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Computing RIGHTS GUIDE Spring/Summer


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Computing Rights Guide: Spring/Summer 2013 Raspberry Pi Projects/Robinson......................................................................................................... 2 Designing the Internet of Things/McEwen ........................................................................................ 2 Building the Internet of Things (IoT) with IPv6 and MIPv6/Minoli .................................................... 3 Design for Software: A Playbook for Developers/Klimczak ............................................................. 3 Windows 8 Apps: Problem Design Solution/Rendle ........................................................................ 4 Professional Heroku Programming: An Architect's Guide/Kemp ................................................... 4 Beginning ArcGIS For Desktop Development Using .NET/Amirian ................................................. 5 Security Patterns in Practice: Designing Secure Architectures Using Software Patterns/Fernandez-Buglioni................................................................................................................ 5 WordPress: Pushing the Limits/McCollin .......................................................................................... 6 JavaScript Programming: Pushing the Limits/Raasch .................................................................... 6 Professional NFC Application Development for Android/Coskun................................................... 7 Inbound Marketing and SEO: Insights from the Moz Blog/Fishkin .................................................. 7 Idea to iPhone: The essential guide to creating your first app for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch/White ......................................................................................................................................... 8 Smashing CoffeeScript/Hudson ......................................................................................................... 8 Smashing WordPress - Beyond the Blog, 4e/Hedengren ................................................................. 9

Treehouse Series ................................................................. 9 HTML5 Foundations/West .................................................................................................................. 9 CSS3 Foundations/Lunn ................................................................................................................... 10 iOS 6 Foundations/Feiler .................................................................................................................. 10

Autumn/Winter 2012 .......................................................... 11 Stories that Move Mountains: Storytelling and Visual Design for Persuasive Presentations/Sykes ......................................................................................................................... 11 Raspberry Pi User Guide/Halfacree ................................................................................................. 11 iOS 6 Programming Pushing the Limits/Napier .............................................................................. 12 Wireless Made Easy/Tan................................................................................................................... 12

Smashing Series ................................................................ 13 Smashing Android UI/Lehtimaki ....................................................................................................... 13 Smashing Node.JS: JavaScript Everywhere/Rauch ....................................................................... 13 Smashing Mobile Web Development: Making the Leap to Web Mobile with HTML5/Avola ........ 14

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Raspberry Pi Projects

Designing the Internet of Things

Andrew Robinson, Mike Cook

Adrian McEwen, Hakim Cassimally

978-1-118-55543-9 / 1-118-55543-0 350 pp. Pub: 19/09/13 Computer Hardware

978-1-118-43062-0 / 1-118-43062-X 260 pp. Pub: 22/07/13 Computer Hardware

Raspberry Pi Projects takes the reader on a journey to build 16 software and hardware projects featuring the Raspberry Pi.

With the Internet of Things, developers and designers can connect the Internet to Real-World devices to create fun, interesting and cutting-edge objects.

Raspberry Pi represents a new generation of computers that encourages the user to play and to learn and this unique book is aimed at the beginner Raspberry Pi user who is eager to get started creating real-world projects. Taking you on a journey of creating 16 practical projects, this fun and informative resource introduces you to the skills you need to have in order to make the most of the Pi. The book begins with a quick look at how to get the Pi up and running and then encourages you to dive into the array of exciting software and hardware projects.

Whether it's called physical computing, ubiquitous computing, or the Internet of Things, it's a hot topic in technology: how to channel your inner Steve Jobs and successfully combine hardware, embedded software, web services, electronics, and cool design to create cutting-edge devices that are fun, interactive, and practical. If you'd like to create the next must-have product, this unique book is the perfect place to start. Both a creative and practical primer, it explores the platforms you can use to develop hardware or software, discusses design concepts that will make your products eye-catching and appealing, and shows you ways to scale up from a single prototype to mass production.

• Features projects that use Python, which is Raspberry Pi's programming language of choice. • Includes projects for creating an information center for email, twitter, Facebook, weather, train times, and more. • Shows you how to recreate Pong, Pacman, and Block Breaker or write tic tac toe.

• Helps software engineers, web designers, product designers, and electronics engineers start designing products using the Internet-of-Things approach.

• Teaches you how to use Raspberry Pi's general purpose input/output port in order to speak to external hardware devices.

• Explains how to combine sensors, servos, robotics, Arduino chips, and more with various networks or the Internet, to create interactive, cutting-edge devices.

• Walks you through creating an online burglar alarm with door sensors and pressure pads, computer-controlled slot car racing, swipe card door lock, and more.

• Provides an overview of the necessary steps to take your idea from concept through production.

Raspberry Pi newcomers looking for inspiration and hardware hackers, who will be looking for projects to work on. Teachers and youth group leaders looking for projects to encourage kids to programme.

Designing the Internet of Things will appeal to anyone who wants to build Internet of Things products: software engineers, web designers, product designers, hardware hackers, electronics engineers. It will also appeal to software developers, designers and lecturers who have heard of the Internet of Things and want an overview of what it entails.

Dr Andrew Robinson works at the University of Manchester School of Computer Science, where they have just launched the Great British Raspberry Pi Bake Off, a competition to get people making projects with the Pi. Andrew has quickly become a leading expert on the Pi and its astounding capabilities, including guest posts on, the official mouthpiece of Raspberry Pi. Mike Cook is veteran tech author and a freelance consultant for all things to do with Physical Computing. A former Lecturer in Physics at Manchester Metropolitan University, he wrote more than three hundred computing and electronics articles in the pages of computer magazines for 20 years starting in the 1980s.

