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Local and global expert advice! Some For Dummies books feature a flag on the front cover. When you see a flag, this indicates that the information within is most relevant to that country. If there is no flag, then the information is usually global, although some titles are USspecific such as business and personal finance.

icons All For Dummies titles feature helpful icons throughout. Icons can vary from title to title but the main ones are: Indicates extra important information that will be useful to readers after they have finished reading the book Highlights practical how-to tips that can save time, money, energy or make the subject easier to understand Explains any technical jargon in a no-nonsense and easy to understand way Straightforward advice on how to avoid common problems and mistakes


Original For Dummies • O  ur classic titles! The bestselling For Dummies brand covers over 1600 topics


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• H  as a modular format so readers can flick straight to the information they need • A  ll contain navigational icons, sidebars and useful ‘Part of Tens’ sections at the back


apoleon: yptian N g E e th Meeting is III Thutmos

sis III s Thutmo of Hatshepsut dom wa on New King and and step-s r of the the husb e-builde e empir 18th dynasty, tru st was The fir of the lled Isis, 450 BC) y wife ca ce king, he (1504–1 ter 5). condar ap father. On and a se epsut. (see Ch mosis II the death of his d aunt, Hatsh cout Th g on her an ally as e son of stepmot came kin led offici as sis III, th Thutmo ant when he be II’s widow, his utmosis III ru t ruled Egypt su Th sis inf sut and Hatshep still an Thutmo period Hatshep rried to was ma than 20 years, majority of this aside. III e re my, mosis h for th For mo in the ar ok althoug ung Thut to s training regents, pushing the yo ge year At this time, he ed to h, . d teena pharao eir reign der and continu his hood an th ild of ch 22 spent his epsut in year litary lea shows him at III mi d sis an ure 4-1 Thutmo of Hatsh grown adult own. Fig e death ly s on his as a ful until th e 20 year e throne becaus over th t for more than poleon t tian Na t. He lef rule Egyp the Egyp name of Egyp as al. III reg temple, sis the most Karnak Thutmo iming land in at to ls er na ref An cla e Hall of le. ists often fighting and th log in to tit ords Egyp ult life him his t his ad litary rec rate mi ria that earned he spen ry elabo Sy some ve the exploits in telling of

• S  ome original books also feature a CD-Rom, audio CD or a companion website • S  ome books are fully illustrated and have full-colour interiors

2nd Edition 2nd Edition

Open the book and find:

Andrew Jackson appears he $20 bill

way Lincoln and the North the Civil War the West was really won

scoop on the Great ession, FDR, and the New Deal

nside story on America and d War II

America went from JFK’s elot to Nixon’s Watergate

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

owdown on the first British nies in America

George Washington and Yanks won a revolution

Cognitive oural Therapy vi ha Be

Learn to:®

$19.99 US / $23.99 CN / £14.99 UK

SBN 978-0-7645-5249-6

Rhena Branch Rob Willson Last Name

Cognitive Behavioural Therapists


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Part II: St

: Figure 4-1 III Thutmosis (Luxor . Museum)


Workbook For Dummies 56

Part II: Pu

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Receipts Journal

Nominal Credit

Debtors Credit


– May 20 09 Sales Credit

Exercise 2

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Sales Sales Cheque

2009 to

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256 from Amy Sm Sales ith, a cu stomer Cash fro m sale of unused Sales office fur niture

The Scrum ptious Sw eet Account Credited


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£225 £125 £150 £350 £750 £325

Shop Ca sh Folio

Receipts Journal

Nominal Credit

Keeping an eye on outgoing cash

Debtors Credit

– August Sales Credit

Cash sen t Cash Pa out of the bu sin yments Journal. ess is tracked any oth er in a sim In ilar way the Cash use of business this journal, yo to Cash cash yo account is cre cash. In this cas u track invoic Receipts dit es you u have , using e all the pay, sal available ed. A credit a accou ari to the Ca . sh accou nts involved are es, rent and nt reduc de es the am bited and ount of

£250 £1,000

• T  he perfect accompaniment to the original book on the same subject

Cash Debit

• A  llows readers to get additional, hands-on practice • C  overs a variety of subjects from mathematics and science to personal development

2009 Cash Debit

• P  rovides practical exercises to work through so readers can continually track their progress • L  arger trim size of 210mm x 275mm


All-in-One For Dummies • T  hese large books contain content from multiple For Dummies titles to create one comprehensive reference • F  eatures extensive coverage for some of the larger subjects • C  ontent is laid out in clearly defined sections, so readers can easily skip to the information they require • E  xtra page count provides fantastic value for money

™ Easier! Making Everything

® Microsoft

Office 2010 N E A L L- I N - O


• Common Office Tools • Word • Outlook® • PowerPoint® • Excel® • Access® • Publisher • Office 2010 — One Step Beyond

Peter Weverka Author of PowerPoint All-in-One For Dummies


Audiobooks For Dummies • E  asily accessible audiobooks for personal developmentperfect for listening to when travelling or on holiday • C  ontains a 150 minute abridged version of the original book on 2 CDs • S  ome of the audiobooks feature an author video containing extra tips and tricks


