 Paper • US$ 26.99 • 384 • 18.73 x 23.50 cm. • 07/18/2013 Whether they are just starting a business, venturing into new areas with their existing company, or looking to gain ground on a key competitor, Competitive Intelligence For Dummies gives readers insight on how to gather valuable information on not only their competitors, but on the operational environment and target audience. It also shows readers how to carefully analyze and use this information in their decisionmaking processes to gain market share and be on the cutting edge.   

Competitive intelligence is the art of defining, gathering, analyzing, and distributing intelligence about products, customers, competitors, individuals, concepts, information, ideas or data needed to support executives and managers in making strategic decisions for an organization. Competitive Intelligence For Dummies helps upper-level managers navigate the web to find credible data on their competitors and use that information to increase revenue. Competitive intelligence is estimated to be in use by more than 82 percent of companies with annual revenues over $10 billion and nearly all Fortune 500 companies. ( Competitive Intelligence For Dummies brings the tools of big business down to every business owner and CEO.

Jim Underwood is a professor, author, and consultant whose primary area of consulting is organizational performance (with such clients as IBM, Sprint PCS, and HP); working with company CEOs to create organizations that can execute change to rise above the competitive landscape.


Stephen Genco, Andrew Pohlmann , Peter Steidl NEUROMARKETING FOR DUMMIES Strategic Marketing • 978-1-118-51858-8 Paper • US$ 22.99 • 384 pages • 18.73 x 23.50 cm. • 07/22/2013 Neuromarketing is an up-and-coming field where researchers study consumers’ cognitive responses to advertising and media. Through this study researchers are able to learn the answer to the age-old question: what makes consumers buy? However, not every business has the resources or time to undertake this crucial research into the buying ideology of their consumers. Topics include:     

The basics of neuromarketing theory and what you can learn from it: non-conscious aspects of product experiences, advertising effectiveness research, effectiveness of in-store shopping environments on product selection and discovery, and more Findings from the latest neuromarketing research How to apply neuromarketing strategies to any level of advertising or media, on any budget Practical techniques to help your customers develop bonds with your products and services The ethics of neuromarketing

Dr. Stephen Genco is a founder of the modern neuromarketing revolution and a leading designer of innovative new research approaches that leverage the latest findings in neuroscience, cognitive psychology, and behavioral economics. Andrew Pohlmann has been a leader in business strategy and marketing for over 20 years. In 2008 he led the development of the world's first global neuromarketing consultancy, helping numerous Fortune 100 and Global 50 firms integrate neuromarketing techniques to effectively understand their consumers' behavior. Dr Peter Steidl, MBA, PhD, has carried out neuromarketing assignments in 20 countries on five continents. His clients include a number of Fortune Global 100 corporations, start-up companies, professional services firms, federal and state government agencies and not-for-profit organizations.


Natalie Canavor BUSINESS WRITING FOR DUMMIES General & Introductory Business & Management • 978-1-118-58364-7 Paper • 272 pages • 08/19/2013 So how can you make your communication stand out from the pile and get the job done? Whether you’re crafting a short and sweet email or bidding for a crucial project, Business Writing For Dummies is the only guide you need. Packed with examples and practical advice, Business Writing For Dummies gives you all the basics for writing well and communicating with a global audience. Perfect for professionals and those just entering the world of work.     

The basic principles of how to write well How to avoid the common pitfalls that immediately turn a reader off Crucial tips for self-editing and revision techniques to heighten your impact Lots of practical advice and examples covering a range of different types of communication, including emails, letters, major business documents such as reports and proposals, promotional materials, web copy and blogs - even tweets The global touch - understand the key differences in written communication around the world, and how to tailor your writing for international audiences

Natalie Cavanor is a business writer, workshop leader and adjunct professor at New York University, where she teaches advanced writing seminars. Natalie’s publications and articles have won international recognition and her journalism credits include numerous features for the New York Times.

Kate Gatski, Kate Shoup STARTING AN ETSY BUSINESS FOR DUMMIES, 2ND EDITION Small Business & Entrepreneurship • 978-1-118-59024-9 Paper • 384 • 18.73 x 23.50 cm. • 08/14/2013 continues to be one of the most popular markets for artists, crafters, and curators. Launched in 2005, Etsy has grown from $107,000 in sales to more than $525 million in 2011. With 800,000 vendors and counting, opening a successful shop on the site can be intimidating. Starting an Etsy Business For Dummies, 2nd Edition, guides readers through the process of setting up a successful shop and effectively marketing their products. Kate Shoup has written more than 20 books, including Not Your Mama’s Beading, Not Your Mama’s Stitching, and Rubbish: Reuse Your Refuse. Kate Gatski is a Certified Etsy Educator, a contributor to Etsy’s Seller Education Handbook and a member of the Full Time Etsy Crafters Team.


Nick Hodge ENERGY INVESTING FOR DUMMIES General Finance & Investments • 978-1-118-11641-8 Paper • US$ 26.99 • 384 • 18.73 x 23.50 cm. • 08/28/2013 Energy Investing For Dummies provides readers with a comprehensive understanding of energy sectors and their place in our economy. Savvy investors and business managers can find the important information and advice they need to incorporate these growth areas into their business and investment plans. In Energy Investing For Dummies, savvy investors and business managers can find important information on:     

The electricity, natural gas, and oil markets Growing markets for liquefied natural gas, emissions, coal, and alternative energy Primers on advanced topics like storage, wheeling, load forecasting, and pipeline transportation Examples of successful investments in wind power, carbon emissions, thermal solar power, and other new markets Tips on trading energy stocks, Exchange Traded Funds, dividends, and derivatives

Nick Hodge is Managing Editor of Energy & Capital and Investment Director of the advisory Early Advantage.

Nicole Gravagna, Peter K. Adams VENTURE CAPITAL FOR DUMMIES Business & Finance • 978-1-118-64223-8 Paper • 360 • 18.73 x 23.50 cm. • 08/28/2013 Getting a business up and running or pushing a brilliant product to the marketplace requires capital. For many entrepreneurs, a lack of start-up capital can be the single biggest roadblock to their dreams of success and fortune. Venture Capital For Dummies takes entrepreneurs step-by-step through the process of finding and securing venture capital for their own projects. Nicole Gravagna and Peter Adams are the Directors of the Rockies Venture Club (RVC), a non-profit organization that connects entrepreneurs with investors. They have a regular event hosting and speaking schedule and both are highly regarded and speak regularly to entrepreneur organizations - most recently, New Tech, Boulder Chamber of Commerce, Simply Crowdfunding, Da Vinci Institute, GEA Idea Lab, Denver Startup Week, and others.


Laura Capell EVENT MANAGEMENT FOR DUMMIES Catering & Events Management • 978-1-118-59112-3 Paper • 384 pages • 09/03/2013 Whether you want to break into this burgeoning industry, or you simply need to plan an event and don’t know where to start, there’s something for all would-be event planners in Event Management For Dummies. Packed with tips, hints and checklists, it covers all aspects of planning and running an event – from budgeting, scheduling and promotion, to finding the location, sorting security, health and safety, and much more.       

Planning, budgeting and strategy Guests and target audience Promoting and marketing events Location, venue and travel logistics Food, drink, entertainment and themes Security, health and safety, permissions, insurance and the like Tips for building a career in event management

Laura Capell is Managing Director at one of the most successful events companies in London – Sledge Ltd. Her unique ability to understand brands and how people want to interact with them has seen Laura work with some of the biggest companies around, delivering award winning service. Laura was voted one of the top 35 under 35 in the industry by Conference & Incentive Travel magazine.

Richard Pettinger BUSINESS STUDIES FOR DUMMIES General & Introductory Business & Management • 978-1-118-34811-6 Paper • US$ 22.99 • 384 pages • 18.73 x 23.50 cm. • 10/07/2013 If you're embarking on a new career, there's no better way to brush up on key business concepts than with this book. With Business Studies For Dummies, you'll be one step ahead of the competition - at university and on the job.         

Business start-up Accounting and Finance Marketing Operations Human resources Management Analytics The business environment Economics

Richard Pettinger is the Principal Teaching Fellow in Management Education at the Department of Management Science and Innovation, University College London. Richard is also the Director of the BSc/MSci Information Management for Business programme, a major national initiative aimed at transforming the whole basis of undergraduate and pre-professional business and management nd education. He is the UK author of Management For Dummies, 2 Edition, among others.


Stan Hutton, Frances Phillips NONPROFIT KIT FOR DUMMIES, 4TH EDITION Non-Profit Organizations • 978-1-118-60417-5 Paper • 384 • 18.73 x 23.50 cm. • 11/08/2013 Whether starting a new nonprofit group or working for an existing organization, the information included in this latest edition of Nonprofit Kit For Dummies provides expert tips and advice on each stage of development as well as organizational areas within most nonprofit groups. Stan Hutton runs the's guide to nonprofit organizations and is a program consultant for the Clarence E. Heller Charitable Foundation. Frances Phillips teaches grant writing at San Francisco State University.

