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Assisted Living Santa Rosa My dad used to live with me and my wife and he was in his old age and was having lots of problems and he needed someone to hold on to all the time someone who could look after him and take care of him and provide all the things. His food and medicines where to be given on time and sometimes it was a little difficult to provide all the things we tried keeping a nurse for him but he needed regular attention of doctors as the age passed on and he started becoming week and somewhere I started feeling we were the reason for his health even when we tried doing all the things to keep him in good health but slowly and gradually it was all turning into a failure. One fine day my friends came over and saw my dad and he told me that he was having the same problem and his mother was facing problems like my father and then they kept her in Santa Rosa assisted living after listening to him I was pleased by the idea and we decided to keep my dad there. We never thought things will work out great and my dad started recovering and he is also enjoying his stay. I am really thankful to Santa Rosa for their best service.

Assisted Living Santa Rosa