Essentials For Dummies • S  mall trim size of 140mm x 216mm and a lower page count for learning the essentials on the go • C  overs the key subject concepts and a few examples for quick reference • L  ow price point is ideal for students and impulse purchases

Making Everything


Algebra I Essentials Learn: • Exactly what you need to know to ace Algebra I • The “must-know” formulas and equations • Concise coverage of key topics

Mary Jane Sterling Professor of Mathematics


Audio Sets For Dummies • D  esigned to teach people languages on the go! • C  ontains 3 x 60 minute CDs which cover language structure and common situations • T  he included 96-page booklet provides the words and phrases from each lesson

Intermediate For Dummies • O  ffers readers exercises and lessons designed to increase their knowledge and contains extra focus on understanding the written language • L  arger trim size of 203mm x 254mm provides plenty of room for readers to work through the exercises • C  an be used as a standalone book, or in addition to the original For Dummies language title


Phrases For Dummies • C  overs everyday words and phrases that readers need when on a trip • F  eatures an overview of the language fundamentals, as well as a ‘Words to Know’ section and pronunciation key • S  mall trim size of 108mm x 187mm means that it can easily be taken out and about

Verbs For Dummies • E  asy-to-understand information on one of the hardest parts of a language • C  overs many grammatical rules, rather than just a dictionary-style list of verbs • L  arger workbook format of 210mm x 276mm allows readers to practice practical examples throughout


Kit For Dummies • A  comprehensive book containing a valuable and practical CD-ROM • T  he companion CD-ROM features customisable forms and information so it can be changed to exactly fit the needs of the reader • A  llows readers to customise the information to suit their needs


DVD Bundle For Dummies • A value-packed bundle • C  ontains the original For Dummies book, along with a bonus DVD • D  VDs are 60-180 minutes long and illustrate the main lessons from the book


Just the Steps For Dummies • P  erfect for readers who like to skip explanations and just get started! • C  ontains step-by-step tutorials for each task, to allow readers to get the job done fast • Interior has two-column design, listing steps on the left and illustrations on the right Chapte

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th upper-l e Apple m enu eft corn er of th by clickin e screen g the Ap se ple ico . reveal System Pr n in th ef Figure the System erences fro e Pr m 1-1. eferen ces win the Apple m dow, as showenu to You can n in also

2. Ch oo

open Sys tem

3. Cl ick

Modify 1. O pen


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icon to


ces fro m the Dock.


To return a grou p of se All butto to the main Sys ttings. tem Pre n at the ferenc top of any ind es window, click ividual preferen the Show ces pane .

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en click the Ap click thAppearance pearan ce color e Appearan preferences schem e for thce pop-up mpane (see Fi gure 1enu an e over the H al 2) d l appe ighl highlig arance then choose , ht colo ight Colo of the a r po r for se 4. U interfa se the lected p-up men ce. u and text. wheth Place Scro choose er ll a or plac you want Arrows ra dio bu scroll ed at th tto ar e top 5. Se and borows right nens to choo lect ot her sc ttom of xt to ea se roll ba ch othe scroll r optio bars. r ns as desired .

Figure 11:


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System Pre ferences

3. Cl ick

Figure 12:

The Appea rance pre ferences If you pane fin slowly wh d that your com Scrolling en scrolling thr puter freezes ough doc option. mo uments, mentarily or res deselect the Use ponds Smooth


Quick Reference For Dummies • C  overs basic technology topics • H  andy guides that offer fast answers to common questions • W  ire binding allows it to lay flat next to the computer • F  eatures a quick access, alphabetical format


Do-It-Yourself For Dummies • C  overs popular home improvement and technology topics • C  ontains step-by-step photos, illustrations and screen shots to help readers get the job done quickly and easily • P  rovides tool and material lists, time estimates and detailed illustrated instructions • H  ome improvement guides are full colour, technology guides are black and white with a 16 page colour insert

Exercises For Dummies • T  he perfect accompaniment to our original music titles • C  ontains hundreds of exercises and lots of technique-building practice opportunities • E  ach section concludes with a musical piece to try • T  he included audio CD features all of the practice pieces in the book


What the critics say Asthma For Dummies “This really is one of the most informative guides around.” - The Daily Mail

Business NLP For Dummies “Three cheers then for the “For Dummies” outfit that has produced a lucid, practical guide” - Personnel Today Magazine

Digital Photography For Dummies, 6th Edition “…this book is the perfect beginners’ guide to everything you need to know about using a digital camera.” - Digital Camera Buyer Magazine

Flirting For Dummies “...this book does what it says on the tin... helpful… handy hints…” - Sunday Times Style Magazine

Growing Your Own Fruit and Veg For Dummies “I found this book extremely useful for the novice vegetable grower. It answers very simple questions but has plenty of info for tackling more complicated areas.” - BBC Gardeners World Magazine

Lean Six Sigma For Dummies “...clearly written handbook through what could be for some a pretty alien concept...definitely a regular read for quality professionals.” - Excellence Magazine

– A global success story!  The world’s bestselling reference brand  Over 200 million books in print  More than 1600 different titles  Translated into over 30 different languages  Thousands of free articles online at

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