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‘Superbike star James Dickson won’t ‘look back in anger’

‘I have the pace to challenge anyone’

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‘so when I got the chance to ride for them at Anglesey I bit their hand off’ READ FULL RACE REPORT FROM KIRK JAMSION INSIDE




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Sonya Martin, Kirk Jamison, Paul Lindsay (Irish Racer, Article on James Dickson) and Stephen Henderson


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Alistair Kirk and Kirk Jamison shine in Wales. Sun, bikes and did I mention a 1-2 in the Supersport racing!


Up until last weekend, Dickson had been riding for Nigel Watt and Nigel Logan in the VSK Yamaha team, but after seeing his bike for sale on the Internet on Monday night






We had an early call on Friday morning – I’m usually turning over for another sleep at 4.30am! We gathered up the troops and set off to Larne for the 7.30am boat.




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ANGLESEY PHOTOS october issue

In light of the current economic climate, we decided to run a BBQ this year instead of our annual dinner dance. We are fortunate to have a warehouse at the back of our premises and after a couple of days cleaning, we begged, borrowed and stole as many tables and chairs as we could find! The event had sort of ‘snow balled’ as we sold over 300 tickets! The weather was kind to us and it stayed dry for feeding time and dancing then got underway to Maggie Jayne’s Disco Road show. We raised a lot of funds for the team and a good night was had by all. There was a lot of work involved before, during and after the night and there are a few people who deserve a special thank you: Mervyn & Margaret Kerr - for arranging the meat, supplying tables, chairs & salads and help before, during and after the night; Cliff, Jean, Jason & Hubert for the help setting and cleaning up; bar staff - Wendy, Lou-Ann, Zandra, Claire, Philip & Helen who worked their socks off; Sammy & Betty Martin for donation the charcoal etc; everyone who supplied the fabulous array of salads; all those who donated prizes for the raffle and auction; Trevor from Trackart for donating

the pictures for the auction; the GSMCC for supplying members to do the door; Mervyn Ferris for running the auction and Mark Cochrane for the fridges. Your help was greatly appreciated and contributed to a very successful evening! Apologies to anyone I have forgot.



team news october edition


Double podium for Robb in Froburg Denver Robb made a successful trip to the Froburg Road Races in Germany last weekend. Denver claimed third place in the open Superbike race and the Race of Champions. More information and race report will follow on

So the old saying ‘you stand around all day waiting for a bus, then three turn up at once’. Cast you mind back only 3 weeks ago to the Anglesey meeting and the performance of the supersport riders. Alistair Kirk and Kirk Jamison finished 1st and 2nd in Race 2 at Anglesey on the Supersports. But did you know....... That during that race Alistair broke the current lap record for a supersport machine in a time of 1’28.4 from Seeley and finished 4 seconds ahead of his team mate.

And only last weekend at Mondello Glenn Irwin broke the current lap record on the Martrain Supersport machine. Glenns time was 54.20, the previous record was help by Jack Kennedy at 54.36. It looks from the results that things are most diffently on the up for Martrain Racing and heading into the last big meeting these are the kind of results that will give the whole team a boost.






We now seem to be setting a trend for different riders to make ‘guest’ appearances at each round. This time we were delighted to have Glenn Irwin competing on one of our GSXR 600s. An obviously talented young rider, we were hoping for a few good results. Denver had opted out of this round so we had Alistair, James and Glenn. Saturday morning brought the normal Mondello weather . . . rain! It made qualifying hard for the boys but the weather had cleared up by lunchtime. The first SS600 Race saw Kennedy take a clear lead and Glenn and Alistair had an ongoing battle with Kirk Jamison for 5th, 6th and 7th. Glenn finished 6th and Alistair 7th. The first Super bike race was won by Alistair Seeley. Kennedy and he held there own battle out front and James finished 8th. Glenn took the 600 out in the Open Clubmans and took a clear lead and the win. The second SS600 race was put back to Sunday so we had an early dinner. It gave James the opportunity to have a photo shoot on pit lane with Derek Clegg. Later in the evening we set off for the bar. Our illustrious team leader Tim, hogged the Karaoke all night, much to the amusement of the crowd. His rendition of AC/DC whilst standing on the speakers apparently was something to see! Thankfully I was playing the dutiful wife and had retired to bed with the children by this stage. The ‘Mar-Train Choir’ – consisting of Tim, Cliffy, Jimmy and Jason certainly had the paddock talking next day.

