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Computing Rights Guide Autumn/Winter 2012 For more information on any of these titles please contact Julie Attrill

Computing Rights Guide: Autumn/Winter 2012 Stories that Move Mountains: Storytelling and Visual Design for Persuasive Presentations/Sykes ........................................................................................................................... 2 Designing the Internet of Things/McEwen ........................................................................................ 2 Building the Internet of Things (IoT) with IPv6 and MIPv6/Minoli .................................................... 3 Raspberry Pi User Guide/Halfacree ................................................................................................... 3 Pervasive Computing: An Application-Based Approach/Banavar .................................................. 4 Design for Software: A Playbook for Developers/Klimczak ............................................................. 4 iOS 6 Programming Pushing the Limits/Napier ................................................................................ 5 Wireless Made Easy/Tan..................................................................................................................... 5 Windows 8 Metro Apps: Problem Design Solution/Rendle.............................................................. 6 Professional ArcGIS Desktop Development Using .NET/Amirian.................................................... 6

Treehouse Series ................................................................. 7 HTML5 Foundations/West .................................................................................................................. 7 CSS3 Foundations/Lunn ..................................................................................................................... 7

Smashing Series .................................................................. 8 Smashing CoffeeScript/Hudson ......................................................................................................... 8 Smashing Android UI/Lehtimaki ......................................................................................................... 8 Smashing Node.JS: JavaScript Everywhere/Rauch ......................................................................... 9 Smashing Mobile Web Development: Making the Leap to Web Mobile with HTML5/Avola .......... 9

Spring/Summer 2012 ......................................................... 10 ITIL Foundation Exam Study Guide/Gallacher ................................................................................ 10 iPad for the Older and Wiser/McManus ........................................................................................... 10 Windows 8 for the Older and Wiser/Arnold ..................................................................................... 11 PRINCE2 Study Guide/Hinde ............................................................................................................ 11 Business Patterns for Software Development/Kelly ....................................................................... 12 XDA's Android Hacker's Toolkit: The Complete Guide to Rooting, ROMs and Theming/Tyler .. 12 Security Patterns in Practice: Designing Secure Architectures Using Software Patterns/Fernandez-Buglioni.............................................................................................................. 13 Professional WebGL: Developing 3D Graphics for the Web/Anyuru ............................................ 13 Smashing UX Design/Allen ............................................................................................................... 14 Smashing WordPress: Beyond the Blog, 3e/Hedengren ................................................................ 14 iOS5 Foundations/Bijlani ................................................................................................................... 15 Swipe This!: The Guide to Great Tablet Game Design/Rogers ...................................................... 15 Game Invaders: The Theory and Understanding of Computer Games/Fencott ........................... 16 The Craft of the Cut: The Digital Video Editor's Handbook/Riley .................................................. 16

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Stories that Move Mountains: Storytelling and Visual Design for Persuasive Presentations

Designing the Internet of Things Adrian McEwen, Hakim Cassimally 978-1-118-43062-0 / 1-118-43062-X 260 pp. Pub: 24/12/12 Computer Hardware

Martin Sykes, Nick Malik, Mark D. West 978-1-118-42399-8 / 1-118-42399-2 264 pp. Pub: 26/11/12 Computer Science - General Interest

Take your idea from concept to production with this unique guide. With Designing the Internet of Things developers and designers can connect the Internet to Real-World devices to create fun, interesting and cutting-edge objects.

Discover the Microsoft way of using stories and visuals to make your presentations not only good, but excellent. Story Maps and the CAST (Content/Audience/Story/Tell) process will help you stand out from the crowd.

Whether it's called physical computing, ubiquitous computing, or the Internet of Things, it's a hot topic in technology: how to channel your inner Steve Jobs and successfully combine hardware, embedded software, web services, electronics, and cool design to create cutting-edge devices that are fun, interactive, and practical. If you'd like to create the next must-have product, this unique book is the perfect place to start.

It's called CAST (Content, Audience, Story, & Tell) and it's been a well-kept Microsoft secret, until now. Originally Microsoft's presentation method for enterprise architects, it soon snowballed and filtered through Microsoft from IT managers to sales, and beyond. Now, thanks to this unique book from an expert author team that includes two Microsoft presentation experts, you can learn how to use this amazing process to create and make high-impact presentations in your own organization.

Both a creative and practical primer, it explores the platforms you can use to develop hardware or software, discusses design concepts that will make your products eye-catching and appealing, and shows you ways to scale up from a single prototype to mass production.

The book helps you build complete visual stories, step by step, by using the CAST method to first create a Story Map and from there, a compelling presentation. It includes sample Story Maps, templates, practical success stories, and more. You'll discover how to go beyond PowerPoint slides to create presentations that influence your peers and effect change. • Covers how to apply a range of techniques and what the results look like, including screenshots, handwritten notes, and photographs of whiteboards.

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Helps software engineers, web designers, product designers, and electronics engineers start designing products using the Internet-of-Things approach.

Explains how to combine sensors, servos, robotics, Arduino chips, and more with various networks or the Internet, to create interactive, cutting-edge devices.

Provides an overview of the necessary steps to take your idea from concept through production.

If you'd like to design for the future, Designing the Internet of Things is a great place to start.

Martin Sykes is a leader in the Enterprise Strategy business at Microsoft Services. He is delivering internal training courses on the CAST method around the globe twice a month. Nick Malik has been an Enterprise Architect in Microsoft's internal IT organisation since 2005. Nick brings the experience of contributing to and coauthoring books in the past as well as being an end-user of the techniques. Mark D. West is a Graphic Designer and Educator, with experience creating designs for many companies in the US Pacific Northwest. Mark is not only responsible for part of the content, but also for the very specific visual style of the book content that has been chosen to attract and lead the reader through the process.

A u t u m n / W i n t e r

Adrian McEwen is an Internet of Things expert. He cowrote and runs the Howduino course, teaching about Arduino across the UK. Adrian is the curator of official Arduino Ethernet Library and has prowled the rooftops of Liverpool City Centre embedding Arduino sensors into the city's infrastructure. Hakim Cassimally is an Italian and English Literature Graduate who discovered Perl and never looked back. A writer of SciFi, Hakim founded a study group for the Stanford AI distributed learning classes.


