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Vol 1. E6, October, 2008

Photo Contest Winner:

Nahatsu Delight Playboy Sim


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Contents SLexy Sim Review: Playboy Sim SLexy Inc. Magazine Photo Contest Winners Evane Model Agency Glam vs Punk Fashion Show Review Interview: Wil Dreadlow - CEO, SLexy Inc. Magazine Interview: PhotoLife, OomPoppaMowMow Snookums and Mallory Luke 72 Interview: Evane Models Owner, Sandro Fratica

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Editors Note Time seems to really fly when you are having fun, and we are finally having fun. What a great team of people we have been able to assemble to bring you the best quality we can. It is amazing to see how nicely our magazine has grown over the last 6 months. There are quite a few amazing people that call SL home and we hope to be able to bring the the Brightest and best over the next months and year. We are looking for people that are making a difference in

SL and want to give a lending hand along with making their place. If you know anyone that is doing just that, please let us know. We have begun a new blog @ and our newest staff member Daija Arida is already giving us great material so far. Be sure to check it out daily. Over the past 6 months we have seen the idea of a photo contest grow and just about

anywhere you go, you can en- SLexy Inc. Magazine is nothter many different types or ing without it’s supporters variations of the Contest. and readers. We have created in the next few months we a new Group called SLexy Inc. hope to be able to get totally Magazine Readers using Hippo away from the Pay to Vote con- Technologies. In doing this, we cept and institute a Vote and are able to give you back that Judged version that will ensure coveted group slot you have that the Brightest and Beauti- had to give up to get our inforful submissions get the credit mation. We will now be able to CEO, Editor-In Chief, Publisher Wil Dreadlow they deserve. It is very nice to reach more and be more flexsee the turnout for people and ible using this technology. the amazing friends they have, but we want to really focus on the quality of teh pictures submitted. To do this, it will require that we secure sponsors to cover the Prizes awarded. We are currently seeking out Sponsors and will be providing in this edition how you can take part in being a Sponsor.

Managing Editor Belle LeFavre

If you received a notice saying you were ejected from the Advertising and Sales SLexy Inc. Update Group, please Cally Trachtebnerg do not take it personal, we Design Editor deleted that group to create Dadaist Gears the new group and you have all been added into that new Ad Creation and Photography Jori Watler group if you were currently in ShannonCharlize GossipGirl the Update Group. Wil Dreadlow

We so much appreciate your continued support and hope you enjoy this months edition as much as we enjoyed putting it together for you.

We continue to bring you the best Articles and best coverage of the many events taking place in SL that you are interested in. If there is anything Stay SLexy you would like to see more or Wil Dreadlow, Less of, please contact us with CEO and Editor-in-Chief your ideas.

Columnist and Writers BlondeRaven Ballinger, Raphaella Nightfire Daija Arida Photographers ShannonCharlize GossipGirl Wil Dreadlow


Playboy Island is billed as the “Official Sim of Playboy Magazine,� and is our featured club this month. Although I found no mention of the Second Life sim on the Playboy website, there are enough touches to convince me that the sim creator actually has some claim to the connection.


t n i o 8 p 2 y / r 9 t 3 1 n / e 9 3 o 1 / y o b y a SLURL t l P / e f i l d n o c e s / m o c . l r u l s / / : http You can feel the satin and cotton at Playboy Island. Entry is before a ramp leading to a store selling authorized Playboy products. The goods here carry the Playboy name and logo, and are good quality. Your reporter purchased a nice leather teddy and garter set, which has already received rave reviews from her adoring fan club.

lighting systems this one was very tasteful and not causing headaches whatsoever. The couches were soft and covered with bunny throw pillows, and the overall scene was posh and contemporary.

Throughout the sim pose balls have been carefully placed to put you into ‘classic bunny’ poses. It may be my black hair, my lack of certain ‘assets,’ or just the way I think, The club is well designed, but I found myself grateful with some very nice little touches. I liked the elegantly that there are professional bunnies to staff these poses. designed elevators up from Girls, take my advice, unless the store, which ran very you’re bunny-shaped, don’t smoothly. The club had hop onto these if anyone is a pretty particle lighting system which streaked the air watching. You’re likely to fall with pink and purple rain. In into giggling fits like I did an age of garish over-the-top looking at yourself there.


