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Official Publications of The Wisconsin American Legion Family

July 11, 2013 Vol. 90, No. 6

The mission of The American Legion, Department Of Wisconsin is to provide service to veterans, their families and their communities.

95th Annual Department Convention Opens in Oconomowoc The 95th Annual Department Convention will run July 18th through July 21st in Oconomowoc. Rooms are still available at the Marriott Milwaukee West with complimentary shuttle service to all Legion and Auxiliary functions. The Edwin L. Jones Post No. 91 of Oconomowoc and many Waukesha County Legion Family volunteers are proud to sponsor the convention and have planned a number of special activities to entertain visitors. Department Headquarters will establish a presence at the convention site on Wednesday, July 17th with a dinner and a concert that evening by the Post No. 91 American Legion Band. Department Commander Wayne Jensen and Auxiliary President Diana Sirovina will perform duties as guest conductors. Department Committees will begin meetings at 7AM on Thursday, July 18th. Early starting times are necessary to complete business in advance of the Department Executive Committee meeting scheduled for 4 PM. The actual convention will begin in earnest on Friday, July 19th. District Caucuses will be followed by Opening Ceremonies at 9:00 AM. Convention Committee Meetings will take place at 2:00 PM and consider a number of Resolutions related to Legion business and veterans issues at the state and national levels. Candidates for Department offices will be hosting Hospitality Suites at the Olympia Resort, Hotel and Spa later in the evening. Saturday will be a busy day at

convention with the election of Department officers beginning at 8:30 AM. The convention will reconvene at 9:00 AM with many prominent speakers. Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and other elected representatives are expected to attend. Department award winners will also be recognized for their accomplishments. There will be a Military Vehicle Display in the parking lot at the Olympia Resort from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM. Following the convention session, the Legion Riders will hold a Legacy Run tour of Waukesha County American Legion Posts to raise funds for The American Legion Legacy Scholarship Fund. Following the Legacy Run there will be a Pool Party and Live band at the Olympia Resort prior to the Past Commander’s Club evening bash. The 95th Annual Department Convention will wind up on Sunday. The Memorial Service will begin at 8:00 AM in the convention hall. Following the installation of the newly-elected officers and the closing ceremonies, the Grand Prize winner of the Convention Sweepstakes will be drawn. The grand prize is the winner’s choice of either $20,000 in cash or a new Ford from the Boucher Automotive Group. All in all it is anticipated to be a busy and exciting weekend in Oconomowoc. A complete report on the elections and Resolutions will appear in the next edition of the Badger Legionnaire. Register for the event online at Registration on-line is fast and easy.

95th Annual Department Convention July 18-21, 2012 Olympia Convention Center

MEETING SCHEDULE (Schedule subject to change)

FRIDAY, JULY 19TH Legion Office Registration Exhibits Blood Drive Convention Session

7:00 AM-5:00 PM 7:00 AM-5:00 PM 8:00 AM-5:00 PM 10:30 AM-3:30 PM 9:00 AM

CONVENTION COMMITTEE MEETINGS Americanism Committee 2:00 PM-4:00 PM Children & Youth Committee 2:00 PM-4:00 PM Finance Committee 2:00 PM-4:00 PM Constitutional Amendments 2:00 PM-4:00 PM Membership Committee 2:00 PM-4:00 PM Legislative Committee 2:00 PM-4:00 PM Nat’l.Homeland Security Comm. 2:00 PM-4:00 PM Resolutions Committee 2:00 PM-4:00 PM VA&R Convention Committee 2:00 PM-4:00 PM Credentials Committee 3:00 PM WI A.L. College Alumni Assoc. 3:30 PM

Suite 208 Olympia Lobby Conv. Ctr Lobby Wisconsin A Olympia Ctr AB

Illinois A Illinois B Wisconsin C Illinois C Broadmoor A Montreal Monaco Wisconsin B Bonaventure Boardroom Milwaukee

GNUTS Social Meeting WHA Meeting

4:30 PM 4:00 PM


SATURDAY, JULY 20TH Legion Office Registration Exhibits Legion Election Legion General Session Legion Run-Off Election Catholic Church Service Protestant Church Service Past Commanders Club Party

7:00 AM-5:00 PM 7:00 AM-10:00 AM 8:00 AM-5:00 PM 8:30 AM-10:30 AM 9:00 AM 2:00 PM-3:30 PM 5:00 PM-6:00 PM 5:00 PM-6:00 PM 7:00 PM-11:00 PM

Suite 208 Olympia Lobby Conv. Ctr Lobby Crown Olympia Ctr AB Crown Wisconsin A Wisconsin C Olympia C

SUNDAY, JULY 21ST Legion Office 7:00 AM Memorial Service 8:00 AM Convention Session/Installation 9:30 AM Sweepstakes Drawing 12:00 Noon

Suite 208 Olympia Center AB Olympia Center AB Olympia Center AB

2013 DEPARTMENT CONVENTION HOUSING MARRIOTT – MILWAUKEE WEST W231 N1600 Corporate Court • Waukesha, WI 53186 (262) 574-0888 $99.00/Night Free Shuttle service to and from the Olympia Resort Amenities: Business Center - Full Service Restaurant & Lounge - Pool and Hot Tub