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Building the Internet of Raspberry Pi User Guide Things (IoT) with IPv6 and Gareth Halfacree, Eben Upton MIPv6 978-1-118-46446-5 / 1-118-46446-X Daniel Minoli

180 pp. Computer Hardware

978-1-118-47347-4 / 1-118-47347-7 280 pp. Pub: 25/03/13 Mobile & Wireless Communications

Raspberry Pi is a £15/$25 high-spec computer the size of a credit card. The Raspberry Pi User Guide is written by the Raspberry Pi’s creator, Eben Upton. Raspberry Pi was developed with the goal of creating a new generation of computer programmers. Observing how the tech industry was kick-started in the 1980s by the availability of cheap, programmable computers such as the ZX81, the Commodore and the BBC Micro, the Raspberry Pi Foundation have designed a computer which encourages the user to play and to learn. Very affordable, a Raspberry Pi can be linked up with sensors and robotics to create a fun learning environment where the developer can get to grips with Python and other programming languages.

This book explains the concept and possibilities represented by the Internet of Things (IoT), from mobile applications that allow us to program our home appliances remotely, to solutions in manufacturing and energy conservation. Increasing demand for security and capacity require an upgrade in current Internet Protocol (IP). Therefore there is a demand for IP version 6 and Mobile Internet Protocol (MIP) version 6. •

Internet of Things is an emerging and often-cited topic among researchers and practitioners.

Applications to the fields of healthcare, electric vehicle transportation systems, industrial production, logistics, and energy management.

Accessible to practitioners; not overly technical; immediately applicable as a tutorial for implementing the Internet of Things using IPv6.

Pub: 19/11/12

Raspberry Pi User Guide contains everything the reader needs to know to get up and running on the Raspberry Pi and the book shows how to:

Special focus on Mobile technologies using Mobile IPv6.

Internet and ISP providers, telecommunications companies, wireless providers, logistics professionals, engineers at equipment developers. Graduate students in computer science and computer engineering courses. Daniel Minoli has worked extensively in video engineering, design, and implementations at organizations including Telcordia (Bellcore), Stevens Institute of Technology, AT&T, and Gartner/DataPro. He taught at NYU's Information Technology Institute and Rutgers University. Mr. Minoli has authored columns for ComputerWorld, NetworkWorld, and Network Computing magazines. He is the author of ten Wiley publications.

Connect the Raspberry Pi to other devices – keyboard, mouse and monitor.

Install the necessary software.

Learn basic Linux System Admin in order to understand files systems etc.

Configure the Raspberry Pi.

Set-up the Raspberry Pi as a simple Productivity computer.

Write basic programmes in Python.

Connect to external devices such as servos and sensors.

Set up the Raspberry Pi to drive a multimedia centre or robotics unit.

Raspberry Pi User Guide will have the Raspberry Pi Foundation’s seal of approval, and will be the ideal companion when starting out using the Raspberry Pi board. Eben Upton is the creator and designer of the Raspberry Pi board and the founder of the Raspberry Pi Foundation. Gareth Halfacree is a freelance technology journalist, open source advocate and erstwhile sysadmin. Having cut his technology teeth on a ZX Spectrum, he's always on the lookout for the next leap in computing and believes we're overdue a revolution to rival the microcomputing boom of the 1980s.

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Pervasive Computing: An Application-Based Approach

Design for Software: A Playbook for Developers

Guruduth S. Banavar, Norman H. Cohen, Chandra Narayanaswami

978-1-119-94290-0 / 1-119-94290-X 256 pp. Pub: 22/04/13 Graphics & Design

Erik Klimczak

978-0-471-77740-3 / 0-471-77740-4 375 pp. Pub: 22/04/13 Mobile & Wireless Communications

A unique resource to help software developers create a desirable user experience. Today, top-flight software must feature a desirable user experience. This one-of-a-kind book creates a design process specifically for software, making it easy for developers who lack design background to create that compelling user experience. Appealing to both tech-savvy designers and creative-minded technologists, it establishes a hybrid discipline that will produce first-rate software. Illustrated in full color, it shows how to plan and visualize the design to create software that works on every level.

A practical guide to understand the principles & concepts, core and advanced technologies of pervasive computing through applications. •

A broad introduction to pervasive computing with applications in wireless networks, embedded systems, mobile and distributed computing, and agent technologies.

From a panel of IBM experts.

Concepts are drawn from a collection of commercial and research applications.

End of chapters supplementary readings and exercises make it ideal for an academic setting and as a professional reference.

Dr. Guruduth S. Banavar is the Senior Manager of the Pervasive Computing Systems department at the IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center in Hawthorne, NY. Dr. Banavar leads a group of researchers working on several aspects of pervasive computing, including mobility technologies, context-based and notification systems, wearable and embedded systems, and programming models, as well as tools for pervasive applications. He has also published numerous papers and chairs many conferences and workshops in the field. Dr. Norman H. Cohen is a Research Staff Member also at the IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center, where he works on mobile and pervasive computing. Dr. Cohen has made several key contributions to a number of IBM products, including ArTour WebExpress and the WebSphere Everyplace Access Intelligent Notification Service. Previously, he chaired the data-synchronisation working group of the Mobile Network Computer Reference Specification Consortium. In addition, Dr. Cohen has published a few books. Dr. Chandra Narayanaswami manages a group of researchers at IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center who explore several aspects of mobile computing, including form factors, novel applications, power management, user interfaces, and device symbiosis. Dr. Narayanaswami has helped to develop several novel and influential prototypes such as the WatchPad, Personal Mobile Hub and SoulPad. He has also authored more than thirty papers and holds approximately forty US patents. A u t u m n / W i n t e r

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Today's software demands attention to the quality of the user experience; this book guides you through a practical design process to achieve that goal.

Approaches the mechanics of design with a process inspired by art and science.

Avoids the abstract and moves step by step through techniques you can put to use immediately.

Covers planning your design, tested methods, how to visualize like a designer, psychology of design, and how to create software that developers will appreciate.

Explores such elements as choosing the right typeface and managing interactivity.

Design for Software: A Playbook for Developers brings the art of good design together with the science of software development to create programmes with pizazz! Erik Klimczak is Creative Director at Clarity Consulting in Chicago. He is hugely passionate about cognitive-behavior, fine art, and the intersection of the two. Erik's experiences cover a vast range of creative and technical ground, which he has brought to bear for clients ranging from Microsoft to MTV. Erik is currently interested in emerging technologies' ability to uncover social and psychological insights aimed at improving the quality of life.


