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Business & Capstone RIGHTS GUIDE Spring/Summer


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Capstone & Business Rights Guide: Spring/Summer 2013 Business Self-Help .............................................................. 4 How To Be Interesting: Simple Ways to Increase Your Personal Appeal/Gillespie ....................... 4 Visual CBT: Using pictures to help you apply Cognitive Behaviour Therapy to change your life/Joseph ............................................................................................................................................ 4 The Power of Doing Less: How to Spend Your Valuable Time on Things That Really Matter/O'Connell................................................................................................................................... 5 How To Talk To Absolutely Anyone: Confident communication in every situation/Rhodes ........ 5 The Escape Manifesto : Quit your corporate job. Do something different!/Escape The City ........ 6 Clarity: Clear Mind. Better Performance. Bigger Results/Smart ..................................................... 6 How to Succeed with People: Remarkably easy ways to engage, influence and motivate almost anyone/McGee ..................................................................................................................................... 7 Mindfulness:Become more successful, confident and happy through living in the moment/Hasson ................................................................................................................................... 7 The Snowball Effect: Communication Techniques to Make You Unstoppable/Bounds ................ 8 Resilience: How to cope when everything around you keeps changing/Webb ............................. 8 Assertiveness: How to Be Strong In Any Situation/Potts ................................................................ 9 Straight to Yes: Asking with Confidence and Getting What You Want /Imam ............................... 9 Dream It, Do It, Live It: 9 Easy Steps To Making Things Happen For You/Newton ...................... 10

Small Business & Entrepreneurship ............................... 10 Entrepreneur Revolution/Priestley ................................................................................................... 10 We Are All Leaders: Leadership is not a position, it’s a Mindset/Arnander ................................. 11 Fantastic: When Being Good Is Not Enough/Austin-Smith............................................................. 11 What's Stopping You Being More Confident?: Why Smart People Can Lack Confidence And What You Can Do About It/Kelsey .................................................................................................... 12 Success the LOVEFiLM Way: How to Grow A Fast Growth Business in Fast Changing Times/Calver ...................................................................................................................................... 12 Learn Small Business Startup in 7 Days/Smith .............................................................................. 13

Business & Management .................................................. 13 Made to Serve: How manufacturers can compete through servitization and product service systems/Baines.................................................................................................................................. 13 Cultural Drivers: How national culture can accelerate or derail the success of a global company/Hammerich ......................................................................................................................... 14 The Science of Serendipity: How to Unlock the Promise of Innovation/Kingdon ........................ 14 HRM and Performance: Achievements and Challenges/Guest ..................................................... 15 Beyond The Call: Why Some of Your Team Go the Extra Mile and Others Don't Show/Woods . 15 Strategy in Practice: A Practitioner's Guide to Strategic Thinking, 2e/Tovstiga .......................... 16 The Strategic Management of Health Care Organizations, 7e/Ginter ............................................ 16 Reconstructing Project Management/Morris ................................................................................... 17 C a p s t o n e


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Management / Leadership ................................................ 17 The I of Leadership: Strategies for Seeing, Being and Doing/Nicholson ...................................... 17 Becoming a Better Boss: Why good management is so difficult/Birkinshaw ............................... 18 Enterprise in Action: A Guide To Entrepreneurship/Lawrence ..................................................... 18 The Blue Line Imperative: What Managing for Value Really Means/Kaiser .................................. 19 Leading Teams: Tools and Techniques for Successful Team Leadership from the Sports World/Ruta ......................................................................................................................................... 19

Marketing & Sales .............................................................. 20 Grow the Core: How to Focus on your Core Business for Brand Success/Taylor ...................... 20 Decoded: The Science Behind Why We Buy/Barden ..................................................................... 20 Inbound Marketing and SEO: Insights from the Moz Blog/Fishkin ................................................ 21 Outlaw: Fight for Your Customers and Sell Without Fear/Leyshan .............................................. 21

Autumn/Winter 2012 .......................................................... 22 Business Self-Help ............................................................ 22 Stop Playing Safe: Unlock the Power of Courage to Succeed at Work /Warrell .......................... 22 The Art of Being Brilliant/Cope ........................................................................................................ 22 A Practical Guide To Business Writing: Writing in English for Speakers of Other Languages/Al-Maskari ....................................................................................................................... 23 How To Present At Work: The Ultimate Guide To Presenting Your Ideas And Influencing People Using Techniques That Actually Work /Bowden ................................................................ 23

Business & Management .................................................. 24 The Small Business Health Check/Business Doctors...................................................................... 24 The Art of Deliberate Success: Transform Your Professional and Personal Life/Keane ............ 24 Think Write Grow: How to Become a Thought Leader and Build Your Business by Creating Exceptional Articles, Blogs, Speeches, Books and More/Butler ................................................... 25 First Be Nimble: A Story About How to Adapt, Innovate and Perform in a Volatile Business World/Winter ...................................................................................................................................... 25 Dealing with the Tough Stuff: How to Achieve Results from Crucial Conversations/Hill ........... 26 The One Thing to Win at the Game of Business: Master the Art of Decisionship - The Key to Making Better, Faster Decisions/Price ............................................................................................ 26 Power Stories: The 8 Stories You Must Tell to Build an Epic Business/Khoo ............................. 27 microDOMINATION: How to Develop Your Platform, Build Your Brand, Grow Your Business And Live Your Dream /Young ........................................................................................................... 27

Professional Business ...................................................... 28 The Marketing Pathfinder /Stewart ................................................................................................... 28 The Really Useful eLearning Instruction Manual: Brought to you by the eLearning Network/Hubbard ............................................................................................................................... 28 Service-Ability: The Key to Competitive Advantage in the 21st Century/Robson ....................... 29 S p r i n g / S u m m e r

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C o n t a c t :

j a t t r i l l @ w i l e y . c o m

Never Mind the Bosses: Hastening the Death of Deference For Your Business Success /Ryde ............................................................................................................................................................ 29 The Marketing Finance Interface, 2e/McDonald .............................................................................. 30 An Introduction to Social Network Analysis with Applications on Organizational Risk/McCulloh ............................................................................................................................................................ 30 The Dragon Network: Inside Stories of the Most Successful Chinese Family Businesses/Susanto .......................................................................................................................... 31 The Party Line: How The Media Dictates Public Opinion in Modern China/Young...................... 31 Tomorrow's World: A Look at the Demographic and Socio-economic Structure of the World in 2030/Laurent ....................................................................................................................................... 32 Luxury: Concepts, Facts, Markets and Strategies/Som ................................................................ 32

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Visual CBT: Using pictures to help you apply Cognitive Behaviour Therapy to change your life

Business Self-Help How To Be Interesting: Simple Ways to Increase Your Personal Appeal

Avy Joseph, Maggie Chapman

David Gillespie, Mark Warren

978-0-85708-354-8 / 0-85708-354-6 352 pp. Pub: 04/01/13 Business Self-Help

978-0-85708-406-4 / 0-85708-406-2 192 pp. Pub: 15/03/13 Business Self-Help

Many people learn best by following a visual approach, retaining information far more successfully if that information is given to them in a visual manner. Visual CBT uses illustrations, graphics and images to help to alter thought patterns and change behaviours through CBT to become a happier, healthier individual.

An irreverent, colourful guide to becoming more interesting and successful by gaining self-knowledge and building your confidence and charisma. In addition to having scads of acting and writing credits between them, the authors are co-founders of a unique organization. Called The Speechworks, it is a group of performance-based professionals who draw upon their professional expertise to teach clients—including businesspeople from Fortune 500 and FTSE 100 companies, sports stars, politicians, actors, writers and celebrities—the skills they need to communicate more effectively, to impress others with charisma and find greater success at work and in life. In this wildly funny, irreverent and practical guide they share their proprietary formula for achieving a heightened and sustained level of interestingness.

Uniquely, it highlights the differences between healthy and unhealthy emotional responses e.g. Anxiety instead of Concern, to enable the reader to quickly "see" how they are reacting, and bring it into line with the healthy type of response. • Includes an explanation of the premise of CBT and how it can relate to everyday life. • Uses exercises and practical tips to examine a whole host of healthy vs. unhealthy scenarios--such as depression vs. sadness, anger vs. annoyance, hurt vs. sorrow, shame vs. regret... and much more.

• Practical tips for achieving everyday interestingness, along with personality tests to aid self-knowledge.

• Visual CBT is an easy to use guide that can be referred back to time and time again showing how to successfully implement the most important CBT techniques.

• Tons of fascinating quotes, outrageous humour and vibrant visual material—including mindmaps and infographics.

Avy Joseph is a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist/ Hypnotherapist and co-founder of the companies, CityMinds and the College of Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy. He is a registered and accredited therapist with the British Association for Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapies and a board member of The Association of Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapists.. Avy also lectures both nationally and internationally and is author of Capstone's Cognitive Behavioural Therapy: your route out of perfectionism, self-sabotage and other every day habits. He is one of the UK media's experts on CBT with recent features in The Sunday Times, The Evening Standard, The Daily Mail, The Independent and Cosmopolitan magazine. Maggie Chapman, Director/Co-founder of CityMinds and the training organisation CCBH Ltd, is an experienced therapist employing solution focused strategies.

• Everything you need to increase your personal appeal, engage more effectively with those around you and lead a more enjoyable and fulfilling life. Actor, David Gillespie and writer, Mark Warren have many acting and writing credits between them in TV, film, stage and publishing. As founders of The Speechworks they brings years of experience from the worlds of film, TV, theatre, presentation, psychology, advertising, PR, journalism and voice production. They use this experience and insight to teach the skills and techniques that professional performers employ and help clients harness them with confidence.

Licensed: Arabic Cognitive Behavioural Therapy licensed: Arabic

S p r i n g / S u m m e r

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C o n t a c t :

j a t t r i l l @ w i l e y . c o m

The Power of Doing Less: How to Spend Your Valuable Time on Things That Really Matter

How To Talk To Absolutely Anyone: Confident communication in every situation

Fergus O'Connell

Mark Rhodes

978-0-85708-421-7 / 0-85708-421-6 192 pp. Pub: 14/06/13 Business Self-Help

978-0-85708-402-6 / 0-85708-402-X 224 pp. Pub: 21/06/13 Business Self-Help

Separate the work that works from the work that hurts.

Be a people magnet!

Ever wished for more hours in the day? Do you dream of jumping on your desk and screaming ‘enough’ for all to hear? You’re not alone. We’re all feeling overworked and exhausted. Since the collapse of the banks we’re all being told you have to ‘do more with less’ and that you’re ‘lucky to have a job’. It’s exhausting. Well there is another way. Just…do less. The Power of Doing Less shows how toiling until you drop is NOT the way to progress and succeed, it shows that learning when and how to say ‘no’ is the life skill you need most.

Improving your people skills and becoming a people-person is a surefire route to success, happiness, and confidence. We’ve all looked enviously across the room at that person who seems to effortlessly interact with everyone – humorous, confident and well liked. That person is confident with people they don’t know, they have no fear of rejection, they can handle difficult situations with apparent ease. Well now you can too. How to Talk to Absolutely Anyone will show you exactly how to develop better communication for better results. With Mark Rhodes’ sound advice you will be able to build rapport with absolutely anyone.

This book will make your life simpler, better and more profound by separating the work that matters, from the work that’s not important. And you won’t waste hours of your precise time reading this book either – it’s short, sharp and fun to read with colourful illustrations and inspiring quotes.

Learn how to: • Overcome fear of rejection. • Be confident with people you don’t know.

The Power of Doing Less covers;

• Deal with difficult situations.

• How to avoid overload and burn out.

• Get better outcomes from disputes.

• Mastering the work/life balance.

• Communicate better to win you more business and more sales.

• The philosophy of action.

• Be more effective at networking at both business and social events.

• How to become an expert decision maker. • The benefits of work-sharing.

Mark Rhodes made his fortune by setting up a successful software company which he sold in 2001. Since then he has made it his mission to find out exactly how he achieved this success and pass that wisdom onto others. He is now a Business Mentor, International Speaker and Trainer in Success. His clients include top brands such as The Body Shop, Virgin Cosmetics and DK. He has recently been hand-picked to be a ‘Millionaire Mentor' for the Entrepreneurs' Business Academy, a joint venture between the EBA and James Caan, ex-panelist from top-rated BBC series Dragons' Den.