Funny enough the party animals were not as enthusiastic the next morning but after a fry with a nice runny egg (just for the torture) they were all back on track. We had awakened to a beautiful sunny autumn morning, so things were looking up. The SS600 race got underway and Glenn took a tumble on the first lap. Kennedy Jamison and Nally dominated and Alistair finished 5th. All 3 riders took part in the Masters qualifying. James was certainly on pace and qualified a fantastic 4th position behind Marshall Neill, with Glenn in 5th – not bad for a 600. The first Super bike race on Sunday got underway but James had a bad start. Seeley pulled a clear lead and Kennedy finished second. Marshall Neill came from no where to take third and James finished 8th. Alistair didn’t even get starting the second SS600 race because his chain broke on the warm up lap. Next out was the Super bikes. James held third position until the 5th lap when Neill closed him down. He finished 5th but unfortunately a jump start put him back to 7th. The Masters got of to a flying start with the usual favourites out front. James held 4th throughout the race but another jump start set his position back again. Glenn was certainly keeping the pace with the Super bikes on the 600 and was 5th until the 10th lap when he fell off at the 1st turn, a disappointing end to the day. All in all a very mixed bag of results but we look forward the finale of the season at the Sunflower on 17th/18th October. We hope to see you there! Thanks again to all the riders and team members for their continued support. october issue




I was delighted to get the opportunity to ride one of the Mar-train Racing 600 Suzukis at Mondello. I already had a good relationship with the team and was looking forward to working with Tim and the lads and getting some good results on a bike that’s very capable. Unfortunately qualifying was wet, and my clutch was slipping by the end of the session which left me 11th on the grid and work to do for all races. After a quick clutch change we were ready for the off. After a 6th in race 1 we decided to make a few adjustments for the Masters qualifying and the bike was awesome. I secured 5th on the grid. The 600 results didn’t go my way, with a crash putting the bike out of action for the last race. I really enjoyed the Masters race though. The bike was repaired and I was in a dice with my team mate James Dickson and Gerard Kinghan both on superbikes. I felt as if i was lapping consistently, no slides the bike was planted. I made one small mistake though in the 1st corner - just tucking the front end which ended the race on lap 10 of 15. I managed a 54.2 which matched Alistair Seeley’s 600 time on the TAS Suzuki at the first round of the Masters in March and it was also only 0.2 slower than Jack Kennedy’s record. To some it up, I felt as if I had let the team down with 2 crashes but again I showed I have the pace to challenge anyone on a 600 at Mondello. The Mar-train Suzuki worked well all weekend and I did secure 3 clubman wins, 1 of which was on the Mar-train bike. I’d like to thank Tim, Jason, Clifford and Sonya for looking after me all weekend!



‘I already had a good relationship with the team and was looking forward to working with the lads’ october issue


Well it was time to hit the road for one of the last rounds of the year. I was feeling good before the weekend because every time I have been out on the Mar-Train Suzuki I have got faster. We got to Mondello on Friday night - not a lot to do because the team had got there and set up already (Cheers guys), so it was an early night in “hotel la caravan.” I got up ealry on Saturday to get the bikes ready and to sign on. The weather was wet. I wasn’t that bothered about the wet but I had never been on this bike in the wet but I was good. We softened the bike up and it was good. The track wasn’t so good but I got the head down and was looking forward to qualifying! We only had 15min on track and it was still wet. I done a few laps then got my head down. I could see P4 on my pit board and was happy with that. I knew I couldn’t push any harder because of the track being so slippy but it was a front row start - my first on the Mar-train bike! It was starting to dry up and the sun came out. It was dry for the first superbike race and we didn’t do much to the bike, just made it stiffer for the dry. Now I was on the line and I know my starts have been bad the last few races..... and they just got worse!! I went from P4 to P9. So I had to get the head down and work on it and tried to come up the pack but unfortunately the lead pack was gone! My times were faster than the guys in front of me and would of put me 3rd but that’s racing!