97+ 107+ 117+ 127+

Dist. 5 101.13%

Dist. 3 99.79%

Dist. 4 97.22%

Dist. 7 95.99%

Dist. 6 95.34%

Dist. 1 95.05%

Dist. 2 94.45%

Dist. 9 94.40%

Dist. 10 97.34%

Dist. 8 93.06%

Dist. 12 92.91%

Dist. 11 91.64%

PAGE 2 “Badger Legionnaire” & “Wisconsin” The Badger Legionnaire & Wisconsin are the official publications of the Wisconsin American Legion Family and are published ten times annually, once every five weeks, by The American Legion, Dept. of Wisconsin 2930 American Legion Drive P.O. Box 388, Portage, WI 53901. Periodicals Postage Paid at Portage, WI and additional mailing offices. USPS ID Number 010-135 ISSN: 2154-2627 Post Master: Send address changes to Badger Legionnaire and Wisconsin, P.O. Box 388, Portage, WI 53901

“Badger Legionnaire” The American Legion, Department of Wisconsin 2930 American Legion Drive P.O. Box 388 • Portage, WI 53901 Phone: (608) 745-1090 E-mail: David A. Kurtz, Executive Editor 2012-2013 Communications Committee Harold Rihn, Chairman Ron Hessil, DEC Liaison Bernard Olson, Member Phil Ingwell, Member Vern Pitt, Member Mike Herkowski, Member James Lee, Member Kendel Feilen, Consultant Loretta Shellman, Auxiliary Liaison Bonnie Dorniak, Auxiliary Liaison


DEPARTMENT COMMANDER NOW HEAR THIS…. First and foremost; kudos to 5th District Commander Ensley Brown and Wayne Jensen his membership Commander team for being the first District to reach 100% of their membership goal. They are the first to accomplish this since the term of PDC Chuck Cooney. Our National organization is taking on a new face with several committees/commissions being eliminated or shifted to different areas. Ironically, this is occurring at the same time your Department is considering the same process. There will be 3 Resolutions presented at our 95th Annual Convention in Oconomowoc which deal with merging committees. The crux of the issue is budgetary based on the number of call-ins vs. a dwindling membership base. As this convention closes out the

2012-13 Department Officers

Assistant Chaplain Greg Simonis Sergeant-at Arms Todd Braun Charles Roessler Service Officer James Fialkowski NECman David L. Gough Alternate NECman Steve Krueger District Commanders 1st – Dave Brisk 2nd – Robert Shappell 3rd – Rich Ruland 4th – Claire Goodfellow 5th – Ensley Brown 6th – Barb Belmont 7th – John Thurk 8th – Dan Rindt 9th – Dale Oatman 10th – Larry Wyrcza 11th – Frank Kostka 12th – Bob Buhr Change of Address & Other Information: Subscribers: To report any upcoming changes of address, please ask your Post Adjutant to fill out a Membership Data Form and forward it to Wisconsin American Legion Headquarters. The change of address form that will be completed by the Post Adjutant should not be confused with the change of address card filled out at the Post Office. Department financial statements are available to Legionnaires in good standing upon written request through their District Commanders.

“Wisconsin” American Legion Auxiliary Department of Wisconsin 2930 American Legion Drive P.O. Box 140 • Portage, WI 53901 Bonnie Dorniak, Editor Diana Sirovina, Department President Bonnie Dorniak, Exec. Secretary/Treasurer To change your address: Notify Unit Secretary Unit Secretary: Notify Department Headquarters on a Member Data Form The “Wisconsin” deadline for copy is 4 weeks before publication date.

Publication Schedule All articles due to the Editor four weeks before publication date. Send all copy to

year I want to thank the Strategic Planning Committee, whose 5 year term ends. They brought an earnest commitment to the stupendous task of charting the future of the Department. They brought a vision similar to what was provided by the WWI founding fathers of our American Legion in 1919. It’s hard to truly appreciate what these dedicated people brought to the plate. I also want to mark the passing of the 6th District’s Bob Wipf, whose wisdom and strength of character was an important cog in the Strategic Planning Committee’s wheel. Bob passed away in Omro on Memorial Day. Of special note, your Commander, is deeply appreciative of what the concept of “The Legion Family” meant to our Department this year. With President Diana Sirovina, Detachment Commander Steve Meyer and Legion Riders President Bob Lloyd we brought new meaning to what the Legion Family entails. Remember; just as we ALL

suffer as our loved ones serve in harm’s way, so too, do we all band together to welcome them home. As a family, we see to their loved ones and take care of those veterans less fortunate than ourselves as they adjust to the civilian world. In record time the concept of having veteran status appear on the state Driver’s License was made a reality with Governor Scott Walker signing Senate Bill 45 into law on June 20th. Department Vice Commander Ron Hessil and Milwaukee Police Post No. 415 member Chuck Roessler brought the idea to the Department Executive Committee who endorsed the concept and referred it to our Legislative Committee for action. The rapidity of this law’s passage demonstrates to Legionnaires how much the State Senate and Assembly value our service. As my term passes into the sunset I’ll always be appreciative of how you Legionnaires banded together to accomplish the tasks at hand. The Legislative Committee has

been extremely pro-active this year and the National Security Committee has done an exceptional job in seeing to the needs of our veterans. It was a banner year for the Americanism Committee which realized the long standing goal of taking the Americanism & Government Scholarship Test on-line. The success of the program was recognized nationally. It was another successful session of Badger Boys State and Camp American Legion has enjoyed exceptional growth. All this has taken place while Finance kept us “in the black.” At the beginning of my term I stated that; “I would be getting credit for what you all accomplish.” Donna and I want to thank you all for your support and hospitality. You are truly the world’s finest. Wishing you calm seas, and smooth sailing….. Wayne W. Jensen Commander