Fergus O’Connell is the bestselling author of Simply Brilliant (Pearson) and other titles. His books have been translated into 12 languages. He is one of the world’s leading authorities on project management and getting things done in the shortest possible time. Fergus has written for The Sunday Business Post, Computer Weekly and The Wall Street Journal. Earn More, Stress Less licensed: German, Korean, Romanian What You Need to Know about Project Management Licensed: Arabic, Portuguese

C a p s t o n e


B u s i n e s s

R i g h t s

G u i d e



The Escape Manifesto: Clarity: Clear Mind. Better Quit your corporate job. Do Performance. Bigger something different! Results Escape the City

Jamie Smart

978-0-85708-362-3 / 0-85708-362-7 288 pp. Pub: 05/04/13 Business Self-Help

978-0-857-08448-4 / 0-857-08448-8 280 pp. Pub: 15/02/2013 Business Self-Help

The book behind the movement! Life is short; you only have one chance to live a great one. Be brave and start something you love.

Learn to clear your mind and think like a winner. How to effortlessly keep a clear head and profit from the clarity of thought that a clear mind brings -- being more intuitive, more resilient, more agile, making connections, thinking more creatively and finding your natural motivation.

Does this sound familiar... You tick all the right boxes; school, university, corporate career. You have a sensible profession, a fancy job title, proud parents, decent salary, pricey holidays… but there’s a nagging feeling that something isn’t quite right? A realisation that you’re not completely fulfilled? Surely you should be very happy – are you being ungrateful? NO. You want a different life – no spreadsheets, no commute, no late nights at the office. But if not that… then what? That is exactly what Escape are here to do – show you t other options are open to you.

We all have so much going on. A million different projects, to-do lists longer than your arm. We all worry about things -money, deadlines. With all this buzzing around in our heads it's often a nightmare trying to concentrate on one thing. What if someone could show you how to empty your mind of all the noise? If you could be shown how to de-clutter your mind and concentrate on one important thing? Well Jamie Smart, state-of-mind specialist, can do just that -with Clarity he will show you how to get real clarity of thought. You'll learn how to clear your mind and become less stressed and more productive -- and as a result, more confident in your abilities.

Escape is a community based website built around a simple concept: there is more to life than doing unfulfilling work in big corporate companies. The online platform is designed to help corporate professionals find exciting jobs, start their own businesses, and go on big adventures. The Escape Manifesto is here to support, inspire and encourage us all to make big and brave transitions in our lives.

Clarity will help you to: • Greatly improve your concentration and ability to think clearly.

• Examines the reasons why so many people are unsatisfied with the corporate world.

• Reduce stress levels and increase productivity. • Grow your confidence and self-belief.

• Explores the alternatives and the common barriers to achieving your dreams.

• Find innovative solutions to problems and make progress on goals and dreams.

• Advice and support for making the transition to something new and developing a strategy for work and life.

• Trust your intuition and improve your decision-making. • Build stronger communication.

• Contains tons of real-life examples of people who have made the leap, submitted by Escape’s 85,000 membership and created with input from hundreds of Escape’s community – a band of co-creators ready to sing about this inspiring manifesto.

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Jamie Smart is a state-of-mind specialist, a leading trainer and entrepreneur. He has been teaching people how their minds work and how to lead happy successful lives for 13 years. He has a large, global audience who follow him, read his articles, attend his programmes, workshops and retreats and buy his products.

Escape the City was founded by Rob Symington, an ex-management consultant and Phil Bolton, a disillusioned forensic accountant to help the hordes of unfulfilled corporate professionals. The online platform offers support, advice, job listings and real opportunities for people to get stuck into and start living their dream.

S p r i n g / S u m m e r



C o n t a c t :

j a t t r i l l @ w i l e y . c o m

How to Succeed with People: Remarkably easy ways to engage, influence and motivate almost anyone

Mindfulness: Become more successful, confident and happy through living in the moment

Paul McGee

978-0-85708-444-6 / 0-85708-444-5 224 pp. Pub: 05/07/13 Business Self-Help

Gill Hasson

978-0-85708-289-3 / 0-85708-289-2 216 pp. Pub: 12/04/13 Business Self-Help

There’s nothing mystical about mindfulness. To be mindful simply means to be aware of and engage with what’s happening right now, in the current moment. This book explains mindfulness in a clear, accessible way, making you believe you can do it. You will learn that, whatever your circumstances, mindfulness can bring so much to your life, in any situation.

Let’s face it, if you want any sort of success in life you’re going to have to deal with other people at some point. All success requires input from other people – even if you’ve invented something in your bedroom, eventually, you’re going to need to interact with people to take it to the next level. And even if you don’t desperately hanker after success, you surely want to be liked, have friends, and get on well with people? Learning how to better communicate and interact with others can really help to improve your life – from ensuring you enjoy parties more to turning you into a roaring success magnet. So whether you dread social events with a passion and spend evenings cringing in a corner, or just want to have better relationships at work and in life, then How to Succeed With People, written in Paul’s characteristic down to earth, approachable style, can help you become a people magnet.

This book outlines how a mindful approach can help you in your everyday life to: • Establish more helpful, positive ways of thinking and behaving. • Be more open and accepting. • Manage your attention so that unwanted thoughts cannot crowd your mind; stop ruminating about the past or worrying about the future. • Cope more effectively with stress and have a more confident and calm approach to life. • Manage painful emotions such as anger, guilt, worry and anxiety. • Bring about positive changes in your relationships. • Achieve a new level of self–awareness and self–understanding.

Learn how to: • Hold people’s attention when you talk. • Listen/react properly to what others are saying or doing. • Better confront, complain and deal with difficult conversations. • Give compliments and praise. • Deal with interviews, networking events, difficult conversations and more.

This is mindfulness made easy; you will learn that mindfulness in not all in the head it’s also a way of being – it’s about what you do; your actions and your behavior.

Paul McGee is one of Europe’s leading self-help authors and motivational speakers and coaches. He has spoken in 31 countries to date and is the author of several books. His simple yet profound messages have spread across the globe both in public and private sector organisations. Building on his academic background in behavioural and social psychology, Paul is also a trained counsellor and a performance coach.

Gill Hasson is a freelance journalist and writes articles on personal development and relationships for a variety of magazines, including Psychologies and Take A Break, and for a number of websites. As well as delivering adult education courses in personal development in Brighton, she is an associate tutor for the University of Sussex where she teaches career and personal development and academic study skills. She delivers training in child and adolescent development to preschool, youth and social workers, teachers and parents. With Sue Hadfield she is the author of two books, How to be Assertive in Any Situation and Bounce: Use the Power of Resilience to Live the Life You Want. She is the sole author of Brilliant Communication Skills and Brilliant Emotional Intelligence.

How Not To Worry: licensed: Czech, Simplified Chinese S.U.M.O (Shut Up, Move On) - Licensed: Czech, Greek, Hindi, Indonesian, Polish, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Thai. S.U.M.O. Your Relationships - Licensed: Arabic, Bulgarian, Hindi. Self-Confidence - Licensed: Arabic, French, German, Hindi, Icelandic, Korean, Polish, Russian.

C a p s t o n e


B u s i n e s s

R i g h t s

G u i d e



The Snowball Effect: Communication Techniques to Make You Unstoppable

Resilience: How to cope when everything around you keeps changing

Andy Bounds

978-0-85708-387-6 / 0-85708-387-2 244 pp. Pub: 15/02/13 Business Self-Help

Liggy Webb

978-0-85708-397-5 / 0-85708-397-X 296 pp. Pub: 01/02/13 Business Self-Help

Bounce back from whatever life throws at you. Stressful situations are a fact of life. Job insecurity, financial burden, relationship doubt are all too familiar. Some people approach them with confidence and poise, facing change and challenges head on. Others back away slowly into a corner and become quivering wrecks at the mere thought of them. So what is it that makes some people cope with these adverse situations so well? It’s not about what is happening to you, but how you react to it. It’s about your resilience.

The long-awaited follow-up to the international bestseller The Jelly Effect. Communication is supposed to cause something. That’s the point of it. So, what do you want to achieve following your communication? Do you want someone to answer ‘yes’? Do you want to improve your relationships? Do you want people to understand exactly what you’re talking about, first time? Whatever you want to achieve, you’ll need decent communication to get there, and expert and bestselling author Andy Bounds is here to show us exactly how to nail your communication. Using the same conversational style that made The Jelly Effect so popular, The Snowball Effect is packed with short, rapid fire sections complete with visuals and special features to help us get serious results from our communication.

Happiness guru Liggy Webb is here to help us all find positivity and inner strength to cope with stressful situations. Arming you with a personal toolkit to handle day to day challenges, and providing strategies for thriving in uncertain times Liggy shows you how to increase your ‘bouncibility’ and bounce back from whatever negative things life throws at you.

The Snowball Effect explains how to;

• Timely topic with governments across the world promoting happiness on the one hand and dealing with vast economic uncertainty and austerity on the other.

• Get more done, more quickly: Communication techniques that save you a week a year. • Persuade more people to say “yes”: How to convince others, in ways that leave you both feeling comfortable.

• Easy to digest, anecdotal and practical guide with lots of common sense advice.

• Enjoy your job more: How to improve relationships with everyone you work with.

• Contains timely examples and tips tailored for coping with difficult times

• Get things right first time: Deliver work that impresses, and is exactly what they wanted.

Liggy Webb is a leading expert in the field of Modern Life Skills. As a presenter, consultant and author she is passionate about her work and improving the quality of people's lives. She is an international consultant for The United Nations and the founding Director of the Learning Architect, a consortium of learning and development experts who specialise in behavioural effectiveness. She is actively involved with and works with the NHS, UCAS, the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy, ASDA and many other reputable companies and organisations. She has written for the Wall Street Journal, the Daily Mail and Woman's Weekly. She is the author of four books, The Happy Handbook, How to Work Wonders, Thank You and How To Be Happy.

• Eliminate the negatives: What to say, to remove the frustrations and stresses you feel all too often. Andy Bounds is a Communication Consultant, working with blue chip organisations all over the world. He is the author of the international bestseller The Jelly Effect which has sold 30,000 copies worldwide. Awarded the title Britain’s Sales Trainer of the Year, and described by AstraZeneca’s Global Communication Director as “a genius, whose advice can’t be ignored”, Andy’s insights stem from the fact his Mother is blind. This has given him a lifetime’s experience of communicating from someone else’s point of view. Andy speaks on the subject at 30-40 major conferences per year in over 20 countries.

Licensed: Korean How To Be Happy licensed: Arabic

The Jelly Effect licensed: Korean, Polish, Russian

S p r i n g / S u m m e r

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C o n t a c t :

j a t t r i l l @ w i l e y . c o m

Assertiveness: How to Be Strong In Any Situation

Straight to Yes: Asking with Confidence and Getting What You Want

Conrad Potts, Suzanne Potts

Haider Imam

978-0-85708-368-5 / 0-85708-368-6 224 pp. Pub: 29/03/13 Business Self-Help

978-0-85708-375-3 / 0-85708-375-9 240 pp. Pub: 18/01/13 Business Self-Help

Put your foot down. You don’t have to be a pushy so-and-so to get what you want. There are ways to ensure you assert your presence and take charge of situations that will make you happier, healthier and more successful. It’s about building your self-esteem and controlling your own destiny. So don’t be a push over – let this title show you how to deal with any situation with self-assurance and confidence. From asking for a pay rise, to dealing with your family – Assertiveness has practical advice for dealing with a whole host of situations, both at work and at home.

Make yourself a “yes” magnet. You’ve finally plucked up the courage to ask for something. The afternoon off. A pay rise. Then comes that crucial moment where you wait with baited breath for the response. It’s tense, but it doesn’t have to be. You just need to master the art of ‘the ask’. Taking a direct, light-hearted, wholly practical approach, Haider Imam zooms straight in on that moment of truth providing a set of proven tools and techniques for getting to ‘yes,’ every time. He instils readers with the confidence to ask bigger, more often and even ask for the impossible – and to get it.

• Includes practical solutions to a range of universal problems. • Deals with assertiveness in business, family and social situations.

• Based on sound psychological principles, Straight To Yes! offers tons of winning ways to make requests that get you to ‘yes’

• Covers topics like ‘dealing with your boss’, ‘dealing with finances’, ‘asking for a pay rise’ and ‘saying no at work’.

• Wholly practical in style and content, the book features accessible, straightforward techniques readers can put into action immediately

Suzanne Potts is an expert in assertiveness who specialises in keynote speaking for industry conferences, corporate events and charity forums. Her passion for spreading assertiveness and negotiation skills into cultures, industries and countries has taken her to the war-torn territories of the former Yugoslavia, the military culture of Pakistan, Belarus and other communist-style Republics. She works within all industry sectors including retail, banking, pharmaceutical and charity. Since becoming the Director of Teamskills, audiences throughout the world have benefited from Suzanne's expertise. Conrad Potts is a psychologist and corporate training consultant. He specialises in change management, performance improvement and motivation, and has led numerous change management programmes for multi-national organisations. He has appeared both on BBC and ITV programmes as the "resident psychologist". Conrad has lived and worked throughout the UK, Europe, Russia, Middle East and the South Pacific, and for many years had taught at the London Business School, and lectured at Imperial College and Manchester Business School. The authors developed their skills and training profile with Ken & Kate Back, who were the leading authorities on Assertiveness in the 80s and 90s. With more than 60+ years’ experience between them, Conrad and Suzanne are positioning themselves as their natural successors.