That was us for the day so I just cleaned the bike and got tyres ready for Sunday. We got some new super sticky ones from dunlop cheers lads! By this time I seen a few guys had hit the cans already and every one was in good form. It wasn’t long before we were all in the bar and the team was on fire! I think we were the life and soul of the bar with Tim kicking off the karaoke and to be fair, he wasn’t that bad. I didn’t stay for long as I wanted a good night’s sleep but I heard it got alot better with even my dad gettin on the mike with not a note in his head! Lol! There were a few sore looking heads on Sunday but it was down to work. I had a 30min qualifying for the Masters race. I was hoping for another front row and it was dry so it would be hard but I made a few little changes on the bike and really put my head down and we did pull off P4 which put us on the front row for one of the biggest races of the year!! It was the 2nd Super bike race and I had the pace to run near the front, I just had to get the bike off the line. I got a good start - maybe a too good of a start lol ! I was up into 4th and was hanging on to 3rd. I made a move on 3rd place with 2 laps to go and I thought I could pull away but I ran deep taking both of us wide, letting an other rider past so I ended up 5th on track but when i got in i got a jump start and a 30 sec penalty, ending up 7th I think but still, I was happy because I knew we had the Mar-Train suzuki working the way I wanted and it definitely is starting to feel like my bike! OK, now to the big race the Mondello Masters! It was great to have the bike on the front row and

I was feeling good. Ii was feeling I could have run the fight for 3rd if I could get away! I ran my bike back from the grid line just in case. I knew I ran forward a little but didn’t cross the line and the lights went out! I got an OK start but a little 600 jamed it in front of me in turn 1 and dam he was hard to pass being in the middle of the track every were. All I could see was 3rd place pullin away. I made a move, a little hard but I had to get by. I pulled away from the group that was behind me but could get up to 3rd, and pulled the pin when I was stuck behind in the first 2 laps. I had a good 4th and was the 3rd Dunlop rider so we were getting on the podium...... well so i thought!! I came in and they had gave me another jump start! Talk about not a happy boy!! I went up to talk to them and they said the rules say, if you move at all – that’s a jump start which I think is bull sh*t! Even though they said I didnt cross the line! But I had the pace which makes me feel better and now I know the bike is top class and super fast!!! Well, we packed up and headed up the road but I’m looking forward to the Sunflower as we have a little left up our sleeve! Hope to see you all there as it the last race of the year. I have to say a big thanks again to Tim and Sonya for a brill weekend and the use of the bike! and (Toni your hat looks better on me lol) and a big thanks to all the team for their help!!

that’s a jump start which I think is bull sh*t! MONDELLO RACE REPORT BY DICKO PHOTO BY Aidan Lynam ( october issue




Id like to thank all the boys yet again for all their help over the weekend and also the ladies who kept us all fed and watered.. Next up, The Sunflower... Kirky #9


In race two i felt a little more confident as we had used the 30min masters qualifying session to get the the bike handling a bit better. Between Jake, Tim and myself we improved the handling dramatically, but she still felt far from 100%, as the front felt loose and sluggish... Yet again i got a good start and got away with the leaders, holding onto them for the first half of the race before they started to gap me, unfortunatley Glenn Cashed heavily out of the race with a huge highside at turn 2. I finished in a lonely and disappointing 5th position, although i had set my fastest ever time around The

Race 3... We again made a few adjustments for the final race which i was hoping to get onto the podium, but bad luck struck again, as the chain snapped half way around the warmup lap, leaving me as a non-starter.. So that was that, my weekend over, and the end of Mondello for yet another season.

we improved the handling dramatically


In race one i got a good start rounding turn one in 3rd, but as the race progressed i settled into 5th spot, i knew it wasnt for long as i felt totally uncomfortable with the handling of my suzuki as she tied herself in knots in most corners around the track, this was due to alterations made to the front forks after anglesey, when the forks were sent away to be serviced and have oil put into them as we wher having problems with the suspension bottoming out, the bike felt totally out of character and i knew we had a bit of work to do for the next race... I eventually slipped back and finished in a disappointing 7th place but i was sure i could improve if i got the bike handling the way i wanted for the next race...

Mondello national circuit with a low 55, i felt unhappy as the bike still wasnt handling and i knew if i was comfortable on her i could of been pushing for podiums if not wins...


