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32 Count, 4 Wall, Beginner Choreographer: Tony Wilson (USA) Aug 2010 Choreographed to: Country Done Come To Town by John Rich, CD single (130 bpm)

1-8 1-2 3-4 5-6 7-8

SIDE TOUCH SIDE TOUCH, STRUT TOUCH FRONT SIDE Step R to right, touch L next to R Step L to left, touch R next to L Touch R toe to right, drop R heel Touch L toe across R, touch L toe to left

9-16 9-10 11-12 13-14 15-16

TOUCH FRONT SIDE ¼ TURN JAZZ STRUTS Touch L toe across R, touch L toe to left Touch L toe across R, drop L heel Starting ¼ turn left touch R toe, drop heel Finishing turn touch L toe, drop heel

17-24 17&18 19-20 21&22 23-24

LINDY RIGHT, LINDY LEFT Side shuffle right Step L behind R, recover on R Side shuffle left Step R behind L, recover on L

25-32 25-26 27-28 29-32

¼ TURN ¼ TURN, HIP BUMPS Step R forward, pivot ¼ left Step R forward, pivot ¼ left Bump hips RLRL For 25-32 raise R arm, circling R hand counter clockwise above head

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line dancing


line dancing