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MARCH 17, 2016

PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE Our Strategic Planning team has been working very diligently to get our strategies and initiatives finalLAURA CALTEUX ized. You ask, Department what can I do to President help with Wisconsin’s strategic plan? Every day you are doing something that correlates to the strategies and initiatives of Wisconsin’s strategic plan. Goal 5 – With The American Legion, build brand loyalty. Whenever you wear your Auxiliary clothing when working our programs, you are working on Goal 5. Every time you write an article for your Unit newsletter, you are working the goal. Those of you

who have contacts with newspapers, can write articles and have them published. This is a fantastic way to work Goal 5. When you do this, please make sure that you get this information to our Public Relations committee and our department historian. We want to use that information in our history book to ensure the information is available to our future members. Goal 4 – Strengthen Department and Units. The new ‘ALA in the Know – Important Info for Every Member’ regional training conferences are being set up and will be rolled out in the near future. This training, which replaces the Fall Informational Forum, will make it easier for more members to attend to get the information that they want and in doing so, will strength-

en our units and our department. Goal 3 – Develop Leadership at all Levels. The strategy team is working on a lot of great ideas to develop the leadership of Wisconsin. They are working on different options for how we choose our chairmen – are they appointed or should they apply for the position? They are also looking at the ways that we elect our officers at the department, district, county and unit levels. Watch for more information in the future. Goal 2 – Create a Culture of Goodwill. This should be the easiest of goals to meet, but as we all know, it isn’t always easy. There are many different personalities in the American Legion Auxiliary. We need to find ways to work together, without controversy, to

work the mission. Remembering to always be kind and welcoming to guests and new members is the best way to work this goal. If we are all welcoming and kind, our membership will grow. Goal 1 – Enhance Membership Strength. So, how do you think we can work on Goal 1? There are many, many ways to Enhance Membership Strength. Units can create alliances with other veterans and community groups to work on our programs. We need to constantly promote the Auxiliary, set up booths at community events, and get the word out on your own events to other Auxiliary units

and your community. And maybe the biggest thing we can all do is to communicate! Keep the lines of communication open between all members, your posts and your community. Being able to answer questions and having membership applications with you at all times is also important. I know that this has been a lot of information, but we need to keep our members updated as to what is going on in our department and using our publication, The Wisconsin, is a great way to do just that. Keep working the mission, Be the Spark for Our Veterans and God Bless America!


MEMBERSHIP Bonnie Jakubczyk, Chairman Ph: (414) 764-6752 Email: Thank you for getting those memberships in, helping Wisconsin to the 75% Keeping the Promise Valentine’s Day deadline. We only need 6,565 more for 100%, and I know we can do it! Congratulations to the 14 Units that have reached or exceeded 100%, great job! You can tell that everyone is working together on membership by how close all the Districts

are in the membership standings. Keep up the great work on lighting those sparks. Please share any success stories with us, so that we can share them with other Units. Personal contact is the best way to keep a Unit together. Keep in contact with your members and they will know they are a valuable member. Check on those who have not paid and see if they have any concerns or if they need help with paying. If you have some elderly members who can-

not make it to your meetings, ask them if they would be willing to make membership phone calls. Keeping the promise for March: I promise to breathe life into our organization. Promise date: Legion Birthday, March 15, 2016 - 80% membership goal Be the Spark for our Veterans! Your Membership Team: Bonnie Jakubczyk, Amy Luft, Penny Joren, Meghan Helms, Andrea Stoltz

Thank You For Supporting Our Members!

Department of Wisconsin, You all are amazing! Thank you so much for your donation to the Auxiliary Emergency Fund. Because of you, members facing displacement due to wild fires, flooding, and tornados are able to receive assistance. You are not only providing help, but hope to members in need.

President Laura Calteux was pleased to present a donation of $4000 during the Washington DC Conference on behalf of all the members and units in Wisconsin that contributed to the AEF fund.

Thank you! Madison Maves Development Outreach Lead ALA National Headquarters

2 ND

1ST DISTRICT 6 79.42%



Leadership Workshop • Stoughton

Contact Linda Schmidt • 608-205-2517 or Lisa Olson • H: 608-873-8924 • C: 608-279-4847 for more information.

April 24

Junior Spring Conference

May 21

“Walk, Run & Roll for our Veterans and Their Families” • Oconomowoc

Contact Jane Schmittinger • 414-379-1995 or Jill Gust • 262-719-7280 for more information.

(read Junior Activities article for details)

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6 TH

4TH DISTRICT 10 78.08% DISTRICT 9 78.79%

DISTRICT 12 77.45%

8 TH 7T H

9 TH DISTRICT 11 76.64% DISTRICT 3 76.27%

DISTRICT 8 77.14%


1 0 TH

12TH DISTRICT 7 75.23%

••• upcoming Events • • • April 2

DISTRICT 2 78.83%

DISTRICT 5 80.00%

ZABLOCKI VAMC BABY LAYETTES (Program Discontinued) Thank you to all the American Legion Auxiliary units that supported the Women Veterans Health Group by donating baby clothes and other related items to the new mothers. Dr. Feldman of Zablocki VAMC informed Department that she has been overwhelmed by the Auxiliary’s support and all the donations they received. At this time, they have enough donations to last for several years. Dr. Feldman has asked that Auxiliary units “direct their extraordinary generosity to other equally deserving projects for Veterans.” Thank you!

