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5L Technology Project Presentations Thank you for giving us the time to share some of the tools we have used in our learning. The students discussed and brainstormed the different technology forms they wished to share with you today. The following are websites and tools that we have been experimenting and using this year. Technolog Brief y Tool A wiki is a website that allows the easy Wiki creation and editing of any number of interlinked web pages via a web browser

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A weebly is a free website creation site that has many designs that enable students to drag and drop features. Students can even set up blogs and set up personal and educational websites.

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Two wiki’s have been created. One I use for my online Programme and the other is a class wiki to showcasestudent learning and photos. Programme timetable, lessons and group rotations are often referred to during the day on the IWB so that I can track what I am doing and make amendments but also the students can see what is happening. The difficulty was that only 7 students could join due to the registration procedure that had an age restriction on it. Programme Wiki ClassWiki Teachers are able to set up classlist and passwords for students to accessand begin creating website. We are trialling this due to the difficulty in accessing wiki’s from home. Students have begun putting personal and educational things onto their own personalised sites. Password protected and controlled by classroom teacher. Good way to publish work perhaps once a week either Literacy, HSIEor Numeracy tasks could be published so that students can expand learning into the community by sharing it with families. We need to look into the blogging side of things and accessit into a sharing forum. Student engagement is high with students continually asking to work on their weeblies. Students are learning to use technology tools and the language of embedding files, using hyperlinks, photo gallery through experience. Classweebly


A voki is a service that enables people to create personalised speaking avatars. Basically a character that speaksdialogue that students write

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Students have been experimenting with avatars. They write scripts and work on the dialogue ranging from greetings, reciting poetry and giving a speech on a HSIEtopic. Excellent avenue for reluctant speakers to still share information.

Podcastin g

A podcast is a digital media either audio or video

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Stop Animatio n

Stop motion (also known as stopaction or frame-by-frame) is an animation technique to make a physically manipulated object appear to move on its own.

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Moshi Monster


Moshi is a virtual world for children that allows them to adopt and care for their own pet monsters.

Tutpup is an online site that enables students to compete in fun educational

Students have been using the free software audacity to create a radio show and also rap related to their learning. We lack microphones however it had not deterred the students from wanting to read aloud and be recorded, create raps. It gives a different element when the students can play back and listen to their own voices. Could use this as an oral presentation forum and keep these to refer back to in a library of podcasts of their learning. Still need to learn how to do vodcasts which are video medias. Students have been using both the webcam and the digital camera to create an animation using windows movie maker. One group project had the students use one of the Gold field models as the landscape to create a story about horses. The second group used clay to make a clay animation. They are discovering the need for script writing, while learning all about features of windows movie maker with tools such as importing pictures and audio as well as timeline and all the issuesthat arise from making a movie. We have created our own classpet and now many of the students in the school have created their own individual and class pets which are now connected through a virtual reality community. Students are encouraged to be responsible through having to care for their pet monsters with duties such as feeding, caring and decorating the rooms in which the monsters reside. There are many problem solving activities that range from literacy, numeracy to visual problem solving, puzzles and general knowledge. Very interactive. Activities are based on Numeracy with focus on Number and Patterns and Algebra as well as Spelling.

Smartkid dies

activities against students globally.

Smart Kiddies site is an Australian site for primary school use. Students have FUN while learning maths, Smartkiddies is developed by experienced Australian teachers. Curriculum based with 1000s of online maths activities and assessments.

Students enjoy the element of competition as they compete against people from across the world to people in their own class. Awards and incentives are given with an easy to track classdatabasewhich allows the students to see who is ranked in the top 5.

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It is a fun way for the students to complete tasks either for homework or during maths with the relevant topics. There is a communication section which allows teachers to leave classor individual comments. Marking and collating of data is automatic. There is also an assessment aspect of it in which you could set an online math assessment.

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Learning Links

Learning links are a number of sites both shared by myself and students who have found sites that have helped them.

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