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Official Publications of The Wisconsin American Legion Family

November 1, 2018 Vol. 95, No. 9

The mission of The American Legion, Department of Wisconsin is to provide service to veterans, their families and their communities.

VETERANS DAY OF HONOR Commemorating the WWI Centennial

More than 4 million American families sent their sons and daughters to serve in the Great War. 116,516 US soldiers died from combat and disease, a casualty rate far greater than WWII. Another 200,000 were wounded. More than 350,000 African Americans served in the US military as did Native Americans and other minorities. For the first time in history women joined the ranks of the US Armed Forces. November 11, 1918, is generally regarded as the end of the war to end all wars. In November 1919, President Wilson proclaimed November 11 as the first commemoration of Armistice Day with the following words: “To us in America, the reflections of Armistice Day will be filled with solemn pride in the heroism of those who died in the country’s service and with gratitude for the victory, both because

of the thing from which it has freed us and because of the opportunity it has given America to show her sympathy with peace and justice in the councils of the nations.” Armistice Day later became what we know today as Veterans Day. On November 10, in Milwaukee, we will commemorate those who served and those who died in WWI 100 years ago, and while they are not with us today their sacrifice will always be remembered on Veterans Day. Please join us on Sat-

urday, November 10th, at 11 am, for the 55th Annual Veterans Day of Honor. The parade route begins at the corner of Plankinton and Kilbourn and heads east on the northside of the boulevard to Prospect Avenue. Turns right on Prospect Avenue to Mason Street. Turns left on Mason Street and heads over the Mason Street Bridge past the War Memorial and into Veterans Park. For more information, visit

55TH ANNUAL VETERANS DAY PARADE Saturday, November 10 • 11:00am

The Red Arrow Club of Milwaukee will be the Grand Marshalls for this year’s parade. They will represent all those who served and sacrificed in WWI. WWI Centennial Displays: War Memorial North Lobby Memorial Service: Immediately following the Veterans Day Parade at the War Memorial Reflecting Pool.

WHAT IS A VETERAN? A “Veteran” – whether active duty, discharged, retired, or reserve –is someone who at one point in their life made a check payable to The United States of America for an amount of up to and including my life” - Author Unknown

It is the VETERAN, not the preacher, who has given us freedom of religion. It is the VETERAN, not the reporter, who has given us freedom of the press. It is the VETERAN, not the poet, who has given us freedom of speech. It is the VETERAN, not the lawyer, who has given us the right to a fair trial. It is the VETERAN, not the politician, who has given us the right to vote. It is the VETERAN, who salutes the flag, who serves under the Flag, whose coffin is draped by the Flag. - Charles M. Province


With Veterans Day fast approaching, I Frank Kostka Department Commander want to express my heartfelt appreciation for all the gratitude Veterans receive from our friends, families and communities. THANKS TO ALL Wisconsin Veterans for answering the call

Proud of the impact the American Legion Family, the Four Pillars and Programs have on the lives of Veterans, their Families and their Communities! of our Country by volunteering military cap for an American Family membership. Be LEor accepting their draft notice Legion cap and become a member GION PROUD of the impact to protect our American values. of the American Legion Family. you make each and every day in Through your actions to join the I urge ALL VETERANS to service to Veterans, their famimilitary, you joined a special participate in Veterans Day lies and their Communities. group of Americans dating back activities across the state and to the Revolutionary War, each of to tell your story… share your whom put country ahead of self military experiences…share and stood for freedom. THANK your WHY. YOU to those Veterans who THANK YOU for your service made the decision to turn in their and for your American Legion

REMINDER, if you renew your American Legion membership prior to Nov. 30, you will be automatically entered into a drawing to win $250!

THANK YOU VETERANS …for stepping forward when others step back …for placing yourself between us and danger …for serving our country …for protecting our freedoms - Author Unknown






Established 1919




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NOVEMBER 1, 2018

WDVA SECRETARY When I was appointed WDVA Secretary by Governor Scott Walker about 20 months ago, Dan Zimmerman I made it clear WDVA Secretary about the vision I had for our agency and the things we could do together to fulfill our rightful duty of serving the Veterans of Wisconsin and their families. I’m happy to say that through our ability to stay proactive and collaborate with the Veterans community across the state, we’ve been checking things off our list at an incredible rate. It hasn’t been easy; we faced a few challenges at first getting things off the ground. But with the overwhelming support of Veterans Service Organizations like the American Legion, that progress has been made a lot easier. Few

states, if any, can say they’ve accomplished the things that we have for Veterans and their families throughout the past year and a half. The WDVA’s legacy functions — our Veterans Homes, Claims Office, Benefits offerings, Cemeteries and Veterans Museum — are all operating at the highest level as we continue looking toward the future and directly addressing the emerging needs of Veterans and their families. We have refocused our efforts with the idea being: Let’s actually do something. No ice bucket or push-up challenges to raise awareness for our Veterans. Instead, let’s physically go out and do something benefitting our nation’s heroes. We did that with our Veterans Outreach and Recovery Program, which recently expanded to all areas of the state following the program’s proven success. The mental