3 RD

DISTRICT 1 75.40%

DISTRICT 4 73.96%

77.15% MARCH 2016



Diane Weggen Department Chaplain/Music Chairman Ph:715-644-2668 Email: If you ever have the opportunity to attend a Veterans Creative Arts competition, I hope you choose to attend. As I watched and listened to veterans at the Tomah VA competition, I was awed with their talents and their courage to take the stage – especially when sharing original works. It was easy to be genuine in praise and thanks to these veterans. Anais Nin said, “Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.” These veterans’ lives expanded as they performed and/or shared their artwork. Just as these veterans shared a part of their lives with the audience, so too, we are asked to share our lives. We receive direction for relating with one another in a reading from the Old Testament: Micah 6:8 “…to do justly, and to love mercy, and to walk humbly with thy God…” We display courage when we choose to treat others justly, fairly and honestly and to love as commanded: “Love thy neighbor as thyself.” Thank you, Heavenly Father, for all You have given us. We humbly ask for courage to always do what’s right. As You have loved us, may we love one another. For this, we pray. “Remember the Heroes,” a patriotic rock song by Sammy Hager (1982) Stranger in a foreign land Fearful cries surround him Returning home a wounded man To find he’s been forgotten, yeah Courage is the badge he wears Blinded by obsession Wars are won by those who dare The memory still haunts him Remember the heroes Who fight for the right to choose Remember the heroes We’ve all got a lot to lose A rebel to the naked eye An undiscovered legend Face the facts and don’t ask why It’s something to believe in In the dark, day and night Fight for wrong to prove what’s right Remember the heroes Who fight for the right to choose Remember the heroes Just another life to use Remember the heroes We’ve all got a lot to lose (Remember the heroes) To take one life without a say Demanded without reason To turn our backs and walk away A faceless act of treason A father’s son must carry on The wound is only deepened Remember the heroes Who fight for the right to choose Remember the heroes It’s just another life to use Remember the heroes You know we all got a lot to lose Remember the heroes Who’s gonna fill their shoes? An Irish prayer: May the road rise up to meet you, May the wind always be at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face, And rains fall soft upon your fields. And until we meet again, May God hold you in the palm of His hand.

March 17, 2016


Greetings from Headquarters Bonnie Dorniak Executive Secretary/Treasurer Ph: (608) 745-0124 Email: Website: Any member whose dues were not processed by department as of January 31st is delinquent and membership benefits and privileges have been suspended. As of March 1st, almost 2,500 of our members have not renewed, which is about 10% of our current membership! We need to stop the sliding decline in membership NOW if the American Legion Auxiliary is going to continue being a viable organization. If we don’t have enough members to work the mission and support the programs that benefit our veterans, who will do the work? If you let your membership lapse but want to continue to honor the special veteran(s) in your family, please send your membership dues to headquarters today OR renew online through the national website at If you know someone who hasn’t renewed their membership, please call them today and let them know we need their help in serving our veterans. Space is still available for the 2016 ALA Badger Girls State (ALABGS) session scheduled for June 19-24, 2016. Submit

your unit reservation form if you have not already done so and check out the Girls State website ( for upto-date information, including orientations scheduled around the state. The schedule is listed on page A4, but the website is updated as new information becomes available. Units that already submitted their reservations should contact their selected students to ensure they register for the 2016 ALABGS session and attend an orientation. Orientations are a great resource for parents, too, so they know what to expect when their daughter attends Girls State. Do you know any Auxiliary members who could use financial assistance for college? The M. Louise Wilson Educational Loan Fund offers interest-free loans of $800 per year for up to five years to Auxiliary members attending college. The loan is repaid in easy monthly payments after the student graduates or finishes school. Interested members should contact Chairman Joan Chwala at 715-668-4661 or ctr68552@ for an application or more information. Unit annual reports are due by April 15th. Year-end impact reports should be sent to your district president and narrative reports should be sent to department headquarters.

The department chairmen will use the narrative reports to complete their year-end reports for the national organization. President Laura Calteux will also review them to select units for special recognition at department convention. These reports are the best tools for showcasing what the American Legion Auxiliary does throughout the year. Every unit does something – from distributing poppies to hosting community blood drives. Members should be proud of their service and report it! Last year, only 239 of Wisconsin’s 425 units submitted a year-end impact report BUT the work that was reported was phenomenal! A summary of accomplishments from 2015 is printed on page A3. Imagine how much more impressive the numbers would be if EVERY unit had submitted a report. Will you report this year? Members are reminded to attend district spring conferences to learn more about the Auxiliary and thank the district officers for all their hard work. The conference dates are listed on page A3, with details posted on the department website. Units that wish to have their deceased members listed in the 2016 Convention Memorial Book must submit Member Data Forms to Department by April 25th.


