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Table of Contents Architecture/Engineering ................................................................................................. 4 Education ........................................................................................................................ 9 Psychology .................................................................................................................... 15


Architecture/Engineering Francis D. K. Ching BUILDING STRUCTURES ILLUSTRATED: PATTERNS, SYSTEMS, AND DESIGN, 2ND EDITION Building Design • 978-1-118-45835-8 Paper • US$ 55.00 • 336 pages • 8-1/2 x 10-7/8 • 11/06/2013 University Press), Spanish (Editorial Gustavo Gili,S.L.), Turkish (Yapi-Endustri Merkezi AS) Bestselling reference by internationally known author, Francis Ching, has been, updated and expanded! Taking a holistic approach, Building Structures Illustrated explains building structures as systems of interrelated parts for creating and supporting architecture. Beginning with a concise review of how structural systems have evolved over time, the ides of structural patterns are presented from both a technical and also architectural design perspective. Richly illustrated throughout using Francis D.K. Ching's trademark presentation, the fundamental principles of structural elements, assemblies and systems inspire ideas about how structural patterns might inform a design concept. No other work by Francis D.K. Ching brings together so many aspects of architectural design as an integrated reference. Designers, builders, and students alike will gain a new understanding of structural principles and planning, without the need for complex mathematics. This Second Edition includes new information on building code compliance, additional learning resources, and for the first time a Glossary of Terms. FRANCIS D.K. CHING is a registered architect and Professor Emeritus at the University of Washington in Seattle. He is the bestselling author of numerous books on architecture and design, all published by Wiley. His works have been translated into over 16 languages, and are regarded as classics for their renowned graphic presentation. BARRY ONOUYE is a registered engineer and Senior Lecturer Emeritus at the University of Washington, where he teaches courses on structural design in the College of the Built Environments. He is the author of Statics and Strength of Materials for Architects and Building Construction, published by Prentice Hall. DOUGLAS ZUBERBUHLER is a registered architect and Senior Lecturer Emeritus at the University of Washington, where he teaches architectural design. He is also Associate Dean of the College of the Built Environments.


Francis D. K. Ching GREEN BUILDING ILLUSTRATED Building Design • 978-1-118-56237-6 Paper • US$ 49.95 • 304 • 8-1/2 x 11 • 01/08/2014 In the tradition of the classic Building Construction Illustrated, Francis D.K. Ching offers a graphical presentation to the theory, practices, and complexities of sustainable design. From the outside to the inside of a building, he covers all aspects of sustainability, providing a framework and detailed strategies to design buildings that are substantively green. The book begins with an explanation of why we need to build green, the theories behind it, current ratings systems, and new directions in the industry before moving on to a comprehensive discussion of vital topics. These topics include site selection, passive design using building shape, water conservation, ventilation and air quality, active heating and cooling, minimum-impact materials, and much more.   

Explains the fundamental issues of sustainable design and construction in a beautifully illustrated format Written by legendary author, architect, and draftsman Francis D.K. Ching Ideal for architects, engineers, and builders, as well as students in these fields

Sure to be the standard reference on the subject for students, professionals, and anyone interested in sustainable design and construction of buildings, Green Building Illustrated is an informative, practical, and graphically beautiful resource. Francis D.K. Ching, an architect and Professor Emeritus at the University of Washington, recently retired after over 35 years of teaching. He is the bestselling author of numerous books on architecture and design, all published by John Wiley & Sons. His works have been translated into over 16 languages and are regarded as classics for their renowned graphic presentations. Ian Shapiro is the founder/owner/president of Taitem Engineering, a 30-person consulting firm which he started in 1989, based in Ithaca, NY. He has been a visiting lecturer at Cornell University, TompkinsCortland Community College, and Syracuse University. He holds an undergraduate degree from McGill University, Montreal, Canada, and an M.S. from Columbia University, New York, both in mechanical engineering.


Lydia Cline SKETCHUP FOR INTERIOR DESIGN: 3D VISUALIZING, DESIGNING, AND SPACE PLANNING Design, Drawing & Presentation • 978-1-118-62769-3 Paper • US$ 54.95 • 304 pages • 7-3/8 x 9-1/8 • 01/15/2014 Already a common and popular tool for architects and landscape architects, SketchUp is increasingly finding a place in the professional workflow of interior designers. SketchUp for Interior Design is a practical introduction for interior designers and students who want to learn to use the software for their unique needs. The book covers the basics of creating 3D models before showing how to create space plans, model furniture, cabinetry, and accessories, experiment with colors and materials, incorporate manufacturers' models into project plans, and create final presentations and animated walk-throughs for clients. Each chapter includes clear explanations and helpful illustrations to make this an ideal introduction to the topic.   