I wasn’t pleased to find Intan couples dance systems at all locations around the sim. I understand that there are advantages; you click on the dance ball and a pair of couples pose balls appear beside you. You hop on with your special friend, click again on the dance ball and get a menu of the standard club couples dance animations. There’s an appropriate desire to clear the clutter of pose balls littering the floors of the big Second Life dance halls. Until Intan solves the irritating practice of resynchronization I won’t be a fan however. For me, couples dances are made for slow dancing. Picture this: you’re being held close, only to watch



you and your partner suddenly straighten up like zombies, then resume the dance. Sexy mood stopped in its tracks. [Note to club owners: you can recolor most couples dance pose balls to not be so vivid blue and pink, and actually match the colors of your club floor and fittings. It takes a few minutes, but until the Intan “re-synch� method is fixed I will still prefer good old fashioned paired dance balls.] Other features of the sim include a grotto, outpost, hidden undersea area, a nice setting for weddings, and several seaside party and cuddling areas. Most of these are done pretty well, and for my Saturday night party location I ended up at the Beach area, where a couple dozen boys and girls were mixing it up on the dance floor. Playboy DJ Potvin Tigerpaw was laying down the grooves when I arrived (fashionably late, truth be told). He did a nice job of mixing the music. Club Manager for the evening was Kattatonic Yates, and Bunny Icey Infinity was working hard to give the crew a good time. Be aware gentlemen that both


Kattatonic and Icey were very “Playboy” and quite ravishing, as the pics will attest. Several people, including Katt were sporting peacock feathers, which only added to the aura of a party in an exotic location.

flirting in IM. The banter here was fun at Playboy however, with the party crowd mixing it up in open chat with the staff and VIP regulars.

If I had a critique it would be the lack of a “Mansion West.” It may be that the corporation doesn’t wish to lose the I do a lot of club hopping exclusivity of the notorious in search of articles and LA hangout. The mansion ideas and I have plenty of would be a great opportunity opportunities to experience the worst that Second Life to both draw people to Second Life (“come experience has to offer. I can’t stand the Playboy Mansion”) and to silent rooms filled with people either away from their draw people to the sim. computers or gossiping or You can view an interesting


Mansion photo tour at the corporation’s site (link: worldofplayboy/hmh/tour/ ), and for those of us who occasionally build in Second Life, a look at the pics there makes one drool, dreaming of how you might build the iconic building here in this virtual paradise. All in all a nice build, fun people, and plenty of the things (wink wink) that SLSEXY readers care about. I wholeheartedly recommend the Playboy sim for frisky romance. Build: Staff: Crowd: Events: Music: That Special Something:


t s e t n o

l o o h c S o T k c a B y x e SL

C o t Pho

: r e n n i W t h g i l e D u s t a Nah



l o o h c S o Back T

Winner: t h g i l e D Nahatsu



l o o h c S o T k c Ba

: p U r e n n 1st Ru r e g r u B o l o c s a M l e i r Gab



l o o h c S o T k c Ba

: p U r e n 2nd Run y n i t s e D r LaNoone



This week before a standing-room only audience, Evane’s top models led by internationally renowned Mimmi Boa slugged it out on the runway in the ultimate battle of fashion extremes!: Think Avril Lavigne vs Celine Dion, The Matrix vs Moulin Rouge, Vera Wang vs Vivienne Westwood - or in this case League vs Mika!


When new Evane owner and fashion photographer Sandro Fratica took over the reins of Evane with only four days to ‘Showtime’ he showed the strength and professionalism of the team in staging one of the best and smoothest runway shows I’ve seen in sl. Luciana Pinazzo took to the mic with total elegance, introducing not only the


collections, and models but also (a blessing for mere mortals like me) drawing attention to the endless possibilities in developing your own ‘look’ by adopting a foundation outfit then mixing and matching elements of clothing and accessories. League fired the first shot, leading out with the urban alpha female edge that Nena Janus does so well; strong tailored details, excellent fabrics and movement and a ‘don’t mess with me’ attitude! Nena’s adoption of an almost monochromatic colour range of is powerful in its simplicity and is total class all the way!