C a p s t o n e


B u s i n e s s

R i g h t s

G u i d e

• Designed for quick-reference while on the move, it affords instant access to specific, step-by-step, single-page techniques as needed Haider Imam was UK Sales Trainer of the Year 2007, and works at home & abroad with global brands teaching influencing skills, sales, negotiation and leadership. He has been training for ten years, and is a speaker and writer for the Institute of Sales & Marketing Managers. He has clients such as EDF Energy, Merlin (Tussauds, Legoland, Sea Life, etc.) ADS (the UK Aerospace, Defence & Security body) and more, as well as links at Sage UK, Nando's and others.



Dream It, Do It, Live It: 9 Easy Steps To Making Things Happen For You

Small Business & Entrepreneurship Entrepreneur Revolution

Richard Newton, Ciprian Adrian Rusen

Daniel Priestley

978-0-85708-456-9 / 0-85708-456-9 224 pp. Pub: 10/05/13 Business Self-Help

978-0-85708-416-3 / 0-85708-416-X 240 pp. Pub: 08/03/13 Small Business & Entrepreneurship

Make life a dream Now is the age of the entrepreneur – don’t get left behind.

Be a dreamer…just make sure your dreams become a reality! Dream It, Do It, Live It is a practical project management guide for your life. It maps out 9 simple, easy-to-follow steps that will take your dreams from fantasy to reality. And these steps are realistic, understandable and 100% do-able. It’s all about being clear on exactly what you’re dreaming of, thinking it through thoroughly, drawing out your action plan, actually taking action and seeing it through to the end. The next step is to dream up the next thing! Never stop dreaming – even when you achieve your dreams, dream afresh. The world is your oyster and now you have the manual to get you through it!

The world is embarking on a new age. The age of the entrepreneur, the agile small business owner, the flexible innovator. The days of the industrial age are over. It’s time to break free from the industrial revolution mind-set, quit working so hard, follow your dream and make a fortune along the way. The slow dinosaurs of the industrial age are being outpaced by fast-moving start-ups, ambitious small businesses and technological innovators.

• A highly illustrated book to be picked up and referred to with each new dream!

Entrepreneur Revolution is a master class in gaining an entrepreneurial mind-set, showing you how to change the way you think, the way you network, and the way you make a living. Successful entrepreneur Daniel Priestley will show you how to embrace the Entrepreneur Revolution and thrive in the new age.

• Can be applied to any dream, be it climbing Mount Everest or starting your own business.

• From a successful entrepreneur who is reaping the rewards of the entrepreneurial age.

• Shares the real experiences of 4 people who achieved a variety of different dreams.

• How to shift your mind-set and think like an entrepreneur. • Ways to adapt your lifestyle to be more successful.

Richard Newton and Ciprian Rusen are both experienced project managers, having delivered projects worth millions of dollars. Richard is the author of the bestselling Project Management book The Project Manager, as well as several other titles on the topic. Ciprian runs his own technology blog with over 240,000 monthly visits. They both speak regularly at a variety of events.

S p r i n g / S u m m e r

2 0 1 3

Daniel Priestley is a successful entrepreneur, international speaker and author. Daniel started out as an entrepreneur at 21 years old and has since built several successful businesses in the UK, Australia and Singapore. He runs Triumphant Events, is the Managing Director of Ecademy, and is the author of Key Person of Influence (Sept 2010).

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C o n t a c t :

j a t t r i l l @ w i l e y . c o m

We Are All Leaders: Leadership is not a position, it’s a mindset

Fantastic! When Being Good Is Not Enough

Fredrik Arnander

978-0-857-08396-8 / 0-857-08396-1 152 pp. Pub: 14/12/12 Business Self-Help

Alan Austin-Smith

978-0-85708-391-3 / 0-85708-391-0 224 pp. Pub: 14/12/12 Management / Leadership

Good just isn’t enough. Be fantastic.

Leadership is a mindset, not a position. In a time of rapid technological change and economic uncertainty, businesses that thrive will do so through empowering employees at all levels to take an active role in leading themselves and their organisations to success. The aim of this book is to help people at every stage of their careers to think proactively, take responsibility, and excel in work and life through strong leadership. Building on the author’s experience of running fast technology companies, creating agile and flexible organisations through leadership at all levels, and encouraging innovation and proactivity, the book outlines concepts and tools to make everybody a leader. The book is a response to a need for a new approach to leadership. It starts with the vision that we can all be leaders – and we must be, to meet the challenges of today’s business world. The book takes timeless leadership lessons to a new business reality and from the individual level to the whole organisation. Many other leadership and management books are academic and inaccessible, written for typical ‘Formal Leaders’ in traditional organisations. This book is simple, and speaks to everyone who wants to make progress in their work, helping them to become a ‘Mindset Leader’. Fredrik Arnander is a Swedish serial entrepreneur and the CEO/co-Founder of Keybroker, a Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Winner 2011 in Sweden and Deloitte Technology Fast 500 Europe 2011 (Top 20). Fredrik has been working successfully with entrepreneurship and leadership in startups for the last 15 years and is a well-known business person in Sweden and the UK.

C a p s t o n e


B u s i n e s s

R i g h t s

G u i d e 1 1

Good is just average. Who wants to just be ‘good’ anymore? Most people are good, and you can’t afford to be just the same as everyone else. Would you want to employ someone who is just good at their job? Would you buy a product that’s just average? Nowadays everything needs to be better. To stand out in business and in life you have to be fantastic. The book reveals how to get us there and shares the ‘Fantastic theory’ to show how. Fantastic people share seven characteristics: Passionate; Creative; Delighting people; Performers; Alive Inside; Always Learning; Have Fun. How many do you have? Make it all of them. Push your business to shine. Make it fantastic! •

A full-colour, highly visual book with real impact in motivating you to be fantastic in all that you do.

Straightforward advice that anyone can apply in their work or life, or in running their own business.

Covers perennial selling topics such as motivation, confidence, creativity and communication.

Fantastic! forms part of the learning and development offering from the Deliver’s Group, a global L&D consultancy. The Deliverer’s Group has been working with some of the world’s leading brands over the 15 years, creating bespoke learning material delivered in a variety of ways. Alan Austin-Smith is an experienced motivational speaker and educator of the Fantastic theory. Alan started the Fantastic Hairdressing company in 1999 and originally wrote The Fantastic Hairdresser in 2003 which has sold over 50,000 copies through his speaking and training seminars to date. Fantastic! is a new book from the collaboration of the Deliver’s Group and Alan Austin-Smith, and is aimed at all industries.


What's Stopping You Being More Confident? Why Smart People Can Lack Confidence And What You Can Do About It

Success the LOVEFiLM Way: How to Grow A Fast Growth Business in Fast Changing Times

Robert Kelsey

978-0-85708-369-2 / 0-85708-369-4 224 pp. Pub: 25/01/13 Business & Management

Simon Calver

978-0-85708-309-8 / 0-85708-309-0 256 pp. Pub: 14/12/12 Business Self-Help

Lights, camera and business action. If you want your business to be a success it’s well worth taking a look at how these guys have done it. LOVEFilm, the online movie rental service, have gone from a small online startup, to reaching nearly 2 million customers in five countries. They were named Growth Company of the Year 2010 by the CBI/Real Business.

What’s Stopping You? has sold over 40,000 copies in the UK alone, in just one year. It’s helped thousands and thousands of people overcome their fear of failure and start to achieve their goals. Now Robert Kelsey is offering his unique approach to this bestselling self-help topic, confidence. According to Robert, it’s not something that can simply be injected into us through motivational exercises and positive thinking. What’s Stopping You…Being More Confident? highlights the key reasons why you might be lacking confidence in the first place, what causes self-doubt or makes you feel less able than others. Then we are shown how to turn this around, by examining the traits that make someone confident. •

This is the story of how one guy took his online business idea and turned it into a multi-million pound enterprise. Written in a unique and engaging style with film at the heart of the character of the book, this is an essential read for anybody who wants to start and grow a business, and more specifically how to do that in the fast growing tech industry…or any industry which is seeing exponential growth.

Follow-up to the groundbreaking bestseller, What’s Stopping You? with the same very candid approach to self-help.

A road-map to help us break down the barriers that make us shy away from achieving our full potential.

How to recognise what you’re good at, but also what you’re not good at.

Includes tactics for maintaining self-assurance and learning how to apply these in real-life practical situations.

Based on extensive research and personal experience.

Simon Calver was CEO of LOVEFiLM which was sold to Amazon in January 2011 for £200m. Simon had built an impressive career history before his time at LOVEFiLM including roles such as General Manager and VP for PepsiCola UK, where he launched Pepsi Max and Pepsi Blue and was promoted to VP of Sales Operations; VP of Dell's UK & Ireland Consumer and Small Business operations, managing a business with revenues over $1.5bn; and Worldwide COO and President for Riverdeep, the interactive digital education and productivity software company. Simon has created a set of principles and management techniques, cherry-picking the best business ideas from his previous roles and creating a ‘mash-up' that become LOVEFiLM. He has recently taken up a new role as the CEO of Mothercare as he begins a new turnaround journey. He will continue to speak regularly about the LOVEFiLM story. Richard Cree will be writing the book with Simon. Richard has been editor of Director magazine for 10 years.

Robert Kelsey is a financial journalist turned City banker turned entrepreneur. Currently he is the Founder and CEO of a financial PR agency. He is also the bestselling author of What’s Stopping You? 2011’s personal development smash-hit. Robert has been a self-help addict for years but after working with the London Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy he decided he could do it better. So he did just that - to great success. Licensed: Russian, Turkish What’s Stopping You? licensed: German, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Spanish

S p r i n g / S u m m e r

2 0 1 3

1 2

C o n t a c t :

j a t t r i l l @ w i l e y . c o m

Learn Small Business Startup in 7 Days

Business & Management

Heather Smith 978-0-7303-7823-5 / 0-7303-7823-3 Pub: 14/01/13 Small Business & Entrepreneurship Learn Small Business Start-Up in 7 Days will have you turning a profit and enjoying running your own show with simple, tested advice from a small business whiz!

Made to Serve: How manufacturers can compete through servitization and product service systems Timothy Baines, Howard Lightford

Guiding you through the key aspects of getting a new business up and running, from a self-assessment about whether you are really prepared, through to finance, marketing, and legal issues, highly sought-after small business commentator Heather Smith covers it all.

978-1-118-58531-3 / 1-118-58531-3 264 pp. Pub: 15/04/13 Business Operations

Carefully explaining everything you need to know to efficiently and effectively start a business, the book comprehensively covers the basics in 7 chapters, one for every day it will take you to get ready to leave the rat race and live your small business dream.

The world once seemed simple. Manufacturers made things and services companies did things for us. Today we realise that these distinctions are artificial and that services (or servitization) can be a high-value strategy for manufacturers. This book explains this concept and describe what it takes to successfully exploit servitization.

Covers everything you need to know to start and prosper as a small business owner.

Helps you gauge whether running a small business is right for you.

Offers expert advice from small-business specialist.



While running a small business allows you to turn your passion into your livelihood, it is also often very demanding on your time, your cash reserves, and your sanity. With this book in hand, you have everything you need to lay a solid foundation for small business success. Heather Smith is a sought-after small business commentator who writes for national online and printed publications, including The Daily Telegraph, Flying Solo, Woman's Day, The Courier-Mail, and Network magazine. She is a Fellow and an Ambassador of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), as well as an MYOB Certified Consultant, an MYOB Specialist Trainer, an MYOB Accredited Author, and a XERO Advisor. She is also a member of the Australian Taxation Office BAS Agent Advisory Group, sits on the Economic Management and Infrastructure Policy Committee of the Queensland branch of the Australian Labor Party, and facilitates a monthly Institute of Certified Bookkeepers Meeting in Brisbane. Heather has always had a particular interest in the workings of smal business and is passionate about helping owners of small businesses to achieve their full business potential. She is in demand on the speaking circuit, and her presentations on a range of small business topics never fail to excite and inspire her audiences. C a p s t o n e


B u s i n e s s

R i g h t s

G u i d e 1 3

The delivery of a service component as an added value when providing products, servitization is all the rage in the manufacturing sector around the world. Yet, despite the clear competitive advantage of servitization, most manufacturers remain reluctant to venture into, what for them, is a strange new world. This book provides a detailed road map for successfully navigating the servitization terrain, providing a framework for accessing the feasibility of adopting a services-led competitive strategy, along with strategies for designing and implementing the kinds of service offerings customers increasingly are coming to expect. • Shows how to exploit your company's manufacturing competencies to build a strong servitization element without becoming "just another services company" • Provides numerous illustrations and examples of services-led competitive strategies, with an emphasis on the advanced services most widely associated with servitization worldwide. • Packed with fascinating and instructive case studies from leading manufacturing firms across industry sectors, including Caterpillar, Rolls-Royce, Alstom, MAN, Xerox and others. Tim Baines, Professor of Operations Strategy, Aston Business School, and Howard W Lightfoot, Senior Research Fellow, Cranfield University, are leading experts in the field and well positioned to author this text because they are amongst the most highly cited for work on servitization and Product-Service Systems.


