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“For God & Country”



August 4, 2016 Vol. 93, No. 7

Official Publications of The Wisconsin American Legion Family

The mission of The American Legion, Department of Wisconsin is to provide service to veterans, their families and their communities.

Rev. Daniel J. Seehafer Elected Department Commander Navy Veteran Takes Reins at 98th Annual Department Convention

The annual Department convention started off on a high note and rolled to an exciting conclusion with the installation of Reverend Daniel J. Seehafer as the Department Commander for 2016-17. Newly installed Commander Seehafer is a 20-year Paid-up for Life member of Post No. 157 in Horicon and served in the U. S. Navy. He is a graduate of The American Legion College and previously served as the National American Legion Chaplain, the 2nd District Commander and as a Department Vice Commander. Elected to serve as Vice Commanders under Seehafer were Tom Strey of Oconomowoc, Frank Kostka of Ashland, Ensley Brown of Milwaukee and Laurel Clewell of Appleton. The Convention kicked off at 9:00AM on Friday, July 15th with the National Anthem performed by Josie Picard, a 9 year old

from Brodhead, Wisconsin. Ms. Picard’s rendition of the Anthem was delivered with poise and dignity worthy of the event. City of Middleton Administrator Mike Davis and Police Chief Charles Foulke brought greetings to the delegates. This was followed by a presentation made to members of the International Union of Operating Engineers Local 139 in recognition of their efforts in constructing Gary G. Wetzel Way, the new nature trail at Camp American Legion. Their trainers and apprentices, all military veterans, were honored for their contributions. DAV Commander John Polk and VFW Commander Mike Eggleston both addressed the convention and former US Senator Russ Feingold also spoke. Michael Telzrow, a member of Waunakee Post No. 360 and Director of the Wisconsin Veterans Museum in Madison updated the

Past Department Commander Dale Oatman presents Local 139 Business Manager Terry McGowan with a plaque in recognition of the International Union of Operating Engineers efforts to construct the Gary G. Wetzel Way nature trail at Camp American Legion.

delegates on developments at the museum. He received the 2016 Martha Marlow Historian Award from the Wisconsin American Legion Historians Association. On Friday afternoon, Convention Committees comprised of delegates representing each of the 12 Districts in the Department met to consider and debate important resolutions. A table appears in this edition of the Badger Legionnaire describing the resolutions considered and the actions taken by the convention. Saturday, July 16th, the second day of sessions, began with National Commander Dale Barnett’s “Walk for Veterans” awareness walk. Commander Barnett addressed the delegates and was followed by National Vice Commander David L. Gough of Darlington, Wisconsin. Vice Commander Gough related some of the high-lights of his travels during the past year. A custom video greeting to the Legionnaires from Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker was shown. Governor Walker was unable to attend due to a scheduling conflict involving the National Conference of Governors but wanted to convey personal greetings and express his appreciation for the service and programs that Legionnaires provide to veterans, their families and communities across the Badger State. US Senator Ron Johnson appeared to deliver remarks and fielded questions from the audience. The closing session on Sunday featured a presentation by National Sons of The American Legion Vice Commander Dennis (continued on Page 3)

Badger Boys State Celebrates 75 Years

By Chad Plenge From June 11th through the 18th the Wisconsin American Legion Badger Boys State program conducted its 75th session in Ripon, Wisconsin. Badger Boys State has influenced over 67,000 young men during the last 75 sessions. The Department of Wisconsin authorized the creation of the program in 1939 after recognizing the great opportunity to serve the youth and spread the ideals of Americanism. The pilot program was conducted that year under the direction of Val Ove, a WWI veteran and member of the Alonzo Cudworth Post No. 23 of Milwaukee. Badger Boys State has been held every year since then with the exception of three years during World War II. American Legion posts from across the state have supported this ambitious program, providing leadership, financial support and volunteers who help make Badger Boys State a top-notch program. In honor of the program’s commitment to serving the youth of Wisconsin, Governor Scott Walker signed an official proclamation declaring June 11-18, 2016 as “Badger Boys State 75th Anniversary Week.”

