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Business Biography Jennifer Clark MONDO AGNELLI: FIAT AND CHRYSLER IN THE GLOBAL ECONOMY Business Narrative • 978-1-118-01852-1 Cloth • US$ 29.95 • 264 pages • 15.24 x 22.86 cm. • 11/16/2011 Italian rights sold to Ulrico Hoepli Italy’s Agnelli family is fascinating for all the same reasons that the Kennedy clan has held readers spellbound for decades—they are super-rich, powerful and glamorous, with a story that has all the ingredients of a soap opera: money, beauty, sexual escapades, suicide, drugs, scandal, tragedy, and politics. In addition, through intelligence, hard work, and an ability to bend the rules, they have created an incredible business dynasty. This fascinating narrative revolves around two central, opposite characters: Gianni Agnelli, the industry titan who made Fiat a symbol of Italy’s postwar vitality while leading a second life as an international jet setter; and his serious, quiet, determined grandson John, who inherited Fiat when it was nearly bankrupt and struggled against all odds to turn it into an international trailblazer by seizing control of Chrysler in a risky deal. Jennifer Clark has drawn on interviews with many of the players, as well as court documents, to uncover the inside story. Jennifer Clark is Italy Bureau Chief for Dow Jones & Co., covering all aspects of Italian business, politics and finance for Wall Street Journal, the website and Dow Jones Newswires.

Tomio Taki THE CURIOSITY COEFFICIENT: A JAPANESE ENTREPRENEUR IN A WESTERN WORLD General & Introductory Business & Management • 978-1-118-15339-0 Cloth • US$ 24.95 • 256 pages • 15.24 x 22.86 cm. • 04/04/2012 Through years of experience as a global entrepreneur, manager, and problem-solver, Tomio Taki has learned that language is no longer an obstacle across borders; instead, cultural differences propel or impair communication among professionals. However, certain fundamental aspects of business and life cross territorial lines. The Curiosity Coefficient showcases the author’s breadth of life experience and illustrates how Eastern and Western business practices can be meshed together as a source for success. Lessons range from the benefits of asking the simple questions to the importance of establishing oneself and knowing when to go against established beliefs. Tomio Taki has consulted for, financed, or directly managed both private and public companies on nearly every continent. He is credited with bringing Western fashion to Japanese consumers by guiding his family’s 250-year old company, Takihyo, through nearly 40 years of unprecedented growth, transforming it from a leading kimono manufacturer to a broad-based, publicly held company. In the US, he was first to implement mass-manufactured sportswear when he bought the Anne Klein Company, going on to become the man behind Donna Karan.


Business Self-Help Timothy Clark, Alexander Osterwalder, Yves Pigneur BUSINESS MODEL YOU: A ONE-PAGE METHOD FOR REINVENTING YOUR CAREER General & Introductory Business & Management • 978-1-118-15631-5 Paper • US$ 27.95 • 224 pages • 24.13 x 19.05 cm. • 12/14/2011 Dutch rights retained by authors Rights sold: Portuguese (Brazil, Alta Books) Rights sold to Business Model Generation: Arabic (Jabal Amman), Orthodox Chinese (Good Morning Press), Simplified Chinese (China Machine Press [HZ]), Czech (Computer Press), Dutch (Elsevier), French (Pearson France), German (Campus Verlag), Greek (A. Papasotiriou), Bahasa Indonesia (Elex Media Komputindo), Japanese (Shoeisha), Polish (Helion), Portuguese (Alta Books [Brazil], Dom Quixote [Portugal]), Romanian (PMD Management), Russian (Alpina), Spanish (Planeta), Swedish (Studentlitteratur), Thai (WeLearn), Turkish (Optimist) Where the international bestseller Business Model Generation (BMG) taught managers a unique, powerful way to summarize any business, and any business model, on a single sheet of paper, Business Model You (BMY) teaches readers how to draw “personal business models” that clarify the essence of their work — and reveal new career and life possibilities. With this invaluable resource, professionals can: understand themselves and define their purpose; articulate a vision for change; apply business model thinking to creating their personal business model reflecting that vision; and test and implement the new model. Like BMG, BMY is based on the authors’ Business Model Canvas methodology which, thanks to its power and simplicity, has quickly emerged as the world’s leading business model description and innovation technique. This book proves that the methodology can be adapted to other areas of professional life. Timothy Clark is a multimillionaire entrepreneur. Following the sale of his latest company, he devoted himself exclusively to teaching and writing, focusing on his “entrepreneurship for everyone” approach to personal career development. Alexander Osterwalder, PhD is an international speaker, workshop facilitator and strategy consultant. He writes a popular blog on business model innovation at Yves Pigneur, PhD is a professor of business at the University of Lausanne, Switzerland. He has held visiting professorships at Georgia State University in Atlanta, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, and University of British Columbia in Vancouver. Dr. Pigneur is the chairperson of several global events, including the International Federation for Information Processing and the International Society for Decision Support Systems conferences.


Jason W. Womack YOUR BEST JUST GOT BETTER: THINK BIGGER, WORK SMARTER, MAKE MORE Business Self-Help • 978-1-118-12198-6 Cloth • US$ 24.95 • 256 pages • 15.24 x 22.86 cm. • 01/09/2012 This book will teach readers that working longer hours is useless if their approach to productivity and performance is flawed; the real solution is to clarify habits, build mindset-based strategies, and be proactive. By implementing productivity expert Jason Womack’s signature workplace performance techniques, anyone can learn specific performance improvement strategies, leading to higher levels of accomplishment and overall contribution. Understanding workflow fundamentals and human performance principles will provide the tools and the processes for getting more work done, on time, with fewer resources and less stress. Making your best better won’t happen overnight, but learning how to manage just a few critical success factors effectively will result in creating and experiencing a more efficient workday and a successful career. Jason W. Womack is the CEO and Founder of The Jason Womack Company. In this role, he provides customized training on workplace performance to large organizations, and works as an executive coach to leaders and founders of organizations worldwide. Since 2000, Jason has presented over 1,200 Workplace Performance seminars in more than 10 countries. As a faculty member of IMS (Institute for Management Studies) he speaks to audiences around the world (in 2011 he will speak in Los Angeles, Seattle, Chicago, London, Edinburgh, Amsterdam and Brussels).

Judith Humphrey SPEAKING AS A LEADER: HOW TO LEAD EVERY TIME YOU SPEAK...FROM BOARD ROOMS TO MEETING ROOMS, FROM TOWN HALLS TO PHONE CALLS Business Self-Help • 978-1-118-14101-4 Cloth • US$ 27.95 • 224 pages • 13.97 x 21.59 cm. • 01/19/2012 This book is a complete guide to influencing and inspiring others through becoming an accomplished communicator in everyday situations -- from a speech on the largest stage to the most informal phone calls or hallway conversations. Many leaders take the time to craft effective formal speeches and presentations, but fail at day-to-day communication. In today’s flattened organizations, leadership opportunities are plentiful, existing in every interaction, for individuals at all levels. Speaking As a Leader reveals the leadership moments that exist in even the most informal settings and shows how to: inspire and influence others, every time you speak; listen effectively; move from Information to Inspiration; move from Subject to Message; create a leader’s presence and show passion; become a constant leader; and much more. Judith Humphrey is founder and President of The Humphrey Group in Toronto, Canada, one of North America’s premier executive communications firms.


Consulting Charles H. Green, Andrea P. Howe THE TRUSTED ADVISOR FIELDBOOK: A COMPREHENSIVE TOOLKIT FOR LEADING WITH TRUST General & Introductory Business/Consulting • 978-1-118-08564-6 Paper • US$ 27.95 • 288 pages • 18.73 x 23.50 cm. • 10/26/2011 2001’s bestselling The Trusted Advisor confirmed that the key to business success is gaining the trust of clients. But many readers had questions about implementing the book’s advice, such as how to deal with difficult clients, develop trust quickly, handle pricing discussions, and so on. This field guide, an indispensable complement to the original, establishes terms and concepts for using trust in daily business life, then reinforces them through self-completed exercises, real-life problems from clients, to-do lists, and self-learning quizzes. Charles H. Green, founder and CEO of Trusted Advisor Associates, is co-author of The Trusted Advisor (Free Press, translated into Arabic, Russian, Dutch, Japanese, and Danish). Andrea P. Howe serves on the leadership team of Trusted Advisor Associates.