Cultural Drivers: How national culture can accelerate or derail the success of a global company

The Science of Serendipity: How to Unlock the Promise of Innovation Matt Kingdon 978-1-118-47810-3 / 1-118-47810-X 254 pp. Pub: 27/11//12 Creativity & Innovation Management

Kai Hammerich, Richard D. Lewis 978-1-118-60856-2 / 1-118-60856-9 300 pp. Pub: 04/01/13 Business & Management

A highly visual approach to a hot topic which many companies and executives are grappling with -- how to implement innovation within large organisations. From the founder one of the most experienced innovation agencies in the world.

This book provides a new conceptual framework that can be used to analyse corporate culture and diagnose potentially accelerating or derailing cultural dynamics. The very same national traits that enabled an organisation to succeed in one period may well derail it in a subsequent one -- Cultural Drivers provides ten diagnostic tools to show managers when this may be occurring.

Innovation - the word might make you think of Silicon Valley, but innovation isn't the sole province of start-ups. They didn't invent it, and they're not always the ones from which we can best learn. As Matt Kingdon argues in The Science of Serendipity, it's corporate innovators battling within large, established organisations who are the field's real heroes. Tapping into 20 years of experience on the front lines of innovation--bringing new products and services to market and helping organisations become more creative--Kingdon dissects the ways in which corporations are continually reborn. He looks at the anatomy of innovation, asking: How do time-pressed executives go about taking risks? How do they prepare to see--and seize--opportunity? And how do you place humans, with all of their fears and foibles, at the heart of commercial success?

How did Samsung Electronics become the world's largest Consumer electronics company in less than 20 years, unseating dominant Sony Corporation in the process? What pivotal role did the national heritage of both companies play in this? How did Toyota create a sustainable competitive advantage for almost 25 years, by adapting a global business philosophy deeply rooted in Japanese culture? How did the Finnish roots of Nokia and the American roots of GM first help both companies, to only later derail their success?

• An easy, fast paced read, this book provides practical advice, alongside the theory, including learning summaries, activities and top tip checklists along the way.

We live in a rapidly globalizing world. But the world is not flat -- we are not all the same - the world is still round and cultural differences play an increasingly important role in differentiating companies. You can copy processes, but not the heart and the soul of a company. Cultural Drivers explores how management, boards and investors can identify the enabling and derailing cultural dynamics that may create sustainable differentiation.

• Based on ?WhatIf!'s 20 years of innovation consulting and rooted in anecdotes, unique insights and experience from household names including Disney, Google, Nike, and Microsoft. • Innovation is still top of the agenda for most CEO's and yet few know how to harness the magic of the ‘happy accidents' that lead to growth through innovation. This book explores the reality of how organizations get messy, how they allow the madness, the unfamiliar, even the threatening to enter the gates.

Richard D Lewis is a well renowned British linguist who created Richard Lewis Communications - a language school for executives as well as a company that advises on cross-cultural issues facing business executives. Richard has written a number of books including the bestselling When Cultures Collide. Kai Hammerich, MBA (Kellogg, top 1%), MSc. is a Danish headhunter, living in London and nominated by Business Week as one of the 150 best headhunters worldwide. Kai came across Richard when working for Nokia as a client. He used Richard's book: Finland the Cultural lone wolf to introduce international executives to the unique Finnish culture and contacted Richard in 2008.

S p r i n g / S u m m e r

2 0 1 3

Matt Kingdon is the Co-founder, Chairman, and Chief Enthusiast of What If! Innovation Partners. For 20 years, What If! has partnered with the world's most successful, forward-looking companies--businesses such as Barclays, Four Seasons, Google, PepsiCo, Pfizer, and Virgin--to galvanise innovation and deliver impact. Its 250 inventors work across the Americas, Europe, and Asia. Sticky Wisdom licensed: Korean, Simplified Chinese ?What If! licensed: Portuguese, Spanish

1 4

C o n t a c t :

j a t t r i l l @ w i l e y . c o m

HRM and Performance: Achievements and Challenges David E Guest, Jaap Paauwe, Patrick Wright 978-1-4051-6833-5 / 1-4051-6833-1 266 pp. Pub: 21/01/13 Human Resource Management

Beyond The Call: Why Some of Your Team Go the Extra Mile and Others Don't Show Marc Woods 978-1-119-96258-8 / 1-119-96258-7 232 pp. Pub: 25/02/13 Management

The link between HRM and performance has become an important policy issue at both a national and a corporate level. In Europe, following the Lisbon agreement, there has been an increasing focus on better jobs as well as more jobs. Following the Accounting for People Report, there is a continuing debate about how firms should account publicly for their human resource practices and their impact on company performance. In both the USA and the UK, considerable attention is given to the 100 Best Companies to Work For and to the ways in which they might be able to combine high performance with high worker well-being. All of these debates make extensive use of theory and research about HRM and performance. The aim of this book is to draw on the knowledge and expertise of a number of leading international scholars in the field of HRM to provide a comprehensive overview of the current state of HRM and identify fruitful directions for theory, research and practice. A central question throughout is - what's next for HRM and what are the keys to the future of managing people and performance? This book is distinctive in drawing together a number of leading academics to review progress to date and future prospects in the field of HRM with specific reference to performance and other outcomes, covering the core issues in a comprehensive way. The contributors include some of the leading international experts in the development of theory and research in the field of human resource management. David Guest is Professor of Organizational Psychology and Human Resource Management in the Department of Management at King's College London. Jaap Paauwe is Professor of Human Resource Management at Tilburg University in The Netherlands. Patrick Wright is Professor of Human Resource Management in the School of Industrial and Labor Relations at Cornell University.

The result of exclusive research into employee engagement conducted by NYU with some of the biggest international companies, this is a practical and accessible guide to maximising team performance and creating environments where your team will want to go the extra mile. Why is it like pulling teeth trying to get some members of your team to do the simplest things, whilst other individuals surprise you with their passion and desire to deliver more than expected? Some are a pleasure to work with and brimming with passion... and some are, well...not. How can you get the best from everyone? How can you transform compliance into excellence? Drawing on case studies, the experiences of managers in a variety of organisations, and ground breaking research conducted by NYU Stern Business School Beyond the Call will answer these questions and give you the tools you need to get the best out of your team. They'll enjoy work more, you'll enjoy work more, and the business will benefit. It pays to know how engaged your staff are. • Based on extensive, exclusive, academic research into employee engagement conducted by the NYU Stern Business School. • Distilled into a practical and accessible read with clear takeaways and methods of application for busy leaders. • Clear strategies to tap into people's ‘discretionary effort'. Marc Woods was a member of the British swimming team for 17 years winning 33 international medals. His left leg was amputated below the knee when he was 17 and he has gone on to these extraordinary achievements despite this. He now runs works extensively with individuals, teams and global businesses, encouraging them to develop best practice within their given areas of interest. Approximately 25,000 people each year watch him deliver his inspirational presentations. His current client list includes Barclays, BMW, BP, Ceridian, Ernst & Young, Exxon Mobil, Goldman Sachs, GSK, IBM, Johnson & Johnson, Lloyds TSB, Novartis, National Probation Services, Pfizer, Royal Mail, RBS, Sage, SAB Millar, Univar, UnumProvident, Visa and Zurich. Where Do All the Paperclips Go? licensed: Korean

C a p s t o n e


B u s i n e s s

R i g h t s

G u i d e 1 5


Strategy in Practice: A Practitioner's Guide to Strategic Thinking, 2e

The Strategic Management of Health Care Organizations, 7e

George Tovstiga

Peter M. Ginter

978-1-118-51925-7 / 1-118-51925-6 288 pp. Pub: 11/03/13 Strategic Management

978-1-118-46646-9 / 1-118-46646-2 496 pp. Pub: 15/04/13 Public Health Services & Policy

The latest guide to strategic thinking from Henley Business School, developed from the author's experience in industry and packaged in a concise, accessible primer, ideal for use in training strategic managers.

Introduces students and practitioners to strategic thinking, strategic planning and strategic momentum. The leading authority in the US, this highly successful text demonstrates how health care managers can become strategic thinkers with the crucial skills to evaluate their fast-changing environment.


This 2 edition presents a practitioner focused approach to strategy. It is increasingly recognised that the ability to adapt classic formulas to changing circumstances and develop fast, sound strategic thinking is what differentiates the successful corporate leader.

A structured strategic management approach is what's needed to tackle the revolutionary change the health care system has been experiencing. Today, health care organizations have almost universally embraced the strategic perspective first developed in the business sector and now have developed strategic management processes that are uniquely their own. Health care leaders have found that strategic thinking, planning, and managing strategic momentum are essential for coping with the dynamics of the health care industry. Strategic Management has become the single clearest manifestation of effective leadership of health care organizations.

Developed from experience in industry this successful text will include an instructor site with PowerPoint slides, extra examples and exercises, and links highlighting changing business practice. While rigorously founded on current thinking and theoretical concepts in the field of strategic management it will: • Provide the strategy practitioner with a systematic and insight-driven approach to strategic thinking, whilst establishing the relevance of strategy theory to its application in the practice field.


The 7 edition of this leading text has been revised and updated to include a greater focus on the global analysis of industry and competition; and analysis of the internal environment. It provides guidance on strategic planning, analysis of the health services environment (both internal and external) and lessons on implementation. It also looks at organizational capability, sustainability, CSR and the sources of organizational inertia and competency traps.

• Lead the reader through the strategic thinking process, beginning with the formulation of compelling and clearly articulated strategic questions that set the scene for practical issues. • Provide tools of strategic analysis in combination with informed intuition to understand the strategic landscape.

• New key feature is the transfer of the cases to a new, comprehensive Instructor Website featuring all case studies, power-point slides, chapter by chapter questions and answers, lecture notes, and other sources. The website will be updated periodically and will be a highly functional, accessible and useful resource for Instructors.

George Tovstiga is Professor of Strategy and Innovation Management at Henley Business School, University of Reading. He teaches, researches and consults in the areas of strategy and innovation management. He has extensive international experience as management educator, industry practitioner, author and consultant. Prior to joining Henley, George consulted for Arthur D. Little (Switzerland). His professional experience is in a diverse range of international assignments in the field of strategic management in both industry and academia. He is a consultant to a number of multinationals in the area of strategy and has published extensively in this area.

Peter Ginter, Professor of Management Health Care Organization & Policy, School of Public Health, University of Alabama. W. Jack Duncan, Professor & University Scholar in Management, Graduate School of Management and Professor of Health Care Organization & Policy and Senior Scholar, Lister Hill Center for Health Policy, School of Public Health, University of Alabama. Linda E Swayne, Professor & Chair, Dept of Marketing, Belk College of Business Administration and Co-Director, Physicians' Management Institute, University of North Carolina.

First edition licensed: Croatian, Spanish

Previous editions licensed: Orthodox Chinese, Polish S p r i n g / S u m m e r

2 0 1 3

1 6

C o n t a c t :

j a t t r i l l @ w i l e y . c o m

Reconstructing Project Management Peter W. G. Morris 978-0-470-65907-6 / 0-470-65907-6 344 pp. Pub: 12/04/13 Project Management

The book is designed to offer a thoughtful commentary on project management as it has been practiced and taught over the last 60 or more years, and as it may be over the next 20 to 40, drawing on examples from several industry sectors. Its thesis is that ‘it all depends on how you define the subject’ -- that much of our present thinking about PM as traditionally defined is boring, sometimes conceptually weak or even flawed, and/or of limited application, whereas in reality what it can offer is exciting, challenging and potentially enormously useful. The book explores this hypothesis drawing on leading scholarship and practitioner perceptions. Section 1 sets the scene -- the purpose and context of the book. Section 2 covers the origins of modern project management and the limitations of the traditional project management model. Section 3 dissects many of the challenges still facing project management, in doing so it examines many of the more difficult, interesting and intractable issues in the discipline today. Section 4 focuses on opportunities open to the discipline in the (increasingly challenging) years ahead. • Precise, considered and reflective. • Grounded in research but speaks to both academics and practitioners. • A seminal work from project management's pre-eminent academic. Project management academics. Thoughtful practitioners. Postgraduate students world-wide. Peter Morris, Professor of Construction and Project Management, University College London (UCL), is well published. He is a past Chairman of the Association for Project Management (APM) and Deputy Chairman of the International Project Management Association (IPMA).