Commander Wayne Jensen Vice Commanders Ken Rynes Chuck Roloff Ron Hessil Randy Lenser Adjutant David A. Kurtz

JULY 11, 2013

VA PENSION Hello fellow Legionnaires. In this article I would like to help you underJames Fialkowski stand VA NonService Officer Service Connected (NSC) Pension. To be eligible for VA Pension you must be a service member or a surviving spouse of a service member who had; 1) active military service of 90 days or more with one day during a period of war. Those who entered active duty after September 8, 1980 (enlisted) or October 16, 1981 (officers) may have to meet a longer period of active duty, generally 24 months. 2) Discharge must have been under conditions

other than dishonorable. 3) Veteran must be permanently and totally disabled (Found medically unable to work) or be at least 65 years old. 4) Be within financial levels of net worth and net income (NSC Pension is a needs based benefit). The basic question to ask if net worth will be a bar to pension is; will the claimant outlive their net worth? VA NSC Pension is not in place to preserve assets, so if the answer is yes, then there is no bar. So once you qualify, how does the VA figure what you get? What I am giving you here is a simplified answer: Congress sets the maximum annual pension rate (MAPR). To find annual net income the VA consid-

ers your total household income including private pensions, interest, dividends and Social Security. Then they subtract non-reimbursable medical expenses, including what you are paying for nursing home, assisted living, medical insurance and Medicare, to offset your income (Note: There is a 5% MAPR amount that must be reached before medical expenses can be deducted). Once net income is found, the VA then subtracts your annual net income from the MAPR and what is left is divided by 12 to create your monthly payment. For an example for a single veteran: MAPR = $12,465, annual medical expenses of $12,000 – $623 (5% of the Annual Pension

Rate) = $11,377. With an annual income of $14,000 - $11,377 deductible medical expenses equals a countable income of $2,623. The difference between $12,465 MAPR and the countable income of $2,623 is $9,842. If you divide that number by 12 you will receive a pension of $820 a month (VA rounds down). There are different rates depending on the condition of the veteran or the veteran’s spouse. NOTE: Pension is tax-free. In any case you can see that it is an involved process. If you think you or possibly a family member is eligible for VA pension go see your County Veterans Service Officer or contact us at (414) 902-5722 and we will help you apply.

WDVA SECRETARY BUDGET PASSAGE As the Secretary of the Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs, I am John A. Scocos pleased to anWDVA Secretary nounce the passage and signing of the new biennial budget into law. Our department’s mission is to serve veterans and their families, providing them the very best programs, benefits and services possible. Governor Walker clearly understands this and has given us the best budget in our agency’s history. Never before has our agency been given so many tools and resources to do so much for our state’s military heroes. Taking care of veterans has been a top priority for Governor Walker, including programs for veterans

employment, education, longterm care, and outdoor recreational activities, which are all enhanced with this budget. Long-term solvency has been addressed in the budget, adding $5.3 million in taxpayer resources to the Veterans Trust Fund. This ensures that our department will continue to care for our state’s military veterans well into the future. This budget also adds positions to our Wisconsin Veterans Homes to care for our veterans and also exempts our homes from the nursing bed tax, saving the homes $4 million over the biennium. Veterans at our homes are coming to us later in life with more specific needs than in the past – adding more staff is the right thing to do to ensure the highest level of care. Gov. Walker remains committed to doing everything possible

to help veterans find gainful employment once returning from service. This budget transfers the Disabled Veterans Outreach Program and Local Veterans Employment Representative Program from the Department of Workforce Development to the WDVA, strengthening the veteran-specific focus while maintaining strong cooperation with the overall strategies of workforce development. Having those who know the most about veterans be the ones working closest with veterans to find employment is the best option. Also in this budget, the residency requirement for Wisconsin GI Bill benefits is changed to allow veterans who have been residents of Wisconsin for five years or more to receive education benefits, not just those veterans who entered the military from Wiscon-

sin. These veterans have become members of our community and giving them this educational opportunity is the right thing to do. Veterans are also ensured affordable access to the state’s natural resources by building on existing programs, which provide lowcost or free hunting and fishing licenses to disabled veterans and active duty service members on leave. The governor recommends issuing vouchers to returning service members to redeem for free hunting and fishing licenses within a year of returning from active duty and supports providing a free one-year state parks and trails pass to active duty military personnel on leave. Additionally, the governor’s budget waives state park and trail admission fees for all veterans on Memorial Day and Veterans Day weekends

JULY 11, 2013



U.S. Coast Guard Week Breaks the Ice and Starts 2013 Camp Season The 2013 C a m p American L e g i o n season kicked-off early in a very big way. From May 6th through May 12th the U.S. Coast GuardSector Lake Michigan occupied camp for a “Morale/Team Building Week”. It was the first time that Camp American Legion has hosted the U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) for a significant group event. It was a special week of discovery and a significant step in building a collaborative, supportive relationship between The American Legion and the Coast Guard. There has been a Coast Guard flag hanging in our Camp dining hall for many years but beyond that we have had little connection with them officially. That has now changed and the U.S. Coast Guard is a member of the Camp family and it was

long overdue. We can now build on that relationship in the years ahead. We had 16 active-duty Coast Guard members, 15 spouses, 2 support family members and 25 children for a group total of 58. This large participation for a first time event proved how enthusiastically the USCG embraced Camp American Legion. They all came, had loads of FUN and strengthened their own USCG family. It was Camp’s mission at work. Fishing, boating, crafts, recreation, off-camp excursions, hiking, campfires - they did it all. The Wisconsin American Legion Family has now “broken the ice” in our relationship with the U.S. Coast Guard. Ironically, the week started with ice still on the lakes, so we literally brokethe-ice weather wise as well. The USCG visitors were very appreciative of the “GIFT”