Economics Karl Denninger LEVERAGE: HOW CHEAP MONEY WILL DESTROY THE WORLD Trading • 978-1-118-12284-6 Cloth • US$ 34.95 • 208 pages • 15.24 x 22.86 cm. • 10/26/2011 Used properly, leverage is an effective tool for borrowing funds to invest in growing businesses. However, when excessive leverage is deployed fraudulently—with no hope of achieving a return on the investment—it becomes dangerous. Debasement of money through the misguided use of leverage is destroying the global economy. Well-known market commentator Karl Denninger has been following money’s path throughout history, charting its rises and falls, to discover that currencies are debased when powerful interests abuse finance and bribe governments to enrich themselves at the expense of many. What follows is ugly: the value of everything, including gold, falls, and even personal safety is at risk in a world where there is limited money for food. History is littered with the collapse of monetary and economic systems from Rome to Germany to Zimbabwe. Leverage charts the history of currency debasement, illustrates how it is currently playing out in the world, and predicts its future impact on the global economy. Karl Denninger runs The Market Ticker (, a blog dedicated to uncovering wrongdoing in the capital markets with 300,000 unique readers monthly, 20,000,000 hits, and 13,000 registered users on the forum, Tickerforum.


Leonard Wolfe EASY ECONOMICS: A VISUAL GUIDE FOR SURVIVING IN DIFFICULT TIMES General Economics • 978-1-118-11806-1 Paper • US$ 27.95 • 240 pages • 25.40 x 17.78 cm. • 11/02/2011 Economic analysis can be applied to every conceivable area of life. Unfortunately, few individuals are economically literate, even though this is vital to understanding business, healthcare, education, the environment, crime, and the family. Using a unique question-and-answer format and entertaining illustrations, this highly visual book provides information that many readers ordinarily find uninviting, and even intimidating, in an easy-to-digest, appealing way. Among the topics covered: what drives business cycles; fiscal and monetary policy; globalization; stock and bond markets; and much more. Leonard Wolfe spent the major part of his career at Time Inc. as an art director at Time-Life Books, Fortune, Discover and Time magazines. Following his years at Time Inc., he formed and ran a corporate communications firm whose clients included GE, Associated Press, Wall Street Journal, Perrier, and Duracell, among others.

Bruce W. Piasecki DOING MORE WITH LESS: WHY COMPETITIVE FRUGALITY IS THE NEW WAY TO WEALTH Business/Economics • 978-1-118-17215-5 Cloth • US$ 24.95 • 256 pages • 15.24 x 22.86 cm. • 02/20/2012 After the latest business scandals and financial busts, many powerful interests and influential people are asking questions about doing more with less, from governments to multinational corporations. This book’s global insights for better aligning money, people, and rules can be immediately applied to any industry. Bruce Piasecki convincingly presents the case for a return to frugality, providing relevant examples from his thirty years of experience as a management consultant and change agent. He deftly explains how this approach to competition is relevant, and provides readers with a framework to plan for the future. Bruce Piasecki is president and founder of AHC Group, Inc., a management consulting firm. For over 30 years, AHC Group has focused on the critical areas of corporate governance consulting, energy and environmental strategy, product innovation, and sustainability strategy.


Shaun Rein THE END OF CHEAP CHINA: ECONOMIC AND CULTURAL TRENDS THAT WILL DISRUPT THE WORLD Business/Economics • 978-1-118-17206-3 Cloth • US$ 24.95 • 240 pages • 15.24 x 22.86 cm. • 02/29/2012 As China gains recognition for more than its low-cost manufacturing, its supply of cheap labor is drying up. What does this mean for global business? Much economic growth for the past three decades has been largely attributed to the willingness of Chinese workers to slave away in factories. As China takes on a more significant role in international affairs and commodity prices rise, many developed economies face a deepening threat to their accustomed way of life and consumption. This book exposes mega-trends that are accelerating change in China, explains how those trends impact the rest of the world, and gives tips on how businesses can turn a profit in this changing global marketplace. Among the trends: rising labor and real estate costs are forcing manufacturers of cheap Chinese products to close, relocate, or move up the value chain; the restructuring of China’s economy from export to domestic consumption will create opportunities for foreign brands to enter the Chinese market as incomes rise; and Chinese consumption will build pressure on the global commodities markets, causing inflation and friction with other nations. Shaun Rein, based in Shanghai, China, is the founder and Managing Director of the China Market Research Group, a leading strategic market intelligence firm that advises Fortune 500 companies about expansion in China. He speaks frequently at conferences like the Bloomberg China Conference, the Asia Society Corporate Conference, and the JP Morgan Annual conferences and, as one of the most widely read columnists in the world, reaches millions through his weekly column on business in China with CNBC.

Finance and Investing Hilary Kramer THE LITTLE BOOK OF BIG PROFITS FROM SMALL STOCKS: WHY YOU’LL NEVER BUY A STOCK OVER $10 AGAIN Investments & Securities • 978-1-118-15005-4 Cloth • US$ 22.95 • 208 pages • 12.70 x 17.78 cm. • 10/19/2011 Low-priced gems, or what small stock expert Hilary Kramer calls “breakout stocks” come in all shapes and sizes, but have three things in common: 1) their price is mostly under $5; 2) they are undervalued; and 3) they have specific catalysts in the near future that put them on the threshold of breaking out to much higher prices. There are many great small stock opportunities, and this book presents the author’s methodology, giving readers the ability to analyze the stocks to pick their own winners. Kramer also explains the most important part of making money in stock investing—when to sell. Hilary Kramer is editor of two financial newsletters for InvestorPlace Media, GameChangers and Breakout Stocks Under $5, two of the most popular new financial newsletter launches of the past five years.


Mitch Zacks THE LITTLE BOOK OF STOCK MARKET PROFITS: THE BEST STRATEGIES OF ALL TIME MADE EVEN BETTER General Finance & Investments • 978-0-470-90341-4 Cloth • US$ 22.95 • 208 pages • 12.70 x 17.78 cm. • 10/19/2011 This book will reveal stock market strategies that have stood the test of time, then will show how they can be further improved by incorporating the Zacks stock ranking system. Written by Mitch Zacks, president of Zacks Investment Management, the book will highlight earnings-based investing strategies, the hallmark of his process, but will also identify strategies based on valuations and price momentum. By itself, the Zacks ranking system has beat the overall stock market 19 out of the past 20 years. Combined with these market-beating strategies, the system provides extraordinary investment results, consistently outperforming the overall stock market by wide margins. Mitch Zacks is president of Zacks Investment Management.

Mike Mayo EXILE ON WALL STREET: ONE ANALYST’S FIGHT TO SAVE THE BIG BANKS FROM THEMSELVES General Finance & Investments • 978-1-118-11546-6 Cloth • US$ 29.95 • 320 pages • 15.24 x 22.86 cm. • 10/26/2011 In Exile on Wall Street, star banking analyst Mike Mayo reveals for the first time the dirty details of his ongoing attempts to persuade Wall Street firms to admit their wrongdoing, and proves that all the factors leading to the financial crisis -- dishonest accounting, the separation of risk from reward, outsized executive pay -- are still in play. From Deutsche Bank banning Mayo from speaking to the media in 2008 because of his negative view of the banking sector, to Citigroup announcing that it would increase its assets by 5% in 2010 (which Mayo deemed near impossible), he provides a glimpse into Wall Street’s true inner workings and shows how everything is just as bad today as it was pre-crash. He analyzes the fallout stemming from the crash and points out the flaws that still exist in the system, particularly pertaining to the relationships analysts have with the companies they cover. In addition, he chronicles some of his most outrageous adventures: being escorted out of the building from Lehman in the ‘90s after giving notice; being fired from Credit Suisse after he put a sell rating on the entire banking sector in May 1999; and being named the “CEO-killer” for asking CEOs if it was time they were replaced. Mike Mayo has been one of the top-ranked banking and finance analysts for the past 20 years. He has worked as an equity analyst at Wall Street firms including UBS, Lehman Brothers, Credit Suisse, Prudential, and Deutsche Bank. He currently works at Calyon Securities, the U. S. affiliate of CLSA, Asia’s leading investment and brokerage group.


