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Table of Contents

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Resources from Doug Lemov...................................................... 4-5 Leadership and School Reform................................................. 5-14 Resources from Todd Whitaker and Annette Breaux..................... 15 Leadership Resources from Michael Fullan.................................. 16 Educational Technology.......................................................... 17-18 College Counseling and Curriculum........................................ 19-20 Common Core State Standards............................................... 21-23 PCG Education.............................................................................21 Resources from Odell Education............................................. 24-25 Literacy Resources from Katherine S. McKnight........................... 26 Reading / Literacy / Writing.................................................... 27-34 Resources from Donalyn Miller.................................................... 32 Resources from Darlene Mannix................................................. 35 Resources from Sandra F. Rief.................................................... 36 Co-Teaching and Differentiation................................................... 37 Special Needs & Learning Disabilities..................................... 38-39 Counseling and School Psychology.............................................. 40 Special Needs and Counseling......................................................41 Literacy / English Language Learners.......................................... 42 Math........................................................................................ 43-44 Science........................................................................................ 45 Art................................................................................................ 46 Teaching and Teacher Education............................................. 47-58 Resources from EL Education / Teaching..................................... 50 Supervision / Evaluation................................................................51 Resources from Linda Darling-Hammond..................................... 59 For Dummies............................................................................... 60 Author Index................................................................................. 62 Order Form................................................................................. 63



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PLC Info

Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) are a great way to create meaningful, impactful changes in your schools. But while teachers want their professional development to be responsive to their needs, they also often need help beginning the process of inquiry. One way to start teachers thinking and talking about their practice is to create a PLC around a common book or topic. Using a book club as a model can be a perfect introduction to PLCs; many teachers are familiar with the book club format. Also, for teachers just learning to engage in PLCs, it can be less intimidating to begin the good, hard work of personal reflection and inquiry with an outside text, rather than immediately examining classroom practice or doing lesson study. In this catalog we have designated books that we think are particularly useful in helping PLCs get off the ground in your school or for continuing the process of inquiry. We think you’ll find several scintillating titles sure to start productive conversations among teachers. Choose a book for everyone in the PLC to read, or select several titles from a theme. Or, better yet, let your teachers choose!

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PD Study guide

PD Study Guide Info

The books that carry this symbol have a professional development or facilitator’s guide either built into the book, provided on an accompanying DVD, or available online to purchasers of the book in print or electronic form.


The Real ACT Prep Guide Third Edition

ACT THE Official Prep Guide for the #1 College Readiness Test The Real ACT Prep Guide is the official handbook to preparing for the ACT, from the actual makers of the exam. In addition to the five real ACT practice tests included, this comprehensive guide has everything students need to know about taking the ACT: registering for the exam, test-taking strategies, preparing mentally and physically, gearing up for test day, and more. • Includes 5 real, full-length, previously administered ACT test forms • The only book with insider tips and strategies from the makers of the ACT exam • Advice from ACT on improving your score on the English, Math, Reading, and Science tests, as well as the optional Writing test • Detailed information on understanding your test results • Proven test-taking strategies and tips for managing anxiety on test day • FREE bonus online content to boost college readiness, including tips for preparing a standout application, advice for choosing the right college, keys to success in your first year of college, and more BOOK INCLUDES COMPANION WEB CONTENT with: • Study tips for acing your AP exams • Which college is best for you? • Tips for visiting colleges • Planning your college application • Big decisions to make before beginning the college application process • 10 things you need to know about college

Now published by Wiley!

• 15 habits of top college students • Choosing a Major • 14 ways to ensure you graduate in four years Paperback w/Website / 960 pages / ISBN 978-1-119-23641-2 / USD $34.95 / CAD $41.95

About the authors ACT is a not-for-profit organization providing assessment, research, information, and program management services to support education and workforce development. Known most widely as the makers of the ACT® exam— the college readiness and placement assessment taken by some 1.8 million high school students each year—ACT produces a number of assessments and services reaching more than 10 million people along the kindergarten through career continuum. ACT’s rigorous research informs policy decisions and helps develop programs that boost lifelong learning potential in schools and workplaces around the world.

Publishing later in 2016!


TOP-SELLING GUIDE TO ACT PREP Nearly 250,000 sold in 2014!

The Official ACT Prep Guide, 2016-2017

The Official ACT Prep Guide, 2016-2017 ePDF



Paperback w/Website / 640 pages ISBN 978-1-119-22541-6 USD $34.95 / CAD $41.95

ePDF / 640 pages ISBN 978-1-119-22543-0 USD $34.95 / CAD $41.95


Resources from Doug Lemov Teach Like a Champion 2.0 62 Techniques that Put Students on the Path to College Doug Lemov



new edition


One of the most influential teaching resources ever—updated! Teaching is one of the most important jobs in the world and often one of the hardest. Excellent teachers continually strive to learn and improve their craft, and no matter how good a teacher is, there’s always room for improvement. Teach Like a Champion became a global bestseller because it offered concrete, engaging, easy-to-implement techniques teachers could use to keep their students engaged, focused, and learning. Teach Like a Champion 2.0 compiles the feedback gathered from real teachers in real classrooms around the world to deliver an updated set of techniques, made even more effective by the continual fine-tuning of daily classroom use. New to the 2.0 edition:  • Rich updates to many of the techniques found in the original book • A selection of entirely new techniques inspired by top teachers around the world • Over 70 new video clips of teachers modeling the techniques in the classroom • Brand new structure emphasizing the most important techniques and step by step teaching guidelines • Updated content reflecting the latest best practices from outstanding educators With sample lesson plans, videos, and the companion site,, you’ll have the resources and support you need to be your best in the classroom. Also, these techniques may be adapted to suit a variety of contexts.

“I love two things about Doug Lemov and the Uncommon Schools team: “Teach Like a Champion 2.0 made me a better teacher. The rigor, depth, and applicability of each technique Doug shares immediately allowed me to improve the a relentless focus on student learning, and a dedication to the proposition that the best professional development occurs when teachers learn from teaching I do with school leaders, teachers, and kids. TLAC 2.0 builds seamlessly teachers. The pages of Teach Like a Champion 2.0 are imbued with both from the first edition – going deeper on some key concepts and introducing us to ideals. You’ll find terrific techniques here that are ready to go or ready to be a host of new methods. Everyone who considers themselves an educator should read this book as soon as possible. Its impact will be immediate and long-lasting.”­ adapted to one’s own uses.”   —Daniel T. Willingham, author, Why Don’t Students Like School? and Raising Kids Who Read

 —Dave Levin, KIPP Co-Founder GRA D E S K -12

Paperback w/DVD / 504 pages / ISBN 978-1-118-90185-4 / USD $34.95 / CAD $37.95

Teach Like a Champion Field Guide 2.0 A Practical Resource to Make the 62 Techniques Your Own Doug Lemov, Joaquin Hernandez, Jennifer Kim



Coming Summer 2016

The companion to Teach Like a Champion 2.0--now fully updated!

In his acclaimed book Teach Like a Champion 2.0, Doug Lemov shared 62 essential techniques used by excellent teachers. In his companion Field Guide, he further explores those techniques in a practical guide. With the Teach Like a Champion Field Guide 2.0, teachers will have an indispensable resource that complements their classroom application of Lemov’s techniques. The activities are designed to accompany the practitioner on the journey to become a champion teacher. The activities span three stages: learning the techniques, preparing to use the techniques, and actual practice. In addition to developing and sharpening teaching techniques, the activities provide a proven system for assessing outcomes. The book includes new video clips of champion teachers with analysis from the author. It also includes helpful charts for teachers to track their own progress and to record feedback from colleagues. Most importantly, by using the Field Guide 2.0, teachers will be prepared to successfully unlock the talent and skill in all their students.  each Like a Champion Field Guide 2.0 is T a must-have workbook for every teacher, from beginner to veteran. The workbook is also a great tool for professional development, and it includes more than 40 video clips of champion teachers. GR A D E S K -12

Paperback w/DVD / 480 pages / ISBN 978-1-119-25414-0 USD $39.95 / CAD $47.95

Teach Like a Champion Field Guide A Practical Resource to Make the 49 Techniques Your Own Doug Lemov GR A D ES K - 1 2




Paperback w/DVD / 480 pages ISBN 978-1-118-11682-1 USD $34.95 / CAD $37.95 Corresponds with the first edition of Teach Like a Champion



Resources from Doug Lemov

Leadership & School Reform

Reading Reconsidered A Practical Guide to Rigorous Literacy Instruction


Doug Lemov, Colleen Driggs, Erica Woolway  his book is about the enduring T power of reading to shape and develop minds, both in the classroom and, ultimately, outside of it. Of the core subjects taught in school, reading is first among equals— the most singular in importance because all others rely on it. Excellence in almost any school subject requires strong reading.

LEADING for Instructional Improvement How Successful Leaders Develop Teaching and Learning Expertise

foreword by dan heath

Practice Perfect 42 Rules for Getting Better at Getting Better

DOUG LEMOV B e s t s e l l i n g A u t h o r o f Te a c h L i k e a C h a m p i o n

Erica Woolway Katie Yezzi

The Tasks that Matter for Improving Teaching and Learning in Schools

Richard Halverson, Carolyn Kelley

Outlining the tasks school leadership teams must focus on to improve teaching and learning, the model is grouped into five domains:

42 Rules for Getting Better at Getting Better

“Practice Perfect will provide a recipe for organizations that are committed to their people—to helping them grow and get better in simple but powerful ways.” —Jean-Claude Brizard, former CEO, Chicago Public Schools G R A D E S K-16

Hardcover / 288 pages / ISBN 978-1-118-21658-3 USD $26.95 / CAD $29.95

Coming Summer 2016

Backed by two decades of research in school effectiveness, Mapping Leadership offers a proven model of task-based school leadership that leads to continuous school improvement.

Practice Perfect

 illed with illustrative examples from F top-level athletes, established teachers, seasoned lawyers, and even long-time surgeons, this book shows how deliberately engineered and designed practice can revolutionize our most important activities. The how-to rules outlined in Practice Perfect can make us better in virtually every performance of life.

 his book shows how teacher, school, T and district leaders can cultivate the expertise of teachers to deliver high-quality instruction for all students. The book provides extensive practical guidance grounded in theory and research, along with powerful stories and examples from classrooms, schools, and districts.

Mapping Leadership


Doug Lemov, Erica Woolway, Katie Yezzi Foreword by Dan Heath

Stephen Fink, Anneke Markholt Foreward by John Bransford

Paperback / 304 pages / ISBN 978-0-470-54275-0 USD $32.00 / CAD $35.00

E  E


Paperback w/DVD / 480 pages ISBN 978-1-119-10424-7 / USD $32.95 / CAD $39.95

How Successful Leaders Develop Teaching and Learning Expertise

GR A D ES K - 1 2

In Reading Reconsidered, the authors define techniques specifically for literacy instruction and deliver the most productive ideas gleaned from the most effective reading teachers. This new book examines how such teachers— reading champions—help students to read more non-fiction, master increasingly challenging texts, and use writing to support reading. Featuring practical tools, sample lesson plans, and engaging video clips, Reading Reconsidered is a must-have resource for champion reading teachers. G RA D E S K-12

Leading for Instructional Improvement

• Focus on Learning •M  onitoring Teaching and Learning • Building Nested Learning Communities • Acquiring and Allocating Resources • Maintaining a Safe and Effective Learning Environment Recognizing that the principal is a single actor in a complex web of activity influencing student learning, the focus is not only on the principal’s role but on a range of leadership and instructional practices to be shared across the leadership team (including APs, counselors, teachers, and support personnel). These tasks, organized into 21 subdomains, have been demonstrated through extensive research to contribute to improved student learning. BONUS! Includes free trial access to CALL (Comprehensive Assessment of Leadership for Learning) online, a 120-question assessment that diagnoses schools’ effectiveness in each of the 21 subdomains covered in the book and provides a customized roadmap for improvement. Paperback / 336 pages / ISBN 978-1-118-71169-9 USD $32.95 / CAD $39.95

DOUG LEMOV is a managing director of Uncommon Schools and leads its Teach Like a Champion team, designing and implementing teacher training based on the study of high-performing teachers. He was formerly the managing director for Uncommon’s upstate New York schools. He has taught English and history at the university, high school, and middle school levels. He holds a BA from Hamilton College, an MA from Indiana University, and an MBA from the Harvard Business School.

Follow Doug Lemov on Facebook (Teach Like a Champion) and read his blog at



Leadership & School Reform The School Leadership Playbook

Building School 2.0 How to Create the Schools We Need

A Field Guide for Dramatic Improvement

Chris Lehmann, Zac Chase

Jean Desravines, Benjamin Fenton

95 propositions for creating more relevant, more caring schools All too often technology has become the focal point when discussing the school of the future. Rather than simply offering an examination of how using technology for classroom instruction changes education, Building School 2.0 offers a larger discussion of how education, learning, and our physical school spaces can—and should—change in order to give students the education they deserve. Building School 2.0 is based on the work done at Science Leadership Academy (SLA) and its founding principal Chris Lehmann and former SLA teacher Zac Chase. Lehmann and Chase reveal the challenges of changing how we educate our children and the techniques and approaches they employed to create a school that is technology-rich, collaborative, and learner-centric. As the authors explain, the best educational strategies enable networked learning that allows research, creativity, communication, and collaboration to help prepare students to be functional citizens within a modern society. The model outlined in Building School 2.0 presents ninety-five theses that are designed to help educators and administrators examine specific practices in their own schools. Lehmann and Chase challenge educators, administrators, and parents to construct more modern and humane spaces for our most cherished resource: our students. GRA D E S K -12

Hardcover / 304 pages / ISBN 978-1-118-07682-8 USD $27.95 / CAD $33.95



A proven framework for whole-school improvement This practical guide is for education leaders looking to push their school’s and students’ achievement to the next level. Developed by renowned leadership preparation program New Leaders, the Transformational Leadership Framework focuses on the five categories that drive a school’s success: Learning and Teaching, School Culture, Talent Management, Operations and Systems, and Personal Leadership. This book illustrates how each of these factors contributes to breakthrough gains, and outlines a plan for implementing changes in your own school. You’ll learn how to accurately diagnose the current state of your school’s academics and culture and create an action plan for the year ahead. The TLF is grounded in the latest research and case studies of the highestgaining turnaround schools, and shows you the specific actions you can take to attract, retain, and support high-performing teachers; improve school culture; successfully involve parents and the community; and ultimately drive student success. By matching the needs of the school to effective principal actions and school practices, leaders can create a plan for transformational change and: • Ensure rigorous goal- and data-driven teaching and learning • Build and manage a high-performance faculty aligned to the school’s vision • Implement effective and efficient operations and systems • Model the tone you would like to see from students and teachers school-wide GR A D ES K - 1 2

Paperback / 208 pages / ISBN 978-1-119-04421-5 USD $24.95 / CAD $29.95

Breakthrough Principals Building High-Performing Schools Step by Step Jean Desravines, Jaime Aquino, Benjamin Fenton



Coming S p ring 2016

Breakthrough Principals is a detailed field guide of the school practices and principal actions found in the highest-gaining public schools in the United States. Based on over 100 visits and case studies of schools that were identified as achieving dramatic gains, it draws on the latest research on the practices of effective schools, turnaround schools, and school leadership.  he authors focus on five categories of school practices. Among them are two primary drivers of student T achievement: rigorous, goal and data-driven learning and teaching and schoolwide culture organized around high expectations for staff and students alike. Two additional categories of a principal’s work are essential to supporting these drivers: building and managing a high-quality staff aligned to the school’s vision and instituting operations and systems to put the vision into place. Undergirding all of these categories is the personal leadership modeled by a principal who sets the tone for all student and adult relationships and practices in the school.  he New Leaders program has been recognized by Fast Company, Education Week, Harvard Business School, T and the U.S. Department of Education as one of the most effective principal preparation programs in the country. Breakthrough Principals provides their “secret sauce,” revealing the principal actions and school-wide practices found in today’s highest-gaining public schools. GR A D E S K -12

Paperback w/CD-ROM / 304 pages / ISBN 978-1-118-80117-8 / USD $29.95 / CAD $35.95



Leadership & School Reform Paul Bambrick-Santoyo •

CD Included

PD Training Tools Inside!

Driven by Data A Practical Guide to Improve Instruction

Paul Bambrick-Santoyo

 ccompanied by a CD, this guidebook A provides all the tools needed to launch data-driven instruction effectively, such as an implementation rubric, meeting agendas, calendars, assessment templates, and more. This book includes 20 case studies of high-performing schools. School leaders will find this resource useful for achieving remarkable results and immense gains, regardless of the school’s background, leader, or demographic.

Paperback w/CD-ROM / 336 pages ISBN 978-0-470-54874-5 / USD $36.00 / CAD $40.00




Best seller

A Practical Guide to Improve Instruction

G RADE S K- 1 2

Foreword By NormaN atkiNS


Driven by Data



PD Study guide




G RA D E S K-12

PLC Paperback w/DVD / 416 pages ISBN 978-1-118-13860-1 / USD $34.95 / CAD $41.95

PD Study guide

Includes an instructive DVD with 30 video clips from real classrooms

Get Better Faster

Paul Bambrick-Santoyo

How to Develop a Rookie Teacher in 90 Days



Paul Bambrick-Santoyo

Coming Summer 2016

From the bestselling author of Leverage Leadership, Driven by Data, and Great Habits, Great Readers comes a practical book that makes clear how to get new teachers up and running quickly. Skill-by-skill and week-by-week, the right coaching gets rookie teachers better faster. Designed to be a toolbox you reach for again and again in your work as a leader and coach, you’ll find all the materials you need to build a cohort of successful rookie teachers in ninety days.

G RA D E S K-12

Paperback w/DVD / 256 pages / ISBN / USD $34.95 / CAD $37.95 E9X6A

Explore how negative and toxic cultures can be transformed so that trust, commitment, and sense of unity can prevail. This book features inspiring case examples to show how culture-based practices are being used to bring purpose, passion, and meaning to the educational experience. It shows how leaders play important roles in schools and how culture-based strategies can help educators manage everyday challenges and heal school environments. Paperback / 304 pages / ISBN 978-0-7879-9679-6 USD $30.00 / CAD $33.00

The Shaping School Culture Fieldbook

Foreword by Doug Lemov


How to Develop a Rookie Teacher in 90 Days

Terrence E. Deal, Kent D. Peterson

A Practical Guide to Building Exceptional Schools

Aimed at all levels of school leadership, the book is for any principal, superintendent, or educator who wants to be a transformational leader. With its many helpful rubrics, extensive professional development tools, calendars, and templates, Leverage Leadership explores the core principles of effective leadership and demonstrates that exceptional leaders succeed because of A Practical Guide to Building Exceptional Schools how they use their time. Bambrick-Santoyo’s charter school, North Star Academy in Newark, New Jersey, received the highest possible award given by the U.S. Department of Education: the National Blue Ribbon.

Get Better Faster

Pitfalls, Paradoxes, and Promises Second Edition

GR A D ES K - 1 2


Leverage Leadership

Shaping School Culture

Second Edition

Kent D. Peterson, Terrence E. Deal This Fieldbook provides hands-on tools to help school leaders think through and implement a culture building process. Featuring 50 field-tested exercises and activities, it includes major material on toxic environments with specific action steps for identifying and transforming a dysfunctional school culture. This is an essential guide for educational leaders at every level of management, as they wrestle with current staffing and accountability challenges. GR A D ES K - 1 2

Paperback / 284 pages / ISBN 978-0-7879-9680-2 USD $32.00 / CAD $35.00




The Innovative University Changing the DNA of Higher Education from the Inside Out Clayton M. Christensen, Henry J. Eyring

“This superbly documented book is a must read for anyone who cares about America’s universities and colleges. . . .Perhaps the best feature of this volume is that it goes beyond analysis to offer Changing the DNA of Higher Education from the Inside Out what is possible through models that are scalable, transferable, and responsive to the needs of learning, discovery, and engagement.” —Molly Corbett Broad, president, American Council on Education

Hardcover / 512 pages / ISBN 978-1-118-06348-4 USD $32.95 / CAD $39.95


chers and ning this critical t and aspiring

n trusting relationidence, and written kably practical ide their students


it is both central gan Tschannensible to educators

range of evidence ool improvement t raising standards.”

licy, planning, and tion. she has written st Matters, and is settings. she is the rsation at a Time.

Get Organized to Increase Your Impact Maia Heyck-Merlin

Here is your clear guide to help busy education leaders develop the tools, habits and systems to effectively and efficiently lead a team. With this book, you’ll learn how to create plans for expected work, so you can deal with the unanticipated when it inevitably arises. It includes: • Strategies on how to get and stay organized • The nuts and bolts of effective time management • A host of practical tools, templates, and checklists. This book is designed specifically for leaders in mission-driven settings such as school districts, where the goals are ambitious, the To-Do lists are never ending, and the passion for the work is enduring. Mission-driven leaders carry a second layer of duty as well: to care deeply about the work and its impact. It’s important, and it’s personal. Let this book be your guide for managing your time, your energy, your people’s work, your meetings, your project plans, and your stuff. If we ourselves are not Together, we will not get the results we want for those we seek to serve. But if we are, big and meaningful change CAN happen. GR A D E S K -12

Paperback w/Access to Online Supplementary Materials / 352 pages / ISBN 978-1-118-98752-0 / USD $29.95 / CAD $35.95


Second edition

A | $39.95 CAnAdA

Coming S p ring 2016

How do you weigh the urgent call that comes in against the need to revise staff orientation, plan purposefully for a meeting and follow up on teacher development?

trust matters

educators and erence addressedition of Trust on face in earning es exhaustive ves in a changing ips. This book hy functioning of

The Together Leader



Leadership & School Reform

TrusT m at t e r s Second edition


for successfuL schooL s

Megan Tschannen-Moran

Trust Matters Leadership for Successful Schools  



Second Edition

Megan Tschannen-Moran “This second edition is even more insightful than the first. Drawing upon a wider range of evidence and placing the need for trust and trustworthiness right in the centre of the school improvement agenda, Tschannen-Moran’s book is a must-read for all educators who care about raising standards.” — Christopher Day, professor of education, University of Nottingham

The author uses exhaustive research to outline why trust is important now more than ever as we find ourselves in a changing world where suspicion, fear, and skepticism tend to erode educational relationships. Trust Matters, Second Edition, is a knowledgeable, professional reference addressing the critical role of trust among teachers, students, schools, and families. G RADE S K- 1 2

Paperback / 336 pages / ISBN 978-1-118-83437-4 / USD $32.95 / CAD $39.95

The New American High School Ted Sizer

A vision for a truly democratic public high school system “At the very end of his career and life, Ted Sizer calls out to us again to pay attention to the education of our young people. He reminds us that to settle for the status quo reduces our future as well as theirs.” — Patricia A. Wasley, CEO, Teaching Channel

Our current high schools are illdesigned and inefficient. We have inherited a program of studies that in its overall structure has not changed in over a century. The question is, “What’s next?” Theodore Sizer, the founder of the Coalition of Essential Schools, was a passionate advocate for the American school system. In this, his last book, he offers a vision of what a future secondary education might look like. In a book that tells the story of his own odyssey, Sizer gives shape to a much-needed agenda for improving our high schools. GRA D E S 9-12

Hardcover / 272 pages / ISBN 978-1-118-52642-2 USD $26.95 / CAD $31.95



On the Rocketship How Top Charter Schools Are Pushing the Envelope Richard Whitmire

A detailed analysis of a successful charter school


This book examines the rise and expansion of leading charter school network Rocketship, revealing the “secret sauce” that makes a program like this RICHARD successful. A strong narrative with a timely message, it explores how Rocketship started and the difficulties it encountered as it expands. As the story progresses, the narrative shifts to the national picture, exploring how high performing charter schools are changing the education landscape in certain cities, and how they’ve dealt with push back and political opposition. ARE PUSHING THE ENVELOPE


Written by a veteran journalist, this book explores factors that make Rocketship and other charters successful, including the blended learning that was pioneered at charter schools. On the Rocketship details this phenomenon, providing insights for educators across the nation. GR A D ES K - 1 2

Hardcover / 352 pages / ISBN 978-1-118-60764-0 USD $26.95 / CAD $31.95




Leadership & School Reform #EdJourney



A Roadmap to the Future of Education Grant Lichtman

#EdJourney takes a fresh look at our nation’s schools, eschewing the negativity so often found in the world of education today. While on his solo road trip across the United States, Grant Lichtman, one of the country’s leading experts in educational innovation, discovered that there is much to be positive about in today’s K–12 schools. During Lichtman’s travels, he interviewed more than 600 teachers, administrators, students, and parents to find out what kind of innovations they’re doing right—and to discover how others can follow their example. To help create an environment that will encourage innovation, #EdJourney puts the focus on four key questions: •W  hat new learning strategies are the top schools implementing to prepare our students for their future rather than for our past? •H  ow do teachers and administrators manage the transition to new types of teaching and learning? •W  hat are the key obstacles to shifting away from the assembly line model of education? • And, most importantly, how can we all leverage the lessons of success from the most innovative schools? G RADE S K- 1 2

Hardcover / 304 pages / ISBN 978-1-118-89858-1 / USD $26.95 / CAD $31.95




Question Everything The Rise of AVID as America’s Largest College Readiness Program Jay Mathews

How AVID levels the playing field, helping underserved students come out ahead

Here, award-winning education writer Jay Mathews presents the stories and winning strategies behind the Advancement Via Individual Determination program (AVID). With the goal of preparing students for the future— whether that future includes college or not – AVID teaches students the personal management skills that will help them survive and thrive. Focused on time management, presentation, and cooperation, it leads not only to impressive educational outcomes, but also to young adults prepared for life after school. Over the past thirty years, AVID has grown from a single teacher’s practice to an organization serving 400,000 middle- and high-school students in 47 states and 16 countries. In this book, you’ll take an in-depth look at AVID, and: • Learn which foundational skills are emphasized for future success •D  iscover how AVID teaches personal management skills in the academic context • Contrast AVID student outcomes with national averages •C  onsider implementing AVID concepts and techniques into current curricula. As college readiness becomes a top priority, AVID’s track record stands out as one of success. By leveling the playing field and introducing “realworld” realities early on, the program teaches students skills that help them in the workplace and beyond. G RA D E S K-12

Hardcover / 272 pages / ISBN 978-1-118-43819-0 USD $25.95 / CAD $30.95


Kim Marshall


EVALUATION How to Work Smart, Build Collaboration, and Close the Achievement Gap

Rethinking Teacher Supervision and Evaluation How to Work Smart, Build Collaboration, and Close the Achievement Gap Second Edition

Kim Marshall


Be s t seller

Teacher supervision and evaluation that emphasizes fairness, excellence, and achievement

“Kim Marshall brings the wisdom of a seasoned principal and the insights of a scholar/researcher to this analysis of instructional leadership. His work is practical, smart, and, most of all, clear and accessible.”  —Pedro A. Noguera, Peter L. Agnew Professor of Education, Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Development; executive director, Metropolitan Center for Urban Education, NYU SECOND EDITION

In this thoroughly revised and updated edition of his bestselling book, education expert Kim Marshall shows how to break away from the typical and often ineffective evaluation approaches in which principals use infrequent classroom visits or rely on standardized test scores to assess a teacher’s performance. Marshall proposes a broader framework for supervision and evaluation that enlists teachers in improving the performance of all students. This revised edition of the classic book on teacher supervision and evaluation: • Includes thoughts on iPad and iPhone apps for classroom observation •O  ffers a new chart on how principals can manage 10 mini-observations per teacher per year •C  ontains new thoughts on merit pay—a different approach to the testscore argument from Arne Duncan. This vital resource also includes extensive tools and advice for managing time as well as ideas for using supervision and evaluation practices to foster teacher professional development. GR A D ES K - 1 2

Paperback / 240 pages / ISBN 978-1-118-33672-4 USD $32.95 / CAD $39.95


Leadership & School Reform FOREWORD BY


Educational Leadership T H I R D E D I T I ON


Peter M. Senge r John W. Gardner r Jerome Murphy Megan Tschannen-Moran r Robert J. Starratt r Thomas J. Sergiovanni Carmella S. Franco r Maria G. Ott r Darline P. Robles r Charol Shakeshaft Kirk Snyder r Carolyn Shields r Maenette Benham Elizabeth Murakami-Ramalho r Terrence E. Deal r Kent D. Peterson Roland S. Barth r Tony Wagner r Robert Kegan rKenneth Leithwood Alma Harris r Tiiu Strauss r Viviane Robinson r Stephen Fink r Anneke Markholt Molly Gordon r Karen Seashore-Louis r Paul Bambrick-Santoyo Reginald Leon Green r Andy Hargreaves r Dean Fink r Ann Lieberman Lynne Miller r Yong Zhao r Barnett Berry r Tom Vander Ark