Includes downloadable sample models and a tutorial video Features sample questions and activities for instructors and additional online resources for students and self-learners Provides instruction on using SketchUp in both PC and Mac formats

Lydia Cline, Professor at Johnson County Community College, where she teaches manual and computer drafting and architectural drawing. She’s a freelance drafter and designer who has worked with firms such as HOK. Author of Architectural Drafting for Interior Designers (Cengage, 2007) and Drafting and Visual Presentation for Interior Designers (Prentice Hall, 2011)


Francis D. K. Ching BUILDING CONSTRUCTION ILLUSTRATED, 5TH EDITION Building Design • 978-1-118-45834-1 Paper • US$ 49.95 • 480 pages • 8-1/2 x 10-7/8 • 02/12/2014 For over three decades, Building Construction Illustrated has offered an outstanding introduction to the principles of building construction. This new edition of the revered classic remains as relevant as ever, providing the latest information in Francis D.K. Ching's signature style. Its rich and comprehensive approach clearly presents all of the basic concepts underlying building construction. New to this edition are digital enhancements delivered as an online companion to the print edition and also embedded in e-book editions. Features include a 3D model showing how building components come together in a final project.    

Illustrated throughout with clear and accurate drawings that present the state of the art in construction processes and materials Updated and revised to include the latest knowledge on sustainability, incorporation of building systems, and use of new materials Contains archetypal drawings that offer clear inspiration for designers and drafters Reflects the 2012 International Building Codes and 2012 LEED system

This new edition of Building Construction Illustrated remains as relevant as ever, with the most current knowledge presented in a rich and comprehensive manner that does not disappoint. Francis D.K. Ching (Seattle, WA) is Professor Emeritus of Architecture at the University of Washington and a registered architect. He is the author or coauthor of numerous architecture and design books, including Architectural Graphics; Building Codes Illustrated; Architecture: Form Space and Order, A Visual Dictionary of Architecture, A Global History of Architecture, Building Structures Illustrated and Design Drawing, all published by Wiley.


Harold R. Kerzner PROJECT MANAGEMENT - BEST PRACTICES: ACHIEVING GLOBAL EXCELLENCE, 3RD EDITION Industrial Engineering / Project Management • 978-1-118-65701-0 Cloth • US$ 99.00 • 816 pages • 7-1/2 x 9-1/4 • 02/12/2014 As with the prior editions the book will contain contributions from global companies and will supply information on the implementation of project management in these firms. Real executive and PMO managers discuss what makes their project management processes succeed, and what it took to get there. Included companies are both large and small, in all sectors of the market. Though the book follows the same lines as its predecessor as far as content goes, it presents both updated information from companies covered in the earlier books and new information from new companies. Content includes material on best practices in project risk management, project management multinational cultures and cultural failures, integrated project teams and virtual project teams. This book will be used in training courses, seminars, and in-house training in the companies who provide the information. This edition will again be co-branded with the International Institute for Learning (IIL) and should be used extensively in their global training courses. HAROLD D. KERZNER, PH.D., is Senior Executive Director at the International Institute for Learning, Inc., a global learning solutions company that conducts training for leading corporations throughout the world. He is a globally recognized expert on project, program, and portfolio management,; total quality management,; and strategic planning. Dr. Kerzner is the author of bestselling books and texts, including the acclaimed Project Management: A Systems Approach to Planning, Scheduling, and Controlling, Tenth Edition. INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTE FOR LEARNING, INC. (IIL) is a global leader in professional training and comprehensive consulting services in the areas of Portfolio Management, PRINCE2®2122, Business Analysis, Microsoft® Office Project and Project Server, and Lean Six Sigma. IIL is an IIBA endorsed education provider, a PMI® charter global registered education provider, a member of PMI's Silver Alliance Circle member, and PMI's Corporate Council


Education Corey Seemiller THE STUDENT LEADERSHIP COMPETENCIES GUIDEBOOK: DESIGNING INTENTIONAL LEADERSHIP LEARNING AND DEVELOPMENT Student Affairs & Development (Higher Education) • 978-1-118-72047-9 Paper • US$ 40.00 • 160 pages • 8-1/2 x 11 • 11/14/2013 Bridge the gap between leadership development and career preparation! This guidebook gives leadership educators the tools they need to help students develop the competencies necessary for their chosen careers and required by their academic programs. It also offers a way to understand and demonstrate the effectiveness of leadership programs. Organized into chapters each focused on one of 60 leadership competencies common across 522 academic degree programs accredited by 97 agencies, each chapter covers:     

A definition and description of the competency through the lens of each of four dimensions: knowledge, value, ability, and behavior; A scenario related to college student leadership that showcases the competency in action; related competencies to help readers understand how developing one competency may also intentionally or unintentionally develop another; A correlation of the competency to the Relational Leadership Model, the Social Change Model, the Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership, and/or Emotionally Intelligent Leadership; and Tangible curricular ideas to use with students to help them develop each dimension of the competency.