Pablo Triana THE NUMBER THAT KILLED US: A STORY OF MODERN BANKING, FLAWED MATHEMATICS, AND A BIG FINANCIAL CRISIS Investments & Securities • 978-0-470-52973-7 Cloth • US$ 39.95 • 304 pages • 15.24 x 22.86 cm. • 11/16/2011 The credit crisis is by no means the only trauma to have shaken the financial markets throughout the years. These market tribulations seem to wreak more havoc than ever before. Pablo Triana, as well as other financial experts, thinks that a specific number is to blame. The risk measurement tool used by financial institutions and regulators (Value at Risk/VaR) has, in fact, intensified risk, allowing firms to increase their speculative investments to unimaginable levels, and causing Wall Street to sink. In The Number That Killed Us, the author takes readers through the development of VaR and shows how its inevitable structural flaws allowed banks to take on even greater risks. He thoroughly covers VaR’s precise role in igniting the credit crisis, including in-depth analysis of how and why regulators, by relying heavily on the tool, condemned everyone to chaos. Uncritically embraced worldwide for far too long, VaR is, in the face of such destruction, just starting to be examined as problematic, and in this book Triana (long an open critic of the tool) uncovers exactly why it makes our financial world a more dangerous place. Pablo Triana is a derivatives expert who writes for and the Financial Times. His 2009 Wiley book Lecturing Birds on Flying: Can Mathematical Theories Destroy the Financial Markets? has been translated into Simplified Chinese.

Zvi Bodie, Rachelle Taqqu RISK LESS AND PROSPER: YOUR GUIDE TO SAFER INVESTING Investments & Securities • 978-1-118-01430-1 Cloth • US$ 27.95 • 304 pages • 13.97 x 21.59 cm. • 12/07/2011 This book shows readers how to understand investment risk, as well as choose the correct blend of risk and safety. It explains simple, powerful methods for small investors to construct a reliable safety net to assure financial goals and prosper over the long run. Zvi Bodie first challenges the myth that all investments require risk, explaining in layman’s terms the role of risk-free assets and investment insurance. He then highlights important risks individual investors often overlook: inflation risk, longevity risk, and human capital risk. Then, readers will learn how to create their own risk profiles to use when choosing investments. And finally, they will find an actionable plan to build a viable, long-lasting investment portfolio. Zvi Bodie is the Norman and Adele Barron Professor of Management at Boston University. Rachelle Taqqu is a financial consultant with many years of experience in the financial services industry.


John F. Mauldin THE LITTLE BOOK OF BULL’S EYE INVESTING Investments & Securities • 978-1-118-15913-2 Cloth • US$ 22.95 • 224 pages • 12.70 x 17.78 cm. • 12/14/2011 Investment guru John Mauldin shares his expertise in examining the global economy to make smart investing choices. He will provide a brief look back at the past decade, then focus on his key observations, including The Muddle Through Economy, Taking Stock (or Bonds or Hedge Funds), and how to concentrate on other investments to adjust to the new reality. John Mauldin is president of Millennium Wave Investments. His previous Wiley book Endgame: The End of the Debt Supercycle and Why It Changes Everything (2011) has been translated into Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Russian.

Michael Goodkin THE WRONG ANSWER FASTER: THE INSIDE STORY OF MAKING THE MACHINE THAT TRADES TRILLIONS Finance & Investments Special Topics • 978-1-118-13340-8 Cloth • US$ 34.95 • 304 pages • 15.24 x 22.86 cm. • 02/01/2012 This is the incredible story of computerized trading on Wall Street by the man who made it happen. Drawing on his experience as a failed teenage investor and successful semiprofessional gambler, Michael Goodkin had an epiphany. Since no one knew the right price for anything, and Wall Street is a losing game, perhaps the way to beat it was not by trying to come up with the right answer, but rather by using a computer to come up with the wrong answer faster. Bankrolled by a financier, he recruited a team of eminent economists from Boston and Los Angeles to combine their academic expertise with his gambler’s instinct and a computer’s speed. One year later he introduced the first computerized trading machine on Wall Street. After taking time off to pursue personal interests, he founded Numerix, a groundbreaking software company that created techniques to speed Monte Carlo simulations, tree and finite difference methods, and VaR calculations. This is not only Michael Goodkin’s fascinating story, but the tale of the computerization of Wall Street by the man at the helm—along with his keen insights, based almost entirely on poker and game theory, that literally changed the way the money game is played. Michael Goodkin is the founder of Numerix, a computational finance firm started in Chicago in 1996 that applies nonlinear and computational physics to complex financial derivative risk management.


General Business Marc Nager, Clint Nelsen, Franck Nouyrigat STARTUP WEEKEND: HOW TO TAKE A COMPANY FROM CONCEPT TO CREATION IN 54 HOURS Small Business & Entrepreneurship • 978-1-118-10509-2 Cloth • US$ 24.95 • 176 pages • 13.97 x 21.59 cm. • 10/19/2011 Since June 2007, Startup Weekend, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to educate entrepreneurs, strengthen communities, and launch startups, has held weekend events in 35 countries, where developers, designers, marketers, and product managers meet to share ideas, form teams, build products, and create startups in 54 hours. Based on Startup Weekend’s evolution to a major global initiative, as well as the numerous startups created as a result, this book will include best practices, lessons learned, and examples for individuals and small organizations wishing to empower others and begin large-scale movements. Each section will focus on Startup Weekend’s key beliefs, including: trust and empowerment; keeping the structure flexible; the power of education through experience; the result and the future (doing even more, even faster); and much more. Marc Nager, Clint Nelsen and Franck Nouyrigat are the Directors of Startup Weekend ( Approximately half of its events have been held outside the US, in countries such as Belgium, Norway, Denmark, France, the Netherlands, Russia, India, and Italy.

Lita Epstein THE BUSINESS OWNER’S GUIDE TO READING AND UNDERSTANDING FINANCIAL STATEMENTS Small Business & Entrepreneurship • 978-1-118-14351-3 Paper • US$ 19.95 • 208 pages • 15.24 x 22.86 cm. • 01/18/2012 To measure a company’s health—as well as the competition’s—managers must know how to read and understand financial statements. This useful desktop reference will introduce readers, especially those lacking a strong finance background, to the various statement types and explain their importance. The author will discuss the difference between internal and external financial statements, demonstrating how they can be used for financial decision-making to avoid common missteps. Nontechnical and resultsdriven, the book will enable readers to: understand the budget process; manage assets and track inventory; measure profitability; monitor success throughout the year using internal reporting; set prices and make key cost decisions; and more. Lita Epstein designs and teaches online courses on topics such as investing for retirement, getting ready for tax time and finance and investing for women.


Hal Mooz MAKE UP YOUR MIND: A DECISION MAKING GUIDE TO THINKING CLEARLY AND CHOOSING WISELY EVERY TIME Business Special Topics • 978-1-118-17271-1 Cloth • US$ 27.95 • 276 pages • 15.24 x 22.86 cm. • 01/18/2012 This book offers a unique approach for avoiding failure and choosing wisely every time. While effective decision making is of life-changing importance, it is seldom taught as a core business skill. That is why, after years of research and development, Hal Mooz has created Decision Typing, a system consisting of three models: a Decision Type Model that characterizes what is at stake with any decision; a Decision Solution Model that outlines the most suitable alternatives; and a Decision Judgment Model that provides bases for judging alternatives, both defensible and non-defensible. Guiding readers through a creative process to the most promising options, this book will help them become skilled in: specifying the decision and context; determining the decision type; creating the decision type frame; developing the decision solution frame; creating viable alternatives; identifying and obtaining comparative information; knowledgably selecting the right judgment basis; skillfully applying the appropriate judgment process; effectively managing power and peer pressure; objectively making the judgment; and decisively implementing the action. Hal Mooz is co-founder of the Center for Systems Management, a company dedicated to training, mentoring, and consulting in project management, systems engineering and related disciplines.