Qualifying was a bit of a disaster as we were treated to torrential rain, I hadnt rode in the rain in almost 4 months, but i managed to salvage 5th spot on the grid


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The over night ferry from Belfast to Birkenhead on Thursday night was going to allow the team a quick one hour on-track practice come Friday. Some of the guys met at the yard before heading down to catch the ferry only stopping on the way to pick up a couple of stragglers outside the docks. Once on board it was time to experiment with the ships cuisine, which believe me wasn’t great (I was told), a few beers and then sleep. That great 5.15am wake-up call came all too soon but it did give us time to get sorted! We arrived at the docks in Liverpool around 7.00am, just in time to start heading towards Wales and the Anglesey circuit. A few hours on the road got us to Anglesey at around 10:00am and then it was all hands to the pump getting the bikes out and ready for the guys. This weekend the team had Kirk Jamison riding the Supersport machine. Kirk had arranged with the circuit an hour of free practice for the ISB guys during the track day lunch to get a feel for the bike. All the guys had some time on the machines and started to make a few changes for Saturday’s free practice, qualifying and the first race of the weekend. Once the guys had finished the 1 hour practice it was a quick press call line-up for the local newspaper promoting the event then it was back to the bikes. After all the changes had been made for Saturday the guys sat down to a few beers and some great food. The sunshine, preparing the bikes, the early morning started to make the guys tired, so instead of going for the early night option they went for the dip in the sea option. The photos below show what they got up to….. some full moons that night! With the 8.00am scrutineering and with us standing first in line with the bikes I think it might have been a good omen for the races to follow. The early morning practice seen Ali and Kirk setting a good pace and both Superbike riders, Dicko and Denver, holding pace in the top 7. The Supersport qualifying put Ali in pole and a great first time ride on the bike by Kirk placing himself in 3rd next to Glenn Irwin on the front row. A few problems on the Superbikes placed Denver and Dicko on the second row for the two days of racing. The first race of the day for the guys had Denver and James square up with Seeley, Jamison, Kingham and Haire for the run into the first corner. Dicko pushed on hard but half race distance seen Haire pass first then shortly followed by Kingham which placied Dicko in 7th place crossing the line. Denver had some issues with the bike setup and got swallowed up by the group on the 3rd lap only to shortly pull back into the paddock with technical issues. With track temperature dropping it was time for the Supersport bikes to hit the track for the first race. Sitting on pole and 3rd on the first row seen both Ali and Kirk into the first corner with Irwin and a few others battling for ground out the back straight and up the hill. It was


not long before the red flag was out with the riders all sitting back on the grid. The race was restarted only to get red flagged by a few fallers and the COC called it a day and told the riders that it would be rerun first thing Sunday morning. With a cloudy wet Saturday night coming to a close and the sound of generators in the distance a few guys let the hair down and had a few well deserved pints, with every Guinness at the camper gone, they went on search for the ‘black nector’ in the bar only to arrive back to a very quiet camp as the riders had hit the hay early to get some sleep for the big race day. Gone was the dull Saturday weather and back on with the shorts for some sun! Sunday was going to be a busy day in the Martrain camp. Two Superbike races and three Supersport plus getting back to the boat for the trip home. But we always have time for breakfast! After the short 5min practice Kirk and Ali lined up for the first race of the day. Ali pulled away from the pack and remarkably Kirk got the feel for the bike within a few laps and held his own and pushed Irwin on. Ali finished first followed by Irwin and the ‘new boy’ Kirk in 3rd. A really great way to start the day. The Superbikes came out but it was much the same story as the Saturday race. Bike issues seen Dicko struggle with the front end but he still pushed on to get 6th and followed across the line by Denver in 7th, again having some technical issues with his Superbike. After lunch Ali and Kirk came back out hoping to better the results from the early morning race and what a race this was. It was Ali who started pulling away followed by Cody Nally


by Stephen Henderson


n october issue


from Kirk and Irwin. The pace for the race seen lap record times from Ali pulling the rest of the top 5 on. Kirk passed Cody on lap 3 with Irwin on his tail and Cody falling back to 4th. As the bikes crossed the finishing line it was a well deserved one two for Martrain Racing and also Ali and Kirk. The next and last Superbike race had Denver running between Lynch and Owens until technical issues forced him to retire on the 5th lap. Dicko had a better race this time getting settled and moving from 7th upto 6th on the second lap and pushing hard to catch Gerard Kingham, which he did on the third lap and held until the line, finishing 5th. The last race for day had Ali, Irwin and Kirk line up for the third time. Sadly this race wasn’t going to see the same result as race two. Ali held the lead