health and physical well-being of our Veterans is imperative, and being able to help them get whatever assistance they may need across the state is a huge leap in the right direction. Our Veterans Housing and Recovery Program is expanding to Green Bay so we can further offer life-sustaining services to at-risk Veterans. We realized the needs of at-risk Veterans and are actively helping them re-gain skills to sustain a productive lifestyle in Wisconsin. Our Veterans Home at King is undergoing a huge transformation with a $104 million investment by the WDVA slated to construct Moses Hall, renovate the cemetery across the street and modernize other aspects. We’ve reinvigorated our relationship with the CVSOs and TVSOs across the state. We’ve further engaged the Hmong and Tribal

communities in Wisconsin in addition to reaching out and working together with our great colleges and universities. We’ve created and grown our Women Veterans Program and planned numerous events with a precedent being placed on advocating for women Veterans and their families. Not only does Wisconsin lead in benefits offered to Veterans and their families, but we also lead in hiring them. In August, we launched our talent attraction initiative so we can bring Veterans and their families to Wisconsin and physically show them why we are the ideal state for them. But there’s a lot of work left to do, and we’re not done yet. Not even close. We need your continued support as we work to advocate and provide the resources and services our Veterans are asking for.


Non-Partisan Reminder to the Legion Family Members

According to Article II, Section 2, of the Constitution of Amber Nikolai The American Department Adjutant Legion, “The American Legion shall be absolutely nonpolitical and shall not be used for the dissemination of partisan principles nor for the promotion of the candidacy of any person seeking public office or preferment.” The National Charter, approved by Congress, also stipulates The American Legion as an organization is nonpolitical* which has been interpreted by the National Judge Advocate as “nonpartisan” in modern lingo. Therefore, The American Legion as an

organization is prohibited from contributing, helping or endorsing a candidate. However, a member, as a private citizen, and not representing the organization, can employ whatever legal and ethical means to advance his or her candidate. The Legion cap is considered the official Legion uniform (see p. 42 of The American Legion Officers Guide and Manual of Ceremonies). It is not an individual Legion member’s decision on the appropriate usage of the cap and emblem. If attending a political event, The American Legion cap, or any clothing with the emblem visible, should be removed so as not to imply endorsement by The

American Legion. The problem is the assumption of endorsement by those who see the emblem or name worn at in improper location, such as a partisan rally. When using post facilities to host candidates, post should remove emblem and Legion flag to avoid any impression of endorsements. Candidates for all parties must be presented equal opportunity at the same time to use the facilities on the same terms and conditions as other competing candidates. If financial contributions are offered by candidates for political office, campaigns, political action committees or political parties, The American Legion should politely decline. Accepting these

contributions may be perfectly legal, but The American Legion must avoid any perception of supporting any candidate or political party. The American Legion values its independence and effectiveness on veterans’ issues. This stance is best maintained by neutrality on individual candidates or political parties. The American Legion by legal definition is non-partisan and supports only issues which impact your Four Pillars. *This means “non-partisan” in today’s society. The American Legion is allowed by Congress to lobby for veteran’s benefits and a strong United States of America. (NJA, October 25, 2012)


Where Do I Find Members in My Area on

Where did the Find Members in My Area go in Since my last article explaining the value of, National has made some changes to the program. These changes are to help group like topics in a more orderly manner and make it easier to find the information needed. The Find Members in My Area is now under Reports/Labels. Just click on Report/LabelsaPost ReportsaRevitalization. There are two reports you can run that net the same results. •Find Members in My Area – By Distance Listing. This report allows you to enter a zip code (or select all), distance, last paid and last post to run a report. Just download it as an Excel file to allow you to sort columns. •Find Members in My Area – By Zip-listing. This report allows you to enter a zip code (or select

all), last paid year, and available posts (or select all). Now download it as an Excel file to sort columns. While you are in the Reports/Labels, check out these other features to help you with membership! •HQ Transfer Invitations – Letters. These are pre-printed form letters in which you select HQ

generated and printed. •HQ Transfer Invitation – Labels. Remember the letters generated above? This will give you the ability to print the labels for them! Select the HQ member by zip code and click View Report. It will show a single column of address labels. You can download this as

members by zip code (or select all) and a target transfer post (only one). The target post address will automatically populate. You can then select other Legion family at this target post. When you click View Report, a letter is then generated which you can download as a Word document and change as needed. A letter for each member on the list will be automatically

a Word or PDF (best option) file to get the 3 column view to print. •Unrenewed Roster – Select last paid year and click View Report. This will give you the list of unrenewed members of which you can send a pre-printed form letter. •Unrenewed Letters – Select the last paid year, domestic/foreign preference and sort by name or zip code. Click View Report and

a pre-printed form letter will be generated. You can then download it as a Word document and make changes as needed. A letter for each member on the list will be automatically generated and printed. •Unrenewed Labels – Select last paid year, address type and sort by name or zip code. Click View Report and as above, a single column of address labels will be shown. You can download this as a Word or PDF (best option) file to get the 3 column view to print. These are some great tools to help you manage your membership. National continues to make enhancements to to give tools to make taking care of membership better and easier. If you haven’t given them a try yet, I strongly urge you to do so! Julie Muhle Dept. Membership Chairman 920-382-4028