B u s i n e s s

R i g h t s

The I of Leadership: Strategies for Seeing, Being and Doing Nigel Nicholson

A hugely informative analysis and wide-ranging commentary on the management of projects, designed for practitioners and scholars, building lessons from the book's history of the discipline's development, offering extensive commentary on its practices and theoretical underpinnings, and concluding with proposals to improve its value and relevancy.

C a p s t o n e

Management / Leadership

G u i d e 1 7

978-1-118-56743-2 / 1-118-56743-9 304 pp. Pub: 27/05/13 Management / Leadership A barn-storming new book on what makes the inner leader: introducing insights from a leading management expert into what lies at the heart of successful leadership; of unique practical value for executives and leaders everywhere. Leadership is one of the most popular topics in business, and yet few books succeed in laying bare the inner resources successful leaders rely on. Nigel Nicholson’s highly readable book glimpses the lives and choices of leaders in all walks of life the world over and shows vividly how the capacity of leaders to see what others do not see frames their actions and allows them to transform, build, destroy, or stabilize. This book resonates with insights and searching questions on the nature of human leadership. It will be an invaluable guide to managers, consultants and people in all walks of life. Nigel Nicholson is Professor of Organizational Behaviour at the London Business School where he is Director of corporate executive education programmes including the popular High Performance People Skills,and Proteus open enrolment programmes.. He contributes a column in the Guardian frequently and he is widely published. His best-known recent book was Executive Instinct New York: Crown Business Books (published in the UK by Texere as Managing the Human Animal. Corporate clients include: Shell International, British Telecom, Prudential, Halifax Building Society, BP, Trustee Savings Bank, First Direct, Lloyds Register, Heineken, Confederation of Wool Textile Employers, the Kalchas Group, Pfizer International, Barclays Bank, the Winchester Partnership, IBCA, Egon Zehnder International, Forward Trust Finance, Alloy Wheels, CIPFA, Dentsply, Kone, Coca-Cola, CMPi, Merck, Salomon Smith Barney, Goldman Sachs, Paribas, Merrill Lynch, Deutsche Bank, UBS, Trafigura, Old Mutual, Societe Generale Investment Bank, Bank of Ireland, RBS-GBM, KPMG, Whitehead Mann/Change Partnership, Danone, Royal Numico, Zain, Kenya Airways and various family businesses.


Becoming a Better Boss: Why good management is so difficult

Enterprise in Action: A Guide To Entrepreneurship

Julian Birkinshaw

978-1-119-94528-4 / 1-119-94528-3 272 pp. Pub: 13/05/13 Business & Management

Peter Lawrence

978-1-118-64546-8 / 1-118-64546-4 300 pp. Pub: 31/05/13 Management / Leadership

This welcome new guide to the world of entrepreneurship offers invaluable lessons for the student and the practical entrepreneur alike. For the student it breathes fresh life into the standard curriculum topics, analyzing them in the context of a wide range of current real-world examples. For business practitioners it shows how practical success is influenced by factors such as industry dynamics, entry barriers, reconfiguration, and core competence.

There are hundreds of books on management. This is more than just another book talking about what makes for an effective manager. It looks instead at why the well-known advice on what makes for good management is so rarely heeded. By focusing on an “employee centred” approach, Birkinshaw offers great insights into what managers need to do differently – both as individual managers of others, and as architects of the their organisations.

From whence do entrepreneurial opportunities arise? How do successful entrepreneurs exploit trends? What is the role of innovation in entrepreneurship? How do companies get started and become self-sustaining? Based on studies of 80 companies, this book answers these and many other key questions about entrepreneurship offering valuable lessons for students and established entrepreneurs alike.

This book tackles business problems from a different direction, that is, by focusing on the choices each employee makes, every day, about how we get our work done. The goal, essentially, is to reinvent the practice of management one person at a time. If each one of us becomes more effective in our managerial work, we don’t just improve the working lives of those around us, we also become agents of change for this broader endeavour as well – to build better businesses.

• Shows practitioners how success is influenced by factors such as industry dynamics, entry barriers, reconfiguration, and core competencies. • Delivers practical coverage of an array of key issues, including how to exploit trends, how to foster innovation, how to get additional funding for expansion, and much more. Provides expert guidance on how to successfully address each of the factors or core competencies covered.

• It features a large number of case studies of different management experiments (e.g. Roche, Atlassian, Pfizer, Microsoft, Google, If). Julian Birkinshaw is a leading authority on strategy, management and innovation in large organizations. He is Professor and Chair of Strategy and Entrepreneurship at London Business School, and a Fellow of the British Academy and the Academy of International Business. He was co-founder with Gary Hamel of the Management Innovation Lab. He has published eleven books, the most recent one, Reinventing Management (Jossey Bass 2009/2012) was called “a must read for managers who want to build an organisation that’s truly fit for the future.” He has also published more than 80 articles in such journals as Harvard Business Review, Sloan Management Review, Strategic Management Journal and Academy of Management Review. He is very active as a consultant and executive educator to large organisations in Europe, North America and Asia, and is quoted regularly in the business media such as Business Week, the Financial Times, and the Economist.

• An excellent supplement to standard graduate texts on the subject, it breathes new life into standard curriculum topics by presenting them within the context of real-world success stories. • Linked to wide range of global case examples and real world scenarios showing what determines small business success. Peter Lawrence: is Professor Emeritus, Loughborough University and visiting Professor, University of Northampton. He has published 26 books and has taught management and entrepreneurship in France, Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands, Israel and USA. He is currently Le Brun Fellow in International Business, Northern State University, South Dakota, USA. Invited to visit and speak in many countries he has consulted and held a number of academic posts. His life's work is to enlighten managers, and researchers into geographically or contextually specific management, and he is recognised for this.

Reinventing Management licensed: Italian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish

S p r i n g / S u m m e r

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1 8

C o n t a c t :

j a t t r i l l @ w i l e y . c o m

The Blue Line Imperative: What Managing for Value Really Means Kevin Kaiser

Leading Teams: Tools and Techniques for Successful Team Leadership from the Sports World Paolo Guenzi, Dino Ruta

978-1-118-51088-9 / 1-118-51088-7 400 pp. Pub: 29/07/13 Management Every decision a company makes has an impact on value; it either creates value or detracts from it. Every company needs therefore to embrace an approach whereby all decisions are made with one aim: to create value. This is the Blue-Line Management approach. This revolutionary book demonstrates to executives in an entertaining, accessible way why many companies have been looking at value all wrong, and why they need to get it right! Do you wonder why your value initiatives aren't providing the payoff you'd hoped for? Could it be because you've been thinking about value all wrong? According to the authors of this groundbreaking guide, there's a very good chance that you have. Using examples from leading companies worldwide, they explain why every decision a company makes either creates value or detracts from it, and why, if they hope to survive and thrive in today's increasingly competitive global marketplace, company leaders must make value-creation the centrepiece of every business decision. Authors Kaiser and Young have dubbed this approach "Blue-Line Management," (BLM), and in this entertaining, highly accessible book, they delineate BLM principles and practices and show you how to implement them in your company. • Explains why the failure to properly define and assess value often makes it difficult for the people who manage businesses to effect long-term success. • Offers guidelines for making the satisfaction of customer needs and wants--i.e. value creation--the driver of all business activities. Kevin Kaiser, Professor of Management Practice at INSEAD and Director of INSEAD's Transition to General Management programme, also teaches at numerous institutes and programmes for private clients throughout Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia. S. David Young is a professor at INSEAD and has served as an advisor to companies in the U.S., Europe and Asia on various aspects of value-based management.

978-1-118-39209-6 / 1-118-39209-4 224 pp. Pub: 13/05/13 Management / Teams The book offers a distinctive new model to team leadership, useful for both coaches and managers, suggesting four different interdependent levels in which leaders build up their credibility: individual motivation, team spirit, organisational synchronisation and reputation. Based on the authors’ work with top sports coaches and corporate executive programmes at Bocconi Business School, this book brings together the latest new insights on team leadership and motivation, to provide a distinctive and vivid new book on the skills needed to lead teams. Containing tools and techniques from sports that show how top coaches optimise teamwork, this distinctive new model of team leadership is useful for both coaches and managers. Dino Ruta is Professor of Organsation and Human Resource Management at SDA Bocconi School of Management. He is Scientific Director of the FIFA International Master in Humanities, Management & Law of Sports at SDA Bocconi School of Management, and Director of Master in Organsation and HR Management, Bocconi University.. He researches and teaches management using a case study method adopting a strategic approach of the organisation and its various stakeholders, he is also responsible for the post-graduate course on ‘Event Project and Team Management in the Cultural Industries’ at Bocconi University. In the sport sector, he is the Organisational Expert of UEFA for the Licensing system of the Italian Football Federation. Main publications in leading academic journals: Human Resource Management, International Journal of Human Resource Management, International Journal of Learning and Intellectual Capital, and for international publishers such as Routledge, Edward Elgar Publishing and Kluwer Academic Publishers. Paolo Guenzi is Associate Professor of Marketing at SDA Bocconi, where he is director of the courses on sales. His primary research interests concern management of commercial processes, sales management and personal selling, with special attention to the adoption of a relational perspective in sales activities. NO ITALIAN RIGHTS

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R i g h t s

G u i d e 1 9


Decoded: The Science Behind Why We Buy

Marketing & Sales Grow the Core: How to Focus on your Core Business for Brand Success

Phil Barden 978-1-118-34560-3 / 1-118-34560-6 280 pp. Pub: 04/03/13 Business & Management Decodes the secret language of neuroscience to explain the reasons why people choose brands and how to translate this knowledge into making products bestsellers.

David Taylor 978-1-118-48471-5 / 1-118-48471-1 256 pp. Pub: 25/02/13 Marketing Management Provides inspiration and practical advice to companies who recognize that a strong core is essential for success. This is the first practical and action-oriented guide on how to drive growth of the core brand and business, rather than through extending into new markets. These days, it’s a common belief among business leaders across industry sectors that the best way to grow their businesses is to expand into new markets. In reality, virtually all top--performing companies achieve superior results through a leading position in their core business. Unfortunately, there’s very little in the way of practical advice on how to do this. Grow the Core shows you how to focus on your core business for brand success, with a program of eight workouts road-tested by the author's consultancy, the brandgym. • Highly practical, packed with case studies and tools, tips and frameworks. • The book will feature exclusive research done by the brandgym in addition to front-line experience on over 100 brand visioning projects. David Taylor is founder and Managing Partner of the brandgym, a consultancy that coaches teams to create a clear brand vision and the action plan to turn this into growth. He has led brand vision projects for many top brands including Hellmann's, T-Mobile, Persil and Bertolli. He is the author of four successful books on branding st nd published by Wiley. The brandgym (1 /2 edition) and Brand Vision were both number 1 on Amazon's branding books ranking. Brand Stretch was the world's first on brand extension and received rave reviews in the business press. th The 4 book was a more accessible, paperback book published by Capstone, "Where's the Sausage" The Brand Gym licensed: Turkish The Naked Millionaire licensed: Portuguese, Russian The Naked Coach licensed: Polish, Turkish Where's the Sausage? licensed: Spanish Brand Vision licensed: Czech, Bulgarian, Polish

In this groundbreaking book Phil Barden reveals what decision science explains about people's purchase behaviour, and specifically demonstrates its value to marketing. He shares the latest research on the motivations behind consumers' choices and what happens in the human brain as buyers make their decisions. He deciphers the ‘secret codes' of products, services and brands to explain why people buy them. And finally he shows how to apply this knowledge in day to day marketing to great effect by dramatically improving key factors such as relevance, differentiation and credibility. • Shows how the latest insights from the fields of behavioural economics, psychology and neuro-economics explain why we buy what we buy. • Offers a pragmatic framework and guidelines for day-to-day marketing practice on how to employ this knowledge for more effective brand management - from strategy to implementation and NPD. • Packed with case studies, this is a must-read for marketers, advertising professionals, web designers, R&D managers, industrial designers, graphic designers in fact anyone whose role or interest focuses on the ‘why' behind consumer behaviour. • Fully illustrated with international cases such as iPhone, Tropicana and Cadbury. • The innovative use of QR codes in the book provides the reader with appropriate films, text or music direct to their smartphone. There are also Web-tips accessing the same material for those without smartphones. Phil Barden is Managing Director of decode marketing Ltd in the UK. With 25+ years of client-side brand and marketing management experience (Unilever, Diageo, T-Mobile) he worked with decode, Germany as their client on the relaunch of the T-Mobile brand. The work resulted in a TV advert which drove 49% sales growth and 27 million YouTube views! Phil was so impressed with decode's capabilities (using neuroscience and neuropsychology to explain human behaviour, decision-making and how brands work) that he quit his job to set up decode in the UK. NO GERMAN RIGHTS Licensed: Korean

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Inbound Marketing and SEO: Insights from the Moz Blog

Outlaw: Fight for Your Customers and Sell Without Fear

Rand Fishkin, Thomas HФgenhaven

Trent Leyshan

978-1-118-55155-4 / 1-118-55155-9 320 pp. Pub: 17/05/13 Strategic Marketing

978-1-118-52406-0 / 1-118-52406-3 240 pp. Pub: 23/01/13 Marketing & Sales

The SEOmoz blog is the go-to place for the latest thinking on SEO. This title cherry-picks and updates the most popular articles for the key SEO disciplines and compiles them with brand new, purpose-written articles.