The Jossey-Bass Reader on Educational Leadership Third Edition

Margaret Grogan, Editor Introduction by Michael Fullan


Be st seller

This expanded and thoroughly updated edition of the popular anthology contains the articles, book excerpts, and seminal reports that define and drive the field of educational leadership today. Filled with critical insights from bestselling authors, education research, and expert practitioners, this comprehensive volume features six primary areas of concern: the principles of leadership; moral and trustworthy leadership; culture and change; leadership for learning; diversity and leadership; and the future of leadership. This practical guide for timeless and current thinking on educational leadership is an important resource, which includes relevant and up-to-date articles for leaders today on gender, diversity, global perspectives, standards/ testing, e-learning/technology, and community organizing. The compendium’s expert contributors explore the topic of educational leadership as seen through the lens of fundamental principles, learning, culture and change, and social justice. From the well-established scholar to the novice practitioner, anyone interested in the current and future state of education will find that this third edition of The Jossey-Bass Reader on Educational Leadership is a powerhouse of valuable information. G RADE S K- 1 2

Paperback / 560 pages / ISBN 978-1-118-45621-7 / USD $44.00 / CAD $48.00

Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Dragon? Why China Has the Best (and Worst) Education System in the World  



Yong Zhao Chinese students’ consistently stunning performance on the international PISA exams—where they outscore students of all other nations in math, reading, and science—has positioned China as a world education leader. American educators and pundits have declared this a “Sputnik Moment,” saying that we must learn from China’s education system in order to maintain our status as an education leader and global superpower. Indeed, many of the reforms taking hold in United States schools, such as a greater emphasis on standardized testing and the increasing importance of core subjects like reading and math, echo the Chinese system. We’re following in China’s footsteps—but is this the direction we should take? Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Dragon? by award-winning writer Yong Zhao offers an entertaining, provocative insider’s account of the Chinese school system, revealing the secrets that make it both “the best and worst” in the world. Born and raised in China’s Sichuan province and a teacher in China for many years, Zhao has a unique perspective on Chinese culture and education. He explains in vivid detail how China turns out the world’s highest-achieving students in reading, math, and science—yet by all accounts Chinese educators, parents, and political leaders hate the system and long to send their kids to western schools. Filled with fascinating stories and compelling data, it offers a nuanced and sobering tour of education in China. G RADE S K- 1 2

Hardcover / 272 pages / ISBN 978-1-118-48713-6 / USD $26.95 / CAD $31.95

Transforming Schools Using Project-Based Learning, Performance Assessment, and Common Core Standards Bob Lenz with Justin Wells and Sally Kingston



It’s not what students know, but what they do with what they know that is important Schools are changing in response to this reality, and this book draws on the example of the Envision Education schools, as well as other leading schools around the country, to show how the concept of deeper learning can meet the need for students who are both college and career ready and engaged in their own education. In this book, the authors explain how project-based learning can blend with Common Core-aligned performance assessment for deeper learning. You’ll discover how many schools have successfully made the transition from traditional, teacher-centered learning to project-based, deeper learning and find many practical ideas for implementation. • Companion DVD and website include videos showing how to implement deeper learning strategies in the classroom • Evidence-based descriptions show why deeper learning is right for students •P  erformance assessment experts explain how to align assessments with Common Core by shifting the emphasis from knowing to doing • Extensive game plan section provides step-by-step guidance for change Schools are complex organizations, and transformation involves all of the stakeholders, from students to superintendents. But as this book shows, there are amazing benefits to be realized when everyone commits to diving deeper into learning. GR A D E S K -12

Paperback w/DVD and Website / 312 pages / ISBN 978-1-118-73974-7 / USD $29.95 / CAD $35.95



Leadership & School Reform The Human Side of School Change


Reform, Resistance, and the Real-Life Problems of Innovation

How Educators Are Cultivating Emotional, Social, and Ecological Intelligence

Robert Evans

Daniel Goleman, Lisa Bennett, Zenobia Barlow

Examine the real-life hurdles to implementing innovation and how efforts can be stalled by educators who are wary of change. Evans provides a new model of leadership and strategies for building cooperation between leaders of change and the people they depend on to implement it.

“Timely, important, healing, and hopeful—Ecoliterate is a

‘must read, must implement’ guide to a healthy and sustainable present and future.”

GR A D ES K- 1 2

— Cheryl Charles, President and CEO, Children & Nature Network

Paperback / 336 pages / ISBN 978-0-7879-5611-0 USD $34.00 / CAD $37.00

Change Leadership A Practical Guide to Transforming Our Schools Tony Wagner, Robert Kegan, Lisa Laskow Lahey, Richard W. Lemons, Jude Garnier, Deborah Helsing, Annie Howell, Harriette Thurber Rasmussen “Change Leadership uses very believable examples and provides common-sense analysis of the challenges facing today’s educators. It is a well-written, straightforward guide with clear explanations and practical solutions. I found it useful and entertaining.”   —Thomas W. Payzant, former supt., Boston Public Schools

This book portrays inspiring educators, activists, and students who embody a new integration of emotional, social, and ecological intelligence—or ‘engaged ecoliteracy’. It shows how educators are cultivating these essential dimensions of human intelligence to include knowledge of and empathy for all living systems. With stories that range from the Arctic to Appalachia and New York to New Orleans it illustrates dynamic education and engagement about some of the most important ecological issues of the day, from oil and coal to food and water. It also features a comprehensive professional development guide and the five processes of engaged ecoliteracy. GR A D ES K - 1 2

Paperback / 192 pages / ISBN 978-1-118-10457-6 USD $24.95 / CAD $27.95

G RA D E S K-12

Evocative Coaching

Paperback / 304 pages / ISBN 978-0-7879-7755-9 USD $35.00 / CAD $39.00

Eva Moskowitz

Arin Lavinia



Mission Possible How the Secrets of the Success Academies Can Work in Any School Eva Moskowitz, Arin Lavinia “The authors describe their schools as places defined by ‘joyful rigor.’ Having visited a Success Academy, I can attest to that. If we are going to change the odds for children living in poverty, we need to create more opportunities to replicate what is working at places like Success Academies. This book does just that, taking the best practices from the Success Academies and creating a framework for educators, parents, and policy-makers to learn from their successes.” — Senator Michael F. Bennet, Colorado

Discover how a charter school in the middle of Harlem emerged as one of the top schools in New York State in just three years. The Success Academies operate from the simple notion that principals and teachers hold the keys to educational excellence. If adults improve their performance, set the bar high enough, and believe that children can rise to their expectations, students are propelled forward at lightning speed.


Transforming Schools One Conversation at a Time Bob Tschannen-Moran, Megan Tschannen-Moran

“Evocative Coaching provides a wonderful blend of solid theory and practical wisdom in bringing coaching to our schools. I appreciated its new insights on presence and listening in conversations, particularly in hearing people’s stories with greater empathy through the ‘No Fault Turn.’ BOB & MEGAN TSCHANNEN-MORAN This is a much needed book for educators and communities alike in imagining what is possible for their children and youth.” — David B. Drake, executive director, Center for Narrative Coaching Transforming Schools One Conversation at a Time

Taking a teacher-centered, no-fault, strengths-based approach to performance improvement, the Evocative Coaching model generates the motivation and movement that enables teachers and schools to achieve desired outcomes and enhance quality of life. Viewed as a dynamic dance, the model is choreographed in four steps—story, empathy, inquiry, design—that are each laid out in their own chapter with powerful illustrative materials and end-of-chapter discussion questions to prompt further reflection. GR A D ES K - 1 2

Paperback / 368 pages / ISBN 978-0-470-54759-5 USD $34.00 / CAD $37.00

A companion DVD includes clips of the schools’ methods being used in the classroom

G RA D E S K-12

Paperback w/DVD / 176 pages / ISBN 978-1-118-16728-1 USD $27.95 / CAD $33.95 E9X6A




Leadership & School Reform Leading for Learning

The Transparent Teacher

How to Transform Schools into Learning Organizations

Taking Charge of Your Instruction with Peer-Collected Classroom Data

Phillip C. Schlechty

Trent Kaufman, Emily Grimm

“Dr. Schlechty has once again written an insightful book that educational leaders can use as a road map in transforming our schools into learning organizations designed to serve twenty-first century students.’” — Dr. Randy Bridges, superintendent, Alamance-Burlington School System, NC

“Kaufman and Grimm offer a roadmap for crossing longestablished teaching boundaries and provide the steps and examples necessary to make it happen—they’ve thought of everything. As teachers read this book, they’ll be motivated to implement TDO right away. I want to grab a colleague and participate in this practice myself now!” — Cindi Rigsbee, 2009 North Carolina Teacher of the Year; author, Finding Mrs. Warnecke

How do schools compete with television, computer games, and the Internet to engage the hearts and minds of their students? Phillip Schlechty argues that we must develop schools where innovation is encouraged, and students are given work that is truly rigorous, relevant, and exciting. This book will provide educators with the framework, tools, and processes to transform their schools from bureaucracies into learning organizations. To make this transition, educators must understand and move beyond some of the deeply ingrained and negative conceptions of schooling that guide so much of their practice. They must take stock of how they and their organizations have structured systems of power/ authority, evaluation, and boundaries, and figure out how to restructure systems in ways that encourage sustaining innovation. GRADES K-12

Paperback / 352 pages / ISBN 978-0-7879-9434-1 USD $34.00 / CAD $37.00

Engaging Students The Next Level of Working on the Work Phillip C. Schlechty


Phillip C. Schlechty

“This insightful book reminds us that every decision made in schools should ultimately benefit students. You will find yourself referring to this book again and again as a guide to support you in your role as an educator.” —Allene Magill, executive director, Professional Association of Georgia Educators, Atlanta

This innovative and practical book is focused on helping teachers become increasingly successful in designing engaging work for their students. Schlechty contends that rather than viewing schools as teaching platforms, schools must be viewed as learning platforms. and rather than defining teachers as instructors, teachers must be defined as designers, leaders, and guides to instruction. Engaging Students also includes useful questionnaires that will facilitate discussion, analysis, and action planning at both school and classroom levels. GRA D E S K -12

Paperback / 224 pages / ISBN 978-0-470-64008-1 USD $34.00 / CAD $37.00

A new paradigm for teachers to open their classrooms and cultivate deep professional learning The Transparent Teacher outlines and illustrates a step-by-step process for breaking down professional isolation and cultivating opportunities for meaningful learning through the teacher-driven observation (TDO) process. •O  ffers a new model for collecting data to inform and improve individual instruction • Includes a step-by-step process for implementing teacher-driven observations • Contains  a comprehensive case study that clearly demonstrates the value of the TDO model GR A D ES K - 1 2

Paperback / 176 pages / ISBN 978-1-118-48717-4 USD $29.95 / CAD $35.95 Contains reproducible forms and templates and a variety of success stories from model schools



Leading Change Step-by-Step Tactics, Tools, and Tales Jody Spiro “Anyone who is willing to make the tough, risky decisions to effect real change should read Leading Change Step-by-Step. There’s no fixed formula or cookbook for reforming large, complicated systems, but Jody Spiro prescribes important steps and tools in a way that any leader can understand.” — Joel I. Klein, former chancellor, New York City Department of Education

Filled with proven tactics for implementing change successfully, with helpful tools to put change efforts into practice (including forms, rubrics, and helpful questions to ask). The tools reveal how the leader analyzes situations, identifies the groups needed to get desired results, and works with them to do so. Also included are success stories that show this approach in action. GR A D ES K - 1 2

Paperback / 224 pages / ISBN 978-0-470-63562-9 USD $29.95 / CAD $35.95



Leadership & School Reform SPIRO










How education leaders

High-Payoff Strategies How Education Leaders Get Results


Get Results

Jody Spiro


An education leader’s job can seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Research shows that by spending time on just a few highpayoff strategies, leaders can bring about the meaningful change their schools and districts need.

Focus on the right things

High-Payoff Strategies helps administrators lead successful change initiatives by focusing on the three top priorities identified by research and practitioners alike: fostering a supportive district and school culture, leading instructional change, and building a learning community among faculty and staff.


Drawing on the latest research as well as hundreds of interviews with education leaders, High-Payoff Strategies reveals what it really takes to bring about school turnaround. The book includes rich and varied examples showing how real-world education leaders—in urban, suburban, and rural settings—have successfully led changes in their schools and districts. It also provides tools that readers can use immediately to put these practices in place, together with videos demonstrating the practices in action. High-Payoff Strategies helps education leaders create schools and districts that support teachers and make a difference in the lives of children. G RA D E S K-12

Paperback / 176 pages / ISBN 978-1-118-83441-1 USD $29.95 / CAD $35.95


Everyone at the Table


Student-Centered Leadership

Engaging Teachers in Evaluation Reform Ellen Behrstock-Sherratt, Allison Rizzolo, Sabrina W. Laine, Will Friedman Everyone at the Table provides clear strategies and practical materials to genuinely engage teachers and stimulate a process that gets to the heart of their perspectives on teacher evaluation. It includes how to cultivate teacher leadership, measure teacher effectiveness, and develop strategies for authentic teacher engagement in evaluation reform.  he companion Website enhances the T collaborative approach outlined in the book. GR A D ES K - 1 2

Paperback / 272 pages / ISBN 978-1-118-52634-7 USD $32.95 / CAD $39.95

Kenneth Leithwood • Karen Seashore Louis FO R E WO R D B Y M I C H A E L K N A P P

Linking Leadership to Student Learning

Viviane Robinson “This book will be an equally important resource for individual school leaders, professional developers, and administratorpreparation programs. There will be two copies on my shelf—one to loan and one for my own reference.” — Karen Seashore Louis, Regents Professor, University of Minnesota



Leadership is second only to classroom instruction as the most important influence on student achievement. This book examines all types of leaders—from the school principal to the teacher leader—and after five years of research the well-respected authors could not find a single documented case of a school that managed to turn around its student achievement trajectory in the absence of talented leadership.

KAREN SEASHORE-LOUIS holds the Rodney Wallace Professorship for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning at the University of Minnesota. Her research interests focus on school improvement and school reform; her main area of expertise includes improvement in K-12 leadership and policy, particularly in urban secondary schools. Seashore-Louis is a past president of Division A of the AERA.

G RA D E S K-12


Kenneth Leithwood, Karen Seashore-Louis

KENNETH LEITHWOOD is professor of educational leadership and policy at Ontario Institute for Studies in Education at the University of Toronto. He is an active speaker and consultant in the U.S., Canada, and the U.K. He currently serves on the Task Force for the Revisions of the Interstate School Leadership Consortium (ISSLC) Leadership Standards and has recently worked with the Ohio State Department of Education, the Halifax District School Board, and many other institutions.

Linking leadership practices to student outcomes is always an important topic, but even more so given our current climate of accountability. Busy school leaders need practical research-based guidance about effective educational leadership: the particular types of leadership practice JOSSE Y-BASS LE ADERSHIP LIBR ARY IN EDUCATION that have the most pay-off in terms of improved academic and social learning of their students. Student-Centered Leadership clearly explains how leaders can create the conditions for improved teaching and learning in their schools. Expert author Viviane Robinson presents five dimensions of effective educational leadership. These five dimensions are clearly described, richly illustrated, and their principles explained so that school leaders can intelligently adapt them for use in their own schools. Paperback / 192 pages / ISBN 978-0-470-87413-4 USD $28.00 / CAD $31.00

Linking Leadership to Student Learning

GR A D ES K - 1 2

Paperback / 320 pages / ISBN 978-0-470-62331-2 USD $34.00 / CAD $37.00


Leadership & School Reform Overloaded and Underprepared


Blending Leadership


Nine Beliefs of the Online School Leader

Strategies for Stronger Schools and Healthy, Successful Kids

Stephen Valentine, Reshan Richards

Denise Pope, Maureen Brown Sarah Miles “Parents, teachers, and administrators are all concerned that America’s kids are stressed out, checked out, or both — but many have no idea where to begin when it comes to solving the problem. That’s why the work of Challenge Success is so urgent. It has created a model for creating change in our schools that is based on research and solid foundational principles like communication, creativity, and compassion. If your community wants to build better schools and a brighter future, this book is the place to start.”  — Daniel H. Pink, author of Drive and A Whole New Mind “Challenge Success synthesizes the research on effective school practices and offers concrete tools and strategies that educators and parents can use immediately to make a difference in their communities. By focusing on the day-to-day necessities of a healthy schedule; an engaging, personalized, and rigorous curriculum; and a caring climate, this book is an invaluable resource for school leaders, teachers, parents, and students to help them design learning communities where every student feels a sense of belonging, purpose, and motivation to learn the skills necessary to succeed now and in the future.”   — Linda Darling-Hammond, Charles E. Ducommun Professor of Education, Stanford University

“If you’re a school leader, Blending Leadership is the book you need to guide your thinking in today’s increasingly networked educational environment. Your students and staff may have varying degrees of comfort with technology, but this book will give you solid guidance on how to lead them both online and offline and chart a path to the future.” — Daniel H. Pink, author of Drive and To Sell Is Human

Planning and maintaining the online aspects of schools has become every bit as important as managing brick-and-mortar facilities. The savviest school leaders understand that, increasingly, leadership happens in a mix of online and offline spaces. They take this condition as reality, and an inspiring one at that. This book shows school leaders how to become as adept at leading screen-to-screen as they are at leading face-to-face. Covering everything from the leadership canon (i.e. Drucker and servant leadership) to newer imperatives (i.e. design thinking and content marketing), it details the work of many school leaders across the country and focuses on nine core practices for leading online and off:

Creating Engaging and Powerful 21st Century Learning Environments

1. Blended leaders engage with / as thought leaders 2. Blended leaders design / care for spaces 3. Blended leaders ask for help / accept help 4. Blended leaders challenge / change meeting structures 5. Blended leaders articulate / advance a mission 6. B  lended leaders reject insularity / reject knowledge hoarding 7. Blended leaders plan for today / plan for obsolescence 8. B  lended leaders keep the offramp open / use it frequently 9. Blended leaders aspire to / team around digital making

David Thornburg

GR A D ES K - 1 2

Paperback / 256 pages / ISBN 978-1-119-02244-2 USD $29.95 / CAD $35.95

From the Campfire to the Holodeck

“David Thornburg provokes us to situate generative technology as a context and catalyst for designing and creating engaged and immersive learning spaces and environments. He offers a transformative learning model—the educational holodeck—for both learning space design and learning itself.” —Stephanie Pace Marshall, founding president and president emerita, Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy

Whether you are a school administrator interested in redesigning your school or a teacher who wants to prepare better lessons, From the Campfire to the Holodeck can help you to boost student engagement; enable project-based learning; incorporate technology into the classroom; and encourage student-led learning. GRA D E S K -12

Hardcover / 160 pages / ISBN 978-1-118-63393-9 USD $29.95 / CAD $35.95

Paperback / 250 pages / ISBN 978-1-119-22205-7 USD $29.95 / CAD $35.95



The Insider’s Guide to Winning Education Grants Dakota Pawlicki, Chase James Foreward by Gregory Michie From the nonprofit organization UNITE comes an easy-to-use guide to creating and winning education grants. Pawlicki and James offer a proven step-by-step method for researching, writing, and applying for grants. Filled with real-world examples, this must-have resource outlines the basics, including insider information on the most reliable sources for securing education funding. Includes a wealth of worksheets and proposal templates! GR A D ES K - 1 2

Paperback w/lay-flat binding / 224 pages / ISBN 978-1-118-41290-9 USD $24.95 / CAD $29.95



Resources from Todd Whitaker and Annette Breaux

Todd Whitaker, Annette Breaux

The Ten-Minute Inservice

40 Quick Training Sessions that Build Teacher Effectiveness

Annette Breaux Todd Whitaker

Quick Answers for Busy Teachers Solutions to 60 Common Challenges

Simple, specific steps to take to make an immediate difference in teaching and learning

Deftly handle the sixty most common problems classroom teachers face

“Whitaker and Breaux provide an extremely practical guide for effectively and efficiently transforming professional development and school improvement at any school.” —Dr. Jeffrey Zoul, assistant superintendent for teaching and learning, Rock Island-Milan School District, Il

Teaching is difficult. Educators must grapple with a roomful of diverse students, an evolving curriculum, a massive organization of books, papers, and supplies, and ever-changing technology. Not to mention the challenges of un-or over-involved parents, administrators, and fellow educators. This book helps teachers avoid some of the frustration by providing solutions for the sixty most common challenges teachers face.

Are you an administrator with too much to do and not enough time to do it? Here is your resource to improve teaching schoolwide through quick and effective ten-minute inservices. You can easily incorporate these minilessons into your regular weekly staff meetings and improve teaching and learning in every classroom. Todd Whitaker and Annette Breaux offer 40 mini-workshops, one for each week of the school year, covering everything from behavior problems to parent engagement to motivating students. For each of the 40 training sessions offered, you get: • Tips on how to introduce the topic •S  ample scripts to follow • Follow-up activities to ensure lasting learning • Free access to downloadable versions of many of the handouts. This handy resource contains a simple and effective method for improving teacher effectiveness schoolwide. “As a principal, I know firsthand how difficult it is to provide meaningful PD with limited time. Whitaker and Breaux provide compelling and practical examples that all leaders can seize upon to deliver powerful learning opportunities for teacher improvement.”  —Eric Sheninger, principal, New Milford High School, NJ; National Association of Secondary School Principals, Digital Principal 2012 Award Recipient G RA D E S K-12

Filled with practical advice and concise, actionable solutions, this easyto-read guide is an ideal quick reference for on-the-spot answers. With it, you can develop systems for dealing with issues that repeatedly crop up, from handling the out-of-control class to falling out of love with the job. It also offers innovative methods and techniques that improve student achievement and behavior while minimizing stress on the teacher. Recover from challenging situations, implement a system that keeps those challenges from happening again, and learn to relax and enjoy this richly rewarding profession. With this book, you’ll learn to: •D  eal with the student pushing your buttons, and get that student actively engaged in meaningful learning • Keep students on task, and deal effectively with poor test performance • Speak your mind at faculty meetings • Deal with negative coworkers effectively •H  andle problem parents without embarrassing students or sacrificing professionalism. GR A D ES K - 1 2

Paperback / 272 pages / ISBN 978-1-118-92062-6 USD $29.95 / CAD $35.95

Paperback /208 pages / ISBN 978-1-118-47043-5 USD $29.95 / CAD $35.95



Leadership Resources from Michael Fullan Freedom to Change Four Strategies to Put Your Inner Drive into Overdrive



What change would you like to bring about for yourself or those around you? This engaging and often irreverent book will guide you on your journey to change with four dynamically interrelated actions:

Michael Fullan Author of Leading in a Culture of Change

chang e leader Learning to Do

W h at m at t e r s m o s t

1. S  eek the right balance between autonomy and cooperation with others; 2. Improve the feedback exchange;

GR A D ES K - 1 2

Hardcover / 192 pages ISBN 978-0-470-58213-8 USD $27.95 / CAD $33.95

These four actions are the guideposts for maximizing ‘freedom to change,’ and by navigating your way through them you’ll discover your own best freedom and fast-track your future. GR A D E S K -12

Hardcover / 192 pages / ISBN 978-1-119-02436-1 USD $27.95 / CAD $33.95


Best seller

“Michael Fullan’s work is remarkable. He masterfully captures how leaders can significantly improve their learning and performance, even in the uncontrollable, chaotic circumstances in which they practice. A tour de force.” — Anthony Alvarado, former chancellor of instruction, San Diego City Schools

4. F  ind ways to influence others with the changes we’ve made and want to spread.

Three Keys to Maximizing Impact

Learning to Do What Matters Most Do you know what differentiates a powerful leader from one who is merely competent? In Change Leader, Fullan argues that powerful leaders have built a bedrock of credibility, have learned how to identify the few things that matter most, and know how to leverage their skills in ways that benefit their entire organization.

Leading in a Culture of Change

3. Build accountability to others into the fabric of your working life; and

The Principal

Change Leader

GR A D ES K - 1 2

Paperback / 176 pages ISBN 978-0-7879-8766-4 USD $17.95 / CAD $19.99


Best seller

 rincipals are often called the P second most crucial in-school influencers (after teachers) of student learning. But what should the principal do in order to maximize student achievement? One of the best-known leadership authors in education, Michael Fullan, explains why the answer lies neither in micro-managing instruction nor in autonomous entrepreneurialism. He shows systematically how the principal’s role should change, demonstrating how it can be done in short order, at scale.

The Six Secrets of Change What the Best Leaders Do to Help Their Organizations Survive and Thrive How do successful organizations adjust quickly and intelligently to shifts in consumer tastes, political climate, and economic opportunity? Filled with lessons that are insightful, actionable, and concisely communicable, The Six Secrets of Change offers essential lessons for business and public sector leaders for thriving in today’s complex environment.

• Reveals the three key roles that administrators must play in today’s schools

“To help managers navigate change, Fullan share six secrets designed to help with large-scale reform: Love Your Employees, Connect Peers with Purpose, Capacity Building Prevails, Learning Is the Work, Transparency Rules and Systems Learn, and provides guidelines for making these secrets work.” — Publisher’s Weekly

•F  illed with “action items” to help implement Fullan’s program

GR A D ES K - 1 2

• Includes strategies that have been successfully field-tested in schools across the United States and Canada

Paperback / 176 pages / ISBN 978-1-118-15260-7 USD $18.95 / CAD $22.95

GRA D E S K -12

Hardcover / 192 pages / ISBN 978-1-118-57523-9 USD $27.95 / CAD $33.95 Michael Fullan is recognized as a worldwide authority on organizational change, and he is also the author of The Six Secrets of Change, Leading in a Culture of Change, and Turnaround Leadership.


Turnaround Leadership for Higher Education Michael Fullan, Geoff Scott Hardcover / 192 pages / ISBN 978-0-470-47204-0 USD $45.00 / CAD $50.00


Educational Technology Blended Using Disruptive Innovation to Improve Schools Michael B. Horn, Heather Staker Foreword by Clayton M. Christensen



Navigate the transition to blended learning Blended is the practical field guide for implementing blended learning techniques in K–12 schools. A followup to the bestseller Disrupting Class, this hands-on guide is a resource for those wanting to make significant changes in their schools. Readers will find a step-by-step framework upon which to build a more student-centered educational system along with real-world advice for creating the next generation of K–12 learning environments. Readers will gain valuable insight into the process of using online learning, benefitting students and teachers alike, while avoiding missteps and potential pitfalls. Blended helps users: •D  iscover an attainable framework for implementing blended learning in a classroom, school, or district • Unlock the potential—and mitigate the risks—of online learning •F  ind answers to the most commonly asked questions about blended learning •C  reate a more student-centered system that functions as a positive force across grade levels “Blended gives concrete examples of how educators, parents, and learners can move us all to a world where technology makes the classroom more human, not less.” — SALMAN KHAN, founder, Khan Academy; author, The One World Schoolhouse: Education Reimagined G RAD E S K-12

Hardcover / 336 pages / ISBN 978-1-118-95515-4 / USD $32.95 / CAD $39.95

Go Blended! A Handbook for Blending Technology in Schools Liz Arney A practical implementation guide for educators interested in getting blended learning off the ground. Throughout the book, teachers share helpful tips and lesson plans to help educators make purposeful choices in using technology to fulfill students’ needs. This useful guide also offers key tools to support an implementation and practical advice for avoiding mistakes. From sweeping concepts like program goals to nitty-gritty details like teaching routines around technology use, you’ll learn how to: • Investigate leadership and staff readiness to “go blended.” •L  earn how to evaluate and purchase the right educational software. •K  eep the program’s goals in mind throughout the development process. • Teach lessons that set students up for success when using classroom technology. • Tailor the program to the students, not the other way around. G RADE S K- 1 2

Paperback / 336 pages / ISBN 978-1-118-97420-9 / USD $26.95 / CAD $31.95




The Classroom Teacher’s Technology Survival Guide Doug Johnson

A comprehensive guide for integrating educational technology in the K-12 classroom THE

Classroom Teacher’s Technology SURVIVAL GUIDE

This timely resource provides a common­-sense approach to choosing and using educational technology to enhance learning. This is a must-have guide for all K-12 teachers and administrators who want to really make the best use of available technologies. Written by an expert in educational technology, teachers will learn about the most up-to-date technologies and how they can best be used in the classroom. This guide also includes advice on upgrading time-tested educational strategies and discusses managing “disruptive technologies” in the classroom. Full of helpful suggestions and practical tips that every classroom teacher should have access to. G RADE S 5 - 8

Paperback / 240 pages / ISBN 978-1-118-02455-3 / USD $29.95 / CAD $35.95




Educational Technology What School Leaders Need to Know About Digital Technologies and Social Media

Scott McLeod Chris Lehmann FOREWORD BY


What School Leaders Need to Know About Digital Technologies and Social Media Scott McLeod, Chris Lehmann Foreword by David Warlick “Contemporary learning is being revolutionized by social media and digital technologies. This book is a must read for any administrator trying to make sense of why these tools are important and how to use them to connect, communicate, and collaborate inside and outside of the place we call school.” —Pamela R. Moran, EdD, president, Virginia Association of School Superintendents

GRA D E S K -12



SMART How Digital Learning is Changing the World

How Digital Learning is Changing the World Tom Vander Ark Foreword by Governor Bob Wise “Provocative and bold, Tom Vander Ark’s Getting Smart challenges long-held assumptions about education, points to why innovation will be so critical to enabling the education system of the future, and paints a vision of what learning could look like throughout society—and how we so desperately need it.” —Michael B. Horn, executive director, Education of Innosight Institute; and coauthor, Disrupting Class

A comprehensive look at the promise and potential of online learning

Hardcover / 224 pages / ISBN 978-1-118-02224-5 USD $28.00 / CAD $31.00

21st Century Skills Learning for Life in Our Times Bernie Trilling, Charles Fadel

The new building blocks for learning in a complex world. This important resource introduces a framework for 21st Century learning that maps out the skills needed to survive and thrive in a complex and connected world. 21st Century content includes the basic core subjects of reading, writing, and arithmeticbut also emphasizes global awareness, financial/economic literacy, and health issues. The skills fall into three categories: learning and innovations skills; digital literacy skills; and life and career skills. This book is filled with vignettes, international examples, and classroom samples that help illustrate the framework and provide an exciting view of twenty-first century teaching and learning.