NOVEMBER 1, 2018


Camp American Legion Impacts Veterans and Families


TOTAL VOLUNTEER HOURS Americanism, Children & Youth, VA&R, and Internal Affairs Projects, and other services VALUE OF VOLUNTEER HOURS VALUE OF DOLLARS DONATED

As the 2018 Camp American Legion comes to a close, we can be proud of the many lives touched throughout our successful season. A heartfelt thank you goes out to the staff and many volunteers that it takes to run the highly anticipated program located in the northwoods of Lake Tomahawk, Wis. Even though the 2018 season is completed, we are already excited for the next season. Without the commitment and funding from generous people across the state, this program would not be able to positively effect Veterans and their families by giving them a chance to rejuvenate.


$45,600,368 $10,282,591

TOTAL IMPACT $55,882,959 **Total Impact the Sons of The American Legion have had across the Nation and Abroad, to our Veterans and to their families, to our Children & Youth, and to our Community.


Legion Riders from around Wisconsin met at Camp American Legion on Saturday September 15th for the 6th annual "Ride To Camp". After a great lunch, Riders presented Camp Director Don Grundy donations of over $25,000. Also, a matching donation of $10,000 will be made on behalf of the Plymouth Post. Many Riders enjoyed staying at Camp for the weekend. The weather was warm, the lake placid, the chipmunks playful, and the camp fire peaceful. Director Grundy invited all Riders to stay at Camp for the 2019 Ride To Camp, stating that the Camp exists for veterans to use. Ride Safe.


“Surround yourself with good people and they will lift you up!” OUR MISSION Helping To Heal - those who served, continue to serve, and their families, through Wisconsin’s Northwood’s Experience OUR VISION Giving Wisconsin Veterans the pathway to quality of life OUR VALUES Honor and Stewardship

2018 SEASON IN REVIEW Veterans Attendance (by application) 527 Caregivers/Group Staff/Guests Attending with Veterans 194 Family Members Attendance 213 Active Service Members Attending (by application) 45 Family Members Attending with Active Service Members 37 Families of the Fallen (by application) 13 Camp Serenity Families of the Fallen 72 Camp Serenity Staff 12 WIARNG Spring ASIST Participants 32 WIARNG Fall Financial Peace University for Active Duty Couples 26 TOTAL 1,171 Camp American Legion Committee is Seeking Your Input! In addition to our regular meeting at Midwinter, we will staff an information table on Friday January 18 and Saturday January 19, 2019. Also on that Saturday afternoon, we will host a two-hour question and answer session where we will discuss changes happening at Camp including the introduction of our Capital Improvement Planning process, laying the ground work for cabin revitalizations and other developments as we proudly move forward into the next 100 years. Our goal with the information table and additional meeting on Saturday is to encourage input from all of our Legion Family, its stakeholders, cabin sponsors, and all that are interested in the future of Camp. See us a Midwinter Conference and give us your input! - Camp Chairman Michael Burt


Testimonials from Camp American Legion

"Thank you for working so hard to make this an enjoyable experience. Without the chance to come to camp and engage with other veterans, I would likely continue to isolate." - James

"I had a great time! A much needed time away and great staff, amazing friendships were made. I am looking forward to next year!" - Nicole

ful timge!h r e d n o w a "We ha'td thank you enouhere. I can ving this camp vid for ha sband was an ais My hu rs man until h be outdoo caused him to just health s. This camp is g his indoor e needed to brin what hback!" - Janet spirit

What a great Legion Family weekend! For several years the Legion Riders have been coming to Camp for the Tomahawk fall ride. Every year they have come for lunch and then presented their annual donations in support of Camp American Legion. This year, like years past they have done an amazing job in their fundraising. We are honored to have our Legion Riders with us this weekend and supporting our mission all year long. Thank you all for being so wonderful!

ra "Thank you fom ily bonding fa l fu er nd wo the om fr ce experien is week Th e. lif of es ss re st d an s he es fr re always ging in br ile wh us s xe la re " ily m fa a as us closer ily - Griffin Fam

"Thank you so very much! We had a wonderful time and the staff was amazing (as usual)!" - Dana