Corey Seemiller is the director of Leadership Programs at the University of Arizona. She is the Blue Chip Global Theme Coordinator, teaches several leadership classes including Global Leadership, Leadership for Social Change, Organizational Leadership, Leadership Strategies, and Foundations of Leadership. She also oversees Leadership Courses for Credit and the Minor in Leadership Studies and Practice, the Equiss Social Justice Experience, the IBM Co-Op Program, and engages in other administrative functions to support all leadership programs.


Ron Berger, Leah Rugen, Libby Woodfin LEADERS OF THEIR OWN LEARNING: TRANSFORMING SCHOOLS THROUGH STUDENT-ENGAGED ASSESSMENT Leadership & Administration (K-12) • 978-1-118-65544-3 Paper • US$ 29.95 • 336 pages • 7 x 9-1/4 • 01/02/2014 Leaders of Their Own Learning offers a new way of thinking about assessment based on the celebrated work of Expeditionary Learning Schools across the country. Student-Engaged Assessment is not a single practice but an approach to teaching and learning that equips and compels students to understand goals for their learning and growth, track their progress toward those goals, and take responsibility for reaching them. This requires a set of interrelated strategies and structures and a whole-school culture in which students are given the respect and responsibility to be meaningfully engaged in their own learning.    

Includes everything teachers and school leaders need to implement a successful StudentEngaged Assessment system in their schools Outlines the practices that will engage students in making academic progress, improve achievement, and involve families and communities in the life of the school Describes each of the book's eight key practices, gives advice on how to begin, and explains what teachers and school leaders need to put into practice in their own classrooms Ron Berger is Chief Program Officer for Expeditionary Learning and former public school teacher

Leaders of Their Own Learning shows educators how to ignite the capacity of students to take responsibility for their own learning, meet Common Core and state standards, and reach higher levels of achievement. DVD and other supplementary materials are not included as part of the e-book file, but are available for download after purchase. RON BERGER [Amherst, MA] is Chief Program Officer for Expeditionary Learning. Ron was a public school teacher and master carpenter in rural Massachusetts for over 25 years. His writing and speaking center on inspiring quality and character in students, specifically through project-based learning, original scientific and historical research, service learning, and the infusion of arts. He works with the national character education movement to embed character values into the core of academic work. Ron works closely with the Harvard Graduate School of Education, where he did his graduate work and now teaches a course that uses exemplary student work to illuminate Common Core State Standards. EXPEDITIONARY LEARNING [New York, NY], founded in 1993, partners with schools, districts, and charter boards to open new schools and transform existing schools. Some 175 schools across 30 states have implemented the EL model at a whole-school level; these are evenly distributed among elementary and secondary, and urban/suburban/rural. EL schools’ test scores exceed district averages, often by substantial margins, particularly for high-need subgroups. The EL model has been shown to substantially increase students’ capacity for problem solving, critical thinking, persistence toward excellence, and active citizenship. To learn more, go to


James M. Kouzes, Barry Z. Posner, Beth High, Gary M. Morgan THE STUDENT LEADERSHIP CHALLENGE: ACTIVITIES BOOK Student Affairs & Development (Higher Education) • 978-1-118-39010-8 Paper • US$ 50.00 • 400 • 8-1/2 x 11 • 02/03/2014 Designed specifically for high-school and undergraduate college educators, the activities in this book go deep into the heart of The Student Leadership Challenge model—the most popular model for student leadership development. The Student Leadership Challenge: Activities Book offeres more than 50 activities giving educators a bridge between conceptually teaching The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership model and helping students learn to actually apply and practice them. The activities in this guide map to each of The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership and are intentionally designed to be flexible, appropriate for high-school and college level students, and have great impact on students' learning of the Five Practices model through action. Each activity includes facilitator tips for conducting it in a variety of settings and with various age groups, as well as a map of the activities to specific behaviors of the Student Leadership Practices Inventory. Jim Kouzes is an executive fellow at the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the Leavey School of Business, Santa Clara University. Barry Posner is professor of leadership at Santa Clara University (Silicon Valley, California), where he has received numerous teaching and innovation awards and served as dean of the Leavey School of Business for 12 years (1996-2009). Beth High is a Leadership Challenge Certified Master, a facilitator and leadership development trainer, and founder and president of HighRoad Consulting. She is the co-developer with Gary M. Morgan of The Student Leadership Challenge educator training programs and is actively involved in creating new student leadership education and development materials for Jossey-Bass. Gary M. Morgan has taught student leadership at universities of all sizes for the past 20 years including Georgetown University, University of North Carolina-Charlotte, Boston College, and University of Central Florida. He has served as a dean, director, and faculty member and directed programs with student programming boards, student governments, residence life, volunteer services, and many other areas.


