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Wiley/Wiley-VCH facts and figures: • 5,000 print and electronic chemistry titles by far the largest and most comprehensive collection in the industry • Over 70 standard reference works in chemistry with more than and over 20 major updating references • Market leading industry standard databases in reaction information, spectra and lab protocols • Over 100 chemistry journals extensive and diverse to cover all fields • Over 1 Million chemistry articles on Wiley Online Library reflect the breadth, depth, and history of the chemical sciences. • 23.8 Million full-text-downloads prove this chemistry content is unique • 13.5 million unique visitors visit Wiley/Wiley-VCH journals on Wiley Online Library each month

• 300 global sales professionals are at your service: 60 sales colleagues are dedicated exclusively to licensing Wiley/Wiley-VCH digital products and services to institutional customers. • 32 offices across the globe: in-house editorial, sales, and marketing teams, provide convenient local contact and advice for library customers, societies, and their publications • 4,000 academic libraries worldwide license multi-year access to Wiley/Wiley-VCH journals through strong, established relationships. • 5,000 institutions in 105 developing countries have free or low-cost access to more than 1,300 Wiley/Wiley-VCH journals through our philanthropic initiatives • 40,000 institutions around the world purchase Wiley/Wiley-VCH products every year


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Wiley’s product diversity is unique. Resources span books, journals, databases, web-portals and workflow tools

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Helping you achieve your goals is e Innov our number one priority. Our eat at r e C research, teaching materials Constant product and information will innovation includes new products and support you throughout solutions to drive your entire scientific career. better learning

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Chemistry that delivers...

Wiley is committed to extending the world’s chemistry knowledge through publishing diverse and extensive resources. We work with renowned authors, editors and reviewers to deliver content how you need it.

Key chemistry Books Choice of Access Routes to Digital Books: Choose between accessing Online Books on Wiley Online Library with no DRM restrictions or accessing e-books through your usual e-book vendor. Pick title by title or gain additional discounts with Online Book Subject Collections. Wiley offers over 5,000 online books in chemistry providing electronic content solutions for libraries and institutions through the Wiley Online Library platform. Online Books are available on a one-time fee option, an annual flexi-subscription or chapter-by-chapter with Pay Per View. Discounts are available for book series, back volumes and high value purchases. Wiley also offers standing orders for frontlist titles or purchase options in subject collections, such as organic chemistry, analytical or pharmaceutical chemistry, or by year.


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Key REFERENCE WORKS • Burger’s Medicinal Chemistry, Drug Discovery and Development • Corrosion Handbook • Catalysis from A to Z: A Concise Encyclopedia • e-EROS • eMagRes • Encyclopedia of Analytical Chemistry • Encyclopedia of Drug Metabolism and Interactions • Encyclopedia of Electrochemistry • Encyclopedia of Inorganic and Bioinorganic Chemistry • Encyclopedia of Membrane Science and Technology • Encyclopedia of Radicals in Chemistry, Biology and Materials • Fieser and Fieser’s Reagents for Organic Synthesis • General, Applied and Systems Toxicology

• Handbook of Green Chemistry • Handbook of Heterogeneous Catalysis • Handbook of High-resolution Spectroscopy • Handbook of Metabolic Pathways of Xenobiotics (forthcoming) • International Tables for Crystallography • Kirk-Othmer’s Encyclopedia of Chemical Technology • Organic Reactions • Patai’s Chemistry of Functional Groups • Patty’s Toxicology • Patty’s Industrial Hygiene • Pharmaceutical Sciences Encyclopedia • Sax’s Dangerous Properties of Industrial Materials • Supramolecular Chemistry: From Molecules to Nanomaterials • Ullmann’s Encyclopedia of Industrial Chemistry • Wiley Encyclopedia of Forensic Science

Digital Options in teaching resources: • Available to accompany selected Chemistry titles, and other bestselling textbooks, WileyPlus is an online suite of teaching and learning resources which can be fully integrated into market-leading Virtual Learning Environments (VLE). Product development is guided by extensive student workflow studies and designed to engage students more effectively, reduce their anxiety and improve results.

Visit to find out more.

• All forthcoming core chemistry student textbooks will be available as e-textbooks, available in a variety of different digital formats such as E-Texts, CourseSmart and via popular e-readers.

• Talk to us about licensing textbook or E-Text content in whole or in part for integration in your reading lists or on your departmental VLE. • The Wiley Faculty Network is a free global online community of faculty which facilitates the exchange of best practices, connects teachers with technology, and helps to enhance instructional efficiency and effectiveness. Activities of the network include technology training and tutorials, virtual seminars, peer-to-peer exchanges of experiences and ideas, and much more. Visit to find out more.

• Wiley CustomSelect provides the ability to customize your class coursebook, by pulling in the content you want, in the order you want. Many of Wiley’s leading textbooks are available for customization.