In our digital age, students have dramatically new learning needs and must be prepared for the idea economy of the future. In Getting Smart, well-known global education expert Tom Vander Ark examines the facets of educational innovation in the United States and abroad. Vander Ark makes a convincing case for a blend of online and onsite learning, shares inspiring stories of schools and programs that effectively offer “personal digital learning” opportunities, and discusses what we need to do to remake our schools into “smart schools.” • Examines the innovation-driven world, discusses how to combine online and onsite learning, and reviews “smart tools” for learning • Investigates the lives of learning professionals, outlines the new employment bargain, examines online universities and “smart schools” • Makes the case for smart capital, advocates for policies that create better learning, studies smart cultures GR A D ES K - 1 2

Hardcover / 256 pages / ISBN 978-1-118-00723-5 USD $26.95 / CAD $31.95

Teaching on the Education Frontier

• Explores the three main categories of 21st Century skills: learning and innovations skills; digital literacy skills; and life and career skills

Instructional Strategies for Online and Blended Classrooms Grades 5-12

• Addresses timely issues such as the rapid advance of technology and increased economic competition

Kristin Kipp Foreword by Susan Patrick

• Based on a framework developed by the Partnership for 21st Century Skills (P21).

A groundbreaking guide to facilitating online and blended courses

For more information on the book visit GRA D E S K -12

Paperback w/DVD / 256 pages / ISBN 978-1-118-15706-0 USD $19.95 / CAD $23.95 Includes a DVD with video clips of innovative classroom teaching


Getting Smart



Enhanced e-book now available from your tablet vendor

This comprehensive resource offers teachers in grades 5-12 a hands-on guide to the rapidly growing field of online and blended teaching. With clear examples and explanations, Kristin Kipp shows how to structure online and blended courses for student engagement, build relationships with online students, facilitate discussion boards, collaborate online, design online assessments, and much more. GR A D ES 5 - 1 2

Paperback / 256 pages / ISBN 978-1-118-44977-6 USD $29.95 / CAD $35.95


College Counseling & Curriculum How to Prepare a Standout College Application Expert Advice That Takes You from LMO* (*Like Many Others) to Admit Alison Cooper Chisolm, Anna Ivey Written by two former admissions officers at top universities and current admissions coaches, this book is a must have for preparing a winning college application. The authors show applicants how to leverage their credentials; stand out in the over-crowded applicants’ pool; and make a genuine, memorable impression. This book is filled with step-by-step advice that students and parents can use immediately and will refer to again and again. • Includes instructions and examples for every component of the college application, from writing the essay to answering questions like “Why do you want to go to College X?” •S  hows how to avoid underestimating the importance of critical features on any application • Includes the latest information on the Common Application 4.0. “. . . great advice with a rare, big-picture perspective.” —Jennifer P. Weil, former admissions officer at Yale University

ALISON COOPER CHISOLM has experience ranging from front-line admissions reader to dean of admissions. She worked at Southern Methodist University, then the University of Chicago, and most recently Dartmouth College. 

ANNA IVEY is the former dean of admissions at the University of Chicago Law School and the founder of Ivey Consulting, which offers a world-class team of experts to coach college, law school, and business school applicants one-on-one. G RA D E S 9 -1 2

Paperback / 352 pages / ISBN 978-1-118-41440-8 / USD $16.95 / CAD $19.95

The Secrets of

College Success SECOND EDITION


The Secrets of College Success

The Secrets of Picking a College (and Getting In!)

Lynn F. Jacobs, Jeremy S. Hyman

Lynn F. Jacobs, Jeremy S. Hyman, Jeffrey Durso-Finley, Jonah T. Hyman

Second Edition

Winner of the 2010 USA Book News Award for best book in the college category, The Secrets of College Success combines easy-to-follow tips that really work with insider information that few professors are willing to reveal—but all students need to know. New to this second edition are tips for:

“Authoritative and wise… accessible and lively…. A good first book for any student embarking on the college search.” —Theodore A. O’Neill, former Dean of Admissions, University of Chicago  wo college professors, a former T admissions officer, and a high school senior team up to provide over 600 tips, techniques, and strategies for picking, and getting into, college. Practical and easyto-read, the book offers insider tips for the top ten ‘moments’ of the college application process:

• Online courses and MOOCs LYNN F. JACOBS


•C  ommunity colleges, engineering schools, and arts and design colleges

• E-readers, tablets, and laptops • Taking out student loans and paying them off, and more. Ideal for college students at any stage, and college-bound high school students, The Secrets of College Success makes a wonderful back-tocollege or high-school graduation gift—or a smart investment in your own future. “Along with shower flip-flops and a very loud alarm clock, this book should be on every freshman’s college packing list. The professors have outlined solutions for all the major fears that students face when they start college.” —Marjorie Savage, parent program director, University of Minnesota DR. LYNN F. JACOBS is professor of art history at the University of Arkansas. JEREMY S. HYMAN is founder and chief architect of Professors’ Guide™ content products. Between them, they have over 40 years of teaching experience at eight different colleges and universities. Additional tips are available at, at, and on Twitter at @professorsguide. G R A D E S 1 2-14

Paperback / 352 pages / ISBN 978-1-118-57512-3 USD $16.95 / CAD $19.95 E9X6A

#1 Making a coherent initial list of colleges #2 Getting good information from the college fair, the college night, etc. #3 F  acing the finances: assessing need, applying for aid, and finding scholarships #4 Visiting the colleges: the whens, whys, and hows #5 Preparing for and taking the SATs/ACTs #6 C  onstructing your application: Common App essay, extra-curriculars, letters of recommendation, and the supplementals #7 F  iguring out what admission officers are looking for in an application #8 D  eciding whether to apply early decision, early action, or regular decision #9 Putting your best self forward in interviews #10 Making your final choice—and improving the offer With tips for the 2015–2016 Common App Essay Prompts and the 2016 SAT, this book will not only demystify the college-application process, it will reduce your stress and maximize your chances of getting into the college of your choice. GR A D ES 9 - 1 2

Paperback / 288 pages / ISBN 978-1-118-97463-6 USD $16.95 / CAD $19.95






ul, st helpf “The mo ll-written e and we ions accurat admiss college y book on in nearl en se ions.” I have admiss in s de ca , four de rt Massa —Robe kinson College Dic , former VP, n of Enrollment and Dea Hopkins Johns





Admission Matters What Students and Parents Need to Know about Getting into College

New edition of the go-to reference to college admission

“In the ever evolving world of college admission, Admission Matters is both comprehensive and cutting edge. If you limit yourself to one how-to guide for college admission, Admission Matters fills the bill.”  —Bruce J. Jones, associate director of admission, Whitman College SALLY P. SPRINGER is associate chancellor emerita at the University of California, Davis, and a psychologist with more than 30 years of experience in higher education as a professor and administrator. J ON REIDER is director of college counseling at San Francisco University High School. For 15 years he served as an admissions officer and taught humanities at Stanford University.

“As important as book learning is, we know that success in life is also dependent upon emotional intelligence. The authors of The Student EQ Edge define emotional intelligence and provide a road map for mastering emotional intelligence skills. I would highly recommend it to any high school or college student interested in knowing what it takes to be truly successful both inside and outside the classroom.”  —Brad Beacham, executive director, Sigma Nu Fraternity, Inc.

GR A D E S 9-16

Paperback / 336 pages / ISBN 978-1-118-09459-4 / USD $30.00 /CAD $33.00





The Student EQ Edge Facilitation and Activity Guide GRADES 9-16

Paperback 320 pages

ISBN 978-1-118-09461-7 USD $45.00 / CAD $50.00





An era of social responsibility has begun to dawn among global youth, on high school and college campuses, in student organizations and clubs, in leadership classes and workshops, and in service-learning programs. Students today have a yearning to improve the world, but they often don’t know how to channel their passions and their concerns into productive steps toward actual social innovation. Do Good Well is their guide.

GR A D ES 9 - 1 6

The Student EQ Edge


an d


Steven J. Stein, Howard E. Book, Korrel Kanoy

Paperback / 400 pages / ISBN 978-1-118-45027-7 / USD $17.95 / CAD $21.95



Emotional Intelligence and Your Academic and Personal Success

GRA D E S 9-12


Yo ur Gu i de to

“As a college professor, I see energetic students every day who aspire to ‘change the world.’ Do Good Well fills a critical void by giving these passionate individuals the know-how to lead meaningful action and maximize their impact. A book that is most impressive in both the breadth and depth of topics it covers and the sageness of the advice it provides.”  —Christopher Winship, Diker-Tishman Professor of Sociology, Harvard University

In their fresh voice, and with passion and humor, the authors present a 12-step process that empowers readers to act on their passions and concerns. This process is organized into three parts: Use What Works, Work Together, and Make It Last. Vasan and Przybylo offer specific guidance for following the process through practical and prescriptive actions such as the nuts and bolts of building organizations, joining boards, applying for funding, creating partnerships with organizations that have similar goals, organizing conferences, and publicizing events. The book incorporates firsthand accounts of young people in action, and always reinforces the message that social innovation can be a lifestyle, made up of efforts small and large. It is not an all-or-nothing proposition, and anyone can affect social change.

 OYCE VINING MORGAN is a certified educational planner specializing in J college admissions with an online individualized practice. She has over 17 years of experience in college admissions counseling.


Do Good Well Your Guide to Leadership, Action, and Social Innovation Nina Vasan, Jennifer Przybylo

Third Edition

Getting into college has never been more complicated or competitive. Parents and students Writing a Great Essay need expert guidance to navigate Preparing Strong Applications ions the maze of college admissions. How Colleges Decide The authors offer great practical Getting Financial Aid advice for selecting the right school, writing effective essays, navigating financial aid, and much more. No matter what type of school a college-bound student may select, Admission Matters will give them the edge they need.


—MUHAMMAD YUNUS, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate and Founder of Grameen Bank

Sally P. Springer, Jon Reider, Joyce Vining Morgan

Choosing the Right Collegee


“This book is the primer for social innovation.”



The Student EQ Edge Student Workbook


G RADES 9 - 1 6


Paperback 240 pages



ISBN 978-1-118-09460-0 USD $15.00 / CAD $17.00

Paperback / 576 pages / ISBN 978-1-118-38294-3 USD $32.00 / CAD $35.00

Generation Z Goes to College Corey Seemiller, Meghan Grace



Those born from 1995–2010 have different motivations, learning styles, characteristics, skill sets, and social concerns than previous generations. This book blends findings from an in-depth study of 1,200 Generation Z college students with studies from youth, market, and education research related to this generation. The authors provide interpretations, implications, and recommendations for program, process, and curriculum changes that will maximize the educational impact on Generation Z students. GR A D ES 9 - 1 6

Hardcover / 272 pages / ISBN 978-1-119-14345-1 USD $29.95 / CAD $35.95 E9X6A

Common Core State Standards / PCG Education

Eureka Math Study Guides E


Eureka Math is a comprehensive, content-rich PreK–12 curriculum that follows the focus and coherence of the Common Core State Standards in Mathematics and carefully sequences the mathematical progressions into expertly crafted instructional modules. These companion Study Guides gather the key components of the curriculum for each grade into a single location, unpacking the standards in detail so that both users and non-users of Eureka Math can benefit equally from the content presented. Each of the Eureka Math Curriculum Study Guides includes narratives that provide educators with: • an overview of what students should be learning throughout the year, • information on alignment to the instructional shifts and the standards, • design of curricular components, • approaches to differentiated instruction, and • descriptions of mathematical models. The Study Guides can serve as either a self-study professional development resource or as the basis for a deep group study of the standards for a particular grade. For teachers who are new to the classroom or the standards, the Study Guides introduce them not only to Eureka Math but also to the content of the grade level in a way they will find manageable and useful. Teachers familiar with the Eureka Math curriculum will also find this resource valuable as it allows for a meaningful study of the grade level content in a way that highlights the coherence between modules and topics. The Study Guides allow teachers to obtain a firm grasp on what it is that students should master during the year.

Eureka Math Study Guide

Eureka Math Study Guide

Eureka Math Study Guide

Grade K

Grade 1

Grade 2

Paperback / 168 pages ISBN 978-1-118-846650-6 USD $32.95 / CAD $39.95

Paperback / 192 pages ISBN 978-1-118-81397-3 USD $32.95 / CAD $39.95

Paperback / 192 pages / ISBN 978-1-118-81166-5 / USD $32.95 / CAD $39.95

Eureka Math Study Guide

Eureka Math Study Guide

Eureka Math Study Guide

Grade 3

Grade 4

Grade 5

Paperback / 168 pages ISBN 978-1-118-81198-6 USD $32.95 / CAD $39.95

Paperback / 192 pages ISBN 978-1-118-81186-3 USD $32.95 / CAD $39.95

Paperback / 168 pages / ISBN 978-1-118-81181-8 / USD $32.95 / CAD $39.95

Thinkquiry Toolkit 1 Reading and Vocabulary Strategies for College and Career Readiness Second Edition



PCG Education

Essential, easy-to-implement tools for teachers to help improve literacy across the content areas, as mandated by the CCSS. Thinkquiry Toolkit 1, Second Edition is a collection of teacher instructional practices, student learning strategies, and collaborative routines that improves reading comprehension and vocabulary learning in grades 4 through 12. Each practice, strategy, or routine is research-based, high impact, multi-purpose and effective in improving student learning across multiple content areas. It addresses the importance of the ability to read, write, speak, listen, and think well enough to learn. Paperback / 200 pages / ISBN 978-1-119-12751-2 / USD $29.95 / CAD $35.95



Common Core State Standards You can teach history again. Now there’s a strategic plan for your K-5 classrooms that addresses the Common Core State Standards using books your students will love. The Alexandria Plan has been developed by the authors of the Wheatley Portfolio and Eureka Math. It is a sequenced framework that enables you to reprioritize the teaching of U.S. and world history. The Plan provides 72 detailed illustrations (36 each for lower and upper elementary) of how to use exemplar texts to meet the expectations of the CCSS and to address your state’s social studies standards. The Plan includes: • Era Summaries—a brief history of the key ideas, individuals, and events that defined an era of United States or world history •L  earning Expectations—a description of what aspect or portion of the history of a particular era is appropriate for students in a given grade span •S  uggested Anchor Texts—a curated list of unbiased texts, appropriate for each grade span, that can be used to teach essential knowledge identified in the Learning Expectations • Text Studies—in-depth guides demonstrating how to utilize an exemplar anchor text in the classroom. These studies include: • a rationale for the selection of the featured anchor text • a set of text-dependent questions that guide students through a close reading of the text • sample student answers that demonstrate successful use of textual evidence to answer the questions • analysis indicating how each text-dependent question, assessment, and extension aligns to the CCSS. • Assessments—exemplar tasks in which students demonstrate their abilities to write, speak, and/or conduct research around key ideas, events, and people in the featured anchor text •M  ore Resources—a curated list of primary sources by grade span, historical fiction, works of art, and multimedia resources related to the topic of the featured anchor text.

Common Core Curriculum for United States History

Common Core Curriculum for World History

The US History volumes introduce elementary students to 18 key eras in US history, from the original Native American people to modern times, through stories that will captivate readers and inspire curiosity to learn more.

These volumes introduce elementary students to 18 key eras in world history, from the discovery of fire to modern globalization, through stories that will captivate readers and inspire curiosity to learn more. GR A D ES K - 2


Caption, Cabin Regular or Italic, 8/9.6, Title Cap, White or Black Depending on Art

Paperback / 240 pages ISBN 978-1-118-52626-2 USD $29.95 / CAD $35.95


Common Core Curriculum for United States History


Caption, Cabin Regular or Italic, 8/9.6, Title Cap, White or Black Depending on Art

Common Core Curriculum for World History

Paperback / 272 pages ISBN 978-1-118-83512-8 USD $29.95 / CAD $35.95


Caption, Cabin Regular or Italic, 8/9.6, Title Cap, White or Black Depending on Art

GR A D E S 3 - 5

Paperback / 240 pages ISBN 978-1-118-52696-5 USD $29.95 / CAD $35.95


Common Core Curriculum for United States History

Caption, Cabin Regular or Italic, 8/9.6, Title Cap, White or Black Depending on Art

GR A D ES 3 - 5

Paperback / 288 pages ISBN 978-1-118-83524-1 USD $29.95 / CAD $35.95

Common Core Curriculum for World History


Common Core State Standards Common Core Curriculum: English The Wheatley Portfolio Second Edition “The curriculum maps in this book offer us a magnificent opportunity to rekindle the magic of learning in America’s classrooms! Teachers will be excited to bring content-rich, integrated learning experiences to life using these maps as a guide.”  — Teresa Chance, professional development director for Rogers Public Schools, Arkansas

The Wheatley Portfolio resources empower educators to meet the expectations of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) for English language arts (ELA) and build essential content knowledge for students in grades K-12. Each grade in the Wheatley Portfolio features a comprehensive, coherent sequence of thematic units that engage students in deep study of worthwhile texts and topics. Features of these books include: • Six thematic units for each grade, each centered on a curated collection of literary and informational texts • Focus standards for each unit that complement the topic and promote student mastery of essential literacy skills • Suggested texts and activities to incorporate science, art, and history into English instruction. The Common Core State Standards are meant to be taught within the context of a content-rich curriculum, but they don’t specify what content students need to master. Written by teachers for teachers, Common Core Curriculum English provides teachers with detailed curriculum “maps” for teaching the CCSS for English Language Arts within a coherent sequence of thematic units by grade level. • Each grade includes a “standards checklist” showing which standards are covered in which unit. •E  ach unit contains focus standards, student objectives, suggested works, sample activities and assessments, a sample lesson plan with guidance for differentiated instruction, and more. • Standards citations are included after each sample activity/assessment to indicate alignment. • Every standard in the CCSS is covered in the maps; most more than once. The maps are flexible and adaptable to accommodate diverse teaching styles. Any teacher, school, or district can use this book to plan their year and to craft their own more detailed lesson plans with confidence that they are adhering to the standards. “Common Core Curriculum English is a wonderful tool for classroom teachers who have all they can do to handle their countless daily responsibilities. With the inclusion of essential questions, and even ways to bring in music and art, the maps in this book are ready-made for teachers to use as they see fit. The maps are a helpful tool for implementing the CCSS in the classroom and provide a welcome and long overdue system of support for America’s educators.” — David P. Driscoll, former president of the Council of Chief State School Officers and current chair of the National Assessment Governing Board


G RA D ES 6 - 8

GR A D ES 9 - 1 2

Paperback / 480 pages ISBN 978-1-118-81135-1 USD $32.95 / CAD $39.95

Paperback / 264 pages ISBN 978-1-118-81134-4 USD $32.95 / CAD $39.95

Paperback / 336 pages ISBN 978-1-118-81130-6 USD $32.95 / CAD $39.95



Resources from Odell Education

Developing Core Literacy Proficiencies



The Developing Core Literacy Proficiencies program is an integrated set of English Language Arts/Literacy units spanning grades 6-12. Created by Odell Education and funded by the USNY Regents Research Fund for EngageNY, the curriculum is comprised of a series of four 3-week units for each grade that provide direct instruction on a set of literacy proficiencies at the heart of the Common Core State Standards. Unit I. Reading Closely for Textual Details

Unit III. Researching to Deepen Understanding

Unit II. Making Evidence-Based Claims

Unit IV. Building Evidence-Based Arguments

Each unit develops the proficiency through a progression of activities centered on a variety of complex texts so that students have opportunities to engage with significant ideas from a diversity of topics and perspectives. Supplemental materials like handouts and graphic organizers support students along the way. Unit activities have been built to encourage creativity and leadership development with the goal of empowering students with awareness and responsibility of their own learning, and the unit series also incorporates sustained and structured collaborative activities to build those essential skills and habits. The instructional sequences, teachers’ notes, tools, handouts, rubrics, and graphic organizers are designed to aid the learning of diverse students, and they were all developed to function on their own so teachers can integrate them into instruction based on other texts and topics. This makes the materials adaptable and usable outside of the model units.

Developing Core Literacy Proficiencies, Teacher Guides

Developing Core Literacy Proficiencies, Student Materials

Paperback w/CD-ROM / USD $32.95 / CAD $39.95 each

Paperback / 75 pages each / USD $6.95 / CAD $7.95 each


Developing Core Literacy Proficiencies, TG

Developing Core Literacy Proficiencies, SM

Grade 6

Grade 6

425 pages ISBN 978-1-119-19281-7

ISBN 978-1-119-19278-7

Developing Core Literacy Proficiencies, TG

Developing Core Literacy Proficiencies, SM

Grade 7

Grade 7

425 pages ISBN 978-1-119-19285-5

ISBN 978-1-119-19256-5

Developing Core Literacy Proficiencies, TG

Developing Core Literacy Proficiencies, SM

Grade 8

Grade 8

425 pages ISBN 978-1-119-19291-6

ISBN 978-1-119-19297-8

Developing Core Literacy Proficiencies, TG

Developing Core Literacy Proficiencies, SM

Grade 9

Grade 9

520 pages ISBN 978-1-119-19287-9

ISBN 978-1-119-19292-3

Developing Core Literacy Proficiencies, TG

Developing Core Literacy Proficiencies, SM

Grade 10

Grade 10

520 pages ISBN 978-1-119-19271-8

ISBN 978-1-119-19261-9

Developing Core Literacy Proficiencies, TG

Developing Core Literacy Proficiencies, SM

Grade 11

Grade 11

520 pages ISBN 978-1-119-19265-7

ISBN 978-1-119-19298-5

Developing Core Literacy Proficiencies, TG

Developing Core Literacy Proficiencies, SM

Grade 12

Grade 12

520 pages ISBN 978-1-119-19251-0

ISBN 978-1-119-19258-9


Resources from Odell Education

Core Proficiencies Curriculum Resource Series Reading Closely Teacher Handbook & Student Literacy Toolbox

Conducting Research Teacher Handbook & Student Literacy Toolbox

A companion set of resources for building literacy proficiency.

A companion set of resources for building literacy proficiency.

The Reading Closely Teacher Handbook is a practical guide for teaching close reading based on Odell Education’s Guiding Questions Framework. The Guiding Questions Framework teaches students an innovative, question-based approach to textual analysis, cultivating their independence as critical readers. Students learn to use, respond to, frame, and extend text-dependent questions as they progressively dig deeper into complex texts and develop their own evidence-based claims about them.

The Conducting Research Teacher Handbook is a practical guide for teaching student-directed inquiry and research based on Odell Education’s Research Framework. The Research Framework teaches students an innovative process that nurtures their productive curiosity, cultivates their independence as critical researchers, and deepens their knowledge of the world around them. Students learn how to initiate and manage self-directed inquiry, either to extend their knowledge about a topic of interest or to develop their own evidence-based perspective on a significant issue. The Handbook guides instruction that teaches students to conduct pertinent, thorough and quality searches, whether they are engaging in extension activities or undertaking a formal research project.

The Reading Closely Student Literacy Toolbox is comprised of practical “tools” from the OE Core Proficiencies Curriculum - handouts, graphic organizers and rubrics that coordinate with the Guiding Questions Framework and support the development of student literacy. The literacy tools break down complex processes into a clear progression of reading and thinking stages to scaffold student learning. The Teacher Handbook guides teachers in using the question-based reading closely process and Literacy Toolbox. For each step, the Handbook demonstrates how to construct differentiated activities around the tools to build student proficiency and evaluate student progress.

Reading Closely Teacher Handbook

Reading Closely Teacher Handbook

GR ADE S 6 - 1 2

Paperback w/CD-ROM / 150 pages ISBN 978-1-119-19302-9 USD $24.95 / CAD $29.95

The Conducting Research Student Literacy Toolbox is comprised of practical “tools” from the OE Core Proficiencies Curriculum - handouts, graphic organizers and rubrics that coordinate with the Research Framework and support the development of student research, critical reading and writing skills. The research tools break down complex processes into a clear progression of thinking, searching, reading and writing stages to scaffold student learning. Using the Research Toolbox, students archive their work in a research portfolio to guide their inquiry and develop a coherent and comprehensive understanding of their subject of investigation. The Teacher Handbook guides teachers in using the Research Framework and Toolbox. At each step, the Handbook demonstrates how to construct differentiated activities around the tools to build student proficiency and evaluate student progress.

Coming Summer 2016

Conducting Research Teacher Handbook GR A D ES 6 - 1 2

Paperback w/CD-ROM / 150 pages ISBN 978-1-119-19305-0 USD $24.95 / CAD $29.95

Reading Closely Student Handbook G RADE S 6 - 1 2

Paperback / 80 pages ISBN 978-1-119-19301-2 USD $6.95 / CAD $7.95

Conducting Research Teacher Handbook

Reading Closely Student Handbook Conducting Research Student Handbook

Conducting Research Student Handbook GR A D ES 6 - 1 2

Paperback / 80 pages ISBN 978-1-119-19307-4 USD $6.95 / CAD $7.95



Literacy Resources from Katherine S. McKnight JOSSEY-BASS TEACHER

5–12 K–12


Co-published with Staff Development for Educators

The Teacher’s

Common Core Literacy for Math, Science, and Technical Subjects

Graphic Organizers

BIG BOOK of 100 1

Reproducible Organizers that Help Kids with Reading, Writing and the Content Areas

Strategies to Deepen Content Knowledge


Mary Rogers Name __________________________


Resources and guidance for the journey of Common Core implementation

28-Apr-09 __________________________

Katie Sullivan 12-Oct-09




NS: Write


down and

Key events

Battlefield Lady Macbeth


King Duncan’s Castle


that started

the key

the American


events in

1-Dec-09 __________________________

Topic Generator: Hand Model

Lake Erie

al order. Lake Michigan


Upon the Heath


Penny Saners Name __________________________






The only one of the Great Lakes that is entirely within the

smallest of the Great Lakes in volume

Lake Huron

(119 cubic miles).

United States. Macbeth

Witches make predictions about Macbeth. The first prediction comes true which motivates Macbeth to make the others come true.

In this age of the Common Core State Standards, all content area teachers must integrate literacy standards into their curriculum. In these hands-on resources, Common Core literacy expert Katherine McKnight offers secondary teachers a clear understanding of what literacy looks like, either in math, science, and technical subjects (STEM) or social studies and the humanities.

of the Great Lakes.

Lake Ontario Smallest of the Great Lakes.

Sugar Act

Fate can influence future.

Lake Superior

1764 1765-Stamp

Act 1767-Townsh


Ruthless ambition.



Forfeiting moral standing for power.