Teamed with Zhao boots and Kraftika jewelry this collection can take you from the urban battlefield to a club with total ease and a touch of earthy sexuality. In response Mika, designed by Mikaela Rasmuson slid the metaphorical iron fist into the [silken] glove and came out with a determined swish of jewel coloured floating skirts and in true showgirl style Mika and Evane models took the audience on a journey from the Moulin Rouge to the ballrooms of Manhattan. A versatile yet totally romantic and luxurious collection of gowns and cocktail dresses designed for the woman who expects to be in the spotlight

and who knows how to ‘work it’! Again, Zhao and Kraftika were the unifiers in this battle of styles, complementing the outfits with an extraordinary range of lovingly crafted footwear and jewelry.



Seriously, this show should have come with a warning! 1) When the audience is filled with models, fashionistas, designers, stylists and magazine columnists; 2) When there is standing room only; 3) When the pumping soundtrack is drowned out by applause and comments ‌ Then chances are at the end of the show you will be itching to hit that tp button to the main stores featured. And I did!


Make The Difference; Be The Difference. Interview with the Very Slexy: Wil Dreadlow

Many people seem modestly surprised when approached for an interview for Slexy. Most interview subjects come to our attention via suggestion from someone who has seen their work in SL and feel it should be highlighted and shared with other SL residents. This next subject is a little different, having resulted from a number of requests from people who want to know more about him. Strangely, while many require a little persuading this particular subject (victim?) required all but a lasso and a hogtie to his chair. BUT, as the saying goes, ‘vee haf vays of making you talk’!


So Wil (*grins*), tell us about the road to Slexy….did you log onto SL and KNOW you were going to establish a magazine, or did you just mizzle about SL for a bit and then have a sudden Conde Naste urge that you simply HAD to scratch? WD: LOL - not quite! I came into SL without a clue. After I few pointers I had created my own style. I was trying to be different, to stand out and I knew I wanted to make a difference. Along the way I have been very fortunate and have made good friends and also good connections.

location changes since then and now the Slexy HQ is firmly settled in its current location with of course, the all-important hangout space and contest area. So the photo contest was always important? WD: Yes. The contest was always the driving force. Later it became the driving force behind the magazine. Now the contest and magazine go hand in hand. Why is the contest so important to you?

WD: First and foremost it has always been about showing SL people, So what came before Slexy? places and things that are not WD: I originally started working normally in the spotlight. It’s the on a project for someone in SL, a avenue we use to give anyone who Nude Women’s’ Magazine. We ran a wants to, an opportunity to show contest in relation to the magazine their talents, abilities and beauty. I and I started to think of ways to have found that there are so many improve it. The Ownership was unknowns in SL, so much talent. unconvinced, so I purchased land at Establishing the magazine and Liberty Central and began building attaching it to the contest allowed with my partner. Our first location a way to offer recognition to the was the Bleeker St Warehouse. I quiet achievers, to those who may wanted to create a place where not have experienced recognition… people felt comfortable so we built *smiles*… and there is something an area for our Monthly Photo about seeing yourself on the cover, Contest and made a nice sized event or across multiple pages…. area. There have been a couple of


So it’s not just about a bunch of pretty pixels? WD: That is the least of our focus. Although it is the talent and ability to capture those beautiful pixels, something I have found is that if you take a good look at the majority of people in SL their Avi reflects their r/l self. What I really want to be able to do is not only showcase their Winning Pic but also give the readers some insight into who they are what they do and why they are here in SL, Behind the Avi’s there are too many awesome people in SL that never seen for who they really are or what they really do. I don’t think I am one of those, but I am gonna find the ones that are and shout them from the Mountaintops. See, it’s not about ‘Hey look at what I did’ it’s about ‘Hey, look at these awesome people and their abilities and talents and contributions. I noticed many of those featured have talent or have a


broader level of participation in the SL community. Most also appear to have patience, ‘heart’, leadership and initiative – is SL citizenship important to you?

magazine together. Man that first edition I did…WOW.. what an eye opener! Until then I totally took for granted what was involved with putting together a magazine. We had nothing for advertisers and I had no idea what was involved - the pressures - until I did it myself. For this alone she has my highest respect. When you have that kind of pressure, you will not last very long no matter who you are. It goes from being a fun project or hobby to work and no fun.