Camp American Legion, Thank you so much for hosting our family during Coast Guard week this year. We have a special needs toddler and are not able to do much together as a family. Our trip to Camp American Legion was truly a blessing and allowed us to reconnect in many ways that an Active Duty family of 7 is quite often missing due to service. Add the special needs and it’s safe to say we felt like we were in heaven for our week at camp. The children were planning our next visit before we left and talk often about it. The grounds were serene and beautiful, offering wholesome recreation right out our doorstep! My husband or I could tend to the toddler while the rest of the family was romping about enjoying all the fun. On some occasions we were even able to do things as an entire family simply because access was immediate and we could take advantage of brief windows whenever they presented themselves. My only complaint; I forgot to bring the charger for my camera battery and it was dead on arrival! Memories will have to suffice and I think they are wonderful enough to more than make up for no pictures. A favorite for the girls was the craft cabin. I am not sure you have any paint, glitter, or fancy craft things left, but they sure had a great time being creative! The rec hall (as we dubbed it) was a favorite as well, especially during rain or colder temperatures. Playing pool and ping pong (table tennis) was a blast for the entire family. Most enjoyable for me, as a mother, was feeling completely comfortable letting my children run about and knowing they would be safe. On second thought, most enjoyable would have to be no cooking and cleaning for a week! But everything else was a very close second, and the plethora of wholesome things to do made it easy to relax and enjoy life. Thank you so much for providing a peaceful and pleasant atmosphere. It is obvious that the staff and volunteers get along and work as a team in order to maintain the atmosphere that makes renewal possible. – The Lockhart Family (Sam, Amy, Zackary, Jacob, Ellie, Addie, and Malachi

of camp we give them. They thanked us all for their time at Camp and the experience. Proof is the following letter from the Lockhart Family I want to express my personal thanks to the Lockhart family,

MK1 Brian Dillon - Morale Officer and all U.S. Coast Guard members for coming to camp and letting us serve you. I’m looking forward to doing it all over again next year and making the USCG week just the start of

a growing supportive relationship. Camp is here to serve you. Here’s wishing everyone a productive and safe summer season. God bless! – Kevin Moshea Director

Members of the US Coast Guard - Sector Lake Michigan are pictured here. They and their families gathered at Camp American Legion on May 6th to open the Camp for the 2013 season with the inaugural “Coast Guard at Camp Week”.

County Veterans Service Officer Insights Here’s some useful information on the VA’s Wartime Disability Pension courtesy of the Wisconsin County Veterans Service Officers Organization. The first question is usually, ‘Am I eligible?’. An honorable discharge and at least 90 days active service, with at least one day during a wartime is required. You must also be age 65, or provide medical evidence indicating you are totally and permanently disabled from nonservice connected disabilities; or be a patient in a nursing home; or are receiving Social Security Disability benefits. There are conditions which may lead to increased benefits. These are dependent upon your level of and types of disabilities. There are other requirements and needs that must be met in order to receive this benefit. To see if you qualify, make an appointment to see your local County Veterans’ Service Of-

ficer. You can find their phone number under the County Government listings where you live. Seeing your CVSO is probably the best route to follow. He or she is usually accredited and there is no charge or fee for this and many other services they offer. There are certain pieces of information that must be submitted to support your claim. Your CVSO is well trained and is an expert on these matters. An important item to remember is ‘No one can guaranty a claimant will be approved or an increased benefit be granted’. The VA is always the final decision maker. Non-VA claims agents and attorneys that are accredited by the VA cannot charge a fee for preparing your claim, but can charge after a decision has been made by the VA or a Notice of Disagreement with a decision has been filed. Here is a cautionary note. The U.S. Senate Special Committee on Aging has discovered some or-

ganizations are misrepresenting themselves while helping veterans and survivors. Many of these organizations market financial products that enable claimants whose assets exceed financial thresholds to make it possible for them to qualify for pension benefits. These organizations may charge substantial fees for these products, which may present problems in the future. There is a Bill before the Senate Special Committee on Aging that may bring about a 36-month look-back at your finances when applying for pension benefits. Use of some of these financial planning products could jeopardize not only your VA Pension, but may possibly effect Title 19 (Medicaid) benefits in the future. As always, call your local CVSO with questions regarding VA Pensions or any other veterans’ benefits.

Operation Comfort Warrior Challenge

National Vice Commander David R. Hall of West Virginia joined Department Commander Wayne W. Jensen for the Annual Legion Day at the Wisconsin Veterans Home in King on Father’s Day, June 16th.

Operation Comfort Warrior (OCW) is a National American Legion program dedicated to meeting the needs of wounded, injured or ill military personnel by providing them with comfort items not usually supplied by the government. Commander Jensen is asking all posts to support Operation Comfort Warrior by donating funds. Cecil Tormey Post No. 118 of Thorp and the StruckKlandrud Post No. 336 of Onalaska are the latest to

respond with generous donations. Donations for OCW total over $2,800 for 2013. You can show your support by sending a donation to OCW in care of Department Headquarters or by bringing your donation to the 95th Annual Department Convention in Oconomowoc July 18th through July 21st. At that time we will collect all donations for presentation to National Commander Jim Koutz at the 95th Annual National Convention this August in Houston.