The largest and deepest.

The Great Lakes


Macbeth becomes a tyrant and rules Scotland with great cruelty.


2nd largest

Contain 95% of US freshwater.


1770 Boston

Massacre 1773 Boston

Tea Party

1774 First



Katherine S. McKnight

The Teacher’s Big Book of Graphic Organizers 100 Reproducible Organizers That Help Kids with Reading, Writing, and the Content Areas Graphic organizers create a strong visual picture for students and support their ability to learn facts, information, and terms. In this valuepacked resource, you’ll learn to tap the power of graphic organizers, with 100 organizers that support success in the classroom. All the graphic organizers promote active learning.

The book is filled with dynamic graphic organizers that can be used before, during, and after learning activities across the content areas and contains easy-to-follow instructions on how to apply and adapt each organizer.

McKnight gives educators proven teaching techniques that help develop literacy skills in students. She also offers a wealth of practical strategies and ready-to-use activities that teachers can integrate seamlessly. Included are:

GR A D ES 5 - 1 2

Paperback w/ lay-flat binding / 224 pages / ISBN 978-0-470-50242-6 USD $22.95 / CAD $27.95

• Ideas for implementing the literacy requirements of the Common Core across content areas

The Elementary Teacher’s Big Book of Graphic Organizers

• A selection of activities that support literacy skills and build content knowledge in a variety of subjects

100+ Ready-to-Use Organizers That Help Kids Learn Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, and More

• An easy-to-use Difficulty Dial that indicates the complexity of each activity

GR A D ES K - 5

Paperback w/ lay-flat binding / 240 pages ISBN 978-1-118-34304-3 / USD $22.95 / CAD $27.95

•R  obust student samples that bring the activities to life across a variety of grade levels and subjects Designed for practicality, these books provide excellent support for rigorous Common Core implementation. GR A D E S K -8

The Second City Guide to Improv in the Classroom

Paperback w/ lay-flat binding / 264 pages ISBN 978-1-118-71020-3 / USD $29.95 / CAD $35.95

Using Improvisation to Teach Skills and Boost Learning Katherine S. McKnight, Mary Scruggs




Kat h er i n e S . M c K n ig h t




L I T E R A C Y for ELA,

History/Social Studies, and the Humanities Strategies to Deepen Content Knowledge

Explore how to use improv exercises to teach a wide variety of content areas and boost critical learning skills.

Common Core Literacy for ELA, History/ Social Studies, and the Humanities Strategies to Deepen Content Knowledge

GR A D ES K - 8

GR A D E S 6 - 1 2

 aperback / 200 pages / ISBN 978-0-7879-9650-5 P USD $24.95 / CAD $26.99

Paperback w/ lay-flat binding / 216 pages ISBN 978-1-118-71015-9 USD $29.95 / CAD $35.95



7–12 K–12


KATHERINE S. McKNIGHT, Phd, a former high school English teacher, is a professor of secondary education at National Louis University and a sought-after professional development consultant on Common Core literacy. McKnight is an active trainer for Staff Development for Educators. To learn more, go to

English Teacher’s


Ready-to-Use Techniques & Materials for Grades 7–12 SECOND EDITION


The English Teacher’s Survival Guide


new edition

Ready-to-Use Techniques and Materials Mary Lou Brandvik, Katherine S. McKnight Second Edition “A must-have guide for both novice and experienced secondary English teachers. The book’s positive, affirming tone makes you want to be the best teacher you can be. I wish it had been available when I was a new English teacher—it could have made the difference between surviving and thriving.”—T homas G. Gunning, professor emeritus, Southern Connecticut State University

GR A D ES 7 - 1 2

Paperback w/ lay-flat binding / 336 pages / ISBN 978-0-470-52513-5 USD $29.95 / CAD $35.95



Reading / Literacy / Writing Raising Kids Who Read What Parents and Teachers Can Do Daniel T. Willingham


Be st seller

“Raising Kids Who Read provides a fresh, down-to-earth approach to the difficult charge of raising a lifelong reader. It’s filled with practical, easy-to-follow advice that busy parents and teachers can implement. Willingham makes it fun to read, like having coffee with a friend.” —Angela Kanak, English teacher, Kankakee High School, Kankakee, IL “Dan Willingham, rare among cognitive scientists for also being a wonderful writer, has produced a book about learning in school that reads like a trip through a wild and thrilling new country. For teachers and parents, even students, there are surprises on every page.” —Jay Mathews, education columnist, Washington Post

Practical Solutions for Engendering a Love of Reading Combining evidence-based analysis of the latest research with engaging, insightful recommendations, Willingham reveals the three essential elements for kids to enjoy reading—decoding, comprehension, and motivation—and provides practical tips for supporting all three. Weaving together intellectually rich arguments and entertaining discussion, Raising Kids Who Read offers: •R  esearch-based, concrete suggestions that help parents and teachers instill a love of reading • Age-specific tips for developing decoding ability, comprehension, and motivation • Advice for helping kids with reading problems and encouraging reading in the digital age Debunking myths about literacy instruction, this book will empower you to share the joy of reading. G RADE S K- 1 2

Hardcover / 240 pages / ISBN 978-1-118-76972-0 / USD $26.95 / CAD $29.95

When Can You Trust the Experts? How to Tell Good Science from Bad in Education Daniel T. Willingham

Clear, easy principles to spot what’s nonsense and what’s reliable Each year, teachers, administrators, and parents face a barrage of new education software, games, workbooks, and professional development programs purporting to be ‘based on the latest research.’ While some of these products are rooted in solid science, the research behind many others is grossly exaggerated. This book helps readers determine which new educational approaches are scientifically supported and worth adopting. G RADE S K- 1 2

Hardcover / 272 pages / ISBN 978-1-118-13027-8 / USD $24.95 / CAD $27.95

Because Writing Matters

Because Digital Writing Matters

Improving Student Writing in Our Schools

Improving Student Writing in Online and Multimedia Environments

National Writing Project, Carl Nagin

National Writing Project, Danielle Nicole DeVoss, Elyse Eidman-Aadahl, Troy Hicks

Revised Edition “I just finished a fantastic book about writing. The authors synthesize years of insights into writing, instruction, professional development, and assessment . . . I felt like I learned something new with each page, or found some important new validation for what I already do in my own classroom.” —Jim Burke, author, The English Teacher’s Companion G RA D E S K-12

Paperback / 144 pages / ISBN 978-0-7879-8067-2 USD $19.95 / CAD $21.99

B e st seller

 his book shows how to integrate new T technologies into classroom lessons. Addressing the proliferation of writing in the digital age, it offers a guide for improving students’ online writing skills. GR A D ES K - 1 2

Paperback / 208 pages / ISBN 978-0-470-40772-1 USD $22.95 / CAD $27.95

The Power of Pictures Creating Pathways to Literacy through Art Beth Olshansky “I have witnessed the results of this visual approach to writing on standardized reading assessments. At the beginning of the school year, 33 percent of my students scored one to four years below grade level in reading comprehension. After eight months of consistent use of this approach, only three percent scored below grade level with 75 percent scoring one to four years above grade level!” — Amanda E. UrrutiaRayburn, third-grade teacher, Fowler, CA G RA D E S K-6

Paperback / 276 pages / ISBN 978-0-7879-9667-3 USD $34.95 / CAD $41.99 E9X6A


Reading / Literacy / Writing Reading for Understanding

Leading for Literacy A Reading Apprenticeship Approach

How Reading Apprenticeship Improves Disciplinary Learning in Secondary and College Classrooms

Ruth Schoenbach, Cynthia Greenleaf, Lynn Murphy

Second Edition

Published in partnership with Wested

Ruth Schoenbach Cynthia Greenleaf Lynn Murphy

A companion to Reading for Understanding, this new book shows school leaders how to implement the Reading Apprenticeship Framework on a school-wide or district-wide basis.

Published in partnership with Wested

A teacher-tested, researchbased resource for dramatically improving reading skills. Significantly updated! This second edition of the bestselling book contains strategies for helping students in middle school through community college gain the reading independence to master subject area textbooks and other material. The Reading Apprenticeship® framework is a practical and widely acclaimed instructional approach for helping students overcome reading difficulties in math, science, history, and literature texts. The model has been validated as effective through DOE-supported research, including studies of its professional development approach and of 32 high schools using the Academic Literacy course. •B  ased on the Reading Apprenticeship program, which three rigorous ‘gold standard’ research studies have shown to be effective in raising students’ reading achievement

A proven approach, Reading Apprenticeship has been tested in classrooms around the country and has shown to improve literacy and content knowledge, as well as make gains related to motivation and academic identity. Topics include: •S  mart Ways to Start: Leading from Practice • Integrating Reading Apprenticeship with Existing Reforms •S  upporting Sustained Implementation •M  arshaling Resources for Students Who Need Additional Support or Challenge • Assessing Success Paperback / 120 pages / ISBN 978-1-118-43726-1 USD $32.95 / CAD $39.95

•P  resents a clear framework for improving the reading and subject area learning of all students, including English learners, students with special needs, as well as those in honors and AP courses

Building Academic Literacy

•P  rovides concrete tools for classroom use and examples from a range of classrooms

An Anthology for Reading Apprenticeship Audrey Fielding, Ruth Schoenbach, Editors

•P  resents a clear how-to for teachers implementing the subject area literacies of the State Standards

Are you looking for classroom-based ideas to motivate adolescents in becoming more active, engaged, and strategic readers? Featuring essays, memoirs, and journalistic pieces by such writers as Maxine Hong Kingston, John Steinbeck, Richard Wright, and Richard Rodriguez, the anthology is suitable and recommended for use in any English/language arts courses at the secondary level.

• Includes professional development resources for schools interested in implementing Reading Apprenticeship. Reading for Understanding proves it’s never too late for teachers and students to work together to boost literacy, engagement, and achievement. “Reading for Understanding has the finest blend I have seen of research, strategies, and classroom vignettes to deepen teacher learning and help them connect the dots between theory and practice.” — Curtis Refior, Content Area Literacy Coach, Fowlerville Community Schools, Fowlerville, Michigan GRA D E S 6-14

Paperback w/DVD + Website / 384 pages ISBN 978-0-470-60831-9 / USD $29.95 / CAD $35.95

Coming Summer 2016

Appealing to advanced as well as struggling readers, this anthology offers a broad range of cultural and historical perspectives on the following themes: • Literacy and Identity: The different ways people see themselves as readers. • Literacy and Power: How reading and writing can open doors in our lives. • How We Read: The different ways our minds work as we try to understand what we read. • Breaking Codes: Our need to navigate unfamiliar types of texts. GR A D ES 6 - 1 2

Paperback / 304 pages / ISBN 978-0-7879-6555-6 USD $22.00 / CAD $24.00



Reading / Literacy / Writing GRADES






Whole Novels for the Whole Class

Literacy and the Common Core

A Student-Centered Approach

Recipes for Action

Ariel Sacks

Sarah Tantillo

Take the recipes in this book, make them your own, and enjoy your new “Common Core Master Chef” status! “Literacy and the Common Core is an invaluable resource for teachers and school leaders looking for practical guidance on how to use the Common Core Standards to strengthen literacy instruction across all grades and subjects.”— Doug Lemov, bestselling author of Teach Like a Champion and Practice Perfect

Filled with practical strategies that teachers can use immediately, Literacy and the Common Core offers K-12 teachers clear guidance on how to design units, lessons, and objectives to meet the Common Core State Standards in English language arts. With it, you can also explore how to analyze the Standards to support instructional planning and curriculum development. This book aims to make life a little easier for everyone— teachers, school leaders, parents, and students—as we all strive to prepare students for college and the careers they most desire. G RA D E S K-12

Paperback w/CD-ROM / 288 pages / ISBN 978-1-118-83905-8 USD $27.95 / CAD $33.95

The Literacy Cookbook A Practical Guide to Effective Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Listening Instruction Sarah Tantillo Filled with classroom-tested techniques and proven methods for teaching reading comprehension to even the most hard-toreach students. This book offers accessible and easy-to-adopt recipes for strengthening comprehension, reading, writing, and oral fluency–the core of learning. It also includes information on how to connect reading and writing with test prep.

A practical, field-tested guide to implementing a student-centered literature program that promotes critical thinking and literary understanding through the study of novels. Rather than teaching basic literacy and comprehension, Whole Novels approaches literature as art. Fully aligned with State Standards, it offers tips for implementing whole novels in various contexts, including suggestions for teachers interested in trying out small steps in their classrooms first. GR A D ES 6 - 9

Paperback / 368 pages / ISBN 978-1-118-52650-7 USD $24.95 / CAD $29.95

Reading Without Limits Teaching Strategies to Build Independent Reading for Life Maddie Witter Foreword by Dave Levin Help your students achieve dramatic academic gains and become lifelong readers. Reading Without Limits provides a unique structure based on choice, shared, and guided reading that rigorously prepares students for high-level literacy achievement. Teachers and school leaders can mix and match the tools to fit individual needs, and the tools can be implemented immediately. Also includes: reading strategies, assessments, options for special needs, and integrating standardized testing Paperback / 416 pages / ISBN 978-1-118-47215-6 USD $27.95 / CAD $33.95

Content Matters A Disciplinary Literacy Approach to Improving Student Learning Stephanie M. McConachie, Anthony R. Petrosky Foreword by Lauren B. Resnick

Paperback / 256 pages / ISBN 978-1-118-28816-0 USD $24.95 / CAD $29.95 BONUS WEB CONTENT



4–12 K–12 –12 2

Now We Get It!

Now We Get It! Boosting Comprehension with Collaborative Strategic Reading Janette K. Klingner, Sharon Vaughn, Alison Boardman, Elizabeth Swanson

Boosting Comprehension with Collaborative Strategic Reading

This practical book offers teachers and staff developers a step-by-step guide to the acclaimed Collaborative Strategic Reading (CSR) program. CSR is an evidence-based Janette Klingner Sharon Vaughn approach to boosting comprehension in mixed-ability classrooms. Weaving together two instructional programs—cooperative learning and reading comprehension strategy instruction—CSR gives students the confidence they need to increase understanding and boost reading fluency. •

Alison Boardman

“Finally, a book that draws on school-based experiences backed up by emerging research findings. If you believe that all students in your school district can develop the rigorous academic content required for college success, then reading this practical book provides a road map for actualizing that belief.” — Pat Forgione, former superintendent, Austin Independent School District GR A D ES 6 - 1 2

Paperback / 272 pages / ISBN 978-0-470-43411-6 USD $27.95 / CAD $33.95

Elizabeth Swanson

G RA D E S 4 -12

Paperback w/ Lay-flat binding / 208 pages ISBN 978-1-118-02609-0 / USD $29.95 / CAD $35.95 E9X6A


Reading / Literacy / Writing By 826 National Don’t Forget to Write for the Elementary Grades


50 Enthralling and Effective Writing Lessons



Created as a resource to reach all students (even those most resistant to creative writing), the lessons range from “Maddening Mad Libs” to “Harry Potter Spider-Man vs. the Evil Zombie Ninjas,” from sports to science, music to mysteries, jokes to journalism. These zany and creative concepts are written by favorite novelists, actors, and other celebrities. G RADE S K- 7

Paperback / 288 pages / ISBN 978-1-118-02431-7 USD $22.95 / CAD $27.95

Don’t Forget to Write for the Secondary Grades 50 Enthralling and Effective Writing Lessons Mapping to the CCSS, this book’s activities are based on proven pedagogy that can help students develop the skills to organize their ideas, craft their arguments, revise their work, state their points of view, peer edit a friend’s work, and generally learn about the hard work and craft of writing. G RADE S 6 - 1 2

Paperback / 240 pages/ ISBN 978-1-118-02432-4 USD $24.95 / CAD $29.95

STEM to Story Enthralling and Effective Lesson Plans for Grades 5-8 Bring STEM to life for students with zombies, rockets, celebrities, and more. Authentically aligned with Common Core State Standards and Next Generation Science Standards, this book provides field-tested lessons, workshops, and projects designed by professionals in each field. Including reflective observations, lessons feature bonus activities, fun facts, and teaching points, these quirky, exploratory lessons will awaken student imaginations for STEM and creative writing, encourage identity with scientific endeavors, and make science and writing fun. GR A D ES 5 - 8

Paperback / 336 pages / ISBN 978-1-119-00101-0 USD $24.95 / CAD $29.95 Each of these titles includes charts that link lessons to Common Core State Standards.





READERS A PRACTICAL GUIDE for K-4 READING in the Light g of Common Core

Great Habits, Great Readers A Practical Guide for K-4 Reading in the Light of Common Core Paul Bambrick-Santoyo, Aja Settles, Juliana Worrell Foreword by Norman Atkins



PD Study guide


Be st seller

Great reading grows from great habits—a deeply learned set of skills and strategies that students can access the instant they begin reading. This book is about the choices K-4 literacy instructors can make to teach every student the habits of skillful reading. Inside you’ll find: • The Reading-by-Habit model, which builds a bridge between the rigor of the Common Core and the real-life needs of your class • Five types of lessons: Read-aloud, comprehension skills, phonics, guided reading, and independent reading • The tools you need to address the Common Core across your literacy block in a sustained, meaningful way


• Rich resoures—from 40+ video clips to workshop scripts. These resources will show you what truly game-changing reading instruction looks like. “Great Habits, Great Readers brings the Common Core to life through real children, real teachers, amazing results, and an absolute clarity about what is needed in our elementary school classrooms. This book is a complete roadmap to excellence.”  —Mark Murphy, secretary of education, Delaware Department of Education

GR A D E S K -4

Paperback w/DVD / 496 pages / ISBN 978-1-118-14395-7 / USD $29.95 / CAD $35.95

Bonus DVD includes more than 40 video examples from real classrooms





Reading / Literacy / Writing Tap, Click, Read

The Reading Teacher’s Book of Lists Sixth Edition

Growing Readers in a World of Screens

Jacqueline E. Kress, Edward B. Fry

Lisa Guernsey, Michael H. Levine “Finally, the ‘everything book’ has been created for understanding the digital age and children’s literacy! Our tour guides narrate the journey in such an engaging and fun way, you won’t be able to put this book down. It is the perfect, must-read book for the digital age!”— Ellen Galinsky, President and Co-Founder, Families and Work Institute, author, Mind in the Making

The essential handbook for reading teachers, now fully updated and aligned with State Standards This new edition of a best seller provides reading, writing, and language content in more than 240 lists for developing targeted instruction. Plus, it maps the lists to Common Core standards for easy lesson planning and features 50 new lists and an expanded writing section. Brimming with practical examples, key words, teaching ideas, and activities that can be used as-is or adapted, these lists are ready to differentiate instruction for an individual student, small-group, or your whole class. Reading is the center of all school curricula due to recent state and federal initiatives including rigorous standards and new assessments. This book allows to you skip years of curating content and dive right into the classroom armed with smart, relevant, and effective plans. G RA D E S K-12

Paperback w/Lay-flat binding / 648 pages ISBN 978-1-119-08105-0 / USD $34.95 / CAD $39.95


new edition

Be st seller



“Lisa Guernsey and Michael Levine give educators and parents what they so urgently need—an authoritative, evidence-based guide to the ever-growing and ever-changing realm of children’s digital media. In clear, accessible prose the authors lay out for us how to choose and use today’s technological resources to help children master that most important traditional skill: reading.’”— Annie Murphy Paul, author, Brilliant: The New Science of Smart A ll A ges

Paperback / 304 pages / ISBN 978-1-119-09189-9 USD $24.95 / CAD $29.95




Phonics Pathways 10



Clear Steps to

Easy Reading and Perfect Spelling Dolores G. Hiskes

Phonics Pathways Clear Steps to Easy Reading and Perfect Spelling


Reading Pathways

Be st seller

Simple Exercises to Improve Reading Fluency Fifth Edition

Tenth Edition

A unique, approach to teaching reading, phonics, and vocabulary

Teaches students of all ages the basics of phonics with a timetested, foolproof method

“For reading exercises, I recommend Reading Pathways. One of my daughters has had an extra struggle with reading, and the book has helped make a noticeable improvement for her. The short stories it includes are so fun and silly that it makes the daily lessons something to look forward to.”   — Jenefer Igarashi, senior editor, The Old Schoolhouse magazine

“Phonics Pathways is the best book on the market for parents, teachers, or tutors who want to teach early reading skills. It provides research-based, explicit, systematic phonics and multisyllable instruction in easy, self-guided lessons.” —Catherine Froggatt, RN, Michigan State director, The National Right to Read Foundation

This tenth edition of the best-selling book teaches reading using sounds and spelling patterns. These sounds and patterns are introduced one at a time and slowly built into words, syllables, phrases, and sentences. Simple step-by-step directions begin every lesson. New to this edition are pictures illustrating every sound introduced, lessons in dividing multi-syllable words, and nonsense word reviews to ensure learning. Although originally designed for K-2 emergent readers, this award-winning book is also successfully being used with adolescent and adult learners, as well as second language learners and students with learning disabilities. Its lay-flat pages are designed for easy photocopying. A ll A ges

Paperback w/ Lay-flat binding 288 pages / ISBN 978-1-118-02243-6 USD $32.95 / CAD $39.95


This proven successful method for improving fluency features reading pyramids that start with one word and gradually build into short phrases and then into complete sentences of increasing complexity. Also included are mini-pyramid exercises where two words build by syllables into multisyllable words, which are then used in a sentence. The exercises in this book help beginning readers increase eye span, strengthen eye tracking, build vocabulary, and develop ease and fluency in reading. Progressively building up the amount of text per line removes the fear and mystique of multisyllable words, and helps students build the strong vocabulary so critical for success in reading and writing. A ll A ges

Paperback w/ Lay-flat binding 156 pages /ISBN 978-0-7879-9289-7 USD $24.95 / CAD $26.95


Resources from Donalyn Miller


B est seller

Donalyn Miller with Susan Kelley


Be st seller

Donalyn Mille r wit h Su san K


in the

Donalyn Miller Co-published with Editorial Projects in Education

The Book Whisp erer’s Keys to Lifelong ReadCultivating ing Habits

Co-published with Editorial Projects in Education

The Book Whisperer

Reading in the Wild

Awakening the Inner Reader in Every Child

The Book Whisperer’s Keys to Cultivating Lifelong Reading Habits A companion to the bestselling The Book Whisperer, Donalyn Miller’s new book Reading in the Wild explores whether or not we are truly instilling lifelong reading habits in our students and provides practical strategies for teaching “wild” reading. Based on survey responses from over 800 adult readers and classroom feedback, the authors describe, analyze, and apply the five habits of lifelong readers: • Dedicate time for reading • Self-select reading material • Share books and reading with other readers • Plan for future reading (both short and long term) • Show preferences for genres, authors, and topics. The results of this survey caused the authors to reconsider every aspect of their instruction, from lesson design to classroom management strategies and formative assessments, all with the goal of nurturing these wild reader characteristics in their students. And now they share these new designs, strategies, and approaches so that you too can develop “wild readers” in your classroom. Each chapter contains specific mini-lessons—including a modeling piece, classroom discussion prompts, student practice, and reflections. Conferring Points and Ways to Keep Track of Your Reading Life are also provided. Reading in the Wild also contains lists of recommended books along with accessible strategies, ideas, tips, lesson plans, and management tools. Packed with ideas for helping students choose their own reading material, respond to text, and build their capacity for lifelong reading, this book reflects the beauty and inspiration that Donalyn Miller brings to all she writes. GR A D E S 3-12

Paperback / 304 pages / ISBN 978-0-470-90030-7 USD $22.95 / CAD $27.95

“Powerful and practical, this book will support you as you change your classroom for the better while helping you to understand how to overcome current classroom cultures where some children learn and many learn to hate reading.”— Richard L. Allington, Univ. of Tennessee and past president of the International Reading Assoc.

Known for her popular blog, and the Nerdy Book Club (nerdybookclub., Donalyn Miller is a dedicated teacher who has yet to meet a child she couldn’t turn into a reader. Unconventional in her approach, her zeal for both reading and teaching inspires her students— and the results are remarkable! No matter how far behind they may be when they enter her classroom, Miller’s students read an average of 40 books a year, achieve high scores on standardized tests, and internalize a love for books and reading that lasts long after they’ve left her class. Travel alongside the author as she leads her students to discover the ample rewards of reading and literature. Her secrets include: • Affirming the reader in every student •S  upporting students’ reading choices •M  odeling authentic reading behaviors •D  iscarding time-worn reading assignments •D  eveloping a classroom library with high-interest books. GR A D ES 3 - 1 2

Paperback / 240 pages / ISBN 978-0-470-37227-2 USD $24.95 / CAD $29.95





Donalyn Miller teaches language arts at Peterson Elementary in Fort Worth, TX. She was a finalist for the 2010 Texas Elementary Teacher of the Year. Known as the Book Whisperer for her insightful advice on what students like to read and how to teach reading, she was one of the most popular experts to appear on’s Ask the Mentor columns, a blog that won a wide and devoted following. She speaks and consults widely and is active on Twitter and Facebook, exchanging book suggestions and classroom tips. Visit Donalyn online,, or read her posts at the Nerdy Book Club:



Reading / Literacy / Writing The Writing Teacher’s Activity-a-Day 180 Reproducible Prompts and Quick-Writes for the Secondary Classroom Mary Ellen Ledbetter Based on Ledbetter’s extensive experience consulting to language arts teachers and school districts across the country, the classroom-tested activities included in this book teach students key literary and writing concepts like allegory, elaboration, irony, personification, propaganda, voice, and more— and provide them with engaging examples that serve as models for their own Quick Writes. Designed for English language arts teachers in grades 6-12, tutors, parents, learning specialists, homeschoolers, and consultants.

Jack Umstatter ABOUT THE AUTHOR JACK UMSTATTER, M.A., taught English for more than 30 years at both the middle school and high school levels. Selected Teacher of the Year several times, he is the best-selling author of numerous books. He is also a professional development workshop leader, training teachers and students across the nation on reading, writing, and poetry strategies.

Got Grammar? Ready-to-Use Lessons and Activities That Make Grammar Fun!


Be s t seller

Got Grammar? is filled with ready-to-use reproducible lessons, diagnostic and final tests, and reinforcement and review activities. Watch the excitement build as your students learn grammar using crosswords, magic squares, matching columns, riddles, find-the-word games, and other fun activities.

G R A D E S 6 -12

Paperback / 224 pages / ISBN 978-0-470-46132-7 USD $19.95 / CAD $23.95

GR A D ES 6 - 1 2

Paperback / 384 pages / ISBN 978-0-7879-9387-0 USD $29.95 / CAD $32.99

The Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation


Grammar Grabbers!

Best seller

Ready-to-Use Games and Activities for Improving Basic Writing Skills

An Easy-to-Use Guide with Clear Rules, Real-World Examples, and Reproducible Quizzes

Would you like to make learning grammar more fun for your students? Would you like to have more fun teaching it? Grammar Grabbers! is packed with more than 200 creative, ready-to-use activities that give students the tools they need to effectively use grammar and make the writing process more enjoyable.

Eleventh Edition

Jane Straus, Lester Kaufman, Tom Stern This authoritative resource is an entertaining and bestselling workbook and guide to English grammar, punctuation, and usage. Making learning simple and fun, this Eleventh Edition reflects the latest updates to English usage and grammar and features a fully revised two-color design and lay-flat binding for easy photocopying. •C  lear and concise, easy-to-follow, offering ‘just the facts’ on grammar, punctuation, and usage • Helpful examples, reproducible worksheets, and pre- and post-tests • Ideal for students from seventh grade through adulthood in the US and abroad For anyone who wants to understand the major rules and subtle guidelines of English grammar and usage, The Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation offers comprehensive, straightforward instruction. A ll A ges

Paperback w/Lay-flat binding / 224 pages ISBN 978-1-118-78556-0 / USD $16.95 / CAD $19.95

GR A D ES 4 - 8

Paperback / 352 pages / ISBN 978-0-13-042592-8 USD $29.95 / CAD $32.99

The Grammar Teacher’s Activity-a-Day 180 Ready-to-Use Lessons to Teach Grammar and Usage The 180 practical and useful lessons and activities included help students acquire, improve, and expand their grammar skills, becoming more adept and confident writers. Students familiarize themselves with the type of grammar-related content found on standardized local, state, national, and college admissions tests. Busy English language arts teachers will appreciate having ready-to-use, yet comprehensive and authoritative activities for their students. Students will enjoy the nonintimidating, clear, and hands-on way in which the lessons are presented. GR A D ES 6 - 1 2

Paperback w/ Lay-flat binding / 240 pages ISBN 978-0-470-54315-3 / USD $21.95 / CAD $25.95



Reading / Literacy / Writing Scholastic Journalism C. Dow Tate , Sherri A. Taylor



Twelfth Edition

The new edition of Scholastic Journalism is fully revised and updated to encompass the complete range of cross platform multimedia writing and design to bring this classic into the convergence age. • Incorporates cross platform writing and design into each chapter to reflect the changes in the digital age •D  elves into the collaborative and multimedia/new media opportunities and changes that are defining the industry and journalism education as traditional media formats converge with new technologies •C  ontinues to educate students on the basic skills of collecting, interviewing, reporting, and writing in journalism • Includes a variety of new user-friendly features for students and instructors. GRA D E S 9-12

Building Academic Language SECOND EDITION

Meeting COMMON CORE Standards Across Disciplines

From an award-winning neuroscience researcher with 20 years of teaching experience, Multiple Pathways to the Student Brain uses educator-friendly language to explain how the brain learns. Steering clear of “neuro myths,” Dr. Janet Zadina discusses multiple brain pathways for learning and provides practical advice for creating a brain-compatible classroom.