David Semmelroth DATA MARKETING FOR DUMMIES Data Mining Statistics • 978-1-118-61584-3 Paper • 312 • 18.73 x 23.50 cm. • 09/18/2013 Data is everywhere and it keeps growing and accumulating. Companies need to embrace big data and make it work harder to help them sell and market their products. Data Marketing For Dummies helps companies use all the data at their disposal to make current customers more satisfied, reach new customers, and sell to their most important customer segments more efficiently.      

Identifying the common characteristics of customers who buy the same products from your company (or who might be likely to leave you) Tips on using data to predict customer purchasing behavior based on past performance Using customer data and marketing analytics to predict when customers will purchase certain items Information on how collected datacan help with merchandise planning Grouping customers for easier market targeting Building a 360 degree view of a customer base

David Semmelroth has two decades of experience translating customer data into actionable insights across both financial services and travel and entertainment industries. He has built numerous consolidated, 360-degree, customer profiles and utilized them to inform highly customized marketing communications.


Dating Pepper Schwartz DATING AFTER 50 FOR DUMMIES Relationships • 978-1-118-44132-9 Paper • 360 • 18.73 x 23.50 cm. • 12/13/2013 Almost everyone associates falling in love with their younger years, but more and more people over 50 are jumping back into the dating scene for the first time (in a long time) and need advice and guidance on how the dating world (and ways to find a soul mate) have changed since they last tested the waters. Dating After 50 For Dummies covers the physical and emotional benefits of sex and relationships as we age, confidence boosters to help meet, date, and start a relationship with Mr. or Ms. Right, dating site options and signing up for the first trial, safety concerns, the latest tips about dealing with money matters, fun and different dating ideas, how to introduce a new partner to one’s children, dating and relationship advice and considerations for gays and lesbians, dealing with medical issues that can make sex difficult, and suggestions for how to build self-esteem and feel sexy 24-hours a day. Pepper Schwartz is the AARP's (American Association of Retired Persons) sex and relationship expert, where she strives to improve the lives of individuals who are 50+ by enhancing their relationships and offering counsel on everything from sex and health issues to communication and dating in midlife and beyond.

Diet & Fitness Christina T. Loguidice, Maurie Markman, MD, Carolyn Lammersfeld CANCER NUTRITION AND RECIPES FOR DUMMIES Health, Diet & Nutrition • 978-1-118-59205-2 Paper • 360 • 18.73 x 23.50 cm. • 06/26/2013 Cancer Nutrition & Recipes For Dummies is an informative guide to fighting cancer from the inside out. It provides that with a wealth of easy, immediate steps to speed up the healing process through diet. The expert author team offers advice on treatment as well as navigating common side effects like dehydration, fatigue, and nausea. Packed with over 60 recipes and an 8-page full-color insert, this book serves as a guide for nutrition before, during, and after cancer treatment.   

Over 60 recipes for soups, broths, and other satisfying dishes, and quick, nutritious snacks. Warnings about common food contaminants that have been proven to contribute to cancer progression. A step-by-step meal-planning guide designed for each phase of a patient’s treatment.

Maurie Markman, MD is a nationally-renowned oncologist, is currently Senior Vice President of Clinical Affairs and National Director of Medical Oncology at Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) in Philadelphia, PA. He has more than 20 years of experience in cancer treatment and research at some of the country’s leading cancer centers. He is currently the Editor-in-Chief of Current Oncology Reports. Christina Loguidice is currently Editorial Director of two peer-reviewed medical journals: Clinical Geriatrics and Annals of Long-Term Care: Clinical Care and Aging. She also served as Editorial Director of two oncology magazines: Oncology Net Guide (now OncLive) and OncNurse. Loguidice is also the author of Wii Fitness For Dummies.


Kellyann Petrucci PALEO COOKBOOK FOR DUMMIES Health, Diet & Nutrition • 978-1-118-61155-5 Paper • 360 pages • 18.73 x 23.50 cm. • 07/22/2013 Paleo Cookbook For Dummies offers delicious, flavorful, and easy to make recipes to help followers of this diet enjoy the benefits of eating the Paleo way. The cookbook includes an overview of the Paleo Diet, grocery shopping and pantry stocking tips, and kid-friendly Paleo recipes. All recipes are contributed by powerhouse Paleo chefs including:      

Mark Sisson: Founder and CEO of Primal Nutrition, Inc., owner/founder of (a top-ranked health and fitness blog with 3 million page views per month) Michelle Tam: Founder of one of the top international Paleo recipe sites,, which averages 14,100 hits per month. Arsy Vartanian: Nutritionist, Paleo up-and-comer, author of The Paleo Slow Cooker Melissa Joulwan: Co-author of Living Paleo For Dummies and author of the New York Times bestseller, It all Starts with Food (over 25,000 copies since June 2012) Alissa Cohen: Internationally recognized speaker, raw food chef, and consultant and author of two books, Living on Live Food and Raw Food For Everyone Nick Massie (, Julian Taylor (, and Jason Crouch (

Dr. Kellyann Petrucci is a recognized Board Certified Naturopathic MD and the co-author of Living Paleo For Dummies.

The Paleo Diet Revised (9780470913024) has been translated into: Korean (Goldenfinch), Orthodox Chinese (Kate), Polish (Wydawnictwo Literackie), German (Deutscher Trainer Verlag), Turkish (Pegasus Yayinlari), Croatian (DVA), Russian (Alpha-Beta), Hungarian (Jaffa Kiado) and Spanish (Urano).


Marjorie Nolan Cohn, Jennie Kramer OVERCOMING BINGE EATING FOR DUMMIES Health, Diet & Nutrition • 978-1-118-55087-8 Paper • US$ 19.99 • 384 pages • 18.73 x 23.50 cm. • 08/26/2013 Overcoming Binge Eating for Dummies is a useful tool for those diagnosed with the disorder and their families, and will provide information, resources, tools and activities to help readers understand their binge eating and gain control over it. The authors will use stories and examples from their work with clients whom they have helped overcome this disease.         

Identifying the symptoms of binge eating disorder Overcoming eating as an addition Finding professional resources for help Talking with loved ones about binge eating How to tell the difference between binging and normal overeating Ways to overcome the urge to binge How to institute a healthy eating pattern Dealing with anxiety and emotional eating Helpful tips and lists to get on the road to recovery

Marjorie Nolan Cohn is a national spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. She holds a Masters in Food and Nutrition Science, and is a Certified Health Fitness Specialist with over ten years’ experience in binge eating disorder counseling and program development. Jennie Kramer is the Founder and Executive Director of Metro Behavioral Health Associates Eating Disorders Centers of New York.

Consumer Dummies STAYING FIT AFTER 50 FOR DUMMIES Fitness • 978-1-118-45108-3 Paper • US$ 19.99 • 336 • 18.73 x 23.50 cm. • 05/09/2014 Staying fit after the age of 50 is important to maintaining health and living longer. As we age it can be more difficult to carve out time in our daily / weekly routines for exercise and activities that can help keep us youthful and energized. But as the body ages it becomes even more important to stay fit and healthy to improve quality of life and longevity. A guide to staying fit, healthy, and physically sharp, Staying Fit Over 50 For Dummies provides this unique audience with the information, tools, and specific instruction on using the latest and great training techniques that fit their lifestyle, needs, and abilities. This title discusses assessing your fitness level and creating a personalized fitness routine for yourself and sticking with it, incorporating exercise part of your daily routine, and preventing and rehabilitating from injuries. Also included is advice on eating healthy and boosting metabolism, nutrition plans that complement personal fitness plans, how-to recharge your body with better sleep, and popular ways to stay fit and active, including not only things you can do alone like flexibility/stretching and strength training but also aerobics activities you can do while connecting with others like yoga, walking, and Pilates.


Language Learning Consumer Dummies GERMAN ALL-IN-ONE FOR DUMMIES Beginning German • 978-1-118-49140-9 Paper • US$ 34.99 • 720 • 18.73 x 23.50 cm. • 06/18/2013 This addition to the For Dummies German library combines content from all For Dummies German titles, nd including German For Dummies 2 Edition, German For Dummies Audio Set, German Phrases For Dummies, Intermediate German For Dummies, and German Essentials For Dummies. The book includes a new CD that allows for even more opportunities to practice speaking the language, as well as additional, original content on grammar and usage to assist readers in speaking, writing, and using German like natives. ——— German All-in-One For Dummies is aimed at anyone who wants to improve their German, whether it be for work, travel, or enjoyment. Its unified approach to the German language appeals to on-the-go readers who want to explore every facet of the language - from speaking to writing.

