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March 23, 2017 • Vol. 94, No. 3 “For God & Country”

Badger &“Wisconsin”

Official Publications of The Wisconsin American Legion Family

The mission of The American Legion, Department of Wisconsin is to provide service to veterans, their families and their communities. Contact: (608)  266-­‐0517   FOR  IMMEDIATE  RELEASE   February  6,  2017    

Donate to the Veterans Trust Fund on Your Donate to the Veterans Trust Fund on Your Income 2016 Wisconsin Income Tax Form 2016 Wisconsin Tax Form

MADISON – The Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs (WDVA) encourages taxpayers to consider making a monetary donation to the Veterans Trust Fund (VTF) by filling in the “Donations” line when filing their 2016 Wisconsin income tax form. A donation to the VTF can help fund the following: • Personalized assistance for veterans in each county; • Services for homeless veterans; • Job training for veterans;   • Assistance with federal benefi t –  The  Donations MADISON   Wisconsin  Department   f  Veterans   today  encouraged   taxpayers  t(2) o  consider   tax-exempt organization, the making  a to the oVTF areAffairs   al- (WDVA)   to  tas he  Vaeterans   Trust  itemized Fund  (VTF)  bdey  filling  taxpayer in  the  "Donations"   hen  filing   their  2016  Wisconsin claims and transportationmonetary   to VA donation   must line   be wable to itemize lowed federal income  tax  form.    A  donation  to  the  VTF  can  help  fund  the  following:   facilities; duction. Any donations made his or her deductions, and (3) the • Emergency financial relief   for to the VTF on your 2016 Wis- taxpayer must save a record of the • Personalized  assistance  for  veterans  in  each  county;   veterans; consin Income Tax   form can be transaction. • Services   for  homeless   veterans;   • Efforts such as Zero Veteran• Job  training   For more information on State claimed on next year’s 2017 fedfor  veterans;   Suicide and Opioid Prevention of Wisconsin eral wtax To claim deduc• Assistance   ith  freturn. ederal  benefit   claims  aand   transportation   to  VA  facilities;  tax   benefits for vetand Awareness; • Emergency   inancial   relief  for  veterans;   tion ffor monetary donations, the erans and their family members, • Efforts   such  as  Z(1) ero  Vmust eteran  Sbe uicide   and  Opioid   and  visit: Awareness;   • And more! please money donated to Parevention  

• And more!     Donations  to  the  VTF  are  allowed  as  a  federal  itemized  deduction.  Any  donations  made  to  the  VTF  on  your  2016   Wisconsin  Income  Tax  form  can  be  claimed  on  next  year's  2017  federal  tax  return.    To  claim  a  deduction  for  monetary Auxiliary President donations,  the   money  (1)   must  be  donated  to  a  tax-­‐exempt  organization,  (2)  the  taxpayer  must  be  able  to  itemize  his  o her  deductions,   and  (DuBois 3)  the  taxpayer  must  save  a  record  of  the  transaction.       Laurel   and Department For  more  information  on  State  of  Wisconsin  tax  benefits  for  veterans  and  their  family  members,  please  visit:   Commander Dan   Seehafer enjoyed -­‐30-­‐

Annual Pilgrimage to Lincoln’s Tomb

Happy Birthday Legion!

unusually warm 201 West Washington Avenue | Madison, Wisconsin 53707 weather on February | | 12th during the 1-800-WIS-VETS Annual Pilgrimage to the Tomb of President Abraham Lincoln in Springfield, Illinois. They are shown here Milwaukee Police Post No. 415 hosted the 4th rubbing the nose of District meeting on March 15th. After the meeting, a Lincoln statue for 4th District Commander Mark Sandow (on left) cut good luck. The American Legion Birthday cake as Milwaukee Police Post Commander Kendel D. Feilen looks on.

March 2017 cover  

Veterans, their families and their communities. Veteran Benefits

March 2017 cover  

Veterans, their families and their communities. Veteran Benefits