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j a t t r i l l @ w i l e y . c o m

iOS 6 Programming Pushing the Limits

Wireless Made Easy

Rob Napier, Mugunth Kumar

978-0-471-72000-3 / 0-471-72000-3 250 pp. Pub: 27/05/13 Mobile & Wireless Communications

Teik-Kheong (TK) Tan

978-1-118-44995-0 / 1-118-44995-9 456 pp. Pub: 17/12/12 Mobile & Wireless Communications

A practical introduction to wireless technologies. This is not a book for an engineer studying for a communications theory class. This book will explain in clear, simple terms the wireless technologies and its inter-relationships, and serve as an effective guide for anyone wishing to implement, deploy or establish a business proposition that requires knowledge of the wireless industry, trends and players. It will include topis such as Wi-Fi, VOIP over Wireless LANs, Security, QoS, Interworking of Wireless LANs with external IP networks, cellular networks, coexistence, mesh networking, wireless network management while covering market segment, applications, standards and deployment. With this guide you will be able to answer key questions such as: What is the difference between Wi-Fi and WiMAX and how will it impact my business? What can the industry expect from these technologies and what are the driving applications?

iOS is the hottest development platform around, and iOS 6 adds a new and deeper dimension to explore. This guide offers serious information for serious programmers who know the basics and are ready to dive into the advanced features of iOS. You'll learn to create killer apps for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch, including how to maximize performance and make more money from your apps with in-app purchases. Topics covered include security, multitasking, running on multiple platforms, blocks and functional programming, advanced text layout, and much more. •

This advanced guide helps experienced developers take full advantage of the latest platform upgrade, iOS 6.

Provides in-depth background on maximizing your apps with Apple's iPhone SDK 6.0, including the major new APIs and building applications for the new iPad.

Covers keeping control of multitasking, increasing income with in-app purchases, key value observing with Cocoa, running on multiple platforms, advanced text layout, building a Core foundation, and more.

iOS 6 Programming: Pushing the Limits gives experienced mobile developers a wealth of knowledge for creating outstanding iPhone and iPad apps on the latest platform. Rob Napier has been developing iPhone apps for as long as there has been a platform, and helped develop the first iPad-only newspaper, The Daily. He is Technical Leader for Cisco System's OS X and iOS development team working on voice, video and chat clients. He muses on technical topics at Cocoaphony ( Mugunth Kumar has worked as a software design engineer for Honeywell and GE, has developed bestselling Appstore apps, and has been quoted and linked by various iOS forums as a go-to source for developer information.

R i g h t s

G u i d e

Explains in clear, simple terms the wireless technologies and its inter-relationships.

Helps the reader understand the underlying applications and trends that create a business proposition for the wireless industry.

Provides a roadmap by geographic region, market segment, players, applications, standards and deployment.

Addresses specific topics of importance such as VOIP over Wireless LANs, Security, QoS, Interworking of Wireless LANs with external IP networks, cellular networks, coexistence, mesh networking, and wireless network management.

Non-technical people, IT professionals, venture capital firms, investors and marketing individuals, market analyst and business decision makers of non-networking industries, and anyone who wants to understand the complex and booming wireless technologies and industries.

Licensed: Simplified Chinese iOS 5 Programming Pushing the Limits - Licensed: French, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Spanish

C o m p u t i n g

Teik-Kheong (TK) Tan has more than 20 years of experience in the telecommunications and networking industry. He has taught software engineering and data communication programs at the Masters level, and also has experience in the product management and marketing industry. The author currently chairs a group that is focused on emerging and disruptive technologies that will shape the future of wireless. He also co-chaired a variety of marketing committees worldwide.


W i l e y

Windows 8 Metro Apps: Problem Design Solution

Professional ArcGIS Desktop Development Using .NET

M. Rendle

Pouria Amirian

978-1-118-45486-2 / 1-118-45486-3 504 pp. Pub: 20/05/13 Operating Systems / Microsoft Windows

978-1-118-44254-8 / 1-118-44254-7 504 pp. Pub: 25/02/13 Programming & Software Development

Windows 8 is going to be huge, and Building Windows 8 Metro Apps will be one of the first books to market.

Professional ArcGIS Desktop Development using .NET provides the fundamental groundwork for developing ArcGIS Desktop using .NET. Starting with programming basics it provides step-by-step guidance through the ArcGIS-specific tools and artefacts, sharing the essentials of ArcGIS development right through to deployment phase.

Now you can create and sell your own apps via the Windows App store, thanks to Windows 8 Metro, Microsoft's new operating system - and Windows 8 Metro Apps has everything you need to know to build your own immersive, Metro-style, Windows 8 app. Get thoroughly up to speed on RESTful web services, building application frameworks, storing data locally, integrating with Twitter and Facebook, working with the Windows Store, how to incorporate device features such as GPS and cameras, and much more. •

It covers:

Guides Windows developers through the process of building their own Metro-style Windows 8 apps and selling them through the Windows Store. Uses the Problem-Design-Solution method, so that you understand where the problems are, the issues involved, and how to reach viable solutions.

Build the next great app for Windows 8 with Windows 8 Metro Apps: Problem, Design, Solution. Mark Rendle is a freelance consultant and the creator of the Simple.Data framework. He is a Windows Azure Development MVP and a regular speaker at tech conferences such as QCon and the Progressive .Net Tutorials. Mark's career in software design and development spans three decades and more programming languages than he cares to remember. C# has been his favourite language pretty much since the first public beta, when you had to write the code in a text editor and compile it on the command line.

2 0 1 2

Object orientation and UML.

Programming in .NET.

Accessing maps and layers.

Accessing features using attribute features.

Data management.

Deploying application.

Professional ArcGIS Desktop Development using .NET provides a solid survey of major ArcGIS-specific capabilities complete with best practices from real world scenarios. ArcGIS Desktop allows you to simplify data design, input and clean-up with its powerful editing tools. By extending ArcGIS Desktop it enables users to make intelligent map production and develop the software to suit individual needs, helping streamline analytical data and increase company productivity. It allows users to easily create and share information amongst clients and organizations thus improving efficiency in the working environment. It also includes fully functional code and clear examples that allow programming in ArcGIS Desktop in no time, helping application of this powerful tool to suit individual needs.

