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2012--2013 Service Catalog

2012/2013 Content & Services Catalog Content and Services are just the beginning. With so many changes in higher education

Allow us to work with you to:

today, perspective and commentary from peers and industry leaders are equally important.

Create High Quality Content & Custom Curricula

Please take a moment to review the results of our recent research initiatives, and see what your colleagues have to say about online learning, certification, and much more. PAGE






What is the importance of certification awareness? The Value of Integrating I.T. Certification Into Your Academic Program, by Keith Hoell, Briarcliffe College, sites real world statistics about the importance to both a graduate and an institution. Did you know collaborative learning can drive student engagement? Jossey-Bass author Elizabeth F. Barkley shares her collaborative learning techniques in her 2 minute videos.





What are the typical characteristics of your adult online learners, and how can you reach them most effectively? Read Chapter 1 of Jossey-Bass author Dr. Tina Stavredes’ book Effective Online Teaching.

Janet Wagner, National Accounts Manager • Wiley Business Solutions Group • 310.829.9046 •

How are your colleagues using learning technologies to improve the student experience? Accounting Faculty and avid WileyPLUS user Sherri Levin shares best practices for using WileyPLUS, our online teaching and learning environment. Could your learners benefit from better study habits? Wiley Visualizing Human Biology Chapter 0, by Mary Poffenroth at San Jose State University, teaches students how to use visuals to acquire better study habits and be more successful in their courses. Let us provide you with the highest level of service and academic expertise in the industry. Please contact us to discuss your goals so that we can build a plan that’s right for you and your institution.

Content Selection & Custom Solutions (page 3) Virtual Catalog Wiley Custom Select Wiley Custom Learning Solutions Market Trends & Curriculum Guides (page 4) Curriculum & Program Development (pages 5--6)

Retain Faculty Professional Development Programs (pages 7--10) Wiley Faculty Network Jossey-Bass Wiley Learning Institute

Keep Learners Engaged & Motivated Online Learning & Analytics and Student Success (pages 11--13) WileyPLUS Wiley Visualizing

Streamline and Plan For Your Digital Transition Making the Move to Digital (pages 14--16)

Content Selection & Custom Solutions The first step in many of our partnerships is through Wiley’s world class content library. Our Virtual Catalog and Market Trends & Curriculum Guides make it easy for you to search and review the quality course content available for your programs. Wiley Custom Select and Wiley Custom Learning Solutions take it one step further—allowing you to tailor content to your specific needs.

This revolutionary online tool lets you build your own course materials, all with the click of a mouse. Wiley Custom Select lets you create the perfect textbook in just three easy steps: • Search & Select from our extensive collection of content. • Customize & Personalize and select your output method. • Preview & Submit and we’ll take care of the rest.

“You are never giving, nor can you ever give, enough service.” – james r . cook

BSG Virtual Catalog is available in more than 26 disciplines, including: Accounting Allied Health Architecture & Construction Business & Business Administration Computer Certification

Get started at

Computer Technology Criminal Justice/ Emergency Management

Wiley Custom Learning Solutions offers you an array of tools and services designed to give you control over content creation for your course or program. Enhance your curriculum with custom textbooks, course packs, and lab manuals.

Culinary and Hospitality Education General Education Graphic Design Information Systems and Technology Interior Design Management Massage Therapy Microsoft Official Academic Courses Professional Development Psychology

W H I T E PA P E R : The Value

of Integrating I.T. Certification Into Your Academic Program By Keith Hoell, Briarcliffe College C L I C K H E R E

Veterinary Technology

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Market Trends & Curriculum Guides Assess your Opportunity. Wiley’s Market Trends & Curriculum Guides are designed to help you: • Improve your time to market for new programs or course revisions • Determine and evaluate the competitiveness of your offerings • Reduce strain on internal resources • Save time on researching content for your programs

Inside each guide you will find: • Market trends, including O*NET-SOC codes, nature of the work, job duties, work environment, training and education, employment and job outlook, and salary information • Program descriptions for associate’s, bachelor’s and master’s degree programs • Recommended course scope and sequence (including course descriptions) for each program at multiple degree levels • Recommended content and media assets • Program development services • Subject matter experts and instructional designers • Professional development offerings You can order your complimentary Market Trends & Curriculum Guide at