Adrian McEwen is an Internet of Things expert. He cowrote and runs the Howduino course, teaching about Arduino across the UK. Adrian is the curator of official Arduino Ethernet Library. He has prowled the rooftops of Liverpool City Centre embedding Arduino sensors into the city's infrastructure. Hakim Cassimally is an Italian and English Literature Graduate who discovered Perl and never looked back. A writer of SciFi, Hakim founded a study group for the Stanford AI distributed learning classes. Licensed: Korean

Raspberry Pi User Guide licensed: French, German, Japanese, Korean, Orthodox Chinese, Polish, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese Meet the Raspberry Pi licensed: Dutch S p r i n g / S u m m e r

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Building the Internet of Things (IoT) with IPv6 and MIPv6

Design for Software: A Playbook for Developers

Daniel Minoli

978-1-119-94290-0 / 1-119-94290-X 320 pp. Pub: 22/03/13 Graphics & Design software (Non-Microsoft)

Erik Klimczak

978-1-118-47347-4 / 1-118-47347-7 280 pp. Pub: 08/05/13 Mobile & Wireless Communications

A unique resource to help software developers create a desirable user experience.

This book explains the concept and possibilities represented by the Internet of Things (IoT), from mobile applications that allow us to program our home appliances remotely, to solutions in manufacturing and energy conservation. Increasing demand for security and capacity require an upgrade in current Internet Protocol (IP), therefore there is a demand for IP version 6 and Mobile Internet Protocol (MIP) version 6. •

Internet of Things is an emerging and often-cited topic among researchers and practitioners.

Applications to the fields of healthcare, electric vehicle transportation systems, industrial production, logistics, and energy management.

Accessible to practitioners; not overly technical; immediately applicable as a tutorial for implementing the Internet of Things using IPv6.

Today, top-flight software must feature a desirable user experience. This one-of-a-kind book creates a design process specifically for software, making it easy for developers who lack design background to create that compelling user experience. Appealing to both tech-savvy designers and creative-minded technologists, it establishes a hybrid discipline that will produce first-rate software. Illustrated in full color, it shows how to plan and visualize the design to create software that works on every level.

Special focus on Mobile technologies using Mobile IPv6.

Internet and ISP providers, telecommunications companies, wireless providers, logistics professionals, engineers at equipment developers. Graduate students in computer science and computer engineering courses. Daniel Minoli has worked extensively in video engineering, design, and implementations at organisations including Telcordia (Bellcore), Stevens Institute of Technology, AT&T, and Gartner/DataPro. He taught at NYU's Information Technology Institute and Rutgers University. Mr. Minoli has authored columns for ComputerWorld, NetworkWorld, and Network Computing magazines. He is the author of ten Wiley publications.

Today's software demands attention to the quality of the user experience; this book guides you through a practical design process to achieve that goal.

Approaches the mechanics of design with a process inspired by art and science.

Avoids the abstract and moves step by step through techniques you can put to use immediately.

Covers planning your design, tested methods, how to visualize like a designer, psychology of design, and how to create software that developers will appreciate.

Explores such elements as choosing the right typeface and managing interactivity.

Design for Software: A Playbook for Developers brings the art of good design together with the science of software development to create programmes with pizazz! Erik Klimczak is Creative Director at Clarity Consulting in Chicago. He is hugely passionate about cognitive-behavior, fine art, and the intersection of the two. Erik's experiences cover a vast range of creative and technical ground, which he has brought to bear for clients ranging from Microsoft to MTV. Erik is currently interested in emerging technologies' ability to uncover social and psychological insights aimed at improving the quality of life. Licensed: Korean

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Windows 8 Apps: Problem, Professional Heroku Design, Solution Programming: An Architect's Guide Mark Rendle, Indy Chakrabarty Chris Kemp, Brad Gyger

978-1-118-45486-2 / 1-118-45486-3 504 pp. Pub: 22/06/13 Operating Systems / Microsoft Windows

978-1-118-50899-2 / 1-118-50899-8 528 pp. Pub: 15/02/13 Programming & Software Development

Windows 8 is going to be huge, and Building Windows 8 Metro will be one of the first books to market from WROX.

A complete guide to Heroku telling you all you need to know on how to create Apps and programme on the Heroku platform from WROX.

Now you can create and sell your own apps via the Windows App store, thanks to Windows 8 Metro, Microsoft's new operating system - and Windows 8 Apps has everything you need to know to build your own immersive, Metro-style, Windows 8 app. Get thoroughly up to speed on RESTful web services, building application frameworks, storing data locally, integrating with Twitter and Facebook, working with the Windows Store, how to incorporate device features such as GPS and cameras, and much more. •

Guides Windows developers through the process of building their own Metro-style Windows 8 apps and selling them through the Windows Store.

Uses the Problem-Design-Solution method, so that you understand where the problems are, the issues involved, and how to reach viable solutions.

Covers RESTful web services, building application frameworks, storing data locally, integrating with Twitter and Facebook, working with the Windows Store, and more.

A cloud application platform, Heroku is currently the only approved platform for creating apps within Facebook, and its number of users is growing at rapid pace. However, there are very few books on the market that offer professional-level coverage of this platform, until now. It begins with an introduction to the platform and associated core concepts and then goes on to explain how writing for Heroku differs from that of traditional development systems. Example applications, additional resources, and advice for your next steps round out this resource, making it a thorough, indispensable guide. • Features information not found anywhere else, as both authors work for Heroku. • Explains the inner workings of Heroku with special emphasis placed on building web and mobile applications. • Introduces GIT-based development workflow and the process model within the Heroku platform.