Kelli Mades, Department Chairman Ph: (608) 385-6693 Email: Children of military servicemen and women make many sacrifices as their parents serve on active duty. Their lives are uprooted and they are often separated for long periods of time. Finding financial aid can also be another added stress. The American Legion will be publishing an Education Development Guide which has many resources available. Look for it soon! However, in the meantime, the following sources can be used to inform and help children of the military find financial aid. Pell Grant ( fpg/index.html): This federal grant does not need to be repaid, and the award amount varies based on a number of factors. The most important is a student’s income to cost of attendance ratio. For 2015-2016, the maximum award amount is $5,775. Post-9/11 GI Bill ( gov/gibill/post911_gibill.asp): This complex but extremely worthwhile program allows servicemembers on duty after September 11, 2001, to receive money to cover most tuition, fees, books, and living expenses at state colleges and universities. An applicant for this program should work with a veterans service

officer (VSO) and/or the school’s VA administrator to apply for and receive benefits. Marine GSgt. John David Fry Scholarship ( docs/factsheets/fry_scholarship./pdf): This program grants the surviving children and spouses of deceased servicemembers to receive up to 36 months of education benefits. As with the GI Bill, these benefits should be explored and applied for with the assistance of a VSO or VA administrator. Note: A service member must make elections to pass on their benefits to a dependent after meeting a certain time-in-service mark. Many programs require the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form. Families also may find helpful information at FinAid: The SmartStudent Guide to Financial Aid (,, and Several scholarships focus on military children. They include scholarships sponsored by: • Air Force Aid Society ( The General Henry H. Arnold Education Grant Program gives grants to children of active duty Air Force members, as well as some Reservists and retirees. Grants are need-based.

• Army Emergency Relief (www.aerhq. org): The MG James Ursano Scholarship Fund offers scholarships for children of active duty soldiers, retirees, or those who died in service. These scholarships can be used for undergraduate studies, vocational training, or to help a student prepare to enter a military academy. • Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society ( The Vice Admiral E.P. Travers Scholarship and Loan program provides financial aid to children and spouses of active duty and retired Sailors and Marines. There are also scholarships for the children of those killed in action. • Scholarships for military children ( Every commissary gives at least one scholarship. The scholarships of at least $1,500 per student are supported by the companies that sell goods to the Defense Commissary Agency (DeCA). Additional resources: Department of Education Student Aid on the Web (

Junior Activities Lorrie Barber, Dept. Chairman H: 715-343-1947 If you missed the Junior Winter Conference and Bowling for Veterans, you missed a great time. The Juniors and American Legion Auxiliary had a great time raising money for our veterans and our active military. Thank you to Stevens Point Unit 6 for inviting us to join them for this great event. The top bowling team for the Junior Division went to Team Brianna, Tina, Meghan and James. Brianna Zimmerman from Oshkosh Unit 70 won the prize for collecting the most pledges. We have been invited to join

them again in January 2017 for another Bowling for Veterans. A donation has been sent to Department for Homeless Women Veterans Fund in the Department of Wisconsin Juniors name. Additional monies raised will be used in support of Honorary Junior President Katarina’s project of supporting local hometown veterans. The Junior Spring Conference is just around the corner. We will be meeting in Brookfield on Sunday, April 24th. The conference will be held at American Legion Post 449. Registration will begin at 10:00 am followed by a short meeting and election of officers. Brookfield Aux-

iliary Unit 449 will be providing a great lunch and then it will be time for JUNIOR OLYMPICS. There will be events for all ages and awards in each event. Of course senior Auxiliary members are also invited to join us. It promises to be a day filled with fun and activities to support our veterans and active military. Registration forms and brochure are available on the Department website and also can be found in your unit mailing. Don’t miss this event. Please remember to send in your Junior activity reports. I look forward to hearing about everything your Juniors have been doing.

MARCH 17, 2016


Poppy Program Judy Kuta, Dept. Chairman Ph: (262) 377-8613 Email: Seven million memorial poppies are distributed each year by American Legion Auxiliary members across the country to provide a therapeutic activity for veterans, raise awareness and raise funds to help veterans, military service members and their families. Veterans who make the poppies are paid a small stipend for their efforts. Two million dollars are donated by people receiving the poppies each year. Up until recently, 100% of the donated funds were used to help veterans. Due to the great needs of today’s military families, The American Legion expanded the use of newly-collected funds to active duty service members and their families who demonstrate a financial or medical need. Most of the funds collected stay in the communities where they are collected. Governor Scott Walker has proclaimed May 2016 as Poppy Month. A copy of the official proclamation is posted on the department website. Memorial poppies are generally distributed on patriotic holidays such as Memorial Day and Veterans Day, but any day can be a “Poppy Day.” May is typically the month most Units distribute poppies in their communities. Poppy orders have been received and the poppy shop is working hard to have the poppies delivered. Poppies are distributed in various places throughout local communities. American Legion Auxiliary members and other members of The American Legion Family can be found with poppies on sidewalks, in front of stores, at local meetings and more. Asking, “Will you wear a poppy for a veteran” and sharing