Andrew Sobel, Jerold Panas POWER QUESTIONS: BUILD RELATIONSHIPS, WIN NEW BUSINESS, AND INFLUENCE OTHERS Business Special Topics • 978-1-118-11963-1 Cloth • US$ 22.95 • 224 pages • 13.97 x 21.59 cm. • 01/18/2012 Since the age of Socrates, great leaders, influencers, and teachers have used thoughtful questions to connect with others, challenge conventional wisdom, and shed light on the toughest problems. This book presents a series of strategic questions that can turn around a conversation and transform the other person’s thinking. Each question will be presented within a real, engaging conversation to highlight its impact. The authors also describe how to develop new types of questions for every business and personal situation, and include tactical questions to help readers handle any type of meeting with a client, colleague or friend. Examples of Power Questions include: What’s the most important thing we should be discussing today? I understand it’s possible, but what would make it possible? How are you going to make your decision? How do you think that is going to develop? What don’t you know about this? and more. Andrew Sobel is a leading authority on client relationships and the skills and strategies required to earn enduring client loyalty. He is the author of All for One (Wiley, 2009), Making Rain (Wiley, 2003, Simplified Chinese, Korean, and Russian rights sold) and Clients for Life (Simon & Schuster, 2000). Fluent in Spanish and Italian, he headed Gemini Consulting in Italy for five years and regularly conducts seminars in Latin America. Jerold Panas is the world’s leading consultant in philanthropy and the CEO of Panas, Linzy and Partners, the world’s largest consulting for advising non-profit organizations and foundations on fund raising.


Martin Soorjoo HERE’S THE PITCH: HOW TO PITCH YOUR BUSINESS TO ANYONE, GET FUNDED, AND WIN CLIENTS Business Special Topics • 978-1-118-13752-9 Cloth • US$ 24.95 • 256 pages • 15.24 x 22.86 cm. • 02/15/2012 To survive and succeed, entrepreneurs must be able to deliver a high-impact pitch—whether pitching for funding, pitching the media, or pitching potential customers and partners. This book will reveal how to prepare and develop a winning mindset, providing an extensive range of powerful techniques and strategies to mesmerize listeners, raise huge sums of money, secure partnerships, and win big sales contracts. Here’s the Pitch also provides advice for every pitch situation a modern-day entrepreneur is likely to encounter, including virtual and web 2.0 pitches. Martin Soorjoo is an investor pitch coach and founder of the Investor Pitch Clinic ( He coaches entrepreneurs across the US, Canada, Europe, and India, helping them launch and raise funding. He is a certified Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and expert in body language.

Erika Napoletano THE POWER OF UNPOPULAR: A GUIDE TO BUILDING YOUR BRAND FOR THE AUDIENCE WHO WILL LOVE YOU (AND WHY NO ONE ELSE MATTERS) General & Introductory Business • 978-1-118-13466-5 Cloth • US$ 24.95 • 240 pages • 15.24 x 22.86 cm. • 02/29/2012 Somewhere along the way, it was decided that popularity was the key to brand success, when in fact the opposite is true. Every successful brand in history is inherently unpopular with a specific demographic. In The Power of Unpopular, readers will learn about: how to inject personality into a brand; the difference between popular and profitable; why being unpopular is desirable; how to manage a brand that becomes popular with an unlikely audience; why fans don’t care whether a brand is big or small; and much more. Erika Napoletano’s irreverent but sincere tone offer readers steps that can be applied to their business strategies immediately. Erika Napoletano is the Head Redhead at RedheadWriting LLC, an online strategies consulting firm. Her blog, RedheadWriting, offers blunt and honest advice on marketing, social media, business integrity, and life in general.


Woody Wade SCENARIO PLANNING: A FIELD GUIDE TO THE FUTURE Business Special Topics • 978-1-118-17015-1 Paper • US$ 29.95 • 224 pages • 25.40 x 17.78 cm. • 03/07/2012 In the next 11 years, new trends will arise, changing the landscape in dozens of ways -- politically, socially, and economically. There will be technological advances, as well as many new consumer products. Potential problems only dimly recognizable today will become huge challenges. It is important that organizations think about these changes now so they will be ready for them when they occur. But how can they prepare for these trends? The answer is simple: through scenario planning, a fascinating, yet underutilized, business tool. It gives companies a chance to explore how the future could plausibly unfold in several different ways, and helps them visualize the implications of each scenario on their fortunes, spotlighting opportunities and threats. With a highly visual, contemporary look and feel, this book will serve as a field guide to the world 11 years from now, posing thoughtful questions about the possible consequences of both current and upcoming trends. Woody Wade serves as Managing Director of Wade & Co., a consultancy focused on business foresight, and frequently speaks on the topic of future trends. Now based in Switzerland, he has over 25 years of experience in international marketing and strategy development. During his career he has worked for two private banks in Zurich; served as a member of the Executive board of the Geneva-based World Economic Forum, which hosts the annual World Economic Forum in Davos; and was the marketing director of the world-renowned Ecole hotelière de Lausanne. An independent consultant for over 10 years, he also sits on the board of a Swiss interactive media corporation.

Julie Clow THE WORK REVOLUTION: FREEDOM AND EXCELLENCE FOR ALL General & Introductory Business • 978-1-118-17205-6 Cloth • US$ 24.95 • 240 pages • 15.24 x 22.86 cm. • 03/21/2012 Work cultures are not evolving fast enough to help professionals cope with the world’s complexity. Everyone is striving for work-life balance, but what is really needed is better work-life blending. How can we find a way to move from being exhausted and frustrated by the flood of information and constant connectivity to embracing and integrating this new reality into a life that is not always about work? The Work Revolution will answer this question. Individuals will find actionable changes anyone can make, regardless of where and who they work for, to create a more sustainable work-life blend. Leaders will find guidance on making tangible changes in their teams to enable greater autonomy and impact, and to manage and set up a team for success. For organizations, the book will outline culture principles that support and nurture high-performance, healthy environments, based on specific challenges. Julie Clow, Ph.D. is the Learning and Organizational Development Manager at Google. Her teams address a wide range of issues, including personal productivity, career development, team effectiveness, leadership and management, organizational culture, and change management.


Eli Broad THE ART OF BEING UNREASONABLE: LESSONS IN UNCONVENTIONAL THINKING Business Special Topics • 978-1-118-17321-3 Cloth • US$ 24.95 • 192 pages • 15.24 x 22.86 cm. • 04/11/2012 Eli Broad founded two Fortune 500 companies and has received extensive media coverage for his key role in the revitalization of Los Angeles as an arts center. This book describes his controversial management style -- he runs away from conventional wisdom at every opportunity. Most people and institutions take a “reasonable” approach to problems, which Broad calls “Of Course Not” thinking. When faced with the prospect of a new or different approach, they will come up with all the reasons something can’t be done and conclude, “Of course not” because, after all, no one else is doing it that way. This book hopes to explain the “unreasonable” methodologies that led to the author’s success. Eli Broad is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and the founder of two Fortune 500 companies: KB Home and SunAmerica. He is also an internationally known art collector and museum patron.

Ron Kaufman UPLIFTING SERVICE: THE PROVEN PATH TO DELIGHTING YOUR CUSTOMERS, COLLEAGUES, AND EVERYONE ELSE YOU MEET General & Introductory Business • 978-1-118-17273-5 Cloth • US$ 24.95 • 240 pages • 15.24 x 22.86 cm. • 12/05/2012 Global businesses are just now witnessing the birth of true service potential. Organizations are being transformed by their Uplifting Service cultures, which engage employees, define purpose, and offer the only sustainable business advantage -- they make customers and colleagues fall in love with them. Through over twenty years of providing thought leadership to the world’s most respected companies (including Microsoft, Singapore Airlines, Xerox, Nokia Siemens, and Dell Computer), Ron Kaufman has developed a proven architecture for building an Uplifting Service Culture, including: assessing why an organization needs a service culture; leading a service culture from all levels of an organization; building a service culture based on current assets and opportunities; service education that reaches all levels of the organization; and driving, managing, inspiring, and implementing a process and strategy for continued progress. Ron Kaufman is the CEO and Founder of Up Your Service!, a consulting company designed to help large corporations and government organizations build uplifting service cultures.


