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Wild Rock Outfitters Newsletter

Wild Rock Outfitters Newsletter January 2013

Jan 2013

CHANGE IS GOOD So it’s resolution time right. By now you may have grown a little tired of motivational ads and commercials all trying to inspire you to be the best you ever in 2013! We will try to spare you. Instead in our Jan 2013 Newsletter we hope to give you the tools to enjoy (or just survive) another Canadian winter (with or without snow) And if we can motivate you get get outside and try something new this month, or just have a great time doing what you love - even better! Take a look - we will help you stay warm, train smarter, learn a few things, and you may even want to join us on a vacation this coming March. And while we are on the topic of change...

The new format is a work in progress as we start off the new year and just like those pesky New Years resolutions, it may take us a couple months to get in the groove. We hope you like it and encourage your feedback at anytime via email at Thank you for a great 2012 and for supporting a local business this past holiday season. We look forward to helping you to Go Out and Play in 2013! Sincerely, Wild Rock Outfitters

You may of noticed something a bit different about this first newsletter of 2013. Our newsletter has had the same look and feel for quite some time now, and it was time Wild Rock gave it a facelift! The new format will allow us to add more content each month, have regular features and articles, it should be easier to read on your desktop, tablet or mobile phone as well.

Wild Rock Outfitters Newsletter January 2013


TICKETS Tickets for our annual Banff Mountain Film Festival sold out in record time this year! Don’t worry if you didn’t get your tickets Wild Rock is going to give you a chance to win a pair of tickets for each night! How do you get your hands on them? With a good old fashioned giveaway!

Check our fantastic website on Wednesday Jan 16th for details Good Luck!

Wild Rock Outfitters Newsletter January 2013

VACATION TIME GREAT SCENERY, FOOD AND CYCLING WITHOUT THE GRUELING CLIMBS. Like riding but not 100+km a day? The Mallorca Recreational Trip is coming! Cycle the same great roads as our classic trip but with shorter days on the bike and at a more relaxed pace! What kind of cyclist enjoys this trip? This trip is aimed at the road or hybrid cyclist (drop bar or flat bars, clip in pedals or platform pedals, smooth/slick tires) who wants to ride most days.  Wild Rock discovered the beauty of these roads many years ago and has been returning every year since. Mallorca has a road network of 1,250 km. The terrain varies from flat to rolling to full on mountainous so a ride can be designed for every energy and skill level.  The traffic is light and respectful. A great chance to get away, enjoy some sun and great cycling.


Wild Rock Outfitters Newsletter January 2013

Wild Rock Outfitters Newsletter January 2013



Wild Rock Outfitters Newsletter January 2013


With so many equipment intensive winter sports out there it's easy to become a little overwhelmed with all the choices you have to make when if comes to outfitting. In the skiing world you have boots, binding, poles, skis and even specific waxes for different temperatures!  Or maybe you need to haul a sled full of gear into the back country and need a set up that let's you negotiate difficult terrain, use your own boots, and not cost a fortune like a back country ski system.  Been there and done that?  Does your spouse give you long lectures about hip replacement surgery every time you hit the slopes?  Is it time to put those high octane sports to rest and pick up something that let's you choose your own pace?  If this sounds like you all you need to do is answer one simple question; Do you like to walk?  Yes?  Then why not snowshoe! You may even be half way there if you've picked up on the growing popularity of Nordic Walking in the summer, switching to snowshoeing is an easy and natural progression into the winter months, all you need to do is buy the snowshoes, ditch the rubber feet on your poles, and throw on some baskets.  It's that easy!