"The cabins were clean, organize everything workdedand excellently. We definitely be planwinillng a trip back up 'north woods'!" to the - Jesse & Jamie

"We had time a wonder all thaatnd thank yfouul for to m you are g doing awkhe it better!dKoin doin !" at you are eep - Bobg& Betty

"This place is a slice of heaven those in pain! for Now I know yo are all here!" u - Louis



Paul Beseler


Candidate for Department Vice Commander With ten years of Legion membership, Tenth District Commander Paul Beseler has been endorsed by RunnestrandPederson Post 354, The Trempealeau County Council and Tenth District for the office of Department Vice Commander. Beseler served eight years with The United States Marine Corps and is eligible for membership through his service during Grenada & Lebanon. He served three terms as Trempealeau County Council Commander, and while climbing the County and District ranks, he’s served on several Tenth District Committees. He’s a graduate of the 2014 American Legion National College and member of The Wisconsin and National Legion College Alumni Associations, a driving force establishing The Tenth District Legion Riders and most recently, ensured the establishment of The Tenth District SAL. He is currently on The Camp American Legion Committee as Liaison to The Department

Executive Committee. Beseler has also served as a Delegate to three National Conventions. His life partner Angie Remus is President of Ettrick’s Runnestrand-Pederson Auxiliary Unit 354, has three sons and a grandson in The SAL and three granddaughters in the Auxiliary. “With a strong belief in The Four Pillars of The American Legion, as well as an obligation of giving back, The American Legion has been a great fit for me. Seeing that we do make a difference in the lives of veterans and that we have done so for 100 years, I’m dedicated to supporting the next Department Commander as we all begin creating a new legacy for future generations of veterans while maintaining the benefits and programs that past generations of Legionnaires have gifted our current veterans with. I proudly and humbly seek your support and your vote in electing me to Department Vice Commander.”


Past Department Commander Lloyd Wagener celebrated his 90th Birthday on Sunday, October 21st, at Horicon Post. Pictured with Lloyd is our current Department Commander Frank Kostka. It was a great turnout by Lloyd's family and many members of the Legion Family.


Mary Ann Sobek of Madison donated a beautiful quilt for The American Legion, Department of Wisconsin to use for a Fundraiser. Past Department President Joyce Endres picked it up for us.

Green Bay Packers football fans are known to be among the most loyal and diehard of any in the National Football League (NFL). And legionnaires at Sullivan-Wallen American Legion Post 11 in Green Bay, Wis., can attest to that. Since the 1940s, the post’s color guard has presented the U.S. colors prior to all Packers’ home games. Mike Kellner, the post adjutant and color guard commander, said watching Green Bay’s 31-25 win against the Pittsburgh Steelers in Sunday’s Super Bowl was a little more intense than a normal game. “I would say that the TV rattled a little bit more than normal,” said Kellner, 76. “I would be pretty safe to say I’m a very big Packer fan. It was a nice night for our team and our fans.” Kellner has been a part of the color guard for 38 years and has served as commander since 1975. Even in Green Bay’s frigid December weather, the guard unit is out on the field before every game. “We obviously dress a little warmer during some games,” Kellner said. “We’ve worn ear muffs sometimes, but our color guard uniforms and our caps are always displayed on top of whatever else we’re wearing. “We are the only permanent color guard in the NFL. No other team

NOVEMBER 1, 2018

Legion-Packer Connection

Sullivan-Wallen American Legion Post 11 in Green Bay, Wisconsin present the U.S. colors prior to a Green Bay Packer game.

has one. We’re very proud of that fact and very proud to go out there in our Legion uniforms.” The history between Post 11 and the Packers actually dates back to the 1920s. The team was struggling financially and started issuing stock in order to raise funds. Because professional football was so new and untested, the stock was a hard sell. The team ended up altering its corporate charter, making Post 11 the beneficiaries in the event the Packers ever relocated or went out of business; the money would be used to build a monument or memorial. And up until the late 1930s, Legionnaires worked at the stadium during games, selling tickets and concessions, parking cars and providing security. Though the charter

has been revised – proceeds from the sale of the team now reimburse stockholders, with the remainder going to the Green Bay Packers Foundation – the relationship remains strong. “We’ve gotten to talk to the team president (Mark Murphy), and we’ve had a chance to talk to some of the coaches and a few players over the years,” Kellner said. “Post members really want to serve on this color guard. There’s a waiting list for it. I always have a waiting list of people who want to join.” But Kellner isn’t ready to give up his spot anytime soon. “I haven’t given (leaving the color guard) a thought,” he said. “I guess I’ll probably do it as long as I can walk. That’s the way it’s going to be.” - Steve Brooks

