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aire Official Publications of The Wisconsin American Legion Family

January 22, 2015 Vol. 92, No. 1

The mission of The American Legion, Department Of Wisconsin is to provide service to veterans, their families and their communities.

Badger Boys State Gearing Up for 2015 Commander Backs the Pack!

Good news! More young men will have the opportunity to attend Badger Boys State in 2015. An increase in the available rooms at Ripon College will allow sponsors to select more youth to attend this program. The sponsorship fee of $250 per student covers all costs for the student to attend except transportation to and from BBS. Reservations are on a first come first served basis. As long as there are slots available, BBS will accept reservations. Call Sandy Ryce at Department headquarters to check availability at (608) 745-1090. Sponsors and post officers can visit Boys State during the week to see the program in operation. Details for visits should be cleared with the director as to the time and date of a visit. A day long visit would be rewarding for any sponsor. ELIGIBILITY Young men who have completed their junior year in high school are eligible. Home schooled students are eligible, but must compete for

slots with the students in their area school district. Participants should be from the upper third of their class, but this may be waived due to student population in smaller schools. Each school should have a selection process to choose a deserving student. The local American Legion Posts who sponsor students may be involved in the selection process depending on local tradition. Other sponsors paying for students will follow the general guidelines set forth in Badger Boys State policies. REGISTRATION Only after sponsorship fees are paid will registration cards be mailed to sponsors. The sponsors are then responsible to assist the student and the school in registering. Sponsors and schools are encouraged to name alternates for every student sponsored. In many of the past years a number of alternates have been chosen to attend BBS when the primary candidates can’t attend. In the event a school cannot fill the number of sponsorships it has, Badger Boys State requests sponsors contact Sandy

2015 Membership Goal al 90.34% District 12 1st PLACE

87.62% District 6 2nd PLACE

86.71% District 9 4th PLACE

86.32% District 2 5th PLACE

85.45% District 8 7th PLACE

83.98% District 1 8th PLACE

83.75% District 11 10th PLACE

82.66% District 4 11th PLACE

59,600 59

86.99% District 10 3rd PLACE

86.24% District 3 6th PLACE

83.76% District 7 9th PLACE

75.43% District 5 12th PLACE

January 14th Total: 52,361 88.00%

Ryce at (608) 745-1090 for suggestions.

ORIENTATION Sponsors are encouraged to view the Badger Boys State web site to become familiar with the program requirements. Citizen candidates are encouraged to attend a live orientation. The schedule for orientations is posted on the website at All questions can be referred to Sandy Ryce at (608) 745-1090 or

Commander Bob Shappell attended the Green Bay Packers game on Sunday, November 30, 2014 at Lambeau Field. The Packers defeated the New England Patriots that day by a score of 26 to 21. Prior to the game, Commander Shappell joined the SullivanWallen Post No. 11 Color Guard on the field for the pre-game ceremonies. Pictured here left to right are; FRONT ROW: Norb Zelewske, Jerry Willems - with our Nation’s flag, Jack Gillis, and Dennis Counard. MIDDLE ROW: Tom Salentine, Commander Shappell, Tom Christensen. BACK ROW: C.J. Kelhner and Color Guard Captain Mike Kellner.

Volunteers Needed for the 78th Annual Oratorical Competition on February 14th The Department is proud to announce the 2015 High School Oratorical Scholarship Competition. The American Legion Oratorical Scholarship program is a wonderful opportunity for young people to learn about the Constitution of the United States of America. This year is the 78th year of the Department’s program. Twelve students representing each District will compete for the State title at Ripon College on February 14, 2015. It takes many volunteers to have a successful event – from moderators, to time keepers, judges, escorts, tabulators and sergeant at arms - if you’ve been a part of the competition in the past, we hope that you will join us again – if you are new to the program but would still like to volunteer, please do so as it will be well-worth your time. Please fill out the volunteer application that appears in this addition of the Badger Legionnaire and mail it to Department Headquarters. Fillable volunteer forms are also available on the Wisconsin Legion website (http://www. oratorical-scholarship-program). You will be notified at a later date what your assignment will be. Thank you for your support.

The American Legion • Department of Wisconsin

78TH ANNUAL HIGH SCHOOL ORATORICAL REGIONAL/STATE CONTEST February 14, 2015 • Ripon College I would like to volunteer for the following during the Department Oratorical Contest: My First Choice:_______________________________ My Second Choice:_____________________________ Name: ________________________________________ Post #:_________________ District #:______________ Address: ______________________________________ City:__________________________________________ email address: __________________________________ Zip Code: _____________________________________ Home Phone #: _________________________________ Cell Phone #: ___________________________________ Comments: ____________________________________ ______________________________________________ Please submit no later than January 30, 2015 Mail completed form to to: WI American Legion, Attn. Dawn, PO Box 388, Portage, WI 53901

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Veterans serving veterans children and youth

January 2015 pages 1 7  

Veterans serving veterans children and youth