Available in these areas: Allied Health Healthcare Management Healthcare Information Technology Nursing Massage Therapy Business Accounting Business Administration (AAS, BA) Business Administration (MBA) Business Management Finance Human Resource Management Marketing Project Management Computer Technology & Certification Computer Security Computer Support Technician Information Systems Management Network Administration Culinary Culinary Arts Baking & Pastry Design Digital Design & Animation Graphic Design Education & Psychology Education–Leadership & Administration Education–Curriculum & Instruction Education–Teaching Psychology–BA & MA

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Curriculum & Program Development There is no “cookie cutter” approach to curriculum development. We look at your specific needs in order to provide you with a seamless development experience that reflects your internal processes and procedures.

Our Experience We offer you significant experience in managing complex, sizable program development initiatives on very tight schedules for both on ground and online curricula. Your Wiley course development team includes: • Dedicated project manager • Instructional designer • Subject matter expert(s) • Course writer(s) • Quality assurance specialist(s) Our Approach We are accustomed to managing, collaborating, and interacting with multiple constituencies within a single organization on a regular basis throughout the development process. We are able to manage the entire course development process or portions thereof, depending on your preferences. We have established milestones and approval checkpoints to ensure that the courses and materials we deliver are in 100% compliance with your goals and specifications.

“The great thing in the world is not so much where we stand, as in what direction we are moving.” – oliver wendell holmes

Guiding Principles To successfully develop any product, tight adherence to process and procedures is critical. To this end, we employ a rigorous approach to managing the development of your online and/or on ground curricula. Your development team will: • Adhere to stringent project management best practices • Apply Quality Matters™ standards • Understand and analyze your course development templates and models • Define and confirm media needs • Determine a clear process and schedule based on your development model and product development life cycle • Create a single course for review and approval • Model the first course and develop curricula

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Curriculum & Program Development Instructor and Student Support The successful delivery of a completed course or program is not the final step. Instructor Training We offer tailored course and content training delivered by Wiley subject matter experts and mentors to ensure a smooth launch of your new program.

We offer several tiers of curriculum development services: Full scale program and course development Program and course revisions Curriculum planning

Student Motivation & Persistence Learners who feel supported and experience academic success are more likely to continue with their degree program than students who do not. WileyPLUS (our online learning system) keeps students engaged and motivated by ensuring they understand the subjects taught and by giving learners, instructors, and administrators real-time performance feedback by topic at the individual and class levels. WileyPLUS can be a welcome addition to a new or existing course. See page 11 for more information.

Course competency and outcomes Custom test and rubric development Custom instructor materials

Quality Matters™ collaborated with John Wiley & Sons, Inc. in developing and testing the Publisher Rubric with the goal of developing a set of quality design standards for diverse publisher products provided on Learning Management System (LMS) platforms. The new rubric is intended to guide publishers in the design of products that can serve as the core of online and blended courses as well as supplements to classroom instruction. Though the QM™ Publisher Rubric, like other QM™ Rubrics, is primarily concerned with course design, it places greater emphasis on the quality of content, as befits publisher provided materials. These standards should also assist instructors and departments in selecting publisher courses based on their adherence to best practice and researchsupported standards, and will be particularly meaningful to institutions committed to implementing Quality Matters’™ standards in the design of their online and blended offerings.

The Quality Matters™ Program is a leader in quality assurance for online education and has received many awards for its peer-based assessments and continuous improvement philosophy. Quality Matters’™ rubrics for online and blended course design have been adopted by more than 500 colleges and universities. Quality Matters Program | Web. 16 Dec. 2011. <>

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Professional Development Programs Wiley is deeply committed to your ongoing professional development. We invite you to take advantage of the many professional development programs that we offer, as well as working with us to customize a program specific to your needs and goals.

By connecting with the Wiley Faculty Network, you can collaborate with your peers, attend virtual and live events, and view a wealth of resources all designed to help teachers teach and students learn. Collaboration, partnerships, and mentors who truly understand you and your students, are the foundation of the Wiley Faculty Network. Online Events, Guest Lectures, Author Keynotes, Product Information & Training Join thousands of faculty and administrators who participate in virtual and live events each semester. Learn from faculty around the world, as well as recognized leaders across disciplines. You’ll connect with fresh ideas, best practices, and practical tools for a wide range of timely topics.