There are a lot of great spots for snowshoeing in the Kawartha's - here are a couple of our staff favorites listed from nearest to furthest away from Peterborough. Jackson's Park: Although you may not come across huge drifts of snow, this park is great for the quick run, power walk or tromp through the trees. Harold Town Conservation Area: Located on the outskirts of Peterborough, Harold Town is ridiculously easy to get to if what you desire is the tranquility of the forest. Warsaw Caves: The trails at the caves are located between the Indian River and a highway, so it's impossible to get lost if you want to do a bit of off trail exploration. High Falls Trail & Petroglyphs Provincial Park: These trails are in close proximity to the Kawartha Nordic Center if half the family wants to snowshoe while the others ski. Kawartha Nordic: The Kawartha Nordic Ski Club has a fantastic network with almost 10km of trails through the forest. Great way to spend a day on the weekend Ganaraska Forest: Boasting hundreds of kilometers of four season trails, This managed forest is also home to an outdoors center which runs events for adults and kids alike. We hope everyone has a chance to go out and play in the snow this winter even if it's only a walk in the woods.

Here at Wild Rock we offer a wide array of snowshoes for everyone from children to adventure racers to hunters looking to haul a heavy pack into the bush.

Wild Rock Outfitters Newsletter January 2013

GET OUT STAY WARM Cold. We all know it, right?  Deep down in our bones, we know it.  Love it or hate it, winter is upon us.  No matter who you are winter is better if one is warm, dry and comfy. As Canadians we are all familiar with big, puffy parkas.  We are all familiar with layers of fleece and wool.  Although these are great items of clothing and important parts of our winter wardrobe, the one piece of clothing that many Canadians are missing is the insulated mid-layer.  Although pioneered by Patagonia these versatile styles are now produced by all outdoor clothing brands worth their maple-syrup-drizzled-snow-cone. The beautiful thing about these garments is not what they are, rather what they are not.  Not heavy, not sweaty, not too expensive and not bulky, these are styles that are suited to daily use from mid-November until May.  Worn on their own as light weight jackets they are at home during the shoulder seasons but in the depth of winter they become super-cozy mid layers that can be worn under shell jackets or other insulated jackets.  As a bonus these styles can even be worn indoors if, like me, you keep the thermostat set low in the winter months. At Wild Rock we are very big fans of the Patagonia Down Sweater (that name says it all, by the way) jacket and vest as well as the Arc’teryx Atom jacket and vest.  Available for both men and women these styles both come in a fun range of colours.

Wild Rock Outfitters Newsletter January 2013



The mid layer comes in a variety of styles - from the light weight classic down filled styling of the Patagonia Down Sweater (on left $239) to the ultra sleek synthetic based Arc’teryx Atom LT Jacket (on right $199). Both are great choices for your first mid layer or adding another style or colour to your closet!


ALL $20

Wild Rock Outfitters Newsletter January 2013


Wild Rock has embraced yoga in a big way this past year! Together with Lole and Rachele from The Hummingbird Academy we will bring you some great tips, clothing and more each month!

Warrior II (Virabhdrasana II) Warrior II has to be by far one of my most favourite postures. I truly feel, as the Sanskrit name suggests, like a "Fierce Warrior" when performing this posture.

Begin by standing in Mountain Pose (Tadasana). Feet are hip width apart, toes pointing forward, keeping your core strong by tucking the tailbone and the belly. Arms are down by your side, palms facing away. Take a few breaths here, acknowledging any feelings or thoughts that may surface, and work at letting it go with each exhale. When you are ready, on your last exhale, bring your hands to your heart centre, in prayer. Inhale, keeping your hands in prayer, and lengthen the arms above your head, exhaling to release down by your side. Inhale, hands back to prayer and exhale to step the right foot back, 3 1/2 to 4 feet, pointing the right toes to the side of your mat. The further your feet are away from each other the deeper you will be allowed to go into the posture. The left toes stay pointing towards the top of your mat. Line your left heel with your right heel. Your upper body should open from the centre to face the side of your mat. Think about opening the heart.