the poem “In Flanders Fields” help to share the poppy story and often encourages community members to make a donation. You should be getting permission from those businesses that allow the distribution of poppies on their sites. It is not too early to be doing this. Often the corporate office grants this request and it may take weeks or even as long as a month or two to get the needed response. Also, be sure to ask the members of your American Legion Family to assist you in distributing your poppies. Poppy funds CAN be used for: the rehabilitation of veterans honorably discharged from the U.S. Armed Forces; the rehabilitation of hospitalized military service personnel returning home and awaiting discharge who require treatment in service hospitals; the welfare of all veterans honorably discharged from U.S. Armed Forces, U.S. active-duty military personnel, and the families of those veterans and active-duty military personnel, where financial and medical need is evident. Reporting of your Unit’s poppy activity is essential. Be sure to record how many poppies your unit ordered, how much money was collected, and how much of the total was sent to Department. Return the Poppy Unit Annual Narrative Report to Department by April 15th. So, as we prepare, let’s focus on the public relations aspect and how we can promote the Poppy throughout your community. If your Unit promotes the Poppy Poster Contest your winning entries should go to your District Spring Conference for judging there. The winning District entries should be sent to me as soon after the conference as possible. I need them by May 1.


2014-2015 STATISTICS Totals are based on the annual reports from 239 of Wisconsin’s 425 Units. Wisconsin has 24,000 members strong; wives, mothers, daughters, sisters, grandmothers, granddaughters and great-granddaughters of wartime veterans. OUR SERVICE FOR VETERANS: • Hours volunteered: 246,417 • Dollars spent: $291,364 • Dollar value of in-kind donations: $113,305 • Veterans assisted: 17,546 • Number of poppies purchased by units: 401,675 • Poppy dollars raised to support veterans: $267,411 • Number of veterans who made poppies: 20 OUR SERVICE FOR ACTIVE DUTY MILITARY: • Hours volunteered: 17,682 • Dollars spent: $28,404 • Number of US service members served: 8,484 OUR SERVICE FOR MILITARY FAMILIES: • Hours volunteered: 13,963 • Dollars spent: $44,231 • Number of military families served: 1,551 SCHOLARSHIPS • Number of scholarships awarded: 495 • Dollar amount of local scholarships: $84,470 • Dollar amount donated to Department scholarships: $5,545 • Number of ALA Badger Girls State Delegates: approx. 734


STRATEGIC PLANNING Joyce Endres, Dept. Chairman H: 608-221-1763 Email: Nothing energizes like a real purpose. The American Legion Auxiliary (ALA) mission statement provides our purpose. The ALA Centennial Strategic Plan provides a road map that defines, prioritizes and implements our mission. The ultimate result of the Strategic Plan is to achieve all five goals through measureable results to reach our vision. This article focuses on Goal Five: “With the American Legion, Build Brand Loyalty.” When we wear and display the emblems of The American Legion (TAL) family, we build brand loyalty. Emblems tell the world who we are. When we market the good work of the ALA and its family, we further define and promote brand loyalty. Five P’s of marketing: Product: Honor and ‘Service not self.’ One reason we

joined the ALA is to honor the veteran(s) in our life though our service for God and country. Price: The VALUE of your membership and SERVICE are priceless. Promotion: Brand loyalty is achieved when we promote who we are, what we do and how we make a difference. Place: The ALA presence in the community, state and nation holds a strong positive image. As members, we have the responsibility to build and retain this positive image and service oriented reputation. The American Legion Post is the home of TAL family. Legion Posts often hold a visible brand presence in communities, especially if TAL emblem and the American and Legion flags are displayed. Be proud of your Post building. Help keep it spruced up as another way to promote brand loyalty. People: Members are the heart of our organization. With you we positively impact veterans

and their families, fellow citizens and our youth. With you we bring patriotism, friendship, camaraderie, support and service to all we serve and to each other. Without you we will fail our mission. Please pass on your ideas and perspectives to apply the five P’s. Share your insights with fellow members to mentor and carry forward our legacy of service for generations to come. Together we will achieve measurable results. In twenty years, many of us will be unable to serve or will be gone. Promotion of our brand will encourage more members to join and participate to make an even bigger difference to the people we serve. Understand our purpose. Be the SPARK to energize ALA programs and your unit. With The American Legion, build brand loyalty to reach more people and help us meet all five goals of the strategic plan.

Children & Youth Ann Rynes, Dept. Chairman Ph: 608.604.0350 Email: The American Legion Auxiliary has an obligation to protect, care for and support our children and youth, especially those with ties to the military. The month of April has been set aside to highlight our youth through numerous activities that may be found on the department, national Auxiliary and national Legion websites. Just because April is considered Children & Youth month, consider making every month an opportunity to reach out to support youth in the community. One way to applaud our youth is to present a Good Deed card when you witness a good deed being carried out. This provides instant acknowledgement to the youth and provides a means to bring awareness to our organization. A template is available on the depart-

ment website. Consider giving blue star banners to children of active duty military. At the 2015 session of American Legion Auxiliary Badger Girls State, thirty-six 1-star banners were distributed to immediate family members. Two 2-star and one 4-star banners were also given. Delegates without immediate family ties, but who had members of their extended families actively serving, numbered 125. There are many school-related projects, including distribution of flags with one of the US Constitutional bill of rights printed on cardstock attached to the flag and highlight the history to younger children. For older youth, a pocketsize copy of the Constitution may be distributed along with information regarding the American Legion Oratorical program. Bring a veteran with you who can explain their time in service, how it affect-

ed their life, etc. Promote the Star Spangled Kids project, hold flag folding projects, invite prior-year Girls and Boys State citizens to speak to potential delegates about their experience, distribute age-appropriate word searches and crossword puzzles. Oh, and a cookie or similar treat will go a long way as well. The list is only limited by your imagination. Have fun with your projects and don’t forget to report on your activities through your local and social media outlets as well as to your Department Chairman. Please mail your narrative reports and pictures of Children and Youth activities to Department headquarters by April 15, 2016. Details for reporting are posted on the department website. The deadline for Unit, District and Legion Family awards is May 13, 2016. Details are located on the Department website.