Management Molly Fletcher THE BUSINESS OF BEING THE BEST: INSIDE THE WORLD OF GO-GETTERS AND GAME CHANGERS Business & Management • 978-1-118-06010-0 Cloth • US$ 25.95 • 224 pages • 15.24 x 22.86 cm. • 11/30/2011 In each and every profession, from the athlete to the CEO of a large corporation, there is a top 1%. The Business of Being the Best offers readers insight into how professionals arrive at the top and maintain excellence throughout their careers. In breaking down their success stories, the book reveals common traits and characteristics, as well as key success strategies which everyone can emulate. Among the individuals profiled: Arthur Blank, former CEO of Home Depot, owner of the Atlanta Falcons; Roger Staubach, Heisman Trophy winner, Hall of Famer, Super Bowl VI MVP; Lenny Wilkens, NBA Hall of Famer; Doc Rivers, Coach of the 2008 NBA Champion Boston Celtics; Tom Izzo, Head Coach of the Michigan State men’s basketball program since 1995; and many more. Molly Fletcher is a top-rated sports agent and motivational speaker. Known as “The Female Jerry McGuire,” she has negotiated over $500 million in contracts and worked with hundreds of professional athletes.

Bob Frisch WHO’S IN THE ROOM?: HOW GREAT LEADERS STRUCTURE AND MANAGE THE TEAMS AROUND THEM Management • 978-1-118-06787-1 Cloth • US$ 29.95 • 224 pages • 15.24 x 22.86 cm. • 01/04/2012 Organizations of all sizes, in all industries, across all continents, deal with the same problems—the inability to make decisions, competition for resources, and friction among team members. Leaders usually assume that if their teams can just communicate better, or trust each other more, or overcome some other set of individual or collective dysfunctions, these problems can be resolved. And so they call in psychologists, coaches, and organization development consultants. But the problems persist because, in fact, they are not caused by psychological or behavioral factors at all. The real cause is a failure to understand how managerial team building and decision making actually work. Based on research and interviews with CEOs and top executives at major companies such as MasterCard, DuPont and Morgan Stanley, this book offers a method for leaders and team members to clarify roles and maximize strategic capability. Among the lessons : the best executives surround themselves with a portfolio of teams, not a single team consisting of their direct reports; ad-hoc teams often provide more value to leaders than formal teams; the senior management team is often the most dysfunctional of all, but it can be fixed; and much more. Bob Frisch, an expert in designing and facilitating executive offsite meetings, is Managing Partner of The Strategic Offsites Group, a world leader which works with companies from Fortune 100s to family businesses.


Gary Hamel WHAT MATTERS NOW: HOW TO FUTURE-PROOF YOUR COMPANY AND OTHER ESSENTIAL ADVICE FROM THE WORLD’S LEADING AUTHORITY ON MANAGEMENT Management • 978-1-118-12082-8 Cloth • US$ 26.95 • 280 pages • 15.24 x 22.86 cm. • 12/14/2011 Today, leaders confront a world where the unprecedented is the norm—long-established business models are becoming irrelevant and social media is dramatically transforming the way human beings connect. About the only thing a leader can be sure of is that what worked yesterday is unlikely to work tomorrow. Never before have businesses faced a more fractured, contentious, dynamic environment. If ever there was a need for fundamentally new thinking about values, competition, leadership, organization and talent, it’s now. In his first book in five years, Gary Hamel, the world’s leading business thinker, presents an agenda for success in a world where the old remedies are not merely useless, but downright toxic. With brutal honesty, iconoclastic thinking and cutting-edge examples, he offers advice for leaders everywhere who are eager to: move from defense to offense; reverse the tide of commoditization; defeat bureaucracy; astonish their customers; foster extraordinary contribution; capture the moral high ground; outrun change; build a company that is truly fit for the future; and much more. Concise and to the point, What Matters Now will inspire readers to rethink their business, their company, and their leadership methods. Gary Hamel has been hailed as “the leading expert on business strategy” by Fortune magazine. His landmark books have appeared on every management bestseller list and have been translated into 20 languages. He has also authored numerous articles for Harvard Business Review, Wall Street Journal, Fortune, and Financial Times. A faculty member of the London Business School, he consults with major global corporations such as GE, Nokia, Nestle, Shell, IBM, and Microsoft.

Amy Lyman THE TRUSTWORTHY LEADER: LEVERAGING THE POWER OF TRUST TO TRANSFORM YOUR ORGANIZATION Management / Leadership • 978-0-470-59628-9 Cloth • US$ 27.95 • 256 pages • 15.24 x 22.86 cm. • 12/14/2011 This book will reveal the benefits that organizations enjoy when their leaders regularly and consistently practice trustworthy behavior. Drawing from examples from 100 Best Companies to Work For, Amy Lyman shows managers at all levels why trustworthiness is such a powerful marker of leadership, and how they can engage in trustworthy behavior. Amy Lyman, Ph.D. is co-founder of the Great Place to Work® Institute. She conducts research on Best Companies, linking the quality of workplace conduct with financial and non-financial benefits. She is a popular speaker and the author of many articles. The Great Place to Work® Institute offers conferences, workshops, and global consulting services to help foster great workplaces. It produces FORTUNE's 100 Best Companies list and Best Workplaces lists in 40 countries.


Dan Sanker COLLABORATE: THE ART OF WE Management • 978-1-118-11472-8 Cloth • US$ 29.95 • 250 pages • 15.24 x 22.86 cm. • 01/23/2012 In just the past few years, the latest business and technology trends, such as outsourcing and cloud computing, have opened up brand new ways for organizations to operate -- one of them, collaboration with customers and often competitors, promises to yield a whole new way of doing business. Ironically, to remain competitive, businesses will have to become more collaborative. Dan Sanker’s CaseStack, a leading provider of logistics services to mid-sized consumer packaged goods companies, is a model of collaboration. Many of its key business partners could easily be construed as competitors, but by sharing strengths, all have seen greater profits while cutting costs and improving service. This book shows how others can successfully pool resources and competencies, develop new innovative products and services, access new markets, and reduce costs through collaboration. Case examples illustrate both large-scale (e.g. Disney and McDonald’s partnering with Happy Meals) and small-scale collaborations that have succeeded in the real world. Dan Sanker is President and CEO of CaseStack.

Patrick M. Lencioni THE ADVANTAGE: WHY ORGANIZATIONAL HEALTH TRUMPS EVERYTHING ELSE IN BUSINESS Management • 978-0-470-94152-2 Cloth • US$ 27.95 • 220 pages • 15.24 x 22.86 cm. • 02/29/2012 In his first full-length nonfiction book, the bestselling author of business fables such as The Five Dysfunctions of a Team brings together the concepts of all his previous titles into one powerful, entertaining guide to what it means for an organization to be “healthy” and why this is the most enduring and untapped competitive advantage in today’s market. In an easy-to-read style, Pat Lencioni takes the reader step-by-step through the key components: leaders and their ability to build a cohesive team at the top; the alignment of leaders around a few critical questions; getting employees at all levels to agree with the organization’s answers to those questions; and using processes and systems to reinforce the organization’s plan. Patrick Lencioni is founder and president of The Table Group, a consulting firm dedicated to building healthy organizations. His many bestselling books have been translated into 30 languages.