Covers RESTful web services, building application frameworks, storing data locally, integrating with Twitter and Facebook, working with the Windows Store, and more.

A u t u m n / W i n t e r

Pouria Amirian is a developer and IT Trainer with valuable experience in developing and deploying small to mid-scale Information Systems for some municipalities and departments of ministries. His training includes courses on programming languages, database management systems and web programming.


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j a t t r i l l @ w i l e y . c o m

Treehouse Series

CSS3 Foundations

HTML5 Foundations

Ian Lunn

Matt West

978-1-118-35654-8 / 1-118-35654-3 320 pp. Pub: 17/12/12 Programming & Software Development

978-1-118-35655-5 / 1-118-35655-1 320 pp. Pub: 19/11/12 Programming & Software Development

CSS3 Foundations will teach you how to turn plain words and images into stunningly beautiful websites that use cascading style sheets. HTML is fun when you’re first learning, but when the instant gratification of CSS is mixed in, webpages become something more. It gives the knowledge to move beyond the constraints of prebuilt themes and simple site building tools, empowering hobbyists, freelancers, and entrepreneurs, to create fully customised websites that match their needs perfectly.

The exciting new Treehouse Series covers ground breaking designs and offers expert advice from experienced trainers. Full colour, clear, clean innovative designs; this series will teach you how to create eyecatching website designs that make people stop and pay attention. HTML 5 is the foundation on which nearly all web sites are built. HTML 5 supports large platforms such as Apple’s Safari browser on the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad devices. In fact, HTML 5 is the only way to display video content on Apple’s mobile devices. Because of all the excitement surrounding HTML 5 in the web design community, demand for information is high.

It includes:

HTML5 Foundations will teach you how to turn plain words and images into stunningly beautiful websites using HTML5. HTML5 Foundations will give you the knowledge to move beyond the constraints of prebuilt themes and simple site building tools. It will empower hobbyists, freelancers, and entrepreneurs, to create fully customised websites that match their needs perfectly.

CSS Syntax.

The Box Model.

How to manipulate text.

Visual formatting.

Animating page elements.

Cross browser compatability and so much more…

Treehouse will heavily endorse the Treehouse book series promoting online and selling directly through their website. All our Treehouse books will be authored by experts from the Treehouse team. All pros in the industry, these authors understand exactly what their target audience need to know and are experienced trainers.

The basics of HTML5.

How to format text.


CSS and JavaScript.

How to add scripts to pages.

HTML5 video and audio.

How to embed a video.

Geolocation and so much more…

Ian Lunn is a Freelance Front End Developer, passionate about building the future of the web using technologies such as CSS3 and HTML5. With a Higher National Diploma in Internet Technology, Ian combines his education with expertise in CSS, HTML, JavaScript and WordPress to build creative and effective websites and applications. Ian's enthusiasm for utilisting cutting edge technologies is matched by his dedication for advocating them; sharing his knowledge with the community, in the form of blog tutorials and open source projects.

With this beautiful, full colour practical guide you will learn how to create innovative, eye-catching website designs that make people stop and pay attention. Matt West is the founder of Developer City where he builds HTML5 websites for firms around the world. Matt is a hybrid, dealing with both the design and development of the website projects he works on. Working on open source projects, Matt taught himself how to code and has since built everything from small business websites to advanced route optimizers.

R i g h t s

How to structure with CSS.

With this beautiful, full colour practical guide you will learn how to create innovative, eye-catching website designs that make people stop and pay attention.

Inside you will learn:

C o m p u t i n g

G u i d e


W i l e y

Smashing Series

Smashing Android UI

Smashing CoffeeScript

Juhani Lehtimaki

Alex Hudson

978-1-118-38728-3 / 1-118-38728-7 384 pp. Pub: 29/10/12 Web Site Development

978-1-118-45437-4 / 1-118-45437-5 320 pp. Pub: 12/02/13 Web Development Software

Android is currently the hottest thing in technology. Smashing Android UI will help Android developers create successful apps that work intuitively and are easy to use.

Smashing CoffeeScript is aimed at getting the reader to ‘brew’ the perfect code with CoffeeScript.

Good User Interface design can be the difference between an app that takes off and an app that gathers dust on the mobile dashboard. Many developers without design experience produce apps that fail because they are not intuitive to use and don’t provide a pleasant experience for the user. Many of these pitfalls can be avoided by using Responsive design and UI Design Patterns.

If you're familiar with JavaScript and the often-frustrating process of creating complex applications, a nice cup of CoffeeScript can help! CoffeeScript is a programming language that compiles into JavaScript and simplifies the entire development process. Now you can tap the full power of CoffeeScript with Smashing CoffeeScript. This full-color, practical book explains the language, syntax, and processes, and will soon have you producing concise and quality code. Ultimately, you'll create RIAs and mobile apps faster, with less hassle. •

Smashing Android UI introduces responsive User Interface design for Android and explains how to build applications that will work well on all Android phones and tablets. The book will also give the reader a set of Android UI design patterns to help them approach common problems in their app design.

Gets developers up and running on CoffeeScript, a programming language that compiles into JavaScript and simplifies the process of building software.

Helps you produce better JavaScript and more quickly.

Introduces the language, syntax, and processes of CoffeeScript.

Covers the development of both mobile and rich internet apps.

Explores the HTML5 feature set, real-time communication, and using CoffeeScript within node.js projects.

By explaining how to correctly utilise Android tools, the developer will learn how best to approach Android fragmentation and how to design and build apps that scale to the multitude of Android devices (over 600 different combinations of Android devices and browsers). Starting with how to use simple components and then moving on to explain how to build scalable layouts, the book will then demonstrate how to scale it up with a responsive approach, introducing adaptive layouts and fragments. Finally, the reader will learn UI design patterns, a set of tools that developers without design experience can use to solve the problems that can be encountered in app design.

Alex Hudson is a technology expert and programmer. A hacker by trade he likes to keep on top of new technologies. He hacks in C, C#, JavaScript, Perl, PHP, Python, and Vala primarily, and due to the day job has a keen interest in HTML5, CSS, SQL, and NoSQL.

A u t u m n / W i n t e r

2 0 1 2

Juhani Lehtimäki is a developer with more than 10 years’ experience in Java. He works as an Android developer with design and front-end focus in a carrier’s Android team, building some of the most used apps in the German Android market.