for two laps only to drop the front end two corners before the start and finish straight letting Irwin, Nally and Kirk pass. Ali was uninjured and got back on the bike, although was later disqualified from the race by the COC. The race finished Irwin, Nally and Kirk for Martrain. The Supersport racing had a great result for the guys over the weekend and we hope similar results can be found in the last 2 rounds at Mondello and Bishopscourt. So, with the racing finished for the day and the camper packed and ready to pull out, we found a stowaway (Glen Irwin) on board for the trip back to Liverpool. Its good to see the sportsmanship as Ali and Glen shared a few beers on the trip back talking about the days racing with Dicko and Denver.

Back on-board the ferry for the trip home, a few guys chatted until the bar closed and the rest of us headed to bed, unfortunately we had to get up for work the next morning. A great weekend away in Anglesey, great weather, great racing and some great food, beer and craic. It’s a circuit that I hope to visit next year as I think it has to be one of the best in the UK. Thanks to all the team for a brilliant weekend, it did take me a few days to catch up on sleep but it was worth it. october issue


From the outside looking in the Martrain team are the ‘big boys’ in the paddock so when I got the chance to ride for them at Anglesey I bit their hand off. I had never ridden a 600 Suzuki before but Alastair proved last year by winning the championship that the bike was capable of running at the front so I was confident that I could get decent results.

We only really got a couple of ten minute sessions t much more. The bike handled like a dream and it w So good was the bike that we only made two mino and that was just to suit my riding style.

I managed to qualify on the front row in 3rd place b Glenn Irwin but the times for the top four or five we race was stopped twice it was held over to Sunday dipped dramatically and there were quite a few mo

Race one saw Alastair clear off, leaving Lunney, mys confident that I could get Lunney on the last lap an came the red flags again so third it was. Frustrating so impressive, there was no catching him at all. Glen






testing on it on Friday but to be honest I didn’t need was evident from lap one that it had the speed as well. or adjustments to the gearing and front suspension

behind my new team mate and championship leader ere tight so it was going to be good fun. After our first which was good because the track temperature had oments!

self, Irwin and Nally to battle it out for second. I was nd even had a spot picked out to pass him but out but a podium wasn’t bad. Race two and Alastair was nn Irwin and I were left to fight for second and it was

nip and tuck all the way to the flag but I managed to hold him off to record a one-two for the team which is what my goal for the weekend was, well chuffed. The last race of the day and Glenn, Cody and I held onto Alastair this time before he lost the front and went down. Once that had happened I really went for the win to give the team a clean sweep for the weekend, I passed Glenn with 1 lap to go but messed it up and ran really wide dropping me to third which is were I finished. I really should have won that race but Glenn and Cody were riding well and I just couldn’t get back at them on the last lap. Overall I was happy with three podiums and really impressed with the Suzuki, the team worked perfectly all weekend to give me everything I needed, I couldn’t have asked for more. A massive thank you to Tim and all the team for the opportunity and for all their work over the weekend. I really enjoyed being part of the team and would jump at the chance to do it again. Kirk

OR EBUT son october issue




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24-year-old Coleraine man has just for Ireland’s leading Irish Superbike Mar-Train Racing, to complete his 2 season. Up until last weekend, Dicks had been riding for Nigel Watt and Logan in the VSK Yamaha team, but seeing his bike for sale on the Intern on Monday night, Dickson realised time to move on.

signed team, 2009 son Nigel t after net it was

“I had a great run at Bishopscourt last weekend, but when I got home I noticed the bike was for sale on the Internet and no-one had told me,” explained the Coleraine man. “The atmosphere in the camp hadn’t been great, to be honest, so I gave Tim Martin, from Mar-Train, a ring and we sorted a deal. “They are the best equipped team in the paddock, and with Alistair Kirk moving back into the 600 class I will concentrate on winning the Irish Superbike Championship and that trip to the Kings of Wanneroo in Australia courtesy of Irish Racer magazine in November for the ISB Champion.” Dickson, who finished a career-best third in the 2007 ISB Championship, is now only five points behind series leader Gerard Kinghan after five podiums on the bounce, with another Coleraine man, Mark Johnson, in third.

