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Just one of the reasons to love Fall. Photo: Kris Sieber

A season of change We have been hard at work making some big changes this Fall. At the end we hope to bring you an even better experience when you come shop with us. Please excuse the mess.

Fall is our favourite season, always has been.

You may also notice a few things are miss-

It is the time that we catch our breath a bit

ing as well..... what happened to our bike

from a busy summer, it is when all kinds of

locks? Pannier bags? Well many of you folks

great new clothes, gear, and toys start to roll

have not seen the huge amount of space

in for the change in seasons. As the ‘season

we have downstairs. In addition of our Clear-

of change’ we also use the Autumn months

ance Room, our Bicycle Service Centre is

to work at how we can improve our store

also located downstairs. Over the next few

and make your experience even better.

months we will be adding great new retail space - which is where you will find all the

These days when you walk in our store you

cycling accessories you and your bike love -

will see a few notable changes - we have a

in a much easier to shop space.

nice sitting area where you can grab a chair and maybe learn about our new trips on of-

Big changes are coming - drop in and have

fer, our main bike wall has been revamped

a look. And please forgive us for the mess,

with great new displays, and all kinds of new

because there will be mess!

products that will be great for those that live the cycling lifestyle.

- Jamie


RIDE WITH LIGHTS, DAY AND NIGHT Cycling safety is something we take very seriously at Wild Rock. One of the greatest improvements we have seen over the last couple of years is the development of Daytime Running Lights suitable for bicycles. Taking cues from the auto industry, Bontrager has a fantastic collection of front and rear lights designed to be visible to cars during the day. Wild Rock has a full collection in stock - Daytime Running Lights - Always On.

ION 800 R

ION 350 R


800 Lumens, 5 modes and USB rechargeable

Low profile, with 350 lumens. Great for on the helmet or bars.

Our best seller. Visible for 2kms in daylight.



BRIGHT IN THE DAYLIGHT 1. Bontrager Women’s Stormshell Jacket $149.99



2. Bontrager Circuit Windshell Glove $49.99 3. Assos Sv.BlitzFeder Vest $199.99 4. Pearl Izumi Select Barrier Jacket $165.00 5. Bontrager RXL Stormshell Shoe Cover $72.99 6. Pearl Izumi Elite Barrier Vest $119.99



2017 TREK DOMANE SL 6 PRO Smooth IsoSpeed decoupler Long days and rough roads are no match for IsoSpeed technology. Our innovative decoupler doubles vertical compliance so you ride stronger, longer. Efficient Domane makes the most of every pedal stroke: with incredible power transfer and 30% more lateral stiffness than the competition. No waste, all win. Stable Balanced, race-stable geometry and integrated chain keeper give Domane extraordinary handling and flawless shifting on any road, under any load.





SAT NOV 5th 10am Looking for new nordic ski gear? Want to sell some of your old gear for 80% cash back or 100% store credit? Bring in your used gear from Mon Oct 31 Fri Nov 4 and get ready to shop for great deals Sat Nov 5 - it all begins 10am in our back parking lot! This is your day to shop for skate and classic ski gear for the entire family!

NORDIC SKI PA C K A G E PRICING Save more when purchasing a nordic ski package Eligable items include skis, boots, poles and bindings




The World’s Best Mountain Films Presented by Wild Rock Outfitters

Showplace Theatre Fri Jan 13th 7pm Sat Jan 14th 7pm Sun Jan 15th 4pm

Tickets sales begin Sat Oct 29th 10am $20 only at Wild Rock Outfitters


Fjällräven Canada Shirt

T E G id a l p





f. a.

Classic Outdoor Style e.

Call it Buffalo Plaid, Lumberjack Red, or whatever suits you! The iconic red/black check pattern is a staple of outdoor clothing. Designed to look great and keep you cozy as the cooler days and nights get closer. a. Pistil Barlow scarf b. The North Face Nuptse Vest c. Woolrich First Light nighshirt d. The North Face Depsea cover it

e. Woolrich Oxbow flannel f. Arcade The Lodge belt g. Woolrich Buffalo plaid cap


CANADA GOOSE As far off as winter seems to be, it will come with a vengeance. Be prepared for the worst with the legendary series of winter jackets from Canada Goose. Warm, comfortable and stylish, have a look at our top picks when the winter winds blow. Just so we are clear they will sell out by December.

Women’s Trillium Mid-thigh length with heavy duty rib knit cuffs and a removable hood as well. $900

Women’s Shelburne Wide quilting and a longer thigh length cut with great style sets the Shelburne apart. $900

Women’s Kensington

Men’s Expedition

Always in high demand, the longer cut and slim profile offers a flattering fit.

Classic look and warmth. The Expedition parka blends iconic style with unbeatable warmth.



Women’s Victoria Slim fit and a clean silhouette. The Victoria is a standout for the winter battle ahead. $850

Men’s Chateau Longer mid-thigh cut, with a slimmer fit and a clean asthetic. $900

photo: Tim Kemple

DO IT ALL The North Face™ developed a partnership with PrimaLoft® to offer a new synthetic alternative to down. ThermoBall™ is a revolution in insulation technology. Unlike traditional, continuous-filament synthetic insulations, the small round PrimaLoft® synthetic fiber clusters closely to mimic down clusters; trapping heat within small air pockets to retain warmth. Independent CLO testing has shown that ThermoBall™ technology can offer the low weight, loft, warmth, and compressibility of down with the wetweather insulating performance of synthetics.