C o n t a c t :

j a t t r i l l @ w i l e y . c o m

Smashing Node.JS: JavaScript Everywhere

Smashing Mobile Web Development: Making the Leap to Web Mobile with HTML5

Guillermo Rauch 978-1-119-96259-5 / 1-119-96259-5 320 pp. Pub: 04/09/12 Web Development Software

G. Avola 978-1-118-34816-1 / 1-118-34816-8 300 pp. Pub: 17/09/12 Programming and Software Development

Learn to make more efficient apps, with just one language! Smashing Node.JS: JavaScript Everywhere equips you with the necessary tools to understand Node.js and its uses in developing efficient web apps. With more traditional web servers becoming obsolete, having knowledge on servers that achieve high scalability and optimal resource consumption using Node.js is the key to your app development success. Teaching you the essentials to making event-driven server-side apps, this book demonstrates how you can use less space and take less time for communication between web client and server. •

Contains numerous hands-on examples.

Explains implementation of real-time apps including Socket.IO and HTML5, and WebSockets.

Addresses practical Node.js advantages from specific design choices.

Demonstrates why knowledge and use of JavaScript is beneficial.

Includes an interactive online component with sample chapters.

Explains components of stand-out apps including brevity and benchmarks.

The Mobile Web is the place to be and this title enables web developers to get to grips with this increasingly important platform. As more individuals get smart phones, mobile browsing is going through the roof. Having the ability to have a mobilefriendly website can increase interaction, revenue and customers depending on your business. HTML5/CSS/JS allows developers to create a rich user experience that works on most modern phones, without having numerous code bases to manage Smashing Mobile Web Development is the perfect learning platform to teach front-end web developers how to migrate their websites from the desktop browser to the billions of mobile devices worldwide. It will help developers move to HTML5 and CSS3, and will show how to apply those skills in the building of mobile websites that will work across all mobile devices and mobile browsers. Avola explains how to plan a website using wireframes and templates, introduces the various frameworks such as jQuery Mobile, which simplify the mobile web development process, and brings in newer technologies such as Boilerplate which help structure the HTML5 to ensure the website renders successfully cross-platform. After reading this book, the reader will have built their own mobile website that can draw upon the mobile device’s geo-location and social media functionality.

Guillermo Rauch is CTO and co-Founder of San Francisco-based education startup LearnBoost. Rauch is the inventor of several renowned Node.js projects, and has been a speaker at JSConf as well as Node.js workshops. Later this year, he will speak at NodeConf, MongoSF.

Smashing Mobile Web Development will appeal to the millions of readers of Smashing Magazine who are taking on the challenge of migrating their websites to the mobile platform. It will also appeal to the huge numbers of Web developers who need to make their websites work across the vast variety of mobile devices worldwide. Greg Avola has always had a passion for innovation through technology. Greg is the Co-Founder and CTO for a social startup called Untappd, that aims to allow users to track, recommend and discover new beers, breweries and venues. The Untappd mobile app was built using HTML5/CSS/JS technologies that are discussed though this book.

C o m p u t i n g

R i g h t s

G u i d e


W i l e y

Spring/Summer 2012

iPad for the Older and Wiser, 2e

ITIL Foundation Exam Study Guide

Sean McManus 978-1-118-40187-3 / 1-118-40187-5 288 pp. Pub: 15/06/12 General & Introductory Computer Science

Liz Gallacher 978-1-119-94275-7 / 1-119-94275-6 320 pp. Pub: 09/08/12 Certification

Apple’s iPad is THE must-have gadget and this highly illustrated guide gives up to the minute advice for users.

This ITIL Study Guide delivers 100% of the Foundation exam objectives in clear and concise language and provides everything needed for exam success.

This edition of iPad for the Older and Wiser will be updated throughout covering the latest software release and features of iPad 3.

The Information Technology Infrastructure Library exam is the ultimate certification for IT service management. This essential resource is a complete guide to preparing for the ITIL Foundation exam and includes everything you need for success. Organised around the ITIL Foundation syllabus, the study guide addresses the ITIL Service Lifecycles, the ITIL processes, roles, and functions, and also thoroughly explains how the Service Lifecycle provides effective and efficient IT services.

iOS 5: untethered setup, iCloud, tabbed browsing, new Messages app, Music app redesign, photo editing & management, multitasking gestures.

New sections on maps & books, music, iMessage, photo editing & management and much more.

Flash cards, mock exams, sample questions, and more.

More than 200,000 applicants take the ITIL Foundation exam each year.

The ITIL qualification is recognised around the globe and is viewed as the de facto certification for IT service management.

iPad for the Older and Wiser 2e explains all you need to know about one of the hottest devices released in 2012 – iPad 3. Technology expert and freelance journalist Sean McManus walks you through the basics of running iPad and gets you up to speed with this hot, but highly usable gadget. Simple and intuitive, iPad is easy to navigate and McManus illustrates all the various functions of iPad step-by-step including all new features included in the third generation (release date predicted March 2012). Learn how to: •

Set up and register your iPad.

Connect to the internet to browse and shop online.

Syncing your iPad to other devices.

Visit the app store and how to download an app.

This title appeals to readers who prefer self-study over the more expensive training courses. A typical reader has previous experience in an IT department, or is an IT student.

Play games.

Watch a film.

Set up your email and much more...

Liz Gallacher has been fully conversant with the ITIL framework for many years, and has implemented improvement programmes based on most aspects of it on several occasions. Liz achieved distinction in the ITIL Manager certificate in April 2002 (top 6%), and now holds ITIL Expert certification, including all of the Capability stream and most of the Lifecycle stream qualifications. She is a member of the ISEB managers Certificate Examiners panel.

With iPad for the Older and Wiser 2e you will be able to surf the net, order your groceries, organise your photos and catch up with friends and family via email.

Readers will gain knowledge of the ITIL Service Lifecycles, the ITIL processes, roles and functions. They will also gain an understanding of how the Service Lifecycle provides effective and efficient IT Services which are aligned to, and underpin, Business processes.

A u t u m n / W i n t e r

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Sean McManus is a technology and business author. His previous books include Microsoft Office for the Older and Wiser, Social Networking for the Older and Wiser, and iPad for the Older and Wiser. As a journalist, Sean has written tutorials and feature articles for magazines including Internet Magazine (where he was staff writer), Internet Works, Business 2.0, Start and Run Your Business, Making Music, Melody Maker and Personal Computer World.