Amanda Datnow, Vicki Park DATA-DRIVEN LEADERSHIP Leadership & Administration (K-12) • 978-0-470-59479-7 Paper • US$ 26.00 • 144 pages • 6 x 9 • 03/24/2014 This book offers school leaders strategies and tools to help them launch or fine-tune their efforts to be a performance-driven school. Based on the authors’ extensive work with 12 schools, the book includes an examination of such essential topics as: establishing a data culture, investing in an information management system, selecting the right data, and analyzing and acting on data to improve performance. Amanda Datnow is Professor and Director of Education Studies at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD). She was previously on the faculty at the USC Rossier School of Education, where she chaired the Ph.D. program in Urban Education Policy and was Associate Director of the Center on Educational Governance. Dr. Datnow has been the recipient of several awards for her research and teaching, including the AERA Early Career Award and the USC Mellon Award for Excellence in Mentoring. Vicki Park is Assistant Project Scientist and the Director of Research for the Pathways Postsecondary Education+ Project at UCSD. She earned her Ph.D. in Urban Education Policy with an emphasis on K-12 leadership and administration from USC Rossier School of Education. Prior to earning her doctorate, she worked as an elementary and middle school teacher in a large urban district. Her current research focuses on the impact of accountability policies on urban schools, student engagement, and the ways in which class, race, and gender shape the academic development of low-income youth.

Alison James, Stephen D. Brookfield ENGAGING IMAGINATION: HELPING STUDENTS BECOME CREATIVE AND REFLECTIVE THINKERS Teaching & Learning (Higher Education) • 978-1-118-40947-3 Cloth • 272 • 6 x 9 • 04/07/2014 This book will enable instructors across the disciplines to engage students in learning through creative and innovative approaches and thereby help their students succeed in life beyond the classroom, as well as gain new insight into what they are learning in any particular course. The authors explain that through creative exploration, students can extend their reflective capabilities in a purposeful way, understand their own potential and learning more clearly, and claim the freedom to generate and explore new questions that have not already been asked. The authors provide practical examples from a variety of disciplines and settings, but also ground their guidance in the relevant theories and research that support this work. Alison James has worked in creative arts education for 20 years, in which time she has taught students at all levels, run a learning support service, carried out extensive staff development on all aspects of pedagogy, and conducted research into student learning through personal and professional development. For the last eight years she has taught, written, and presented nationally and internationally on personal and professional development in fashion and the creative industries, empahsizing play and interactivity in reflective practice. She has published a monograph, several articles, and a coauthored book chapter. Stephen D. Brookfield is Distinguished University Professor at the University of St. Thomas in Minneapolis, Minnesota. For more than 40 years, he has taught in England, Canada, Australia, and the United States. A four-time winner of the Cyril O. Houle Award for Outstanding Literature in Adult Education, he is the author of numerous books on teaching including Teaching for Critical Thinking (2011), The Skillful teacher (Second Edition, 2006), and Discussion as a Way of Teaching (Second Edition, 2005), all from Jossey-Bass.


Chris Lehmann, Zac Chase BUILDING SCHOOL 2.0: HOW TO CREATE THE SCHOOLS WE NEED Technology & Education (K-12) • 978-1-118-07682-8 Cloth • US$ 27.95 • 250 pages • 6 x 9 • 04/09/2014 There is a growing desire to rethink education and learning, and the phrase "School 2.0" is being used to think about what schools will look like in the future. This book from one of the pioneers of the School 2.0 movement, a principal who is well-known for creating a technology-rich, collaborative, learnercentric school, describes why and how to integrate technology and teach 21st century skills throughout the school. Chris Lehmann has created such a school in the Science Leadership Academy in Philadelphia, and he shows readers why and how this can be done in any school with a model that includes the following key ideas:      

Tech must be ubiquitous, necessary, and invisible. What's good is better than what's new. The teacher must serve as mentor Classrooms/programs must be learner-centric All assessment must be authentic, real world Employ backward design principles

Chris Lehmann is the founding principal of the Science Leadership Academy, a progressive science and technology high school in Philadelphia, PA. The Science Leadership Academy is an inquiry-driven, project-based, 1:1 laptop school that is considered to be one of the pioneers of the School 2.0 movement. The school has been recognized as an Apple Distinguished School in 2009 and 2010 and has been written about in many publications including Edutopia Magazine, EdWeek and the Philadelphia Inquirer. Among other accolades, Chris was recently named one of the "30 Most Influential People in EdTech" by Technology & Learning Magazine. Chris speaks at conferences all over the world, and he has worked with many schools and districts in the U.S. and England as a consultant. Chris is also the author of the education blog Practical Theory: Zac Chase is a former teacher, a consultant, and a writer who blogs at and has contributed to several books including the bestselling Teaching Hope: Stories from the Freedom Writer Teachers and Freedom Writers Diary Teacher’s Guide.