The young men selected to attend Badger Boys State, called citizens, represent the best of their communities. The program is only possible because of the generous donations from American Legion posts, community civic organizations, and individuals who sponsor each citizen. This year, 878 young men came from all corners of Wisconsin to form the government of a “51st state.” During the week, citizens also learn about Americanism, leadership, and the values of selfless service. Guest speakers, including Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Ann Walsh Bradley and Charles Wiley from the National Press Corps, provide real world experience to the citizens. Badger Boys State was also honored to host American Legion National Commander Dale Barnett of Georgia during the session. The fast-paced week is rewarding for both the citizens and the volunteer staff. Many in attendance describe the program as “one of the most challenging, rewarding, and fun experiences of my life.” To learn more about Badger Boys State visit

2017 Membership Goal: 56,739 • July 28th Total: 11,855 – 20.89% District


23.92% 1st PLACE



23.05% 2nd PLACE



22.82% 3rd PLACE











19.36% 6th PLACE











18.02% 9th PLACE










10th PLACE 11th PLACE 12th PLACE

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AUGUST 4, 2016

DEPARTMENT COMMANDER Family, first and foremost, I want to say “thank you” for electing me as your Department Commander at Dan Seehafer Department Commander the 98th Annual Convention in Middleton. I appreciate the powerful vote of confidence and the heartfelt acceptance with this year’s theme: It’s Personal. As you look at our own life, I’m sure you could list numerous things that are personal to you: house and home, family and friends to health and security, just to name a few. However, have you ever thought about our organization, The American Legion, in this way? What about our Department? And, personally, what about your post home?

Just think, family, if that group of war-weary veterans of World War I would NOT have gathered together in 1919; if they only focused on “self” instead of service to each other and their communities. Well, thanks be to God, they did gather, and The American Legion was born! Today, we are only a few years away from our centennial celebration. However, we continue to have exciting opportunities for us to build on a rich legacy of accomplishments: the formation of the VA, establishment of the U.S. Flag Code, unparalleled troop support, relief for veterans suffering from service-related health conditions, career and education opportunities, and youth programs that improve lives in amazing ways generation after generation. So, yes, there’s a lot to

build on, because we, too, believe “it’s personal.” Therefore, we have another year of life-saving, life-changing opportunities within The American Legion--especially here in Wisconsin. For example, Camp American Legion will continue to be a focal point for our brand awareness, but more importantly an effective place of healing and rehabilitation--especially due to the additional 225 acres and the Gary G. Wetzel Way trail. Personally, I want to see the formation of another University Post, another Legacy Ride (this time targeting the east side of the state, starting in Horicon and ending at the War Memorial in Milwaukee), the creation of a centennial fundraiser that would wholeheartedly benefit our Four Pillars, revitalizations in Milwaukee,

Madison, Eau Claire, Fox River Valley and La Crosse as well as a comprehensive membership plan established by August and implemented throughout the remaining 2016-2017 membership year. This would be coupled with our outreach campaigns and radio branding across the state to raise consciousness. However, let us never forget, face-to-face contact is extremely important and very effective--and yes, you can truly make a difference in membership, especially in the life of a fellow veteran! And so, family, it’s with excitement and that same heartfelt acceptance, that we embrace a culture of opportunity and growth this year as well as making ourselves known: For we are The American Legion and “It’s Personal”-very personal!

CAMP DIRECTOR Please -- someone tell me it is not August already! It’s hard to believe how fast the Camp season is going. Kevin Moshea Camp Director We are over half way through the 2016 season. Two weeks ago I sent out my fall Camp close-down letter to all Cabin Sponsors. I guess time never stops. The camp season has been going great and we all have been having a lot of fun. Today is one of those dog-days of summer with temperatures reaching the upper 90’s. Parents and children are at the waterfront, swimming, paddle boating and running around. Our staff stays vigilant in keeping an eye on them all. The smile on my face cannot be any bigger to see everyone enjoying themselves so. American Legion Family, all this is happening because you have made it so. Camp has become a