WD: Absolutely! There are so many ‘best kept secrets’ out there and there should be an effort to improve SL. To recognise those who make a difference because it encourages them to continue to make a difference. I don’t believe you can learn how to make a difference easily. I believe those that are so driven Have there been changes along are born that way. They see a problem or a need and come up the way? with a solution. WD: I knew I was as strongly So how did the magazine begin? committed to the magazine as I was to the contest but I also WD: The first edition came out knew there had to be changes. in April 2008. My partner had There are core elements of that free rein to establish it and I original edition or two that will provided the financial backing. always remain in every edition She created the base and that we publish going forward structure of the magazine but but it needed a clearer vision, putting together is a huge task. more for readers and even Eventually it became more for advertisers. Even the look than she and I had bargained had to be rethought. I needed for her time in SL was taking a a cover and the one I created backseat to RL for a month or was, well crap! I could ‘see’ what so , so I took over putting the

I wanted but delivering that is not as easy. It requires several specific skill sets. With these skill sets comes a price. I have in the last 3 or 4 months used many different talented photographers and artists to contribute to the design and layout of the magazine. This gave me a good perspective on the creation and what it should cost. I figured a team approach was the only way to go. Without a team you set yourself up to fail or to even begin to hate what you are doing. Failure was not an option. I set high standards for myself and I am always striving, always looking to improve everything I am doing and I am never satisfied with what I have accomplished. So I set about identifying and engaging key people to join in and put their own flavor in the magazine and its creation. In the last month we have added to our team a very talents and seasoned Design and layout Director and that alone has relieved a lot of the


pressure because it allows me to get back to what I do best’

themselves. I mean heck, I would never have thought I would be running a Magazine!

I also feel that it is important to keep the magazine free to readers, so it was clear that we had to offer more to advertisers and sponsors to enable It seems that that to happen. Anyone can talk there have been about the latest fashions, and coolest many refinements parties and Events and of course we and improvements cover those things in the Magazine, since the magazine’s they are important aspects of SL but establishment six for me the key focus is to “expose” months ago, do you think those quality people that are here people appreciate these making a mark not only for them changes? selves but improving SL by giving WD: I think so. This is back and making a difference. early days, Slexy is only up See, SL gives people that rare to it’s sixth edition, but I opportunity to be something personally deliver over 3,000 they never could be in RL, or like magazines each month. We I like to say, brings out the Real also now have approximately You. I feel strongly that even 200 Slexy kiosks in circulation though people play this game, throughout SL. Increasing it is important to realise that feedback, invitations and there are real people behind requests suggest strongly that these Avatars, a reflection of Slexy is on the right track - that those real people, and that people really DO want to know there is nothing that they about the quiet achievers as well cannot do, nothing at all, as fashion and events. It also if they just try. Take just seems that we are meeting the the photographers in Sl, goal of being a conduit, connecting so many talented people people that otherwise may not but if not for Sl, would connect. Look at our members list, never realise that about


all types of people, enormously diverse even for SL. So are there any more changes planned for Slexy Inc. Magazine in the near future? WD: Definitely. Requests for participation by a range of people and even businesses are increasing now, so in addition to establishing a sound team, I have been developing a sponsorship package that will offer varying levels of support and benefits to those who want to do more than place an advertisement. In relation to our ‘flagship’ Photo Contest, sponsorship is all-important because for most contests, the pay to vote system covers the prize money, but for many this system alone can make the competition seem more of a personal ‘popularity’ contest. I want to introduce a more equitable approach for all entrants so in future there will be both a people’s

choice/ popular vote AND a judging panel assessment. Also often the model is seen to be more important than the photographer and yet the magic comes about from a number of factors. I want to see photographer credit as well as model details. The winning photo will now be included in the magazine with photographer credit, as well as the magazine’s photoshoot prize. So yes, more positive changes, greater recognition for those who make a difference. Wil, I need to ask you – is there anything that you feel is important for people to know about Slexy or about you? Any important messages that maybe we haven’t covered? WD: Take advantage of the opportunities that SL offers. Make a Difference. BE the difference.


From Friendship, T Loyalty and A Co

Interview with Oom the Dynamic Duo beh


Trust, offee Pot

m and Mallory, hind PhotoLife.