Marilee B. Sprenger  iring the Brain for Reading introduces teachers to W aspects of the brain’s functions that are essential to language and reading development. Marilee Sprenger, a specialist in learning and the brain, provides practical brain-friendly strategies for teaching essential skills like phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension. The author’s innovative approach will enhance students’ motivation and excitement in reading. “Marilee Sprenger presents a fine book that provides useful nontechnical information on the neurobiology and pedagogy of reading. Sprenger doesn’t view reading as a mere visual phenomenon, but rather as an enjoyable experience that encompasses our entire body and brain.”— Robert Sylwester, Emeritus Professor of Education, University of Oregon “Exceptional background on reading and exceptional practical suggestions. A must read for anyone who teaches reading, works with parents, or teaches teachers. Highly recommended!”— Eric Jensen, author, Teaching with the Brain in Mind GR A D ES preK - 8

Paperback / 224 pages / ISBN 978-0-470-58721-8 / USD $24.95 / CAD $29.95

There are many books and workshops that aim to integrate education and brain science, however, educators are seldom given concrete, actionable advice that makes a difference in the classroom. Multiple Pathways to the Student Brain bridges that divide by providing examples of strategies for day-to-day instruction aligned with the latest brain science. Educators are forever searching for new and improved ways to convey information and inspire curiosity, and research suggests that exploiting different pathways may have a major effect on learning. Multiple Pathways to the Student Brain allows readers to see brain science through the eyes of a teacher—and teaching through the eyes of a brain scientist. GRA D E S K -12

Paperback w/ lay-flat binding / 288 pages ISBN 978-1-118-56761-6 / USD $27.95 / CAD $33.95

Jeff Zwiers

Brain-Based Strategies for Teaching Literacy

Janet Zadina


Second Edition “Building Academic Language is a thoroughly practical book that is entirely well grounded in theory. It is, without doubt, the best discussion we have to date of academic language and its crucial impact on school success. The book is a must read. . . . ”— James Paul Gee, Mary Lou Fulton Presidential Professor of Literacy Studies, Arizona State University

Wiring the Brain for Reading

Energizing and Enhancing Instruction


Jeff Zwiers

Paperback / 336 pages / ISBN 978-1-118-74485-7 / USD $26.95 / CAD $31.95

Multiple Pathways to the Student Brain

Energizing and Enhancing Instruction

Meeting Common Core Standards Across Disciplines

GR A D ES 5 - 1 2

Features updated instructor manual and supporting online resources, available at


Building Academic Language

This second edition addresses one of the main points of emphasis guiding the Common Core State Standards: students need to learn how to read and write more academic works in order to be prepared for college and careers. Many students struggle with the language needed for successful reading, writing, listening, or speaking. This book shows what teachers can do every day to build students’ language abilities for accelerating their thinking, understanding, and discourse across the academic disciplines. The book features numerous activities, exercises, rubrics, templates, and other tools, along with modeling and scaffolding strategies.

Hardcover / 544 pages / ISBN 978-0-470-65933-5 USD $72.95 / CAD $79.95

Multiple Pathways to the

Grades 5-12



The Spelling Teacher’s Lesson-a-Day 180 Reproducible Activities to Teach Spelling, Phonics, and Vocabulary Edward B. Fry The Spelling Teacher’s Lesson-a-Day gives teachers 180 engaging and ready-to-use lessons—one for each day of the school year—that boost students spelling skills. Fry teaches spelling patterns by contrasting homophones (like-sounding words) to help students recognize these spelling patterns in more complex words. He also boosts students’ spelling skills by demystifying contractions, abbreviations, capitalization, silent letters, suffixes and prefixes, and more. This book is designed to be used by classroom teachers, homeschoolers, tutors, and parents. GR A D ES 3 - 6


Paperback w/ Lay-flat binding / 256 pages / ISBN 978-0-470-42980-8 USD $19.95 / CAD $23.95


Resources from Darlene Mannix Life Skills Activities for Special Children

Social Skills Activities for Special Children Second Edition “A terrific resource for all teachers, especially new teachers and their mentors. The comprehensive selection of topics addresses real, complex social interactions encountered in schools and communities today.” —Chris Schnieders, director of teacher training, Frostig Center

Second Edition

The bestselling book for teaching basic life skills, fully revised and updated This book offers teachers and parents a unique collection of 190 ready-to-use activities complete with student worksheets, discussion questions, and evaluation suggestions to help exceptional students acquire the basic skills needed to achieve independence and success in everyday life. Each of the book’s activities focuses on specific skills within the context of real-life situations and includes complete teacher instructions for effective use, from objective and introduction through optional extension activities and methods to assess student learning. The book includes numerous reproducible parent letters that can be sent home to help parents reinforce these lessons while children are away from school. G RA D E S K-6

Paperback w/ Lay-flat binding / 400 pages ISBN 978-0-470-25937-5 / USD $32.95 / CAD $39.95





190+ ready-to-use lessons with reproducible worksheets to help adolescents develop the basic skills necessary to experience independence and success in everyday life

Life Skills Activities for Secondary Students with Special Needs Second Edition

Ready-to-use lessons for teaching basic life skills to adolescents with special needs

This book offers teachers and parents a unique collection of more than 200 worksheets to help adolescents with special needs build the life skills they need to achieve independence and succeed in everyday life. The book provides 22 complete teaching units focusing on basic life skills such as handling money, succeeding at school, using the Internet safely, getting and keeping a job, and much more. The book contains 90 reproducible worksheets for teaching students how to apply these life skills to real-life situations. Offers ideas for developing practical skills to deal with identity theft, cell phone manners, budgeting, eating healthy meals, using credit cards, time management, and much more. G RA D E S 7 -12

Paperback w/ Lay-flat binding / 544 pages ISBN 978-0-470-25939-9 / USD $32.95 / CAD $39.95


The second edition of this best-selling book provides 164 ready-to-use lessons—complete with reproducible worksheets—to help children become aware of acceptable social behavior and develop proficiency in acquiring basic social skills. Each lesson places a specific skill within the context of real-life situations, giving teachers a means to guide students to think about why the social skill is important. The hands-on activity that accompanies each lesson helps students to work through, think about, discuss, and practice the skill in or outside of the classroom. The book is organized around three core areas crucial to social development in the primary grades: • Accepting Rules and Authority at School—covering skills such as paying attention to tasks and complying with rules • Relating to Peers—being cooperative, helping others, being a good listener, etc. •D  eveloping Positive Social Skills—determining the moods of others, being considerate of others in public places, etc. G RA D ES K - 6

Paperback w/ Lay-flat binding / 464 pages / ISBN 978-0-470-25935-1 USD $32.95 / CAD $39.95

Social Skills Activities for Secondary Students with Special Needs Second Edition

Veteran special educator Darlene Mannix provides 20 complete teaching units focusing on essential social skills such as being a good listener, “reading” other people, and using common sense. These are followed by 75 reproducible worksheets that help students practice applying the social skills to real-life situations in five different settings: home, school, work, among peers, and in the community. GR A D ES 7 - 1 2

Paperback w/ Lay-flat binding / 368 pages ISBN 978-0-470-25936-8 / USD $32.95 / CAD $39.95

Writing Skills Activities for Special Children Here’s everything you need to help elementary students with special needs develop basic writing skills, relate writing to real-life tasks, and explore writing as a creative, enjoyable event! You get hundreds of lessons and activity sheets covering all aspects of writing! GR A D ES K - 6

Paperback / 560 pages / ISBN 978-0-7879-7884-6 USD $35.00 / CAD $42.00

Darlene Mannix has 26 years of experience as a classroom teacher and has taught both general education and special education. She is the bestselling author of numerous books for special educators.


Resources from Sandra F. Rief How To Reach And Teach Children with ADD / ADHD Practical Techniques, Strategies, and Interventions

Brought to you by


“…a valuable and unique contribution to the field.” —LOUISA C. MOATS, ED.D.


Second Edition “This valuable resource should be at every teacher’s fingertips! Sandra Rief offers current researchbased strategies and information on ADHD that are a must read for every educator.’”  —Ellen Stantus, special education director, Davis School District, Farmington, Utah

This fully updated second edition includes a wealth of intervention strategies for students diagnosed with ADD/ ADHD: •C  ase studies that show how to create success in school for students with attention deficit and hyperactivity disorders. •D  etailed, multisensory strategies for teaching academic skills- reading, writing, and mathematics.

Dyslexia Checklist

A Practical Reference for Parents and Teachers SANDRA F. RIEF, M.A. JUDITH M. STERN, M.A.

Sandra F. Rief, Judith Stern This book relays the most current research available and is filled with practical strategies, supports, and interventions. Using these tools, teachers and parents can accommodate the needs and strengthen the skills of students with reading and writing disabilities across all age levels.

GR A D ES K - 1 2

Paperback / 336 pages / ISBN 978-0-470-42981-5 USD $16.95 / CAD $19.95

•E  nhanced information on medications; documentation; placement; model programs; techniques for relaxation; specific interventions; ideas for obtaining proper evaluation, assistance, and intervention through a team approach; protocol and steps for referring students; and much more.

The ADD/ADHD Checklist A Practical Reference for Parents and Teachers

GR A D E S k -8

Paperback / 464 pages/ ISBN 978-0-7879-7295-0 / USD $32.95 / CAD $35.99

Second Edition

The ADHD Book of Lists Second Edition

Newly updated, this is your comprehensive, reliable source for answers, practical new strategies, advice, and tools written in edition a convenient list format. The second edition of a bestseller, it includes enhanced content on medications, behavior management, executive function, diagnosis, classroom management, references, and more. It provides comprehensive, practical guidance on such topics as:


The ADD/ADHD Checklist helps parents and teachers to better understand children and teenagers with ADD/ADHD and provide the kind of support and intervention that is crucial to their success. Written in a simple, concise, easy-to-read checklist format, the book is packed with practical advice and information on a wide range of topics. GR A D ES K - 1 2

Paperback / 272 pages / ISBN 978-0-470-18970-2 USD $16.95 / CAD $19.99

•C  omprehensive treatments, including ADHD coaching

How To Reach and Teach All Children in the Inclusive Classroom

•B  ehavior therapy/psycho-social interventions for ADHD • Strategies for executive function weaknesses • And more.

Practical Strategies, Lessons, and Activities

There is a high correlation between ADHD and negative outcomes when not treated, but the tide is turning as more effective management becomes commonplace. The ADHD Book of Lists is the complete easy-to-reference guide to practical ADHD management.

Sandra F. Rief, Julie A. Heimburge

GRA D E S P reK -12

Paperback w/lay-flat binding / 528 pages / ISBN 978-1-118-93775-4 USD $34.95/ CAD $39.95

The Dyslexia Checklist A Practical Reference for Parents and Teachers

Second Edition

This is an invaluable resource for effectively reaching and teaching all of the children who are placed within the mainstream classroom. With numerous user-friendly strategies, tools, activities, and ready-to-use materials across the curriculum, this second edition is completely revised and updated. GR A D ES 3 - 8

Paperback w/ Lay-flat binding / 480 pages ISBN 978-0-7879-8154-9 USD $32.95 / CAD $35.99



Co-Teaching and Differentiation Co-Teaching That Works Structures and Strategies for Maximizing Student Learning


Anne M. Beninghof


“Anne’s approach to co-teaching is practical and results-oriented. Teachers use her suggestions and strategies to collaborate and strengthen not only their partnerships, but also their pedagogy. Anne demonstrates a variety of research-based methods that are easy for teachers to replicate for the benefit of all students in the classroom.”— Sonya Kunkel, education specialist GR ADE S K- 1 2

 aperback w/ lay-flat binding / 272 pages P ISBN 978-1-118-00436-4 / USD $29.95 / CAD $35.95

Co-Teaching in the Differentiated Classroom Successful Collaboration, Lesson Design, and Classroom Management Melinda L. Fattig, Maureen Tormey Taylor  earn to manage students with diverse abilities and needs L in the overcrowded classroom. Based on an award-winning collaboration model, the book shows how special education teachears can pair with mainstream teachers to improve classroom functioning while promoting high achievement for all students. Extensive tools are provided for differentiating lessons, including lesson-planning templates, assignment sheets, student contracts, choice menus, and assessment forms. G RA D E S 5 -12

Paperback / 148 pages / ISBN 978-0-7879-8744-2 / USD $29.95 / CAD $32.99

Effective Inclusive Schools Designing Successful Schoolwide Programs Thomas Hehir, Lauren I. Katzman


How to raise the achievement of all kids, from gifted to those with severe disabilities

Thomas Hehir with Lauren Katzman

This vital resource zeroes in on what excellent public schools do differently to ensure all students succeed. The authors conclusively demonstrate that schools can educate students with mild and severe disabilities in general education classrooms by providing special education services that link to and bolster general education instruction. Having a truly inclusive environment raises the achievement level for all students and results in more committed and satisfied teachers. Learn what these exemplary schools do that makes them so successful and get advice for incorporating these practices in your school. THOMAS HEHIR is a leading scholar, advocate for children with disabilities, and professor at Harvard’s Graduate School of Education. LAUREN I. KATZMAN is executive director of special education for the New York City Department of Education. GR A D ES K - 1 2






The Differentiated Instruction Book of Lists Jenifer Fox, Whitney Hoffman

This easy-to-read guide offers busy classroom teachers hundreds of quick tips, methods, and teaching ideas to deliver truly differentiated lessons

This definitive reference for DI from kindergarten through high school is ready for immediate use. It offers over 150 up-to-date lists for developing instructional materials and lesson planning. The book is organized into 12 convenient sections full of practical examples, teaching ideas, and activities that can be used as is or adapted to meet students’ diverse needs. Coverage includes curriculum design and lesson planning; instructional strategies; assessment; differentiated classroom management; strategies for each main content area; working with new media; and more. This easy-to-use guide gives quick tips and methods to plan effectively for delivering truly differentiated lessons. Filled with helpful DI lists, lesson plans, strategies, assessments, and more. Practical examples, teaching ideas, and activities

Includes curriculum design and lesson planning

Hundreds of quick tips, methods, and teaching ideas to deliver truly differentiated lessons

G RA D E S K-12

Paperback w/ Lay-flat binding / 288 pages ISBN 978-0-470-95239-9 / USD $32.95 / CAD $39.95 Jenifer Fox is a school consultant and creator of Strong Planet, a media-driven interactive curriculum to help all kinds of learners discover their strengths. She has worked with hundreds of teachers, parents, and students in creating individualized, strengths-based IEPs grounded in quality DI. Founder of the nonprofit organization, The Strengths Movement in Schools, Fox is often invited to speak before audiences of parents and educators across the U.S. and internationally.


Paperback / 276 pages / ISBN 978-0-470-88014-2 USD $29.95 / CAD $35.95





Co-Teaching Book of Lists

The Co-Teaching Book of Lists Katherine D. Perez, Foreward by Harry K. Wong

Filled with down-to-earth ideas, suggestions, strategies, and techniques, The Co-Teaching Book of KATHERINE PEREZ, Ed.D. Lists provides educators FOREWORD BY HARRY K. WONG with a hands-on resource for making the co-teaching experience a success. Written by educator and popular teacher trainer Kathy Perez, this book gives educators a classroom-tested and user-friendly reference for the co-taught classroom. GR A D ES K - 1 2

Paperback w/ lay-flat binding / 288 pages ISBN 978-1-118-01744-9 USD $29.95 / CAD $35.95

Whitney Hoffman is CEO and director of Hoffman Digital Media. Hoffman speaks regularly before audiences on the use of social media platforms to create communities of learning in both the education and business worlds.


Special Needs & Learning Disabilities The Complete Learning Disabilities Handbook

Brought to you by


The Complete Guide to

Ready-to-Use Strategies and Activities for Teaching Students with Learning Disabilities Joan M. Harwell, Rebecca Williams Jackson

Special Education

Assessments, Accommodations, and More

Expert Advice on Evaluations, IEPs, and Helping Kids Succeed


The Complete Guide to Special Education Expert Advice on Evaluations, IEPs, and Helping Kids Succeed Linda Wilmshurst, Alan W. Brue Second Edition

This comprehensive and practical guide supports all teachers of learning-disabled students. It gives readers a wealth of new and proven suggestions and ready-touse materials for helping students of all ages overcome learning disabilities, including dozens of reproducible worksheets. Written by two experienced teacher-consultants, this revised and updated third edition covers virtually every aspect of learning disabilities, from causes and assessment to classroom management, from lesson planning to collaboration with parents. With the latest information on IDEA mandates and a focus on response to intervention, the book is equally useful for special educators or general education teachers who want to ensure that all students learn to their fullest potential.


Third Edition

Grounded in more than 25 years of working with parents and educators, the authors provide Linda Wilmshurst, Ph.D. Alan W. Brue, Ph.D. significant insight into what they have learned about special education. This book explores the special education process—from testing and diagnosis to IEP meetings and advocating for special-needs children. GR A D ES K - 1 2

Paperback / 384 pages / ISBN 978-0-470-61515-7 USD $24.95 / CAD $29.95



Boosting EXECUTIVE SKILLS in the Classroom A Practical Guide for Educators

GR A D E S K -12

Paperback / 416 pages / ISBN 978-0-7879-9755-7 USD $34.95 / CAD $37.95


Boosting Executive Skills in the Classroom A Practical Guide for Educators Joyce Cooper-Kahn, Margaret Foster Students with weak executive function (EF) skills need strong support and specific strategies to help them learn in an efficient manner, demonstrate what they know, and manage the daily demands of school. GR A D ES K - 1 2

 aperback w/ lay-flat binding / 192 pages P ISBN 978-1-118-14109-0 USD $29.95 / CAD $35.95



Includes reproducible forms and handouts that are available for free download

A Survival Guide for New Special Educators Bonnie S. Billingsley, Mary T. Brownell, Maya Israel, Margaret L. Kamman

What every special education teacher needs to know to survive and thrive This Survival Guide provides relevant, practical information for new special education teachers across a broad range of topic areas. Drawing on the latest research on special educator effectiveness and retention, this comprehensive, go-to resource addresses the most pressing needs of novice instructors, resource teachers, and inclusion specialists.

Ready-to-Use Social Skills Lessons & Activities Ruth Weltmann Begun The series includes over 250 tested lessons, activ­ities, and reproducible practice worksheets in three self-contained, grade-appropriate volumes. The lessons are based on real-life situations and help develop positive social behaviors in students of all abilities. Ready-to-Use Social Skills Lessons & Activities for Grades PreK-K

GRA D E S 1-3

Paperback / 304 pages / ISBN 978-0-87628-473-5 USD $29.95 / CAD $32.99 GRA D E S 4-6

Paperback / 304 pages / ISBN 978-0-87628-474-2 USD $31.95 / CAD $37.99


• Offers research-backed, classroom-tested strategies for working with a variety of special needs students • Covers everything from preparing for the new school year to behavior management, customizing curriculum, creating effective IEPs, and more This highly practical book is filled with checklists, forms, and tools that special educators can use every day to help ensure that all special needs students get the rich, rewarding education they deserve.

GRA D E S 7-12


Paperback / 240 pages / ISBN 978-0-87628-475-9 USD $32.95 / CAD $39.95

GR A D ES K - 1 2

Paperback w/Lay-flat binding / 432 pages / ISBN 978-1-118-09568-3 USD $29.95 / CAD $35.95 E9X6A

Special Needs & Learning Disabilities Brought to you by






Writing Assessment and Instruction for Students with Learning Disabilities

The IEP from A to Z



How to Create Meaningful and Measurable Goals and Objectives

Nancy Mather, Barbara J. Wendling, Rhia Roberts

Diane Twachtman-Cullen, Jennifer Twachtman-Bassett

Second Edition

The classroom-tested, research-proven strategies offered in this book work with all struggling students who have difficulties with writing—even those who have not been classified as learning disabled.

Create clear and effective IEPs with this comprehensive, userfriendly guide


With the skyrocketing diagnoses of ADHD, autism spectrum disorders, and related conditions in U.S. HOW TO CREATE schools, there is a growing need MEANINGFUL AND MEASURABLE for information on creating effective GOALS AND OBJECTIVES IEPs for exceptional students. The IEP from A to Z is a step-by-step guide showing teachers and parents how to get the right education plan in place for students with ADHD, autism/Asperger’s, emotional/behavioral disturbance, and related conditions.

GR A D ES K - 1 2

Paperback w/ Lay-flat binding / 360 pages / ISBN 978-0-470-23079-4 USD $34.95 / CAD $41.95 JOSSEY-BASS TEACHER

Children with

Expert solutions for reducing rage, aggression, and meltdowns

Early Intervention Games Fun, Joyful Ways to Develop Social and Motor Skills in Children with Autism Spectrum or Sensory Processing Disorders

Practical, evidence based, ready-to-use strategies

Reinforce positive behavior and help kids self-regulate

Paperback w/Lay-flat binding / 336 pages / ISBN 978-0-470-50516-8 USD $29.95 / CAD $35.95

Barbara Sher

The Special Educator’s Survival Guide Roger Pierangelo, PhD Second Edition

This second edition of a best-selling classic offers a practical guide to every facet of the special education teacher’s job, from teaching in a self-contained classroom or resource room to serving on a multidisciplinary team. The easy-to-follow format takes you step by step through the various stages required to understand the referral process, parent intakes and conferences, evaluation, interpretation, diagnosis, remediation, placement, individual education plans, classroom management, medication, educational law, and more.

G RA D E S Pre K -8

Paperback / 256 pages / ISBN 978-0-470-39126-6 USD $16.95 / CAD $19.95

The Whole Spectrum of Social, Motor and Sensory Games

GR A D ES K - 1 2

Using Every Child’s Natural Love of Play to Enhance Key Skills and Promote Inclusion

Paperback / 332 pages / ISBN 978-0-7879-7096-3 USD $32.95 / CAD $39.99

Nowhere to Hide


, Edward M. Hallowell ion author of Driven to Distract



& LD




Kaye Otten, Jodie Tuttle

GR A D ES K - 8

“A unique approach with its emphasis on playful activities. Barbara Sher’s games and ideas are simple, fun, and wonderful tools for therapists working with children who have Sensory Processing or Autism Spectrum Disorders.”  —Dr. Lucy Jane Miller, executive director, Sensory Processing Disorder Foundation; author, Sensational Kids

Paperback / 304 pages / ISBN 978-1-118-34571-9 USD $16.95 / CAD $19.95

Practical, Ready-to-Use Interventions That Work

Paperback w/ lay-flat binding / 224 pages ISBN 978-0-470-56234-5 / USD $29.95 / CAD $35.95

G RA D E S Pre K -8

How to Reach and Teach Children with Challenging Behavior

Offering teachers a practical approach to managing behavior problems in the classroom, this book is filled with downto-earth guidelines, ready-to-use forms and worksheets, and classroom-tested KAYE OTTEN JODIE TUTTLE suggestions. Using this book, teachers are better able to identify students with significant behavioral and emotional prob­lems and learn how to intervene efficiently and effectively. All the book’s research-based interventions are in compliance with federal laws.

G RAD E S K-12

Play is a vital component in brain development, academic success and learning social skills. This resource offers a fun and easy way to include all children in activities that will engage all of their senses and promote important skills.

K–8 K–12

Challenging Behavior

From nationally recognized experts in the field of special education, this is your guide through the process of writing thoughtful, intelligent IEPs that deliver high-quality, needs-based educational programming to exceptional students.

Barbara Sher


How to Reach and Teach

Why Kids with ADHD and LD Hate School and What We Can Do about It Jerome J. Schultz Nowhere to Hide can help change the way parents and teachers think about why kids with LD and ADHD find school and homework so toxic. This book also includes abundant understandable strategies that have been shown to reduce stress at school and at home. GR A D ES K - 1 2

Hardcover / 336 pages / ISBN 978-0-470-90298-1 USD $24.95 / CAD $29.95


Counseling and School Psychology The School Counselor’s Book of Lists Second Edition Dorothy J. Blum, Tamara E. Davis

An updated edition of an essential go-to resource for school counselors “The School Counselor’s Book of Lists sits on my desk and is a crucial resource for sustaining the school counselor program mission—eliminating student barriers to academic success and ensuring all students are prepared to pursue post-secondary options.”— Mark H. Kuranz, adjunct professor, Marquette University; past president of the American School Counselor Association

This much-needed guide offers counselors a wealth of relevant information written in concise and user-friendly language. Quickly find information on almost any topic pertinent to school counselors. The book covers everything from writing student assessments and dealing with school crises to setting budgets and running effective meetings. In order to address the transformed role of school counselors, the contents map to the American School Counselor Association’s National Model for Counseling Programs. G RADE S K- 1 2

Paperback w/ Lay-flat binding / 400 pages / ISBN 978-0-470-45065-9 / USD $34.95 / CAD $41.95




School Psychologist’s SURVIVAL GUIDE



The School Psychologist’s Survival Guide Rebecca Branstetter

A practical and accessible guide to help school psychologists meet their everyday challenges Help for school psychologists who must often travel to multiple school sites, deal with students with severe disabilities, meet with concerned parents, and manage school crises. The book is filled with practical advice, proven strategies, and useful tools, complete with reproducible forms, letters, and checklists for busy professionals. Far from a dry textbook, this resource brings to life the nuts and bolts of school psychology—the practical side of the job. Writing in an accessible style (with a dash of humor), she explains how to bridge the gap between best research-based practices and the day-to-day realities of working within a school district bureaucracy with limited resources. Branstetter helps readers successfully navigate large case loads, legal and ethical realities, and crisis management. Seasoned professionals will also find it helpful for fine-tuning their skills with the latest ideas and theories, such as the Response to Intervention model, current models of crisis intervention, bilingual assessment, cognitive behavioral therapy, social skills groups, and the latest neuropsychological assessments. “One of the most relatable and thorough resources for newly-graduated and veteran school psychologists working in the public school setting. Dr. Branstetter combines practical, realistic, and achievable recommendations with a personal and engaging writing style.” —Tara Egan, school psychologist and popular humor blogger, Charlotte, North Carolina G RADE S K- 1 2

Paperback w/ Lay-flat binding / 240 pages / ISBN 978-1-118-02777-6 / USD $34.95 / CAD $41.95 Rebecca Branstetter, Oakland, CA, has worked as a school psychologist for the past decade in public K-12 schools throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. She also works with children through her private practice, Grow Assessment and Counseling Services. Branstetter is author of the popular blog Notes from the School Psychologist (



K–8 K–12




THIRD EDITION • 100+ time-saving letters, checklists, and forms • Practical tips and troubleshooting advice • Student diversity, cyber-bullying, crisis intervention, and more

John J. Schmidt, Ed.D.