Mount Horeb Successful Flag Holiday Program

This past summer we installed over 385 flags around our community for the Flag Holiday Program. Each summer we have grown the program from 97 the first summer to 385 this summer. We had four volunteer organizations assist this year - Mount Horeb American Legion, VFW Post 9511, Immanuel Lutheran Youth, and the Mount Horeb Wrestling Club. Our program was started by the local Thrivent Office with funds from their Community Service Program. It is a community service project. Volunteer Organizations ask businesses and individuals subscribe ($40) to have flags placed in their yards 4 holidays a year, Memo-

rial Day, Flag Day, 4th of July, and Labor Day. It promotes Patriotism and a sense of community. We also help raise money for charitable organizations in the community. The Legion is the anchor partner in this venture, the Legion volunteers to sell flag subscriptions and install / uninstall flags every year. Other groups volunteer for a couple years. The subscriptions have to be managed and recorded. Someone

has to map the zones and assign people to install flags in each zone. In our case Thrivent purchased all the materials for the flags - rebar, pvc pipe donated, 3x5 poly blend flags purchased from Liberty Flags in Reedsburg, zip ties to attach the flags to the pipes, two holes are drilled in the pipe, place a cap on the top of the flags. Volunteer organizations can assemble these flags in a couple hours. We produced a video and created a template for our installation teams so they all install flags consistently. This year the program raised over $13,000 for volunteer organizations that were a part of the program.

NOVEMBER 1, 2018


Benefits Worth Over $300 Million Secured I think you’ll agree that as an American Legion Family, it is our duty, to honor the fathers, the mothers, the sons, the James Fialkowski Department Commander daughters who so valiantly served this great nation. That sense of obligation is at the heart of our commitment to Veterans and their families here at The American Legion, Department of Wisconsin. And the first person I think of when it comes to fulfilling it is our Department Service Officer, James Fialkowski, GySgt USMC Retired. Because of the support of loyal Legion Family members like you, over the past year Jim’s office has

secured $302, 895,329.85 worth of benefits that might have otherwise gone uncollected. As impressive as the big picture is, Jim tells me that the small picture triumphs are even more compelling. THANKS TO YOU… • A WWII POW who was living in a dangerous, rundown apartment now has his 100% service connection that lets him live a safer, more dignified life. • A Vietnam Veteran whose 1989 ischemic heart disease claim denial was able to be adjudicated so he could collect the over $600,000 he was owed. • A WWII Veteran and his wife who had been splitting a single egg for breakfast have stopped going hungry because they got a large retro

LUMP SUM RETRO AND RECOVERY FROM 10/2017-09/2018 Average Monthly Benefits ($) Recovered. Burial 9,196.40 Compensation 9,426,413.74 Pensions 2,461,457.08 DIC 1,364,336.79 Education 2,674,492.75 Voc Rehab 132,963.32 Housing 776.54 Automobile 917.13 TOTAL $26,070,553.75 Annual Federal Dollars $312,846,645.00 Annual Federal Dollar Circulated Value to WI $2,189,926,515.00

payment and $1,400/month for 70% service disabilities. DEFINITIONS: Burial Benefits – Includes plot and internment allowances and, in some cases transportation. Compensation – Payments related to service connected disabilities. Pension – Payments to wartime veterans or their surviving spouse who meet net worth, income, service and disability requirements. DIC – Dependent Indemnity Compensation – Payments to a deceased veteran’s spouse, if the spouse meets marriage longevity requirements, for the death of the veteran due to active duty or a service connected disability or for a death of a veteran who was rated 100% or TDIU for the required period of 1, 5 or 10 years depending on veteran’s qualifying status. Education – Includes active duty and reserve education benefits. Vocational Rehabilitation – Environmental assessment/adaptation, education, and training benefits for veterans who, due to their service connected disability, require environmental assessment/adaptation, training, and education to have a better quality of life or to become gainfully employable. Automobile – A vehicle purchasing allowance to qualifying veterans.

Leadership Attends Legionnaire Insurance Trust Meeting WHY is the Legionnaire Insurance Trust (LIT) important? We’re inspired by the community of veterans still serving in America. For over 50 years, the Legionnaire Insurance Trust has been delivering peace of mind and financial support for veterans, their families, and the Departments of the American Legion. DID YOU KNOW… Since Wisconsin joined the LIT in 1984, the Department has received a grand total of $2,623,511. The Legionnaire Insurance Trust (LIT) was founded with the purpose to provide Legionnaires with the most advanced and least expensive form of insurance to protect themselves and their families while providing American Legion Departments with a reliable source of revenue. The Department of Wisconsin became a participating member of

the LIT in 1984. Since its affiliation with the Trust, the Department’s Legion families have enjoyed access to a wide-range of products and services designed around the needs of veterans and their families. The LIT, as the only endorsed provider of the Department’s vol-

untary purchase programs, has made it possible for thousands of Legion families to collect millions of dollars in benefits by enrolling in one or more of the products and/ or services offered. Visit!