For Complete Product Information please visit: |


Leading Chemistry Journals • Wiley/Wiley-VCH offers the largest diversity of chemistry journals, from general chemistry titles like Angewandte Chemie to very specific titles targeted to small but important communities like ChemSusChem and Journal of Raman Spectroscopy • The vast majority (over 95%) chemistry journals from Wiley/Wiley-VCH are available online from Volume 1, Issue 1, making available about 2.5 Million pages published since 1832. Ask your account manager for the different backfile collections in chemistry.

Top Journals and their Impact Factor 2012*: Multidisciplinary Chemistry Advanced Materials } 14.829 Angewandte Chemie International Edition } 13.734 Advanced Functional Materials } 9. 765 Chemistry – A European Journal } 5.831 WIRES- Computational Molecular Science } 5.738 Chemistry – An Asian Journa } 4.572 The Chemical Record } 4.377 Journal of Computational Chemistry } 3.835 Israel Journal of Chemistry } 3.025 Organic/Inorganic Chemistry Advanced Synthesis & Catalysis } 5.535 EurJOC } 3.344 EurJIC } 3.120 Analytical Chemistry/Spectroscopy Mass Spectrometry Reviews } 7.735 NMR in Biomedicine } 3.446 Drug Testing and Analysis } 3.276 Journal of Mass Spectrometry } 3.214 Biochemistry Acta Crystallographica Section D } 14.103 The FEBS Journal } 4.250 ChemBioChem } 3.740 Journal of Molecular Recognition } 3.006 Chemical Engineering Journal of Chemical Technology and Biotechnology } 2.504 AIChE JOURNAL } 2.493 Crystallography Acta Crystallographica Section D } 14.103 Journal of Applied Crystallography } 3.343



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• In 2012 the citations of Wiley/Wiley-VCH journals increased to over 1 million and included: 26% of all citations in Multidisciplinary Chemistry 23% of all citations in Spectroscopy 15% of all citations in Medicinal Chemistry 15% of all citations in Physical Chemistry 38% of all citations in Crystallography • All chemistry journals offer OnlineOpen articles that are open to free to all users worldwide. ChemistryOpen is the first society owned Open Access Journal in chemistry.

Energy & Fuels Advanced Energy Materials } 10.043 Progress in Photovoltaics } 7.712 Biofuels, Bioproducts and Biorefining (Biofp)r } 4.035 Environmental Chemistry ChemSusChem } 7.475 Environmental Toxicology } 2.708 Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry } 2.618 Medicinal Chemistry Medicinal Research Reviews } 9.583 Journal of Pharmaceutical Science } 3.130 ChemMedChem } 2.835 Physical Chemistry/Electrochemistry Advanced Energy Materials } 10.043 ChemCatChem } 5.181 ChemPhysChem } 3.349 * 2013 Release of Journal Citation Reports® Source: Thomson Reuters 2012 Citation Data

Top journals in chemistry by Full-Text Downloads Angewandte Chemie (German and International Edition) } 8.579.492 Advanced Materials } 3.173.476 Chemistry – A European Journal } 2.498.029 Journal of Applied Polymer Science } 1.699.975 Advanced functional Materials } 1.323.074 Journal of Polymer Science Part A } 1.282.647 European Journal of Organic Chemistry } 1.146.869 European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry } 816.442 Journal of the America Ceramic Society } 789.811 Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences } 731.040 Small } 697.444 ChemInform } 632.333 Advanced Synthesis & Catalysis } 548.757 AIChE Journal } 548.330


Databases Wiley’s database products are designed to complement full-text articles with uniquely powerful features such as chemical structure, sub-structure, reaction, spectrum and property searching. Our flagship database products are available in CD-ROM, DVD-ROM and online formats and include the Wiley Registry of Mass Spectral Data, Organic Reactions and e-EROS amongst others.

For more information, visit

Wiley Science Solutions brings together our flagship data products in chemistry Wiley is bringing together all its current data products in chemistry: RxnFinder, Current Protocols and its complete suite of spectral libraries under one umbrella service – Wiley Science Solutions: The Chemistry Toolkit. This series of products delivers solutions for the most significant steps in the chemistry workflow with an offering that covers essential reaction information, leading experimental protocols and spectra in one package.

Plan your next experiment

Features to get you there faster

With 16,000 protocols from the basic to advanced, Current Protocols delivers the highest quality scope and diversity across major research areas in chemistry, biochemistry, biotechnology and the molecular life sciences.

RxnFinder has all the standards and searches and filterswith searches by structure, substructure and reaction conditions. It also has a unique feature of failed reactions, letting you know what works and what doesn’t, and allows the user to step backwards from the end product to the starting materials.

