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Networks publishes material on the modeling of problems using networks, the analysis of network problems, the design of computationally efficient network algorithms, and innovative case studies of successful network applications. Since the audience for this journal is then necessarily broad, articles that impact multiple application areas or that creatively use new or existing methodologies are especially appropriate. We seek to publish original, well-written research papers that make a substantive contribution to the knowledge base. In addition, tutorial and survey articles are welcomed.

Call for Papers: Special Issue on Robust Network Optimization Network parameters such as those defining the traffic matrix are generally uncertain. This uncertainty is typically the result of two factors: the intrinsic variability of the network parameters and the lack of information about these parameters. Consequently, it is important to take uncertainty into account when the network is designed or/and managed. Robust Optimization is one of the techniques that can help to incorporate uncertainty. We would like to receive original, high-quality research papers that address Robust Network Optimization. We are especially interested in submissions contributing to the following areas: üü Robust routing under uncertainty üü Resource assignment under uncertainty (dimensioning, provisioning, wavelength assignment, etc.) üü Survivability under uncertainty üü Network location under uncertainty üü Exact and approximation algorithms for robust network optimization problems

Submissions should be sent electronically to Pr. Walid BEN-AMEUR (Telecom SudParis, CNRS Samovar, France) no later than 31 January, 2013

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Networks Special Issue on Robust Network Optimization  

Networks call for papers: Special Issue on Robust Network Optimization