Eric J. Green, Athena A. Drewes INTEGRATING EXPRESSIVE ARTS AND PLAY THERAPY: A GUIDEBOOK FOR MENTAL HEALTH PRACTITIONERS AND EDUCATORS Child & Adolescent Clinical Psychology • 978-1-118-52798-6 Cloth • US$ 50.00 • 336 pages • 6-1/8 x 9-1/4 • 10/30/2013 This book shows readers how to blend techniques and approaches from the expressive and play therapy disciplines so that child/adolescent clinicians can augment their therapeutic tool kit within a competent, research-based practice. Clinicians certified in the expressive art therapies are typically unfamiliar with some of the interventions and approaches used in play, and vice-versa. This book will be a definitive bridging piece between two distinct therapeutic modalities (expressive arts and play therapy) utilized with children that are complementary in their healing and creative capacities. Play therapists, who utilize techniques from the expressive arts disciplines, would benefit from exposure to the diverse and innovative approaches within the expressive arts literature that this book will present. The book consists of two introductory chapters. The first chapter highlights the history and spectrum of the expressive art therapies, by one of the leading gurus in the expressive arts therapy field. The second chapter gives an overview of Play Therapy and its integration of expressive arts interventions through the lens of four major theories. The book then delves into the major disciplines of the expressive arts as distinct chapters. It covers the wide spectrum of art, drama, sand-play, dance/movement, music, photo therapy, and poetry. The book concludes with three chapters integrating the disciplines, specifically in play therapy treatment for clinical and educational settings. Eric Green, PhD, LPC, LMFT, RPT-S, is Assistant Professor of Counseling at the University of North Texas at Dallas (UNT Dallas). Before he joined UNT Dallas, he was a full-time faculty member and coordinated the Play Therapy Graduate Certificate Program at the Johns Hopkins University. Dr. Green maintains a part-time, private practice in child and family psychotherapy in Dallas, Texas. Athena A. Drewes, Psy.D., MA, RPT-S is a clinician and Director of Clinical Training and the American Psychological Association Doctoral Internship Program at Astor Services for Children & Families, a large multi-service non-profit mental health agency with over 800 employees in New York. She is a Registered Play Therapist Supervisor, and former Board of Director of the national Association for Play Therapy. Dr. Drewes is founder, founding president and current Vice-President of the New York Association for Play Therapy branch. She is Adjunct Professor of Play Therapy at Marist College, as well as Sage College in New York, and founder and coordinator of The Play Therapy Institute.


Psychology Sophia F. Dziegielewski DSM-IV-TR IN ACTION: INCLUDES DSM-5 UPDATE CHAPTER, 2ND EDITION Abnormal Psychology • 978-1-118-78477-8 Paper • US$ 70.00 • 624 • 7-1/2 x 9-1/4 • 01/08/2014 Thoroughly updated and revised the bestselling resource for the practical application of the DSM-IV-TR for clinical assessment, diagnosis, and treatment. Now with the most current treatments and evidencebased practices, DSM-IV-TR in Action brings the DSM-IV-TR to life with clear instruction on using it to formulate and complete an assessment, accurately diagnose clients, and prepare a comprehensive and effective treatment plan. Complete with new chapters on delirium, dementia, amnestic, and other cognitive disorders as well as on selected sexual disorders, the Second Edition also adds new coverage of disruptive behavior disorders, eating disorders in children, substance disorders, psychotic disorders, unipolar and bipolar mood disorders, anxiety disorders, and personality disorders. New treatment plans have been added, and existing ones have been updated. This edition also discusses the expected changes to come in the highly anticipated DSM-5. Numerous case studies bring the material to life and demonstrate how the DSM-IV-TR is applied in practice. In addition, the information on maintaining clinical records and using time-limited therapy, as well as an appendix of sample treatment plans, make this a must-have guide for students and seasoned mental health professionals. Sophia F. Dziegielewski, PhD, is Professor and Associate Director for Research in the School of Social Work at the University of Central Florida, where she also serves as Chair of the University Institutional Review Board. In addition, She is the Editor of the Journal of Social Service Research. She is the recipient of numerous awards, and supports her research and practice activity with over 119 publications, including 7 textbooks, 79 articles, numerous book chapters and over 400 workshops and community presentations. Her research focused on the areas of health and mental health. She also maintains an active clinical practice.


Arthur E. Jongsma, Jr., L. Mark Peterson, William P. McInnis, Timothy J. Bruce THE CHILD PSYCHOTHERAPY TREATMENT PLANNER, 5TH EDITION Psychotherapy & Counseling • 978-1-118-06785-7 Paper • US$ 55.00 • 400 pages • 7 x 10 • 01/15/2014 The Child Psychotherapy Treatment Planner, Fifth Edition, is fully revised to meet the changing needs of mental health professionals. This time-saving resource now reflects DSM-5 diagnostic suggestions and detailed evidence-based treatment plan language required by many public funding sources, private insurers, and accrediting agencies. The Fifth Edition features treatment organized around more than 30 main presenting problems. It’s easy-to-use format helps clinicians to locate treatment plan components by behavioral problem. The Fifth Edition features:       

New empirically supported, evidence-based treatment interventions. An easy-to-use reference format that helps locate treatment plan components by behavioral problem or DSM 5 diagnosis. Treatment organized around more than thirty main presenting problems, including attachment disorder, academic problems, blended family problems and children of divorce, ADHD, and separation anxiety. Over 1,000 prewritten treatment goals, objectives, and interventions -- plus space to record your own treatment plan options. Easy-to-use format helps locate treatment plan components by behavioral problem. Updated Bibliotherapy for each chapter includes more recent and relevant books. A sample treatment plan that conforms to the requirements of most third-party payors and accrediting agencies.

