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The mission of The American Legion, Department Of Wisconsin is to provide service to veterans, their families and their communities.

Agreement Closer on Milwaukee War Memorial Veterans Board and American Legion Leadership Work to Forge Deal

Recent reports appearing in the Milwaukee media indicate that general outlines of an agreement between the Milwaukee Art Museum and the Milwaukee County War Memorial have been set but final approvals may be elusive. The original proposal made in May by the museum called for operational control of the center to be shifted but the offer was met by stiff resistance from veterans groups. Delegates to the Department Convention in July passed a resolution in support of the War Memorial management remaining outside the control of the art museum. County leaders now are pressing for a decision by early November

on the months long debate over who controls space in the center, a county-owned architectural icon badly in need of repairs. Hanging in the balance is county money to fix crumbling staircases, a leaky roof and other upgrades.

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County Executive Chris Abele proposed $9.2 million in county funding, including $1.3 million in 2013, but county supervisors may want to up the ante. Competing budget amendments propose different formulas for re-

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November 2012 Badger Legionniare-Cover  

November 2012 edition of the Badger Legionnaire Cover

November 2012 Badger Legionniare-Cover  

November 2012 edition of the Badger Legionnaire Cover

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