Outlaw is about defying the rules, driving change, and delivering more. Full of fresh insights, powerful stories, bold strategies, and unconventional approaches to business and sales, it’s not just theory; it's about what works when you change the way the business game is played.

As the SEO industry undergoes a shift and Google changes its algorithm, successful SEO practitioners need to increase their knowledge of a wide range of marketing channels. The editors have produced a masterful anthology packed with information carefully selected to provide the best possible insight into these marketing channels and everything else you need to know. • The popular SEOmoz blog is a top resource for cutting-edge information on SEO techniques. • Focuses on leveraging existing platforms such as Google, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn for inbound marketing. SEOmoz Guide to Inbound Marketing is a must-have for marketers in today's online world. New and experienced marketers within the six sub-disciplines of the book: Search engine optimization, content marketing, social media, outreach, conversion rate optimization, analytics. Rand Fishkin, CEO & Co-Founder, SEOmoz, was named among the 30 Best Young Tech Entrepreneurs Under 30 by BusinessWeek, and has been written about it in The Seattle Times, Newsweek and the NY Times among others. Rand has keynoted conferences on search from Sydney to Reykjavik, Montreal to Munich and spoken at dozens of shows around the world. Thomas HФgenhaven, CSO, Chrisper Economy, primarily focuses on SEO and inbound marketing. He is pursuing a PhD degree in Information Science at Copenhagen Business School and is a visiting research fellow at Cornell University. Thomas was the co-author of NÃ¥r internettet har magten (about inbound marketing, written in Danish), and editor of Politisk Psykologi (political psychology anthology, written in Danish).

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G u i d e 2 1

It provides a guide to what really works in the sales environment. Packed with fresh on-the-ground insights, powerful true stories, bold strategies, and unconventional approaches to selling, it explains how the best salespeople defy the conventional wisdom to achieve stunning success. But it's not just for salespeople. Since we all sell something in one form or another--even ideas--Outlaw is the sales guide for the salesperson in each of us. Outlaw explains that the world's best salespeople don't just sell; they fight for a worthy cause. They don't just pitch the customer; instead, they reframe the customer's and the market's expectations, delivering unique experiences that build value and inspire satisfaction, loyalty, and repeat business. In Outlaw, expert Trent Leyshan uses straightforward explanations and inspiring case studies to reveal the tools, traits, and skills used by the world's most dynamic and successful sales professionals. • Includes effective sales practices for salespeople, as well as account managers, business leaders, consultants, marketers, advertisers, and entrepreneurs. • Features proven techniques for overcoming personal limitations, understanding what customers want, and becoming a more passionate, inspiring sales professional. Perfect for anyone who works in sales or wants new ways to influence colleagues and customers, Outlaw offers effective strategies and a fresh approach to selling that really works. Trent Leyshan is the founder of BOOM!, an international sales training company founded in 2007 that now works with some of the world's most dynamic and demanding sales and service-driven organizations. He combines his unique experiences in business, rigorous research, and original insights with fresh, interactive delivery methods that inspire action and lasting change in behavior. Leyshan has led sales teams in award-winning advertising and digital agencies.


Autumn/Winter 2012

The Art of Being Brilliant

Business Self-Help

Andy Cope, Andy Whitaker 978-0-85708-371-5 / 0-85708-371-6 208 pp. Pub: 12/10/12 Business Self-Help

Stop Playing Safe: Unlock the Power of Courage to Succeed at Work

A pep talk in your pocket. This short, small, highly-illustrated book will fill you to the brim with happiness, positivity, wellbeing and, most importantly, prepare you for success! Andy Cope and Andy Whittaker are experts in the art of happiness and positive psychology and The Art of Being Brilliant is crammed full of good advice, instructive case studies, inspiring quotes, funny stuff and important questions to make you think about your work, relationships and life.

Margie Warrell 978-1-118-50558-8 / 1-118-50558-1 304 pp. Pub: 0/02/2013 Business Self-Help Stop Playing Safe is your handbook to finding certainty in uncertain times by boldly navigating the challenge and opportunities you face throughout your working life with greater clarity, spirit, commitment and confidence.

You see, being brilliant, successful and happy, isn't about dramatic change, it's about finding out what really works for you and doing more of it! The authors lay down their six common-sense principles that will ensure you focus on what you're good at and become super brilliant both at work and at home.

What we do with our time, talents, education and opportunities each day matters. But what matters more than what we do is why and how we do it. Stop Playing Safe helps people clarify the deeper purpose underlying what they want to do in their career or business, and how to pursue their career goals with a renewed sense of their own personal power, potential and passion. It equips them with the steps and strategies to make more courageous decisions, engage in bigger conversations and take bolder actions. Not just for profit or pride alone, but so they can add the full quota of contribution they are capable of and enjoy the deep fulfillment that comes from, “working hard at work worth doing.”

Bestselling author, Forbes columnist, master coach and dynamic speaker, Margie Warrell challenges and empowers people globally to live and lead more courageously. Drawing on her diverse background in psychology and Fortune 500 business, she gets to the heart of what holds people back in their careers, and equips them with the strategies and inspiration to make the contribution they are capable of. Author of Find Your Courage (McGraw-Hill), Margie is a sought after speaker who has been described as 'a power house of inspiration, insight and practical advice' by her client organisations which include the United Nations Foundation, NASA, Ernst & Young, Bechtel, Best Buy, Accenture, AOL, Covidien, ADT, British Telecom, United Healthcare, and ExxonMobil.

2 0 1 3

A richly illustrated, 2 colour book full of humour, inspiring quotes and solid advice.

A great read with a serious underlying message -- how to foster positivity and bring about success in every aspect of your life.

Outlines six common-sense principles that will help you ensure you are the best you can be.

Andy Cope is a teacher, trainer, speaker and author with 10 years in higher education and a PhD on the way. He is also the author of the hugely successful Spy Dog series of children’s books (Puffin)….so he knows a thing or two about writing fun books! Andy Whitaker is a businessman, NLP trainer and part time stand-up comic. Together they run Art of Brilliance, a training company which works with businesses such as DHL, LloydsTSB, Pirelli, Ginsters, Alton Towers, Toyota, Waitrose, West Midlands Police, IKEA, and Astra Zeneca.

Stop Playing Safe is a book for anyone who wants to be bolder in their career, enjoy work more, and do it better. Through relatable case studies and practical concepts, it shows the reader how to cultivate a “Courage Mindset” - in themselves and others - enabling them to maximize the value they give, and the reward they get.

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A Practical Guide To Business Writing: Writing in English for Speakers of Other Languages Khaled Al-Maskari 978-1-118-41081-3 / 1-118-41081-5 180 pp. Pub: 09/11/12 Business Self-Help

Michelle Bowden

Nowadays, letters, reports and emails are vital components of business practice. Communication is increasingly global, but it’s not any easier to understand or contribute to for non-fluent English speakers. There is increasing pressure to be able to produce effective documents for a business environment but little help out there to do so efficiently, resulting in wasted time and uncomfortable business communication. This book provides a wealth of practical information for any person who aims to produce short, effective documents within the work environment. It offers sensible, valuable and helpful rules for producing effective short reports, memos, letters and e-mails that are clear, concise and easy to read for the busy manager or supervisor working in the demanding setting of modern industry or commerce. But it goes further: not only are rules provided for the inexperienced business writer, but models are proposed which provide solutions for a whole host of business situations – providing help, support and encouragement for the many thousands of business writers who need to feel confident in their writing. This book provides readers with unique tips for understanding corporate lingo and improving professional communication that will be helpful to anyone who wants a better grasp of English business communication. •

How To Present At Work: The Ultimate Guide To Presenting Your Ideas And Influencing People Using Techniques That Actually Work

Extremely practical, with clear examples of effectively written emails, memos, short reports and more.

Outlines clear rules for the construction of each form of business writing.

Shows exactly how to produce clear, concise, easy to read communication for the busy manager.

Khaled Al Maskari is Head of Organizational Development at the Statistics Centre Abu Dhabi (SCAD). He has extensive experience in the oil and gas sector. He also provides consultancy support and training in business communication and organisational development. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, USA.

978-1-118-47624-6 / 1-118-47624-7 300 pp. Pub: 01/01/2013 Personal Development How To Present At Work shows you once and for all that anyone – including you – can be a highly influential presenter who speaks with confidence, clarity and influence. Sound hard to believe? It’s easy when you follow this proven system and have the right attitude. So are you ready to take charge of your career and step-up and finally be heard by your boss, your colleagues and your clients? In this book you’ll discover how to: • Stop stressing over ‘what to say’ and ‘how to say it’ and speak freely! • Ensure your communication is always highly effective • Manage your nerves and project confidence and calm whenever you speak. • Master Persuasion – Influence people to change their thinking and behaviour. • Showcase your professional expertise and accelerate your career. • Command attention and get noticed via well-developed presentation skills. • Maximise your impact in meetings, conferences and general conversations. Michelle Bowden is recognised as an expert in Influential Presentation Skills in the Asia-Pacific region. Michelle has been nominated for the National Speakers Association of Australia’s Educator Award for Excellence for the past 4 years – mainly for this training course. Michelle is one of only 25 Australian Certified Speaking Professionals (CSPs) – this is the highest designation for speakers in the world. Michelle is also featured as one of Australia’s top business builders in the Dale Beaumont book called Secrets of Top Business Builders Exposed (2007). Michelle is an exclusive Keynote Speak with Saxton Speakers Bureau and is due to be featured by them.

Licensed: French, Czech

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The Art of Deliberate The Small Business Health Success: Transform Your Professional and Personal Check Life Business & Management

The Business Doctors

David Keane

978-0-857-08393-7 / 0-857-08393-7 256pp. Pub: 15/03/13 Small Business & Entrepreneurship

978-1-118-48764-8 / 1-118-48764-8 384 pp. Business Self-Help

The Business Doctors are a unique brand of independent business advisors who offer their support and advice to SMEs, and they’re here to help small business owners everywhere achieve their vision and grow their business to the next level.

An effective framework for professional and personal success. Everyone wants to succeed in life, but not everyone knows how. Success isn't just a result of luck and hard work; you also need to know how to define success for yourself and put yourself in the right frame of mind to achieve it. Based on a powerful ten-part framework, The Art of Deliberate Success presents ten chapters that help you identify strengths and weaknesses so you can focus your attention and effort where it matters most.

Kicking your business into gear through an ‘entrepreneurial bootcamp’ The Small Business Health Check provides a series of engaging exercises to wake up the small business owner and enable them to explore what their business really is and where it’s going. Taking the everyday busy entrepreneur back to basics, the Business Doctors provide their 10 strategic steps to business success, motivating small business owners everywhere to achieve their potential and excel in business.

The book includes an online self-assessment tool that helps you pinpoint the areas you need to focus on, followed by chapters dedicated to helping you focus on what matters, using language more effectively, mastering your behaviour, getting things done, and ultimately reach your goals.

The Business Doctors is a growing franchise network of small business advisors, giving expert advice and friendly, practical support to help owner-led SMEs (of around £1m turnover) achieve their vision and grow their business to the next level.

• Based on the author's 22 years of professional experience and research. • Presents a flexible and effective system that allows you to achieve goals that are professional or personal in nature. • Features a special online self-assessment tool for identifying strengths and weaknesses and personalising your self-development. Informal, easy-to-read, and highly effective, The Art of Deliberate Success is the ideal guide for professionals who want to reach new heights and stay there.

S p r i n g / S u m m e r

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2 4

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j a t t r i l l @ w i l e y . c o m

Think Write Grow: How to Become a Thought Leader and Build Your Business by Creating Exceptional Articles, Blogs, Speeches, Books and More Grant Butler 978-1-118-20819-9 / 1-118-20819-6 192 pp. Pub: 09/08/12 Business Self-Help

First Be Nimble: A Story About How to Adapt, Innovate and Perform in a Volatile Business World Graham Winter 978-1-118-32959-7 / 1-118-32959-7 176 pp. Pub: 10/09/12 Management / Leadership The how-to guide to building an adaptive, productive business environment.