vibrant, active place for all. This week I see the smiles of a 4 month old infant next to an 86 year old Korean War vet. So far this year we have already completed the U.S. Coast Guard Week, Applied Suicide Intervention & Prevention program, Warrior 2 Soul Mate (W2SM) couples program, Homeless Veterans Week, Women Veterans Week, Korea & Vietnam Veterans Week, Military Kids Summit, OT Lifestyle Camp, the 950th Engineer Company Reintegration Week and the Post 9/11 Veterans Week (complete with 50 kids and children). We are looking ahead at ten more special weeks and programs to come before the Camp closes in the fall. Camp American Legion is doing special programs that touch every area of the whole military family; veterans, service members and families; lifting them up and helping them heal. Today, we see military fatigues

on camp as the 128th Engineer Detachment from Milwaukee arrived to start work on our new Fish Cleaning Shack. It is very exciting for us and it is a very good training exercise for this Air National Guard Engineering Unit. Our new playground is a big “hit” for the kids as well as the adults. The kids enjoy it and the parents appreciate it. It is a clear sign The American Legion cares for families and children. Now I use the word “hit” with a purpose because the playground also got “HIT” by a big storm that came through the area. A large tree came down on it and caused significant damage. Part of it can still be used as we get it fixed. Things like that happen. It is part of Northwoods life. It has been a stormy season this year. Our new backup power generator has gotten much use due to power outages. The Camp staff and volunteers are working very hard and it has

not gone unnoticed. They truly make camp run. I cannot thank them enough for what they do. They give much of themselves in service to our veterans, service members and families who come. Our campers thank us every day in many ways for their camping experience and it is only possible because of these hard working volunteers. I want to extend a mid-season thank you to every member of the Wisconsin American Legion Family. Each one of you, giving in your own individual way to Camp American Legion, help to make it run through your many and varied donations, personal involvement, on-site work and prayers. You are Camp American Legion. I can tell by what you do, how strongly you feel about this place. We are half way home but we are not done. Let’s keep going and finish out the season strong! Thank you all and God bless.

WDVA SECRETARY Back to School on the Wisconsin GI Bill Although it’s the middle of summer, it’s only a few weeks before school John A. Scocos WDVA Secretary starts for many in Wisconsin. There’s always much to do – buying school supplies and back-toschool clothes for younger children, registering for classes for the older kids and young adults. Our veteran students in Wisconsin are also heading back to school this fall, but have a few important items to take care of before they hit the books. Wisconsin provides its very own GI Bill education benefits in addition to the great federal benefits afforded to military veteran stu-

dents and it’s not too early to ensure this benefit will be applied to the next college semester. The Wisconsin GI Bill pays full tuition and segregated fees for eligible veterans (the spouse and dependents of certain veterans may also be eligible) for up to eight full-time semesters or 128 credits, whichever is greater, at any University of Wisconsin System or Wisconsin Technical College System school. This is a state program, entirely separate from the Federal GI Bill. To use the Wisconsin GI Bill, the veteran must be a current Wisconsin resident and be living in Wisconsin at the time of application unless they are currently serving on active duty. The veteran must

also have entered active duty from Wisconsin or have been a resident of Wisconsin for 5 consecutive years prior to applying. Veteran students (or a spouse or dependent of a veteran) enrolled at a University of Wisconsin campus or a Wisconsin Technical College should contact their campus veterans coordinator or veterans certifying official to start using their state education benefit. Even if you are not sure if you will qualify, it can’t hurt to ask and find out. More information on the Wisconsin GI Bill can be found at or by contacting the student veterans representative at the school. The Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs also has as part

of its outreach efforts a student veterans group. We encourage student veterans to also join the WDVA’s Student Veteran group. This is a forum to network, share information and also to take advantage of social activities such as football games or other fun events. Please contact Corey Erickson at to begin receiving student veterans updates. No matter where a veteran is in his or her life after their military service, the Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs is here to help. The Wisconsin GI Bill is one the benefits that sets Wisconsin apart from the rest in providing the best programs, benefits and services to our military veterans.

