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6. What happens in a secondary religious hearth? a. A new religion develops. b. A minor pilgrimage destination develops. c. Adherents experience a renewal or an awakening of their faith. d. A religion splits internally. 7. Find the false statement about Buddhism. a. Tantrayana Buddhism is closely associated with Japan. b. Buddhism is a universalizing religion. c. Mahayana Buddhists see the Buddha as a compassionate deity. d. Theravada Buddhism tends to be more monastic. 8. Identify the step in the process of sanctification illustrated by this photograph.

12. Religious fundamentalism _____. a. endorses terrorism b. means that religious principles guide all aspects of an adherent’s life c. is only associated with Islam d. All of the above statements are correct. 13. Which point did Lynn White make? a. Any space can be a sacred space. b. People around the world should recognize an environmental sabbath. c. Judeo-Christian views contributed to environmental abuse. d. Jihad means “utmost struggle.” 14. This picture illustrates _____. a. geopiety b. hybridity c. resistance to change d. None of the above statements is correct.

______________________________________ 9. Give an example of hierarchical diffusion in Christianity. 10. Zionism is important to the geography of religion because _____. a. it explains why and how diasporic communities form b. it demonstrates the spread of secularization c. it shows the emergence of a secondary religious hearth d. it illustrates the bonds between religious groups and territory 11. The emergence of Sunni and Shia branches in Islam _____. a. was about differences over sharia b. involved a dispute over Muhammad’s successor c. was shaped by linguistic differences among Muslims d. was about the infallibility of the Qu’ran

15. What is Renewalism? a. It is a form of secularization. b. It is a branch of Judaism. c. It refers to the spread of Islamic traditionalism. d. It is the fastest growing branch within Christianity.


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Greiner visualizing human geography chapters 2-5  
Greiner visualizing human geography chapters 2-5  

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