Mark Rendle is a freelance consultant and the creator of the Simple.Data framework. He is a Windows Azure Development MVP and a regular speaker at tech conferences such as QCon and the Progressive .Net Tutorials. Mark's career in software design and development spans three decades and more programming languages than he cares to remember. C# has been his favourite language pretty much since the first public beta, when you had to write the code in a text editor and compile it on the command line. Indy Chakrabarty is a software architect and developer specializing on the Microsoft.NET framework and related technologies. He has more than 15 years experience in designing and developing software products and solutions for enterprises. He specialises in building applications that require connectivity between various services and platforms.

S p r i n g / S u m m e r

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• Details coding, building, deploying, and scaling effectively using the Heroku tool base. Providing fully functional code and downloadable code examples, Professional Heroku Programming is the complete guide to mastering this platform. Chris Kemp is a cloud architect, entrepreneur, and software developer with a great passion for innovation. Kemp launched his career as a developer, mostly coding in PHP and Java. He later joined where he is now on the Advanced Technical Solutions team. Kemp has been acknowledged as the leading Heroku expert within and has been appointed the leader of both the US and global Heroku expert group. Brad Gyger has as the Manager of Customer Advocacy for Heroku, been team is tasked with ensuring all users are able to maximize their experience on the Heroku Platform.


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Beginning ArcGIS For Desktop Development Using .NET

Security Patterns in Practice: Designing Secure Architectures Using Software Patterns

Pouria Amirian

Eduardo Fernandez-Buglioni

978-1-118-44254-8 / 1-118-44254-7 504 pp. Pub: 15/03/13 Programming & Software Development

978-1-119-99894-5 / 1-119-99894-8 600 pp. Pub: 19/04/13 Programming & Software Development

Professional ArcGIS For Desktop Development using .NET provides the fundamental groundwork for developing ArcGIS Desktop using .NET. Starting with programming basics it provides step-by-step guidance through the ArcGIS-specific tools and artefacts, sharing the essentials of ArcGIS development right through to deployment phase.

Learn to combine security theory and code to produce secure systems.

Object orientation and UML.

Programming in .NET.

Accessing maps and layers.

Accessing features using attribute features.

Security is clearly a crucial issue to consider during the design and implementation of any distributed software architecture. Security patterns are increasingly being used by developers who take security into serious consideration from the creation of their work. Written by the authority on security patterns, this unique book examines the structure and purpose of security patterns, illustrating their use with the help of detailed implementation advice, numerous code samples, and descriptions in UML.

Data management.

Deploying application.

Provides an extensive, up-to-date catalog of security patterns.

Published by WROX.

Shares real-world case studies so you can see when and how to use security patterns in practice.

Details how to incorporate security from the conceptual stage.

Highlights tips on authentication, authorisation, rolebased access control, firewalls, wireless networks, middleware, VoIP, web services security, and more.

It covers:

Professional ArcGIS For Desktop Development using .NET provides a solid survey of major ArcGIS-specific capabilities complete with best practices from real world scenarios. ArcGIS Desktop allows you to simplify data design, input and clean-up with its powerful editing tools. By extending ArcGIS Desktop it enables users to make intelligent map production and develop the software to suit individual needs, helping streamline analytical data and increase company productivity. It allows users to easily create and share information amongst clients and organizations thus improving efficiency in the working environment. It also includes fully functional code and clear examples that allow programming in ArcGIS Desktop in no time, helping application of this powerful tool to suit individual needs.

Security Patterns in Practice shows you how to confidently develop a secure system step-by-step. Eduardo B. Fernandez, Professor, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Florida Atlantic University, has published numerous papers and four books on authorisation models, object-oriented analysis & design, and security patterns. He has lectured all over the world at both academic and industrial meetings. His current interests include security patterns, web services, cloud computing security and fault tolerance. Ed is an active consultant for industry, including assignments with IBM, Allied Signal, Motorola, Lucent, and others.

Pouria Amirian is a developer and IT Trainer with valuable experience in developing and deploying small to mid-scale Information Systems for some municipalities and departments of ministries. His training includes courses on programming languages, database management systems and web programming.

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Security Patterns licensed: Simplified Chinese



WordPress: Pushing the Limits

JavaScript Programming: Pushing the Limits

Rachel McCollin

Jon Raasch

978-1-118-59719-4 / 1-118-59719-2 480 pp. Pub: 28/06/13 Programming & Software Development

978-1-118-52456-5 / 1-118-52456-X 384 pp. Pub: 17/05/13 Programming & Software Development

As the most popular open source blogging tool, WordPress is being used to power increasingly advanced sites, pushing it beyond its original purpose. In this unique book, the authors share their experiences and advice for working effectively with clients, manage a project team, develop with WordPress for larger projects, and push WordPress beyond its limits so that clients have the customized site they need in order to succeed in a competitive marketplace.

JavaScript has grown up, and it's a hot topic. Newer and faster JavaScript VMs and frameworks built upon them have increased the popularity of JavaScript for server-side web applications, and rich JS applications are being developed for mobile devices. This book delivers a compelling tutorial, showing you how to build a real-world app from the ground up. Experienced developers who want to master the latest techniques and redefine their skills will find this deep dive into JavaScript's hidden functionalities gives them the tools to create truly amazing and complex applications.

Building a successful business based on WordPress is about more than just being a great developer (although that's important). WordPress: Pushing the Limits teaches you how to work effectively with clients, manage a project team, scale up the way you develop with WordPress for larger projects and push WordPress so that your clients have the customized site they need. You'll discover that in many instances there's more than one approach to a challenge and learn how to choose the best one for you, your client and the rest of your team. Find out about: Hosting and development environments; Contingency planning; Theme building & frameworks; Conditional content; conditional functions, template files and styling; Bespoke functionality - theme functions or plugins?; Making a site soar; HTML, PHP, JavaScript and CSS (optimising stylesheets and scripts, approaches to animations, media and galleries, improving navigation, geolocation and mapping); Device compatibility; responsive and mobile development. • Explains that there is more than one approach to a WordPress challenge and shows you how to choose the one that is best for you, your client, and your team. • Walks you through hosting and developing environments, theme building, and contingency planning. • Addresses working with HTML, PHP, JavaScript, and CSS.

