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May 1, 2014 • Vol. 91, No. 4 “For God & Country”

Badger &“Wisconsin”

Official Publications of The Wisconsin American Legion Family

The mission of The American Legion, Department Of Wisconsin is to provide service to veterans, their families and their communities.

Camp Golf Cart Fleet Reconditioned Madison Businessman Gives Back to Wisconsin Legionnaires

It is no secret to any active Wisconsin American Legion member that we have a gem of a facility tucked away in the northern territory of Wisconsin. A symbol of Wisconsin’s campaign to provide unique, direct and effective programs and services to meet the needs of our veterans, Camp American Legion serves as a loyal patriot and willing participant in every aspect of philanthropy, education and community service. This past summer it was the distinct pleasure of Department Commander Rynes, Adjutant Kurtz, Camp Director Moshea, and Wisconsin’s Transition Assistance Advisor, Jeffrey Unger of Post No. 348 in DeForest to host Madison businessman Dennis Tiziani for a visit. Throughout the visit, Mr. Tiziani was impressed with the facilities, benefits, programs and services Camp offers our Wisconsin military service members and their families. Mr. Tiziani has never worn the uniform of our great nation, yet he truly respects and comprehends the value of a veteran’s service. No man thinks more highly of the patriotism and abilities of the very worthy men and women who sacrifice for their nation than Dennis Tiziani does. He has demonstrated this by hosting two Legion events raising nearly $80,000 for veteran’s employment, Troop and Family Support and Camp American Legion. He has also held events for our Wisconsin National Guard and their families, resulting in recognition from The Adjutant General recognizing his commitment and generosity. But it is Camp American Legion that has captured his full attention. While visiting he made note of how critical it is to own and maintain trans-

portation for campers and disabled veterans. With a background, and keen knowledge of the golf industry, he noticed the Camp’s fleet of 6 golf carts that had been converted into camp carts to meet the maintenance and transportation needs of staff and visitors. He also noticed some were “well used” and in need of some attention. Coordinating with Camp Director Moshea and Adjutant Kurtz, he offered to retrieve six of the Camp carts and have them serviced in preparation for the 2014 season. His “Team Cherokee” staff (subject matter experts in golf cart construction and maintenance) inspected all 6 of the carts with a fine tooth comb, identified needs, performed repairs, replaced appropriate pieces and parts, cleaned, polished and tuned these carts to return them to service for Camp staff and visitors for another two years of safe operation. Mr. Tiziani came to Camp and picked up all of the Camp golf carts, six (6) in total. Then transported them back to a maintenance facility in Madison where each cart was inspected mechanically and thoroughly refurbished. The work included: • Complete engine work, cleaning,

complete tune-up, new spark plugs, filters, replacement of bad and worn parts, rebuilding elements, tightened up all looseness, connected parts that had become loose and detached, etc. • Reconditioning and replacing worn tires. • Complete body inspection and refurbishing with painting with Camp decals put on. All worn and torn seats were repaired or completely replaced. • One cart was close to dead. It was brought back to life with a complete new paint job and engine work. • Two carts were modified for cleaning carts and passenger use. One cart was converted with a new back seat that opens up to a cargo deck. • Once work was complete, all carts were delivered back to Camp. The Department of Wisconsin and Camp American Legion wish to thank Mr. Tiziani and all involved. This has saved the Legion and Camp several thousand dollars. For this we are grateful and extend our sincere appreciation for his generosity and service to Wisconsin service members, veterans and their families.

May 2014 cover  

Veterans Help

May 2014 cover  

Veterans Help