AUGUST 4, 2016


2016 Department Convention Henkemeyer of Minnesota. Following his remarks, the 20162017 Department officers were installed by Past Department Commander Wayne W. Jensen of Milwaukee Police Post No. 415. Many other speakers as well as

(Continued from Page 1)

state and national level awards were featured during the course of the three day convention. Delegates and guests in attendance commented on the excellent service provided by staff from the Madison Marriot West

ELECTION RESULTS Commander Vice Commanders

Daniel J. Seehafer Tom Strey Frank Kostka Ensley Brown Laurel Clewell

Assistant Chaplain

Milton Duntley


Jeromy Nordie Mark Toll


Ken Rynes

Alternate NECman

Robert Shappell

Hotel and the quality of the venue and events. Most noteworthy were the efforts of volunteers from the Severson-Cairns Post No. 501 in Madison who worked tirelessly to ensure a smooth and enjoyable event.


CAMP STORM DAMAGE Late in the evening on Saturday, June 25th, a storm ripped through Camp American Legion causing damage to the main dock, the Marshfield Post No. 54 cabin and the new playground equipment. The Playground took it hard and has significant damage with one whole tower section having been crushed by a fallen tree.

CONVENTION RESOLUTIONS 1.2016 2.2016 3.2016 4.2016 5.2016 6.2016 7.2016 8.2016 9.2016 -

District Boundaries - Rejected WI Sales Tax-Exemption - Rejected Colonel Donald L. Heiliger - Adopted Produce Four Chaplains Pamphlet - Rejected Traumatic Brain Injury Treatment and Recovery - Rejected Recognize Host Post - Adopted Recognize Host Hotel - Adopted Recognize Host City - Adopted Oppose Closing Appleton VA Pharmacy Adopted

Replica “Tomb of the Unknowns” Featured in DeForest Memorial Day Observance

Special to the Badger Legionnaire This year marks the 150th anniversary of what is considered the first official Memorial Day observance in Waterloo, New York. And what began as a day to decorate the graves of fallen Civil War Soldiers has become an occasion to solemnly remember those whose lives were lost in combat serving in our nation’s conflicts. Memorial Day 2016 was no ordinary national holiday in DeForest, Wisconsin. The Olson-Grinde Post No. 348 partnered with the DeForest Veterans Memorial Foundation, Inc. for the tenth consecutive year to present their annual Memorial Day ceremony. On Monday, May 30th, nearly 1,200 patriotic citizens made their way to Veterans Memorial Park in DeForest along with Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker. One of the countries most honored and treasured national monuments, The Tomb of the Unknowns, was present in its full scale glory, complete with the three horizontal crypts. In addition, a Tomb Sentinel was performing, “The Walk”. Specialist Kalab Evans of the Wisconsin Army National Guard stepped up and relentlessly drilled to ensure “The Walk” was performed to the standards of the 3rd U.S. Infantry Regiment (The Old Guard), who perform this duty at Arlington National Cemetery. The reproduction of The Tomb of the Unknowns was made possible by some very talented tradesmen who undertook the task of designing, planning, developing and implementing a project that would entail more than 500 man-hours at its conclusion. A local businessman, Paul Christianson offered his H&H Industries resources to accommodate the build-out and storage

of the Tomb until it was prepared and ready for display. Starting from a CAD image and raw materials, the tomb began to take shape. Carl Rehbein, Tim Powell and Norm Puckett, along with a host of others accomplished all of the construction and finishing labor while Brenda Rehbein documented and published the entire process. “Specialist Evans was the star of the show, his performance was fabulous”, remarked Post No.348 Legionnaire Jacob Miller, who assisted Evans by relieving him of his weapon while the sentinel assisted the Governor in presenting a memorial wreath on behalf of Wisconsin’s citizens. Jeff Unger, a Post No. 348 member, championed the effort to re-create the Tomb of the Unknowns for Memorial Day 2016 in DeForest. In his remarks to those gathered Unger commented, “Your presence here today speaks volumes about you, without you even saying a word. It is our civic and patriotic duty to ensure the next generation has a full understanding of why we do what we do on this sacred day.