JULY 11, 2013


Chuck Roloff

Ken Rynes

Candidate for High Office of Department Commander

Candidate for High Office of Department Commander

Department Vice Commander Chuck Roloff is a candidate for the high office of Department Commander. Chuck is a 44 year member of the Alonzo Cudworth Post No. 23 in Milwaukee. He has served as Department Vice Commander and previously served an extended commitment as 5th District Commander, receiving the first Annual District Cup for most improved membership. Chuck served on the Department Finance Committee and was its’ Chairman under three Commanders. He has also served as Chairman of the Department Fundraising Committee. Chuck is President of the Wisconsin

American Legion Foundation. He also represents The American Legion on the State of Wisconsin’s Council on Veterans Programs. Chuck is Lay Leader of his Church. He and his wife Donna have been married for 48 years and they have three grown children. He is committed to the proposition that the primary Legion entity to provide service to veterans and be visible in the community is the Post. The primary job of District and Department officers is to enable and support the Post. We must never lose sight of the fact that the real work of the Legion occurs at the Post level. Chuck is a loyal and hard-working Legionnaire.

Department Vice Commander Ken Rynes is announcing his candidacy for the high office of Department Commander. Ken is a 14 year member of Bayard de Hart Post No. 13 in Richland Center. He earned the privilege of membership with service in the United States Marine Corps 1983-1987 and the U.S. Army Reserve 2007-2010. Ken has held offices at the Post, Department and National level. He is a 2010 graduate of National Legion College. A charter member of the 3rd District American Legion Riders, he is the only rider in the state to participate in all seven American Legion Legacy Scholar-

ship Runs. He has logged over 20,000 miles for the cause and helped raise nearly $15,000 for the Legacy Fund by starting a “scrap for scholarship drive”. Ken helped establish and participated in “The Fall Ride to Camp”, raising $22,000 for Camp American Legion in the three years it has been held. Ken Rynes believes that out-of-the box thinking is the future of this great organization. His plan as Department Commander is a hands-on, lead by example style. The Department of Wisconsin would see fun competition amongst the ranks when it comes to membership and all programs of The American Legion.


Dan Rindt



Candidate for Office of Department Vice Commander

Candidate for Office of Department Vice Commander

Candidate for Office of Department Vice Commander

Candidate for Office of Department Vice Commander

8th District Commander Dan Rindt is a candidate for Department Vice Commander. Dan is a 35 year member of Post No. 63 in Clintonville. Dan is a U.S. Army veteran and was a 100% Post and County Commander. He is a longtime supporter of Legion baseball and helped charter the Sons of The American Legion Squadron No. 63. He has served eight years on the Annual American Legion King Day Committee. At the Department level he has served on the Public Safety Committee, the VA &R Committee and the Convention Rules Committee. He inaugurated the Veterans Color Guard in the annual Manawa Rodeo Parade and is a Past President AFL-CIO State Employees Union. He is a member of the Board of Evangelism and Elder at his church. Dan enjoys the support of his wife Donna. Donna and Dan have been married for 50 years and have four grown children, eight grandchildren and three great-grandchildren. Dan has been endorsed by his post, Waupaca County and the 8th District. He is a loyal, dedicated and hard-working Legionnaire.

Second District Commander Bob Shappell is a candidate for Department Vice Commander. Bob is a PUFL member of Cedarburg Post No. 288 and served 26 years in the US Air Force after graduating from the US Air Force Academy. He has served as Post, County and District Commander, two years as Ozaukee County Commander, and three years as a 100% Commander of Post No. 288. Bob served two years on the Department Membership Committee, including a year as Membership Chairman. He has also served on the Children and Youth Committee and as a Post and County Adjutant, as well as Post service officer. He is a member of the Sons of The American Legion (in honor of his father, a 63-year Legionnaire) and 40 et 8 Voiture No. 1330. Bob is supported by his wife, Pauline (a PUFL Legionnaire) and is endorsed by Cedarburg Post No. 288, the Ozaukee County Council, and the 2nd District. Bob respects and admires the service of all veterans, and believes that every veteran has a story worth listening to. These stories are what unite us as Legionnaires, and form a common bond in our continuing service to our nation. He is honored to be a member of The American Legion.

Past 9th District Commander John Wolfe is a candidate for Department Vice Commander. John is a PUFL member of Post No. 11 in Green Bay and a Navy veteran of the Vietnam Era. He has served as both a Post and District Commander. John is a graduate of The American Legion Extension Institute. He served as Chairman of the Badger Legionnaire Committee and has been the DEC liaison to that committee as well. He also served as DEC liaison to the Legislative committee. John served as a Vice Chairman of the National Distinguished Guests committee and is presently Vice Chairman of the National Foreign Relations Council. He has also served as the Legislative liaison for U.S. Representative Ried Ribble to the National Legislative Committee. He is also an officer and member of Voiture No. 774 of the 40 et 8. Post No. 11 honored John as 2004 Legionnaire of the Year for service to the community. He is supported by his wife, Suzanne and has the endorsement of his Post, the Brown County Council, and the 9th District. John believes that the Legion and community organizations working together can only improve the services that we provide to the veterans of the state of Wisconsin.

