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Cuisine and Culture: A History of Food and People, 3rd Edition Linda Civitello 448 pp. • Softcover From prehistory and the earliest societies in the Fertile Crescent to today’s celebrity chefs, Cuisine and Culture, Third Edition presents a multicultural and multiethnic approach to understanding how and why major historical events have affected and defined the culinary traditions in different societies.

CONTENTS First Course: From Raw to Cooked: Prehistory, Mesopotamia, Egypt, China, India. Second Course: Grain, Grape, Olive: The Ancient Mediterranean. Third Course: Crazy Bread, Coffee, and Courtly Manners: Christendom and Islam in the Middle Ages, 500–1453. Fourth Course: New World Food: Potato, Corn, Chile, Chocolate. Fifth Course: Food Goes Global: The Columbian Exchange. Sixth Course: America from Colony to Country: Sacred Cod, Black Rice, Maple Moon, 1588–1850. Seventh Course: Hutsepot, Stove Potatoes, and Haute Cuisine: Seventeenth to Eighteenth-Century Dutch, Russian, and French Cuisine. Eighth Course:
Cattle, Coca-Cola, Cholera: The United States and Europe, 1850–1900. Ninth Course:
Africa and Asia: Native vs. Colonial Cuisine. Tenth Course: The Purity Crusade, Cuisine Classique, and Prohibition: 1900– 1929 in Europe and the United States. Eleventh Course:
Soup Kitchens, Spam, and TV Dinners: The Depression, World War II, and the Cold War. Twelfth Course:
Agribusiness vs. Organic: The 1970s into the Third Millennium.

Supplements Instructor’s Manual • Respondus Test Bank

Professional Baking, 6th Edition Wayne Gisslen 800 pp. • Hardcover Available with: CulinarE-Companion Gisslen’s Professional Baking is the bestselling text for the Introductory Baking course. The new edition retains its clear writing style and emphasis on core procedures and techniques, with several added enhancements, including method cards, new recipes, a stunning new design and a robust technology package, which includes online assessment and recipe management software. New technology, including WileyPLUS, which includes 65 technique videos, visual assessment questions, glossary with audio pronunciations and Math Tutor which reinforces essential concepts of bakeshop math. Fully revised CulinarE-Companion recipe management software contains all recipes from the text and provides the user with the ability to add recipes, as well as scale, resize, and determine nutritional information for each recipe.

CONTENTS 1. The Baking Profession. 2. Basic Professional Skills: Bakeshop Math and Sanitation. 3. Baking and Pastry Equipment. 4. Ingredients. 5. Basic Baking Principles. 6. Understanding Yeast Doughs. 7. Understanding Artisan Breads. 8. Lean Yeast Doughs. 9. Rich Yeast Doughs. 10. Quick Breads. 11. Doughnuts, Fritters, Pancakes, and Waffles. 12. Basic Syrups, Creams, and Sauces. 13. Pies. 14. Pastry Basics. 15. Tarts and Special Pastries. 16. Cake Mixing and Baking. 17. Assembling and Decorating Cakes. 18. Specialty Cakes, Gâteaux, and Torten. 19. Custards, Puddings, Mousses, and Soufflés. 20. Frozen Desserts. 21. Fruit Desserts. 22. Dessert Presentation. 23. Chocolate. 24. Marzipan, Pastillage, and Nougatine. 25. Sugar Techniques. 26. Baking for Special Diets.

Supplements Instructor’s Manual • Study Guide • Book and Study Guide Set • PowerPoint Slides • Respondus Test Bank • Image Gallery • WileyPLUS

Baking and Pastry: Mastering the Art and Craft, 3rd Edition The Culinary Institute of America 944 pp. • Softcover Available with: CulinarE-Companion Baking and Pastry, Third Edition continues its reputation as being a must-have guide for all culinary and baking and pastry students and baking and pastry industry professionals. This new edition improves upon the last with the addition of hundreds of new recipes, photographs, and illustrations, and revised and up-to-date information on creating spectacular breads and desserts. New content includes sustainability and seasonality, new trends in plated desserts and wedding and special occasion cakes, and more information on savory and breakfast pastries, volume production, and décor techniques. New to the Third Edition, CulinareE-Companion Recipe Management Software contains all of the recipes from the text and provides the user with the ability to add recipes, as well as scale, resize, and determine nutritional information for each recipe.

CONTENTS Part One: The Professional Baker and Pastry Chef. 1. Career Opportunities for Baking and Pastry Professionals. 2. Ingredient Identification. 3. Equipment Identification. 4. Advanced Baking Principles. 5. Food and Kitchen Safety. 6. Baking Formulas and Bakers’ Percentages. Part Two: Yeast-Raised Breads and Rolls. 7. Yeast-Raised Breads and Rolls. 8. Advanced Yeast-Raised Breads and Rolls. Part Three: Baking Building Blocks. 9. Pastry Doughs and Batters. 10. Quick Breads and Cakes. 11. Cookies. 12. Custards, Creams, Mousses, and Soufflés. 13. Icings, Glazes, and Sauces. 14. Frozen Desserts. Part Four: Assembling and Finishing. 15. Pies, Tarts, and Fruit Desserts. 16. Filled and Assembled Cakes and Tortes. 17. Breakfast Pastries. 18. Individual Pastries. 19. Savory Baking. 20. Plated Desserts. 21. Chocolates and Confections. 22. Décor. 23. Wedding and Specialty Cakes.

Supplements Instructor’s Manual • Study Guide • Respondus Test Bank • PowerPoint Slides • Image Gallery • 11

Hospitality, Culinary Arts, & Tourism Catalog 2014  

Hospitality, Culinary Arts, & Tourism Catalog 2014