“If you have knowledge, let others light their candles at it.” – margaret fuller

Teaching Resources, Archived Online Events, Learning Modules See all that is available to you when you connect with the Wiley Faculty Network. From professional development modules and archived online events to facultydeveloped and peer-reviewed resources, there is a wealth of materials at your fingertips. Connect with Colleagues, Find a Mentor, Explore Interest Groups, Blog Tap into your greatest resource— your peers. Exchange ideas and teaching tools, while broadening your perspective. Whether you choose to blog, join interest groups, or connect with a mentor—you’ve come to the right place. Collaborate with colleagues, view valuable resources, and attend guest lectures at

In a recent survey of administrators and instructors, 83% said they see faculty development as a key component to the student retention solution. FOR MORE RESEARCH FINDINGS, CLICK HERE

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Professional Development Programs Wiley Learning Institute At-a-Glance Jossey-Bass Publications Jossey-Bass, a Wiley imprint, is the largest and leading publisher of faculty development training materials in the U.S. Renowned authors such as Curtis Bonk, Rena M. Palloff, and Keith Pratt bring you new perspectives on online learning and many other critical topics facing instructors and administrators in higher education today.

Wiley Learning Institute is your destination for innovative and interactive online professional development seminars, workshops and conferences. We bring the brightest thought-leaders in the world of higher education directly to your desktop for interactive sessions, strategy-swapping, and networking with a rich, online community of peers. For a complete look at the Wiley Learning Institute program, visit

This highly interactive, instructionally sound online professional development program utilizes the latest technology to bring cutting-edge content to life. You’ll enjoy direct access to presenters, moderators, and colleagues—before, during, and after each event. Ask a question in the chat window function, vote in a lightning poll, and exchange ideas with fellow participants, all in real time from the comfort of your office and convenience of your computer. For more details and to register visit Workshops

Supporting Students in Online Courses


Designing Courses for Significant Learning

Work Smarter, Not Harder: Online Teaching Strategies that Help Manage Your Workload

The Most Important Things You Need to Know (and Do) as a Department Chair

Social Media for Educators Half-Day Workshops

A Quick and Practical Guide to Managing Your Time and Stress

Providing Lab Science Course Activities for Distance Learners

Effective Communication and Conflict Management

Combining Classroom and Online Teaching: Hybrid-Flexible Course Design

What Department Chairs Can Do to Foster Excellent Teaching

Preparing Lean Entrepreneurs to Create, Innovate, and Disrupt

Keys to Effective and Fair Faculty Evaluation

Supporting Effective Teaching through Universal Design for Learning Designing a Learning Process— Not Just a Course Teaching Naked: Technology and E-Communication for Student Engagement Core Practices of Skillful Teaching Teaching for Critical Thinking Measuring Learning in an Era of Completion: Strategies for Faculty Documenting and Assessing Student Learning with ePortfolios Fast but Fair Methods for Testing and Grading

Program Level Assessment: What to Do and What to Avoid


Jossey-Bass Author Elizabeth F. Barkley shares her collaborative learning techniques in her two minute videos: C L I C K H E R E

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Professional Development Programs Best Practices In Online Learning Developed by Tina Stavredes, Ph.D. Attended by over 7,000 administrators and instructors, Wiley’s Business Solutions Group offers nine self-paced, complimentary virtual learning modules that address current issues in online learning and arm instructors and administrators with a wealth of actionable information.

For Faculty Profile of the Online Learner uncovers the unique characteristics of the learner and the critical factors that affect why they choose an online environment over face-to-face learning. Interaction in an Online Environment reviews the methods you can use to motivate learners and build effective online interactions that will enhance the online learning experience and build a strong online learning community. Managing an Online Environment offers strategies that will help you manage the increased amount of interaction with students, effective ways to provide feedback in a timely and effective manner, and strategies for creating more self-directed learners.

In a recent survey, we found that more than 60% of responders said that online programs are critical to their growth strategy over the next few years.

