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September 25, 2014 • Vol. 91, No. 8 “For God & Country”

Badger &“Wisconsin”

Official Publications of The Wisconsin American Legion Family

The mission of The American Legion, Department Of Wisconsin is to provide service to veterans, their families and their communities.

Nebraska Legionnaire Elected National Commander a National Vice Lebanon, NeCommander braska since in 2003-04. At 1972. Comthe local and mander Helm department is a retired U.S. levels, Helm Postal Service has served as rural mail carPost Adjutant, rier with more Post Comthan 33 years mander, Counof service. Michael D. Helm Helm served National Commander ty Commander, District as commander of the Department of Ne- Commander, Department braska in 1987 - 88 and as Vice Commander, in addition to numerous committee assignments and chairmanships. He was NeBy Chuck Olsen, Post No. 294 of Hartland braska’s first Vietnam- era veteran elected as DepartAre we ready on the Left? Are we ready on the Right? ment Commander. Mike Your nation now stands ready, to cease your futile fight. takes great pride in having Veterans past and present, have heard these range commands, Do you hear your spent electorate, and resource strained demands? been selected to serve as Nebraska’s official AmerRemove the sandbags from your mind, assume a fresh position,

Michael D. Helm was elected National Commander on Aug. 28, 2014 in Charlotte, NC, during the 96th Annual Convention of The American Legion. A U.S. Army veteran during the Vietnam War, he served with the 82nd Airborne Division in Fort Bragg, N.C., and earned his Ranger tab in 1972. He has been a member of Jack Helt American Legion Post No. 313 in


Take your switch off automatic mode, reject blind inanition. To spend one’s wealth with no return, is a fool’s game for the dead, Yet to mediate and hash it out, unites both blue and red.

Lock and load your magazine, with resolve and long term vision, Your foe lies not across the aisle, it’s our fractured indecision. Can some among you free your heart, pull your conscience off the mat? Come up shooting for America, not some poll or petty spat. Watch your lane and not the drain, of some conjured campaign drive, That fifty meter silhouette, is our core workforce deprived. Lose the labels from your stance, like the vets who gave their blood, Who cares which party starts the change, cease fire on slinging mud. Discharge the aims of liberty, and light our children’s dreams, Map range cards for frontier defense, and target fiscal steam. Those targets rising double? Extremists hate our rules. They treat their women with contempt, and torch their daughter’s schools.

Whether marksman or an expert, your badge is not worthwhile, If your alibis are spineless, and spray blame across the aisle. Stand up for halting climate change, accept six wins in ten, Abe Lincoln taught consensus guile, debate like civil men.

Dare to raze your foxholes, cross rigid party lines. You’re free to burst across the range, fire up our nation’s minds. Are you ready on the Right? Are you ready on the Left? The world awaits your leadership – by God, do not forget.

ican Legion representative at the dedication of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in 1982. Mike’s wife Debbie is active in the American Legion Auxiliary. They are the parents of five young Legion Family members. Aaron and his wife Robie, both graduates of the United States Military Academy at West Point, NY; Rebecca and her husband Jaron Cox, both graduates of Kansas State University; Jacob, a senior cadet at the U.S. Air Force Academy; Matthew, an Army ROTC cadet at Kansas State University and Timothy, a student at Decatur Community High School in Oberlin, Kansas.

Catch the Spirit of Wisconsin!

Department Commander Bob Shappell has announced the creation of the “Spirit of Wisconsin” pin. This special, limited edition pin will be presented to Legionnaires, SAL, Auxiliary Members, and Riders to recognize special achievements in all aspects of the Legion and our many programs. Anyone can recommend someone for the award but District, Coun-

ty, and Post Commanders should make every effort to identify deserving individuals for this recognition. Simply submit the deserving individuals name to Commander Bob. This special edition pin will only be presented to recognize their efforts as Legion Family members. It will not be randomly handed out and whenever possible, the Department Commander will personally present the pin.

September 2014 cover  

Veterans serving Veterans. Scholarships

September 2014 cover  

Veterans serving Veterans. Scholarships