Temple businessman Tim Martin, who owns and manages the Mar-Train Racing team, is delighted to have young Dickson in his starting line-up for the next round at Kirkistown on July 14. “Yes, I’m very pleased to have James on-board,” said Martin. “We obviously know of James from the MotoSix, the Six nations event at the start of the season, when he rode our bike. “Hopefully we can now get our championship campaign back on track and I know James is really fired up for winning the series this year.” This season’s Irish Superbike Championship still has nine rounds to run, with the champion crowned at the end of season Sunflower meeting at Bishopscourt on October 18. october issue



Greyabbey’s Kirk Jamison has agreed a deal to ride for Martrain Racing next weekend at rounds 16 & 17 of the Irish Supersport Championship. With his Jim Angus Contracts Yamaha still sidelined due to an engine rebuild the twenty nine year old agreed terms last night for a one off appearance on Tim Martin’s GSXR600 Suzuki at Anglesey in Wales. Jamison has endured a relatively quiet season by his standards with only an outside chance of lifting the ISB title remaining; however a win and a second place at Knockhill last time out may have signalled a welcome return to form after a run of bad luck. Two engine failures in a month looked like forcing Jamison to sit out the remainder of the Supersport races this season but after being thrown a lifeline by Tim Martin the father of four is now looking forward to Anglesey with renewed enthusiasm. Jamison “I am over the moon to have come to an arrangement with Tim; this is a new challenge for me as, barring one race for Harry Corbett back in 2005, I have never ridden for anyone other than my own team. I have said before that Martrain are undoubtedly the most professional, best turned out team in the ISB paddock so I am excited about getting the opportunity to be a part of that. I will still ride my Jim Angus Contracts Honda in the Superbike class and in no way have split from my own team but with my 600 almost certainly unavailable next week I have to thank Tim for stepping in to ensure I still get a full quota of races. We have known each other for a couple of years now and get on well with their whole team so I am really looking forward to getting started.” Jamison will test the Martrain Suzuki next Friday at Anglesey where he will join up with his new team mates, reigning Supersport Champion Alastair Kirk, last years Superbike runner up Denver Robb and James Dickson who currently lies second in the ISB title race in what is a formidable line up for the Lisburn based team.

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We had an early call on Friday morning – I’m usually turning over for another sleep at 4.30am! We gathered up the troops and set off to Larne for the 7.30am boat. We arrived at Knockhill around 1pm and it was ‘all hands on deck’ to get the guys set up and out on to the track for 2pm. This was James’ and Alistair’s first visit to Knockhill and Denver hadn’t been there since 2007 so they were all chomping at the bit to get as much track time as possible! For those of you who have been to Knockhill you will appreciate that the pros of a fantastic view from the mountain also has its cons – the wind! Thankfully the rain stayed away and the guys got 3 good practice sessions. We were all knackered, let’s just say – we didn’t need rocked to sleep that night! So after a few glasses of wine and a few yarns from Davey it was an early night all round. Scrutineering came bright and early. Unfortunately you couldn’t scrutineer your bike without its rider – in full leathers! So they guys were trailed out of bed at stupid o’clock!! Saturday again was dry but very windy. We did see our first rain at lunch time but it wasn’t too drastic. There was a poor turn out of ISB riders but our guys were glad of the chance for track time even though they strangely only got championship points for their first race each day. After feeding time at the zoo, we retired to the bar to discuss the days events and had to show the Jamison clan how to sing! We couldn’t believe that Sunday was another dry day – that’s all you can hope for nowadays!


The races were finished fairly early so we started a frantic pack up and set off for a speedy ride down to Cairnryan and got an earlier boat. We were all glad not to be on the 11pm – we all need our beauty sleep you know! Thanks to all the team members and riders for a great weekend. Thanks to Davey 8 ball for stepping in as fuel man for the weekend and thank you to my assistant chef Lou-Ann who deserved her wee southern on the boat home! (By the way James – our singing is fantastic!) october issue


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