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PHOTO FUSION: TOP 10 TIPS 1. YOU ARE A STILL PHOTOGRAPHER, NOT A VIDEOGRAPHER If the moment warrants a still image, make a still image. Your primary focus is making still images and your video coverage is designed to augment your stills. 2. SHOOT MORE VIDEO THAN YOU NEED A still image is all about a single moment. Video, on the other hand must be edited to showcase the perfect moment. Leave lead time before and after the clip you want to use, and record more video than you think you will need. You can always leave the extra clips on the cutting room floor. 3. BE A RUTHLESS EDITOR Remember that you are a photographer first - the audio and video you are recording is designed to flesh out the story told by your stills, not overwhelm it. If the video doesnʼt look great, donʼt use it. 4. PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE Take the time to get to know all the gear you are going to use while making Fusion. Test out everything, ahead of time, on friends, neighbors or your pet. Practice using a tripod, monopod, and other stabilizers. A wedding day is not the time to learn your gear. 5. REMEMBER THE GIFT OF SPEECH Your clients are giving and receiving the gift of words they may never hear again. Record them with respect and care, and use those words in your final edit. This is a gift that grows in value over time. 5. RECORD MORE AUDIO THAN YOU NEED Your portable audio recorder will run up to 8 hours, so use that to record audio separate from your video clips. It is the audio that ties Fusion together, so record lots and edit out what you donʼt need. 6. BE PREPARED FOR ANYTHING Make a plan for the day, but be ready to change on a momentʼs notice. Thatʼs the nature of a wedding day - itʼs unpredictable. Plan for everything you can, and stay cool when things go wrong. 7. SHOOT YOUR VIDEO WITH THE EYE OF A PHOTOGRAPHER If you are using a HDSLR, you know how to make great still images with it. Making video is similar - use your knowledge of light and composition to make your video and stills blend together cohesively. Take advantage of your ability to see the world in youw own unique way.

8. STABILIZE YOUR FOOTAGE You might be able to make great still images at a slow shutter speed while hand holding your camera. Video is different - because you are recording more than a split second, it is challenging to hold steady. Wherever you can, stabilize your footage, especially during the ceremony and the speeches. 9. THE DETAILS MATTER As you do more and more Fusion, remember the details and nuances of a wedding day, will benefit from video as well. Make your still images first, then record some video of the details. Your attention to detail is important to your client. 10. SHOOT FOR THE EDIT The more you get right in camera, the less work you will have after the fact. This is particularly true with video footage. Shoot with your edit in mind - if you know you want a transition clip of the bride始s dress going on, shoot it in both stills and video. Having a sense of what you want your final piece to look like will help you choose when to record video and when to make stills.

Photo Fusion: Wedding Photographer's Guide  

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