The Elementary/Middle School Counselor’s Survival Guide Third Edition

John J. Schmidt

An updated edition of an essential go-to resource for school counselors “The only real ‘nuts and bolts’ publication on the market that provides the reader with all the valuable information to maintain an effective counseling program. This book needs to be on every counselor’s desk!”  —Tom Carr, elementary school counselor, Hillsborough, NC

This Survival Guide is filled with practical materials to help counselors put in place and maintain exemplary school counseling programs. Learn how to design a comprehensive counseling program, communicate effectively with students and fellow staff members, facilitate groups, promote positive school discipline, integrate a successful guidance curriculum, intervene in times of crisis, and take personal and professional care of oneself given the demands of the school counseling profession. “Jack Schmidt has again demonstrated his keen eye in knowing what faces school counselors. A superb balance of tried-and-true practices alongside the most modern requirements of our profession today.”  —Dr. Kurt L. Kraus, professor of counseling, Shippensburg Univ. of Pennsylvania G RADE S K- 9

Paperback / 320 pages / ISBN 978-0-470-56085-3 / USD $32.95 / CAD $39.95



Special Needs and Counseling Lost and Found Helping Behaviorally Challenging Students (and, While You’re At It, All the Others)



Counseling Resources from Linda Metcalf The Field Guide to Counseling Toward Solutions

Ross W. Greene

Implement a more constructive approach to difficult students Lost and Found is a follow-up to Dr. Ross Greene’s landmark works and provides educators with highly practical, explicit guidance on implementing his Collaborative & Proactive Solutions (CPS) problem solving model with behaviorally-challenging students. While his previous books describe Dr. Greene’s positive, constructive approach and implementation on a macro level, this useful guide provides the details of hands-on CPS implementation by those who interact with these children every day. Readers will learn how to incorporate students’ input in understanding the factors making it difficult for them to meet expectations and in generating mutually satisfactory solutions. Specific strategies, sample dialogues, and time-tested advice help educators implement these techniques immediately.

The Solution-Focused School For those who have read Counseling Toward Solutions and used its theory and applications, this book is a complete program guide for putting the solution-focused approach into action in K-12 schools, alternative schools, team meetings, parent conferences, and more. This comprehensive guide will change the way schools deal with a variety of issues. GR A D ES K - 1 2

Paperback / 144 pages / ISBN 978-0-7879-9807-3 USD $24.95 / CAD $26.99

Counseling Toward Solutions

The groundbreaking CPS approach has been a revelation for parents and educators of behaviorally-challenging children. This book gives educators the concrete guidance they need to immediately begin working more effectively with these students. • Implement CPS one-on-one or with an entire class •W  ork collaboratively with students to solve problems •S  tudy sample dialogues of CPS in action • Improve the way difficult students are treated Lost and Found provides a roadmap to a different paradigm, helping educators radically transform the way they go about helping their most challenging students. G RA D E S K-12

Paperback w/Online Video Access / 320 pages / ISBN 978-1-118-89857-4 USD $26.95 / CAD $32.95

The Science of Making Friends Helping Socially Challenged Teens and Young Adults Elizabeth Laugeson

The groundbreaking book that puts the focus on teens and young adults with autism While a number of programs help young children with autism to develop social skills, until now there have been no such approaches for older kids and adults on the spectrum. This book is based on UCLA’s acclaimed PEERS program, the only research-based approach in the world to helping adolescents and young adults with autism make and keep friends. This step-by-step guide helps parents, educators, and others to provide “social coaching” to teens and young adults on the spectrum. The book includes concrete rules and steps of social etiquette identified through research. Parents can use the book to assist in improving conversational skills, expanding social opportunities (including dating), identifying strategies for handling peer rejection, and developing and enhancing friendships. Lessons are taught using didactic teaching narratives, followed by key rules and steps. Laugeson and this groundbreaking approach have been profiled in People magazine. Offering a treasure trove of behavior exercises for practicing each skill, ranging from joining conversations to handling bullying, the book also comes with a DVD featuring demonstrations of the skills taught and a mobile application that helps teens and young adults use the strategies in realworld situations. G RA D E S 7 -A dult

Paperback / 384 pages / ISBN 978-1-118-12721-6 / USD $26.95 / CAD $30.95

A Practical SolutionFocused Program for Working with Students, Teachers, and Parents Second Edition

Guidelines for dealing with specific problems—ranging from incomplete homework to child abuse and depression. Metcalf offers techniques that are equally useful in one-on-one counseling and small group settings, and she provides ways to help non-counseling staff use the solution-focused approach. Includes more than 80 reproducible worksheets and student handouts. GR A D ES K - 1 2

Paperback / 252 pages / ISBN 978-0-7879-9806-6 USD $32.95 / CAD $35.99



Bright Not Broken Gifted Kids, ADHD, and Autism Diane M. Kennedy, Rebecca S. Banks, Temple Grandin

Explores the link between giftedness, autism, and ADHD, and recommends changes to the flawed systems that trap these gifted children in misdiagnosis and misunderstanding. Bright Not Broken offers a new paradigm for dealing with gifted kids with impairments, and it also reveals the tremendous gifts these often misunderstood kids have to offer. GR A D ES K - 1 2

Hardcover / 320 pages / ISBN 978-0-470-62332-9 USD $24.95 / CAD $29.95

Bonus! Website with video demonstrations and a mobile app called FriendMaker. E9X6A


Literacy / English Language Learners Navigating the Common Core with English Language Learners Developing Higher-Order Thinking Skills Larry Ferlazzo, Katie Hull Sypnieski

Coming S p ring 2016

As the ELL population continues to grow at a rapid pace, more guidance is needed to help ELL kids develop the higher-order thinking skills required by CCSS. A sequel to the successful ESL/ELL Teacher’s Survival Guide, this timely resource gives teachers the tools to implement Common Core Standards in their own ELL classrooms. Through this book, students will master the higher-order thinking skills needed for success in the classroom and beyond. With ready-to-use lesson plans, reproducible handouts, current research, and more, Navigating the Common Core is a must-have for every ELL instructor. What’s included in this book: •C  omprehensive guidance in reading and writing, social studies, math, science, and more •N  ew developments in ELL education, including up-to-date stats and trends •C  hallenges and opportunities that Common Core poses for ELL students • Answers to common questions about teaching the ELL population Paperback w/Lay-flat binding / 256 pages / ISBN 978-1-119-02300-5 / USD $32.95 / CAD $39.95




ESL/ELL Teacher’s

SURVIVAL GUIDE Ready-to-Use Strategies, Tools, and Activities for Teaching All Levels


The ESL / ELL Teacher’s Survival Guide Ready-to-Use Strategies, Tools, and Activities for Teaching English Language Learners of All Levels



Larry Ferlazzo, Katie Hull Sypnieski “An engaging, practical, and highly accessible book . . . The authors share strategies that have been proven effective through research as well as their own practice. There is truly something valuable for any teacher, even those who have extensive experience with ESL classes.” —Pia Wong, professor, bilingual/ multicultural education, CSU, Sacramento The ESL/ELL Teacher’s Survival Guide offers educators practical strategies for setting up an ESL-friendly classroom, motivating and interacting with students, communicating with parents of English learners, and navigating the challenges inherent in teaching ESL students. The book’s research-based instructional techniques have proven effective with English learners at all levels. The book’s ESL lessons connect to core standards and technology applications. LARRY FERLAZZO is the author of Larry Ferlazzo’s Websites of the Day, which offers web resources for ESL teachers. He writes a popular weekly teacher advice column for the website Education Week Teacher, and he is regularly published by the Washington Post and the New York Times. He presents frequently at education conferences.

KATIE HULL SYPNIESKI has taught ELL of all levels for 15 years. She is a teaching consultant with the Area 3 Writing Project at UC Davis. She is also a lead trainer for the WRITE Institute, a national organization that provides professional development in writing for schools, districts, and county offices of education. GR A D E S 4-12

Paperback w/ lay-flat binding / 336 pages / ISBN 978-1-118-09567-6 / USD $29.95 / CAD $35.95

The ESL/ELL Teacher’s Book of Lists Jacqueline E. Kress Second Edition

This unique resource and teacher timesaver includes scores of helpful, practical lists, reproducible for the classroom or useful for developing instructional materials and lessons. The material helps teachers reinforce and enhance the learning of grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and writing skills in ESL students of all ability levels. The second edition is completely updated, with 85% new material, including 60 brand-new lists reflecting the latest information and resources for teaching ELLs. A complete, thoroughly updated glossary at the end provides an indispensable guide to the specialized language of ESL instruction. GRA D E S 4-12

Paperback / 384 pages / ISBN 978-0-470-22267-6 USD $34.95 / CAD $37.95





How to Reach and Teach

English Language Learners Practical Strategies to Ensure Success

How to Reach and Teach English Language Learners Practical Strategies to Ensure Success



Rachel Carrillo Syrja

Practical ready-to-use ELL strategies firmly rooted in the latest research • Practical, research-based strategies and tools • Assessment models and teaching tips across all content areas • Supports the needs of Long-Term English Learners (LTELs)


A former English language learner and popular teacher trainer offers practical tips to help ELL students reach their full potential. Includes teaching tips across all content areas—English/language arts, math, social studies, and science—and success stories from realworld classrooms.

This book provides practical strategies and tools for assessing and teaching even the most hard to reach English language learners across the content areas. GR A D ES K - 1 2

Paperback w/ lay-flat binding / 272 pages / ISBN 978-0-470-76761-0 USD $32.95 / CAD $39.95 Online Book / 272 pages / ISBN 978-1-118-39707-7 USD $32.95 / CAD $39.95


Math Math Starters




5- to 10-Minute Activities Aligned with the Common Core Math Standards Judith A. Muschla, Gary Robert Muschla, Erin Muschla Second Edition

Now updated with new math activities for computers and mobile devices—and now organized by the Common Core State Standards—this book includes more than 650 ready-to-use math starter activities that get kids quickly focused and working as soon as they enter the classroom. Ideally suited for any math curriculum, these high-interest problems spark involvement in the day’s lesson, help students build skills, and allow teachers to handle daily management tasks without wasting valuable instructional time. “Math Starters! provides a wealth of exemplary, motivational challenges designed to immediately engage students in important mathematical analysis and reasoning, and essential daily thinking practice for all learners. With a content thread aligned with the Common Core State Standards, the authors offer effective strategies and questioning techniques that establish critical connections between concepts and skills.”  —Deborah L. Ives, past president, Association of Mathematics Teachers of New Jersey; visiting assistant professor, Montclair State University, NJ G RA D E S 6 -12

Paperback / 448 pages / ISBN 978-1-118-44979-0 / USD $32.95 / CAD $39.95

The Problem with


A Language-Focused Approach to Helping All Students Develop a Deeper Understanding of Mathematics

The Problem with Math Is English A Language-Focused Approach to Helping All Students Develop a Deeper Understanding of Mathematics Concepcion Molina Published in partnership with SEDL


Written to inspire “aha” moments, The Problem with Math Is English enables teachers to help students identify and understand the nuances and true meaning of math concepts by exploring them through the lenses of language and symbolism. •O  ffers a new way to approach mathematics content which will improve how all students, especially ELL, understand math •E  mphasizes major attributes of conceptual understanding •E  xplains commonly misunderstood concepts such as proportional reasoning, graphical representation, and order of operations. “Teachers of mathematics of all levels who read and spend time with this fun and challenging book will strengthen their content knowledge and find confidence in their own ability to think and reason.” —Cindy Chapman, mathematics education consultant; past member, NCTM Board of Directors GR A D ES 3 - 8

Paperback / 304 pages / ISBN 978-1-118-09570-6 USD $29.95 / CAD $35.95



Teaching the Common Core Math Standards with Hands-On Activities

6–8 K–12

Teaching the

Common Core Math Standards with Hands-On Activities

Jossey-Bass Teacher

Teaching the

Judith A. Muschla, Gary Robert Muschla, Erin Muschla-Berry

Grades 3-5 K–12

COMMON CORE Math Standards Jossey-Bass Teacher

Teaching the

Grades K-2 K–12

with Hands-On Activities

Judith A. Muschla • Gary Robert Muschla • Erin Muschla

COMMON CORE Math Standards

Judith A. Muschla Gary Robert Muschla Erin Muschla-Berry

Judith A. Muschla Gary Robert Muschla Erin Muschla-Berry


Help your students with instruction that will help them acquire a thorough knowledge of math at their grade level, which will in turn enable them to move on to higher mathematics with competence and confidence. Hands-on Activities for Teaching the Common Core Math Standards is designed to help teachers instruct their students so that they will better understand and apply the skills outlined in the Standards. G RADES 6 - 8

GR A D ES 3 - 5

Paperback / 272 pages ISBN 978-1-118-10856-7 USD $32.95 / CAD $39.95

Paperback / 304 pages ISBN 978-1-118-71033-3 USD $32.95 / CAD $39.95

G RADES 9 - 1 2


Paperback / 312 pages N e w ISBN 978-1-118-71010-4 USD $32.95 / CAD $39.95

GR A D ES K - 2

Paperback / 288 pages ISBN 978-1-118-71024-1 USD $32.95 / CAD $39.954

The new activities book for grades 9-12 address Common Core math standards at the higher grade levels with lessons that can be quickly adapted to suit your students’ ability levels and learning styles. Students will build critical thinking skills, learn how to communicate math concepts, hone problem-solving abilities, and have fun while you prepare them to excel in higher education and in the workplace.


Math Mathematical Mindsets Unleashing Students’ Potential through Creative Math, Inspiring Messages and Innovative Teaching



Jo Boaler Foreword by Carol Dweck “Mistakes, struggles, creativity, beauty, flexibility, equity—Jo Boaler uses these words to describe a vision of mathematics where every student thrives and becomes a mathematical thinker. By following Boaler’s roadmap, perhaps we can once and for all lay to rest decades of archaic and destructive notions about what it takes to be good at math.” —Cathy Seeley, Past President, National Council of Teachers of Mathematics and author of Faster Isn’t Smarter and Smarter Than We Think Scores of students hate or fear math, so they end up leaving school without an understanding of basic mathematical concepts. How can we help all children know that they have vast mathematics potential? How can teachers instruct in a way that brings this belief to life? Drawing on her extensive research with thousands of students, Jo Boaler reveals how we can transform children’s ideas of math through a positive growth mindset method. Filled with illustrative examples, Mathematical Mindsets is an important guide to the information, techniques, and activities that can be put in place to make math more enjoyable and achievable for all students. It shows how the entire approach to math teaching and learning—from paying attention to the math questions and reviewing the tasks students work on to the methods teachers and parents use to encourage or grade students--needs to be changed to help students realize the joys of learning and understanding math. GR A D E S 6-12

Paperback / 320 pages / ISBN 978-0-470-89452-1 / USD $19.95 / CAD $23.95 DR. JO BOALER is a professor of mathematics education at Stanford University. The author of seven books and numerous research articles, she serves as an advisor to several Silicon Valley companies and is a White House presenter on girls and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math). She is a regular contributor to news and radio in the United States and England and recently formed to give teachers and parents the resources and ideas they need to inspire and excite students about mathematics.

Algebra Teacher’s Activities Kit

Hands-On Math Projects with Real-Life Applications Grades 3-5

150 Activities that Support Algebra in the Common Core Math Standards, Grades 6-12

Judith A. Muschla, Gary Robert Muschla Help students acquire effective problemsolving and critical-thinking skills as they learn how math relates to their everyday lives. Each chapter contains projects that are designed to help students see how topics in science, social studies, language, art, and life skills connect to mathematics.

Second Edition

Judith A. Muschla, Gary Robert Muschla, Erin Muschla-Berry Bring the math standards into your algebra classroom with a range of engaging activities that reinforce fundamental algebra skills. Newly updated, this handy kit is formatted for easy implementation, with teaching notes and answers followed by reproducibles for activities covering the algebra standards for grades 6 through 12. Coverage includes whole numbers, variables, equations, inequalities, graphing, polynomials, factoring, logarithmic functions, statistics, and more. It gives you the material you need to reach students of various abilities and learning styles. Many of these activities are selfcorrecting, adding interest for students and saving you time. This book provides dozens of activities that: •D  irectly address each Common Core algebra standard • Engage students and get them excited about math • Are tailored to a diverse range of levels and abilities •R  einforce fundamental skills and demonstrate everyday relevance Paperback / 352 pages / ISBN 978-1-119-04574-8 USD $32.95 / CAD $39.95



new edition

GR A D ES 3 - 5

Paperback / 288 pages / ISBN 978-0-470-26198-9 USD $29.95 / CAD $35.95

Hands-On Math Projects with Real-Life Applications Grades 6-12 Second Edition

Judith A. Muschla, Gary Robert Muschla Students today need a math classroom where they are challenged to solve real-life problems, where they use technology, where they express thoughts and solutions in writing, and where they come to appreciate the great scope and significance of mathematics. This book can help you provide the environment in which learning of such skills flourish. This fully revised second edition of a best seller includes 60 project-based activities. GR A D ES 6 - 1 2

Paperback / 464 pages / ISBN 978-0-7879-8179-2 USD $29.95 / CAD $32.99


Be s t seller


Science Hands-On Physics Activities with Real-Life Applications

Environmental Science Activities Kit

Easy-to-Use Labs and Demonstrations

Ready-to-Use Lessons, Labs, and Worksheets

James Cunningham, Norman Herr

Michael L. Roa

Inject new vitality into your curriculum with this comprehensive collection of nearly 200 investigations, demonstrations, mini-labs, and other activities that use everyday examples to make physics concepts easy to understand. For quick access, materials are organized into eight units covering Measurement, Motion, Force, Pressure, Energy & Momentum, Waves, Light, and Electromagnetism. G R A D E S 8 -12

Paperback / 672 pages / ISBN 978-0-87628-845-0 USD $34.95 / CAD $41.99

Second Edition “The Environmental Science Activities Kit is all about activities that light the fuse of students’ curiosity and engage their hearts and minds to participate in the movement toward a sustainable future.” —Frank R. Schiavo, professor emeritus, San Jose State University, CA

Newly updated, this classic text covers all new topics and activities as well as revised data, resources, references, and ways to integrate technology into the activities. Includes lesson plans and worksheets. GR A D ES 7 - 1 2

Hands-On Chemistry Activities with Real-Life Applications Easy-to-Use Labs and Demonstrations Norman Herr, James Cunningham This comprehensive collection of over 300 intriguing investigations—including demonstrations, labs, and other activities— uses everyday examples to make chemistry concepts easy to understand. Each unit offers a variety of lessons designed to provide interaction between students and their world in a way that encourages scientific reasoning.

Paperback / 512 pages / ISBN 978-0-470-23955-1 USD $32.95 / CAD $35.95 MICHAEL L. ROA taught environmental science for over 30 years to grades 4-12, as well as to pre-service and in-service teachers. He is currently the science education specialist for the Sonoma County Office of Education and is a frequent presenter at local, state, and national science conventions.

Biology Inquiries Standards-Based Labs, Assessments, and Discussion Lessons

G RA D E S 8 -12

Martin Shields

Paperback / 652 pages / ISBN 978-0-87628-262-5 USD $32.95 / CAD $35.99

Connect traditional concepts with new, innovative methods and inspire your students to investigate science

The Sourcebook for Teaching Science Strategies, Activities, and Instructional Resources

“Most of all, the activities are designed to be of high interest, and in many cases, just plain fun.”    —NSTA Recommends

Norman Herr “. . . an amazing book! . . . A must have for any science teacher, whether new or veteran!”   —NSTA Recommends

This Sourcebook features over 230 classroom-ready activities ranging from word-based problem-solving exercises to hands-on laboratory experiments and includes examples drawn from biology, physics, chemistry, and the geosciences. The activities are aimed at developing student proficiency in scientific thinking and methodology as well as conceptual tools for understanding content across the science curricula. Each activity is linked to a particular learning principle or science standard and includes stepby-step instructions, supplies and setup needed, related references, and related background and discussion information. Featuring reproducible worksheets and a companion website,, this book provides quickly accessible links to the various national science standards as well as the best in interactive science lessons and curricular resources.

Standards-based labs, assessments, and discussion lessons fill this innovative handbook. Designed for science educators in middle and high school, the book provides engaging concepts that bridge research-based theory with classroom realities. It will help teachers introduce standards-based inquiry and constructivist lessons, beginning with mysteries, questions, and challenges, and then emphasize exploration, scientific skepticism, reflection, and understanding. GR A D ES 7 - 1 2

Paperback w/ Lay-flat binding / 304 pages ISBN 978-0-7879-7652-1 USD $34.95 / CAD $41.99 MARTIN SHIELDS has taught high school biology for ten years, and he received the Presidential Award for Excellence in Science and Math Teaching in 2001.

G RAD E S 6 -12

Paperback / 608 pages / ISBN 978-0-7879-7298-1 / USD $34.95 / CAD $41.95






The Science


ACTIVITY-A-DAY Over 180 Reproducible Pages of Quick, Fun Projects that Illustrate Basic Concepts PAM WALKER * ELAINE WOOD


The Science Teacher’s Activity-a-Day Over 180 Reproducible Pages of Quick, Fun Projects That Illustrate Basic Concepts Pam Walker, Elaine Wood “These high-interest investigations use materials that are inexpensive, easily accessible, and familiar to students.” —NSTA Recommends®

“Research shows that students are more attentive at the start of a lesson. The Science Teacher’s Activity-a-Day provides short and engaging activities to get your lesson off to a dynamic start.”  —Ryan Adams, Douglas County Teacher of the Year

The Science Teacher’s Activity-a-Day is a fun-filled resource for teaching hands-on science to middle and high school students. With over 180 five-minute hook or sponge activities, teachers will find it easy to capture students’ imaginations and introduce compelling science lessons. These quick warm-up lessons can help students link familiar concepts to a new topic, or reveal gaps in knowledge, making it easy to set learning goals. With these engaging, exciting lessons, The Science Teacher’s Activity-a-Day can help every science teacher get his or her class off to a dynamic start. GRA D E S 5-10

Paperback / 288 pages / ISBN 978-0-470-40881-0 USD $21.95 / CAD $25.95


Book of Lists SE C O ND E DITIO N

• 100+

NEW lists

• 350+

art project ideas

• Art history timelines • Reproducible


Helen D.Hume

Paperback / 416 pages / ISBN 978-0-470-48208-7/ USD $34.95 / CAD $41.95

The Art Teacher’s Survival Guide for Elementary and Middle Schools Second Edition

Authoritative and practical, this comprehensive guide offers everything a teacher needs to know for conducting an effective arts instruction and appreciation program. Included are: •N  ew examples of fine art and folk art from around the world •R  esource listings, museum websites, and completely updated reference materials •N  ew material on grade level expectations, on working with special needs students, plus ideas and guidance for integrating art activities across the curricula

Paperback / 360 pages / ISBN 978-0-7879-7435-0 USD $34.00 / CAD $40.00


This time-tested book is written for teachers who need accurate and updated information about the world of art, artists, and art movements, including the arts of Africa, Asia, Native America, and other diverse cultures. The book is filled with tools, resources, and ideas for creating art in multiple media. Written by an experienced artist and art instructor, the book is filled with vital facts, data, readings, and other references.

GR A D ES K - 1 2

GRA D E S 4-8

Paperback / 288 pages / ISBN 978-0-7879-6630-0 USD $29.95 / CAD $32.99

A revised and updated edition of the best-selling resource for art teachers

•O  ffers ideas for dynamic art projects and lessons.

“Science Sleuths is a great book for the teacher who hopes to engage middle school students in science investigations that build upon high interest topics related to mystery, clues, and intrigue.” —Dr. Gail H. Marshall, Ed.D., assistant professor, College of Education, University of West Georgia

GR A D E S 6-12


Diverse in its content, the book covers topics such as architecture, drawing, painting, graphic arts, photography, digital arts, and much more.

Solve the mystery of making science fun

Turn your students into super sleuths with the 68 exciting lessons and worksheets this unique resources has to offer! It provides complete teacher background information and activity sheets that challenge students to observe carefully, organize and record data, think critically, and conduct simple tests to solve crimes ranging from theft to vandalism.

Second Edition

Bes t seller

•C  ontains new information on contemporary artists, artwork, art movements, museum holdings, art websites, and more

Pam Walker, Elaine Wood

Pam Walker, Elaine Wood

The Art Teacher’s Book of Lists

•E  ach of the book’s lists has been updated and it includes some 100 new lists

60 Forensic Activities to Develop Critical Thinking and Inquiry Skills

Real-Life Science Labs


The Art Teacher’s

Science Sleuths

Crime Scene Investigations


•N  ew activities drawing from multicultural traditions (symbol making, Asian paper making, Dia de los Muertos altars), plus new projects in water color, print making, nature illustration, computer graphics, and music-based art. GR A D ES K - 8

Paperback / 512 pages / ISBN 978-0-470-18302-1 / USD $34.95 / CAD $37.95

Helen D. Hume taught art for over 30 years in the St. Louis, MO, area and currently serves as a teacher trainer/consultant to both private and public schools. A board member of the St. Louis Artists’ Guild, she is author of numerous books in arts education, including The Art Teacher’s Book of Lists and A Survival Kit for the Secondary Art Teacher.


Teaching & Teacher Education


The Art of Coaching Teams

Teaching Outside the Box


Building Resilient Communities that Transform Schools


new edition

How to Grab Your Students By Their Brains

Elena Aguilar

Third Edition

The manual everyone needs for being an effective team leader

LouAnne Johnson

Being a great teacher is one thing, but leading a team, or team development, is entirely different— and there’s no rubric to give you direction. Team development is an art form, and this book is your how-to guide to doing it effectively. You’ll learn the administrative tasks that keep your team on track, and you’ll gain access to a wealth of downloadable tools that simplify the ‘getting organized’ process. Just as importantly, you’ll explore what it means to be the kind of leader that can bring people together to accomplish difficult tasks. You’ll find practical suggestions, tools, and clear instructions for the logistics of team development as well as for building trust, developing healthy communication, and managing conflict. Inside these pages you’ll find concrete guidance on: •D  esigning agendas, making decisions, establishing effective protocols, and more •B  oosting your resilience, understanding and managing your emotions, and meeting your goals •C  ultivating your team’s emotional intelligence and dealing with cynicism •U  tilizing practical tools to create a customized framework for developing highly effective teams There is no universal formula for building a great team, because every team is different. Different skills, abilities, personalities, and goals make a one-size-fitsall approach ineffective at best. Instead, The Art of Coaching Teams provides a practical framework to help you develop your group as a whole, and keep the team moving toward their common goals. Paperback / 280 pages / ISBN 978-1-118-98415-4/ USD $34.95 / CAD $39.95

Learn what it takes to bring a fresh perspective to your classroom! Thoroughly revised, the third edition of Teaching Outside the Box: How to Grab Your Students by Their Brains is filled with practical strategies and advice for both new and experienced teachers. Inside these pages, you’ll discover how to engage students and create a dynamic classroom that nurtures critical thinking and problem solving. Teaching Outside the Box is the go-to reference for improving classroom management, discipline, and motivation. This updated third edition includes new and expanded material that highlights important topics including project-based learning, brain-based teaching, integrating standards, and creating smooth transitions. The book includes reflection questions to inspire dialogue in book groups, teacher education classes, and professional development courses. “This third edition is a must-read. Along with the numerous practical strategies, readers will learn two very important things: who they are as an educator and how they may motivate all learners to be successful.”  —Meg R. Roa, Professional Development Specialist, Volusia County Schools, Florida “Oh, for more educators like LouAnne Johnson! Teaching Outside the Box overflows with Johnson’s hard-earned wisdom, experience, and practicality. In today’s era, with teachers feeling the tide has turned against them, Johnson shines a ray of light to lead the way.”—Dawn Wink, Interim Director, Department of Teacher Education, Santa Fe Community College GR A D ES K - 1 2

The Art of Coaching Effective Strategies for School Transformation


Best seller

Paperback / 352 pages / ISBN 978-1-119-08927-8 USD $26.95 / CAD $29.95

Elena Aguilar

Kick-Start Your Class

Hands-on resources for new and seasoned school coaches “To produce drastic gains in the academic achievement levels of our students we need the strongest, most prepared teachers. The Art of Coaching provides concrete, actionable steps to move teachers along the continuum of excellence to meet this challenge head on.” —Heather Lechner, turnaround school leader, New Orleans, LA

This practical resource offers the foundational skills and tools needed by new coaching educators as well as presents an overview of the knowledge and theory base behind the practice. Established coaches will find numerous ways to deepen and refine their coaching practice. Principals and others who incorporate coaching strategies into their work will also find a wealth of resources in this book. G RA D E S K-12

Paperback / 360 pages / ISBN 978-1-118-20653-9 / USD $29.95 / CAD $35.95


Academic Icebreakers to Engage Students LouAnne Johnson “My first priority in any class is to help my students believe in themselves and their ability to learn.’” —LouAnne Johnson

A fun-filled collection of 120 icebreakers that gets students thinking and keeps them engaged. These activities are great to use with students at all levels, and many of the activities include variations and modifications for different groups. Kick-Start Your Class is a resource all teachers should have at their fingertips. GR A D ES K - 1 2

Paperback / 288 pages / ISBN 978-1-118-10456-9 USD $24.95 / CAD $29.95


Teaching & Teacher Education Foreword by JASON Afterword by WENDY

KAMRAS , National Teacher of the Year, 2005 KOPP , CEO and Founder , Teach For America




The Highly Effective Teacher’s Guide to Closing the Achievement Gap



Teaching as Leadership

Mentoring Teachers

The Highly Effective Teacher’s Guide to Closing the Achievement Gap

Ann Lieberman, Susan Hanson, Janet Gless

Navigating the Real-World Tensions

Teach For America, Steven Farr

Foreword by Ellen Moir Drawn from the experiences over the last 20 years of the New Teacher Center, this book illuminates the subtleties and struggles of becoming an excellent, effective mentor, including developing a new identity, developing trusting relationships, accelerating teacher growth, mentoring in challenging contexts, and learning leadership skills.