• JavaScript has evolved into much more than simple clientside scripting; this book delves into advanced topics not generally found in other more intermediate JS development books. • Explores how to build a backbone app, the importance of JavaScript templates, Node.js and MongoDB, 3D Canvas using WebGL/Three.js, how to convert a desktop app into a dedicated mobile app, and much more. • Ideal for experienced developers with a deep knowledge of JavaScript as well as online developers with strong graphic design skills who are experienced in HTML/CSS and want to develop their front-end skills. JavaScript Programming: Pushing the Limits will arm you with the skills to create killer apps for the 21st Century. Jon Raasch is a front-end web developer and designer. He loves all things JavaScript, jQuery and UX and has been programming for the web since he was 14. Using modern programming techniques, he designs beautiful user interfaces that are dynamic and engaging without the loss of search engine spiderability. Fully integrating the overall message into intuitive web hallways where the design, development and branding work as one; he makes websites that are as accessible to users as they are to Googlebot. This well–rounded approach allows him to build websites that stick out amongst the crowd to become pillars in their online communities. He specializes in jQuery and JavaScript programming as well as CSS/HTML.

Rachel McCollin comes from a learning and development background and started using her business experience to run a web design agency in 2010. She soon realized that developing sites with WordPress would meet her clients' needs better than building static sites and now develops exclusively with WordPress.

Licensed: Korean OS 6 Programming Pushing the Limits licensed: Simplified Chinese, Spanish iOS 5 Programming Pushing the Limits licensed: French, Korean, Spanish Smashing Mobile Web Development licensed: Korean, Polish Smashing WebKit licensed: Korean

iOS 6 Programming Pushing the Limits licensed: Simplified Chinese, Spanish iOS 5 Programming Pushing the Limits licensed: French, Korean, Spanish JavaScript Programming Pushing the Limits licensed: Korean S p r i n g / S u m m e r

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Professional NFC Application Development for Android

Inbound Marketing and SEO: Insights from the Moz Blog

Verdat Coskun, Kerem Ok, Busra Ozdenizci

Rand Fishkin, Thomas HФgenhaven 978-1-118-55155-4 / 1-118-55155-9 320 pp. Pub: 17/05/13 Strategic Marketing

978-1-118-38009-3 / 1-118-38009-6 456 pp. Pub: 22/03/13 Programming & Software Development

The SEOmoz blog is the go-to place for the latest thinking on SEO. This title cherry-picks and updates the most popular articles for the key SEO disciplines and compiles them with brand new, purpose-written articles.

Providing detailed knowledge for developing Near Field Communication (NFC) applications, including Secure Element (SE) programming, this WROX title will be a practical guide for people wishing to develop and deploy NFC applications in all of the NFC operating modes.

As the SEO industry undergoes a shift and Google changes its algorithm, successful SEO practitioners need to increase their knowledge of a wide range of marketing channels. The editors have produced a masterful anthology packed with information carefully selected to provide the best possible insight into these marketing channels and everything else you need to know.

There has been little practical guidance available on NFC programming, until now. If you're a programmer or developer, get this unique and detailed book and start creating apps for this exciting technology. NFC enables contactless mobile communication between two NFCcompatible devices. It's what allows customers to pay for purchases by swiping their smartphones with Google Wallet, for example. This book shows you how to develop NFC applications for Android, for all NFC operating modes: reader/writer, peer-to-peer, and card emulation.

• The popular SEOmoz blog is a top resource for cuttingedge information on SEO techniques. • Focuses on leveraging existing platforms such as Google, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn for inbound marketing. New and experienced marketers within the six subdisciplines of the book: Search engine optimization, content marketing, social media, outreach, conversion rate optimization, analytics.

The book starts with the basics of NFC technology, an overview of the Android OS, and what you need to know about the SDK tools. It then walks you through all aspects of NFC app development, including SE programming. You'll find all you need to create an app, including functioning, downloadable code and a companion website with additional content. Valuable case studies help you understand each operating mode in clear, practical detail. • Expert authors are NFC researchers who have a deep knowledge of the subject. • Covers app development in all NFC operating modes: reader/writer, peer-to-peer, and card emulation. • Includes valuable case studies that showcase several system design and analysis methods, such as activity diagram, class diagram, UML, and others.

Rand Fishkin, CEO & Co-Founder, SEOmoz, was named among the 30 Best Young Tech Entrepreneurs Under 30 by BusinessWeek, and has been written about it in The Seattle Times, Newsweek and the NY Times among others. Rand has keynoted conferences on search from Sydney to Reykjavik, Montreal to Munich and spoken at dozens of shows around the world. Thomas HФgenhaven, CSO, Chrisper Economy, primarily focuses on SEO and inbound marketing. He is pursuing a PhD degree in Information Science at Copenhagen Business School and is a visiting research fellow at Cornell University. Thomas was the coauthor of NÃ¥r internettet har magten (about inbound marketing, written in Danish), and editor of Politisk Psykologi (political psychology anthology, written in Danish).

Professional NFC Application Development for Android offers the clear, concise advice you need to create great applications for this emerging and exciting technology. Dr. Vedat Coskun, Kerem Ok and Busra Ozdenizci are researchers in NFC Lab, Istanbul and publish in several conference papers and journals annually, including seven conference papers in Near Field Communication area, four for IEEE conferences. All the authors are involved in many technical program committees and in the organisation of conferences and workshops.