Beverly Schwartz, Ashoka RIPPLING: HOW SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURS SPREAD SOLUTIONS AND MAKE EVERYONE A CHANGEMAKER Non-Profit Organizations / Management Leadership • 978-1-118-13859-5 Cloth • US$ 27.95 • 300 pages • 15.24 x 22.86 cm. • 03/12/2012 From Ashoka, the leading global network of social entrepreneurs, this book presents a model for change based on principles that any individual leader or organization can apply. Based on Ashoka’s experience working with the world’s top social change leaders in all fields, this book will include compelling real-life examples, offering a roadmap that allows anyone to become a changemaker. Through each example, readers will understand the orientation that makes a social entrepreneur different from others who are doing great things around the world but have failed to achieve significant impact. The book focuses not just on the stories of heroes, but on the change they create. Beverly Schwartz is Vice President of Global Marketing at Ashoka. Ashoka is leading a profound transformation in society. Founded in 1980 on the premise that the most effective way to promote positive social change is to invest in social entrepreneurs with innovative solutions that are sustainable and replicable, both nationally and globally, it has grown to an association of over 2,700 Fellows in over 60 countries. Along with a global network of Fellows, business entrepreneurs, policy makers, investors, academics, and journalists, Ashoka works collectively to ensure that social entrepreneurs and their innovations continue to inspire a new generation of local changemakers.

Amy C. Edmondson TEAMING: HOW ORGANIZATIONS LEARN, INNOVATE AND COMPETE IN THE KNOWLEDGE ECONOMY Strategic Management • 978-0-7879-7093-2 Cloth • US$ 29.95 • 272 pages • 15.24 x 22.86 cm. • 03/14/2012 The next level of breakthrough thinking in organizational learning, leadership and change, Harvard professor Amy Edmondson shows how leaders can make organizational learning happen by building teams that learn. Based on years of research and case studies from Verizon, Bank of America, and other organizations, this book outlines the factors that typically prevent groups from learning, such as fear of failure, groupthink, power structures, and information hording. The author shows how leaders can control these factors by encouraging reflection, creating psychological safety, and overcoming defensive routines that inhibit the sharing of ideas. Leaders can use practical management strategies to help organizations realize the benefits inherent in both success and failure. Amy Edmondson is Professor at the Harvard Business School, where she teaches MBA courses on managing change and learning in operations and PhD courses on field research methods.


Maria Gonzalez MINDFUL LEADERSHIP Management / Leadership • 978-1-118-12711-7 Cloth • US$ 26.95 • 224 pages • 12.70 x 17.78 cm. • 03/26/2012 In today’s difficult business environment, leaders searching for solutions often adopt whatever style is currently in vogue; however, they then cease to be authentic, inevitably causing inconsistent decisions, confusion, and unhappy employees who recognize that the leader is hiding behind a facade. This book introduces Mindfulness Meditation, a tool leaders can use anytime, anywhere, to achieve focus, clarity, authenticity, and the presence of mind to face any issue. Mindfulness enables a leader to respond to a situation as it arises, respond to the reality of constant change from a place of deep calm and focus, and communicate clearly. Companies such as Google, Apple, Xerox, Toyota, Volvo, and IBM already encourage their employees to use meditation to help them become calmer and more effective. Benefits of Mindfulness Meditation in the worlds of business and leadership include: greater focus and concentration; improved time management; improved judgment and decision making; Enhanced team effectiveness; greater productivity; increased ability to deal effectively with stress; and much more. Maria Gonzalez is founder and President of Argonauta Strategic Alliances Consulting Inc., and has worked with more than 70 alliances around the world in the private and public sectors. Her 2010 Wiley book The Mindful Investor has been translated into Simplified Chinese.

Sales and Marketing Roger Dooley BRAINFLUENCE: 100 FAST, EASY, AND INEXPENSIVE WAYS TO PERSUADE AND CONVINCE WITH NEUROMARKETING Marketing • 978-1-118-11336-3 Cloth • US$ 24.95 • 240 pages • 15.24 x 22.86 cm. • 11/02/2011 Neuromarketing studies the way the brain responds to various cognitive and sensory marketing stimuli. This scientific approach has helped many brands and companies determine how to market their products most effectively to different demographics and consumer groups. Brainfluence explains how to apply neuroscience and behavior research to everyday marketing problems. It is designed to be a practical guide with quick and easy takeaways offered in short chapters, each containing one key strategy. Chapters are organized into major groups, mainly by application: in-person sales, Web marketing, print advertising, and many others. The book explains several key concepts, including new insights into what makes people buy, and ways for brands to form emotional bonds with customers. The techniques outlined are useful for all types of organizations, including small businesses and non-profits. Roger Dooley is the creator and publisher of Neuromarketing, the most popular blog on using brain and behavior research in marketing, advertising, and sales. A successful marketer for three decades, he is the president of Dooley Direct LLC, a consulting company that helps companies understand the implications of new technologies and techniques, and guides them in the implementation of practical strategies to adapt to them.


Harry J. Friedman NO THANKS, I'M JUST LOOKING: SALES TECHNIQUES FOR TURNING SHOPPERS INTO BUYERS Retail Sales • 978-1-118-15340-6 Cloth • US$ 24.95 • 224 pages • 15.24 x 22.86 cm. • 12/07/2011 Spanish and Portuguese rights retained by author Harry J. Friedman, the master of retail selling and sales training, decisively spells out what retailers need to know to turn shoppers into buyers and earn customers for life. No Thanks, I’m Just Looking delivers the inside scoop on how to skyrocket sales with a system of practical, easy-to-learn, money-making steps. Taking advantage of Friedman’s experience rather than relying on trial and error, retailers will be able to focus on what really works. Based on the author’s personal collection of proven selling techniques for today’s retail sales floor, this book includes all the tips and humorous anecdotes that have made him retail’s most sought-after consultant.

Harry J. Friedman THE RETAILER’S COMPLETE BOOK OF SELLING GAMES & CONTESTS: OVER 100 SELLING GAMES FOR INCREASING ON-THE-FLOOR PERFORMANCE Retail Sales • 978-1-118-15341-3 Paper • US$ 24.95 • 256 pages • 17.78 x 25.40 cm. • 12/07/2011 Spanish and Portuguese rights retained by author Retail selling is a repetitive process that can become boring. Store owners and managers must provide the motivation to make their salespeople choose to excel, even when store traffic is slow. One of the best ways to accomplish that goal is with selling games and contests. This book contains over 100 selling games and contests that any retailer can use to motivate staff, improve sales skills and generate extra sales during slow traffic periods. It is geared toward retailers of all industries and all sizes, from single stores to mega-chains. Among the topics covered: how to structure games and contests; how to create a competitive spirit in a store; how to build confidence in a sales staff’s abilities; and much more. Harry J. Friedman is an international retail authority, consultant, and the world’s most popular speaker on retail selling and operational management. Thirty years ago he founded The Friedman Group, which now maintains offices in the US, Latin America, Australia, and India, and is continuing to expand its reach internationally.


Mark Yarnell, Valerie Bates, Derek Hall, Shelby Hall HOW TO BECOME FILTHY, STINKING RICH THROUGH NETWORK MARKETING: WITHOUT ALIENATING FRIENDS AND FAMILY Marketing • 978-1-118-14426-8 Paper • US$ 19.95 • 256 pages • 15.24 x 22.86 cm. • 02/01/2012 Although Mark Yarnell’s previous million-copy bestseller Your First Year in Network Marketing has not been updated in 13 years, it continues to sell phenomenally well. This new book explains everything Yarnell and his colleagues have learned in the last decade about network marketing success, including the best ways to use the latest technology. How to Become Filthy, Stinking Rich Through Network Marketing addresses an unpleasant reality: many individuals were hit with substantial loss to their income, savings, and even jobs due to the economic collapse of recent years. This book shows them how to build a new revenue stream through a successful network marketing business. The authors discuss the correct ventures to seek out, and how to know which ones should be avoided. It is divided into four sections to help readers immediately achieve their goals: How to Thrive as an Entrepreneur; How to Select the Right Company; How to Build a Networking Business; and How to Avoid Pitfalls. Mark Yarnell is the author of the international bestseller Your First Year in Network Marketing; he has built a network marketing organization of 300,000 people in 21 countries. His 2002 book Your Best Year in Network Marketing (Random House) has been translated into Spanish, French, Japanese, Hebrew, Portuguese, Russian, and Simplified Chinese. Valerie Bates is a professional network marketer. Derek Hall is CEO and Founder of Qivana, a fast-growing network marketing company. Shelby Hall has served on the Council of Women for Utah, and as President of Sandra Lee Enterprises.