German For Dummies (9780764551956) has been translated into Polish (Helion), Portuguese (Alta), Russian, Spanish (Centro), Dutch (Pearson), French (EFI). Beth Bartonlini-Salimbeni

ITALIAN GRAMMAR FOR DUMMIES Italian Grammars & Dictionaries • 978-1-118-56600-8 Paper • US$ 19.99 • 384 • 20.32 x 25.40 cm. • 07/19/2013 Italian Grammar For Dummies is a logical extension and complement to one of our most successful language books. It also adds to our continued effort to bring refreshed and updated content to the For Dummies language learning category. This addition to the Dummies Italian library focuses on arguably the most difficult aspect of any language: grammar rules and usage.   

Italian is the 4th most commonly taught language in schools after French, Spanish, and German Italy is the second most popular study abroad destination for college students after the United Kingdom ( The job market for those who are bilingual is expanding rapidly

Beth Bartolini-Salimbeni has more than twenty years experience teaching Italian at a secondary and post-secondary level. A College Board endorsed consultant in World Languages and Cultures, she teaches workshops and institutes to teachers of modern languages. She also served as a member of the World Languages Commission for Italian. Italian For Dummies (9780764551963) has been translated into Polish (Helion), Portuguese (Alta), Spanish (Centro), Dutch (Pearson), German (Wiley-VCH) and French (EFI).


Zoe Erotopoulos, PhD 500 FRENCH VERBS FOR DUMMIES French Grammars & Dictionaries • 978-1-118-51602-7 Paper • 576 pages • 15.56 x 23.50 cm. • 07/23/2013 In 500 French Verbs For Dummies, beginning French language learners can find a quick reference for verbs in the basic present tenses. More advanced French speakers can utilize this book to learn more complex verb tenses and conjugations as well as advanced verbs with irregular endings.    

One page for each of the 500 most commonly used verbs in the French language—alphabetically arranged and tabbed for easy reference Special coverage of the 50 most essential French verbs A summary of basic French grammar that includes verb tenses and moods An explanation of verb conjugation—The seven simple and seven compound tenses, as well as the imperative tense

Zoe Erotopoulos has a doctorate in French from Columbia University and currently teaches all levels of French at Connecticut’s Fairfield University. She was the author of our French Verbs For Dummies title as well as a contributing author to the new edition of French For Dummies.

French For Dummies (9780764551932) has been translated into Polish (Helion), Portuguese (Alta), Spanish (Centro), German (Wiley-VCH), Dutch (Pearson) and German (Wiley-VCH).

Consumer Dummies ITALIAN ALL-IN-ONE FOR DUMMIES Beginning Italian • 978-1-118-51060-5 Paper • US$ 34.99 • 720 • 18.73 x 23.50 cm. • 08/21/2013 Hot on the heels of revised editions of our bestselling For Dummies language immersion titles, as well as the upcoming publication of the first of many books in the 500 Verbs series, the For Dummies language line is making strides to reclaim its prominent place on the language learning shelf. Following on the success of Spanish All-in-One For Dummies, French All-in-One For Dummies, and an upcoming German editions, Italian All-in-One For Dummies is for those readers looking for a comprehensive volume to help them master the Italian language. The book also includes a new CD allowing more practice opportunities, as well as additional new content empowering readers to speak and use the language like a native.   

Italian is the 4th most commonly taught language in schools after French, Spanish, and German Italy is the second most popular study abroad destination for college students after the United Kingdom ( The job market for those who are bilingual is expanding rapidly

Italian For Dummies (9780764551963) has been translated into Polish (Helion), Portuguese (Alta), Spanish (Centro), Dutch (Pearson), German (Wiley-VCH) and French (EFI).


William Katz PHONETICS FOR DUMMIES Phonetics • 978-1-118-50508-3 Paper • US$ 22.99 • 384 pages • 18.73 x 23.50 cm. • 07/22/2013 Phonetics is the scientific study of speech sounds, and deals with how people produce speech and hear specific speech features. Phonetics is a required course for all speech language pathologists and linguists. It is also taken by students of English, Language teaching, Theatre, Voice Acting, Telecommunication, and Forensics.     

Types of phonetics: articulatory; acoustic; perceptual; linguistic; descriptive vs. prescriptive; broad or narrow Real world applications for phonetics: speech language pathology, language teaching, telecommunication, forensics, acting, voice coaching International phonetic alphabet How speech is produced The melody of language

Dr. William Katz holds a Ph.D. in Linguistics from Brown University. He is Professor of Communication Sciences and Disorders in the School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences at the University of Texas at Dallas, where he teaches and directs research in linguistics, speech science, and language disorders.


Gardening Bonnie Jo Manion, Robert T. Ludlow GARDENING WITH FREE-RANGE CHICKENS FOR DUMMIES Animal Agriculture • 978-1-118-54754-0 Paper • US$ 19.99 • 288 • 18.73 x 23.50 cm. • 06/18/2013 Gardening with Free-Range Chickens For Dummies is a follow-up to Raising Chickens For Dummies, Building Chicken Coops For Dummies, and Chicken Health For Dummies (publishing January 2013). It provides readers with advice on how to manage chickens while maintaining a beautiful garden, with the chickens actually serving to help the garden prosper. Gardening with Free-Range Chickens For Dummies also features guidance and step-by-step instructions for designing and implementing a host of different chicken garden plans, along with detailed information on the best plants and landscaping materials for the garden (and the ones to avoid), seasonal considerations, attractive fencing options, how to control predators and pests, and much more.    had more than 60,000 members as of 2010, up from 35,000 in 2009 and 12,000 in June 2008 ( Chickens are great gardening assistants, with lots of benefits for a home garden and landscape— from soil-building to managing pests and weeds Home gardens can be great chicken habitats if designed well, and Gardening with Free-Range Chickens For Dummies provides a plain-spoken guide with step-by-step guidance for creating a gorgeous, chicken-friendly landscape that helps the chickens and the garden to thrive.

Rob Ludlow is the owner of the largest chicken information resource and enthusiast site on the Internet, Rob is the author of Raising Chickens For Dummies and co-author of Building Chicken Coops For Dummies. Bonnie Manion has a very popular “garden lifestyle” blog: Bonnie has been featured in U.S. gardening magazines with her gardens, organic practices, chickens, and designs.


Mathematics Consumer Dummies 1001 CALCULUS PRACTICE PROBLEMS FOR DUMMIES Calculus • 978-1-118-49671-8 Paper • 432 • 20.32 x 25.40 cm. • 02/14/2014 1001 Calculus Practice Problems For Dummies takes readers beyond the instruction and guidance offered in Calculus For Dummies, giving them 1001 opportunities to practice solving problems from the major topics in calculus. Practice problems range in difficulty and include detailed explanations and stepby-step instruction to provide readers with the hands-on tools they need.   

Many colleges and universities require students to take at least one math course, and Calculus is often the entry-level option Calculus is a powerful tool to study the ways in which the variables interact Physics, astronomy, mathematics, and engineering make particularly heavy use of calculus

Calculus For Dummies (9780764524981) has been translated into Portuguese (Alta) and German (WileyVCH).

Medicine John Pezzullo BIOSTATISTICS FOR DUMMIES Biostatistics • 978-1-118-55398-5 Paper • 384 • 18.73 x 23.50 cm. • 07/19/2013 Biostatistics For Dummies provides students of medicine, epidemiology, forestry, agriculture, bioinformatics, public health, and statistics with techniques and clinical examples to help them understand the key concepts in statistics as they relate to biological sciences. This title tracks to a biostatistics course at the undergraduate or graduate level. The information presented also appeals to those searching for a reference to help them interpret biological data and statistics in professional bioscience settings (such as when conducting clinical trials).   

Excellent resource for those preparing to take these difficult exams Explosive growth in statistical reasoning and methods is one of the most important health science developments in recent history Biostatisticians charged with finding answers to some of the world’s most pressing health questions: how safe or effective are drugs hitting the market today? What causes autism? What are the risk factors for cardiovascular disease?

John C. Pezzullo has held academic positions at Wayne State University and Georgetown University, in the departments of Biomathematics and Biostatistics, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Pharmacology, and currently serves as an Adjunct Associate Professor for Internal Medicine. He has taught introductory and advanced biostatistical courses at Georgetown, has analyzed data from over 100 clinical trials and other research projects, and has authored or co-authored over 170 peer-reviewed research papers.


Consumer Dummies PATHOLOGY FOR DUMMIES Pathology • 978-1-118-45338-4 Paper • 384 • 18.73 x 23.50 cm. • 09/19/2013 Nurses, doctors, physical therapists, and even massage and acupuncture therapists often elect to take courses in pathology to further their understanding of how disease is diagnosed and treated. The material covered in Pathology For Dummies presents a friendly, unintimidating overview of the material covered in a typical high-level course.    

Histology Microscopy Gross Anatomy Immunology

Pathology For Dummies is for those readers who are currently enrolled in a first year pathology course as well as those interested in learning more about the processes and techniques that are used to study disease and its effect on the body.