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Idea to iPhone: The essential guide to creating your first app for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Smashing CoffeeScript Alex Hudson 978-1-118-45437-4 / 1-118-45437-5 288 pp. Pub: 22/03/13 Web Development Software (Non-Microsoft) Smashing CoffeeScript is aimed at getting the reader to ‘brew’ the perfect code with CoffeeScript.

Carla White

If you're familiar with JavaScript and the often-frustrating process of creating complex applications, a nice cup of CoffeeScript can help! CoffeeScript is a programming language that compiles into JavaScript and simplifies the entire development process. Now you can tap the full power of CoffeeScript with Smashing CoffeeScript. This full-color, practical book explains the language, syntax, and processes, and will soon have you producing concise and quality code. Ultimately, you'll create RIAs and mobile apps faster, with less hassle.

978-1-118-52322-3 / 1-118-52322-9 288 pp. Pub: 19/04/13 Web Development Software (Non-Microsoft) You are not a programmer, but love apps and anything mobile? Learn all you need to know to build your own apps from scratch without programming skills. It really works! Do you have a great idea for an app but have no idea where to begin? Then this is the book for you. Even if you have no programming experience, this easy-to-follow, step-by-step guide teaches you exactly what you need to know to bring your app idea to life without a lot of cash or coding. Packed with tips and tricks to get you started, this book shows you - start to finish - how to take your idea and turn it into a fully working, functional app. • Walks you through getting started, designing your app, and developing your idea. • Helps you launch your app and then promote it. • Reassures you that no programming experience is needed in order to create a fully functional app. • Unique angle – don’t look at apps from a developers perspective, but get inside the user’s head to create stunning apps. • Understandable methodology- with White’s basic 6 step process readers will be creating apps in no time.

Helps you produce better JavaScript and more quickly.

Introduces the language, syntax, and processes of CoffeeScript.

Covers the development of both mobile and rich internet apps.

Explores the HTML5 feature set, real-time communication, and using CoffeeScript within node.js projects.

Smashing Mobile Web Development licensed: Korean, Polish Smashing WebKit licensed: Korean Professional Web Design licensed: Korean, Polish, Russian Smashing jQuery licensed: Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese Smashing Android UI licensed: Japanese, Korean, Polish, Simplified Chinese Smashing CSS licensed: French, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Serbian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish Smashing HTML5 licensed: French, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish Smashing Logo Design licensed: Polish, Simplified Chinese Smashing Node.js licensed: Korean, Polish Smashing UX Design licensed: Korean, Polish Smashing WordPress licensed: Italian, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Serbian The Smashing Idea Book licensed: Polish

Carla White is the owner and founder of Happy Tapper - a small design studio specialising in life improving iPhone and iPad apps. She has been creating mobile apps since 2007. She is a certified Human Factors specialist and is passionate about getting inside the users head to create fun and engaging apps. She launched her first app, Gratitude Journal, in 2008 after keeping a gratitude journal for two months and her life was changed forever. It instantly shot up to #1 in iTunes lifestyle. Carla went on creating apps designed to help people become more of the person they’re supposed to be by bringing meaning and purpose into their lives.

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Gets developers up and running on CoffeeScript, a programming language that compiles into JavaScript and simplifies the process of building software.

Alex Hudson is a technology expert and programmer. A hacker by trade he likes to keep on top of new technologies. He hacks in C, C#, JavaScript, Perl, PHP, Python, and Vala primarily, and due to the day job has a keen interest in HTML5, CSS, SQL, and NoSQL.

Idea to iPhone is an easy-to-read book that shows you how to get your idea from your head to the iTunes store!

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j a t t r i l l @ w i l e y . c o m

Smashing WordPress Beyond the Blog, 4e

Treehouse Series HTML5 Foundations

Thord Daniel Hedengren

Matt West

978-1-118-60075-7 / 1-118-60075-4 384 pp. Pub: 19/07/13 Web Development Software (Non-Microsoft)

978-1-118-35655-5 / 1-118-35655-1 320 pp. Pub: 19/11/12 Programming & Software Development

The ultimate guide to using WordPress to make your life easier.

The exciting new Treehouse Series shares ground breaking designs and expert advice from experienced trainers. Full colour, clear, clean innovative designs; this series will teach you how to create eye-catching website designs that make people stop and pay attention.

This newest edition from the world's most popular resource for web designers and developers presents you with nothing less than the latest and greatest on everything that WordPress has to offer. As one of the hottest tools on the web today for creating a blog, WordPress has evolved to be much more than just a blogging platform and has been pushed beyond its original purpose. With this new edition of a perennially popular WordPress resource, Smashing Magazine offers you the information you need so you can maximize the potential and power of WordPress. •

HTML 5 is the foundation on which nearly all web sites are built. HTML 5 supports large platforms such as Apple’s Safari browser on the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad devices. In fact, HTML 5 is the only way to display video content on Apple’s mobile devices. Because of all the excitement surrounding HTML 5 in the web design community, demand for information is high.

Takes you through the anatomy of a WordPress installation and shows you how WordPress actually works behind the scenes.

Walks you through custom post types and details how they work, what they can be used for, and how you can make them appear in your regular content flow.

Explains how to build beautiful and unique WordPress themes and creating amazing navigation.

Guides you through building plugins, integrating theme options, creating custom login forms and admin themes, and using the Loop to control content.

Zeroes in on building a WordPress project for SEO and highlights integrating WordPress with the social web.