Arthur E. Jongsma, Jr., PhD, is the Series Editor for the bestselling PracticePlanners®. Since 1971, he has provided professional mental health services to both inpatient and outpatient clients. He was the founder and Director of Psychological Consultants, a group private practice in Grand Rapids, Michigan, for 25 years. He is the author or co-author of over forty books and conducts training workshops for mental health professionals around the world. L. Mark Peterson, ACSW, is Program Manager for Bethany Christian Services’ Residential Treatment and Family Counseling programs in Grand Rapids, Michigan. William P. McInnis, PsyD, is in private practice with Aspen Psychological Services in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He is coauthor of the bestselling the Adolescent Psychotherapy Treatment Planner and the Adolescent Psychotherapy Progress Notes Planner. Timothy J. Bruce, PhD, is Professor and Interim Chair of the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicine at the University of Illinois College of Medicine in Peoria, Illinois, where he also directs medical student education. He is Executive Director of the Center for the Implementation of Empirically Informed Mental Health Practices, a state- and federally funded initiative to disseminate empirically informed psychological and pharmacological practices across Illinois.


Arthur E. Jongsma, Jr., L. Mark Peterson, Timothy J. Bruce THE COMPLETE ADULT PSYCHOTHERAPY TREATMENT PLANNER, 5TH EDITION Psychotherapy & Counseling • 978-1-118-06786-4 Paper • US$ 55.00 • 384 pages • 7 x 10 • 01/15/2014 Previous edition licensed: Korean (Shinkwangmunhwa Publishing Co.), Spanish (Editorial Eleftheria, S.L.) The Complete Adult Psychotherapy Treatment Planner, Fifth Edition, is fully revised to meet the changing needs of mental health professionals. This time-saving resource now reflects DSM 5 diagnostic suggestions as well as detailed evidence-based treatment plan language required by many public funding sources, private insurers, and accrediting agencies. It has been thoroughly updated and provides all the elements necessary to quickly and easily develop formal treatment plans. The Fifth Edition features:       

New empirically supported, evidence-based treatment interventions. An easy-to-use reference format that helps locate treatment plan components by behavioral problem or DSM 5 diagnosis. Treatment organized around more than forty main presenting problems, including depression, intimate relationship conflicts, chronic pain, anxiety, chemical dependence, borderline personality, anger management, and phobia. Over 1,000 prewritten treatment goals, objectives, and interventions -- plus space to record your own treatment plan options. Easy-to-use format helps locate treatment plan components by behavioral problem. Updated Bibliotherapy for each chapter includes more recent and relevant books. A sample treatment plan that conforms to the requirements of most third-party payors and accrediting agencies.

Arthur E. Jongsma, Jr., PhD, is the Series Editor for the bestselling PracticePlanners®. Since 1971, he has provided professional mental health services to both inpatient and outpatient clients. He was the founder and Director of Psychological Consultants, a group private practice in Grand Rapids, Michigan, for 25 years. He is the author or co-author of over forty books and conducts training workshops for mental health professionals around the world. L. Mark Peterson, ACSW, is Program Manager for Bethany Christian Services’ Residential Treatment and Family Counseling programs in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Timothy J. Bruce, PhD, is Professor and Interim Chair of the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicine at the University of Illinois College of Medicine in Peoria, Illinois, where he also directs medical student education. He is Executive Director of the Center for the Implementation of Empirically Informed Mental Health Practices, a state- and federally funded initiative to disseminate empirically informed psychological and pharmacological practices across Illinois. T. E. Brown


Thomas E. Brown SMART BUT STUCK Special Educational Needs • 978-1-118-27928-1 Cloth • US$ 24.95 • 320 • 6 x 9 • 03/10/2014 Smart But Stuck, tells 15 compelling stories about intelligent, capable adolescents and adults who have gotten “stuck” at school, work, and/or in social relationships because they suffer from ADHD. Dr. Brown highlights the role that emotions play in this complex disorder. The book illustrates the many facets of the condition as well as the range of strategies and treatments individuals can use to get “unstuck” and move on productively with their lives. From an internationally known authority on attention disorders, this book is the first to explain and illustrate the crucial role of emotions in the daily functioning of those living with ADHD. Thomas E. Brown, Ph.D., is a clinical psychologist, Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at Yale University School of Medicine, and Associate Director of the Yale Clinic for Attention and Related Disorders. His award-winning book Attention Deficit Disorder: The Unfocused Mind in Children and Adults (Yale University Press, 2005) has been published in several languages (Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Turkish, and Japanese). He developed the Brown Attention Deficit Disorder Scales, has published articles in professional journals, and edited a textbook, ADHD Comorbidities: Handbook of ADHD Complications in Children and Adults (American Psychiatric Press, 2009).