Music Brett McQueen, Alistair Wood UKULELE EXERCISES FOR DUMMIES Music • 978-1-118-50685-1 Paper • US$ 22.99 • 240 pages • 18.73 x 23.50 cm. • 03/11/2013 Ukulele? Check. Some basic knowledge? Check. Ready to build your skills with a bit of practice? Well, you’re in luck. Ukulele Exercises For Dummies provides hours of fun instruction that will have you strumming and picking better than before. Add in the downloadable mp3 files featuring all of the music and exercises found in the book, and you have the perfect ukulele companion. You have a ukulele, you know just enough to be dangerous, and now you’re ready to do something with it. You’re in luck: Ukulele Exercises For Dummies can help you become a better player. This lay-flat, practice-based book focuses on the skills that entry-level players often find challenging and provides tips, tricks and plenty of cool exercises that will have you creating music in no time that include:     

Preparing to practice before you pick up the ukulele Becoming a better strummer by learning the foundations for strumming Ten Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Practice times Becoming a better fingerpicker Downloadable audio files of the exercises found in the book, providing you with a self-contained practice package

Brett McQueen is a musician and songwriter and the founder of, one of the most popular ukulele sites in the world, where he provides audio, video, and written instructional material (along with personalized feedback) to freshly minted ukulele fans everywhere. Alistair Wood (Contributing Editor) is a ukulele player, transcriber, arranger, and the owner of the most popular ukulele site on the Internet —


Psychology Adam Cash PSYCHOLOGY FOR DUMMIES, 2ND EDITION Psychology General • 978-1-118-60359-8 Paper • 384 • 18.73 x 23.50 cm. • 07/03/2013 The science of psychology allows us to understand why we do the things we do. Yet the chemistry of the brain and the science of behavior can be a real challenge to fully comprehend. Psychology For Dummies, 2nd Edition includes updated, accessible explanations regarding psychology, allowing readers to better understand themselves and their brains. Adam Cash teaches psychology at both community college and university levels. He has worked as a clinical psychologist in a wide variety of settings and currently works as a forensic psychologist with mentally disordered criminal offenders. He is also in private practice, specializing in chronic mental illness, stress and coping, and men’s issues. Psychology For Dummies (9780764554346) has been translated into Greek (Klidarithmos), Simplified Chinese (Posts & Telecom Press), Portuguese (Alta), Spanish (Centro), Dutch (Pearson), Italian (Mondadori), German (Wiley-VCH), Polish (Helion), Bulgarian (AlexSoft), French (EFI) and Russian.

Patrizia Collard MINDFULNESS-BASED COGNITIVE THERAPY FOR DUMMIES General Self-Help • 978-1-118-51946-2 Paper • US$ 22.99 • 384 pages • 18.73 x 23.50 cm. • 07/01/2013 Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy For Dummies takes you through the eight week MBCT course, using the principles of mindfulness to complement established CBT techniques. MBCT will help you to lower their risk of relapsing into depression and reduce the risk of other mental health disorders including anxiety, stress and low self-esteem, providing a solid foundation for positive mental health. It teaches you to pay attention to the present, rather than fixating on the past or worrying about the future. Patrizia Collard works as a counsellor, trainer, coach and therapist. She uses cognitive behavioural therapy, rational emotive behaviour therapy, core energy management, drama therapy, yoga and meditation, relaxation and self-hypnosis, to mention but a few. Patrizia lived in the Far East for 9 years where she developed a uniquely holistic approach. Mindfulness For Dummies (9780470660867) has been translated into Dutch (Pearson), Simplified Chinese (Posts & Telecom Press), French (EFI) and German (Wiley-VCH). Cognitive Behavioural Therapy For Dummies (9780470018385) has been translated into Portuguese (Alta), Dutch (Pearson), Slovenian (Pasadena), German (Wiley-VCH), Italian (Mondadori), Bulgarian (AlexSoft) and French (EFI).


Brent Bradley, James Furrow EMOTIONALLY FOCUSED COUPLES THERAPY FOR DUMMIES General Self-Help • 978-1-118-51231-9 Paper • US$ 22.99 • 360 pages • 18.73 x 23.50 cm. • 07/08/2013 Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy For Dummies will introduce readers to this ground-breaking therapy, which has been consistently proven to be one of the most successful for individuals and couples suffering from emotional difficulties. Bonding, attachment and emotions are the universal cornerstones of all relationships. However, many people find it difficult to connect with others and feel disengaged from their loved ones, unable to communicate and resolve their emotional issues effectively. The basics of EFT     

Resolve unpleasant emotions without suppressing them Respond to complex issues and relationships Case studies and examples EFT exercises Working with an EFT-certified therapist

Unlike cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), EFT works with people’s complex emotions by assuming these feelings can be a source of healing. While CBT provides very effective short-term coping skills, EFT is often recommended as a second-stage treatment for couples with emotional difficulties. Brent Bradley is Associate Professor of Family Therapy at the University of Houston. He is president of The Couple Zone – a Houston-based therapy, training, and research institute that specializes in couple therapy ( and is co-author of the Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy Workbook, and co-editor of the Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy Casebook. James Furrow is the Evelyn and Frank Freed Professor of Marital and Family Therapy and Chair of the Department of Marriage and Family at Fuller Graduate School of Psychology, Pasadena, California. He is co-author of Becoming an EFT Therapist: The Workbook and co-editor of The EFT Casebook.


Religion Jonathan Herman TAOISM FOR DUMMIES General & Introductory Religion & Theology • 978-1-118-42396-7 Paper • US$ 19.99 • 384 pages • 18.73 x 23.50 cm. • 06/24/2013 Exploring the philosophy, traditions, and scriptures of one of the world’s major religions, and one of the oldest, Taoism For Dummies provides a comprehensive introduction to this fascinating and influential faith. Taoism For Dummies is ideal reading for religious and Asian studies students and those seeking to better understand an ancient and complex faith.       

The origins of religious and philosophical Taoism The multiple interpretations of Taoism Taoism in China today Western interpretations of Taoism Important Taoist concepts The Yin and Yang Taoist practices

Jonathan Herman received his PhD in Chinese Religion from Harvard University in 1992. He is currently the Director of Undergraduate Studies and Associate Professor of Religious Studies at Georgia State University in Atlanta, where he teaches courses in Taoism, Confucianism, Buddhism, Shinto, world religions, comparative mysticism, and critical theory in the study of religion. He is the author of I and Tao: Martin Buber's Encounter with Chuang Tzu (State University of New York Press), as well as several book chapters and journal articles on various aspects of Taoism and Chinese religion. He was an officer of the Society for the Study of Chinese Religion for twelve years. Buddhism For Dummies (9780764553592) has been translated into Portuguese (Alta), Spanish (Centro), German (Wiley-VCH), Dutch (Pearson) and French (EFI).


Science Ken Vos BIOPHYSICS FOR DUMMIES Biophysics • 978-1-118-51350-7 Paper • US$ 22.99 • 432 pages • 18.73 x 23.50 cm. • 06/27/2013 Biophysics For Dummies presents a friendly, unintimidating overview of the material covered in a typical college-level biophysics course.Biophysics is an interdisciplinary subject where the methods of physical sciences are used to study biological systems. Biophysics courses are taken by students in biophysics programs, in addition to those studying biology, physics, chemistry, biochemistry, physiology, math, statistics, bioengineering, nanotechnology, neuroscience, computer science, pharmacology, agriculture, and many more.      

The nature of biophysics Mathematical and physical formulas that can be applied to biological systems Molecular structure of biological systems The dynamics of biological systems Environmental factors related to biophysics Kinetics of biological systems

Ken Vos teaches Biophysics at the University of Lethbridge and won the “University of Lethbridge’s Distinguished Teaching Award” in 2008. His research interests include topics in biophysics research with application to cancer treatment. Biology For Dummies (9780764553264) has been translated into Portuguese (Alta), Dutch (Pearson) and German (Wiley-VCH). Physics For Dummies (9780764554339) has been translated into Portuguese (Alta), Dutch (Pearson), Russian and German (Wiley-VCH).

Heather Hattori 1001 CHEMISTRY PRACTICE PROBLEMS FOR DUMMIES General Chemistry • 978-1-118-54932-2 Paper • 432 pages • 20.32 x 25.40 cm. • 08/09/2013 Every high school requires a course in chemistry, and many universities require the course for majors in medicine, engineering, biology, and various other sciences. 1001 Chemistry Practice Problems For Dummies takes readers beyond the instruction and guidance offered in Chemistry For Dummies, giving them 1001 opportunities to practice solving problems from the major topics in chemistry, as well as an online component with a collection of problems presented in multiple choice format. Heather Hattori taught chemistry, physics, physical science, sheltered science classes, and environmental science for 20 years. She is co-author of Practice Makes Perfect Chemistry (McGraw Hill). Chemistry For Dummies (9780764554308) has been translated into Portuguese (Alta), Dutch (Pearson), German (Wiley-VCH), Russian and Indonesian (PT Intan Pariwara).


