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Adding Photos to Your Calendar with iPhoto ‘09 ®

iPhoto lets you mark birthdays and anniversaries on your calendar, and what better way to mark a special occasion on your calendar than with a photo? And, it’s easy to do! Just follow these steps from iPhoto ‘09 For Dummies author Angelo Micheletti and soon you’ll be adding that creative touch to your calendars...the fun and easy way. Step 1: If the photo you want to use isn’t already in the photo browser, simply click Photos in the Source List, find the photo you want, and drag it onto your calendar listed under Keepsakes. Your photo will appear at the end of the photo browser.

Step 2: Go to the month in which the special occasion occurs. Drag and drop the photo from the photo browser onto the day in the calendar you’d like to mark.

Step 3: Double-click the photo to open the editing dialog for the image.

Step 4: Adjust the size of the photo with the slider.

Step 5 (Optional): Select the Caption check box. Type the caption in the text box. Use the four-point symbol to specify whether the caption will appear at the left, right, top, or bottom of the day’s square.

Step 6: Click the Close button at the top left of the editing dialog to close it, and you’re done! An important fact to remember when taking photos is that your camera’s sensor records light in a linear fashion. That means if the light reaching it from one of area of the photo is twice as bright as another, the sensor records it as twice as bright. Our eyes, on the other hand , are nonlinear. So be aware that what you might sense in a scene using your eyes, might not be what the camera records. When using a digital camera, unlike a film camera, you should expose for highlights and develop, or “correct” in iPhoto, for the shadows.

About the Author Angelo Micheletti is a professional photographer as well as an Apple developer who created the first encryption program for Macintosh. He specializes in landscape photography, and his work can be seen at

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iPhoto '09 For Dummies Sample Chapter  
iPhoto '09 For Dummies Sample Chapter  

iPhoto ’09 is packed with cool photo-editing features, and iPhoto ’09 For Dummies is your fast track to using every one.