Wisconsin Leadership attending the National Fall Meeting LIT Dinner. From L-R (front) PNVC Russ Hanseter, Department Commander Frank Kostka, 1st Lady Linda Kostka, NECman Bob Shappell and Alt. NECman Dale Oatman (back) PDC Jim Chapin, Department Adjutant Amber Nikolai, PDC Roger Mathison and Communication Committee Chairman Becky Laumann.


For the past two years, West Bend Armory hosted a family day picnic and recently that event took place on Saturday, September 8, 2018 for the National Guard Units and their families. This year, the location was at Riverside Park in West Bend. Thirtyfive riders showed up to help with everything from putting removable tattoos on the kids, to making cotton candy and slushies, to serving a great meal. The main course was generously supplied by the West Bend Texas Roadhouse and ice cream cups by Cedar Crest Ice Cream. 2nd District Legion Riders supplied tons of homemade desserts and other goodies. Although it was a little overcast, the National Guard units and their families had a great time.



On September 19, 2018 John McGivern and his PBS Film crewvisited with Commander Frank and The Legion Family at The American Legion Department Headquarters to learn about our 100 years of WHY. The show is planned to air on March 28, 2019 at 7:00pm on PBS and will be avalable online.

SCHOLARSHIP WINNER The American Legion, Department of WI is proud to announce that our own Badger Boys Stater, James Alwin of Oconto High School is the winner of a $10,000 Samsung Scholarship. Congratulations James!

"My name is Kelsey Meston and I was a cadet in the first year program of the Juniors Police Career Academy! Just a quick update I am currently a freshman at North Dakota State University with a major in criminal justice and minor in sociology. Just wanted to let you know that I have a part time job with the Moorhead Police Department as a Parking Enforcement Officer!"



The Last


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Richard Imhoff 88 Manitowoc Allen Bermke Donald Dugan Peter Schwantes 89 Minocqua Gene Doner Lyle Koerner 93 Tomahawk Phillip Lindsay John Freimuth 108 Clear Lake Howard Benson 118 Thorp Edwin Wehlacz Walter Koltis 121 River Falls Jeffery Allen Steve Rondeau 123 Owen Robert Devine 128 Stockbridge Carl Serwe 141 New Glarus Robert Senn 148 Bloomington Paul Krogman 149 Sheboygan Falls Rudolph Titel 152 Menasha George Gavronski Erwin Hemb 164 Jefferson Russell Tews 170 Mineral Point Fred Loken 171 Union Grove Charles Wolf Martin Reesman 173 Whitewater Fred Cerkoney 175 Loyal Don Ossmann Joe Zvolena Ronald Froeba Allen Schoonover 177 Gratiot Edward Brennan 187 Wisconsin Dells Edward Fox Leslie Roesler 192 Franklin Bradley McCarthy 103 Milwaukee Harry Kurtz Alois Krzykowski Paul Krzykowski 207 Elmwood Douglas DeLong 223 Hillsboro Brock Haugh 230 DePere Joseph Aschenbrenner 236 Algoma Donald Kryshak 239 Tigerton John Trombi 143 Plymouth James Faller 260 Deerfield Monte Kravik 262 Luxemburg Danny Wright Elmer Frisque 263 New London Edward Piskorski 268 Bruce Frank Vreeland 269 Cushing Richard Vollmer 278 Balsam Lake Carlos Johansson Robert Berquetski 288 Cedarburg Richard Howell 294 Hartland Kent Maltby Raymond Fecteau Donald Sebastian 295 Bloomer Walden Lankey 300 Gillett Herman Wasmund Michael Nelson




9/11/18 9/24/18 10/4/18


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12/28/17 2/2/18

305 Johnson Creek Gaynor Rickerman V 308 Gays Mills Delbert Schreck II 309 Kendall Donald Braund II 312 Peshtigo Allen Urbaniak V Karl Baumann II 316 Sheldon Francis Martin K Wayne Camren K 329 Briggsville Eugene Doud V 331 Shorewood Arthur Wisth II 332 Black Creek Thomas Wagner V 336 Onalaska K Celestino Tovar 337 Pulaski Gerald Grzeskowiak V Robert Mursau V 338 Cedar Grove Marvin Soerens II 351 Montello Leon Eggleston II 361 Wilmot Leland Pacey K 366 Princeton V Lyle Snyder 377 Elcho Billie Bussert II 382 Menomonee Falls II John Longdin Frank Rickinger K Ernest Pyka K 387 Plymouth Roy Luebke V 390 Gresham Guy Moede K 406 Milwaukee Richard Goehre K 412 Belgium Walter Nytes V 432 Hammond Charles Grant K 434 Oak Creek Joseph Kender II Ronald Kaun K 449 Brookfield Rosario Spella II Roger Hoge V Clarence Franklin K 451 Boulder Junction Charles Janata K 455 Milwaukee Robert Cocroft V 457 Mequon-Thiensville Lowell Levy II 169 Marathon William Zenner II 478 St Cloud Lewis Feucht V 480 Presque Isle James Stulac K 486 Jackson K Walter Christie 500 West Allis Edward Schuh II Joseph Fortunato II 501 Madison Ronald Smith V Otis Paulson K 512 Shiocton James Bedor II 518 Green Bay Sandra Peters V 519 Stetsonville Kenneth Storch V Jack Kaudy II George Krug K Victor Zirngible II 521 Fox Lake Jerome Mullin K Herbert Radke K Melvin Jonas II 525 Phlox Allen Peterson K 537 Milwaukee John Sellman V 547 Lublin Richard Wrobel II Carl Thorne V