I love a good romance. This week I was doing my usual amble through Second Life (as ya do!) and came across the Face of PhotoLife competition. I took the notecard and ventured beyond the landing point. There in a rather fetching circle were PhotoLife studios. Now I never met a studio I didn’t like and I was determined to get better acquainted. A few clicks and I was soft focused, it was snowing and I was in a bar bathed in pink light. I could see the PL hud and I were going to become firm friends. A few more clicks and I was in lust, reclining on a chaise in a salon with a gentle mist and reflecting floor. By the time I found myself surrounded by hearts and a wedding arch it was love! Seriously though, this has to be the easiest studio and the most comprehensive I have used in SL and I loved the results. I simply had to know a little more about the designer and I admit to a touch of awe at the types of people – and

minds- that both develop scripts and actually make them work. Contacting Mallory Luke of Opium Modeling and PL I was prepared for a serious discussion with a serious person. Enter OomPoppaMowMow Snookums! Naturally I want to know about how and why the PL was developed but, if I may ask a personal question (*looking at the beautiful Mallory and then at the improbably named OomPoppaMowMow) how DID this partnership begin?


ML: Oom and I met about a year treat each other however they ago want but nobody else better treat us bad. Sure, we have our OS: Mallory stalked me ... so I moments but when it really either had to call the police.. counts we’re all there for each ML: oh gosh other. Loyalty. I think it’s a more interesting way to live. OS: or get to know her.. LOL… no. We talk about when we first met. We still remember the night she was dancing and had on a particular pair of jeans, so I sent her an IM. I believe the comment was: “ I see your shiny hiney”

So when did you begin to work together? OS: Our first project together was Mr. Ooms Coffee Pot. *Admires the coffee pot*

Umm.. smooth?

OS: I believe this could be the finest coffee pot in SL....LOL

ML: isn’t it though?

ML: of course it is honey :-)

OS: Exactly. Who could resist :).

OS: We were looking for a reason to hang out together. Mallory made the sound!

ML: He was a builder, and I needed a handy man :-) OS: We became friends. SL has so much sexual content and that is not the biggest draw. I think a nice relationship and a good friend is better. I think you build trust. You can begin to count on each other and that’s what we had. Like – family? OS: I think so. My family has a saying: they believe we can


*Admires the sound.* ML: I had no idea what I was doing but was determined to impress him.

*Admires a very large rubber duck.* ML: I wanted a live music venue, so he built one – The Rubber Ducky. I’m nervous. I hope building is not about to land on the coffee table. OS: The duck was made for the club - but it’s a great duck. ML: that duck got fresh with me a few times. That the duck does have certain roguish features. OS: So I kept learning scripting and building and Mallory ran the club and learnt DJ-ing and also did radio for a while. PhotoLife came a little later, as did the modeling agency (Opium). ML: PL is all Ooms!

OS: Part of my motivation for both of these projects, PhotoLife and the modeling OS: During this time we also agency is that I got angry at had other ventures. The Rubber products and service available. Ducky was one. I don’t mean in a bad way but when something is done wrong or someone takes advantage of So from buildings to Mr. Ooms coffee pot to PhotoLife?

who is genuine. I was a homebuilder and customers of mine were contacting me to help with bad products they had purchased from other designers and vendors! Twice it was a photo studio problem and they came to me because of poor service from the vendor. Well, my biggest interest is scripting; being able to take a prim and make it operate in a way that’s unique captured my interest, plus I’ve done photography RL and I have a basic concept of how different techniques are applied so I was happy to help. Then I became interested in making a better product than those available.

a situation then it makes me angry. I also found many gereat individuals who were not genuine and it was very much insulting. Mallory and myself are very much genuine people. In business especially, when someone gives you their word about something you need to be able to trust them. To be able to trust what they say and who they are. That’s when you want someone


‘Face of PhotoLife Contest’ was initiated. The competition connects PhotoLife into the modeling industry and I think shows the industry we’re interested in playing a part in that field. Over time and through our own experience we know that people want to know there is someone behind the product to help or iron out any issues. We expect that too. I talked to SL photographers. the first version. Consequently we have a strong This was hard as many We also hired a popular agency customer service policy and are protective about their to run the PhotoLife contest. this counts! I want to know artistry but I found one young The month long event ended if something isn’t working photographer who was happy with a big celebration at phat as soon as possible. We also to help the concept, feedback cats and a public vote. The established a training program and testing. We met about agency sponsoring the event – a certification program and 2 dozen times. Ironically she never showed up! Cherie Parker this takes the PhotoLife 2.0 to is now the CEO of Runway and myself ended up hosting a whole new, and professional Magazine -Maggie Mahoney. the event and it was a great level. The next photographer to success - but this happened to evaluate it was Cherie Parker me 2 other times with different So what is next? who was working with BOSL agencies. It seems that some OS: There are events planned magazine. Cherie ended up agencies just seemed to lack throughout October leading up doing my first beta test and the basic skills of being able to to the announcement of the ran a cold hard article about it. connect with people in a way contest winner on November 2. It ended up being a rave review. that’s genuine. So I approached Her statement was “ I couldn’t We are also about to launch Mallory. At first she was break it”. That BOSL article was PhotoLife “On Location”. Our hesitant but agreed - and the very instrumental in launching first new studio that is totally