On your next exhale, bend your left knee, keeping the knee in line with the hip and the ankle. Here we should be mindful about not letting the knee travel past the ankle or sway to either side. Your left shin should be perpendicular to the mat, and if possible the full posture will take the left thigh parallel to the floor. Lengthen your arms out to the side, parallel to the mat, palms down, feeling the arms lengthening away from your centre with a confident strength . Make space between your shoulder blades, relaxing your shoulders and as you feel the strength of anchoring your upper body, also feel the sense of softness of floating in your Warrior II, as you bring your gaze over your left hand. Ground this posture by sending the energy through the right leg, engaging your gluts and quads, tucking the belly and the tailbone,balancing the rib cage over your pelvis, pressing through the outer right heel and working at keeping the feet grounded to your mat. Let your left hip sink to allow you to go deeper into the posture. Hold your posture for 30 seconds to 1 minute...or longer if you desire. Work your breath, inhaling deeply into your core and exhaling to let your breath float over your fingertips. Hold on to your awareness and balance, focusing on the here and now. Whenever you are ready, step your right foot to the top of your mat, back into Mountain Pose and repeat the sequence on the other side. Find the Warrior within you. Find Peace...Find Balance... Namaste! Rachele Robertson The Hummingbird Academy

Wild Rock Outfitters Newsletter January 2013

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Wild Rock Outfitters Newsletter January 2013

Wild Rock Outfitters Newsletter January 2013

Wild Rock Outfitters Newsletter January 2013

GOAL SETTING Train Smarter. Not Harder. When it comes to training for your first 5k, next half marathon, the weekly cycling club ride - knowing how hard (or easy) you need to push your body is key to getting the results that you are working hard to achieve. Our Staff Favourite at Wild Rock is the Garmin line of GPS training watches and cycling computers. Garmin has long been in the business of producing the best of GPS based electronics - easy to use, reliable and super versatile. With the ability to track and record all the training metrics you need - and view them all at home through the Garmin Connect website For the runners, nordic skiers and multisport athletes our favourite is the Garmin Forerunner 210 watch - a great option at $199, and our top seller for the cyclist is the Edge 500 starting at $249. Train smarter in 2013!

Wild Rock Outfitters Newsletter January 2013



SPECIALIZED BIKES AT WILD ROCK 2013 Wild Rock Outfitters Newsletter January 2013

DRESS CODE. text: J Elcombe photo: R. Brown

Well, this thing started a while back. As in the spring with a pile of new cycling clothing to put through the paces as the fresh season progressed. It’s January. Season is over! Perfect time to review some great pieces from Pearl Izumi. Cycling clothing is not an after thought for me. It is as important to my enjoyment of a ride as if my gears are shifting properly and I have obsessed over how high my hoods are. Cycling clothing has a tough job, it needs to work well, last through wearing and washing and it should look good too. Embarking on a longish term test with a selection of goods from Pearl Izumi was not something I would pass on!

Pearl Izumi is a brand I have become familiar with over the years, from my early days on the bike to full custom kit. Pearl has made some changes to the line over the years, and I was eager to compare how how the current offerings compare to the other brands competing for room in my closet. Elite In-R-Cool Jersey First off if a jersey is lacking a full zipper. I am not interested. Not that the intention is to zip it wide open and have it flap in the breeze, full zip jerseys seem to fit better, and are much easier to remove when they are stuck to your back with sweat. The Elite jersey has a full zip - off to a good start. Admittedly I have had

some “issues” with Pearl jerseys in the past, centered around the sleeves. I have a bit of a sleeve thing. If they is too tight, too loose or give me an Anne of Green Gables puff sleeve situation - that is a deal breaker. The folks at Pearl seem to have evolved with the times and the sleeve on the Elite is as it should be - not too tight, long enough to not ride up. Personal jersey issues have been addressed. Style: According to the current trend (a great trend by the way) Pearl has gone with a very understated look in the logoing department. As most brands have gone away from prominent logos, placed front and center.