They must know that freedom is not, and will never be free. No sovereign nation in history who has ever lost their freedom has ever got it back. Think about that.” Along with the Tomb of the Unknowns, the OlsonGrinde Post No. 348 raised the flags at noon in accordance with U.S. Flag code and fired final honors. Constructed of standard materials - 3 inch construction foam and finished with home exterior stucco - the tomb is estimated to weigh approximately 1,200 pounds. It is mounted on four wheeled jacks to enable its mobility and the authentic graphics were applied and donated by Vietnam veteran Jim Steffenhagen of Waunakee Memorial Post No. 360. The Tomb remained in Veteran’s Memorial Park for eight days with citizens streaming through day and night. Numbers seemed to increase by night when the most stunning view of the tomb was available thanks to the creative lighting of Vietnam Veteran Dick Trawicki, a Legion member from Post No. 495 in Sussex, Wisconsin.

Governor Scott Walker place a wreath at the replica Tomb of the Unknowns in DeForest with the assistance of Specialist Kalab Evans of the Wisconsin Army National Guard.


Runs August 10th – 14th in Madison Madison, WI - Operation Badger Base is a four-day festival aimed at honoring and recognizing Wisconsin’s veterans from all eras of military service and their families. The festival will feature music from Madison County, Universal Sound, Maggie Mae and the Heartland Country Band, The Ricochettes, and Ricky Lee. Food and beverages will be available each day starting at 10 AM with proceeds going directly to support local veterans organizations such as Wisconsin Vietnam Vets, Badger Honor Flight, Camp American Legion, and many more. As a highlight of the festival, Veterans and those in the community are welcome to come experience The Wall That Heals, a half-scale replica of the Vietnam Veteran Memorial Wall in Washington, D.C. as well as a full-sized replica of The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Of the 58,178 killed in action during the Vietnam War, 1,161 were residents of Wisconsin. On this 50th anniversary of the war, we will re-

member the ultimate sacrifice that these soldiers gave for us and our country. On August 10, 2016, the Wall will travel through Janesville, Edgerton, Stoughton and McFarland, all of which will be celebrating the arrival of the Wall, as it is led by a motorcade consisting of 100 local veterans on motorcycles. Operation Badger Base will take place on the grounds of HarleyDavidson of Madison and HoChunk Gaming Madison located at 6200 Millpond Rd, Madison. This event is free and open to the public. Families encouraged. For a full schedule of weekend events and more information, visit or contact Kelly Starr-King at Sponsors for Operation Badger Base include Harley Davidson of Madison, Ho-Chunk Gaming of Madison, WPS Health Solutions and Drake & Company Staffing Solutions.



CVSO Reminder - Property Tax Credit Benefit

The Wisconsin Veterans and Surviving Spouses Property Tax Credit program provides a refundable property tax credit via the state income tax form for the primary in-state residence and up to one acre of land. Eligible veterans: • Served on active duty under honorable conditions in the U.S. Armed Forces, AND • Was a resident of Wisconsin at the time of entry into active service or had been a resident of Wisconsin for any consecutive 5-year period after entry into that service and is currently a resident of Wisconsin for purposes of receiving veterans’ benefits under Ch. 45, Wisconsin Statute, AND • Has either a VA service-connected disability rating of 100% or a VA service-connected disability rating paid at 100% due to Individual Unemployability (IU). An unremarried surviving spouse of a deceased veteran may also be eligible if:

• The veteran was a resident of Wisconsin at the time of entry into active service or had been a resident of Wisconsin for any consecutive 5-year period after entry into that service and was a resident of Wisconsin at the time of death, AND • The veteran had either a VA service-connected disability rating of 100% or a VA serviceconnected disability rating paid at 100% due to Individual Unemployability (IU) at time of death, OR • The veteran died in the line of duty while on active duty or inactive duty for training as a member of the National Guard or a reserve component of the U.S. Armed Forces, OR • The veteran’s death was deemed service-connected after death and the unremarried surviving spouse began to receive and continues to receive Dependency and Indemnity Compensation (DIC) from the federal VA. The veteran must have met all the criteria described above

prior to their death. Eligible veterans and surviving spouses are still required to pay the property taxes on their primary residence. The credit is claimed by filing a WI state income return the year after property taxes are paid. Filing a tax return is required to receive this credit, even if that is the only reason for filing. There are several additional benefits a veteran could be eligible for once rated 100% service-disabled by the VA. Even if the veteran was not serviceconnected upon death, the death could be deemed service-connected thus making the surviving spouse eligible for VA benefits. If you have any questions about this or any other VA benefit, contact your County Veterans Service Office. For more information, check out our web page at, our Facebook page at, or contact us by calling (844) WIS-CVSO or (844) 947-2876.