HTML5 Foundations will teach you how to turn plain words and images into stunningly beautiful websites using HTML5. HTML5 Foundations will give you the knowledge to move beyond the constraints of prebuilt themes and simple site building tools. It will empower hobbyists, freelancers, and entrepreneurs, to create fully customised websites that match their needs perfectly. Inside you will learn: • The basics of HTML5. • How to format text. • Hypermedia. • CSS and JavaScript. • How to add scripts to pages. • HTML5 video and audio. • How to embed a video. • Geolocation and so much more…

Smashing WordPress: Beyond the Blog, Fourth Edition shows you how to take WordPress further than just an ordinary blog. Thord Daniel Hedengren is a web designer and developer, as well as a freelance writer and a WordPress expert. He has created numerous WordPress themes, developed plugins, and put WordPress to good use powering both blogs and big editorial sites. In the blogosphere, you probably know Thord as TDH, and as the former editor of the Blog Herald, a popular resource for bloggers and WordPress users.

With this beautiful, full colour practical guide you will learn how to create innovative, eye-catching website designs that make people stop and pay attention. Matt West, founder, Developer City, builds HTML5 websites for firms around the world dealing with both the design and development of the website projects he works on. Working on open source projects, Matt taught himself how to code and has since built everything from small business websites to advanced route optimizers.

Previous editions licensed: Italian, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Serbian

Licensed: Orthodox Chinese

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CSS3 Foundations

iOS 6 Foundations

Ian Lunn

Jesse Feiler

978-1-118-35654-8 / 1-118-35654-3 352 pp. Pub: 07/12/12 Programming & Software Development

978-1-118-35657-9 / 1-118-35657-8 415 pp. Pub: 17/05/13 Programming & Software Development

CSS3 Foundations will teach you how to turn plain words and images into stunningly beautiful websites that use cascading style sheets. HTML is fun when you’re first learning, but when the instant gratification of CSS is mixed in, webpages become something more. It gives the knowledge to move beyond the constraints of prebuilt themes and simple site building tools, empowering hobbyists, freelancers, and entrepreneurs, to create fully customised websites that match their needs perfectly.

If you have prior experience programming in an objectoriented language and are eager to start building universal apps for iPad and iPhone (including the iPod touch), then this is the book for you! Using the latest version of iOS (iOS 6) along with the latest version of Xcode (Xcode 4.5), this book is a practical introduction rather than just a catalog of components. Full-color and packed with groundbreaking, innovative designs, this book teaches you how to create eye-catching, unique apps.

It includes:

• Teaches you the various aspects of iOS development, beginning with getting started with iOS 6, getting up to speed with Xcode; learning tools and Objective-C.

How to structure with CSS.

CSS Syntax.

The Box Model.

How to manipulate text.

Visual formatting.

Animating page elements.

Cross browser compatability and so much more…

• Reviews building the user interface with Xcode and Interface Builder. • Details how to set up your app in iTunes connect and distribute it through the app store. • Walks you through adding features like geo-location and twitter sharing. • Helps you avoid common pitfalls and design decisions related to user experience and iOS programming.

With this beautiful, full colour practical guide you will learn how to create innovative, eye-catching website designs that make people stop and pay attention.

iOS 6 Foundations is organised so that each chapter builds on the previous, providing you with a finished app by the end of the book.

Treehouse will heavily endorse the Treehouse book series promoting online and selling directly through their website. All our Treehouse books will be authored by experts from the Treehouse team. All pros in the industry, these authors understand exactly what their target audience need to know and are experienced trainers.

Readers will have prior experience programming in an object-oriented language. Primary: web developers that are looking into getting into iOS app development. These are experienced developers in objected oriented languages such as: Java, C#, Ruby or Python. Secondary: students that are currently studying object-oriented programming and would like to build an app.

Ian Lunn is a Freelance Front End Developer, passionate about building the future of the web using technologies such as CSS3 and HTML5. With a Higher National Diploma in Internet Technology, Ian combines his education with expertise in CSS, HTML, JavaScript and WordPress to build creative and effective websites and applications. Ian's enthusiasm for utilisting cutting edge technologies is matched by his dedication for advocating them; sharing his knowledge with the community, in the form of blog tutorials and open source projects.

Part of the Treehouse series. Jesse Feiler is a developer, web designer, trainer, and author. He has worked with mobile devices starting with Apple’s Newton and continuing with the iOS products (iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad). He is heard regularly on WAMC Public Radio for the Northeast's The Roundtable. He is a member of the City of Plattsburgh Planning Board and the Saranac River Trail Advisory Committee. A native of Washington DC, he has lived in New York City and currently lives in Plattsburgh NY.

Licensed: Orthodox Chinese

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Autumn/Winter 2012

Raspberry Pi User Guide

Stories that Move Mountains: Storytelling and Visual Design for Persuasive Presentations

Gareth Halfacree, Eben Upton 978-1-118-46446-5 / 1-118-46446-X 180 pp. Pub: 19/11/12 Computer Hardware Raspberry Pi is a £15/$25 high-spec computer the size of a credit card. The Raspberry Pi User Guide is written by the Raspberry Pi’s creator, Eben Upton.

Martin Sykes, Nick Malik, Mark D. West

Raspberry Pi was developed with the goal of creating a new generation of computer programmers. Observing how the tech industry was kick-started in the 1980s by the availability of cheap, programmable computers such as the ZX81, the Commodore and the BBC Micro, the Raspberry Pi Foundation have designed a computer which encourages the user to play and to learn. Very affordable, a Raspberry Pi can be linked up with sensors and robotics to create a fun learning environment where the developer can get to grips with Python and other programming languages.