Nancy Martini SCIENTIFIC SELLING: CREATING HIGH PERFORMANCE SALES TEAMS THROUGH APPLIED PSYCHOLOGY AND TESTING Marketing & Sales • 978-1-118-16797-7 Cloth • US$ 24.95 • 256 pages • 15.24 x 22.86 cm. • 03/21/2012 This book takes a truly scientific approach to sales and the sales process. Through more than a dozen fascinating case studies, Nancy Martini demonstrates how scientific measurement improves overall sales performance. She also includes easily understood graphics, charts and descriptions, shows how sales teams were measured, and describes how those metrics changed as the result of better hiring practices, coaching, and sales training. Among the success stories: how the Clark-Mortenson Insurance Agency turned to scientifically proven data-based assessment tools to determine the strengths of sales professionals, as well as identify areas of growth; how Meadowbrook Golf created a program to “manage for individual success” by using scientific testing and measurement to help its top managers understand what motivated employees; and how Yankee Candle used scientific measurement to identify the right people to hire, then, through customer case studies and role-playing, leveraged each salesperson’s natural behavior for sales improvement, thereby creating revenue increases of 40% for trained individuals. Nancy Martini is the President and CEO of PI Worldwide (, an international management consulting company active in 144 countries with 48 locations around the world and over 350 consultants.


Social Media Gail Goodman, Eric Groves THE NEW MARKETING CHEMISTRY: HOW TO TRANSFORM YOUR SMALL BUSINESS WITH ENGAGEMENT MARKETING Social Media Marketing • 978-1-118-10102-5 Cloth • US$ 24.95 • 256 pages • 15.24 x 22.86 cm. • 04/11/2012 A leading email and social media marketing company shows small businesses how to grow through Engagement Marketing. The book starts with five common small business myths that hurt sales: 1) Customers just come back [The truth is, customers come back when they remember you. Since memories fade, it is critical to provide a great customer experience when they are with you, then proactively stay connected with them regularly. That is Engagement Marketing in action]; 2) Acquiring new customers is always expensive; 3) My customers love me.; 4) My customers don’t want to hear from me.; 5) Facebook will bring me new customers by the truckload. [Facebook is merely one component of a marketing strategy for engaging with and building an additional audience.] Then, the authors explain how every small business owner can implement the three keys to Engagement Marketing to grow a business: a great customer experience; a recurring social media dialogue with customers; and opening up the email and social media dialogue to reach “The Six Degrees of Separation” so that customers can connect in six steps or fewer. Gail Goodman is Chairman, President, and CEO of the global email marketing company Constant Contact. Eric Groves is Constant Contact’s Senior Vice President of Global Market Development.

Chad Mureta HOW TO MAKE MILLIONS WITH APPS: SIMPLE STEPS TO TURN YOUR IDEA INTO APP SUCCESS Social Media Marketing • 978-1-118-10787-4 Cloth • US$ 24.95 • 240 pages • 15.24 x 22.86 cm. • 10/12/2011 This book explains how to start and run a successful part-time app business, by providing the confidence and tools necessary for taking the next step towards success and freedom. The author uses real examples to inspire those seeking to cash in on the app gold rush, offering a non-technical, easy-to-follow guide for building massive wealth. The book caters to many platforms including iPhone and iPad, Android, and Blackberry. Chad Mureta will reveal how to build a successful app business without hiring employees, by outsourcing everything, while working from home or travelling. In addition, How to Make Millions with Apps includes information on: marketing strategies that few developers know; an easily replicated success formula to get thousands of downloads a day for one app; why some apps get visibility while others do not; the most essential things an app owner must do to succeed; how to learn the App store market; how to turn simple ideas into cash flow; and much more. Chad Mureta is the CEO of Empire Apps, a mobile Application business which he created without a background in technology. As founder of Empire Apps and co-founder of T3 Apps, he spearheaded the development and marketing of over 40 apps which were downloaded worldwide over 40 million times.


Jeanne Hopkins, Jamie Turner GO MOBILE: HOW TO PROFIT FROM LOCATION-BASED MARKETING, MOBILE OPTIMIZED AD CAMPAIGNS, QR CODES, AND OTHER MOBILE STRATEGIES Social Media Marketing • 978-1-118-16778-6 Cloth • US$ 24.95 • 240 pages • 15.24 x 22.86 cm. • 11/30/2011 Today, 33% of companies currently have a mobile marketing campaign strategy, with that number estimated to grow to over 62% in the next twelve months. Go Mobile is packed with tools, tips and techniques that will help readers set up, launch, and run a mobile media campaign. The book provides indepth information about mobile media business models, platforms, solutions, and case studies, combined with information that can be put to use immediately. The authors explain how to: understand the different mobile media platforms (Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, Palm, Windows); use Short Message Service (SMS) for a business and develop a mobile website; advance mobile advertising and search campaigns; use location-based marketing to get new customers; integrate social media with a mobile media campaign; use mobile E-commerce to improve brand loyalty; measure the ROI of a mobile media campaign; and develop mobile media business models that can be used to grow revenues. Jeanne Hopkins is the Director of Marketing at HubSpot, generating over 40,000 new leads each month via organic and paid efforts, and leading the company in new mobile initiatives. Jamie Turner is the Chief Content Officer at BKV’s 60 Second Marketer, the online magazine for BKV Digital and Direct Response that provides tools, tips, and tutorials for marketers around the globe.

Dave Gowel THE POWER IN A LINK: OPEN DOORS, CLOSE DEALS, AND CHANGE THE WAY YOU DO BUSINESS USING LINKEDIN Social Media Marketing • 978-1-118-13467-2 Paper • US$ 19.95 • 240 pages • 15.24 x 22.86 cm. • 11/30/2011 LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional Internet network, with more than 90,000,000 members in over 200 countries and territories. This book shows readers how to execute networking strategies and processes using their LinkedIn accounts. Unlike competing titles on the subject, The Power in a Link is not exclusively an instructional guide, but rather part conceptual, part autobiographical, and part technical. It will include success stories of the author and his clients that prove the effectiveness of the techniques outlined. Dave Gowel advises how to: make better introductions; spur effective network growth; project the right message; map your real network; and seek targeted introductions. He delivers the understanding necessary to stimulate word of mouth, and leverage unparalleled business intelligence to close deals. He answers the question, “how does social media work for business?” by showing that LinkedIn is not truly social media at all, but belongs in a category all its own. This book cuts through the noise in the crowded social media world with practical applications and explains why all professionals should embrace LinkedIn. David Gowel is the CEO of RockTech, a social technology consulting firm.


Paul Roetzer THE MARKETING AGENCY BLUEPRINT: THE HANDBOOK FOR BUILDING HYBRID PR, SEO, CONTENT, ADVERTISING, AND WEB FIRMS Social Media Marketing • 978-1-118-13136-7 Cloth • US$ 29.95 • 240 pages • 15.24 x 22.86 cm. • 11/30/2011 A practical, candid guide that explains how marketers can build tech-savvy agencies designed to thrive in the new marketing reality. The conventional marketing agency model is obsolete, and traditional firms are struggling to remain relevant by grasping for new services and techniques -- such as social, mobile, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and content -- rather than focusing on what really matters: pricing structure, technology, staffing, infrastructure, processes, and purpose. The agencies with the will and vision to adapt and evolve will rise, while many traditional PR, advertising, SEO and web development firms will become obsolete. This book will show agencies and consultants how to: build tech-savvy, hybrid firms; generate more qualified leads; win clients with set pricing and service packages; secure more longterm retainers; create diverse and recurring revenue streams; develop highly efficient management systems; construct more effective account teams; recruit and retain top talent; deliver greater results and value to clients; and increase client loyalty. Paul Roetzer is the founder and president of PR 20/20, an inbound marketing agency and PR firm that specializes in search marketing, social media, content marketing and public relations.