Tech Dummies Business & Economics Aliza Sherman, Danielle Smith SOCIAL MEDIA ENGAGEMENT FOR DUMMIES Strategic Marketing • 978-1-118-53019-1 Paper • US$ 24.99 • 384 • 18.73 x 23.50 cm. • 06/03/2013 Social Media Engagement For Dummies will show small business owners and marketers the fundamentals of social media engagement, the ingredient that puts the “social” into social media marketing. Readers will master the techniques in this book and be able to connect with potential customers, convert them into customers, turn them into evangelists for their company, and boost their bottom line.        

Building trust & credibility Being present Creating connections i.e. relationship building Sparking conversations Encouraging sharing Using social networks to engage Using other techniques, i.e. email marketing and SEO, to engage Using video and blogs to engage

Aliza Sherman launched the first full-service Internet company, Cybergrrl, Inc., and the first global Internet networking organization for women, Webgrrls International. She is the author of 9 books, including Mom, Incorporated, which she co-authored with Danielle Smith. Danielle Smith is a digital correspondent, speaker, media trainer, vlogger and co-author of the book, Mom, Incorporated. She is the founder of, and she is an award winning former Television News Anchor, and has appeared on The CBS Early Show, Headline News, MSNBC, and NPR.


Greg Holden STARTING AN ONLINE BUSINESS FOR DUMMIES, 7TH EDITION Internet Business • 978-1-118-60778-7 Paper • US$ 24.99 • 432 • 18.73 x 23.50 cm. • 06/03/2013 th

Starting an Online Business For Dummies, 7 Edition, is a friendly reference for novice readers interested in gaining the skills to establish an online aspect to a brick-and-mortar business or to build an online business from the ground up. The seventh edition of Starting an Online Business For Dummies is a 25-35 percent update and reorganization reflecting the newest trends in online commerce. Greg Holden presents your online business as a three-sided triangle encompassing your business website, social networking and marketing, and expanding to new markets. The book is aligned to help you first get your website up and going and provides you with ideas on how to research in order to find areas that are hot. Then the book tells you how to market your website and provide great service to keep customers happy and coming back. The book then explains how to find new markets to expand into. Greg Holden is the founder of Stylus Media, which specializes in creating Web pages for small businesses. Greg is the author of more than thirty books on computers and the Internet, specializing in books about online business.

Starting an Online Business For Dummies, 4th Edition (9780764583346) was translated into Simplified Chinese (China Machine Press) Starting An Online Business For Dummies (9780764504648) was translated into Spanish (Norma) and Dutch (Pearson) Starting an Online Business For Dummies, 2nd Edition (9780764506888) was translated into French (EFI) and German (Wiley-VCH)

Marsha Collier EBAY BUSINESS ALL-IN-ONE FOR DUMMIES®, 3RD EDITION Web Site Development / Electronic Commerce • 978-1-118-40166-8 Paper • US$ 34.99 • 864 • 18.73 x 23.50 cm. • 06/12/2013 This 3rd edition provides needed updates to cover the changes to eBay's listing and selling tools as well as expand the business building information to cover marketing and selling with the aid of social media tools. Marsha Collier is a marketing professional turned eBay guru. Her eBay titles in the For Dummies series combine for over one million sales. She branched into social media topics with Facebook & Twitter For Seniors For Dummies and The Ultimate Online Customer Service Guide. Forbes recognized her expanding influence and named her on their Top 50 Social Media Power Influencers list in January 2012. Starting an eBay Business For Dummies, 2nd Edition (9780764569241) has been translated into German (Wiley-VCH) and Simplified Chinese (China Machine Press).


John Haydon FACEBOOK MARKETING FOR DUMMIES, 4TH EDITION Internet Business • 978-1-118-40038-8 Paper • US$ 24.99 • 360 • 18.73 x 23.50 cm. • 06/17/2013 Facebook Marketing For Dummies, 4th Edition will continue to focus on strategies, tactics and techniques, combined with real-world case studies to provide the novice to expert marketers with the knowledge he or she needs to plan or refine a Facebook marketing campaign. It will be fully updated to cover the latest tools and techniques that Facebook implements to help marketers reach the Facebook audience.       

Creating and administering your Page Timeline Understanding the psychology of the Facebook user Building your fan base Using tools such as events, contests and polls to promote your Page Increasing brand awareness Integrating your Facebook marketing campaign with your other marketing campaigns Monitoring, measuring and adjusting your Facebook marketing campaigns

John Haydon is a leading expert on helping nonprofits use Facebook to market their causes, conduct online fundraising, and enhance their brands. He owns Inbound Zombie, a consultancy in Cambridge, MA, where he provides strategy and training on Facebook (and other social media) to nonprofits.

Facebook Marketing For Dummies, 2nd Edition (9780470923245) has been translated into Korean (Lux Media).

Bernard Golden AMAZON WEB SERVICES FOR DUMMIES Other Software (Non-Microsoft) • 978-1-118-57183-5 Paper • US$ 29.99 • 384 • 18.73 x 23.50 cm. • 08/05/2013 Amazon Web Services For Dummies will provide a thorough introduction to Amazon Web Services. Readers can pick up the book, knowing nothing about the topic, and, having read it through, be conversant with all aspects of the subject, including Amazon EC2 and Amazon S3. The book begins with an overview of the Amazon Web Services tool set, and then moves into practical examples and step lists that help readers experiment with Amazon Web Services and implement a web site that utilizes AWS. Bernard Golden is the vice-president in charge of enterprise solutions at enStratus Networks, a global cloud computing management software company. He is the cloud computing advisor for, where his blog is read by tens of thousands of people weekly and is syndicated through the IDG network. A global speaker on cloud computing issues, Bernard was named in 2012 as one of the Top Ten Influential People of Cloud Computing by Wired Magazine. Bernard is the author of Virtualization For Dummies.


Cynthia Stackpole Snyder PMP CERTIFICATION ALL-IN-ONE FOR DUMMIES, 2ND EDITION Project Management • 978-1-118-54012-1 Paper • 864 • 18.73 x 23.50 cm. • 09/05/2013 PMP Certification All-In-One For Dummies 2e will be completely updated to reflect changes coming to the PMBOK in 2013. The book provides the reader with 800+ pages of fresh, new, and totally up-to-date comprehensive content designed to correlate with the knowledge tested in the domains of the PMBOK as required to be PMP certified. The book also helps the reader navigate the various requirements to become PMP certified. The book will be packed with review questions written by the author. Cynthia Snyder is a professional project management consultant, instructor and author. She has written six books on project management and PMP topics and is an active volunteer with the Project Management Institute. In 2009 she won the Distinguished Contribution Award for her contributions to the profession. Cynthia was the Project Manager for the PMBOK® Guide -- Fourth Edition.

WILEY DATA VISUALIZATION FOR DUMMIES Other Software (Non-Microsoft) • 978-1-118-50289-1 Paper • US$ 34.99 • 352 • 18.73 x 23.34 cm. • 09/19/2013 Data Visualization For Dummies illustrates how to handle and synthesize data into meaningful and visual reports and representations. This 4 Color, visually appealing title will show readers how to think about their data in ways other than columns and rows. Data Visualization For Dummies fills a gap in the market by honing in on data presentation and effective visuals, which are lacking in other texts. What are the most meaningful ways to show trending? How do you show relationships in data? How do you make your data stand out to your audience? How do you convey complex data into a clear and concise diagram? How do you show impossible amounts of data without inundating your audience? In Data Visualization For Dummies, readers will get answers to all of these questions. Part technical manual, part analytical guidebook; this title will help users go from reporting data with simple tables full of dull numbers, to creating hi-impact visuals that will wow an audience while providing useful and detailed information.


Computer Hardware & Smartphones Bill Hughes SAMSUNG GALAXY S IV FOR DUMMIES Computer Hardware (general) • 978-1-118-64222-1 Paper • US$ 24.99 • 320 • 18.73 x 23.34 cm. • 07/11/2013 This book documents all the features and capabilities of Samsung Galaxy S IV device, approaching them from the point of view of a user who is intimidated by the technology and baffled by the documentation and online support that comes with the phones. All aspects of the suite of devices are covered, from setup and configuration, to extensive use of the phone features and capabilities: texting, e-mailing, accessing the Internet, maps, navigation, camera and video, social networking, taking pictures, watching movies, downloading apps, synching with a PC, and expanding the phone’s potential with new software releases. The accessible and fun writing style provides clear direction and doesn’t hinder the book’s important content and coverage. Readers will keep this book close by, referring to it often as they explore the features of their new Samsung Galaxy S IV smartphone. Bill Hughes is an experienced marketing strategy executive with over two decades of experience in sales, strategic marketing, and business development roles at several leading corporations including Microsoft, IBM, General Electric, Motorola, and U S WEST Cellular.