10th District Commander Larry Wrycza announces his candidacy for the high office of Department Vice Commander. Larry belongs to the ForrestGunderson-Klevgard Post No. 264 in Gilmanton and has been a Paid-up-forLife member for 17 years. He earned the privilege of membership by virtue of his service in the US Navy during the Vietnam era. Larry has served as Vice Commander for 4 years and Commander for 2 years at the Post level. He has also served on the 10th District Executive Committee as a member at large. Comrade Wrycza has also served on the District level as Sergeant-at-Arms, District Vice Commander for 3 years and is presently the 10th District Commander. Larry has been married to his wife Laura for 31 years. They have 3 daughters and a son in their extended family. They also enjoy their three grandchildren. All are members of The American Legion Family. Larry is proud to “Still Serve America” through the programs of The American Legion and asks for your support.

JULY 11, 2013




Todd Braun

Charles Roessler

Larry Olson

David Wischer

Candidate for Office of Sergeant at Arms

Candidate for Office of Sergeant at Arms

Candidate for Office of Sergeant at Arms

Candidate for Office of Department Assistant Chaplain

Legionnaire Todd Braun is seeking re-election as a Department Sergeant at Arms and is asking for your support in the upcoming election. Todd served in the U.S. Army from 1988 to 1994 as a Military Policeman and is a Paid up for Life member of The American Legion. He has served as Post Adjutant, the 6th District Sergeant at Arms and is a graduate of The American Legion Extension Institute. Todd is an active member of the Legion Riders and currently serves as Vice President for the 6th District Legion Riders. Todd has served the past 2 years as Department Sergeant at Arms. He has attended the National and Department Conventions, volunteered at the Department Oratorical competition and Wreaths Across America. He has also spent time at the Veteran’s Home at King. With 3 qualified candidates running for Department Sergeant at Arms, Todd encourages all Legionnaires to support candidates of their choice. He wishes to thank all of you for your support and wisdom over the last 2 years and is looking forward to serving another term as Department Sergeant at Arms and learning more about The American Legion.

Charles Roessler is a candidate for re-election as a Department Sergeant at Arms. He earned the privilege of joining The American Legion through service in the US Air Force during the Vietnam era. Charles also served as a Milwaukee Police Officer for 25 years and has over 30 years of total law enforcement experience. He served as Milwaukee Police Post No. 415 Commander and 2 terms as the 4th District Sergeant at Arms. He is currently a consultant to the National American Legion Counter-subversive Activities Committee (3 years) and served on the Department Fundraising Committee for three terms. Charles served on the 2010 Milwaukee National Convention Committee as a board member, provost and distinguished guest chairman. In 2005 he was named the Department Edward Ormsby Law Enforcement Officer of the Year as well as National American Legion National Law Enforcement Officer of the Year. He is married to his wife Nancy of 28 years and has two children, Daniel and Valerie. It has been his honor to serve the Department and he looks forward to continuing to serve as your Sergeant at Arms in the future.

David Wischer is a candidate for the office of Department Sergeant at Arms. David served in the Army during the Vietnam conflict and is an Honorary Life Member of the Todd Post No. 537 in Milwaukee. He has served twice as Post Commander and achieved 100% in Membership in each term. David has also served as 4th District Sergeant at Arms and was instrumental in support of the 2010 National Convention held in Milwaukee. He is a graduate of The American Legion Extension Institute and is currently serving his seventh year on the Department Membership Committee. David has been recognized for recruiting and his efforts in the revitalization of the J.F.K. Post No. 479 in the 5th District. David attended Badger Boys State as a High School student and is currently involved with orientation and registration at Badger Boys State. He and his wife Trish of 36 years have two sons and two grandsons, all being members of the Legion Family. David has the endorsement of his Post, Milwaukee County Council, and the 4th District. Always ready to learn more and willing to share his knowledge, David looks forward to serving The American Legion, Department of Wisconsin.

Pastor Larry Olson announces his candidacy for the position of Department Assistant Chaplain. He is a member of the John Owen Post No. 287 in Mattoon. He has served as Post Commander and is presently Shawano-Menominee County Commander. Larry is an Army veteran and a licensed paramedic. Larry attended seminary at St. Paul’s School of Theology in Kansas City, MO and is a United Methodist minister. For the past 16 years he has served as a local pastor in the United Methodist Church having served for 13 years in Mercer, WI and the last 3 years in Wittenberg, WI. Larry is happily married to his wife Cathleen and has three grown children; Ryan, Kenny and Tracy. He is also the proud grandparent of three living grandchildren; Kyera, Madeline and Baela. His granddaughter Brooke passed on after 7 months in the womb and is waiting for Him in the life to come. Larry is a strong believer in committing his life to God, family and Country and hopes to forward his belief in all three by being a strong contributor to The American Legion as its Assistant Chaplain. He hopes that he will receive the Legion’s vote in forwarding all three values as the Department Assistant Chaplain.

National American Legion College The 2013 session of Legion College will run October 27th to November 1st. The National American Legion College is a combination of lectures, small group workshops and practical exercises. Students will receive training in leadership, sales and marketing, communication, and fundraising. Focus is on self-taught small group sessions under the supervision of graduate facilitators, national staff members and national officers. Major emphasis is placed on core programs, management techniques and the development of leadership skills necessary to increase visibility of programs, growth in membership and public awareness of The American Legion, the American Legion Auxiliary and the Sons of The American Legion. This year the National organization is looking for Legionnaires with military service during the Lebanon/Grenada or

subsequent eligibility periods. The Department of Wisconsin sponsors up to three Legionnaires to attend National American Legion College. The National American Legion College Selection Committee will review the applications and select the 50 best-qualified attendees. Once the students are selected, the National American Legion staff will contact them directly several weeks before the class begins regarding housing, transportation and all the materials they will need. The deadline for submitting applications is July 15th. The Department Adjutant or Department Commander must endorse each candidate’s application. Anyone interested in attending should contact Department Adjutant David Kurtz at or (608) 745-1090.