Department Convention Sweepstakes Winners GRAND PRIZE









3RD PRIZE $5,000 Cash or Hawaiian Vacation Arthur Melcher Watertown, WI








Donald Tyler • Shiocton, WI $20,000 Cash or 2016 Vehicle from Boucher 4TH PRIZE 2ND PRIZE CONVENTION $2,500 Cash or SWEEPSTAKES $10,000 Vehicle A Hunting Ri�le Allowance from Boucher D. Kramer Robert Ludeman Middleton, WI Kenosha, WI

5TH PRIZE $1,000 Cash or A Big Screen TV Jim Davis Bangor, WI


AUGUST 4, 2016

Randy Lenser Retires After 50 Years of Umpiring Having Never Missed a Call Past Department Vice Commander Randy Lenser of Chaseburg recently announced his retirement from umpiring American Legion Baseball. He was honored on July 4th with a plaque recognizing his service.

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Saturday, September 17th • 12:00 Noon Beef Roast and Corn Boil Camp address: 8529 CTH D West, Lake Tomahawk $10 DONATION PER MEAL, PLEASE

NMLS ID #283509

All funds raised should be brought to Camp on September 17th for a special presentation event. Rooms at Camp may be reserved for September 15th, 16th and 17th. A donation of $30.00 per bed per night is requested. Continental breakfast is included with stay. Reservations requested for overnight stay can be made with Camp Director Kevin Moshea at (715) 277-2510 This ride is held in conjunction with the Tomahawk Fall Ride for Muscular Dystrophy Association

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AUGUST 4, 2016




Corporate Sales Manager Chuck Olsen of the Boucher Automotive Group presents a check to PDC Dale Oatman for Camp American Legion. Boucher Automotive Group is the preferred vehicle provider for the Department of Wisconsin.

Past Department Commander Dale Oatman and National Commander Dale Barnett of Georgia lead the “Walk for Veterans” prior to the session on Saturday, July 16th.

Legionnaire Woody Wickersheim, an Army veteran and member of the International Union of Operating Engineers, is honored by Local 139 Business Manager Terry McGowan and Past Department Commander Dale Oatman for his work training Union apprentices on the Gary G. Wetzel Way project.

Department Commander Daniel J. Seehafer is presented his gavel by PDC Wayne Jensen following the installation ceremony on Sunday, July 17th.

Commander Dale Oatman 2015-2016

WDVA Secretary John A. Scocos is presented a “No Trespassing” sign from Camp American Legion by PDC Dale Oatman in recognition for his long-time support of Camp.

Major General Donald Dunbar, Wisconsin’s Adjutant General, addresses the convention during the opening session on Friday, July 15th.

State Senator Sheila Harsdorf was named Legislator of the Year for her efforts to ensure the proper burial of the abandoned cremated remains of veterans.

National Vice Commander David L. Gough of the BatesO’Brien-Howe-Wiegel-Roelli Post No. 214 in Darlington addresses the convention on Saturday, July 16th.



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326 Boyd Roland Seidl K 333 Sun Prairie Harlan Grove II 338 Cedar Grove Leroy Meyer V HerbertStapelkamp II 343 Hancock John Meinen K 348 DeForest Victor Schuster II Jerome Hargraves II 355 Grafton Gerald Cook V John Clapham K Ervin Novak II 368 Hixton Verne Brown II 371 Saxon Armus Worlin K 382 Menomonee Falls Charles Goetz K 392 Cecil Bernard Debauch K 406 Milwaukee Donald Berger K Buford Nixon K 416 Greendale Gary Gannon V 434 Oak Creek Frank Haas V 444 Milwaukee Joan Stys K

6/2/16 6/11/16 6/28/16 7/7/16 1/29/16 7/9/16 6/17/16 7/15/16 5/31/16 5/3/16 6/28/16 1/13/16 6/23/16 7/6/16 6/22/16 6/27/16 3/15/16

