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The staff, volunteers and patients here are the WCC sincerely appreciate the support we get from the community. As one of the only full-service wildlife rehabilitation hospital s in Iowa, our services are critical for wildlife in need. Without your continued support, we could not provide these animals the care they need. Thanks!

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Wildlife Care Clinic

Contact us for information on volunteering, scheduling a program or if you just have questions about wildlife or nature in general! Call (515) 294-4009 or visit our website at:

April 21st: VEISHEA Family Open House August 9-19th: Iowa State Fair Programs

Winter 2012


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2011 brought the Wildlife Care Clinic many positive things: we made new additions to our staff, greatly expanded our presence in the community, increased our number of educational programs and did a tremendous amount of fundraising, while of course still tending to our wild patients. Without the help of our volunteers and the community, we would not have had such a great year. We would like to thank everyone who supported us with time, materials or money. If you would like more information or would like to make a contribution, please see our contact information to the left.

What is it? Harvey is a Great Horned Owl that was brought to the clinic on October 6th, 2011. He had been hit by a car and suffered an eye injury and a minor wing injury. The wing has since healed on its own, with the help of daily wing wrap changes, antibiotics and pain medication. Sadly, the eye continued to get worse over time and eventually started to deflate. He had surgery to remove his eye on November 22nd, 2011. One of our volunteers, Tess Hudson (see below), and her

parents sponsored Harvey and helped pay for his surgery to remove his eye. The surgery went very well, and since then the eye socket has healed and his feathers are starting to grow back. Though he could not be released back into the wild, Harvey is now a happy and healthy owl and will hopefully soon be a new addition to our permanent residents here at the Wildlife Care Clinic. Right: Harvey before his injured eye was removed.

Each year the WCC takes in hundreds of injured and orphaned wildlife and proper care for these animals can be very expensive. This is why we are giving the public a chance to get involved in the life of an animal and assist the WCC in providing our patients with quality care by aiding us in purchasing needed medical supplies, equipment, and food.

How do I get involved?

Getting involved is easy! To “Adopt an Animal”, one must simply come up with a sponsorship fee pertaining to the animal that they choose. You will receive a certificate of appreciation, a tour of the clinic, periodic progress reports, and an invitation to the animal’s release. This is a wonderful opportunity for you to get involved with the WCC and understand the importance of wildlife in our world.

Temporary Patient Sponsorship: $20 for the duration of care Permanent Education Bird Sponsorship: $100 for a period of 6 months

Ames High senior, Tess Hudson, started as a volunteer in the summer of 2010 and has already donated almost 200 hours of her time to the clinic. Her favorite aspect of the clinic is the spontaneity: “You never quite know what's in store for the day!” She says. But Tess isn’t the only one in the spotlight-- her whole family gets involved with the clinic. Tess’s parents, Deborah Cooper and Paul Hudson, have been generous donors to

the clinic for a while and were more than happy to help out when Harvey needed surgery (see above). Her time spent at the clinic is just as valuable as the financial support of her parents. Upon being asked to choose her

A Bald Eagle that had been hit by a wind turbine undergoes surgery to have a pin put in its broken wing. It was then transferred to another facility.

Apply Online! wildlife-care-clinic/volunteerinformation

favorite permanent, she responded “It's really hard to choose; I love all the permanents! Kali is beautiful, Sora is regal, and Kessie is hilarious... but Screechy will always have a special place in my heart. He runs the place and he knows it!” We are so lucky to have Tess and her parents to help keep our clinic running. The staff truly appreciates the work Tess has done. The volunteers are what keep the clinic in constant motion and Tess is a great leader in helping keep it that way.

Photo by: McClanahan Studio

The Northern Shrike is a predatory songbird that breeds and winters in southern Canada and northern United States. An adult is a medium sized songbird with a gray back and white chest and throat and black mask. They have a stout bill with a hook at the end, the wings are black with a white patch and the tail is black with white outer feathers. The Shrike’s name means “butcher watchman”, and kills vertebrates by biting through the neck. The Shrike impales prey on thorns, spines, and barbed wire and will either eat their prey immediately by tearing it apart or will store food where it was impaled. The Shrike eats insects, small mammals and birds. They nest in trees and shrubs and typically produce 4-9 gray or greenish white spotted eggs. The Shrike’s nest is actually so deep that when the female incubates the eggs, she is completely out of view. The Shrike’s population is hard to determine because they typically live in remote areas, but suitable breeding ground is protected in Alaska and northern Canada.

The staff at the Wildlife Care Clinic would like to recognize all of the donors from 2011. The following individuals have provided donations both great and small and have allowed us to continue our work in wildlife rehabilitation. Without your dedication, love for wildlife, and support of our mission, we would have not been able to accomplish so many of our goals or make such a great difference in the lives of the animals we encounter. From all of us at the WCC, Thank you!

The Blank Park Zoo invited us to set up a booth at their Night Eyes event during the month of October. This was a different fundraising event as our main focus was awareness and support of the Wildlife Care Clinic and the Blank Park Zoo. Our booth was set up with talons, skulls, owl and hawk wings, and an otter fur for visitors to touch and feel. We also had a display board out with all of the various patients that come through the WCC. We were able to reach out to the public about the importance of wildlife, while raising money for the zoo! The staff and volunteers put in over 40 hours of volunteering throughout the month, and made the event a success! A huge thank you to the Blank Park Zoo for inviting the Wildlife Care Clinic Staff to participate in this event!

The WCC also held a Zumba-thon, where over 50 people came to get their dance on with all proceeds going to the care of our wild patients! It was a ton of fun!

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Winter Wildtracks 2011  

This is our Winter Wildtracks 2011 Newsletter! Check out what the Wildlife Care Clinic has been up to this last year!

Winter Wildtracks 2011  

This is our Winter Wildtracks 2011 Newsletter! Check out what the Wildlife Care Clinic has been up to this last year!