978-1-118-42399-8 / 1-118-42399-2 264 pp. Pub: 26/11/12 Computer Science - General Interest Discover the Microsoft way of using stories and visuals to make your presentations not only good, but excellent. Story Maps and the CAST (Content/Audience/Story/Tell) process will help you stand out from the crowd. It's called CAST (Content, Audience, Story, & Tell) and it's been a well-kept Microsoft secret, until now. Originally Microsoft's presentation method for enterprise architects, it soon snowballed and filtered through Microsoft from IT managers to sales, and beyond. Now, thanks to this unique book from an expert author team that includes two Microsoft presentation experts, you can learn how to use this amazing process to create and make high-impact presentations in your own organization.

Raspberry Pi User Guide contains everything the reader needs to know to get up and running on the Raspberry Pi and the book shows how to:

The book helps you build complete visual stories, step by step, by using the CAST method to first create a Story Map and from there, a compelling presentation. It includes sample Story Maps, templates, practical success stories, and more. You'll discover how to go beyond PowerPoint slides to create presentations that influence your peers and effect change. • Covers how to apply a range of techniques and what the results look like, including screenshots, handwritten notes, and photographs of whiteboards.

G u i d e

Install the necessary software.

Learn basic Linux System Admin in order to understand files systems etc.

Configure the Raspberry Pi.

Set-up the Raspberry Pi as a simple Productivity computer.

Write basic programmes in Python.

Connect to external devices such as servos and sensors.

Set up the Raspberry Pi to drive a multimedia centre or robotics unit.

Eben Upton is the creator and designer of the Raspberry Pi board and the founder of the Raspberry Pi Foundation. Gareth Halfacree is a freelance technology journalist, open source advocate and erstwhile sysadmin. Having cut his technology teeth on a ZX Spectrum, he's always on the lookout for the next leap in computing and believes we're overdue a revolution to rival the microcomputing boom of the 1980s. Licensed: French, German, Japanese, Korean, Orthodox Chinese, Polish, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese Meet the Raspberry Pi licensed: Dutch

Licensed: Dutch, French, Italian, Russian, Spanish

R i g h t s

Connect the Raspberry Pi to other devices – keyboard, mouse and monitor.

Raspberry Pi User Guide will have the Raspberry Pi Foundation’s seal of approval, and will be the ideal companion when starting out using the Raspberry Pi board.

Martin Sykes is a leader in the Enterprise Strategy business at Microsoft Services. He is delivering internal training courses on the CAST method around the globe twice a month. Nick Malik has been an Enterprise Architect in Microsoft's internal IT organisation since 2005. Nick brings the experience of contributing to and coauthoring books in the past as well as being an end-user of the techniques. Mark D. West is a Graphic Designer and Educator, with experience creating designs for many companies in the US Pacific Northwest. Mark is not only responsible for part of the content, but also for the very specific visual style of the book content that has been chosen to attract and lead the reader through the process.

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iOS 6 Programming Pushing the Limits

Wireless Made Easy

Rob Napier, Mugunth Kumar

978-0-471-72000-3 / 0-471-72000-3 250 pp. Pub: 27/05/13 Mobile & Wireless Communications

Teik-Kheong (TK) Tan

978-1-118-44995-0 / 1-118-44995-9 456 pp. Pub: 17/12/12 Mobile & Wireless Communications

A practical introduction to wireless technologies. This is not a book for an engineer studying for a communications theory class. This book will explain in clear, simple terms the wireless technologies and its inter-relationships, and serve as an effective guide for anyone wishing to implement, deploy or establish a business proposition that requires knowledge of the wireless industry, trends and players. It will include topis such as Wi-Fi, VOIP over Wireless LANs, Security, QoS, Interworking of Wireless LANs with external IP networks, cellular networks, coexistence, mesh networking, wireless network management while covering market segment, applications, standards and deployment. With this guide you will be able to answer key questions such as: What is the difference between Wi-Fi and WiMAX and how will it impact my business? What can the industry expect from these technologies and what are the driving applications?

iOS is the hottest development platform around, and iOS 6 adds a new and deeper dimension to explore. This guide offers serious information for serious programmers who know the basics and are ready to dive into the advanced features of iOS. You'll learn to create killer apps for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch, including how to maximize performance and make more money from your apps with in-app purchases. Topics covered include security, multitasking, running on multiple platforms, blocks and functional programming, advanced text layout, and much more. •

This advanced guide helps experienced developers take full advantage of the latest platform upgrade, iOS 6.

Provides in-depth background on maximizing your apps with Apple's iPhone SDK 6.0, including the major new APIs and building applications for the new iPad.

Covers keeping control of multitasking, increasing income with in-app purchases, key value observing with Cocoa, running on multiple platforms, advanced text layout, building a Core foundation, and more.

iOS 6 Programming: Pushing the Limits gives experienced mobile developers a wealth of knowledge for creating outstanding iPhone and iPad apps on the latest platform. Rob Napier has been developing iPhone apps for as long as there has been a platform, and helped develop the first iPad-only newspaper, The Daily. He is Technical Leader for Cisco System's OS X and iOS development team working on voice, video and chat clients. He muses on technical topics at Cocoaphony ( Mugunth Kumar has worked as a software design engineer for Honeywell and GE, has developed bestselling Appstore apps, and has been quoted and linked by various iOS forums as a go-to source for developer information.

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Explains in clear, simple terms the wireless technologies and its inter-relationships.

Helps the reader understand the underlying applications and trends that create a business proposition for the wireless industry.

Provides a roadmap by geographic region, market segment, players, applications, standards and deployment.

Addresses specific topics of importance such as VOIP over Wireless LANs, Security, QoS, Interworking of Wireless LANs with external IP networks, cellular networks, coexistence, mesh networking, and wireless network management.