A resolution is a main motion, offered as a resolution either because of its importance or because of its length or complexity. For this reason, resolutions should always be prepared in writing. Any member or unit that wishes to submit a resolution for consideration at Department Convention must follow the Department Bylaws (Article II, Section 1), which require: The Department President shall, not less than 30 days prior to the annual Department Convention, appoint a Resolu-

tions Committee consisting of five members chosen from the delegates. • Resolutions presented by an individual member must be approved by the Unit or District of which she is a member. Resolutions must be received at department by June 1. Copies of these resolutions shall be transmitted to Units not less than 30 days before Department convention. • Any resolution not approved by a Unit or District, or when the District conference is held after June 1, must be approved by the appropriate Department chairman of the

program to which the resolution pertains. The Department chairman will submit resolutions that she approves to the Resolutions Committee for consideration. • The Resolutions Committee will forward any approved resolutions with a financial impact to the Finance Committee for their approval. Once the Resolutions Committee and other appropriate chairmen/committees have acted on all resolutions, the Resolutions Chairman will report recommendations to the convention delegates.


MARCH 17, 2016

RECTION: 6th District Conference - Judy Lyon’s zip code was listed incorrectly in the previous issue. orrect address for registration is Judy Lyon, 200 Pleasant Avenue, Waupun WI 53963.



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Delavan AL Post 95 111 2nd Street Delavan WI 53115

Connie Lindloff 262-215-7074



Cedar Ridge Grand Hall 113 Cedar Ridge Drive West Bend WI 53095

Mary Montag 262-355-6467


ALABGS Delegate(s)/Alternate(s): Weestrongly encourage you, your parents and a school official to ALABGS Delegate(s)/Alternate(s):    We  strongly   ncourage  you,   your  parents  and   a  school   official   to  attend   a  county   orientation.   attend a county orientation. Counties with(*)  an asterisk conduct joint Badger Girls and Badger Boys Counties   with  an  asterisk   conduct   a  joint  (*) Badger   Girls  and  Baadger   Boys   Orientation.       Orientation. Any Any   questions/corrections regarding theLegion   American Legion Badger State Oriquestions/corrections  regarding   the  American   Auxiliary  Badger   Girls  SAuxiliary tate  Orientation   schedule,  Girls   please  ccontact ontact  Jeannine   Conradt  Conradt at   entation schedule, please Jeannine at