Pedagogical Strategies for Online Learning introduces new instructional strategies to help you present the context of the course. This seminar will introduce you to some important strategies for developing critical thinking discussion questions and interacting with learner posts. Plagiarism teaches the most common types of plagiarism and looks at why students plagiarize in their work. In addition, it looks at prevention strategies and some of the tools available to help detect issues of plagiarism. For Faculty & Administrators Understanding Persistence of the Adult Learner addresses the issue of student retention and the factors that contribute to student attrition in non-traditional adult populations who are in the distance education programs. This seminar will define terminology used in the discussion of retention and discuss theoretical models of persistence specifically to non-traditional students in distance education environments.

Instructional Strategies to Help Students Persist focuses on instructional strategies that faculty can incorporate into their teaching to help students persist in their courses. Instructional Design for Online Learning presents instructional design strategies that can help improve the ability of learners to persist in a course and achieve the intended learning outcomes. Outcomes-Based Curriculum defines outcomes-based curriculum, discusses specific initiatives that are influencing outcomes-based curriculum, describes curriculum mapping, develops an understanding of outcomes based curriculum design, and finally, discusses the importance of assessment in an outcomes-based curriculum. To register for one or all of these seminars visit


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Professional Development Programs Managing the Digital Transition: Strategies for Planning,Teaching, and Learning Developed by Tina Stavredes, Ph.D. Reviewed by more than 500 instructors and administrators, this series has received high marks for being publisher and platform agnostic, and for focusing on the true pedagogical impact of moving from print to digital on the teaching & learning experience. Four new self-paced online learning modules look at the impact of moving from print to digital learning materials from all aspects of the academic ecosystem.

eBooks in Higher Education The movement from print to digital represents a significant paradigm shift in both the teaching and learning process. Designed to spark further contemplation for faculty and administration, this module considers the challenges and possible benefits and enhancements to the academic experience for both instructors and learners. Transformative Teaching & Learning Using Digital Content Recognizing that shifting to teaching from digital materials impacts both the teaching and learning experience, this module seeks to marry the two challenges in a discussion of the ways in which digital content can create a personalized, engaging, and positive academic experience for students of all levels.

eBooks & Transforming Research Practices Increasingly, learners default to the Internet as their primary research tool, rather than using the library. This presents many challenges, as students may use un-cited and unreliable sources as the basis for research. This module discusses these challenges and relates this issue to how libraries are using digital content to foster improved research skills. The Social Construction of Knowledge through eBooks Where will we be in five years in terms of using digital content? This module opens the door to the future impact of eBooks coupled with social media in terms of how students interact with each other and share information.

C H A R AC T E R I S T I C S O F T H E O N L I N E L E A R N E R :

Read Chapter 1 of Dr. Stravedes’ book C L I C K


Seminar Series Author: Dr. Tina Stavredes, holds a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology with an instructional technology emphasis from the University of Minnesota. She earned her master’s degree in Instructional Systems and Technology from the Department of Curriculum and Instruction at the University of Minnesota. Her professional experience includes over a decade in higher education with leadership positions for multiple programs. She serves as an AQIP reviewer for the Higher Learning Commission and also serves as a faculty mentor for the Wiley Faculty Network. Dr. Stavredes has numerous publications and presentations to her credit. She published her first book and training manual through our Jossey-Bass imprint: Effective Online Teaching: Foundations and Strategies for Success. To purchase a copy, please go to

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Online Learning and Analytics As your partner, we understand that the most accurate test of your success is the success of your students. We offer two highly effective and well tested programs to increase the success, involvement and overall caliber of your students.

WileyPLUS is the complete online teaching and learning solution that integrates the most effective instructor and student resources, including the entire digital textbook, to fit every learning style. It provides interactive multimedia activities in which learners can actively engage with the materials. WileyPLUS provides learners with multiple entry points to the content, giving them greater opportunity to explore concepts, interact with the material and assess their understanding as they progress through the course. WileyPLUS also builds students’ confidence by providing them with a clear roadmap: what to do, how to do it, if they did it right. This interactive approach focuses on:

“The only honest measure of your success is what you are doing compared to your true potential.” – paul j . meyer

Confidence Research shows that students experience anxiety over studying. That’s why we provide a structured learning environment that helps students focus on what to do, along with the support of immediate resources. Motivation To increase and sustain motivation, WileyPLUS helps students learn how to do it at a pace that’s right for them. Our integrated resources—available 24/7—function like a personal tutor, directly addressing each student’s demonstrated needs with specific problem-solving techniques. Success WileyPLUS helps to assure that each study session has a positive outcome by putting students in control. Through instant feedback and study objective reports, students know if they did it right, and where to focus next, so they achieve the strongest results.