Verify and Quantify Comprehensive Spectral Data Results validation is a critical step for successful synthetic chemistry. Wiley Science Solutions’ spectral libraries provide both the breadth and depth of compound coverage necessary for this final critical step. Wiley’s spectral libraries are designed to work the way your lab works, with packages available for on instrument installation and compatible with most popular chromatography data systems. Spectral libraries include GC/MS, LC-MSMS, FT-IR, UV-Vis, C-NMR, H-NMR, and X-NMR.

Do more chemistry with The Chemistry Toolkit The Chemistry Toolkit from Wiley Science Solutions helps chemists to plan their next synthesis, identify unknown compounds, and find experimental protocols. Designed for use in both industry or academia, the Chemistry Toolkit helps chemists get more chemistry done faster, increases productivity and get better use out of time in the lab.

Contact us for a demonstration and free trials of The Chemistry Toolkit in action—visit

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The Smart Article on Wiley Online Library introduces a new series of article tools on selected chemistry journals, tools that extract critical chemical information and deliver enhanced content for end-users. The Smart Article features have been designed specifically to help chemists in both an academic and research settings get to most relevant information from Wiley content faster and at the point in their workflow when they need it. For full information see

Chemistry Journal Apps on iPad Users may now enjoy Full Text Access anywhere with the new iPad Apps from the newsstand. This new browsing and reading experience includes full-text access and works with Wiley Online Library institutional access so users can get access to to full-text content on their device at no extra cost.

New and exciting iPad Apps are available for:

Please find a complete list of journal apps at:

New Journals and products: Free access at first Request free trial online access to new journals, electronic major reference works and databases. Please contact your Account Manager and you will be receiving further details about setting up access.


Diversity Innovation Partnership

Renowned Authors 97% of all Nobel Laureates in Chemistry have chosen Wiley/Wiley-VCH publications to publish their findings, enabling the world to benefit from their expertise. For a full listing of our Nobel Laureates, please visit Wiley/Wiley-VCH publishes works from numerous recipients of major prestigious awards in Chemistry.

Strong Society Relationships Wiley/Wiley-VCH is the largest chemical society publisher. Wiley/Wiley-VCH partners with over 50 chemistry societies representing 500,000 members worldwide. The long list includes some of the most prestigious societies around the world across the books and journals program.



Asian Chemical Editorial Society (ACES)

Chemical Research Society of India (CRSI)

Chemical Society of Japan (CSJ)

Chemical Society of Thailand (CST)

Chemical Society Located in Taipei (CSLT)

Chemical Society of Vietnam (CSV)

Chinese Chemical Society (CCS)

Federation of Asian Chemical Societies (FACS)

Hong Kong Chemical Society (HKCS)

Singapore National Institute of Chemistry (SNIC)

Korean Chemical Society (KCS)

Himpunan Kimia Indonesia (HKI)

German Chemical Society (GDCh)

Chemistry Publishing Society Europe (ChemPubSoc Europe)

The Israel Chemical Society (ICS)

Société Royale de Chimie (SRC) / Koninklijke Vlaamse Chemische Vereniging (KVCV)

Austrian Chemical Society (GÖCH)

Swiss Chemical Society (SCS)

Association of Greek Chemists (EEX)

Polish Chemical Society (PTChem)

European Peptide Society (EPS)

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Materialkunde (DGM) Royal Australian Chemical Institute Inc. (RACI)

New Zealand Institute of Chemistry (NZIC)

Institut Kimia Malaysia (IKM)

Korean Society of Organic Synthesis (KSOS)

Deutsche Pharmazeutische Gesellschaft (DPhG)

Swedish Chemical Society (SK)


Real Sociedad Española de Química (RSEQ)

American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE)

The American Ceramic Society (ACerS)

Slovak Chemical Society (SCHS)

American Pharmacists Association (APhA)

Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE)

Sociedade Portuguesa de Química (SPQ) Czech Chemical Society (CCS)

Society for Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology


Royal Netherlands Chemical Society (KNCV)

Hungarian Chemical Society (MKE)


International Union of Crystallography (IUCr)

Society of Dyers and Colourists (SDC)

International Isotope Society (IIS)

Society of Environmental Toxicology & Chemistry (SETAC)

Society of Chemical Industry (SCI)

Royal Microscopical Society (RMS)

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Wiley/Wiley-VCH's unique SOCIAL MEDIA communities in chemistry: Connect with Wiley’s Online Communities on the internet, through Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Get the latest knowledge, interviews, research highlights, and commentaries from leading authors in the global chemistry community.

Join the conversation: • Chemistry by Wiley Facebook page: 50,000 likes • Wiley Chemistry Twitter: 9,000 followers • Chemistry Google+ page: 3,500 fans • Chemistry Views Facebook: 2,893 likes

Connect with us:

• Chemistry Views Twitter: 2,109 followers

Community Websites Wiley produces news and community websites serving the broad as well as more specific sections of the chemistry community. •








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