_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ County         Date     Time     Location     Contact  Person       Presenter(s)       *Ashland,  Iron             High  School  Library             BBS:  Bill  Cosh  608-­‐770-­‐1282   Ascension Lutheran Church Sue Middlestead 5/7/16 #4 Price  &  Taylor     5/22/16   2:00  p.m.   Medford       Theresa  Schindler  715-­‐229-­‐2202BGS:  Theresa  Schindler  715-­‐229-­‐2202   1236 S 27th Street 414-545-2727 Milwaukee WI 53215 *Barron,  Bayfield,  Burnett,  Douglas,       American  Legion  Post  185           BBS:    Bill  Cosh  608-­‐770-­‐1282   #5 Polk,Sawyer,Washburn    3/20/16   1:00  p.m.   108  N.Oak  St.,Grantsburg   Gayle  Janson  715-­‐463-­‐5723   BGS:  Gayle  Janson  715-­‐463-­‐5723   Waupun AL Post 210 Nancy Helms *Brown,  Door             American  Legion  Post  11   Jerry  Willems       BBS:  John  Cumicek  920-­‐833-­‐2859   130 N State St 920-231-5310 4/16/16 #6 Waupun WI 53963 Kewaunee     5/9/16     7:00  p.m.   1708  N.Irwin  St.,  Green  Bay   Mary  Krutz  920-­‐680-­‐7938   BGS:  Mary  Krutz  920-­‐680-­‐7938   Sparta AL Post 100 *Calumet  and             Brillion  High  School             BBS:  John  Cumicek  920-­‐833-­‐2859   Kathy Rowan 116 Angelo Road 3/19/16 #7 608-633-2372 Manitowoc     4/20/16   7:00  p.m.   W1101  Cty  Rd  HR,  Brillion   John  Giese  920-­‐756-­‐2024   BGS:  Rose  Heinz  920-­‐850-­‐1941     Sparta WI 54656               VFW  Hall,110N.Main  St.             BBS:    Fred  Berns  715-­‐533-­‐0103   Clintonville AL Post 63 Sarah Stiff 20 Memorial Circle 715-340-5188 4/23/16 #8 *Chippewa     5/1/16     2:00  p.m.   Cadott         Pauline  Olinske       BGS  Teresa  Isensee  715-­‐577-­‐5259   Clintonville WI 54929               High  School  Library             BBS:  Bill  Cosh  608-­‐770-­‐1282   Jack LaMar Community Pavilion Marie Schuh *Clark       5/15/16   3:00  p.m.   306  W.Central  Ave.,Greenwood  Cherilyn  Hare  715-­‐429-­‐0814   BGS:Theresa  Schindler  715-­‐229-­‐2202   N11291 Dorr Street 715-275-3882 4/23/16 #9 Elcho WI 54428               Portage  High  School     608-­‐617-­‐9839       BBS:  Norm  Bednarek  608-­‐617-­‐9839   United Methodist Church *Columbia     5/7/16     9:00  a.m.   301  E.Collins,  Portage     Norm  Bednarek       BGS:Carol  Sidwell  608-­‐296-­‐4090   Lou Ann Novak 300 Stout Street 4/23/16 #10 715-764-1033               American  Legion  Post  308     Chetek WI 54728 Crawford       5/15/16   5:00  p.m.   217  Orin  St.,  Gays  Mill     Karen  Johnson  608-­‐632-­‐0597   BGS:  Sharon  Zales  608-­‐649-­‐4468   Camp American Legion Linda Kostka 8529 County Rd D 715-209-8135 4/23/16 #11               American  Legion  Post  360           BBS:    Bill  Cosh  608-­‐770-­‐1282   Lake Tomahawk WI 54539 *Dane       5/16/16   7:00  p.m.   417  E.Main  St.,  Waunakee   Mary  Curran  608-­‐873-­‐9463     BGS:  Jennifer  Grinder  608-­‐495-­‐2733_   Bruce AL Post 268           7:30  p.m.  BBS   American  Legion  Post  69   920-­‐488-­‐3668       BBS:  Bill  Cosh  608-­‐770-­‐1282     5/21/16 834 N Main #12 current as of 2-16-16 Bruce WI 54819 *Dodge       5/12/16   6:15  p.m.  BGS   134  S  Main  St.,  Mayville     Diane  Billings       BGS:  Shirley  Krier  262-­‐377-­‐5026                 American  Legion  Post  53    715-832-1734       BBS:  Fred  Berns  715-­‐533-­‐0103   Correction: 6th District Conference - Judy Lyon’s zip code was listed incorrectly in the Current as of 2/16/16 previous issue. The correct address for registration is Judy Lyon, 200 Pleasant Avenue, *Dunn  &  Eau  Claire   5/1/16     4:30  p.m.   634  Water  St.,  Eau  Claire   Gretchen  Seidling     BGS:  Theresa  Schindler  715-­‐229-­‐2202   Waupun WI 53963.               Horace  Mann  H.S.             BBS:  Paul  Williams  414-­‐943-­‐5433   *Fond  du  Lac     5/4/16     7:00  p.m.   325  McKinley  St.,  NFDL     Sandi  Smet  920-­‐923-­‐6085BGS:    Char  Kiesling  920-­‐428-­‐5655                   Fennimore  Community  Bldg           BBS:    TBD   *Grant  &  Iowa     5/15/16   1:00  p.m.   860  Lincoln  Ave,  Fennimore   Merry  Cooley  608-­‐822-­‐3983    BGS:  Dee  Woolf  608-­‐778-­‐1936   Florence Wasley gized your Unit’s program this               Albany  Legion  Post  144     Eileen  Henning  608-­‐527-­‐2222   BBS:    Bill  Cosh  608-­‐770-­‐1282   Dept. Chairman year!! Her special motivation led   5/2/16     7:00  p.m.   300  N.Water,  Albany     Rose  Wenger  608-­‐325-­‐6364   BGS:  Dee  Woolf  608-­‐778-­‐1936  *Green     #3


Waunakee AL Post 360 417 E Main Street Waunakee WI 53597

Joyce Endres 608-221-1763

Past Presidents Parley

Ph: 608-935-3527 An Energizing Message to Senior Members -Please review the Contest and Awards information for Past Presidents Parley that was mailed to all units in December. The information is also posted on the department website at Two specific awards need your special attention: Unit Member of the Year and Active Duty Service Woman. Ladies, start thinking about that Unit Senior member who has been the “Spark” that ener-

your Unit in being the Spark for our Veterans and your programs. Nominate her for Unit Member of the Year. Entry forms are due to me by May 1, 2016. Also check out the information on the Salute to our Active Duty Servicewoman. Perhaps your Unit or community has a nominee currently serving on active duty or in the Reserves. They deserve our recognition!! Again, nomination forms are due to me by May 1, 2016. Need help? Please don’t hesitate to call me before the deadline. Be the Spark for our Veterans!!