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Windows 8 for the Older and Wiser

PRINCE2 Study Guide

Adrian Arnold

978-1-119-97078-1 1-119-97078-4 600 pp. Pub: 06/04/12 General & Introductory Computer Science

David Hinde

978-1-119-94155-2 / 1-119-94155-5 288 pp. Pub: 20/08/12 General & Introductory Computer Science

Everything you need to be fully prepared to take the Prince2 exam.

A must-read book for seniors who are eager to get started with Windows 8!

A clear, to-the point Sybex reference that teaches you everything you need to know to certify for Prince2, including vast supplementary material that sets you up to pass your test with flying colours.

U3A's simple to follow, user-friendly guide for the over-60s. This book gives readers the best advice on how to make the most of their new Windows 8 PC and will appeal to U3A's millions of members worldwide.

As an internationally recognised certification and recommended by the Project Management Institute, the Prince2 accreditation gives a bolster to any resume. This invaluable study guide focuses on all the details you need in order to certify and then goes one step further to emphasise the practical applications of the topics discussed. Each chapter provides clear explanations for using Prince2 to handle everyday project challenges.

As one of the biggest and most highly anticipated technology releases, Windows 8 will be new territory to many PC users and may require a generous learning curve, Windows 8 for the Older and Wiser is an ideal guide for the senior-age computer user. Featuring an accessible writing style, a full-color layout, an easy-to-read font, and a generous amount of screenshots, this resource covers everything from mouse and keyboard basics to surfing the Internet. No previous computing knowledge is assumed, so you get an easygoing style that skips the technical jargon. A friendly step-by-step approach helps you get through each topic, including what the "windows" are in Windows and how they work, how to customise your Windows desktop, ways to get digital photos from your camera to your PC, and more. •

Details how to create, save, organise, and find files.

Reviews all the desktop background options, font sizes, widgets, colors, and more.

Addresses problems.

Walks you through setting up and using e-mail.

Demonstrates how to use the Internet for news, shopping, travel, and more.




R i g h t s

G u i d e

Features full coverage of all exam objectives.

Presents real-world scenarios, such as how to start a project effectively so that everyone understands his or her role and what needs to be done.

Includes challenging review questions to sharpen your knowledge.

Incorporates sample questions throughout the text, as well as electronic flashcards.

Prince2 Study Guide covers all the necessary topics you need to know in order to confidently take the exam.

Tens of thousands of people strive to pass the Prince2 accreditation each year. The exams test the candidate's ability to apply the method to realistic situations. With its easy-to-read style and emphasis on practical application, the book will be ideal reading for accreditation preparation. It will also be perfect for those who wish to understand how to apply the method to their workplace, whether they are new or experienced managers.


Adrian Arnold is a computer trainer with Age Concern in Colchester, UK and author of Computing for the Older & Wiser, Internet for the Older and Wiser and Computing with Windows 7 for the Older and Wiser. With more than a decade of experience in computing training for the over50s, Adrian knows how to get the best from his students.

C o m p u t i n g

David Hinde is a Prince2 trainer and has prepared thousands of candidates for the accreditation examination. He has managed large-scale Prince2 projects within organisations such as the BBC, Deloitte and Touche and the UK Government. He writes regularly about management topics both in his blog, and various journals. He also speaks at events run by organisations such as the Project Management Institute and the Best Practice User Group.

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Business Patterns for Software Development

XDA's Android Hacker's Toolkit: The Complete Guide to Rooting, ROMs and Theming

Allan Kelly 978-1-119-99924-9 1-119-99924-3 408 pp. Pub: 06/04/12 General & Introductory Computer Science

Jason Tyler 978-1-119-95138-4 / 1-119-95138-0 352 pp. Pub: 07/05/12 Operating Systems / Other

Business Patterns for Software Developers is a recipe book of business strategies, operations and structures for companies that build software. Perhaps you can relate to this all-too common scenario: you know all about your software product, but could do with some help in understanding the strategic side of things. If so, this book is the one-stop resource you'll need in order to become a successful software entrepreneur. Great programmers are not necessarily great business people. They understand the patterns model from software development, and will be able to immediately put these business patterns into use to build their companies.

Make your Android device truly your own XDA is the world's most popular resource for Android hacking enthusiasts, and a huge community has grown around customising Android devices with XDA. XDA's Android Hacker's Toolkit gives you the tools you need to customise your devices by hacking or rooting the android operating system.

Patterns expert Allan Kelly provides you with the step-bystep route that needs to be followed in order to understand business strategy and operations. Each chapter starts out with a solid introduction and theoretical overview, which is then further illustrated with patterns and case studies, all aimed at helping you move into the management of software.

Providing a solid understanding of the internal workings of the Android operating system, this book walks you through the terminology and functions of the android operating system from the major nodes of the file system to basic OS operations. As you learn the fundamentals of Android hacking that can be used regardless of any new releases, you'll discover exciting ways to take complete control over your device.

Teaches you the ropes of business strategy and operations for software.

Teaches theory, preparation understanding of the OS.

Places special emphasis on the patterns for those who make software for sale.

Explains the distinction between ROMing and theming.

Addresses patterns philosophy, patterns strategies, business strategy patterns, and software company lifecycle.

Provides step-by-step instructions for Droid, Xoom, Galaxy Tab, LG Optimus, and more.

Identifies the right tools for various jobs.

Contains new models enabling you to root and customise your phone.

Offers incomparable information that has been tried and tested by the amazing XDA community of hackers, gadgeteers, and technicians.

Shares practical tools, tips, and examples of best practices so you can see how each specific pattern fits in and needs to be implemented.

Business Patterns for Software Development divulges strategies, operations, and structures for building successful software.

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XDA's Android Hacker's Toolkit is a simple, one-stop resource on hacking techniques for beginners.

Allan Kelly works as a consultant helping companies improve the way they develop software, ensuring customers get what they need. His focus is on the management of software development, business strategy alignment, product management and business analysis using Agile approaches. An active member of the patterns community and the wider software community he can often be found speaking at conferences or contributing to journals.