Jennifer Mascolo, Dawn P. Flanagan, Vincent C. Alfonso ESSENTIALS OF PLANNING, SELECTING, AND TAILORING INTERVENTIONS FOR UNIQUE LEARNERS Assessment • 978-1-118-36821-3 Paper • US$ 48.95 • 432 • 5-1/2 x 8-1/2 • 03/05/2014 Essentials of Planning, Selecting, and Tailoring Interventions for Unique Learners offers concrete, stepby-step procedures for assessing and interpreting cognitive and academic performance for the purpose of intervention planning. The book helps practitioners answer the question, "Which intervention(s) should I use and why?" Leading experts use real case studies to explain how to select and tailor interventions to address the unique needs of individual learners.    

Introduces a detailed intervention planning method that can be implemented by practitioners immediately. Offers guidelines for intervention planning in an RTI Service Delivery Model. Demonstrates how to tailor interventions for students with learning difficulties in reading, mathematics, written expression, and in oral and written language. Describes how to plan, select, and individualize interventions for students in underserved and mis-served populations. These populations include students from impoverished environments, English Language Learners,and students with inefficient memory strategies and executive functioning difficulties. Conveniently formatted for rapid reference and includes intervention planning guidelines and worksheets on the accompanying CD-ROM.

Jennifer Mascolo, PsyD, NCSP, is a full-time lecturer in the graduate School Psychology program at Teacher’s College, Columbia University. Jennifer is also a nationally certified school psychologist and a licensed psychologist in New York and New Jersey. Her research interests include intelligence, the relationship between academic and cognitive functioning, and assessing and intervening with specific learning disabilities. Dr. Mascolo has coauthored three books, including the first and second editions of the Achievement Test Desk Reference and Essentials of the WJ III Tests of Cognitive Abilities as well as several book chapters and peer-reviewed journal articles focused on the using and interpreting specific cognitive and academic measures as well assessing, diagnosing, and intervening with specific learning disabilities. Dawn P. Flanagan, PhD, is Professor of Psychology and Director of the School of Psychology Training Programs at St. John’s University in Queens, NY, and Clinical Assistant Professor at the Yale Child Study Center. She is the author or coauthor of several popular books in the Essentials series, including Essentials of Specific Learning Disability Identification, Essentials of WJ III Cognitive Abilities Assessment, and Essentials of Cross-Battery Assessment, Third Edition. Vincent C. Alfonso, PhD, is Professor in the Graduate School of Education at Fordham University, New York, New York. He is coeditor with Dawn Flanagan of Essentials of Specific Learning Disability Identification; and coauthor of Essentials of Cross-Battery Assessment, Third Edition, and The Achievement Test Desk Reference: A Guide to Learning Disability Identification, Second Edition. He is president of Division 16 (School Psychology) of the American Psychological Association and a certified school psychologist and licensed psychologist in New York State. He has been providing psychoeducational services to individuals across the lifespan for more than 20 years.


James R. Finley, Brenda S. Lenz ADDICTION TREATMENT HOMEWORK PLANNER, 5TH EDITION Psychotherapy & Counseling • 978-1-118-56059-4 Paper • US$ 55.00 • 400 • 8-1/2 x 11 • 03/12/2014 The Addiction Treatment Homework Planner provides an array of ready-to-use, between-session assignments designed to fit virtually every treatment setting and therapeutic mode including individual therapy, family therapy, and group counseling. This easy-to-use sourcebook features:  

  

88 ready-to-copy exercises covering the most common issues encountered by clients suffering from chemical and nonchemical addictions, such as anxiety, impulsivity, occupational problems, and childhood problems A quick-reference format – the interactive assignments are grouped by behavioral problems including alcoholism, nicotine dependence, and substance abuse, as well as those problems that do not involve psychoactive substances, such as problem gambling, eating disorders, and sexual addictions Offers special attention to the patient placement Criteria (PPC) developed by the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM). A checklist included in the Appendix helps evaluate clients on each of the ASAM six assessment dimensions Expert guidance on how and when to make the most efficient use of the exercises A CD-ROM that contains all the exercises allows you to customize the exercises to suit you and your clients’ unique styles and needs

James R. Finley, MA, is a mental health and addictions therapist who has conducted individual, couples, family, and group therapy with adults, adolescents, and children in outpatient, treatment foster care, residential, and correctional settings. He is the author of Integrating the 12 Steps into Addiction Therapy, and coauthor of The Addiction Counselor’s Documentation Sourcebook, Second Edition and The Veterans and Active Duty Military Psychotherapy Homework Planner, all published by Wiley. Brenda S. Lenz, MS, is a licensed professional counselor and certified substance abuse counselor with extensive experience treating clients with co-occurring issues. She specializes in treating substance use disorders in college-aged students. She is coauthor of The Addiction Counselor’s Documentation Sourcebook, Second Edition, published by Wiley. She currently works in a university counseling center and in private practice.