ThermoBall Collection features ThermoBall insulation technology Lightweight Phenomenal warmth in cold and wet conditions Packs neatly into zipper pocket (not all styles pack into zipper pocket.) Insulates even when wet


4 Rental Canoes Are Still Available! If you're thinking of a new canoe now is a

great time to buy used! We have 4 of our Nova Craft Aramid Lite boats looking for new homes. Hovering around 43lbs (16ft models) these are great tripping boats! They have one season of use and come with skid plates and deep dish yokes installed. Stop by and have a look.



G TRIP LAUNCH Sun Nov 6th 7pm @ Brio Gusto Learn about our new cycling trips coming in 2017. Enjoy food, drink and good company. Cycling vacations made simple View our 2017 trips at

Travelling to Ride and Explore Scott Murison I think inside everyone is the little kid who loves to explore the forest just beyond their backyard. As we grow older this kid gets buried under responsibility, priorities and insecurity. I have been very fortunate in my life to have an inner kid that seems to be able to swim against the tide of ageing/maturing. These days I am privileged to help others seek out adventure and explore. For the last ten years it has been on a bicycle, the decade before that it was in a kayak and 20 years ago it was on foot and hand while climbing. I think what keeps my drive going is the site of that inner explorer bursting out of adults as they point their bikes down a road they have never seen. The unearthing of the inner Columbus (seem a newsworthy name these days and can be substituted with Viking if you wish) usually looks like this. Adult who has spent the last 30 years being a very good adult decides they want to try this cycling thing and heard about mixing cycling, exotic roads, good food and drink. They convince a friend or spouse that it might be a good idea. We end up chatting on the phone, in person or on line. The conversation usually involves dispelling fears about it being too hard, too extreme or too something. Somewhere during the conversation their face usually starts to brighten and erupts into a large grin as their adult brain decides that this may not be as daft an idea as they originally thought.

My apologies if you have had a partner, workplace friend, cycling friend or family member have this occur because at least for a short while the inner squirrel is released. The inner squirrel is the part of your brain that now rushes around in no particular order festering over packing lists, logistics, dog care, kid care, parent care, tires, sun glasses, chamois cream, back to sunglasses and maps, globes and lighter haircuts. The excitement is palpable and for those not caught in the vortex this state can be mildly overwhelming. Apologies from Wild Rock Travel for this temporary condition. The first morning of most trips involves a lot of nervous laughter from some, quiet concerned faces on others and the odd person who just looks plain scared. Exploring for many at this age is new again. Quickly people pedal off in their group (roughly slow/short, medium and fast/long). The look on their faces ease and relax. Their faculties are no longer straining under the load of spreadsheets,

schedules and responsibilities. Life is reduced to safely piloting your bike to the next meal and from that meal home again. In between is a feast for the senses of sound (water, birds and some silence), touch (wind on your face and the feedback from your bike), smells (plants blooming, agriculture and food) and the sensation of physical work. Today for once there are no lunches to pack, no laundry to do, no beds to make, no groceries to buy and no commute. The biggest decision you are forced to make is what to have with dinner‌ red wine, white wine, beer, sparkling water or still water? Stripping away these adult concerns the inner explorer comes out. I can’t count the number of times people have mentioned they would have never thought themselves able to ride X far, or to climb Y, or ride with such and such. With the weight of normal adult life temporarily shed the inner explorer comes out in us all. This metamorphosis is one the most rewarding parts of my job.

Tuscany never fails to awe us

Reinventing Capilene® Polyester Baselayer NEW Capilene What’s the same? Well, Patagonia still offers the great quality moisture wicking, breathable, and quick drying capilene baselayer that will take you from the emotional depths of winter camping to the soaring heights of climbing mountains! Still Blue Sign approved, still made from recycled content, still has Polygiene permanent odor control, still fantastic. So… What’s new? The first thing you will notice is the packaging – instead of the classic Patagonia “sushi roll,” each piece comes in a 100% post-consumer recycled cardboard box. This is actually more environmentally friendly than the plastic it used to be shipped in! Amazing! Also, Patagonia is categorizing things a little bit differently this year, and dropping the old designations of Cap1 to Cap4. Instead, they have 3 ranges, called Lightweight, Midweight, and Thermal weight.

g a Classic Lightweight: 100% recycled content, this weight is the lightest and fastest drying baselayer with the best wicking capabilities. The slick outer fabric and subtle grid pattern make it easy to layer and super comfortable next to skin. Ideal for high output activities in warm environments. 35 UPF. Midweight: this weight is a fusion of the old Cap2 and Cap3 which has created the most versatile baselayer yet! This is the weight that does it all; wear it in warm or cold weather, alone or with layers, this weight makes life easy. Polartec Power Grid fabric gives it the uber comfort factor and allows for outstanding breathability. Thermal weight: this weight is made for winter and is the warmest baselayer in the range. Surprisingly toasty with minimal bulk, this weight is still easy to layer. It is, by far, the coziest of them all with Polartec Power Grid fleeciness, which also makes it unrivalled in breathability. There you have it! The great Patagonia Capilene reworked and made even better. No matter what style of choose, you can be sure that you will be comfortable on your next adventure.

Wild Rock Outfitters 169 Charlotte Street Peterborough, Ontario visit


Fall 2016 Catalog  

Its our fav time of year! Look inside for new clothes, gear, bikes, and more for the season ahead!

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