A u t u m n / W i n t e r


Jason Tyler has spent 12 years in almost every aspect of I.T. and is now a full time instructor for the world's largest I.T. training company. An avid Android hacker, Jason has been rooting and ROMing every Android phone he can get his hands on. Licensed: Korean, Polish, Simplified Chinese App Inventor for Android – Licensed: Korean

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Security Patterns in Professional WebGL: Practice: Designing Secure Developing 3D Graphics for Architectures Using the Web Software Patterns Andreas Anyuru Eduardo Fernandez-Buglioni

978-1-119-96886-3 1-119-96886-0 320 pp. Pub: 07/04/12 Web Development Software

978-1-119-99894-5 1-119-99894-8 416 pp. Pub: 06/09/12 Programming & Software Development

Professional WebGL from WROX gives Web developers all they need to know about the development of graphically sophisticated applications and games with WebGL, the new standard for developing 3D graphics on the Web for Safari, Chrome, and Firefox.

Learn to combine security theory and code to produce secure systems. Security is clearly a crucial issue to consider during the design and implementation of any distributed software architecture. Security patterns are increasingly being used by developers who take security into serious consideration from the creation of their work. Written by the authority on security patterns, this unique book examines the structure and purpose of security patterns, illustrating their use with the help of detailed implementation advice, numerous code samples, and descriptions in UML. •

• •

As the newest technology for creating 3D graphics on the web, in applications, web sites, and games, WebGL boasts the capability to produce graphic sophistication that is desired by anyone working in web application development. This cutting-edge book provides you with all you need to know to create stunning cross-platform apps. Detailed examples of developing 3D graphics with WebGL helps to ensure that you come away with a strong understanding of WebGL development.

Provides an extensive, up-to-date catalog of security patterns

Shares real-world case studies so you can see when and how to use security patterns in practice.

Provides a comprehensive overview of WebGL and shows how it relates to other graphics-related standards.

Details how to incorporate security from the conceptual stage.

Addresses important topics such as texturing and lighting as well as WebGL performance optimization.

Devotes a complete chapter to OpenGL ES 2.0 shading language, which is the programming language used to write shaders for WebGL.

Highlights tips on authentication, authorisation, rolebased access control, firewalls, wireless networks, middleware, VoIP, web services security, and more.

Professional WebGL is the first book on the market to delve into this fascinating topic and it puts you on your way to mastering the possibilities that exist with WebGL.

Security Patterns in Practice shows you how to confidently develop a secure system step by step.

The primary market for the book is web and game developers who want to enhance the look of their Web games, sites, and applications with 3D graphics. This includes developers who want to create 3D graphics for Google's new "Chrome Web Store," as well as graphics experts with experience in Open GL ES who want to transfer that knowledge to the Web as well. The book will also prove valuable to technical managers and project leaders who want to understand this important new technology, as well as students who want to learn 3D graphics.

Eduardo B. Fernandez, Professor, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Florida Atlantic University, has published numerous papers and four books on authorisation models, object-oriented analysis & design, and security patterns. He has lectured all over the world at both academic and industrial meetings. His current interests include security patterns, web services, cloud computing security and fault tolerance. Ed is an active consultant for industry, including assignments with IBM, Allied Signal, Motorola, Lucent, and others.

Andreas Anyuru is a senior member of the technical staff at ST-Ericsson, specialising in Web Technologies. Andreas is experienced in developing web graphics and all forms of Web development tools. Licensed: Japanese, Korean

C o m p u t i n g

R i g h t s

G u i d e

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Smashing WordPress: Beyond the Blog, 3e

Smashing UX Design Jesmond Allen, James Chudley

Thord Daniel Hedengren

978-0-470-66685-2 / 0-470-66685-4 288 pp. Pub: 29/05/11 Web Development Software

978-1-119-94271-9 1-119-94271-3 352 pp. Pub: 19/11/12 Web Development Software

The ultimate guide to UX from the world's most popular resource for web designers and developers.

The ultimate guide to WordPress, from the world's most popular resource for web designers and developers.

Smashing Magazine is the world's most popular resource for web designers and developers and in this book the authors provide the pinnacle resource to becoming savvy with User Experience Design (UX). The authors first provide an overview of UX and chart its rise to becoming a valuable and necessary practice for narrowing the gap between Web sites, applications, and users in order to make a user's experience a happy, easy, and successful one. •

Examines the essential aspects of User Experience Design (UX) and looks at how it has become a vital part of a successful user experience.

Provides a solid foundation to implementing UX techniques while not sacrificing the user for the search engine.

As one of the hottest tools on the web today for creating a blog, WordPress has evolved to be much more than just a blogging platform and has been pushed beyond its original purpose. With this new edition of a perennially popular WordPress resource, Smashing Magazine offers you the information you need so you can maximise the potential and power of WordPress. WordPress expert Hedengren takes you beyond the basic blog to show you how to leverage the capabilities of WordPress to power advanced websites.

Shows you ways to go from good to great user experiences, and points out ways to identify bad userexperience design.

Smashing UX Design escorts you through the best techniques for creating a memorable visual design with the ultimate goal being a successful online user experience.

Addresses new theming options, custom post types, custom headers, menus, background, and more.

Explains how to build beautiful and unique WordPress themes and create amazing navigation.

Walks you through building plugins, integrating theme options, creating custom login forms and admin themes, and using the Loop to control content.

Zeroes in on building a WordPress project for SEO.

Highlights integrating WordPress with the social web.

Smashing WordPress, Third Edition teaches you how to make WordPress look any way you like - from a corporate site to a photography gallery and much, much more!

Readers should have a fundamental knowledge of how the web works, what "good design" looks like, and what web applications are considered successful/failures. Moreover, it is assumed that readers have created a website or two, but may have not worked extensively as freelancers or independent consultants.

The Smashing WordPress reader is a web designer or developer. She knows at least a little bit of scripting, probably PHP but also JavaScript/AJAX and is interested in taking WordPress further than just a plain blog.

Jesmond Allen is User Experience Director at cxpartners. She has bags of experience designing user interfaces and information architectures for web, mobile and computer applications. She has a passion for good design and wants 'usable' to also mean 'beautiful'. James Chudley is also a User Experience Director at cxpartners and has spent over 10 years' working in user experience within consultancies, digital agencies, the public sector and academia. James is responsible for leading user experience projects at cxpartners where he specialises in information architecture and usability, having established user experience departments in both digital agencies and client side organisations.