Kalani Kirk Hausman 3D PRINTERS FOR DUMMIES Computer Peripherals (printers, modems, scanners, etc.) • 978-1-118-66075-1 Paper • US$ 29.99 • 384 • 18.73 x 23.50 cm. • 09/03/2013 Within a short period of time, 3D printers will print artificial organs, foods and candies, clothing, medical implants, replacement parts for older technologies, and even entire buildings! People who create prototypes with 3D printers today can upload their designs via the web to manufacturing facilities that fashion the designs from plastic, ceramic, stainless steel, gold, silver and many other materials before returning the finished products in a matter of days. Recent versions of 3D Printers have the ability to create objects using multiple materials and in full color, offering a truly transformative opportunity to render any object in 3D solid form - suited to individual taste and adjustable at will – truly the next industrial revolution! Kirk Hausman has been an IT professional for more than 20 years as a consultant, enterprise architect, auditor and ISO. He currently works at Texas A&M University conducting research focused on integrating 3D printed materials into educational curricula.


Desktop Applications John Walkenbach 101 EXCEL 2013 TIPS, TRICKS AND TIMESAVERS Microsoft Excel • 978-1-118-64218-4 Paper • US$ 34.99 • 300 • 18.73 x 23.50 cm. • 06/06/2013 101 Excel 2013 Tips, Tricks & Timesavers consists of a series of non-trivial tips and tricks that cover all aspects of Excel. Tips are improved ways of maximizing the power of Excel to create robust applications. Tricks are shortcuts that will speed up application development with Excel. John Walkenbach shares his favorites, including tips and tricks dealing with function arguments, creating "impossible" charts, pivot tables, taming the Ribbon bar, using UserForms, creating add-ins, absolute vs. relative references, changing data entry orientation, overcoming the 7-level nesting limit, dynamic chart data, sorting more than three columns, entering fake data for testing purposes, custom functions, and much, much more. This book is packed with information that every user needs in order to become a power user and to master the challenges that come with using Excel! John Walkenbach principal of J-Walk and Associates Inc. is a leading authority on spreadsheet software and creator of the award-winning Power Utility Pak. He has written more than 50 books and 300 articles and reviews for publications including PC World, InfoWorld, and Windows. Excel 2013 For Dummies (9781118510124) has been translated into French (EFI), Italian (Hoepli), Dutch (Pearson) and German (Wiley VCH).

Faithe Wempen EXCEL 2013 ELEARNING KIT FOR DUMMIES Microsoft Excel • 978-1-118-49304-5 Paper • US$ 39.99 • 368 pages • 18.73 x 23.34 cm. • 06/21/2013 Dummies eLearning Kits are the complete package for learning! The book with CD-Rom kit includes a full color tutorial book along with a fully interactive, Dummies-branded eLearning course. The learner can follow the CD, use just the book, or use both! The design of the eLearning Kit reflects the increasing interconnectedness of traditional learning materials with interactive online components. The book/CD-Rom package offers both to the user to use together or separately, but still giving guidance for a productive and flexible learning experience. Faithe Wempen is an associate instructor at Indiana University Purdue University at Indianapolis (IUPUI). She teaches Computer Hardware and Software Architecture. She is an online instructor for where she develops and teaches courses on Microsoft Office applications, PC purchase and upgrade, home office setup/maintenance, and emerging hardware technologies. Her courses have educated over 250,000 students through free online classes for clients including Hewlett-Packard, Mead, and Sony. Excel 2013 For Dummies (9781118510124) has been translated into French (EFI), Italian (Hoepli), Dutch (Pearson) and German (Wiley VCH).


Digital Photography Julie Adair King NIKON D7100 FOR DUMMIES Digital Cameras & Photography • 978-1-118-53046-7 Paper • US$ 29.99 • 416 • 18.73 x 23.34 cm. • 05/10/2013 The For Dummies series has helped over 170,000 Nikon DSLR users understand their cameras. This fullcolor guide covers the D7100, a model aimed at motivated hobbyists but priced for beginners, and helps new Nikon D7100 users get a better grasp on their camera's controls as it guides them through getting better photos with the model.    

Fast Track to Super Snaps - getting the feel for the camera, shooting in Auto mode, managing playback options, basic troubleshooting Taking Creative Control - adjusting manual settings to get better results from exposure, lighting, focus and color, then applying those settings to photo sessions. Also offers a full chapter on video mode along with the new autofocus features of the camera. Working with Picture Files - sending images to a computer for organizing, editing, and sharing The Part of Tens - tips on photo editing and select features

Julie Adair King has been covering digital cameras and photography for over a decade. She has written For Dummies guides covering specific Nikon and Canon digital SLR cameras, as well as Digital Photography For Dummies. She works one-on-one with beginning digital photographers in the classroom at the Palm Beach Photographic Centre.

Julie Adair King CAMERA N1 FOR DUMMIES Digital Cameras & Photography • 978-1-118-20497-9 Paper • US$ 29.99 • 384 pages • 18.73 x 23.34 cm. • 01/02/2014 The For Dummies series is a leader in the DSLR how-to guide market. Our books on Nikon DSLR cameras have combined to sell over 135,000 copies. This book covers the latest midrange DSLR from Nikon.    

Fast Track to Super Snaps - getting the feel for the camera, shooting in Auto mode, managing playback options, basic troubleshooting Taking Creative Control - adjusting manual settings to get better results from exposure, lighting, focus and color, then applying those settings to photo sessions. Also offers a full chapter on video mode along with the new autofocus features of the camera. Working with Picture Files - sending images to a computer for organizing, editing, and sharing The Part of Tens - tips on photo editing and select features

Julie Adair King has been covering digital cameras and photography for over a decade. Along with the six editions of Digital Photography For Dummies, Julie has also written For Dummies guides covering specific Nikon and Canon digital SLR cameras.


Julie Adair King CAMERA C2 FOR DUMMIES Digital Cameras & Photography • 978-1-118-33596-3 Paper • US$ 29.99 • 384 • 18.73 x 23.34 cm. • 06/06/2013 The For Dummies series is a leader in the DSLR how-to guide market. Our books on Canon DSLR cameras have combined to sell over 100,000 copies. This book covers the latest midrange/prosumer DSLR from Canon. This For Dummies guide aims squarely at novice DSLR users looking for a guide to help them better understand their Canon camera. The book introduces users to the camera's main functions and offers examples on how to use them to create effective digital photos.        

Exploring the on-board controls Shooting in auto mode Using live view and playback modes Dialing in exposure and lighting controls Manipulating focus and color controls Situational shooting Getting pics onto a PC for editing Printing, posting online, and other ways to share images

Julie Adair King has been covering digital cameras and photography for over a decade. Along with the six editions of Digital Photography For Dummies, Julie has also written For Dummies guides covering specific Nikon and Canon digital SLR cameras.

Internet/Social Media Peter Pollock WEB HOSTING FOR DUMMIES Web Site Development • 978-1-118-54057-2 Paper • US$ 24.99 • 312 pages • 18.73 x 23.50 cm. • 04/29/2013 Web Hosting For Dummies breaks down all the functions of web hosting, and shows readers everything they need to know to get the most from their hosting plan in a simple, easy to understand way. It will help both potential site owners and current ones get to grips with the different aspects of web hosting and how and when to use them. Peter Pollock is a blogger, web host, and a speaker on web hosting, site security and building websites.


Lisa Sabin-Wilson WORDPRESS ALL-IN-ONE FOR DUMMIES, 2ND EDITION Web Site Development • 978-1-118-38334-6 Paper • US$ 34.99 • 912 pages • 18.73 x 23.50 cm. • 05/16/2013 WordPress All-in-One For Dummies, 2nd Edition is targeted at the user. users will find that this book covers topics that they do not need to know about to run a blog. The book will be fully updated to the first WordPress release in 2013. Lisa Sabin-Wilson is the founder and Creative Director of E.Webscapes Design Studio, a web design company specializing in blog design and development, with an emphasis on WordPress custom design. Lisa is also the best-selling author of WordPress For Dummies and WordPress Web Design For Dummies. WordPress For Dummies, 2nd Edition (9780470402962) has been translated into French (EFI) and Russian.

Steve Olenski STUMBLEUPON FOR DUMMIES Internet General • 978-1-118-50533-5 Paper • US$ 16.99 • 240 • 15.24 x 22.86 cm. • 06/03/2013 StumbleUpon For Dummies will show new users how to discover new and interesting content using StumbleUpon. A Part of the book will also focus on how content publishers and marketers can create content that is discovered on StumbleUpon.        

Setting up your profile Using the website Using the mobile app Installing a browser bar for easier Stumbling Stumbling and sharing content on other social networks Creating a channel Using Paid Discovery Installing a Stumble button on your website to encourage people to Stumble your content

Steve Olenski was named one of the Top 100 Most Influential People in Social Media by Social Technology Review. Currently a contributing writer for such publications as Forbes, Social Media Today, Social Media Mags, Business Insider and Branding Magazine, to name a few - the topics he covers are advertising, marketing, branding and of course, social media. Nick Robinson is the director of client services and a managing partner at Social Media HQ. He handles much of the brainwork behind analytics, success metrics, ROI, and overall social media strategy for clients in just about every line of business.