In a competitive age, thought leadership has emerged as a subtle but powerful way to grow your business, establish credibility and demonstrate expertise, build your profile and forge relationships with prospects and customers. Thought leadership material can take many forms, including public speaking, websites, the media, advertising, writing books, online forums, webinars and blogging. This book will show you how to take your great ideas and craft them into a clear point of view which can influence others. The book is organised into three parts: 1. Think: Defines thought leadership and how to transform your great ideas into effective thought leadership material. 2. Write: Shows you how to articulate your ideas into effective communication.

Graham Winter, author of the best-selling Think One Team, brings you First Be Nimble: A Story about How to Adapt, Innovate and Perform in a Volatile Business World. This book addresses the challenge of how to equip businesses to adapt and thrive in an unpredictable and demanding economy. Told in the form of a fable and illustrated with case studies and powerful tools, the book is designed to engage, inspire, and inform readers from all walks of business life. Helping leaders, teams, and whole organisations to bring their values to the frontline of the battle to be adaptive and productive, First Be Nimble shows readers how to align people and teams, collaborate and co-create with others, reduce resistance to change, boost trust, personal resilience, and performance, and prepare for the unique challenges of adaptive change. • Helps businesses adapt to today's environment, learn to innovate, and build a "one team'" mentality.

3. Grow: Demonstrates how thought leadership can be marketed to grow your business and profile. Key features: •

Shows you how to go from expert to influential thought leader.

Written by Grant Butler, former Australian Financial Review journalist and now managing director of Australia's largest corporate writing firm.

Explains techniques used by politicians, public figures and the CEOs of our biggest companies.

Gives leaders the practical tools to facilitate change and foster the conversations that help people to learn and grow together.

Uses a unique, fable-style format, with inspirational examples, to bring key concepts to life.

While many business leaders are well versed in the importance of company values, they are often ignorant of how to bring them to life, and how to build an adaptive, high performing business. First Be Nimble is here to help.

Think Write Grow studies the techniques of the great communicators of recent times, from Barack Obama and Boris Johnson to Tim Flannery and Malcolm Turnbull.

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R i g h t s

G u i d e 2 5


Dealing with the Tough Stuff: How to Achieve Results from Crucial Conversations

The One Thing to Win at the Game of Business: Master the Art of Decisionship - The Key to Making Better, Faster Decisions

Darren Hill, Alison Hill, Sean Richardson 978-1-118-23256-9 / 1-118-23256-9 216 pp. Pub: N/A Management / Leadership

Creel Price 978-1-118-30520-1 / 1-118-30520-5 336 pp. Pub: 26/06/12 Management / Leadership

How to handle difficult discussions in the workplace. Packed with practical and pragmatic suggestions and methods for dealing with the tough stuff at work, this unique and helpful book features simple diagnostics, models, and processes that you can put to use immediately.

The book you need to make better business decisions, faster. The One Thing to Win at the Game of Business is the entrepreneur's bible with everything you need to invest in your own entrepreneurial education. Based on author Creel Price's own experience launching a small business for just $10,000 and then selling it a decade later for over $100 million, the book is based on one core business truth: that Decisionship, the ability to make better, faster decisions without the angst, is key to success.

The author team shares their years of research and experience so that you can benefit from their case studies and examples, all of which are aimed at increasing the confidence of anyone working in a management or leadership role. You'll discover how the science of human behavior - both verbal and nonverbal - plays an enormous role when handling conflict situations and you'll learn how to apply a variety of tools, tips, and strategies when leading critical conversations with empathy and assertiveness.

Systematically explaining the Decisionship methodology that Price has used with great success, the book outlines a visual model that brings together three distinct "sights"-foresight, insight, and hindsight-at the heart of the decision making process. Taken together, these perspectives enable you to quickly and easily process your options from every angle and make smarter choices more quickly.

• Explains why avoiding dealing with the tough stuff at work can be so costly for managers, staff, and, ultimately, the business. •

Features methods and strategies that have been backed by contemporary theory and tested and trialed with thousands of participants.

Zeroes in on ways to uncover the root cause of difficult behavior.

Shares advice for finding the best way to be assertive in any situation.

Reveals techniques for depersonalizing conflict and avoiding language that causes conflict.

2 0 1 3

Presents a three-step process for making better business decisions.

Teaches you the one thing you need to know to build a more productive, more profitable company.

Explains the keys to building a closer-knit, more productive, and highly-motivated team.

Innovative, practical advice from a proven business expert, The One Thing to Win at the Game of Business is the ultimate business shortcut--the single thing that you must understand about entrepreneurship in order to get ahead.

Licensed: Orthodox Chinese

S p r i n g / S u m m e r

2 6

C o n t a c t :

j a t t r i l l @ w i l e y . c o m

Power Stories: The 8 Stories You Must Tell to Build an Epic Business Valerie Khoo 978-1-118-38751-1 / 1-118-38751-1 224 pp. Pub: 05/10/12 Small Business & Entrepreneurship

Trevor Young

Learn to tell stories that have the power to inspire, motivate, and sell. Storytelling in business is a skill that's rarely taught - and often forgotten. But it gives those who get it right the power to inspire and engage people more than any pie chart or spreadsheet ever will. Stories foster a deeply human connection, and this book gives readers the skills they need to master this lost art to make sales and seal deals. Whether it's in person or online, storytelling is an influential and persuasive tool. This book reveals how to discover the stories sitting under your nose and harness them for your business. From power stories readers need to know to how to turn prospects into customers, and customers into raving fans, the book covers exactly how and when to employ the power of storytelling, and is packed with proven strategies and real-life examples that bring the key concepts to life. • Explains why storytelling is the ultimate tool for business success, revealing the 8 stories that any professional needs to be able to tell. •

Includes proven strategies, tools, and techniques for mastering the lost art of storytelling in the business world, including the use of online tools and platforms.

Features real-life examples of businesses and entrepreneurs from around the world who have used storytelling to grow and thrive.

Valerie Khoo is a journalist, author and entrepreneur, and founded the Sydney Writers’ Centre in 2005, a highly successful business with over 10,000 students and more than 30 of Australia’s top writing trainers/journalists/authors. The SWC won the NSW Telstra Business Awards (2010) and was named by Dell as one of the 10 most innovative small businesses in Australia (2009). Her career and passions connect the worlds of business and writing. She speaks regularly at events on writing, blogging, small business and building online communities for business and has a strong profile in the world of small business and entrepreneurship. Licensed: Portuguese

C a p s t o n e


B u s i n e s s

R i g h t s

microDOMINATION: How to Develop Your Platform, Build Your Brand, Grow Your Business And Live Your Dream

G u i d e 2 7

978-1-118-50564-9 / 1-118-50564-6 200 pp. Pub: 01/04/2013 Small Business & Entrepreneurship The social web has given birth to a new breed of creative entrepreneurs with global networks and successful businesses, often from the comfort of their home. This book shows you how you can harness your passion, develop your platform and build a community of fans to sustain a micro business around your personal brand. microDOMINATION is based on the premise of building a strong personal brand around what gets you jazzed every day and then growing a sustainable business enterprise around it. The book paints a vivid picture of the possibilities that exist today for someone who has experience and expertise in – and importantly, a passion for – a particular subject, topic or vocation. This ‘passion’ could be a professional discipline i.e. your day job, or a hobby or sideline interest that you’re keen to turn into a full-time gig. Part one sets the scene - what constitutes a ‘Micro Maven’, who are they, what are their characteristics: jam-packed with real-life examples of highly inspirational individuals who are ‘living the dream’. Part two gets more into the ‘nuts and bolts’ – we dissect what the experts are doing and set about looking at ways and means how you too can replicate what they do to build your platform, your brand and ultimately your business. This is not a ‘get rich quick’ book; hard work and a laser focus is required, but in today’s hyper-connected world – with all the web-based technologies available to us – it’s now easier than ever to grow a global business around your passion and your personal brand – literally from the back room of your home! Trevor Young is a former journalist turned marketing communications specialist and PR entrepreneur, who has a stellar track record working with some of the biggest brands in the business as well as countless start-ups, fast-growth companies, nonprofits and sports properties. Trevor is a sought-after speaker and commentator on the topic of social media and marketing communications.


The Really Useful eLearning Instruction Manual: Brought to you by the eLearning Network

Professional Business The Marketing Pathfinder David Stewart, Michael Saren 978-1-119-96176-5 / 1-119-96176-9 288 pp. Pub: 11/02/13 Marketing/Management

Rob Hubbard 978-1-118-37589-1 / 1-118-37589-0 212 pp. Pub: 08/03/13 Training

This new Pathfinder, like its predecessor in strategy, with its unique combination of key concepts and micro-cases, is a refreshing contrast to traditional marketing textbooks. It is designed for the executive/MBA course, and offers students an effective way of contextualising the marketing decisions they will have to make in the business world.

All you need to know to get started in elearning from the world-leading experts in the field. The global economic downturn has led to a growth in interest in the use of technologies for learning. If there is one thing that technology does consistently, it is to change. The options available today are not the same as those from three years ago and those hoping to make the most of learning technologies need a broad base of knowledge to pick the right path through the elearning minefield. Poorly-conceived material, the wrong choice of tools and the wrong treatment of content can cost an organisation tens of thousands of pounds and in the current economic climate the pressure to get it right is greater than ever. The challenge is that the field is so wide that novices simply don’t know where to start. A book of this sort from an organisation like the eLearning Network would be well received by many as we are viewed as independent experts in this field.

Marketing management is concerned with managing demand for the product/service offering. Therefore, by understanding the dynamics of the added value components of the offering, especially product development and pricing strategies, marketers can enhance the customer experience. Consequently, a clear understanding of the customer, along with their needs and wants, allows for segmentation of the market and positioning of the offering. The task then is to communicate the offering by developing a brand image, including awareness and knowledge, and ensuring that the offering is available through appropriate distribution channels. Within this title, each chapter presents core concepts, frameworks, and tools, followed by five or more ‘micro’-cases to allow students to apply the principles. The cases, unlike the normal ‘Harvard’ type, are open-ended and allow students the opportunity to research additional information. From this, along with classroom discussion, students are able to articulate and defend a position, thus allowing for strategy as practice. The emphasis of the book is not to view the reader as a consumer but to allow them to take responsibility and ownership of marketing decisions based on their own reading of the selected micro-cases and any additional information they have gained from their own research. Therefore the text is not prescriptive, with a one size fits all toolkit, but a dynamic, living document.

This book will aim to cover the main bases and give readers the knowledge and guidance to start putting elearning into practice within their organisation. It will be a very practical book; an instruction manual, that covers twelve key areas of elearning. Whilst not every chapter will be relevant to every reader, it only takes one hint, tip or bit of practical advice to make the purchase of the book worthwhile. It contains details on making the case for and evaluating the success of elearning; how to select the correct product – by building in-house, off-the-shelf or outsourcing; blended, mobile, game-based, social or informal learning; and all the management tools required. Rob Hubbard, eLearning Network Board Member and Managing Director of LearningAge Solutions, has teamed up with 20 contributors from the eLearning Network. The eLearning Network is a global association of elearning professionals run by elearning professionals. They are a not-for-profit community interest company that exists to share knowledge and best practice throughout the th elearning community. 2012 will be the 25 Anniversary of the eLearning Network – an event worthy of some fanfare and an ideal opportunity to publicise the book.

David Stewart, Senior Lecturer, Victoria Management School, has twenty years teaching marketing management to both undergraduate and MBA classes. He is also involved with executive development and has conducted courses for organisations such as Saatchi & Saatchi, Ogilvy and Mather, Television New Zealand, and the Electricity Corporation of New Zealand. Michael Saren is Professor of Marketing at Leicester University.