Thord Daniel Hedengren is a web designer and developer, as well as a freelance writer and a WordPress expert. He has created numerous WordPress themes, developed plugins, and put WordPress to good use powering both blogs and big editorial sites. In the blogosphere, you probably know Thord as TDH, and as the former editor of the Blog Herald, a popular resource for bloggers and WordPress users. Licensed: Korean

Licensed: Polish

A u t u m n / W i n t e r

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iOS5 Foundations

Swipe This!: The Guide to Great Tablet Game Design

Amit Bijlani

Scott Rogers

978-1-118-35657-9 320 pp. Pub: 07/01/12 Programming and Software Development

978-1-119-96696-8 / 1-119-96696-5 288 pp. Pub: 08/06/12 Computer Game Software

Learn the fundamentals of iOS programming by building an actual app.

Learn to design games for tablets from a renowned game designer!

In October 2011 Apple sold more than 4m of its latest iPhone in just three days, with handsets snapped up at a speed that set the record for the world's fastest selling consumer electronics gadget. Apple's iPhone is the hottest mobile device on the planet, with 75 million iPhones projected to have been sold in 2011 alone. The rapid adoption of iPhone, iPad and iPod touch brings many new iOS developers into the market who have little previous experience in iOS programming. However, its locked-down architecture and Smalltalk-influenced history make iOS very different from other mobile operating systems.

From iPads to Androids, the tablet invasion has begun, and games for these devices are selling in massive numbers. Veteran game designer Scott Rogers teaches readers how to design games in a world where fingers take the place of gamepads. As the creator of such venerable games as God of War, the SpongeBob Squarepants series, and Pac-Man World, to name a few, Rogers writes from personal experience and. in this unique book, hands you the tools to create your own tablet games for iPad, Android tablets, Nintendo DS, and other touchscreen systems.

iOS 5 Foundations teaches you the various aspects of iOS development starting with how to: •

Conceptualise an app by creating wireframes.

Learn the tools and Objective-C.

Build the user interface (Xcode and Interface Builder).

Store and manage data using the Core Data framework.

Add features like geo-location and twitter sharing.


Share data using twitter or email.

Distribute your app through the app store.

G u i d e

Explores the details and features of tablet game systems and shows you how to develop marketable ideas as well as market your own games.

Offers an honest take on what perils and pitfalls await you during pre-production, production, and post-production stages.

Features interviews with established tablet game developers that serve to inspire you as you start to make your own tablet game design.

This title appeals to a wide readership including working game professionals, fledgling game designers, and anyone interested in the nuts and bolts of video games design. Scott Rogers is a creative manager at THQ. After deciding that game designers have more fun, Scott embarked on a 16 year career creating game designs for a number of successful titles including Sony's God of War, Capcom's Maximo: Ghosts to Glory and its sequel Maximo vs. Army of Zin, Namco's Pac-Man World and THQ's Drawn to Life series.

Amit Bijlani is an expert teacher at Treehouse, where he teaches iOS development. Prior to Treehouse, he set up a consumer mobile app development company in India where he hired inexperienced college graduates and trained them into top notch iOS and Android developers. He has also been involved in setting up operations, hiring and training teams in the United States, Latin America and India.

R i g h t s

Covers the entire creative process, placing special focus on the intricacies and pitfalls of touch-screen design.

Swipe This! presents an in-depth analysis of popular tablet games and delivers a road map for getting started with tablet game design. The tongue in cheek style, and "more practice, less theory" approach will appeal to today's readers who want to get started quickly.

All of the above is taught while building a fun app that can track and rate all the wonderful beverages that one drinks, recording what you liked the most. Don’t want to track beverages? Don’t worry, you can substitute it with whatever you like. Building the app will help you learn the common pitfalls and design decisions related to user experience and iOS programming. Each chapter will build upon the app and towards the end you will see how a finished app is submitted to the iTunes App Store.

C o m p u t i n g

Level Up - Licensed: Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese

1 5

W i l e y

Game Invaders: The Theory and Understanding of Computer Games

The Craft of the Cut: The Digital Video Editor's Handbook Mark Riley, Marios Chirtou

Clive Fencott

978-1-119-95173-5 1-119-95173-9 352 pp. Pub: 11/05/12 Digital Cameras & Photography

978-0-470-59718-7 / 0-470-59718-6 240 pp. Pub: 28/09/12 Computer Game Software

Go inside the world of professional video editing with the award-winning team from Ralphs Ltd as they walk you through the production of a commercial short film produced in conjunction with the book.

An unusual combination of genre theory, semiotics, and computer game design. Game Invaders surveys the past and present landscapes of gaming, lays out a DIY game analysis toolkit, and investigates possible futures in game building, applications, and virtual realities.

With HD video cameras available in every price range, amateur filmmakers are now trying their hand in shooting more ambitious projects. Fan films, short films, and documentaries are now shared around the world via the internet.

• Introduces a practical critical method for analyzing existing games and designing future games.

Instead of starting the editing process after the shoot, this title begins much earlier - with story boards, and guiding the reader through the film shoot itself.

• Encourages a depth of thinking about games that can help a young designer stand out from the crowd. • Personable, engaging, and quirky writing style.

The included DVD contains all the raw footage, or rushes, from the professional short film "Pranks," including alternate takes, and unused scenes, providing the reader with a very real-world film on which to work.

• Pays close attention to several games outside of the mainstream. • To be supported by educational website materials.

Undergraduate and graduate students in games programming, games design, communications studies, and media studies. Recent grads looking for an edge in beginning their programming/design careers.

This book is aimed at aspiring editors who lack the resources to practice their skills beyond the level of consumer movie making.

Clive Fencott is a senior lecturer in the School of Computing at the University of Teesside, which has some 4,000 students on a wide variety of degree programmes in both traditional computer science disciplines and, increasingly, new media disciplines such as computer games design and programming, animation and post production, computer graphics, world wide web and multimedia, and so on. Fencott's research is currently focused on games, virtual reality, education, and semiotics

A u t u m n / W i n t e r

2 0 1 2

A Wiley-sponsored contest will encourage readers to use the materials included in the book to create the trailer for the film.

Mark Riley has worked in the television industry since 1991; bringing his technical and broadcast operations expertise to companies as diverse as Discovery, Associated Press and Television News, Technicolor, and MTV. Marios Chirtou is a 22 year veteran of MTV and has created a successful series of independent films and numerous dance music videos. His videos mixes became a regular fixture on MTV's Party Zone, with many episodes receiving commercial release. Marios' two-part news feature on British Hip Hop also aired on MTV's Week in Rock programme.

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