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CoNFeCtioNer S U G A rW o r K A N D PA S T I L L A G e

e WA L d N o t t e r PHO TO gR APHY bY J O E b R O O k S A ND L UC Y S C HA E F F E R

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T h e A rT o f T h e


CoNteNts: Introduction to Sugarwork and Pastillage Pastillage Sugar Casting Sugar Pulling Sugar blowing New Trends in Sugarwork Designing a Competition Sugar Piece Appendix: Templates

A gorgeous guide to CLAssiC ANd CoNteMPorArY sugArWorK

T h e A rT o f T h e

CoNFECtIoNEr S U G A rW o r K A N D PA S T I L L A G e

E wa l d N o t t E r P ho to g r a P hy b y J o e br o o k s a n d L u c y sc h a e f f e r

Hardcover • 978-0-470-39892-0 400 pages • 8½ x 11 571 color photos and 127 illustrations $65.00 • $78.00 CAN In stores April 3

For morE INFormAtIoN, CoNtACt your wIlEy sAlEs rEprEsENtAtIvE or CAll 1-800-225-5945.


showpiece created entirely from sugar is truly a work of art, and it takes an eye for design and strong pastry skills to work in this delicate medium. Ewald Notter’s The Art of the Confectioner is the ultimate guide to creating beautiful sugar and pastillage shapes, flowers, figurines, and breathtaking fullscale showpieces. Notter explains vital techniques with simple, step-by-step instructions and illustrates them with helpful howto photographs, while photos of stunning finished showpieces provide endless inspiration. From hand skills for blowing and pulling sugar to the principles of design, Notter includes all the tools the confectioner needs for success in competition or in the pastry kitchen. For pastry students, aspiring confectioners, and professional pastry chefs who want to improve their competition skills, The Art of the Confectioner is a must-have guide from one of the field’s most respected experts.

EwAld NottEr is the founder and owner of the Notter School of Pastry Arts in Orlando, Florida. Renowned as a master of sugar and chocolate work, he was the first pastry professional inducted into the Pastry Art and Design Hall of Fame. He has won numerous awards, including National and World Pastry Team Champion and Pastry Chef of the Year. In 2001, he won the gold medal with the US Team at the Coupe du Monde in Lyon, France, with the highest score ever recorded in sugarwork. He has taught at pastry schools around the world and has served as a pastry advisor to the American Culinary Federation’s Culinary Team USA.

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