AUXILIARY EMERGENCY FUND LaVon Schurman Dept. Chairman Ph: 608-996-2575 Email: The current district standings for contributions to the AEF Challenge are as follows: 1st Place: District 8, $594 2nd Place: District 2, $555 3rd Place: District 1, $535 4th Place: District10, $530 5th Place: District 6, $445 6th Place: District 9, $375 7th Place: District 3, $325 8th Place: District11, $300 9th Place: District 4, $250 10th Place: District12, $150

11th Place: District 7, $100 12th Place: District 5, $0 Units leading the Challenge: 1. Wisconsin Rapids, $327.91 2. Saukville, $300 Waupun, $300 4. Milwaukee Unit 18, $250 Individual $50 donor: LaRene Carpenter, Unit 482, Bagley Great job! Don’t stop now. Remember the top District and Unit will receive a citation at convention, a $10.00 donation in your name by this Chairman, and bragging rights. Individual $50 donors receive a pin.

Unit 392 Celebrates Longevity! Elsa Schick celebrated her 100th birthday January 18, 2016. She is a 68-year member of the William H. Meyer American Legion Auxiliary Unit 392 in Cecil, Wisconsin. Several members of the American Legion Auxiliary visited that day to celebrate with her. Happy (belated) Birthday Elsa!

*Green Lake  &          Marquette       4/20/16             *Jefferson     4/24/16             *Juneau  &  Adams   5/23/16   *LaCrosse,  Monroe       &  Vernon     4/14/16             *Lafayette     5/11/16             *Marathon  &  Lincoln   5/15/16   *Marinette,         Florence     5/1/16               Milwaukee     5/18/16             *Oconto     5/1/16     *Oneida,Vilas,         Forest  &  Langlade   5/2/16               *Outagamie     4/13/16             *Ozaukee     5/25/16             *Portage  &  Wood   4/27/16             Racine  &  Kenosha   4/27/16             Richland     5/22/16             *Rock       4/30/16             *Rusk/Sawyer     5/22/16             *St.  Croix  &  Pierce   4/25/16             *Sauk       6/6/16     Shawano         &Menominee     5/4/16               *Sheboygan     4/18/16   *Trempealeau,  Buffalo       Pepin,  Jackson     5/4/16               Walworth/Kenosha   5/1/16               *Washington     5/18/16             *Waukesha     5/9/16               *Waupaca     5/5/16               *Waushara     5/4/16               *Winnebago     5/18/16  

  7:00  p.m.       1:00  p.m.       6:30  p.m.       7:00  p.m.       7:00  p.m.       6:00  p.m.       5:30  p.m.       6:30  p.m.       1:00  p.m.       10:00  a.m.       7:00  p.m.   7:00  p.m.  BBS   6:00  P.M.BGS       6:30  p.m.       6:30  p.m.       7:00  p.m.       1:00  p.m.       5:00  p.m.       7:00  p.m.       7:00  p.m.       7:00  p.m.       6:30  p.m.       7:00  p.m.       1:00  p.m.       7:00  p.m.       7:00  p.m.                 7:00  p.m.       7:00  p.m       7:00  p.m.  

