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Equipment Identification

AERIAL NET • Device has big net. Also looks like a butterfly net.

ANEMOMETER • Device measures the MPG on wind. • Look on device that has MPG on it.

AXE • Blade at the end of the handle. • Can be double or single bit.

FIRE PUMP/SPRAYER • Device has a hose with sprayer. • Color is not all ways yellow.

BINOCULARS • Device has two eye scopes instead of one like the spotting scope.

BOTTEM-SAMPLING DREDGE • Will all ways have a box. • Look for metal stripes that connect to the box.

CARBON MONIXIDE TESTER • Device does not anything connected to it like ph meter. • Look closely at the device some times it will have the Carbon Monoxide Tester on it.

CONIBEAR TRAP • Device is shape of a square shape. • It is smaller than the other traps.

DESICATOR • Device comes in all shapes and sizes. • Look for closed in areas Box or cylinder.

Dissolved oxygen meter • Device will some times have a test tube on the sides. • This device checks oxygen levels.

Dot Grid • Most the time the paper will have squares with little dots in it. • Other times it will be a circle showing degrees on it.

DRAFTING INSTRUMENTS • Device has two sides that help make a perfect circle. • Also the top is a adjuster. • It is not called a compass in this contest.

DRIP TORCH • Device is a small can that has tip at the end that spits out fire. • Look for the flammable sign on the can.

EGG INCUBATOR • Device is a small close container. • It has trays for the eggs which DESICATOR does not.

FIRE RAKE • Device looks like your ordinary rake but has short and thick metal tips.

FIRE BEATER • Device is a big thick black paddle. • Some times color does not come in black.

Flow current meter • Square device that measure river or streams flow current.

HAND COMPASS • Small device that has a needle to it pointing north or south. • Some times compass can come in a GPS unit.

HAND LENS • Small device that has lens are on ever the top or sides. • Some times magnifying glass are consider hand lens.

HAND LEVEL • Device is a long and flat scope. • Sometimes it is not yellow.

LIVE ANIMAL TRAPS • Device is a small box with hole for the trap animal. • This device can ever be see through or closed up.

MINNOW TRAP • Device is a small container that looks like milk jug. • Top usually will have holes.

pH meter • Small device that the stick is usually straight down some times on the sides. • Some times it will have pH meter on it.

PLANKTON NET • Has no handle. • It is longer than the minnow trap. • It is cylinder shape.

PLANT PRESS • Device is a small box with wooden slides. • Usually their will be straps on the top to keep tight.

POST-HOLE DIGGER • This device can be either eclectic or hand work. • Electric will usually have auger on it and big drill. • Hand work will have two stick with a blade at the end.

RANGE POLE • Device is a long pole that is red and white. • Tips have place wear pins can go on.

SECCHI DISK • Device is a black and white circle with a string at the end. • It looks like the yin yang symbol. • This device checks the clearance in lakes or pounds.

SEINE • Device is a huge fishing net with weights at the end.

SHARPENING STONE • Small square device that has rock on the top and plastic on the bottom for support.

SHELL RELOADING EQUIPMENT • Small device that has different types of tubes on it. • Also it has different types of levers on it.

SHOVEL/ SPADE • Device that has blade on it to scoop up dirt. • Has a ring handle. • Can be either flat our rounded.

SLING PSYCHROMETER • This device has a loose handle for which you can rotate around. • It has two sticks sticking out. • It checks the temperature of the air.

SNAKE HOOK • This device is either long or short that has a hook on the end.

SOIL ANALYSIS SIEVE • This device is round. • Has big squares on top and small square on the bottom. • Looks like a children's sand toy.

SOIL AUGER OR PROBE • Small device that has a small c shape at the end. • Holds in dirt.

SOIL TEST KIT • The measurement color are usually darker than the water test kit. • Theirs more equipment than the water test kit. • Soil Test Kit may be on the box.

SOUND LEVEL METER • Small device that the stick, sticks on the top than the bottom or sides. • It may look like a microphone sometimes.

SPOTTING SCOPE • Small device that has one eye hole than two. • Sometimes it will be set on a Tri Pod. • Scope is not as flat as hand level.

Steel Spring Trap • Device has spring that has out on the side. • It is not as square as the CONIBEAR.

Survey Chain and Tape • Device can be ever tape or chain to measure. • Device can reaches up to 66 feet.

Survey Pins • This device can come in ever metal or plastic. • Looks like a nail but smaller. • Sticks in the ground or sticks on a pole.

Tally Meter • Small device that reads your amount of steps you take. • Has a dials on the side to rest it. • This device can be eleticoncal to.

Transit • Tall device that has three legs. • Measures the levelment on the land. • Some times will have a scope on top.

Water Sampler • Small device that holds in water. • Usually has two ends to seal up the water. • This device can be electronically.

Water Sampler • This device usually most of the equipment is little bottles. • Reads levels of chlorine and much more. • Can use this in a pool.

Equipment ID  

Equipment ID

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