In a recent survey of administrators and instructors, the majority of instructors cited “student preparedness and readiness” and “student engagement” as the biggest challenges they face with their students. F O R M O R E R E S E A R C H F I N D I N G S , C L I C K H E R E

BSG Solutions & Services • BSG Virtual Catalog • Best Practices In Online Learning


Online Learning and Analytics—Proven Results WileyPLUS’ impact among students, instructors and academic departments

Wiley recently commissioned a national study on the impact and efficacy of WileyPLUS among students, instructors and academic departments via 22 detailed case studies and 11 quasi-experimental impact studies. Results from Assessment Tests Control group

Treatment Group 67.3%

Impact From Using WileyPLUS Control group


Treatment Group

Impact at 2-Year Institution Control group

Treatment Group



64.9% 59.5%

• The impact from WileyPLUS use at 2-year schools is even more pronounced. The use of WileyPLUS results in a 5.4 point increase, which is an improvement of 9% in the outcome or about a full letter grade on the equivalent of a final exam. • The use of WileyPLUS also lowers the variance of the student outcomes, meaning that the least-prepared students in the class perform better with WileyPLUS. In fact, WileyPLUS helps these students catch up to the rest of the class.

44.5% 38.3%


• Students at 4-year colleges and universities who use WileyPLUS improve their outcome by 4.3 points on a post-test measure, which is a 7% increase or about one half of a letter grade on the equivalent of a final exam.


WileyPLUS users improvement from the pre-test to post-test represents a 79% improvement compared to the 51% increase of the control group.


WileyPLUS increases the final score from 65.5 to 69.8, a 7% increase in the outcome.

Post-test The impact from WileyPLUS use results in a 5.4 point increase. This is in an improvement of 9% in the outcome.

To download the entire study, visit

Sherri Levin, Accounting Instructor and WileyPLUS user shares her best practices in using WileyPLUS in the classroom. C L I C K H E R E W I L E Y P L U S B E S T P R AC T I C E S :

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Student Success—Proven Results Experience the Learning in Your Classroom

Wiley Visualizing™: learning is an active process of knowledge construction. Through the use of text, visuals, multimedia, and video, engage your students, increase comprehension, and foster a desire to learn. Comparison of Pre-test and Post-test Scores for Students using Wiley Visualizing Pre-test



22.4% 16.4%


Comparison of Matched Post-test Scores for Treatment and Control Group Students Treatment 22.7%

22.4% 17.1%


Wiley Visualizing users showed significant gains in content knowledge and skills.


22.5% 18.0%


Students using Wiley Visualizing did significantly better than their peers.

A brand new Chapter 0 written by Mary Poffenroth at San Jose State University C L I C K H E R E H OW TO B E A S U C C E S S F U L S T U D E N T:


In a recently conducted efficacy study of more that 1,200 students and 17 instructors at 12 different institutions, we learned that students who used Wiley Visualizing™ books scored 20-25% higher than those using other programs. The findings also indicate that students using Wiley Visualizing™ made significantly greater gains in content area knowledge and skills over the course of a semester than students in classes that did not use Wiley Visualizing™. (SEG Research, 2010) Learn more and read the study at

Three powerful concepts: Visual Pedagogy Based on decades of research on the use of visual learning (Mayer 2005), Wiley Visualizing™ uses the Cognitive Theory of Multimedia Learning. Our authors select visualizations for their texts that specifically support students’ thinking and learning. Visuals and text are thoughtfully paired together in ways that clarify and reinforce major concepts while allowing students to understand the details. Authentic Situations and Problems Wiley Visualizing™ texts are enhanced by remarkable photographs, maps, media, and film. These authentic materials immerse the student in real-life issues and problems, thereby enhancing motivation, learning, and retention (Donovan & Bransford, 2005). Interactive Multimedia Wiley Visualizing™ wraps clear, concise text around hundreds of photos, well-designed illustrations, diagrams, and charts. This visual approach helps students learn more effectively, and presents complex information in a more efficient manner.