“Teaching as Leadership works. This is the approach taken by teachers who lead diverse students to great academic achievements.” —Beverly Hall, superintendent of Atlanta Public Schools and 2009 National Superintendent of the Year

Teach for America has fought the daunting battle of educational equity for the last 20 years. Based on evidence from classrooms across the country, they’ve discovered much about effective teaching practice, and distilled these findings into the six principles presented in this book. STEVEN FARR TEACH FOR AMERICA

A wonderful guide for new and veteran mentors, it describes the most common challenges and includes engaging firsthand narratives. GR A D ES K - 1 2

Paperback / 192 pages / ISBN 978-0-470-87412-7 USD $24.95 / CAD $29.95

The Teaching as Leadership framework inspires teachers to:

The School Administrator’s Complete Letter Book

• Set Big Goals • Invest in Students and Their Families • Plan Purposefully • Execute Effectively • Continuously Increase Effectiveness • Work Relentlessly.

Second Edition

E cD

Compiled by Gerald Tomlinson

The results are better educational outcomes for our nation’s children, particularly those who live in low-income communities.

“School administrators at every level will benefit from The School Administrator’s Complete Letter Book. In the face of everincreasing job complexity, the tools in this book provide school leaders with tools to better communicate with diverse constituencies.”  —Dr. Gerald N. Tirozzi, former executive director, National Association of Secondary School Principals

GR A D E S K -12

Paperback / 352 pages / ISBN 978-0-470-43286-0 USD $22.95 / CAD $27.95

An accompanying website includes a wealth of tools, videos, sample lessons, discussion boards, and case studies (

The Student Leadership Challenge

CD-ROM with customizable letters to fit your needs

Five Practices for Becoming an Exemplary Leader

Hardcover w/CD-ROM / 416 pages / ISBN 978-0-7879-6589-1 USD $44.95 / CAD $48.99

GR A D ES K - 1 2

Second Edition

James M. Kouzes, Barry Z. Posner Starting a student leadership program? In this proven and bestselling resource, James Kouzes and Barry Posner apply their extensive research and expertise to demonstrate that anyone can be a leader, regardless of age or experience. In this book, you’ll learn from first-hand leadership stories from young leaders around the world, helping you to deeply explore and understand The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership®. Framed within these Five Practices, the authors guide you through the concrete actions students can take to become an exemplary leader, from finding their voice and clarifying their own values, to recognizing others’ contributions and celebrating their victories.

The First-Year Teacher’s Checklist A Quick Reference for Classroom Success Julia G. Thompson Help new teachers get up to speed fast. Tips include how to set up the classroom; working with parents, administrators, and fellow teachers; motivating hard-to-reach students; classroom management and discipline; and much more. This quick, concise, and easyto-use reference is chock full of valuable information, practical tips, and helpful resources to guide new teachers on their way to a successful school year. GR A D ES K - 1 3

Paperback / 224 pages / ISBN 978-0-470-39004-7 USD $21.95 / CAD $25.95

New! This edition includes access to an online Student Leadership assessment tool. GR A D E S 6-16

Paperback / 304 pages / ISBN 978-1-118-39007-8 USD $36.00 / CAD $40.00



Teaching & Teacher Education Why Don’t Students Like School? A Cognitive Scientist Answers Questions About How the Mind Works and What It Means for the Classroom


Be s t seller

Daniel T. Willingham

Easy-to-apply, scientifically-based approaches for engaging students in the classroom “Dan Willingham’s book makes fascinating but complicated research from cognitive science accessible to teachers. It is jam packed with ideas that teachers will find both intellectually rich and useful in their classroom work.”  —Randi Weingarten, president, American Federation of Teachers

Cognitive scientist Dan Willingham focuses his acclaimed research on the biological and cognitive basis of learning. His book will help teachers improve their practice by explaining how they and their students think and learn. It reveals the importance of story, emotion, memory, context, and routine in building knowledge and creating lasting learning experiences. • Features nine easy-to-understand principles with clear applications for the classroom • Includes surprising findings, such as that intelligence is malleable, and that you cannot develop ‘thinking skills’ without facts • Reveals how an understanding of the brain’s workings can help teachers hone their teaching skills. G RADE S K- 1 2

Paperback / 240 pages / ISBN 978-0-470-59196-3 / USD $19.95 / CAD $24.95

Future Wise

d aV id P e r K in S

Educating Our Children for a Changing World

author of the eurek a effect N

M a K inG

David Perkins

Le arninG

The toolkit is for answering, “Why do we have to learn this?”

Making Learning Whole How Seven Principles of Teaching Can Transform Education David Perkins

David Perkins, a noted authority on teaching and learning and co-director of Harvard’s Project Zero, introduces a practical and There is no one answer, but with the research-based framework for teaching. He information and insights Perkins shares, you describes how teaching any subject at any can take a big step toward a curriculum that level can be made more effective if students truly prepares learners for life in a complex How s e v e n P r i n c i P l e s of t e a c h i n g can are introduced to the “whole game,” rather and challenging world. t r a n sfo rm edu c at io n than isolated pieces of a discipline. Perkins Throughout this vital resource, Perkins explains how learning academic subjects explores the key concepts, curriculum criteria, should be approached like learning baseball or any game, and he and techniques for prioritizing content so demonstrates this with seven principles for making learning whole: teachers can guide students toward the big from making the game worth playing (emphasizing the importance of understandings that matter. By reimagining motivation to sustained learning), to working on the hard parts (the the curriculum, teachers can go beyond the basic skills and cultivate critical and creative importance of thoughtful practice), to learning how to learn (developing self-managed learners). thinking, as well as the collaborative, leadership, and entrepreneurial skills that GR A D ES K - 1 2 speak strongly to living and thriving in this era. Paperback / 272 pages / ISBN 978-0-470-63371-7 “David Perkins, preeminent authority on learning and teaching, offers profound insights USD $21.95 / CAD $25.95 into the purpose and content of twenty-first century schooling. For educators in the Information Age, this is an essential, enthralling read; a book for global excogitation.”  —Rod Rock, superintendent, Clarkston Community Schools, Michigan G rades K-1 2

Hardcover / 288 pages / ISBN 978-1-118-84408-3 / USD $27.95 / CAD $33.95


DAVID N. PERKINS is the Carl H. Pforzheimer, Jr. Research Professor of Teaching and Learning at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. Recently retired from the senior faculty, he is a founding member and senior co-director of Project Zero, a research and development institute at the graduate school. He has authored several books, including Making Learning Whole, Smart Schools, Outsmarting IQ, and The Eureka Effect.

Visible Learners Promoting Reggio-Inspired Approaches in All Schools Mara Krechevsky, Ben Mardell, Melissa Rivard, Daniel Wilson “We are at a critical moment that cries out for 4 C’s learning (critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity). Visible Learners addresses this very challenge by offering rich examples and practical guidance for creating powerful learning experiences in our classrooms, schools, and communities.” —Ken Kay, CEO of EdLeader21 and cofounder and president, Partnership for 21st Century Skills

Explore how to make learning happen in relation to others, spark emotional connections, give students power over their learning, and express ideas in multiple ways GR ADE S P re K- 1 2

Paperback / 208 pages / ISBN 978-1-118-34569-6 / USD $29.95 / CAD $35.95





Resources from EL Education / Teaching Learning That Lasts

Leaders of Their Own Learning Coming S p r i ng 2016

Transforming Schools Through Student-Engaged Assessment

Engaging, Challenging, and Empowering Students with Deeper Instruction

Ron Berger, Leah Rugen, Libby Woodfin, EL Education

Learn how to ignite the capacity of students to take responsibility for their own learning, meet Common Core and state standards, and reach higher levels of achievement

Ron Berger, Libby Woodfin, Anne Vilen

The Change Our Students Need Learning That Lasts presents a new vision for classroom instruction that sharpens and deepens what is asked of teachers and students. A practical guide filled with structures, strategies, and resources, it is grounded in examples and stories from successful schools. It presents a detailed picture of how more ambitious and effective instruction—instruction that is challenging, engaging, and empowering for students—can look across grade levels and disciplines, and across a range of school settings. Focusing deeply on the classroom level of teaching and learning, it paints a portrait of a deeper version of instruction—one all students need and that all students deserve. GRA D E S K -12

Paperback w/DVD / 392 pages / ISBN 978-1-119-25345-7 USD $32.95 / CAD $39.95



Transformational Literacy

Leaders of Their Own Learning offers a new way of thinking about assessment based on the celebrated work of EL Education. Student-engaged assessment is not a single practice but an approach to teaching and learning that equips and compels students to understand goals for their learning and growth, track their progress toward those goals, and take responsibility for reaching them. This requires a set of interrelated strategies and structures and a whole-school culture in which students are given the respect and responsibility to be meaningfully engaged in their own learning. •O  utlines the practices that will engage students in making academic progress, improve achievement, and involve families and communities in the life of the school •D  escribes each of the book’s eight key practices, gives advice on how to begin, and explains what teachers and school leaders need to put into practice in their own classrooms GR A D ES K - 1 2

Paperback w/DVD / 400 pages / ISBN 978-1-118-65544-3 USD $29.95 / CAD $35.95

Making the Common Core Shift with Work That Matters

A Non-Freaked Out Guide to Teaching the Common Core

Ron Berger, Libby Woodfin, Suzanne Nathan Plaut, Cheryl Becker Dobbertin

Using the 32 Literacy Anchor Standards to Develop Collegeand Career-Ready Students Dave Stuart, Jr.

 ritten by a team from EL W Education, Transformational Literacy helps teachers leverage the Common Core instructional shifts to engage students in work that matters. The stories, examples, and resources come primarily from the more than 150 EL schools around the country that support teachers in creating curriculum and improving instruction. The book also draws on EL’s open source Common Core English Language Arts curriculum—often cited as one of the finest in the country. It combines the best of what EL knows works for kids— purposeful, inquiry-based learning, with the new imperative of the Common Core—higher and deeper expectations for all students. • Teach standards through a compelling and purposeful curriculum that prioritizes worthy texts and worthy tasks • Improve students’ evidence-based reading, thinking, talking, and writing •S  upport students to develop a new mindset toward the challenge of reading complex texts GRA D E S K -12

Paperback / 336 pages / ISBN 978-1-118-96223-7 USD $27.95 / CAD $33.95


Wouldn’t it be great if teachers could just relax about the Common Core and have a guide to show them how to implement the standards while keeping their own teaching style? Packed with clear descriptions, examples, activities, and techniques and presented in a user-friendly format, this is the book you need to make the goals of the Common Core comprehensible. It’s the fastest way to make Common Core happen in any classroom. Getting a firm grasp of the anchor standards is critical to teaching the key concepts of the CCSS. This guide breaks down each anchor standard into its key points, discusses each standard’s central purpose and outlines the context for each required skill. “If you’re a teacher or school administrator wondering how to help your students play the academic intellectual game, Dave Stuart is your guy!”  —Gerald Graff, professor of English and Education, University of Illinois at Chicago; 2008 president, Modern Language Association of America GR A D E K - 1 2

Paperback / 192 pages / ISBN 978-1-118-95226-9 USD $24.95 / CAD $29.95


Supervision / Evaluation Better Feedback for Better Teaching

A Teacher’s Guide to Classroom Assessment

Coming S pring 2016

Understanding and Using Assessment to Improve Student Learning

A Practical Guide to Improving Classroom Observations Steve Cantrell, et al.

Susan M. Butler, Nancy D. McMunn

The best way to ensure high quality instruction is to provide teachers with accurate, constructive feedback on practices proven to enhance student learning. This comprehensive resource provides helpful, reliable strategies from leading experts and practitioners involved in the Measures of Effective Teaching (MET) project, which carried out one of the largest, most influential studies of classroom observations to date. It describes how to: •B  uild a shared vision of effective teacher feedback among observers •E  nsure a common understanding of a classroom observation tool • Train observers to collect objective evidence from a lesson, efficiently and free of bias •L  everage data to improve how observers are trained and supported Includes helpful starting points, tips to refine techniques and address new challenges and concrete, adaptable examples and strategies. G R A D E S K-12

Paperback / 224 pages / ISBN 978-1-118-70198-0 USD $29.95 / CAD $35.95

“This book is an excellent tool for any educator or school system whose mission is the success of each of their students. Status quo will no longer do, and educators will find useful information, suggestions, and motivation in a very usable, easily understood manner. The authors have addressed problems of assessment and evaluations and

different learning styles superbly.”  —Eva C. Martens, president, Fairview, Oklahoma Board of Education

Based on extensive research, A Teacher’s Guide to Classroom Assessment offers teachers a thorough grounding in all aspects of classroom assessment for enhancing student learning and achievement. While the major focus is on how to design quality performance tasks and scoring guides, the comprehensive resource also provides guidance on setting standards-based learning targets, analyzing assessment data, and using instructional strategies to provide effective feedback to students. The book also covers portfolios, grading practices, and issues of high-stakes testing. GR A D ES K - 1 2

Paperback / 288 pages / ISBN 978-0-7879-7877-8 USD $32.95 / CAD $39.99

Designing Teacher Evaluation Systems Thomas J. Kane Kerri A. Kerr Robert C. Pianta e d i t or s

New Guidance from the

Measures of Effective Te a c h i n g Project

Designing Teacher Evaluation Systems

Blue Chip Kids What Every Child (and Parent) Should Know About Money, Investing, and the Stock Market

New Guidance from the Measures of Effective Teaching Project Thomas Kane, Kerri Kerr, Robert Pianta

Definitive research for meaningful teacher evaluations

Based on original research from an extensive study, this book will help you rethink and redesign teacher evaluation procedures—and implement a system that enhances your teachers’ performance and improve your students’ achievement levels.

David W. Bianchi A fun and easy-to-read introduction to the world of money and investing for kids. This hands-on resource demystifies the basic principles about money matters and shows what it takes to spend, save, and invest wisely. Filled with simple examples and numerous illustrations, it discusses money and investing in 100 bite-size topics. A must-have for those who want children to develop the skills to save, invest wisely and become responsible money managers. GR A D ES K - 1 2

Hardcover / 256 pages / ISBN 978-1-119-05719-2 / USD $27.95 / CAD $33.95

Fires in the Mind

Using the MET data set, it shows you how to build evaluation programs that will fairly and accurately evaluate teaching practices employed by your instructors. It will also:

What Kids Can Tell Us About Motivation and Mastery Kathleen Cushman

•S  hare information from some of the leading thinkers in K-12 education

 hrough the voices of students themselves, Fires T in the Mind brings a game-changing question to teachers of teens: What does it take to get really good at something? Teenagers from widely diverse backgrounds join a cutting-edge dialogue with adults about the development of mastery in and out of school. Their insights frame motivation, practice, and academic challenge in a new light that galvanizes more powerful learning for all.

•C  over more than three years of definitive research in the field of teacher evaluation •H  elp you develop and employ effective evaluation processes • Instruct and guide future leaders in education. G RA D E S K-12

Hardcover / 648 pages / ISBN 978-1-118-83435-0 USD $45.00 / CAD $50.00




GR A D ES 9 - 1 2

Paperback / 208 pages / ISBN 978-1-118-16021-3 USD $18.95 / CAD $22.95


Teaching & Teacher Education Teaching with Heart

Teaching with Fire

Poetry that Speaks to the Courage to Teach

Sam M. Intrator, Megan Scribner, Editors

Poetry That Sustains the Courage to Teach

Sam M. Intrator, Megan Scribner, Editors In Teaching with Heart, a diverse group of ninety teachers describe the complex of emotions of the teaching life – joy, outrage, heartbreak, hope, commitment and dedication. Each heartfelt commentary is paired with a cherished poem selected by the teacher. The teachers identified an eclectic collection of poems and poets from Emily Dickinson to Mary Oliver to the rapper Tupac Shakur. It is an inspiring book for all who teach. “This book will be a bedside companion to teachers who need to know they are our nation’s unsung treasure, as well as a wake-up call to the nation about the value of its teachers.” —Sonia Nieto, professor emerita, University of Massachusetts, Amherst GRA D E S K -12

Exploring the Inner Landscape of a Teacher’s Life Parker J. Palmer

Leading from Within Poetry That Sustains the Courage to Lead Sam M. Intrator, Megan Scribner, Editors This beautiful collection of 92 poems—including poems by Mary Oliver, Langston Hughes, Robert Frost, Wendell Berry, and T. S. Eliot, and more—will touch the minds and hearts of leaders and encourage and sustain them in their work. Each poem is accompanied by a brief reflection from a leader explaining the significance and meaning of the poem in his or her life and work. Hardcover / 288 pages / ISBN 978-0-7879-8869-2 USD $19.95 / CAD $21.99

10th Anni ver sary edition



Be st seller

10th Anniversary Edition

 he Courage to Teach takes teachers on T an inner journey toward reconnecting with themselves, their students, their colleagues, and their vocations, and reclaiming their passion for one of the most challenging and important of human endeavors. GRA D E S K -12

Hardcover w/CD-ROM / 272 pages ISBN 978-0-7879-9686-4 / USD $27.95 / CAD $30.95

Includes an audio CD with an 80-minute interview with Parker Palmer, reflecting on the courage work Also available:

The Courage to Teach Guide for Reflection and Renewal Parker J. Palmer, with Megan Scribner This guide helps you reflect on your teaching and renew your sense of vocation. It proposes practical ways to create a space for honest reflection and probing conversation, and offers questions and exercises to explore the many insights in The Courage to Teach. G RADE S K- 1 2

Paperback w/DVD / 192 pages ISBN 978-0-7879-9687-1 USD $18.95 / CAD $20.99


GR A D ES K - 1 2

Hardcover / 256 pages / ISBN 978-0-7879-6970-7 USD $18.95 / CAD $22.99

GR A D ES K - 1 2

Hardcover / 288 pages / ISBN 978-1-118-45943-0 USD $19.95 / CAD $23.95

The Courage to Teach

This wonderful collection of commentary and poetry will help you rediscover what brought you to teaching, what keeps you there, and what fuels your passion to teach.

Transformative Classroom Management Positive Strategies to Engage All Students and Promote a Psychology of Success John Shindler

A proven approach for encouraging the love of learning in the classroom. In this book, John Shindler, an expert on classroom management and school climate, describes the innovative technique of Transformative Classroom Management (TCM). He shows K-12 teachers how to improve teaching methods, student behavior, and student achievement by bringing out the positive feelings that naturally exist in the classroom. Shindler offers new strategies for creating a high-functioning class, developing a classroom social contract, dealing with challenging students, promoting a psychology of success, and creating a climate defined by student responsibility and motivation. ‘”I have read many other management books by other authors, but Transformative Classroom Management has been the best so far at demystifying the invisible forces in the classroom.” —Will McElroy, Fourth grade teacher, Los Angeles United School District

John Shindler, Ph.D., is associate professor at California State University, Los Angeles, the co-director of the Western Alliance for the Study of School Climate, and the chair of the American Educational Research Association (AERA) Special Interest Group for School Climate, Culture and Community. Paperback / 384 pages / ISBN 978-0-470-44843-4 USD $29.95 / CAD $35.95


Teaching & Teacher Education DVD INCLUDED



K–12 K–12

The First-Year


Survival Guide Ready-to-Use Strategies, Tools & Activities for Meeting the Challenges of Each School Day THIRD EDITION

Julia G. Thompson

The First-Year Teacher’s Survival Guide

Getting Ready for College, Careers, and the Common Core

Teacher Choice Award

Ready-to-Use Strategies, Tools and Activities for Meeting the Challenges of Each School Day

What Every Educator Needs to Know David T. Conley

Third Edition

The tools you need to prepare students for Common Core assessments, college, and careers

Julia G. Thompson This trusted resource gives beginning educators everything they need to survive and thrive in the classroom. The third edition covers new material, including how to: • Incorporate Common Core State Standards • Teach media literacy and social responsibility

•F  ind teacher freebies and create a productive classroom environment on a budget •U  se digital tools to design and deliver innovative, engaging, relevant lessons •H  elp students prepare for standardized tests and other assessments •H  andle “homework push-back” from parents and guardians • Help students learn to assume responsibility and become self-disciplined learners. This fully revised edition of a trusted resource offers solutions to challenges and typical scenarios encountered by new teachers. This popular resource offers teachers an essential guide for knowing what to expect when they begin their career and ideas for solving classroom problems. Includes discussion questions and a handy training guide for professional development providers. G RA D E S K-12

Paperback w/DVD / 560 pages / ISBN 978-1-118-45028-4 USD $32.95 / CAD $39.95 Bonus DVD features video instruction and downloadable versions of the useful checklists, forms, worksheets, and self-assessments

The First-Year Teacher’s Survival Guide

PD Study guide



Do you need specific strategies for teaching the CCSS in ways that improve readiness for college and careers for the full range of students? Then Getting Ready for College, Careers, and the Common Core is the comprehensive resource you need. It is based on multiple research studies conducted by Conley and the experience he has gained from working with dozens of high schools that succeed with a wide range of students. Written for all educators but with an emphasis on those at the secondary level, this important resource shows how to develop programs that truly prepare students for both the Common Core assessments and for college and career readiness. Teachers can use this valuable resource to understand the big picture behind the Common Core State Standards; how to teach to them in ways that prepare students for new, challenging assessments being implemented and, more importantly, how to help all students be ready for learning beyond high school. GR A D ES 9 - 1 2

Hardcover / 336 pages / ISBN 978-1-118-55114-1 USD $27.95 / CAD $33.95


Professional Development Training Kit

•M  inimizing misbehavior and encouraging selfdiscipline •P  lanning productive lessons

COLLEGE AND CAREER READY Helping All Students Succeed Beyond High School

•W  orking as a collaborative school team. DVD Set with Facilitator’s Manual ISBN 978-1-118-09569-0 USD $275.00 / CAD $303.00


College and Career Ready offers educators a blueprint for improving high school so that more students are able to excel in freshman-level college courses or entrylevel jobs—laying a solid foundation for lifelong growth and success. The book is filled with detailed, practical guidelines and case descriptions of what the best high schools are doing. • Includes clear guidelines for high school faculty to adapt their programs of instruction in the direction of enhanced college/career readiness •P  rovides practical strategies for improving students’ content knowledge and academic behaviors

•U  sing class time and space wisely •D  elivering dynamic instruction

Helping All Students Succeed Beyond High School Giving students the tools they need to succeed in college and work

Julia G. Thompson This rich multimedia training package distills Thompson’s practical approach to teaching and classroom management— honed over thirty years of real-world experience— with video instruction on such core topics as:

College and Career Ready

• Offers examples of best practices and research-based recommendations for change The book considers the impact of behavioral issues—such as time management and study habits—as well as academic skills on college readiness. GRADES 9-12

Paperback / 336 pages / ISBN 978-1-118-15567-7 / USD $19.95 / CAD $23.95


Teaching & Teacher Education Boys and Girls Learn Differently!


Anniversary Edition

boys girls Learn &

Differently A Guide for Teachers and Parents

A Guide for Teachers and Parents

A Workbook for Educators

Revised 10th Anniversary Edition

Michael Gurian, Kathy Stevens, Kelley King Published in partnership with the Gurian Institute

Michael Gurian, With Kathy Stevens Michael Gurian is a pioneer and leading authority in gender issues worldwide, and in this profoundly significant book, Gurian has revised and updated his groundbreaking book that clearly demonstrates how the distinction in hard-wiring and socialized gender differences affects how boys and girls learn.

Gurian presents a method proven to educate our children based on brain science, neurological with Kat hy St ev e nS development, and chemical and hormonal disparities. The innovations presented in this book were applied in the classroom and proven successful, with dramatic improvements in test scores, during a two-year study that Gurian and his colleagues conducted in six Missouri school districts.

Michael Gurian

G RA D E S K-12

Paperback / 400 pages / ISBN 978-0-470-60825-8 / USD $16.95 / CAD $19.95

The Minds of Boys Saving Our Sons from Falling Behind in School and Life Michael Gurian, With Kathy Stevens  he bestselling, headline-making book that was T the first to confront the current crisis in boys’ education. The original hardcover version of this book caused a firestorm of controversy and acclaim by confronting what Michael Gurian and a lot of other parents and teachers in this country truly believe to be a “boys’ crisis”—boys today are simply not learning as well as girls. Gurian details a new way of solving the problem based on the success of his program in schools across the country, drawing on the latest neurobiological research. The book presents a detailed, stepby-step program and strategy for helping boys to learn, advance their test scores, improve classroom behavior, and ultimately achieve success in life. G RA D E S K-12

Paperback / 368 pages / ISBN 978-0-7879-9528-7 / USD $18.95 / CAD $22.99

The Dreamkeepers Successful Teachers of African American Children


G RA D E S K-12

Paperback / 256 pages / ISBN 978-0-470-40815-5 USD $22.95 / CAD $27.95

The elementary level workbook focuses on building a solid foundation of learning and study habits both in the class and at home. It covers the key curricular areas and offers techniques for making all subjects more engaging for all students. The secondary level workbook delves into learning in the context of peer relationships and provides tips for helping boys and girls with the common curriculum problem areas of reading and math. GR A D ES K - 1 2

Paperback / 216 pages / ISBN 978-0-7879-9730-4 USD $29.95 / CAD $32.99

Strategies for Teaching Boys and Girls – Secondary Level A Workbook for Educators Michael Gurian, Kathy Stevens, Kelley King GR A D ES 6 - 1 2

Paperback / 192 pages / ISBN 978-0-7879-9731-1 USD $29.95 / CAD $32.99 Michael Gurian is a New York Times bestselling author. His Gurian Institute has become a leading center for training and field testing his educational and parenting innovations. Gurian’s work has been featured in on The Today Show, Good Morning America, The Early Show, CNN, NPR, Newsweek, and elsewhere.

. . . And Other Reflections on Race, Equity, and the Future of Public Education


Be s t seller

Pedro A. Noguera American Educational Studies Association 2008 Critics Choice Award

Second Edition

In the second edition of her critically acclaimed book, LadsonBillings shows that what matters most is to work with the unique strengths a child brings to the classroom. A brilliant mixture of scholarship and storytelling, The Dreamkeepers challenges us to envision intellectually rigorous and culturally relevant classrooms that have the power to improve the lives of not just African American students, but all children.

In Boys and Girls Learn Differently, Michael Gurian laid out the origin and nature of gender differences in the classroom. This book—Strategies for Teaching Boys and Girls shows teachers what to do about these differences. Drawing on the Gurian Institute’s research and training with schools and school districts, this workbook presents practical strategies, lessons, and activities that have been field-tested in real classrooms. Chock-full of practical tools, it will be an essential resource for both novice and veteran teachers who want to improve their practice and get the most out of all students.

The Trouble with Black Boys

Best seller

Gloria Ladson-Billings


Strategies for Teaching Boys and Girls— Elementary Level

10th An niv e rsary edition

How race matters—and what it means for all of us A leading voice on the topic of equity and social justice, professor Pedro Noguera of the Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development at New York University examines the link between identity and behavior, the meaning of race in achievement gaps, the social capital of parents, and the role of leaders in restoring our faith in schools. In this brutally honest— yet ultimately hopeful—book, The Trouble with Black Boys examines the many facets of race in schools and society and reveals what it will take to improve outcomes for all students. From achievement gaps to immigration, Noguera offers a rich and compelling picture of a complex issue that affects all of us. G RA D ES K - 1 2

Paperback / 368 pages / ISBN 978-0-470-45208-0 / USD $19.95 / CAD $23.95


Teaching & Teacher Education


Best seller





The Together Teacher

You Can Do This

Small Teaching

Plan Ahead, Get Organized, and Save Time!