M. Culbertson BLOG DESIGN FOR DUMMIES Graphics & Design software (Non-Microsoft) • 978-1-118-55480-7 Paper • US$ 29.99 • 352 • 18.73 x 23.34 cm. • 07/01/2013 Blog Design For Dummies is a design guide for the average blogger. Most bloggers don’t have experience with design or coding. They simply have a voice they want to share through their blog. Whether they design a blog themselves, hire someone or purchase pre-made design elements, this book will give them to tools to understand what makes a blog successful from a design standpoint. Melissa Culbertson is a marketing communicator and blogger. She’s also the author of DIY Blog Critique and creator of Content Brew, an online blogging course about content planning. Melissa has written and designed content for numerous websites and has overseen website redesigns.

Kris Black SQUARESPACE 6 FOR DUMMIES Web Site Development • 978-1-118-57538-3 Paper • US$ 24.99 • 312 • 18.73 x 23.50 cm. • 07/01/2013 Squarespace 6 For Dummies will show readers how to use the new features and tools in Squarespace 6. The focus will be on utilizing the LayoutEngine tool to create a flexible, visually rich pages for a variety of audiences. The book will also cover the next-generation features of Squarespace 6. Kris Black lives life slinging code Web designing and building websites, exclusively on the Squarespace platform. Kris is a customer support specialist at Squarespace, Inc, and is a freelance writer, designer, and illustrator. He is the author of the e-Book Squarespace For Dummies.

Carolyn Abram FACEBOOK FOR DUMMIES, 5TH EDITION Internet General • 978-1-118-63312-0 Paper • US$ 21.99 • 360 • 18.73 x 23.50 cm. • 07/15/2013 Facebook For Dummies remains a bestselling title thanks to its straightforward approach to demystifying the nuts & bolts of Facebook. Designed to help new users as well as those trying to figure out the latest round of updates, this 5th edition addresses the changes to the site since the launch of the Timeline profile. Carolyn Abram became a Facebook employee when the site was still the playground of college students and worked for the company through their largest period of growth. She recently completed her MFA in creative writing at California College of the Arts and had her first fiction work published in 2013. Previous editions of Facebook For Dummies have been translated into: German (Wiley-VCH), French (EFI) and Italian (Mondadori).


Sue Jenkins HTML5 AND CSS3 FOR DUMMIES Web Site Development / HTML • 978-1-118-58863-5 Paper • US$ 29.99 • 384 • 18.73 x 23.34 cm. • 07/26/2013 HTML5 & CSS3 For Dummies offers what designers need to know to create beautiful and functional websites with HTML5 and CSS3. True to the For Dummies promise, the book helps the reader master the basics to really use the technologies without getting bogged down in unnecessary, superfluous information. Sue Jenkins is an in-demand designer and illustrator with an extensive client list of small businesses and non-profit organizations. She's also a trainer, helping students master the basics of web building and design. Sue has written the second edition of Web Design All-in-One For Dummies. She has also written books on Dreamweaver and Illustrator.

Lisa Sabin-Wilson WORDPRESS WEB DESIGN FOR DUMMIES, 2ND EDITION Web Site Development • 978-1-118-54661-1 Paper • US$ 29.99 • 384 • 18.73 x 23.34 cm. • 09/03/2013 WordPress Web Design For Dummies, 2nd Edition will assume that the reader already has the basic and fundamental knowledge of the WordPress software. It covers how users can use WordPress as a tool to create a customized and individualized design for their web site using complimentary technologies such as CSS, HTML, graphic design, PHP, and MySQL. Readers will see how organizations, individuals and companies are using WordPress to power their very customized Web site through case studies. Will be updated through version 3.6 of WordPress. Lisa Sabin-Wilson is the founder and Creative Director of E.Webscapes Design Studio, a web design company specializing in blog design and development, with an emphasis on WordPress custom design. Lisa is also a frequent public speaker and talks on the subject of WordPress development and design at conferences around the country. Lisa is the best-selling author of WordPress For Dummies and WordPress All-in-One For Dummies.


Ed Henderson CSS3 FOR DUMMIES Web Site Development • 978-1-118-44142-8 Paper • US$ 29.99 • 384 • 18.73 x 23.50 cm. • 09/10/2013 CSS3 possesses many new features that have web developers and designers excited. Better mobile compatibility, improved reading experience, less manual site maintenance, cleaner code, and basic interactivity without JavaScript are just a handful. And the power of HTML5 is severely limited without CSS3 – get the friendly guide for using CSS3 – CSS3 For Dummies! Aimed at basic Web developers who may or may not have been exposed to HTML or CSS, or tools like Dreamweaver, this book will explain in depth how CSS3 effects and transforms work, where they work, and how to use them for animation and interactivity.   

Defining and applying CSS3 effects that work in multiple browsers Defining and applying CSS3 transforms that work in multiple browsers Animating CSS3 effects and transforms with CSS and (very basic) JavaScript

Ed Henderson is an experienced web developer with a love for designing & building things online with vast experience in all aspects of the industry, from web pages to web apps and social media.Ed thrives on coming up with fresh ideas. He has been a programmer and software developer.


Programming Languages Barry Burd JAVA PROGRAMMING FOR ANDROID DEVELOPERS FOR DUMMIES Object Technologies - Java • 978-1-118-50438-3 Paper • US$ 29.99 • 384 • 18.73 x 23.50 cm. • 06/20/2013 Java remains a popular programming language and is experiencing a surge in large part due to the demand for Android applications. Many mobile developers want to create Android apps but lack the necessary Java background. This book will get both novice Java/Android programmers up and running in no time – no prior knowledge/experience required! Beginning Android Programming with Java For Dummies starts would-be Android and Java programmers on their way toward Java mastery for Android by showing them basic development concepts and techniques in context of Java. The book explores what goes into creating an Android program, how to put the pieces together, dealing with standard programming challenges, debugging, and making it work. Dr. Barry Burd is the author of all editions of Java2 For Dummies, Beginning Programming with Java For Dummies, Ruby on Rails For Dummies and Android Application Development All-in-One For Dummies. Barry is a CS professor at Drew University where he has been named to Drew's "List of Teachers Ranked as Excellent by Students" five times. Beginning Programming with Java For Dummies, 3rd Edition (9780470371749) has been translated into Portuguese (Alta) and Russian. Various editions of Java For Dummies have been translated into German (Wiley-VCH), Italian (Mondadori), Russian, Hungarian (Taramix), Portuguese (Alta), French (EFI), and Simplified Chinese (PHEI).


Ed Tittel, Chris Minnick BEGINNING HTML5 AND CSS3 FOR DUMMIES Web Site Development / HTML • 978-1-118-65720-1 Paper • 448 • 18.73 x 23.34 cm. • 08/15/2013 HTML5 and CSS3 have ushered in a new era in web development and web design. This book focuses on getting readers who are new to HTML5 and CSS3 started with the basics – introducing and explaining the syntax and structure of the languages. Richly illustrated in FULL COLOR. Beginning HTML5 and CSS3 For Dummies helps readers get to know HTML5 and CSS3, create and view a web page, HTML5 element syntax and structure, understanding CSS3 and what it’s good for, CSS3 rules and style sheets, HTML5 tables and forms, deprecated HTML and elements to avoid, CSS3 styles and attributes, making CSS3 work, common mistakes and fixes, cool HTML5 tools, understanding responsive web design, and more. Ed Tittel is a 30-year veteran of the technology industry. Ed spent his first six years in the industry writing code, primarily for database-related systems and applications. A seasoned author and consultant, Ed has more than 140 books to his credit including the bestselling HTML For Dummies. Chris Minnick is the founder and CEO of Minnick, LLC. He teaches and consults on the mobile web and has written numerous books and articles on a wide range of Internet-related topics since the mid 1990s. His most recent book is WebKit For Dummies. HTML For Dummies has been translated into Swedish (IDG Sweden), Italian (Apogeo) and Simplified Chinese (Image Art Publishing).

Barry Burd JAVA FOR DUMMIES, 6TH EDITION Object Technologies - Java • 978-1-118-40780-6 Paper • US$ 29.99 • 408 • 18.73 x 23.50 cm. • 08/22/2013 Java For Dummies remains the straightforward reference on Java, covering object-oriented programming basics with Java, code reuse, the essentials of creating a Java program using the new JDK 8. The book helps readers create basic Java objects as well as figure out when they can reuse existing code. This edition is updated to cover the changes with Java 8 including enhanced multimedia capabilities, updates for Android and cloud coverage and new programming features such as closures, new libraries, new tools, parallel frameworks and more. The book also has been updated with coverage of Jcreator, Netbeans and Eclipse. Dr. Barry Burd is the author of all editions of Java2 For Dummies, Beginning Programming with Java For Dummies, Ruby on Rails For Dummies and Android Application Development All-in-One For Dummies. Barry is a CS professor at Drew University where he has been named to Drew's "List of Teachers Ranked as Excellent by Students" five times. Various editions of Java For Dummies have been translated into German (Wiley-VCH), Italian (Mondadori), Russian, Hungarian (Taramix), Portuguese (Alta), French (EFI), and Simplified Chinese (PHEI).