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Making the Move to Digital

“There is nothing wrong with change, if it is in the right direction.” – winston churchill

Moving to Digital Content: Developing an Approach that Works

Allow Wiley to assist with this important transition by supporting all aspects of your digital migration, from identifying and planning for the most advantageous transition plan, to implementing faculty support programs, and introducing learners how to effectively use E-Texts as study aids.



Fulfillment & Distribution


Successful Transition to Digital Materials


Impact on teaching & learning

Faculty readiness

Student readiness

BSG Solutions & Services • BSG Virtual Catalog • Best Practices In Online Learning

What you can expect from us


Making the Move to Digital Which Solutions Best Meet My Needs? Wiley E-Textbook

Powered by VitalSource





NookStudy CafeScribe


Integrates with LMS

Access Online

✓ ✓

Access via Download

✓ ✓ ✓ ✓

Offline Capability

✓ ✓

✓ ✓

✓ ✓

Extended Access

✓ ✓ ✓

Printing Capabilities

Searchable E-Text

Note Taking & Highlighting

✓ ✓

Note Sharing

✓ ✓

Searchable content across multiple E-Texts

✓ ✓

eReaders/Mobile Devices


✓ ✓

K E Y E - T E X T F E AT U R E S

✓ ✓ ✓


Assessments & immediate feedback (self & assigned)

Student resources integrated in E-Text by topic

Instructor resources assignable to students

Homework management ✓ Gradebook & reporting

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Making the Move to Digital Fulfillment, Distribution & Cost Wiley offers flexible models to support platforms in multiple ways to integrate eBooks into your school. By looking at what current LMS is in use, how your students will access eBooks and how you plan to distribute this technology, your dedicated BSG account manager will provide you with all the tools to facilitate your preferred fulfillment and distribution method. Accessibility Do all of your students have a personal computer or up-to-date mobile technology? What percentage of your learners do not have ready access to technology? Are your computer centers and libraries resourced to accommodate the students who lack computers or handheld devices that have the most current technology? The answers to the questions above may influence your decisions to move to 100% digital materials, or if you prefer a transitional approach with combination eBook/print packages—and Wiley can support and fulfill both of these product package options.

Impact on Teaching & Learning Considering the impact on teaching and learning will ensure that your organization is fully prepared and engaged with this change. In addition to standard training options, we partner with you from the beginning to put together a tailored training and support program that continues well after the initial digital rollout. Faculty & Student Readiness Is your faculty prepared to teach in a digital environment? Are your students equipped and able to access the information they need? Wiley’s experience is a significant asset in the move from print to digital. We can help you to assess your institution’s capacity for change and serve as your partner in planning and implementation. Wiley will customize professional development programs, instructor “how to” trainings, and a long-term support program to ensure your faculty’s satisfaction and effectiveness in using digital materials. We can also

Managing the Digital Transition: Strategies for Planning, Teaching, and Learning complimentary virtual seminar series. For more details, see page 10.

create a dedicated website for your faculty to serve as a resource for information, training tools, and more. We will help you to teach your students about accessing digital materials and how to successfully learn and study using e-content. We also offer combined print/digital packages to help ease the transition from print to 100% digital. This allows you the flexibility to provide a print option in conjunction with the digital text, at no additional cost to the student.

In a recent survey of administrators and instructors, we found that the driving factors for offering eBooks are cost, the ability to give students options, and convenience. F O R M O R E R E S E A R C H F I N D I N G S , C L I C K H E R E

What You Can Expect From Us Are you ready? That is just one of the questions to ask before making the move from print to digital. Our digital transition team will work with you throughout the entire process to make sure that you and your students are not only familiar with the technology, but experts yourselves. Here are just few of the questions that we will help you to answer before you begin your transition: How are you evaluating and staging faculty and student preparedness for moving to digital content? What is your transition time frame? What is your preferred method of confirming with all publishers that all materials are available in digital format? How will your learners access their materials? LMS, eReader, third party distributor? What functionality is important to you? Wiley’s digital transition roadmap will guide you in your decisions as you plan your move from print to digital. Email to get started and order your roadmap.

