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Self-Test (Check your answers in Appendix B.)

1. Which factor below is NOT considered central to the development of globalization? a. the development of laws that encourage trade

5. _____ is a pejorative term that implies that culture flow is unidirectional; _____ counters the view that homogenization is inevitable.

b. technological advances

a. Neolocalism; globalization

c. growth in advertising and consumption

b. Polarization; dissonance

d. capitalism’s quest for global markets

c. Coca-Colonization; glocalization d. Americanization; reverse hierarchical diffusion

2. To a country receiving foreign direct investment, benefits may include all but one of the following. Which item does not belong?

6. This McDonald’s menu from India is an example of _____. a. globalization and glocalization

a. FDI supports small, local businesses.

b. glocalization and diffusionism

b. FDI improves a country’s cash flow.

c. glocalization and neolocalism

c. FDI can increase employment.

d. cultural dissonance and Americanization

d. FDI can transfer technology. 3. Placelessness is most closely associated with which thesis about the impacts of globalization? a. the homogenization thesis b. the polarization thesis c. the glocalization thesis d. the Americanization thesis 4. The spread of Walmart stores shown in this diagram illustrates _____. a. glocalization b. neolocalism c. hierarchical diffusion d. reverse hierarchical diffusion 7. List two limitations of the term folk culture:

Percentage of total stores opened

90% 80% 1970 –1974 1980 –1984 1990

70% 60% 50%

8. Based on the discussion of the commodification of diamonds, which of the following statements is FALSE? a. The demand for diamonds is generally greatest in countries that do not mine them.


b. The De Beers cartel helped ritualize and spread the practice of giving diamonds as gifts.


c. The De Beers cartel used advertising to create an illusion of diamond scarcity.

20% 10%

d. Blood diamonds have little to do with commodification. 0%

Less than 50,000

50,000 –100,000 More than 100,000 County population

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