Wild Rock Outfitters Newsletter January 2013

Pearl has designed the Elite jersey with very well placed and subtle logo hits that give the jersey a very sleek, clean look. Fit: Overall fit was good, leaning towards the racy side of things, defiantly a snugger fit then what you may be accustomed too. That being said - it is a high end jersey that measures up in its performance - the cut is appropriate for the intended user. Function: The Elite In-RCool jersey falls into the category of a warm weather top, the fabric is very light and the addition of mesh panels on sleeves and under the arms leans towards hot summer days. The fabric has a nice feel to it, be wary of the white as it is a tad see through. While the jersey could see three season use with some baselayer options, I felt it really excelled on the warmest days, allow good moisture transfer and air movement. Is it just me or are pockets in jerseys getting smaller? At first glance the Elite jersey appears to have smallish pockets, however the inherent stretch of the fabric lets them stretch out to be a good size. A nice little attention to detail that I greatly appreciated was the addition of a zippered and lined pocket (as part of

the middle pouch) that perfectly fit an iPhone. Nicely done Pearl. Verdict: Good choice for when the mercury rises. Form fit may require sizing up. Elite In-R-Cool Bibs I have had plenty of Pearl shorts in the past, and have always been a fan. With the Elite short being the highest end model I had worn from PI I was looking forward to getting some time on the saddle with these shorts. Style: The cycling world is dominated by black shorts. Nothing wrong with that. My test pair were black with an orange hit on the sides. This may limit you to wearing the bibs with a matching jersey. Nothing wrong with that either. Fit: I fit medium shorts from just about every brand, nice that the Pearl Elites fit on par. For a bib short to fit well it needs a good upper. The straps (are they called straps?) were just wide enough to stay in place, and the lighter mesh fabric through the straps and back was probably more comfortable than any other bib I have worn in the past. If you really want to win me over on your shorts - it all comes down to the leg gripper.

While big leg bands are in vogue these days with some brands, Pearl opted for a smaller band, which fits very well and gives the short a good length. The shorts feel great on the bike, and did a great job keeping their stretch after several washings. Always a bonus. Function: Cut to the chase.... for most it is all about the chamois. Pearl uses their 3D Chamois, which I came away quite impressed. Not super bulky and with a good amount of stretch, the chamois gave me no troubles, even on some longer rides. I would be interested to see how the 3D compares to the highest end seamless chamois in the Pearl lineup. As mentioned the fit of the Elite bib was spot on for me, and this goes a long way to getting the most out of your short add good compression and a short that stays in place - ie doesn’t creep up - and you have all the pieces in place for a comfortable day in the saddle. Verdict: Great all around short, perfect for long days in the saddle. Can’t find a fault.

Wild Rock Outfitters Newsletter January 2013


MONTH text: J. Elcombe Maybe it is time to rethink things. Like winter. As we sit in the midst of another January thaw many of our staff and customers are feeling pretty let down with another disruption to getting out and enjoying the winter activities and sports they love. As the snow disappeared this past week we found ourselves feeling dejected at not be able to get out and ski, snowboard or snowshoe - to do those things we had been waiting for as the days grew shorter. But with the milder temperatures and roads drying up it also gave a opportunity to do something different in January.

better than sitting on the trainer! Other staff members took the chance to get out and run without the bitter cold attacking their lungs, go for long hikes with their dogs, or just a brisk walk. The point being? If winter is going to continue to throw us curve balls, maybe we really just need to think about it differently? Is winter in Ontario now becoming a multisport kind of season? Skiing, running, cycling - depends on the snow, the temperature - but most of all on our ambition. Our Tip of the Month -

Groups of cyclists assembled on Sat and Sun of this past weekend and went for long road rides. With fenders, shoe covers and warmer gloves - getting out for a road ride in the middle of winter was a welcome and exciting change, and way

Approach winter in a new way - a lack of snow doesn’t mean just a lost opportunity for winter sports, it is a chance to get more out of the activities that you would never try before in January. Sure beats shoveling the driveway. And don’t worry - the snow will return.

Wild Rock Outfitters Newsletter January 2013

January 2013 Newsletter  

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