Doug Lowe JAVA ALL-IN-ONE FOR DUMMIES, 4TH EDITION Object Technologies - Java • 978-1-118-40803-2 Paper • US$ 39.99 • 1008 • 18.73 x 23.50 cm. • 08/22/2013 Java All-In-One For Dummies 4e is a friendly, comprehensive reference covering both the server and language aspects of Java. Covers syntax basics and more intermediate to advanced programming – all presented in the friendly, plain English Dummies tone. The book is designed not to be a start-to-finish tome on Java but has selected the most critical pieces of information so the reader can get up and running quickly and come back to the book as a reference. New Java 8 features will be covered! Doug Lowe has been writing computer programming books since the guys who invented Java were still in high school. He's written books on COBOL, Fortran, Visual Basic, IBM mainframe computers, midrange systems, PCs, Web programming, and probably a few he's forgotten about. He's the best-selling author of more than 30 For Dummies books, including all editions of the Java All-In-One Desk Reference For Dummies. Various editions of Java For Dummies have been translated into German (Wiley-VCH), Italian (Mondadori), Russian, Hungarian (Taramix), Portuguese (Alta), French (EFI), and Simplified Chinese (PHEI).

Allen G. Taylor SQL FOR DUMMIES, 8TH EDITION Programming & Software Development • 978-1-118-60796-1 Paper • US$ 29.90 • 456 • 18.73 x 23.50 cm. • 10/07/2013 SQL For Dummies, 8th Edition, shows programmers and web developers how to use SQL to build relational databases and get valuable information from them. Written in the friendly and easy-tounderstand Dummies style, this book covers the core features of the SQL language. Topics covered include how to use SQL to structure a DBMS and implement a database design; secure a database; and retrieve information from a database. This edition reflects the new enhancements of SQL/:2011, including temporal data, which will be incorporated into all database examples. Temporal data allows the database creator to set valid times for transactions to occur, and helps to prevent database corruption. Allen G. Taylor is a 30-year veteran of the computer industry and the author of over 20 books, including SQL For Dummies and Crystal Reports For Dummies. He lectures nationally on databases, innovation, and entrepreneurship. He also teaches database development internationally through a leading online education provider. He teaches computer architecture locally at Portland State University and via distance learning at the International Institute for Information Science and Technology in Shanghai, China.


Barry Burd BEGINNING PROGRAMMING WITH JAVA FOR DUMMIES, 4TH EDITION Object Technologies - Java • 978-1-118-40781-3 Paper • US$ 29.99 • 408 • 18.73 x 23.50 cm. • 10/24/2013 Beginning Programming with Java For Dummies, 4E, starts would-be programmers on their way toward Java mastery by showing them basic development concepts and techniques in context of Java. The book explores what goes into creating a program, how to put the pieces together, dealing with standard programming challenges, debugging, and making it work. The release of Java 8 drives this revision. All examples are updated to reflect the changes in the latest technology. Author Barry Burd also offers new options for tools and techniques used in Java development. Dr. Barry Burd is the author of all editions of Java2 For Dummies, Beginning Programming with Java For Dummies, Ruby on Rails For Dummies and Android Application Development All-in-One For Dummies. Barry is a CS professor at Drew University where he has been named to Drew's "List of Teachers Ranked as Excellent by Students" five times. Barry writes frequently for several online publications including and he was just recently invited to write the cover article for the premier issue of BZ Media’s “Eclipse Review” magazine. Various editions of Java For Dummies have been translated into German (Wiley-VCH), Italian (Mondadori), Russian, Hungarian (Taramix), Portuguese (Alta), French (EFI), and Simplified Chinese (PHEI).

Andy Harris HTML, XHTML AND CSS ALL-IN-ONE FOR DUMMIES, 3RD EDITION Web Site Development / HTML • 978-1-118-28938-9 Paper • US$ 39.99 • 1080 • 18.73 x 23.50 cm. • 11/07/2013 rd

HTML, XHTML and CSS All-In-One For Dummies 3 Edition maintains the well-reviewed pedagogy of the st 1 edition and also includes the latest advancements in web development including HTML5 and CSS3. The book teaches the fundamentals of HTML, CSS and XHTML and explains clearly how to use HTML, CSS and XHTML in an integrated standpoint - the most effective web sites develop CSS and HTML together. JavaScript, Web 2.0 and Ajax are covered in the context of programming dynamic web pages using CSS, HTML and XHTML. The book will cover all of the latest standards. The website contains supporting materials including code and several valuable programs that are useful for web development. Andy Harris created many courses on numerous programming languages, and created a distributed education laboratory for creating streaming media course content. Andy has taught courses in nearly every mainstream (and obscure) programming language. He is active in the technology community, with regular conference talks and consultation with libraries, museums, and the state of Indiana. Andy is the author of all editions of HTML, XHTML and CSS All-In-One For Dummies, HTML5 For Dummies Quick Reference, and HTML5 Game Development For Dummies. HTML For Dummies has been translated into Swedish (IDG Sweden), Italian (Apogeo) and Simplified Chinese (Image Art Publishing).


M. Tim Jones HADOOP FOR DUMMIES Other Software (Non-Microsoft) • 978-1-118-60755-8 Paper • US$ 29.99 • 384 • 18.73 x 23.50 cm. • 12/02/2013 Big data has become an industry in itself, and Hadoop is the vehicle that extracts information from the growing massive data sets today's companies are holding. Big-data processing is a cross section of technical disciplines, including distributed systems (processing, storage, and networking), systems deployment and management, data science, and software development. Hadoop For Dummies educates readers about the new value of big data and how Hadoop can exploit that data to create real value. M. Tim Jones is a firmware architect for a major semiconductor manufacturer and holds a Masters degree in Computer Science. Tim's experience spans multiple industries for software and firmware architecture and development, from space and defense to medical, storage, and commercial product development. Tim is the author of many popular books, including Artificial Intelligence: A Systems nd nd Approach, GNU/Linux Application Programming, 2 Edition, and AI Application Programming, 2 Edition.

More Devices H. Ward Silver HAM RADIO FOR DUMMIES, 2ND EDITION Communication Technology • 978-1-118-59211-3 Paper • US$ 24.99 • 384 • 18.73 x 23.50 cm. • 08/01/2013 Ham Radio For Dummies, 2e has been fully updated to cover new operational and technical changes, as well as the new documentation provided by the ARRL. The book will reflect the operational and technical changes to amateur radio since the first edition was published in 2004.      

Updated licensing requirements and information Changes in digital communication (Internet, social media, GPS) Refocusing on the major reasons people get into amateur radio: emergency communication, digital communication, do-it-yourself science Changes to picking your own call sign Online mapping and charting websites Email via radio

Ward Silver has been a ham since 1972 when he earned his Novice license (WNØGQP). His experiences in ham radio led him to a 20-year career as an electrical engineer, designing microprocessor-based products and medical devices. Ward is Lead Editor and an author of several publications with the American Radio Relay League. His popular email newsletter, "The ARRL Contest Update" reaches 25,000 readers twice a month. He is the author of Two-Way Radios and Scanners For Dummies, and Circuitbuilding Do-It-Yourself For Dummies.


Jeff McCalla, C. C. Edwards TI-84 PLUS GRAPHING CALCULATOR FOR DUMMIES, 2ND EDITION Mathematics Special Topics • 978-1-118-59215-1 Paper • US$ 21.99 • 360 • 18.73 x 23.50 cm. • 06/03/2013 Ti-84 Plus Graphing Calculator For Dummies will include coverage of all 3 calculators in the TI-84 Plus family: the standard calculator, the TI-84 Plus Silver Edition, and the to-be-announced color screen edition. It will cover the updates to the operating system, new apps that can be downloaded via the USB cable, and will feature a color signature to showcase the new color screen device.      

Menus and basic arithmetic Graphing and analyzing functions Using the calculator for geometry Probability and statistics functions Communicating with PCs and other calculators Creating and Editing Matrices

Jeff McCalla teaches Algebra II and Pre-Calculus. As a regional instructor for Texas Instruments, Jeff has presented sessions at conferences all over the country. He is a co-founder of the TI-Nspire SuperUser group, dedicated to providing advanced training from the world's best technical authors.


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LBF13 For Dummies Right Guide  
LBF13 For Dummies Right Guide  

LBF13 For Dummies Right Guide