Kipp Bodnar, Jeffrey L. Cohen THE B2B SOCIAL MEDIA BOOK: BECOME A MARKETING SUPERSTAR BY GENERATING LEADS WITH BLOGGING, LINKEDIN, TWITTER, FACEBOOK, EMAIL, AND MORE Social Media Marketing • 978-1-118-16776-2 Cloth • US$ 24.95 • 240 pages • 15.24 x 22.86 cm. • 01/04/2012 Much has been written about social media over the past few years, but its potential for business-tobusiness (B2B) marketing is generally not included in this coverage. It is time for B2B marketers to realize that social media is a better fit for their type of relationship-based sales, and that applying this framework to their campaigns will accelerate their success. The B2B Social Media Book identifies and demonstrates many new and unique marketing ideas including: lead generation using social media; how B2B marketers can use social media marketing to meet their business objectives; data and insights for marketers to use and share with executives to empower social media marketing efforts; improving team performance by using Agile methodology to run a marketing team; and much more. Kipp Bodnar leads HubSpot’s content marketing team, a group of marketers who use social media, content, and search engine optimization to get HubSpot found by prospective customers. Jeffrey L. Cohen is the Social Media Marketing Manager at Howard, Merrell and Partners, a Raleigh, North Carolina strategic branding and advertising agency in Raleigh, North Carolina.


Lee Odden OPTIMIZE: HOW TO GET MORE TRAFFIC AND CUSTOMERS BY CONNECTING SEO, SOCIAL MEDIA, AND CONTENT MARKETING Social Media Marketing • 978-1-118-16777-9 Cloth • US$ 24.95 • 240 pages • 15.24 x 22.86 cm. • 02/01/2012 This book shows how to integrate social media, search engine optimization, and content marketing to create a more targeted, direct approach to online marketing, providing a practical model for companies, large and small, to create successful digital marketing programs. Creating a customer-centric online marketing strategy can be overwhelming, but Optimize helps businesses attract, engage, and retain more customers by showing them how to master the ability to identify and accommodate customer information discovery and consumption behaviors. Readers will learn to incorporate key optimization principles, thereby increasing their ability to acquire and engage relevant customers online. The author includes insights on how to: create a blueprint for integrated search, social, and content marketing strategies; determine which strategies provide the best results for your company; implement optimized social media marketing programs that get the best results; and mMeasure the business impact of a holistic social SEO program. Lee Odden is CEO of TopRank Online Marketing, a digital marketing consulting firm that helps companies develop content marketing and search optimization strategies.

Dan Zarrella THE SCIENCE OF MARKETING Social Media Marketing • 978-1-118-13827-4 Cloth • US$ 24.95 • 240 pages • 15.24 x 22.86 cm. • 02/01/2012 This book takes a scientific approach to the way businesses and brands approach marketing. It uses such diverse concepts as statistics, mathematics, social psychology, and even epidemiology, to explain how and why companies should adapt digital marketing strategies to achieve the greatest results. The author shares proven marketing tactics and tips gathered through scientific research, such as: most retweets occur late in the day and week; weekends are best for Facebook sharing; email should be sent to subscribers very early in the morning; your newest subscribers are your best and most likely to act; blog on the weekends for a higher number of comments; blog early in the morning for a higher number of links; and much more. Dan Zarrella is an award-winning social, search, and viral marketing scientist at Hubspot, Inc., a prominent marketing company.


Mike Proulx, Stacey Shepatin SOCIAL TV: HOW MARKETERS CAN REACH AND ENGAGE AUDIENCES BY CONNECTING TELEVISION TO THE WEB, SOCIAL MEDIA, AND MOBILE Social Media Marketing • 978-1-118-16746-5 Cloth • US$ 24.95 • 256 pages • 15.24 x 22.86 cm. • 02/08/2012 The web, social media, and mobile devices are bringing renewed life to how we experience television and creating ways for marketers to reach and engage their target audiences. In 2010, worldwide television viewership was higher than ever before, despite the rise of online and mobile video consumption. Not only are people watching more TV, but they are increasingly online at the same time, fueling the convergence of television and the internet and creating new ways for marketers to reach and engage target audiences. Social TV will examine the effect of the internet and technology innovation on the television landscape and help marketers take advantage of the many emerging (and complex) marketing and advertising opportunities as a result. Topics include: TV Gets Lean-Forward; TV Gets Everywhere; TV Gets Addressable; TV Gets Connected; and TV Gets Futuristic. Mike Proulx is the Director of Digital Strategy at Hill Holliday, a leading advertising and marketing agency, heading a team with a focus on cross-channel integration, emerging and social media. Stacey Shepatin leads Hill Holliday’s national broadcast buying practice which involves directing the strategy, recommendation and implementation for all national television buying and direct response advertising for Hill Holliday’s portfolio of clients.

Graeme Menzies SOCIAL MEDIA FOR COMMUNICATIONS PROFESSIONALS: HOW TO USE ONLINE MEDIA, TOOLS AND STRATEGIES TO ACHIEVE YOUR BUSINESS GOALS Strategic Marketing/Social Media • 978-1-118-13474-0 Cloth • US$ 39.95 • 256 pages • 15.24 x 22.86 cm. • 03/19/2012 There is a growing knowledge gap between younger and older generation workers. The older generation has accumulated enough career experience to achieve senior decision-making roles in organizations, but lack familiarity and expertise in the use and application of new technologies. On the other hand, the younger generation has easily adopted and used new technology, but has minimal experience in realworld business scenarios. At best, this creates a gap between those setting strategies and those implementing them; at worst it creates friction and dysfunctionality. Social Media for Communications Professionals helps fill this gap by providing insight on strategic issues (how online communications can achieve business goals) and delving into tactical issues (how the social media tools and online channels available to practitioners can be used to achieve desired results). Through examples, case studies and his own considerable experience as a communications professional, Menzies presents vital lessons for communicating in a connected world, such as: how you say something or even what you don’t say makes an impact; how social media investments can save—or even make—money; brand considerations when leveraging social media and how to deal with negative responses; the good, the bad and the ugly sides of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other technologies and movements; and more. Readers will gain a solid background in communication in the new digital era by understanding the technologies at work, how people use them, and how top-level communications professionals serve their businesses and the public. Graeme Menzies has over 20 years of experience as a communications professional. He has worked with the Canadian Embassy in Washington D.C., the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra, and Microsoft. His most recent experience was as Director of Communications responsible for the online communications plan for the 2010 Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver.


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Menzies, 29 Mindful Leadership, 22 Mondo Agnelli, 4 Mooz, 14 Mureta, 25 Nager, 13 Napoletano, 15 New Marketing Chemistry, 25 No Thanks, I'm Just Looking, 23 Number That Killed Us, 11 Odden, 28 Optimize, 28 Piasecki, 8 Power in a Link, 26 Power of Unpopular, 15 Power Questions, 14 Proulx, 29 Rein, 9 Retailer’s Complete Book of Selling Games, 23 Rippling, 21 Risk Less and Prosper, 11 Roetzer, 27 Sanker, 20 Scenario Planning, 16 Schwartz, 21 Science of Marketing, 28 Scientific Selling, 24 Sobel, 14 Social Media for Communications Professiona, 29 Social TV, 29 Soorjoo, 15 Speaking As a Leader, 6 Startup Weekend, 13 Taki, 4 Teaming, 21 Triana, 11 Trusted Advisor Fieldbook, 7 Trustworthy Leader, 19 Uplifting Service, 17 Wade, 16 What Matters Now, 19 Who’s in the Room?, 18 Wolfe, 8 Womack, 6 Work Revolution, 16 Wrong Answer Faster, 12 Yarnell, 24 Your Best Just Got Better, 6 Zacks, 10 Zarrella, 28


Frankfurt 2011 General Business Rights Guide  

Frankfurt 2011 General Business Rights Guide

Frankfurt 2011 General Business Rights Guide  

Frankfurt 2011 General Business Rights Guide