SEPTEMBER NOVEMBER25, 1, 2018 2014


10/1/18 9/6/18 8/27/18 4/28/18 8/20/18 10/10/18 9/27/18 4/29/18 9/24/18 8/26/18 9/10/18 10/2/18 10/11/18 9/15/18 3/30/18 8/20/18 9/29/18 9/18/18 9/19/18 10/7/18 9/10/18 8/25/18

Milwaukee Police Post 415 was asked to "convey" UW Band Director Mike Leckrone to homecoming festivities in their 1935 GMC "Paddy Wagon". It is Leckrone's 50th and last year leading the UW Band. Statement of Ownership, Management, and Circulation (All Periodicals Publications Except Requester Publications)

1. Publication Title

Badger Legionnaire & Wisconsin

4. Issue Frequency

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5. Number of Issues Published Annually

Every 5 Weeks


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PO Box 388 2930 American Legion Drive Portage, WI 53901-0388

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$1 from Membership $5 Non-Member

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Amber Nikolai

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PO Box 388 2930 American Legion Drive Portage, WI 53901-0388

9. Full Names and Complete Mailing Addresses of Publisher, Editor, and Managing Editor (Do not leave blank) Publisher (Name and complete mailing address)

Amber Nikolai, PO Box 388, Portage, WI 53901-0388

Editor (Name and complete mailing address)

Amber Nikolai, PO Box 388, Portage, WI 53901-0388 Managing Editor (Name and complete mailing address)

Amber Nikolai, PO Box 388, Portage, WI 53901-0388 10. Owner (Do not leave blank. If the publication is owned by a corporation, give the name and address of the corporation immediately followed by the names and addresses of all stockholders owning or holding 1 percent or more of the total amount of stock. If not owned by a corporation, give the names and addresses of the individual owners. If owned by a partnership or other unincorporated firm, give its name and address as well as those of each individual owner. If the publication is published by a nonprofit organization, give its name and address.) Full Name Complete Mailing Address

Wisconsin American Legion

PO Box 388, 2930 American Legion Drive Portage, WI 53901-0388

9/28/18 8/28/18 8/22/18

11. Known Bondholders, Mortgagees, and Other Security Holders Owning or Holding 1 Percent or More of Total Amount of Bonds, Mortgages, or Other Securities. If none, check box None


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9/5/18 10/1/18 9/18/18 9/7/18 10/5/18 10/1/18 9/12/18 9/2/18 9/23/18 8/4/18 6/26/18 8/31/18 9/7/18

12.  Tax Status (For completion by nonprofit organizations authorized to mail at nonprofit rates) (Check one) The purpose, function, and nonprofit status of this organization and the exempt status for federal income tax purposes: X Has Not Changed During Preceding 12 Months Has Changed During Preceding 12 Months (Publisher must submit explanation of change with this statement) PS Form 3526, July 2014 [Page 1 of 4 (see instructions page 4)] PSN: 7530-01-000-9931 13. Publication Title

15. Extent and Nature of Circulation

Veterans Newspaper a. Total Number of Copies (Net press run) (1) Mailed Outside-County Paid Subscriptions Stated on PS Form 3541 (Include paid distribution above nominal rate, advertiser’s proof copies, and exchange copies) b. Paid Circulation (By Mail and Outside the Mail)


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c.  Total Paid Distribution [Sum of 15b (1), (2), (3), and (4)] d. Free or (1) Free or Nominal Rate Outside-County Copies included on PS Form 3541 Nominal Rate Distribution (2) Free or Nominal Rate In-County Copies Included on PS Form 3541 (By Mail and Free or Nominal Rate Copies Mailed at Other Classes Through the USPS Outside (3) (e.g., First-Class Mail) the Mail)

8/24/18 8/30/18 8/22/18 9/9/18 9/11/18 9/28/18 9/26./18 10/4/18 10/4/18 6/4/18 9/15/18 9/15/18 8/31/18

September 20, 2018 Average No. Copies No. Copies of Single Each Issue During Issue Published Preceding 12 Months Nearest to Filing Date











e. Total Free or Nominal Rate Distribution (Sum of 15d (1), (2), (3) and (4))



f. Total Distribution (Sum of 15c and 15e)



g. Copies not Distributed (See Instructions to Publishers #4 (page #3))