5/22/16 5/28/16 4/30/16 7/11/16 6/28/16 6/20/16 4/24/16 5/26/16 6/26/16 7/4/16 6/7/16 6/26/16 7/20/16 7/8/16 7/1/16 7/12/16 6/10/16 6/25/16 2/20/16


447 Viola Gerald Perkins Valdo Geary 455 Milwaukee Willie Jackson 456 Caroline John Breitenfeldt 470 Saukville Roger Staton 482 Bagley Leroy Howell 483 Allenton Fred Zimmel 484 Glenbeulah Richard Beck 492 Rothschild Leroy Kurzewski 517 Dorchester Donald Ortlieb 518 Green Bay Roger Faltynski 524 White Lake David Gerrits Richard Bricco Herbert Buettner 525 Phlox Floyd Welch 534 McFarland Gary Salverson 547 Lublin William Sweda Neal Tytor Orlando Olson 2930 Portage Leland Rendall


2/7/16 6/22/16




















5/16/16 6/10/16 7/8/16






5/6/16 5/22/16 7/2/16




What if you were Bob?

6/20/16 7/1/16 7/6/16

George and Bob both go on a solo fishing trip to a beautiful, but remote, town in Alaska every summer. While enjoying the idyllic scenery, they both notice chest pains — they are having a heart attack!

What happens next?

6/10/16 7/13/16 6/18/16 6/22/16 6/26/16 9/27/13 6/19/16

They call 9-1-1 and are admitted to the hospital

George has Emergency Assistance Plus George pays $0

6/29/16 7/17/16

Bob does not

Both require

Bob pays $16,000 Medical evacuation to a facility that is able to properly treat their condition

3/11/16 2/27/16 4/9/16 7/4/16 7/7/16

George pays $0

7/10/16 7/9/16 5/13/16 7/12/16

George pays $0

5/13/16 5/24/16 1/26/16

George pays $0

7/22/16 7/21/16 7/20/16

George’s Total:

6/16/16 7/7/16

Bob pays $400

Bob pays $1,100 Travel assistance to bring a loved one to their bedside


6/24/16 7/14/16

Medical specialists to monitor their care


Bob pays $1,800 A driver to drive their car/ RV back home since they are unable to drive



Bob’s Total:


Emergency Assistance Plus is an emergency medical transportation service that goes beyond health and travel insurance. It covers expenses for medical transportation, medical evacuation and travel and companion assistance — services that your insurance usually does NOT pay for. You must call EA+ during your emergency so EA+ can make the arrangements for you. **This is only an outline of the plan’s features. Please read your Member Benefit Guide carefully to understand all the services available to you, as well as any terms, conditions and limitations.

Learn more about how you can be protected by EA+. Call today to speak with a customer service representative at 1-888-310-1547. Or to apply online, visit


From Your American Legion Department

Emergency Assistance Plus® Program

AUGUST 4, 2016


Department of Wisconsin 2016 – 2017 Membership Incentives



100% Post Commanders and 100% County Commanders

Department Commander Dan Seehafer has developed powerful incentives for 100% Post Commanders and 100% County Commanders. All Post Commanders that reach 100% of their membership goal by Patriot’s Day – September 11th will receive a personalized American Legion uniform shirt embroidered with their name and post number. County Commanders that reach 100% of their membership goal by Veteran’s Day – November 11th will also receive a personalized American Legion uniform shirt embroidered with their name and county. Department Commander Dan Seehafer also knows that there is strength in numbers and is focused on growth for 2017. Every post’s first goal should be last year’s total membership PLUS 1. Each post that achieves growth and becomes eligible for the National Post Excellence Award in 2017 will be recognized for their accomplishment in the official newspaper of the Department of Wisconsin, the Badger Legionnaire. Commander Dan Seehafer wants you to “Get One” and win $1,000. To grow at the local level, each post needs to rely on their members being active recruiters. For the individual Legionnaire, membership recruiting can lead to a big reward! Legion members can simply sign up a new member, or renew any former member who has not paid for 2 years (since 2014) and their name will be entered in a drawing to win $1,000 at the 2017 Midwinter Conference at the Ho-Chunk Hotel, Casino and Convention Center in the Wisconsin Dells. There

is no limit to the number of times an individual can qualify – recruiters get one chance for every new member they recruit. Department will also award them the traditional “I Got 1” pin. Recruiters can show their pride by earning the new “I Got 1” pin. The pins are larger and more visible than ever before. Anyone who recruits a new member qualifies!