American Legion  Post  282   920-­‐294-­‐3537                                                                  BBS:  Bill  Cosh  608-­‐770-­‐1282     11  Charles  St.,  Markesan   Patricia  Westpfahl                                                  BGS:  Jennifer  Leahy  920-­‐979-­‐3213   American  Legion  Post  67   920-­‐648-­‐8424       BBS:  Bill  Cosh  608-­‐770-­‐1282   129  S.  Main  St.,  Lake  Mills   Beatrice  Rothschadl       BGS:  Danyelle  Thompson     American  Legion  Post  110   Rose  Clark  608-­‐847-­‐4450   BBS:  Bill  Cosh  608-­‐770-­‐1282   110  Welch  Prairie  Rd.,  New  Lisbon         BGS:  Liz  Staff  608-­‐781-­‐6888   American  Legion  Post  51   608-­‐385-­‐2025       BBS:  Fred  Berns  715-­‐533-­‐0103   148S.Leonard  St.West  Salem   Rebecca  Gleason     BGS:  Liz  Staff  608-­‐781-­‐6888   American  Legion  Post  214           BBS:  Jim  Hying  608-­‐739-­‐3367   1400  Keep  Street,  Darlington   Cindy  Corley  608-­‐776-­‐4220   BGS:  Dee  Woolf  608-­‐778-­‐1936   Bunkers/Tribute  Golf  Course           BBS:  Bill  Cosh  608-­‐770-­‐1282   1001  Golf  Club  Rd.,  Wausau   Fran  Bender  715-­‐359-­‐8469   BGS:  Diane  Kranig  715-­‐341-­‐4935   American  Legion  Post  413   715-­‐854-­‐7885       BBS:  Paul  Williams  414-­‐943-­‐5433   251  State  Hwy  141,  Crivitz   Marin  Wankowski     BGS:  Loretta  Shellman  920-­‐373-­‐5853   American  Legion  Post416           BGS:  Laura  Calteux  414-­‐379-­‐2943   6351  W.  Grange  Ave.,  GreendaleSue  Hembrook  262-­‐945-­‐9791   BGS:  Bonnie  Jakubczyk  414-­‐764-­‐6752   High  School,  208  W.  Main           BBS:    Paul  Williams  414-­‐943-­‐5433   Gillett         Verona  Carlson  920-­‐660-­‐1640   BGS:  Loretta  Shellman  920-­‐373-­‐5853   Three  Lakes  High  School      Unit  431  President     BBS:  Bill  Cosh  608-­‐770-­‐1282     6930  W  School  St.,  Three  Lakes    Diana  Wheeler  715-­‐546-­‐2134   BGS:  Diana  Wheeler  715-­‐546-­‐2134   Kaukauna  Municipal  Bldg.           BBS:  John  Cumicek  920-­‐833-­‐2859     201  W  Second  St.,  Kaukauna      Lisa  Wolfinger:  920-­‐766-­‐7911   BGS:  Rose  Heinz  920-­‐850-­‐1941   AL  Post  355,  1540  13th  Ave.   Dennis  Loberger  414-­‐704-­‐7976    BBS:  Al  Richards  262-­‐573-­‐0924   Grafton         Shirley  Krier  262-­‐377-­‐5026   BGS:  Shirley  Krier  262-­‐377-­‐5026   Lincoln  HS  BBS  =  Rm  144/BGS  =  Rm  101         BBS:  Bill  Cosh  608-­‐770-­‐1282    BGS:  Diane  Kranig  715-­‐341-­‐4935   1801  16th  St.  S,  Wisc.  Rapids   Diane  Kranig  715-­‐341-­‐4935   American  Legion  Post  171             1027  New  St.,  Union  Grove   Marcie  Perez  262-­‐308-­‐8705   BGS:  Kitty  Larkin  262-­‐649-­‐3399     American  Legion  Post  13   Richland  Center       Ann  Rynes  608-­‐604-­‐0350   BGS:    Ann  Rynes  608-­‐604-­‐0350   American  Legion  Post  209           BBS:  Bill  Cosh  608-­‐770-­‐1282   Orfordville       Zondra  Morris  608-­‐751-­‐3924   BGS:  Joyce  Bouhl  262-­‐248-­‐4533       Veterans  Memorial  Assoc.           BBS:  Bill  Cosh  608-­‐770-­‐1282   605  Summit  Ave.,  Ladysmith   Anne  McCain  715-­‐214-­‐6661   BGS:  Theresa  Schindler  715-­‐229-­‐2202     American   Legion  Post  240           BBS:  Fred  Berns  715-­‐533-­‐0103   410  Maple  St.,  Baldwin       Fred  Berns  715-­‐533-­‐0103   BGS:  Laurel  DuBois  715-­‐825-­‐3916   Sauk  Prairie  HS,  Room  14           BBS:    Bill  Cosh  608-­‐770-­‐1282   105  9th  St.,Prairie  du  Sac   BGS:  Mary  Walz  608-­‐643-­‐5921   BGS:    Mary  Walz  608-­‐643-­‐5921   Community  Center             208  W.  Vinal  St.,Wittenberg   Mary  Bevesdorf  715-­‐253-­‐2908    BGS:  Jeannine  Conradt  920-­‐359-­‐0860   High  School,  125  Highland  Ave.           BBS:  Zach  Day:  414-­‐469-­‐5399   Plymouth       Leslie  Sanzo  313-­‐407-­‐3310   BGS:  Danie  Wilson/Shirley  Krier   Trempealeau  Cty  Courthouse           BBS:  Fred  Berns  715-­‐533-­‐0103   36245  Main  #4  Whitehall   Karen  Hansen:  715-­‐236-­‐7310   BGS:  Liz  Staff  608-­‐781-­‐6888   American  Legion  Post  24           BGS:  Kitty  Larkin  262-­‐649-­‐3399   735  Henry  St.,  Lake  Geneva   Joyce  Bouhl  262-­‐248-­‐4533   BGS:  Joyce  Bouhl  262-­‐248-­‐4533   Allenton  Legion  Post  483   Herb  Kieferndorf  414-­‐313-­‐8229   BBS:  Al  Richards  262-­‐573-­‐0924   419  Railroad  St  (Cty  Hwy  W)   Mary  Montag  262-­‐355-­‐6467   BGS:  Shirley  Krier  262-­‐377-­‐5026   American  Legion  Post  382           BBS:  Bob  Kaczmarek  414-­‐810-­‐9685   Main  St.,  Menomonee  Falls   Marcie  Schmitz  262-­‐628-­‐1478   BGS:  Kitty  Larkin  262-­‐649-­‐3399   A.L.Post  263,  New  London           BBS:  Paul  Williams  414-­‐943-­‐5433   840  E.North  Water  St.     Marla  Knuettel  920-­‐359-­‐1629   BGS:  Rose  Heinz  920-­‐850-­‐1941   Wautoma  High  School     Wayne  Winter  920-­‐293-­‐5011   BBS:    Bill  Cosh  608-­‐770-­‐1282   566  Cambridge  (Hwy  21/22)   Cathy  Kaminski  715-­‐249-­‐5263   BGS:  Diane  Kranig  715-­‐341-­‐4935   The  Waters               BBS:  Russ  Hanseter  920-­‐833-­‐2469   1339  Washington  Ave.,  OshkoshChar  Kiesling  920-­‐428-­‐5655   BGS:  Char  Keisling  920-­‐428-­‐5655  

March 2016 wi  
March 2016 wi  

Supporting Veterans, their families and their communities