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Service-Ability: The Key to Competitive Advantage in the 21st Century Kevin Robson

Robin Ryde

978-1-118-34556-6 / 1-118-34556-8 224 pp. Pub: 12/10/12 Management / Leadership This is a key book in a vital area that will appeal to marketers and students who want a no nonsense guide teamed with practical experience. Organisations of all types are now experiencing high customer turn, antagonism and loss of business sustainability because they are dangerously ignoring the time-honored business axiom that, ‘People do business with people.’ The rapid emergence of new technology is undoubtedly bringing incalculable benefit to organisations but people and processes have become conformed to systems thinking and this is depersonalising both the employee and the customer and preventing truly customer-satisfying interactions. Developments in social media, while providing new ways to communicate with the customer, are also providing new ways for the customer to mediate companies/products/services, not always in a positive manner. Organisations that challenge this emerging paradigm and refocus on the need to treat customers in a way that satisfies them not the technology, will have better customer retention, lower costs of replacement and will build their brand value through better reputations. ‘Service-ability can be defined as the ability of the whole organisation, through its individual members, to deliver consistently what the organisation seeks to do: in a culture of initiative, professionalism, engagement and involvement that resonates with the customer and creates delight and satisfaction in both parties.’ Ostensibly, customer service lies in the area of marketing and strategy, however Service-ability is also about management and organisational behaviour, and the book ranges deeply into these areas to make its point. Kevin Robson is a former Managing Director and CEO of a number of companies with extensive management and consultancy experience in the service and manufacturing sectors, and the voluntary sector. The founder of a number of businesses, he is a natural leader and entrepreneur with strong corporate financial management skills and in-depth understanding of corporate governance and the corporate legal environment.

C a p s t o n e


B u s i n e s s

R i g h t s

Never Mind the Bosses: Hastening the Death of Deference For Your Business Success

G u i d e 2 9

978-1-118-47440-2 / 1-118-47440-6 448 pp. Pub: 12/10/12 Management Provides provocative and exciting insights into how to spot organisational deference, to understand the dynamic that drives it, and to create alternative ways of doing business that deliver better results, more engaged employees and more sustainable change. Over the last few decades’ power, information and resources have moved from being in the hands of a relatively small number of people and institutions, to being disbursed across many. Global events such as the arrival of Wikileaks, the 2011 Arab Spring, the global financial crisis and the social media revolution have further hastened its death. The author argues that one of the most significant crimes committed in the "age of deference" has been the silencing of the talents and potential of the deferrers – allowing a small number of perspectives to dominate at exactly the time when a diverse, plural and abundant set of ideas and solutions are needed to tackle modern problems. This title is about organisations and how they can be made better – more agile, relevant and higher performing. The key proposition is that a modern organisation has to radically re-think their leadership and approach to change if they are to deal with a decline in deference toward authority, a loss of trust in institutions and employee empowerment. But this is not a defensive position. Where managers and leaders can fully acknowledge the phenomenon and apply the tools outlined in the book, they will learn how to make their organisations and workers agile, engaged, change-ready and simply more successful. The book offers a simply and powerful transformational model - the "SPEED" model can be quickly applied to diagnose and transform organisations. It is a book for anyone that is inspired by the possibility of different ways of working; people who see energy, potential and talent being wasted in organisations every day, and want to look at the alternatives. It should be of keen interest to people who lead businesses, or manage others, or shape organisations or are just plain curious about how to modernise corporations and institutions. Robin Ryde is Head of Leadership with the Oxford Group; a fellow of Ashridge Business School and the co-Founder of the research enterprise Public Leadership Inquiry.


The Marketing Finance Interface, 2e

An Introduction to Social Network Analysis with Applications on Organizational Risk

Malcolm McDonald, Brian Smith, Keith Ward 978-1-119-95338-8 / 1-119-95338-3 256 pp. Pub: 01/02/13 Strategic Marketing

Ian McCulloh, Helen Armstrong, Anthony Johnson 978-1-118-16947-6 / 1-118-16947-6 250 pp. Pub: 08/04/13 Operations Research & Management Science

Provides a robust process for testing whether a strategy will destroy or create shareholder value a comprehensive set of tests to evaluate the "market risk", "share risk" and "profit risk" inherent in any plan.

Authored by military and intelligence professionals, this comprehensive book on the new and emerging topic of Social Network Analysis introduces network analysis and hones in on basic centrality measures, social links, subgroup analysis, data sources and more.

This book explains the principles and practice behind rigorous due diligence in marketing for Marketing and Finance Directors, CEOs, Strategists and MBA students wanting to understand the key drivers of modern business. What CEOs and boards need is a way of measuring the risk associated with a marketing strategy and hence its likely shareholder value creation. This is the aim of Marketing Due Diligence. The book provides the tools for marketing directors to take their rightful place in the boardroom by proving that what they are doing creates shareholder value added. For marketers, it connects marketing plans and investment to the valuation of the firm and how it can contribute to increasing stakeholder value It has important implications for four groups: Investors and their proxies – as a way to see through the smoke and mirrors of “investor relations”; Boards and equivalents – as a way to prove their value creation to financiers; Strategy makers – as a way to prove their value to the board; and Strategy implementers – as a way to prove their value to their boss!

Contains examples of calculations and formulas to illustrate mathematical calculations for social network measures.

Authored by professionals who have trained soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan, local and national police, and other industry professionals on applications of social network analysis.

Covers content in an accessible practicioners and students.




Ian A. McCulloh serves as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Behavioral Sciences and Leadership at West Point. MAJ (Major) McCulloh received a B.S. in Industrial Engineering from the University of Washington, a Masters in both Industrial Engineering and Applied Statistics from Florida State University, a Masters and Ph.D. Currently, MAJ McCulloh is working on modeling and detecting statistically significant changes in networks, and methods for unobtrusive geo-location and social network data collection for the Network Science Center. Helen Armstrong is an Associate Professor in the School of Information Systems at Curtin University of Technology in Perth, Australia. She has more than 20 years experience in teaching and researching in ICT network security, analyses of networks and systems, information systems strategy and management and problem solving in business environments. Anthony Johnson is a Professor in the Department of Mathematics at the United States Military Academy at West Point.

Marketing Plans 7e - Licensed: Arabic, Czech, Greek, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Vietnamese Key Account Management 3e licensed: Spanish, Vietnamese

2 0 1 3

Includes practice problems and exercises.

Practicioners in management, intelligence and law enforcement who wish to learn and apply social network analysis to their respective fields. Also, those who teach workshops in social network analysis. Final year undergraduates and entry-level graduate students.

Malcolm McDonald has been cited as one of the top marketing gurus in the world, along with Philip Kotler and Michael Porter. He was Emeritus Professor at Cranfield University School of Management where, until recently, he was Professor of Marketing and Deputy Director Formerly Marketing Director of Canada Dry, He is Chairman of six companies and works with many of the operating boards of the world's biggest multinationals on every continent. He is the author of over 40 books, many of which have been translated into several foreign languages and has published hundreds of articles and papers. Keith Ward, Cranfield School of Management, is Professor of Financial Strategy, as well as being Head of the Finance and Accounting Group and Director of the Research Centre in Competitive Performance. Professor Brian D Smith, Adjunct Professor, Bocconi SDA and Visiting Research Fellow, Open University Business School.

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The Dragon Network: The Party Line: How The Inside Stories of the Most Media Dictates Public Successful Chinese Family Opinion in Modern China Businesses Doug Young A. B. Susanto

978-0-470-82853-3 / 0-470-82853-6 256 pp. Pub: 03/12/12 General & Introductory History

978-1-118-33937-4 / 1-118-33937-1 272 pp. Pub: 24/12/12 Business & Management Chinese family businesses are the driving force behind Asia's economic prosperity. As the world becomes more global they have had to adapt to the new environment. This timely book draws on an extensive regional survey to reveal the key players and the strategies that will drive their success going forward. •

Lifts the lid on the secretive inner workings of Chinese family businesses and their global guangxi network.

This book contains research conducted in cooperation between The Jakarta Consulting Group and other reputable institutions.

Written by a notable family business practitioner who has more than 25 years of experience in managing and helping leading family business in Indonesia.

In discussing the issues, this book uses case analysis method. Each topic is supplemented with real example, particularly from the leading overseas Chinese family business in countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, The Philippines, and Thailand.

This book is focused on the overseas Chinese family businesses, whose influences are growing in the world's economy.

A. B. Susanto serves as Chairman, The Jakarta Consulting Group, a leading Management Consultant in Indonesia. He is also known as a foremost family business Consultant in Indonesia. He is also a Lecturer in faculty of Economics The Tarumanagara University, in Jakarta, Indonesia. He obtained his Bachelor Degree and Master Degree from University of Indonesia and Doctorate Degree from Dusseldorf University, Germany.

C a p s t o n e


B u s i n e s s

R i g h t s

G u i d e 3 1

The first in-depth, authoritative discussion of the role of the press in China and the way the Chinese government uses the media to shape public opinion. China's 1.3 billion population may make the country the world's largest, but the vast majority of Chinese share remarkably similar views on these and a wide array of other issues, thanks to the unified message they get from tightly controlled state-run media. Official views are formed at the top in organizations like the Xinhua News Agency and China Central Television and allowed to trickle down to regional and local media, giving the appearance of many voices with a single message that is reinforced at every level. As a result, the Chinese are remarkably like-minded on a wide range of issues both domestic and foreign. •

Takes readers beyond China's economic miracle to show how the nation's massive state-run media complex not only influences public opinion but creates it.

Explores an array of issues, from Tibet and Taiwan to the environment and US trade relations, as seen through the lens of the Xinhua News Agency.

Tells the story of the official Xinhua News Agency along with its history and reporting over the years, as the foundation for telling the story.

Doug Young, Associate Professor, Journalism Dept. at China's Fudan University in Shanghai, has worked in the media for nearly two decades, half of that in China.. Most recently he worked for Reuters from 2000 to 2010 covering the China story out of the Shanghai, Hong Kong and Taipei bureaus. Before that he worked as a journalist in Los Angeles. He is a native of Washington, D.C., and received his bachelor's degree in geology from Yale University and a master's degree in Asian studies from Columbia University. In addition to his current jobs as teacher and author, he also comments on the latest China company news and industry trends on his personal blog at


Tomorrow's World: A Look Luxury: Concepts, Facts, at the Demographic and Markets and Strategies Socio-economic Structure Ashok Som, Christian Blanckaert of the World in 2030 978-0-470-83002-4 / 0-470-83002-6 256 pp. Business

Clint Laurent 978-0-470-82471-9 / 0-470-82471-9 256 pp. Pub: 17/12/12 International Economics & Trade

This book serves as a one-stop comprehensive look at what the luxury industry had been, is and will be. It aims to analyse this phenomenon through academic frameworks applied to numerous practical examples and provide a well-researched tool kit interspersed with heavy ‘touch-and go’ statistics on the luxury markets the world over. It will help the new age luxury managers and aspiring luxury entrepreneurs to re-construct a customised interpretation to apply to their own business needs, and is an excellent ‘start-to-finish’ book for the academically inclined.

Tomorrow's World provides a perspective on how Asia's demographic and socio-economic landscape might be expected to change, identifying the opportunities and threats in time for effective action to be taken. This provocative book examines the many oft-quoted statements and statistics surrounding Asia and busts them wide open: •

It is believed that there is a rapidly growing middle class in India of 300 million people. This is only if middle-class is defined as having US$2 a day to live on.

The youth market is touted as the next big growth segment in Asia, but it's the rapidly growing older affluent population that warrants more attention.

The rigorous academic analyses are fortified with numerous latest facts and figures in key luxury markets around the world to ground the reader into a hot and happening context. It provides an ideal source of knowledge and practical reference for the ever-growing population interested in the luxury business. Ashok Som, Professor/Associate Dean, ESSEC Business School, is founder of the India Research Centre at ESSEC. His research has been published in Human Resource Management, International Journal of Human Resource Management, Asia Pacific Journal of Management, Thunderbird International Business Review, European Business Forum, to name a few. He has been in the Who’s Who of the World and was nominated as one of the 2000 st Outstanding Intellectuals of the 21 Century in 2008-2009. He received the Pride of HR Profession Award awarded by the World HRD Congress in February 2010. Christian Blackaert is currently non-exec Chairman of Petit Bateau and Advisor to the Chairman of EPI group (JM Weston, and Alain Figaret, Bonpoint), the family holding Descours. He was formerly the Executive Vice President of Hermés International and Chairman and CEO of Hermés Sellier. He was President of Comit© Colbert (a French organisation that represents seventy French luxury companies). During his career, Christian has been a consultant with the Boston based consulting firm, Harbridge House; he was Managing Director of the ‘do-it-yourself' chain Bricorama; Chairman and CEO of Thomson-Distribution and Managing Director of the SCAC Group. Christian is also Chairman of the Board of the French National School of Decorative Arts, ENSAD. He is a visiting Professor of Management at ESSEC Business School, Paris-Singapore.

India will be the next China...only if it can educate its growing young population.

Dr. Clint Laurent has considerable experience in the market research industry of Asia. In 1997, he started Asian Demographics, now Global Demographics, which covers 70 countries, 32 states of India and 31 provinces of China. Based in Hong Kong he heads the worldwide editorial operations for Global Demographics across London, Vienna, New York, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Beijing and a global network of over 600 contributors. His clients include: UBS, MasterCard, Johnson & Johnson.

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Pub: 07/01/13

3 2

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