Elizabeth P. Sparrow, Drew Erhardt ESSENTIALS OF ADHD ASSESSMENT FOR CHILDREN AND ADOLESCENTS Assessment • 978-1-118-11270-0 Paper • US$ 38.95 • 400 • 5-1/2 x 8-1/2 • 03/19/2014 This indispensable resource provides step-by-step guidelines for conducting a thorough, responsible evaluation for ADHD. The authors focus on the pragmatic needs of the practicing clinician and address not only the broad concepts integral to conducting sound ADHD assessments but also the specifics that will enable practitioners to implement those principles. Appropriate for seasoned clinicians who wish to add ADHD evaluations to their practices as well as new clinicians and graduate students who are developing expertise.     

Provides explicit guidance as to what diagnoses can masquerade as ADHD and how to recognize these, as well as what diagnoses are often present with ADHD Explains how to recognize when inattention is part of ADHD, and when it is a symptom of other conditions (e.g., emotional, neurological, and other issues) Provides clear, concise guidance regarding how to responsibly and accurately assess for ADHD by integrating results from a multi-method approach Illustrates not only what elements to use in an ADHD evaluation, but also why to use each element Provides quick guidance to researchers who wish to increase ecological validity of their findings by replicating real-world clinical diagnostic procedures in selecting clinical participants

Elizabeth P. Sparrow, PhD, is a pediatric neuropsychologist who has long been involved in the assessment of ADHD from clinical, research, and training perspectives. She served as the primary clinical consultant for the Conners 3, Conners CBRS, and Conners EC, and wrote the Essentials of Conners Behavior Assessments. She is co-author of the Conners Adult ADHD Rating Scales and in addition to clinical evaluations for possible ADHD, Dr. Sparrow provides seminars on identification of ADHD in children, adolescents, and adults. Drew Erhardt, PhD, is a licensed psychologist and Professor of Psychology who has been actively involved in ADHD-related research, teaching, and clinical work for the past 20 years. He was as a CoInvestigator on two NIMH studies pertaining to ADHD in children (including the seminal Multimodality Treatment Study of ADHD), has published numerous articles and book chapters related to ADHD, served on the editorial board of the Journal of Attention Disorders, and is co-author of the Conners’ Adult ADHD Rating Scales. He has extensive experience providing clinical evaluations for possible ADHD.


Jack A. Naglieri ESSENTIALS OF CAS2 ASSESSMENT Assessment • 978-1-118-58927-4 Paper • US$ 48.95 • 416 • 5-1/2 x 8-1/2 • 04/02/2014 This book provides comprehensive, step-by-step guidelines for administering, scoring, and interpreting the latest edition of the Cognitive Assessment System (CAS2). Written by leading CAS experts, the book discusses the latest research and thinking on PASS (Planning, Attention-Arousal, Simultaneous and Successive) theory and includes case studies that demonstrate the use of CAS with several types of diagnostic groups and integration with other instruments. A new companion CD offers additional tools and information to help busy professionals make optimal use of the CAS2.    

Offers increased emphasis on fair assessment of diverse populations of children and the evaluation of individuals with comorbid conditions. Explains the changes in the CAS2 rating scale and rating form. Includes increased coverage of the three-tier model. Each chapter features numerous callout boxes highlighting key concepts, bulleted points, and test questions.

Jack A Naglieri, PhD, is Research Professor at the University of Virginia, Senior Research Scientist at the Devereux Center for Resilient Children, and Emeritus Professor of Psychology at George Mason University. With J.P. Das, he is well known for the theory of intelligence referred to as PASS and its application using the Cognitive Assessment System. He has published nearly 20 books, 35 tests and rating scales, and more than 250 research papers. Sam Goldstein, PhD, is Assistant Clinical Instructor at the University of Utah School of Medicine and on staff at the University Neuropsychiatric Institute. He is Clinical Director of the Neurology Learning and Behavior Center where he conducts evaluations and consultations as well as providing treatment services to approximately 300 individuals each year. Dr. Goldstein has authored 37 texts as well as over 40 book chapters and peer-reviewed research articles. Tulio M. Otero, PhD, is Associate Professor at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology where he teaches in both school psychology and clinical psychology programs. Dr. Otero is a practicing school psychologist and consultant with a specialization in clinical neuropsychology. In addition, he is president of the Hispanic Neuropsychological Society.


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