GET YOUR GUNS! Bronsted-Searl Post No. 93 in Tomahawk is conducting their

ANNUAL FALL GUN RAFFLE 12 different model rifles and shotguns are being raffled off with only 500 tickets being sold. Drawings will be held weekly from Wednesday, October 2nd through Wednesday, December 18th.

For more information and a list of the “Guns of the Week” call Joe Story at (715) 966-0261.

Each Wednesday a name will be pulled for the “Gun of the Week” The cost for the ticket is $25. This entitles you to be in all 12 drawings. If you win your name is returned to the hopper for the next weeks drawing.



The Last Bugle

8 Waukesha Scott A Marx 10 Wausau Norman Jensen Clarence C Wenzel Carl Henke 13 Richland Center Gerlad W Cook William J Muth 14 Iola Leonel Bestul 17 Arcadia Donald Bremer 18 Milwaukee George L Szopinski 29 Kewaunee Larry C Wech 38 Appleton Donald R Nymoen 44 Wabeno Leo Baeb 47 Portage Robert Laybourn 50 Hudson Wesley W Fern 52 LaCrosse Ronald C Klos Earl Owen Mervin Fruechte Lowell Bice Anthony Silva Francis G Schiffer Sr Gerald F Seymour John F Smaby Robert M Esmond David Hecht 53 Eau Claire William Guyton Merrill Seaberg Edward G Kaehler Charles A Swenson Richard F Gibson 54 Marshfield Kenneth E Noble J K Specht 59 Stoughton Lisa Dewey 66 Silver Cliff Harry Reese 67 Lake Mills Cyril Schmidt 72 Sturgeon Bay John R Schommer Donald Peterson 77 Chippewa Falls Harold Nayes 82 Port Washington Norbert Debroux 83 Sheboygan Jerry Crabb LaMont J Meerdink 89 Minocqua Marvin Mattke 91 Oconomowoc Herbert A Behl 94 Crandon Clifford O Bonack Robert A Kennedy Carroll H Statezny 95 Delavan Richard Davis Lester J Primasing Gordon W Yadon




05/13/13 05/02/13 05/23/13


06/16/13 06/07/13


















03/18/13 04/09/13 04/11/13 04/11/13 04/22/13 04/29/13 04/30/13 05/09/13 05/10/13 05/26/13


12/13/12 12/29/11 06/22/13 05/24/13 06/20/13


05/07/13 06/01/13

LG 06/13/13 K





05/14/13 04/30/13






05/16/13 05/30/13






05/14/13 04/30/13 06/13/13


06/15/13 06/20/13 06/22/13

106 Seymour Vernon Lubinski II John Rader Jr V 109 Lancaster Russell Schnepper K 110 New Lisbon Arthur Rydmark K 112 Stanley Donald Daniels II 116 Coon Valley Verlyn R Larson K 118 Thorp Chester Strzok K Robert L Poppe K 121 River Falls Don Obermueller K Delone ‘Bud’ Halverson II 130 Sharon Howard Appenfeldt K Roy H Andrews II Ernest A Smith V 138 Viroqua Bernard G Delap II 146 Beaver Dam Jack H Larson K 157 Horicon George Schneider II Milton E Coyer II 167 Sauk City Monroe Haas II 171 Union Grove John G Mueller K 179 Chetek Donald Rockow II 180 Milwaukee Louis J Nolan II 186 Independence Daniel E Moga V 187 Wisconsin Dells Chester Luke II Yuki Minaga II 197 Brodhead James Steuri K 200 Black River Falls Rollin B Sanford 205 Janesville Fred J Henke K 208 Rio Roger Roundy K Harley Dahlen K 208 Osseo Herbert Brasda V 209 Orfordville Edward J Mealey V 210 Waupun Harold Budde II Earl Wessels II 214 Darlington Robert Long Sr K Francis McQuaid II James R Linden K Gerald L Schwartz II 220 Soldiers Grove Orvin R Schoville II 225 Shell Lake Alice M Ward II 234 Omro Robert J Wipf V 243 Plymouth Donald Kretschmer K 258 Little Chute Eugene O Chevalier K 260 Deerfield Lawrence W Sargent II 268 Bruce Robert L Doorn K 270 Theresa Robert Woods V 280 Coleman Joseph Dudek II 284 Holmen Gordon L Vandunk K 288 Cedarburg Jerry Kitzerow K 293 Silver Lake Kermit Barnhart II 295 Bloomer Henry Vaughn II

06/18/13 05/29/13 06/10/13 06/01/13 06/04/13 05/18/13 02/05/13 05/24/13 06/01/13 02/02/13 02/17/13 05/21/13 04/05/13 06/02/13 05/15/13 06/07/13 06/22/13 06/09/13 05/25/13 05/09/13 06/08/13 01/24/13 11/11/12 06/05/13 06/07/13 06/03/13 06/12/13 05/25/13 06/18/13 05/06/13 06/01/13 06/29/13 05/27/13 03/16/13 01/11/13 12/20/12 10/23/12 06/15/13 05/27/13 06/04/13 06/17/13 06/05/13 05/18/13 06/04/13 05/29/13 05/09/13 06/25/13 04/11/13 06/20/13

