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Critical and Creative Thinking Questions 1. Using what you have learned in this chapter, would you say that consumerism is an expression of democracy? Explain your reasoning. 2. In what ways do different genres of music express resistance to or acceptance of forces of globalization? 3. The United States has contributed very little to the globalization of sports. Why? 4. Is distance education a form of commodification? Explain your reasoning. 5. What is meant by the commodification of nature? Give examples to support your interpretation. 6. What are some consequences of commodifying public goods such as water? 7. Study the residential architecture in your hometown. Can you identify any vernacular styles? If so, what patterns do you observe in the distribution of those styles? 8. To what extent is local knowledge, such as vernacular architecture and as seen in this photo, a kind of heritage?

What is happening in this picture? People from the country of Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, protest the South Korean multinational Daewoo International Corporation and its recent foreign direct investment in a natural gas project off the country’s coast.

T h in k C ri ti c al l y 1. Why are many people around the world suspicious of foreign direct investment? 2. More broadly, why is there dissent against globalization?

What is happening in this picture?


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