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Spring fashion blooms B Y S O N YA L E U S I N K S L A D E N


eptember is that month when spring really reveals itself to us, and it may incite a feeling of optimism and renewal. It’s great to capitalise on this, and stylishly speaking it’s the perfect time of the year to push ourselves out of winter hibernation. But the goal of great style isn’t just about our wardrobes. Our health, wellbeing and beauty routines all contribute to how we look and feel, and therefore are equally as important. Here are five ways that I’ll be looking to spring clean my style this season.

Overhaul my wardrobe It’s an oldie but a goodie, and a task I engage in at least once a year. As I begin to notice the transition to a springsummer wardrobe, I make a point of reviewing everything I own. I am ruthless 60

in discarding anything that no longer fits, suits or appeals. I will pass on highquality pieces to my local re-sale store to redeem a little extra cash, and donate the rest to charity.

Try something new Each season brings with it new looks, inspiration and styles to tempt us, and while I am generally more about ‘style’ than ‘fashion’, I always encourage women to explore new things. Without committing to buying anything, make a point of trying something new! It’s a great way to discover more about what suits and works for you, and it helps us to steer clear of the dreaded ‘style rut’, where we may reach for the same things out of habit and comfort.

Update my make-up kit Not unlike our wardrobes, it is easy to fall into hoarding habits with care products. I recommend overhauling all haircare, make-up and skin-care products at least once a year. I will discard anything I no longer use or enjoy, and/or that has passed its use-by date. As a reward for my efforts, I have in the past booked a session with a local make-up and skin-care professional,

seeking advice on how I might improve my beauty routine for better results.

Re-visit my health and fitness goals The days are getting longer and the weather is on the improve, so September can be a great month to re-visit or re-new your health and fitness goals! For me this isn’t about taking on any drastic weight-loss or exercise plan, but in reflecting on my habits and asking myself if they are helping me to achieve my goals. If I find myself in a space where I am unhappy, then I will seek ways to change habits that are working against me.

Engage in a little pampering and self-care I’ve long been a believer in the idea of having a ‘self-care routine’, although I admit to not being very good actioning it! This spring I decided to put in action some new routines to look after myself – and my family – better. I wrote up a list of simple, time-efficient and cost-effective things I will do under the headings ‘nutrition’, ‘sleep’, ‘exercise’, ‘relationships’ and ‘beauty routine’. With these things pinned to the inside of my diary, I am slowly working on turning them into habits over the coming months.

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WildTomato September 2019  

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