301 Woodville Selmer L Leehe 302 Oconto Falls Thaddius Jurgilanis Robert Raisler Henry Reidinger Chester Wirtz 312 Peshtigo Roland W Neuman 315 Stoddard Theadore G Foust 317 Wautoma Danny C Pitcher Richard L Haka 318 Lake Tomahawk Jeffrey A Heindl 324 Osseo Michael J Mill Omer Gunem 347 Lomira Alfred L Braun 350 Reedsburg Robert M Karow 360 Waunakee Michael W McIlwee 363 Denmark Cliff Vandenlangenberg 364 Winneconne Donald Falk James Christian 377 Elcho Osie C Cook Sr 384 Kewaskum Orval E Behnke 385 Verona Charles Zingg 387 Franklin Donald M Grunewald Wyman H Drake 390 Gresham Grant A Stoehr




12/30/12 03/28/13 06/07/13 09/10/12






06/09/13 06/19/13

LG 05/20/13 V II

06/06/13 06/10/13










09/02/12 01/06/13








05/21/13 05/19/13



393 Edgar Paul Sekorski 396 Indian Creek Dennis A Pedersen Curt Helin 406 Milwaukee Gerald A Scherbarth 412 Belgium Robert H Dankot Carl P Dever Jr Donald E Large Sr 413 Crivitz Kenneth Van Camp 414 Bowler Royal Kielman Harold E Rekow 415 Milwaukee Roland C Bahr Theron Meyer Raymond Owsiany 433 Barneveld John A Richard Raymond D Jacobson Carrie L Huseth 449 Brookfield Charles T Wilson John N Maynard Charles H Wetzel William D Simonis Fred G Plehn Wayne Legge Fred Eckl Victor Anderson Michael R Paris 454 Mt Calvary Adolph G Schneider 455 Milwaukee Edward A Matt 460 Belleville Maurice (Jack) Short Jr

JULY 11, 2013 470 Saukville 05/28/13 Daniel L Grotkiewicz Robert Beckard V 05/31/13 478 Saint Cloud V Cyril Ausloos Howard Sippel V 05/14/13 482 Bagley Lloyd T Weigandt K 05/10/13 Daren R Trudo V 05/23/13 485 Rudolph K 06/24/13 James Passineau 486 Jackson K 05/29/13 Roy J Meyer 488 New Berlin II 09/30/12 Elmer G Schraufnagel II 05/26/13 491 Cazenovia James A Scheeler II 05/28/13 501 Madison II 06/08/13 John Thompson II 05/30/13 Kenneth W Geishirt Orville D Moen II 02/12/13 Chester Waller K 08/24/12 Stanley H Aure LG 06/23/13 Earl Mavis 509 Rosholt II 03/20/13 Frank Trzebiatowski II 04/05/13 519 Stetsonville II 04/02/13 Vaughn Waldhart II 04/01/13 521 Fox Lake II 03/18/13 James F Reilley K 12/24/12 David C Rabehl II 08/28/12 534 McFarland II 10/24/12 Norman G Everson V 04/07/13 Leslie Johnson 538 Carlton K 06/20/13 Norbert Michalski Donald F Pekarek II 03/21/13 544 Twin Lakes Lee J Kozie II 06/23/13 546 Racine John Mayfield II


06/08/13 06/09/13


06/16/13 05/23/13


05/21/13 05/29/13










10/24/12 10/05/12 04/04/13 01/28/13 05/17/13 04/13/13






06/05/13 06/14/13


07/10/12 07/15/12


04/28/13 04/03/13





JULY 11, 2013






Department Commander Wayne Jensen wants to recognize those County and District Commanders who SWIFT Y’S S.W. A .T TEAM attain 100% of their 2013 membership goal by placing their photos in the Badger Legionnaire. The success or failure of our membership efforts is in direct proportion to the efforts of leadership. Congratulations to all Legionnaires who have worked so hard to strengthen our organization. The Waunakee Post No. 360 Color Guard provided a send-off for the May 18th Badger Honor Flight from Madison to Washington DC. They are pictured here at the departure terminal of Dane County Regional Airport.

Ensley Brown The 5th District

Merlin Soda Green Lake County

Legionnaire Lawrence Pankratz is 94 years young and currently active with the Marshfield Post No. 54 Honor Guard. Mr. Pankratz received a citation from Department Commander Wayne Jensen for his services at a recent event in Marshfield. Pictured left to right; Post No. 54 Commander Rick Duerr, Honor Guard Captain Merlin Fischer, Lawrence Pankratz and Department Commander Wayne W. Jensen of the Milwaukee Police Post No. 415. Sawyer County Council. Left to right Commander Donald Slattery, 1st Vice Tony Kerner, Adjutant/Finance Officer Dan Dahlstrom

Do you know a Veteran… Someone who is not a Member? Send contact information on any veteran to: Steve Dykes • (608) 745-0339 or


REVERSE MORTGAGES Call for a free consumer guide and personal quote. -- Must be 62 or older. -- Never make a monthly mortgage payment again. -- Receive a lump sum of cash, credit line or monthly payments. -- Income and credit not required.

The Honor Guard of Springbrook Post No. 328 put in extra hours on Memorial Day. They are pictured here at the St. Mary Magdalene Catholic Cemetery in Springbrook, WI. This was the second of six ceremonies they performed.

Got Questions? Get Answers Today. Estate planning is not a burden, it is a celebration of your service.

Visit our table.

at the American Legion Convention, July 19th & 20th

Register for Workshops Free Estate Planning Consultations (a $250 value) & Prizes

Plan. Protect. Provide.

call 920.206.PLAN (7526)

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