BSG Solutions & Services • BSG Virtual Catalog • Best Practices In Online Learning


Wiley Support Resources We are 100% committed to exceeding your service expectations. That is why we have created support resources that can address the questions and concerns that arise both before and after our services are implemented. Custom Client Website In order to provide a single point of access for all relevant information and services, we will create a website just for you. Your personalized website: •Consolidates your textbook resources into a single point of access for any faculty member or administrator, using a universal username and password. This gives instructors immediate access to all resources without having to wait for approval through •Centralizes a tailored list of recommended new products for consideration based on programs and

adoption history; access customized virtual catalogs specific to your institution, program area, and course. •Recommends additional services that are relevant to you, such as the Business Solutions Group seminars, a list of Wiley Faculty Network lectures, select Market Trends & Curriculum Guides, and more.

Dedicated Account Management We are here to support you every step of the way. Your National Accounts Manager is your main point of contact, but we also have an entire team of specialists to help you along the way. National Accounts Manager

•Provides immediate access to all Wiley support team members so you’ll always know who to contact. Custom Communication We know you work with several publishers and have a lot of information you would like your faculty to know about. Your customized newsletters communicate our support resources, new products for consideration, training and implementation support, and additional services Wiley has to offer. Annual Report Card At Wiley, there is no resting on reputation. We deliver to you an annual report card, providing a detailed record of the services and solutions provided to you over a 12-month period, coupled with an annual satisfaction survey. We use the results to infer how we can continue to grow and improve our level of service.

WileyPLUS Account Manager BSG Partnership Liaison Sales Support Coordinator Customer Care Representative Curriculum Development and eBook Manager Wiley Custom Learning Solutions Account Manager BSG Marketing Manager Microsoft Official Academic Course Account Manager

BSG Solutions & Services • BSG Virtual Catalog • Best Practices In Online Learning


Resources at Glance Desk Copies For desk copy requests please email Review Materials The BSG Virtual Catalog has all of the latest and greatest titles for your courses: I can help you identify potential new material for your courses and set up a custom virtual book fair for your institution. Access Instructor Resources To access your textbook resources, go to and enter the ISBN or book title. On the textbook page click the “Instructor Companion Site” link. Log-in or create a new account. For ease of access we can create an instructor resource website tailored to your school and your textbooks in use. Feel free to contact me to discuss this further. Build Your Professional Library As a valuable client of the Business Solutions Group we are proud to pass along a 20% discount for your personal use at Enter BSG20 at checkout.

Revise and/or add additional program offerings Our Market Trends & Curriculum Guides include market trends, program descriptions, suggested course sequence and descriptions, as well as recommended Wiley content: QUICK LINKS Wiley BSG Website BSG Best Practices in Online Learning and Managing the Digital Transition Wiley Faculty Network Wiley Learning Institute WileyPLUS Wiley Custom Select Wiley Business Currency Microsoft Official Academic Course (MOAC) Program Wiley Online Library

About Us The Business Solutions Group is a dedicated services and solutions group within Wiley Global Education. We have earned a reputation as an innovative, hardworking, and effective leader in our market. We combine market-leading content from Wiley’s publishing programs with expert academic consulting services to help sustain—and more importantly, expand your business. Our success lies in our solutionsoriented, consultative partnership approach, and Wiley’s rich 200-plusyear-old publishing history.

Business Solutions Group

Wiley: Did you know? • Founded in 1807 • Seventh Wiley Generation • Three Unique Businesses: Global Education, Professional Development, STMS/Blackwell • $1.7B FY12. Ownership: NYSE JWa & JWb • 5,000 employees worldwide • Wiley brands & imprints include: Betty Crocker, Jossey-Bass, Wrox, For Dummies, Pillsbury, Frommer’s, Pfeiffer, Better Homes & Gardens, Fisher Investments Press, RSMeans, Microsoft Official Academic Program, WileyPLUS, Wiley Custom Learning Solutions, J.K. Lasser, Capstone, Wiley-Blackwell, Visual, Sybex, polity, Wiley Visualizing, CliffsNotes, The Wiley Faculty Network, Howell Book House, Bloomberg Press, Webster’s New World. • Wiley published such great writers as James Fenimore Cooper, Washington Irving, Herman Melville, Edgar Allan Poe, and Elizabeth Barrett Browning • Wiley has published the works of more than 400 Nobel Laureates

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