separate from PhotoLife 2.0. “On location will be a rez based system designed to aid photographers in getting high speed, low prim, high power studio demands, or perhaps someone that’s not as interested in devoting the time to learn the subtle lighting changes. The owner will be able to rez 100 different preset scenes with options so it can be modified on the fly and a builders for those who might want to develop their own scenes. We are approaching various artists to design custom and unique scenes now for inclusion. So there is no slowing down for the Oom/Mallory team – and it seems wherever they go and whatever they touch there will be quality products and service with a good dose of humor, love, honesty and mischief. I love a good romance!



The Man Behind

TheCamera Evane Models Owner, Sandro Fratica

One of the traits Slexy Inc. Magazine has found common among many talented achievers in SL is that along with the talent comes a curious combination of confidence, humility and exacting standards they place upon themselves. Some find themselves on a path and once on it set a destination and a standard by which the journey is measured in their own eyes. Sandro Fratica, new owner of Evane Model Agency is one of those people. In r/l this very handsome half Italian, Belgian Rasta enjoys playing with his band, speaks several languages and is the consummate businessman. He knows fashion and the arts is about style not cliché. In SL he is known for being the big hearted, quietly confident man who encourages others to define and reach their

dreams and goals and gives credit where credit is due. His involvement with the fashion, design and photographic aspects of SL is thorough yet again, overlaid with quiet achievement and a generosity of spirit that encourages others to reach their own goals, lauds their achievements while remaining modest about

his own, because in his own words ‘I will never reach my standards’. So although it is not surprise that someone of Fratica’s background and skill is now the owner of a model agency there is a sense of excitement about how Evane will evolve and move forwards. The model training is undertaken by


Mimmi Boa, arguably one of the best and most respected faces of modeling in Sl. Following his principle of credit where credit is due he has ensured that there is no mistake that Mimmi Boa is more than a talented model – she is a respected educator. The Mimmi Boa Model Academy office has a solid presence and sits alongside the Evane Model Agency and Photographic offices. In terms of the look, Fratica has chosen to ignore the usual clichéd color palette of pinks, and beiges that seem to be a shorthand for ‘style’ in modern shopping precincts, adopting a monochromatic and reflective element to the Evane environment, an environment that sees the catwalk at its centre; making no mistake that the primary focus is models and fashion. Stores have been carefully arranged with storefronts fully visible to visitors and fashion show audiences to maximize the shopping experience and to link to one of the four gathering areas: hangout, contest, exhibition and the newly established International Fashion Institute. Ahh… the Institute.. what IS that about?.. SF: It is a non-profit international community project for the benefit of continued grown of the fashion industry in Sl. Based on the many fashion and design institutes throughout the world the IFI has very clear aims. We want to bring together designers and educators to educate, promote and support young designers, to foster skills and to encourage mentorships. To this end we will be establishing a Board of interested and skilled fashion designers who hold to the principle of corporate citizenship and education. Although established by Evane, it will not be run by Evane, but by a Board supported by an Executive Officer. There are many well known and popular designers in SL, but not all are interested in assisting others to reach their design potential,


therefore it is important that the first Board is carefully selected and appointed to ensure that the founding principles are honored and the right culture of support, education and mentorship is actively promoted in practical terms. We have given the IFI it’s own area of the sim with an additional building to showcase the work of new designers and its own exhibition area.

Sandro, what is the main message you feel people should hear about your work? SF: Just.. watch this space.. LOL‌I encourage people to visit and to participate fully at Evane. We want to see new faces, new looks, new designs and we know that not everyone starts out as a top model or top designer, but with the right skill set and a lot of encouragement and mentoring.. the sky is the limit!


s(l)exy space.

open for advertisements. contact wil dreadlow for more information.

SLexy Inc. Magazine - V1. E6, October 2008  

SLexy Inc. Magazine

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