9/10/18 9/18/18

PRIVACY NOTICE: our policyData on 14. IssueSee Date forprivacy Circulation Below

Badger Legionnaire & Wisconsin

Free or Nominal Rate Distribution Outside the Mail (Carriers or other means)

h. Total (Sum of 15f and g) i. Percent Paid (15c divided by 15f times 100)

Statement of Ownership, Management, and Circulation * If you are claiming electronic copies, go to line 16 onPeriodicals page 3. If you are not claiming electronic copies, skip to line 17 on page 3. Publications) (All Publications Except Requester 16. Electronic Copy Circulation

Average No. Copies Each Issue During Preceding 12 Months

a. Paid Electronic Copies


b. Total Paid Print Copies (Line 15c) + Paid Electronic Copies (Line 16a)


No. Copies of Single Issue Published Nearest to Filing Date


c.  Total Print Distribution (Line 15f) + Paid Electronic Copies (Line 16a) 78,044 d. Percent Paid (Both Print & Electronic Copies) (16b divided by 16c Í 100)




I certify that 50% of all my distributed copies (electronic and print) are paid above a nominal price. 99.23%


17. Publication of Statement of Ownership

PS Form 3526, July 2014 (Page 2 of 4) X If the publication is a general publication, publication of this statement is required. Will be printed

Publication not required.

November 1, 2018 issue of this publication. in the ________________________

18. Signature and Title of Editor, Publisher, Business Manager, or Owner


I certify that all information furnished on this form is true and complete. I understand that anyone who furnishes false or misleading information on this form or who omits material or information requested on the form may be subject to criminal sanctions (including fines and imprisonment) and/or civil sanctions (including civil penalties).

NOVEMBER 1, 2018



AMERICAN LEGION BASEBALL LEADS TO SCHOLARSHIPS “Being able to play on the Westby American Legion team was great. It gave me two or three times as many games to play in than if I only had spring baseball at school. I know that extra time on the field was part of the reason I got into Creighton and University of Illinois on full athletic scholarships. Our manager, Roger Mathison was a great mentor. His being so involved with The American Legion gave all of us a better appreciation for the Veterans in our community. I’m looking forward to the day when my boys play on The American Legion team. That would be pretty cool.”

Legion PROUD Posts, Veterans and Community Members

Angels of the Road Ride for Veterans

On, Sunday, September 9, 2018 the inaugural Angels of the Road Ride for Veterans was held by the Henrizi Schneider American Legion Post 382 in Menomonee Falls, WI along with the Open Road Angels, an all-female fundraising motorcycle group where their primary focus is riding for a purpose. Proceeds from this ride benefited the Milwaukee Homeless Veterans Initiative (MHVI) which has been providing services to homeless and at-risk Veterans since 2008 to help them reach their highest level of independence. Riders and groups from all over Wisconsin started the day at Post 382 and then traveled to partnering Legions Posts in Waukesha County. Participating American Legions were Post 71 in Pewau-

kee, Post 196 in Delafield, Post 294 in Hartland, and Post 449 in Brookfield. Each Post offered up its own activity to raise funds for the cause. After riders visited each stop they then returned to

Post 382 for a wrap up party with food, entertainment, raffle baskets, and silent auction. On, Wednesday, October 17th a check in the amount of $7,000 was handed over to MHVI for the proceeds raised through this event. This amount was a direct result of all the generous sponsors, donors, riders, volunteers and Legion members who supported this event. Plans are already in the works for the 2nd Annual Angels of the Road Ride for Veterans. At the end of the day no person who fights for this country should ever have to fight for a job, a roof over their head or the care they need when returning home. More pictures can be found on the Angels of the Road Ride for Veterans Facebook page!

David Schultz, 1st Baseman, Westby American Legion Team 1999-2002


It was a great honor for the Forestville American Legion Post 372 to present the colors for The National Anthem on September 7th for the Milwaukee Brewers baseball game. Pictured from left to right are Terry McNulty, Bill Karas. Jim Cisler, Wayne Kleist, Don Viste, Scott Zirbel, Bill Ullman, Al Buechner. This was our second year doing the honors and we hope on doing it again next year.

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    

Persistent coughing or wheezing Chest pain Shortness of breath Coughing up blood Weight loss with no known cause

Cascino Vaughan Law Offices, Ltd. Allen D. Vaughan, Esq.

Michael P. Cascino, Esq.


1110 N. Old World Third St., Milwaukee 53203

Serving Wisconsin’s Asbestos Victims for over 25 years. Advertising Material

October 2018 Badger Legionnaire Pages 1-7  

Serving Veterans, their families and their communities for 100 years

October 2018 Badger Legionnaire Pages 1-7  

Serving Veterans, their families and their communities for 100 years