Non-technical people, IT professionals, venture capital firms, investors and marketing individuals, market analyst and business decision makers of non-networking industries, and anyone who wants to understand the complex and booming wireless technologies and industries.

Licensed: Simplified Chinese, Spanish iOS 5 Programming Pushing the Limits - Licensed: French, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Spanish JavaScript Programming Pushing the Limits licensed: Korean

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Teik-Kheong (TK) Tan has more than 20 years of experience in the telecommunications and networking industry. He has taught software engineering and data communication programs at the Masters level, and also has experience in the product management and marketing industry. The author currently chairs a group that is focused on emerging and disruptive technologies that will shape the future of wireless. He also co-chaired a variety of marketing committees worldwide.

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Smashing Series

Smashing Node.JS: JavaScript Everywhere

Smashing Android UI

Guillermo Rauch

Juhani Lehtimaki

978-1-119-96259-5 / 1-119-96259-5 320 pp. Pub: 04/09/12 Web Development Software

978-1-118-38728-3 / 1-118-38728-7 384 pp. Pub: 29/10/12 Web Site Development

Learn to make more efficient apps, with just one language! Android is currently the hottest thing in technology. Smashing Android UI will help Android developers create successful apps that work intuitively and are easy to use.

Smashing Node.JS: JavaScript Everywhere equips you with the necessary tools to understand Node.js and its uses in developing efficient web apps. With more traditional web servers becoming obsolete, having knowledge on servers that achieve high scalability and optimal resource consumption using Node.js is the key to your app development success. Teaching you the essentials to making event-driven server-side apps, this book demonstrates how you can use less space and take less time for communication between web client and server.

Good User Interface design can be the difference between an app that takes off and an app that gathers dust on the mobile dashboard. Many developers without design experience produce apps that fail because they are not intuitive to use and don’t provide a pleasant experience for the user. Many of these pitfalls can be avoided by using Responsive design and UI Design Patterns. Smashing Android UI introduces responsive User Interface design for Android and explains how to build applications that will work well on all Android phones and tablets. The book will also give the reader a set of Android UI design patterns to help them approach common problems in their app design.

Contains numerous hands-on examples.

Explains implementation of real-time apps including Socket.IO and HTML5, and WebSockets.

Addresses practical Node.js advantages from specific design choices.

By explaining how to correctly utilise Android tools, the developer will learn how best to approach Android fragmentation and how to design and build apps that scale to the multitude of Android devices (over 600 different combinations of Android devices and browsers).

Demonstrates why knowledge and use of JavaScript is beneficial.

Includes an interactive online component with sample chapters.

Starting with how to use simple components and then moving on to explain how to build scalable layouts, the book will then demonstrate how to scale it up with a responsive approach, introducing adaptive layouts and fragments. Finally, the reader will learn UI design patterns, a set of tools that developers without design experience can use to solve the problems that can be encountered in app design.

Explains components of stand-out apps including brevity and benchmarks.

Guillermo Rauch is CTO and co-Founder of San Francisco-based education startup LearnBoost. Rauch is the inventor of several renowned Node.js projects, and has been a speaker at JSConf as well as Node.js workshops. Later this year, he will speak at NodeConf, MongoSF. Licensed: Korean, Polish Smashing Mobile Web Development licensed: Korean, Polish Smashing WebKit licensed: Korean Professional Web Design licensed: Korean, Polish, Russian Smashing jQuery licensed: Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese Smashing Android UI licensed: Japanese, Korean, Polish, Simplified Chinese Smashing CSS licensed: French, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Serbian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish Smashing HTML5 licensed: French, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish Smashing Logo Design licensed: Polish, Simplified Chinese Smashing UX Design licensed: Korean, Polish Smashing WordPress licensed: Italian, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Serbian The Smashing Idea Book licensed: Polish

Juhani Lehtimäki is a developer with more than 10 years’ experience in Java. He works as an Android developer with design and front-end focus in a carrier’s Android team, building some of the most used apps in the German Android market.

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Smashing Mobile Web Development: Making the Leap to Web Mobile with HTML5 G. Avola 978-1-118-34816-1 / 1-118-34816-8 300 pp. Pub: 17/09/12 Programming and Software Development The Mobile Web is the place to be and this title enables web developers to get to grips with this increasingly important platform. As more individuals get smart phones, mobile browsing is going through the roof. Having the ability to have a mobilefriendly website can increase interaction, revenue and customers depending on your business. HTML5/CSS/JS allows developers to create a rich user experience that works on most modern phones, without having numerous code bases to manage Smashing Mobile Web Development is the perfect learning platform to teach front-end web developers how to migrate their websites from the desktop browser to the billions of mobile devices worldwide. It will help developers move to HTML5 and CSS3, and will show how to apply those skills in the building of mobile websites that will work across all mobile devices and mobile browsers. Avola explains how to plan a website using wireframes and templates, introduces the various frameworks such as jQuery Mobile, which simplify the mobile web development process, and brings in newer technologies such as Boilerplate which help structure the HTML5 to ensure the website renders successfully cross-platform. After reading this book, the reader will have built their own mobile website that can draw upon the mobile device’s geo-location and social media functionality. Smashing Mobile Web Development will appeal to the millions of readers of Smashing Magazine who are taking on the challenge of migrating their websites to the mobile platform. It will also appeal to the huge numbers of Web developers who need to make their websites work across the vast variety of mobile devices worldwide. Greg Avola has always had a passion for innovation through technology. Greg is the Co-Founder and CTO for a social startup called Untappd, that aims to allow users to track, recommend and discover new beers, breweries and venues. The Untappd mobile app was built using HTML5/CSS/JS technologies that are discussed though this book.

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