Hope and Help for New Teachers

Everyday Lessons from the Science of Learning

Robyn R. Jackson

Maia Heyck-Merlin Foreword by Norman Atkins Explore the key habits of “together teachers”— how they plan ahead, organize work and their classrooms, and spend their limited free time. The end goal is always strong outcomes for their students—and themselves. Heyck-Merlin walks the reader through how to establish simple yet successful organizational systems. These are concrete steps that every teacher can implement to achieve greater stability and success in their classrooms and in their lives. •R  ecommends various electronic or online tools to make a teacher’s school day (and life!) more efficient and productive • Includes a Reader’s Guide, a great professional development resource G RA D E S K-1 2

Paperback w/CD-ROM / 352 pages ISBN 978-1-118-13821-2 USD $22.95 / CAD $27.95



Companion website with templates and tutorials to create a customized personal organizational system at:

In this down-to-earth, inspirational book, bestselling author Robyn Jackson offers encouragement and real-world advice for navigating those difficult years as a beginning teacher. Sharing stories from her own experience, Robyn helps tackle challenges such as motivating students, planning effective lessons, building relationships with parents, bouncing back from embarrassing mistakes, and finding your own authority as a teacher. She also helps you find success outside the classroom with practical pointers for living on a teacher’s salary and carving out time to have a life of your own. With candor and a good deal of wit, she gently guides you to develop your own teaching style and, ultimately, to find your own path toward mastery. “This is the most powerful and valuable heart-toheart talk any new teacher could get. Every chapter peels back more and more secrets to thriving that only master teacher Robyn Jackson could share. These are the untold emotional, psychological, and practical tools you need to develop into a savvy and confident teacher. This book is a winner!” — Eric Jensen, author, Enriching the Brain, Turnaround Tools for the Teenage Brain, and Teaching with Poverty in Mind G RADE S K- 1 2

Hardcover / 240 pages ISBN 978-1-118-70205-5 USD $19.95 / CAD $23.95





James Lang

Employ cognitive theory in the classroom every day In Small Teaching, James Lang presents a strategy for improving student learning with a series of modest but powerful changes that make a big difference—many of which can be put into practice in a single class period. These strategies are designed to bridge the chasm between primary research and the classroom environment in a way that can be implemented by any faculty in any discipline, and even integrated into pre-existing teaching techniques. Learn, for example: •H  ow does one become good at retrieving knowledge from memory? •H  ow does making predictions now help us learn in the future? •H  ow do instructors instill fixed or growth mindsets in their students? Each chapter introduces a basic concept in cognitive theory, explains when and how it should be employed, and provides firm examples of how the intervention has been or could be used in a variety of disciplines. Small teaching techniques include brief classroom or online learning activities, one-time interventions, and small modifications in course design or communication with students. GR A D ES K - 1 2

Hardcover / 256 pages ISBN 978-1-118-94449-3 USD $27.95 / CAD $33.95



Teaching & Teacher Education

Personalizing 21st Century Education


Learning Personalized


A Framework for Student Success

The Evolution of the Contemporary Classroom

Innovative Teachers Who Lead But Don’t Leave

Dan Domenech, Morton Sherman, John L. Brown

Allison Zmuda, Greg Curtis, Diane Ullman

Barnett Berry, Ann Byrd, Alan Wieder

A real-world action plan for educators to create personalized learning experiences

We need a bold new brand of teacher leadership that will create opportunities for teachers to practice, share, and grow their knowledge and expertise.


What does it mean for students to be truly educated in a rapidly changing, technologydriven, and globally interconnected 21st century world? How can we ensure that every student receives a challenging, engaging, and personalized learning experience? This book explores the meaning of and a possible future direction for education in the 21st century. Personalizing 21st Century Education begins with a manifesto for change, emphasizing the significance of true personalization for every learner. Next, it describes classroom, school, and system-level performance indicators that suggest that personalization is alive and well. The authors also examine the historical origins of most modern school cultures—i.e., a commitment to standardization, depersonalization, and test-driven metrics that ignore the complexity of the whole child. Throughout are success stories showcasing schools and districts that are currently beating the odds and providing a truly personalized learning environment for their students. Finally, the authors outline key components of a personalized learning system, including: • • • • • •

s tate-of-the-art curriculum b  alanced and authentic assessment integrated and student-focused technology rigorous and engaging instruction p  ersonalized approaches to learning a  ddressing the needs of diverse student populations •e  ffective and sustained social and psychological services •a  ctive parent and community involvement • c reative and productive cross-institutional partnerships. GRA D E S K -12

Paperback / 256 pages ISBN 978-1-119-08077-0 USD $29.95 / CAD $35.95


Written by respected teachers and leading educational consultants, this comprehensive resource explores what personalized learning looks like, how it changes the roles and responsibilities of every stakeholder, and why it inspires innovation. The authors explain that in order to create highly effective personalized learning experiences, a new instructional design is required that is based loosely on the traditional model of apprenticeship: learning by doing. Learning Personalized challenges educators to rethink the fundamental principles of schooling that honors students’ natural willingness to play, problem solve, fail, re-imagine, and share. This groundbreaking resource: •E  xplores the elements of personalized learning and offers a framework to achieve it •P  rovides a roadmap for enrolling relevant stakeholders to create a personalized learning vision and reimagine new roles and responsibilities • Addresses needs and provides guidance specific to the job descriptions of various types of educators, administrators, and other staff. This invaluable educational resource explores a simple framework for personalized learning: co-creation, feedback, sharing, and learning that is as powerful for a teacher to re-examine classroom practice as it is for a curriculum director to reexamine the structure of courses. G RADE S K- 1 2

Become acquainted with ‘teacherpreneurs’— highly accomplished classroom teachers who blur the lines between those who teach in schools and those who lead them. These teacherpreneurs embody the concept that teachers can teach as well as lead the transformation of teaching and learning. It’s about empowering expert teachers who can buoy the image of teaching and enforce standards among their ranks while all along making sure that their colleagues as well as education policymakers and the public know what works best for students. The book follows a small group of teacherpreneurs in their first year. We join their journey toward becoming teacher leaders whose work is not defined by administrative fiat, but by their knowledge of students and drive to influence policies that allow them and their colleagues to teach more effectively. The authors trace the teacherpreneurs’ steps— and their own—in the effort to determine what it means to define and execute the concept of ‘teacherpreneurism’ in the face of tough demands and resistant organizational structures. GR A D ES K - 1 2

Paperback / 272 pages ISBN 978-1-118-45619-4 USD $26.95 / CAD $31.95

Paperback / 240 pages ISBN 978-1-118-90479-4 USD $29.95 / CAD $35.95


Teaching & Teacher Education The Elementary Teacher’s Book of Lists

Life Skills 225 Ready-to-Use Health Activities for Success and Well-Being

Gary Robert Muschla, Judith A. Muschla, Erin Muschla

Sandra McTavish

This comprehensive resource contains useful lists on all the subjects elementary teachers need, from core content to tips on classroom management to advice for students on study skills. The lists highlight vital areas of interest including reading, writing, mathematics, science, social studies, developing social skills, developing effective study skills, and working with an inclusive classroom.

A practical resource that gives teachers 225 ready-to-use worksheets covering a wide variety of key life skills, the book addresses topics such as drug and alcohol use, sex, relationships, stress, food-related issues, and self-esteem. GR A D ES 6 - 1 2

Paperback / 284 pages / ISBN 978-0-7879-6959-2 USD $32.95 / CAD $39.99

Zig Zag The Surprising Path to Greater Creativity

• 350 reproducible lists on a wealth of subjects of interest to elementary teachers

Keith Sawyer “Zig Zag is the most fun and most useful creativity book I have ever read. Keith Sawyer’s gem sweeps you up with a host of great stories, quizzes, and exercises and teaches you one way after the other to be more creative.�   —Robert I. Sutton, professor of management science, Stanford University

• Advice for setting up the classroom, interacting with parents, and making classroom modifications • Tips for use with students on studying for tests, organizing homework, and taking good notes All the lists are correlated to national content standards and will be helpful as quick study aids as well as for general reference. G rades K-5

A wealth of science based and easy to apply strategies and ideas for anyone who wants to tap into their creative power.

Paperback / 400 pages / ISBN 978-0-470-50198-6 USD $29.95 / CAD $35.95 GR A D ES K - 1 2 DVD INCLUDED

GRADES –1 12 GRADES9–12 K–12







Discipline in the Secondary Classroom


A Positive Approach to Behavior Management


Randall S. Sprick




B e st seller

Hardcover / 288 pages / ISBN 978-1-118-29770-4 USD $26.95 / CAD $31.95

Discipline Survival Guide for the Secondary Teacher Second Edition

Julia G. Thompson

Third Edition

Now in its third edition, this bestselling resource offers a hands-on guide brimming with Randall S. Sprick, Ph.D. practical advice, tips, checklists, reproducibles, and ready-to-use activities that get results. Both new and seasoned teachers will find the book invaluable for designing a management plan that prevents problems, motivates students, and teaches students to behave responsibly.

“Thompson has packed so much valuable information about student discipline into her new book that it could stand alone as the only resource a teacher needs.� —Jill Hare, editor,

A Positive Approach to Behavior Management

Sprick offers a proven classroom management plan based on his acclaimed STOIC framework for training teachers: structure for success, teach expectations, observe and monitor, interact positively, correct fluently.

This unique, hands-on book is packed with tested ideas and strategies to help you create a classroom environment where good conduct and high achievement are the norm and where students become self-motivated and take responsibility for their actions. The second edition is fully revised and updated to reflect changes in the past decade. GR A D ES K - 1 2

Paperback w/Lay-flat binding / 368 pages ISBN 978-0-470-54743-4 / USD $29.95 / CAD $35.95

The companion DVD features short video lessons, along with a wealth of checklists, forms, peer discussion worksheets, graphic icons and other tools. G RA D E S 9 -1 2

Paperback w/DVD / 464 pages / ISBN 978-1-118-45087-1 USD $39.95 / CAD $47.95



Bonus DVD features video of Sprick explaining core practice



Teaching & Teacher Education Ron Ritchhart

Mark Church

Karin Morrison




How to Promote Engagement, Understanding, and Independence for All Learners

Making Thinking Visible How to Promote Engagement, Understanding, and Independence for All Learners Ron Ritchhart, Mark Church, Karin Morrison Visible thinking is a research-based approach to teaching thinking, begun at Harvard’s Project Zero. It develops students’ thinking dispositions, while at the same time deepens their understanding of the topics they study. Rather than a set of fixed lessons, Making Thinking Visible contains a varied collection of practices, including thinking routines—small sets of questions or a short sequence of steps—as well as the documentation of student thinking. • Helps direct student thinking and structure classroom discussion • Can be applied with students at all grade levels and in all content areas • Includes easy-to-implement classroom strategies “There is a worldwide movement afoot to make the development of the intellect a priority for education in the twentyfirst century. This book will become a landmark in that journey.” —Arthur L. Costa, professor emeritus, California State University, Sacramento G RADE S K- 1 2

Paperback w/DVD / 320 pages / ISBN 978-0-470-91551-6 / USD $29.95 / CAD $35.95

Includes a DVD featuring visible thinking in practice in different classrooms




Creating Cultures of Thinking

Turnaround Tools for the Teenage Brain

The 8 Forces We Must Master to Truly Transform Our Schools

Helping Underperforming Students Become Lifelong Learners

Ron Ritchhart Let’s build dynamic learning communities that engage students, promote deep understanding, and sustain a lifetime of inquiry. Written by leading Harvard University researcher Ron Ritchhart, this book builds the case for ‘enculturation’ as the key to deep learning and the development of the habits needed in a changing world. He demystifies the process of creating dynamic learning communities by describing the eight forces we must marshal to build strong group culture. Case studies, practical guidelines, self-assessments, and inquiry projects enable teachers and administrators—as well as anyone interested in fostering group learning—to understand and shape powerful learning communities.

Eric Jensen, Carole Snider Drawing on cutting-edge science, this breakthrough book outlines the core mindsets and actionable strategies to increase student effort, build attitudes, and improve behaviors. It reveals one powerful tool after another to help teachers tap into a student’s internal motivation to help them become determined learners. The authors explain how and when to use interventions and offer student handouts that empower kids to make positive changes. GR A D ES 7 - 1 2

Paperback /176 pages / ISBN 978-1-118-34305-0 USD $26.95 / CAD $31.95

Enriching the Brain How to Maximize Every Learner’s Potential Eric Jensen

GR A D ES K - 1 2

“Ron Ritchhart makes a powerful argument that building a ‘thinking culture’ within our schools is the key to better learning, greater student engagement, and more happiness all around. This book includes not only a thorough discussion of the elements of a successful school culture, but also activities to elicit contributions from students and teachers. And who knows? If the lessons in this book are put into practice, a culture of thinking might escape the classroom walls and spread to the wider world. Wouldn’t that be something?” —Daniel H. Pink, author of Drive and To Sell Is Human

Paperback / 352 pages / ISBN 978-0-470-22389-5 USD $18.95 / CAD $20.99

Learning to Trust Transforming Difficult Elementary Classrooms through Developmental Discipline

GR A D E S K -12

Paperback / 384 pages / ISBN 978-1-118-97460-5 USD $29.95 / CAD $35.95

Marilyn Watson, in collaboration with Laura Ecken

RON RITCHHART is a senior research associate with Project Zero at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, where he directs the worldwide Cultures of Thinking Project. He is also a fellow at the University of Melbourne, Australia, and a recipient of the Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics Teaching.

In this unique resource, Marilyn Watson, an expert in classroom management and community building, provides an insider’s view of what happens in a difficult classroom setting when a teacher uses disciplinary and management approaches gleaned from attachment theory, a powerful psychological model of child development. GR A D ES K - 6

Hardcover / 352 pages / ISBN 978-0-7879-6650-8 / USD $40.00 / CAD $44.00



Resources from Linda Darling-Hammond LINDA DARLING-HAMMOND and Frank Adamson

Beyond the Bubble Test How Performance Assessments Support 21st Century Learning Linda Darling-Hammond, Frank Adamson

Innovative assessment techniques


Performance assessment is a hot topic in school systems, and educators continue to analyze its costs, benefits, and feasibility as a replacement for high-stakes testing. This book synthesizes the latest findings in the field, and not a moment too soon. Skills like synthesizing information, understanding evidence, and critical problem-solving are not achieved when we teach to multiple-choice exams. Examples in this book paint a useful picture of how schools can begin to supplement traditional tests with something that works better. It also provides new perspectives on current performance assessment research, plus an incisive look at what’s possible at the local and state levels. G RADE S K- 1 2

Hardcover / 464 pages / ISBN 978-1-118-45618-7 USD $35.00 / CAD $39.00



Next Generation Assessment

Powerful Teacher Education

Moving Beyond the Bubble Test to Support 21st Century Learning

Lessons from Exemplary Programs

Linda Darling-Hammond This summary volume to Beyond the Bubble Test speaks to the nationwide unease about current tests’ focus on low-level skills, like recalling and restating facts, rather than higher-order skills such as problemsolving, analyzing, and synthesizing information. It illustrates how schools can use authentic assessments to improve teaching and learning by conducting research, designing investigations, developing products and solutions, using technology, and communicating ideas. This important book: •S  erves as a must-have resource for those interested in the most current research about how to create valid and reliable performance assessments •E  xplains how educators can improve practice by developing, using, and scoring performance assessments •H  elps policymakers and educators accurately assess the benefits and possibilities of adopting performance assessments nationally

Linda Darling-Hammond Examine the successes and strategies of seven long-standing teacher education programs that have succeeded in preparing teachers to help diverse learners reach high levels of performance and understanding. The author shows what successful teacher education models look like, what they aim for, what they do, and what their students can accomplish as a result. The book also examines what policies, organizational features, resources, and relationships have enabled these programs to succeed. GR A D ES K - 1 2

Hardcover / 448 pages / ISBN 978-0-7879-7273-8 USD $40.00 / CAD $44.00

G R A D E S K-12

Paperback / 144 pages / ISBN 978-1-118-45617-0 / USD $22.95 / CAD $27.95

Preparing Teachers for a Changing World

Powerful Learning What We Know About Teaching for Understanding

What Teachers Should Learn and Be Able to Do

Linda Darling-Hammond, Brigid Barron, P. David Pearson, Alan H. Schoenfeld, Elizabeth K. Stage, Timothy D. Zimmerman, Gina N. Cervetti, Jennifer L. Tilson

Linda Darling-Hammond, John Bransford, Editors “The knowledge base for teacher preparation and teaching is maturing and becoming very relevant to practice. This state-of-the-art compendium is essential reading for teacher educators committed to preparing professionals who can teach so that all children will, in fact, learn.” —Arthur E. Wise, president, National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education G RA D E S K-12

Paperback / 632 pages / ISBN 978-0-7879-9634-5 USD $37.00 / CAD $41.00

Foreword by Milton Chen What type of teaching produces powerful learning? This book summarizes what is known about effective teaching and learning in: reading / literacy, mathematics, and science. It examines project-based learning, performancebased assessment, and cooperative learning to see how they measure up against the demands of today’s classrooms. In addition to classroom practice, the authors look at school redesign programs—where the ultimate goal is a coherent system across classrooms and grades. GR A D ES K - 1 2

Paperback / 288 pages / ISBN 978-0-470-27667-9 / USD $29.95 / CAD $35.95



For Dummies Making Everything Easier™ With more than 200 million books in print and more than 1,600 titles, Dummies is the world’s bestselling reference brand. Each and every day, Dummies products are in the news, on bestseller lists, and, most important, helping readers turn “I can’t” into “I can.” We all need help with something at some point in our lives, and for more than 15 years, Dummies has been there to lend a hand. Our readers turn to Dummies time and again to solve problems and get up to speed on topics that may seem difficult or intimidating. This selection of Dummies books will empower your students and help them learn online skills. Coding For Kids

Minecraft Modding For Kids For Dummies

Camille McCue Learn to write code to create your own computer games and applications! This book shares 15 projects designed to teach the basics step-bystep. Dive in, personalize, and build skills. Paperback / 384 pages ISBN 978-1-118-94032-7 USD $29.99 / CAD $29.99

Digital Filmmaking For Kids Nick Willoughby



Paperback / 336 pages ISBN 978-1-119-02740-9 USD $29.99 / CAD $35.99

Derek Breen

Mod your Minecraft games! In this book, you’ll work on 9 projects that will teach you the basics of modding in easy-to-do parts. In no time, you’ll advance levels, respawn players, build portals, create a monster arena, and more!

JavaScript For Kids Chris Minnick, Eva Holland



JavaScript is what makes websites and apps work. This book shows you how to write JavaScript code by creating a MadLibs-style game, an adventure game, a calculator app, a lemonade stand app, a web page, and more. Learn JavaScript and build cool stuff!

Paperback / 384 pages / ISBN 978-1-119-11986-9 USD $29.99 / CAD $35.99



Design your own comics, produce fun animations or program your own videogames! Scratch and this book are all you need, even if you know zilch about digital design or coding. Paperback / 384 pages ISBN 978-1-119-01487-4 USD $29.99 / CAD $35.99




Paperback / 320 pages / ISBN 978-1-119-05004-9 USD $29.99 / CAD $35.99

Learn how to create a film using the tools at hand; plan, script, light and shoot video; edit and share film; and plan a video project from start to finish.

Scratch For Kids

Sarah Guthals, Stephen Foster, Lindsey Handley

Python For Kids Brendan Scott



Python is a great languages to start with when you’re learning coding. Packed with approachable, bite-sized projects, this fun and friendly guide teaches the basics of coding with Python. In no time, you’ll be installing Python tools, creating games, and so much more.

Paperback / 320 pages / ISBN 978-1-119-09310-7 USD $29.99 / CAD $35.99

Raspberry Pi For Kids For Dummies

Ruby For Kids

Richard Wentk

James Dittrich, Brian Walls

Want to create a game or a website, make music, or build an electronic project? You can, with Raspberry Pi! This book shows you how to set up and run Pi, plus how to program with Scratch, create art with Tux Paint, play Minecraft in Python, and more!

One of the best and simplest languages to start with when you’re learning coding, this fun and friendly guide features easy projects designed to appeal to younger programmers. It gets you up and running with core coding concepts in no time.

Paperback / 352 pages ISBN 978-1-119-04951-7 USD $29.99 / CAD $35.99

Paperback / 384 pages / ISBN 978-1-119-05590-7 USD $29.99 / CAD $29.99




The Stakes Are High

The Stakes Are High The Stakes Are High 4 in 10 teachers leave within the first 5 years. An4 inInnovative Program That Gives Your 4 in 10 teachers leave within the first 5 years. 10 teachers leave within the first 5 years. Teachers What They Need to Stay

$18,000+ The Stakes are High $7 billion The Stakes Are High Enhance your teacher induction program so new teachers thrive. Based on Julia + within the first+5 years. $18,000 $7 billion 4 in 10 teachers leave $18,000 $7 billion turnover cost, per teacher

turnover cost, per teacher turnover cost, per teacher

turnover cost, nationally*

turnover cost, nationally* best-selling Thompson’s turnover cost, nationally*


book, The First-Year

Teacher’s Survival this rigorous When it comesGuide, to student performance on reading50-hour and math tests, a teacher is estimated to have two to three times the

course isanypowered by the KDS platform. impact of other school factor.*

+ When it comes to student performance on reading and math $18,000When it comes to student on reading and math $7performance billion tests, a teacher is estimated to have two to three times the

2-3X 2-3X

turnover cost, per teacher turnover cost, nationally* tests, a teacher is estimated to have two to three times the

The impact of any other school factor.* impact of any other school factor.*


When it comes to student performance on reading and math tests, a teacher is estimated to have two to three times the impact of any other school factor.*

The Need is Clear The Need is Clear

Need is Clear

Minimal Impact

Huge Investment

…YET, the impact is minimal. Most teachers studied don’t make any substantial improvement, especially after their first few years in the classroom.**

Teachers spend approximately 150 hours a year – nearly 10% of typical school year – in professional development of some kind...

Minimal Impact Huge Investment Minimal Impact Huge Investment Together, let's transform how you support new teachers.

…YET, the impact is minimal. Most 150 The Teachers Need is Clear Teachers spend approximately …YET, the impact is minimal. Most Strategies for New Teachers reinforces your spend approximately 150 Survival teachers studied don’t make any hours a year – nearly 10% of typical teachers studied don’t make any hours a year – nearly 10% of typical existing induction program, giving new teachers triedsubstantial improvement, especially after school year – in professional An Innovative Program That Gives Your substantial improvement, especially after school year – in professional their first few years in the classroom.** and-­ t rue strategies to use right from the start. This development of some kind... Minimal their firstImpact few years in the classroom.** development of some kind... Huge Investment Teachers What They Need to Stay. rigorous, 50-hour online course features videos of …YET, the impact is minimal. Most Teachers spend approximately 150 Survival Strategies for New Teachers, written by Dr. Juliareadings Thompson from authentic practice, teacher interviews, from teachers studied don’t make any hours a year – nearly 10% of typical Jossey-Bass, a Wiley Brand, and powered by the KDS platform,apply-it enhances your substantial improvement, especially after The school year – in professional First-Year Teacher’s Survival Guide, Together, let's transform how you support new teachers. Together, transform how you newactivities, teachers. teacher induction program so new teachers thrive. their first few yearssupport in the classroom.** development oflet's some kind... reflection questions and discussion forums, assessment projects, and a ready-to-use teacher toolkit formsYour and checklists. An Innovative Program Thatwith Gives Together, let's transform how you support new teachers.

An Innovative Program That Gives Your Learn More. Watch our Video. Teachers They Need to Stay. Teachers What They What Need to Stay. • Covers classroom management, designing and delivering effective instruction, building relationships with An Innovative Program That Your Survival Strategies for Gives New Teachers, writtenand by Dr.more Julia Thompson from students, colleagues, administrators, families, Survival Strategies for New Teachers, written byand Dr. Julia Thompson from

a Wileyto Brand, and powered by the KDS platform, enhances your Teachers WhatJossey-Bass, They Need Stay.

Jossey-Bass, a Wiley Brand, and by thetoKDS platform, your • Expert online coaches arepowered available help yourenhances new teachers apply their learning 24/7 teacher induction program so new teachers thrive. Survival Strategies forprogram New Teachers, written by Dr. thrive. Julia Thompson from teacher induction so new teachers

• Includes wealth of vetted help new teachers further their learning Jossey-Bass, aaWiley Brand, and powered byresources the KDS platform, enhances your

teacher induction program so new teachers thrive.

Benefits of the KDS Professional Learning Experience

This innovative, cost-effective program will change how you prepare your new teachers.

I am now finished with the course and want to personally thank you for one of the

greatest learning experiences I have ever been a part of. The course curriculum Learn More. Watch our Video. Learn More. Watch our Video. was something I really needed to increase my understanding of how to best

Together, let’s transform how you support new teachers. Learn More. Watch our Video.

serve my students and provide them with a classroom environment where they will experience success and feel excitement towards learning.

Request a demo today:

- Jodie Garabedian, Fresno Unified School District, Commenting on the success of the KDS learning experience.



Benefits ofLearning the KDS Professional Learning Experience Benefits of the Professional Experience Benefits of KDS the KDS Professional Learning Experience **The Mirage Report I want to personally thank you one of the greatest I am nowwant finished with the course and want tofor personally thank you forlearning one of theexperiences I am now finished with the course to personally thank you for one of the I am now finished with the and course and want to personally thank you for one of the I have ever aI have partcurriculum of. The course curriculum wascurriculum something I really greatest learning ever been a part of. The course greatest learning experiences I have ever been aexperiences part of.been The course greatest learning experiences I have ever been a part of. The course curriculum was something I really needed to something increase my understanding of how to understanding best my understanding needed to increase of how of to how besttoserve was I really needed tomy increase best my students was needed toaincrease my understanding of how to best serve mysomething students andI really provide themmy with where they andclassroom provide them with awith classroom environment where they serve students andenvironment provide them a classroom environment where theywill experience my students andfeel provide them with alearning. classroom environment where they will serve experience success and excitement towards will experience success excitementtowards towardslearning. learning. success andand feelfeel excitement

*The Cost of Teacher Turnover Study and Cost Calculator

” ”

will experience success and feel excitement towards learning.

- Jodie Garabedian, Fresno Unified School District, - Jodie Garabedian, Fresno Unified - Jodie Garabedian, Fresno Unified School District,School Commenting on the success of the KDS learning experience.


- Jodie Garabedian, Fresno Unified School District, commenting on the success of the experience. KDS learning experience. Commenting on the success of the KDS learning Commenting on the success of the KDS learning experience.

*The Cost of Teacher Turnover Study and Cost Calculator

*The Cost of Teacher Turnover Study and Cost Calculator **The Mirage Report

** The Mirage Report

*The Cost of Teacher Turnover Study and Cost Calculator *The Cost of Teacher Turnover Study and Cost Calculator **The Mirage Report **The Mirage Report

Author Index Adamson, Frank Aguilar, Elena Aquino, Jaime Ark, Tom Vander Arney, Liz Atkins, Norman Bambrick-Santoyo, Paul Banks, Rebecca S. Barlow, Zenobia Barron, Brigid Begun, Ruth Weltmann Behrstock-Sherratt, Ellen Beninghof, Anne M. Bennett, Lisa Berger, Ron Berry, Barnett Bianchi, David W. Billingsley, Bonnie S. Blum, Dorothy J. Boaler, Jo Boardman, Alison Book, Howard E. Brandvik, Mary Lou Bransford, John Branstetter, Rebecca Breaux, Annette Breen, Derek Brown, John L. Brown, Maureen Brownell, Mary T. Brue, Alan W. Butler, Susan M. Byrd, Ann Cantrell, Steve Cervetti, Gina N. Chase, Zac Chen, Milton Christensen, Clayton M. Church, Mark Conley, David T. Cooper Chisolm, Allison Cooper-Kahn, Joyce Cunningham, James Curtis, Greg Cushman, Kathleen Darling-Hammond, Linda Davis, Tamara E. Deal, Terrence E. Desravines, Jean Desravines, Jean DeVoss, Danielle Nicole Dittrich, James Dobbertin, Cheryl Becker Domenech, Dan Driggs, Colleen Durso-Finley, Jeffrey Dweck, Carol Ecken, Laura Eidman-Aadahl, Elyse Evans, Robert Eyring, Henry J. Fadel, Charles Farr, Steven Fattig, Melinda L. Fenton, Benjamin Ferlazzo, Larry Fielding, Audrey Fink, Stephen Foster, Margaret Foster, Stephen Fox, Jenifer Friedman, Will


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Look inside for new titles on blended learning, common core, educational leadership and much more! U.S. 800.956.7739 | Canada 800.567.4797

Jossey-Bass K-12 Education 2016  
Jossey-Bass K-12 Education 2016  

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