Individual Membership Awards Legionnaires can earn other individual membership recruiting awards. 1 - The traditional “I Got 1” pins are available for everyone who recruits a new member this year. 3 – National Commander Award – Recruit 3 new members and receive the National Commander’s incentive award to be determined 3/5 – “Reverend’s Round-up” Department Commander Dan Seehafer’s Special Award Receive your personal die-cast money clip from Commander Dan! This special incentive award is available to all Legionnaires who Saddle up and take part in “the Reverend’s Round-up”! The first step in growing our membership is to Recruit and Retain, which is why everyone is called

to Round-up our non-renewed members and add new Legionnaires to the fold. Start by recruiting 3 new members and then renew 2 members from 2016. Win Cash! Fill the Clip! All members who take part in the Reverend’s Round-up become eligible to receive Cash Awards* at the Midwinter Conference scheduled for January19-22, 2017 at Ho-Chunk Hotel, Casino and Convention Center in the Wisconsin Dells! *Must attend the Conference Banquet on Saturday, January 21, 2017 to win. These special recognition awards are offered in addition to the Badger Big 10 award, which can be earned by signing up ten (10) new members to be a part of this exclusive group of Legionnaires. Badger Big 10 recruiters receive a pin to wear with pride. The National American Legion is also encouraging recruitment with the Silver Brigade (25 new members) and Gold Brigade (50 new members) awards for Legionnaires who recruit 25 and 50 new members respectively. If you have any questions please contact Chris Schmidt via email at or by phone at (608) 745-1090.

MAKE IT PERSONAL! • Recruit 3 New Members • Renew 2 Members

Receive a Die-Cast Money Clip!

Post No. 357 • Bay City Devin Feuerhelm

Post No. 484 • Glenbeulah Ron Biskobing and Steve Rortvedt

TEAM WISCONSIN By Candidate Denise H. Rohan As national convention in Cincinnati approaches it will mark the end of my first year of campaigning for the high office of National Commander and the beginning of the year as the Leading Candidate for the position. I have visited 20 other Departments so far and have most of the others scheduled to visit in the next 12 months. Legionnaires often ask me why I am running? The answer to that is: I am doing it for Wisconsin and the good of our organization. It has been over 30 years since Wisconsin’s only National Commander Keith Kreul held the office and it is past the time for Wisconsin to have another National Commander. I have worked hard on behalf of The American Legion and I am proud that you recognized my dedication by endorsing me during the 2012 Department Convention. Facebook and other computer applications have emoji’s to help writers show how they are feeling about events in their lives; I could fill this article with some of those many different emotional faces. As I continue on this journey I am filled with so many different emotions. First, I am thankful for the 32-years of membership in this great organization which have given me the opportunity to meet so many of you. Our Past, Current and Future Leaders have given me the opportunity to learn something new each time our paths cross. There are many of you who I have not yet met, but your commitment to The American Legion shines through

in the work you are doing in your communities. It is that work, that brought National Leadership’s attention to Wisconsin and made this all possible. I first learned about honesty and hard work from my parents. Those qualities were drilled into me during basic training and I continue to see it in all of you. As I have been visiting other Departments I see that conviction in our Legion Family across the nation. Every moment spent doing the work of The American Legion is a statement of faith that you believe in what we stand for. I am grateful for a fantastic group of Team Wisconsin family members assisting with so many parts of this campaign. The “Team” has been planning and working hospitality events, running fundraiser events, and helping to bring awareness to the campaign across the state and nation. You are all part of the team and your continued financial support is very much appreciated. I look forward to the excitement of seeing a sea of red “Team Wisconsin” polo shirts in the National Convention parade in Cincinnati as we honor Wisconsin’s future national leaders to also include Diane Duscheck as a future Auxiliary National President and Mike Lawler as a future SAL National Vice Commander. (Donations can be made and Shirts can be purchased at ). I am especially blessed to have my husband Mike by my side as we continue this amazing journey to Reno, Nevada August 24, 2017.

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