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Volume 1, Issue 1 October

Wildflower Gallery & TRS Gallery Merger Wildflower Village and the TRS Gallery are immensely proud to announce the joining of two wonderful, eclectic and highly compatible art venues.

Wildflower Village

TRS Gallery At

Marcia and Porsche will be developing new art classes and bringing a host of new artists who will be added to both galleries. Wildflower Village, founded by Pat CampbellCozzi is Northern Nevada’s wonderful experience nestled on 6+ acres and conveniently 2 miles from downtown Reno. This joining will allow Pat to concentrate on growing the Wildflower while Porsche and Marcia grow the art!

TRS Gallery, founded by Marcia Rayford and Porsche Middleton is one of Reno’s top up and coming galleries. By joining forces they have created a solid base for the anticipated positive growth of the Wildflower Village and TRS Gallery, which will surely benefit local artists and the community. TRS Gallery will be located in the Chapel Gallery at 4305 W4th St, and the Open Door Gallery at 4335 W. 4th St. We believe Reno benefits from its art community, and hope you will join us as we look forward to an exciting and prosperous future for all.

FUNctional Art Many people are not familiar with the term Functional Art. Functional art is something which is both beautiful and useful. Functional art lets us bring incredible works of creativity and beauty into our everyday lives.

There is also another dynamic to this art form and that is that it is FUN to create and there is no right or wrong way when it comes to its creation. TRS Gallery has a line of FUNctional Art pieces and classes. This line of art includes tile art,

Inside this issue:

jewelry & paper weights Marcia & Porsche the owners of TRS Gallery see this line of art as an expansion upon their motto of “Unconventional Chic...Because Art IS a Necessity

Special points of interest:

Open Gallery


Art Classes


Reno Renaissance Project


Black Box Theater




October Calendar


 Artists Open Studios  Reno Renaissance Project  Black Box Theater  Opening of No Exit October 31st

Gallery Open House & Artists Open Studios on the penultimate Saturday in October. The art sale at the Wildflower Village Open Door Gallery was a huge success. Everyone from the Open Door Gallery would like to thank you for supporting the local art community The Wildflower Open Door Gallery is home to over 100 artists and boasts an eclectic collection of styles. Water colors, oils, acrylics, pen and ink renderings, pastels, photography, baskets, sculpture, pottery, gourds, woodwork, jewelry, glass, mixed media, and graphite are a sample of the mediums that will be at the gallery.

The open house and open studios will take place at the Wildflower Village, Open Door Gallery. October 22, from Noon-5. Stop by the Open Door Gallery to pick up your map for the Artists Open Studios. The Open Door Gallery is accepting artists applications for the winter exhibit. For applications & more information visit our website or stop by the open door gallery. Scan to Check out the Wildflower Village on Facebook and like our page!

The next event is an open house that will include artist open studios.

New Art Classes TRS Gallery will be adding new art classes to the Wildflower Village in October. The new classes will be impressionistic and abstract painting, landscapes and linoleum block cutting and print making. These classes are an expansion upon the beginning and intermediate watercolor classes currently offered.

The goal of these classes is to provide For more information, class schedules an environment in which the communiand supply list visit our website ty can express and develop their artistic or stop by the abilities through instruction. Our Open Door Gallery located in the Wildunique blend of classroom studios and flower Village. gallery space encourages students to immerse themArtists who are interested in selves in art, with inspirateaching a class should contact tion from instructors and the art that surrounds them. the Open Door Gallery


Reno Renaissance Project: We Will Reinvent Reno The Reno Renaissance Project’s goal it to produce, procure and promote the best talent that Reno has. More importantly they offer a space that allow for the exchange of ideas and the production of art. The idea is behind this meeting of eclectic people is that artist tend to work in a vacuum and this group is Page 2

working to break down that barrier and the result will be a unique atmosphere that will ultimately result in the reinvigoration of the downtown arts district. Simply put the Reno Renaissance Project is a

conglomeration of artists and art lovers who have come together in a grass roots effort to re-interject the artistic spirit into the Arts District by providing space, time, and interaction to all like-minded artisans. Continued on pg. 3


Black Box Theater…the Best Way to Experience Theater in Reno The Black Box Theater's mission is to provide an informal setting for people to learn about live theater.

The Black Box Theater will produce its first play, No Exit, by

are brought to the same room in hell by a mysterious Valet. They expect medieval torture devices to punish them for eternity, but instead find a plain room furnished in Second Empire style. None of them will admit the reason for their damnation. Director Laurence Yarborough leads us through the unforgettable journey of the discovery of their sins and their sadistic love triangles.

Sartre at the Art House located on Twin Lakes Drive at the Wildflower Village.

Find more information, including show times, on Facebook under Black Box Theater.

The space for the theater was donated by Pat Campbell-Cozzi. Several volunteers from the RRP and local artist help with the interior renovations.

Opening Night! Monday, October 31, 2011 Cocktails at 6pm Play Starts at 7pm

No Exit is about three damned souls, Garcin, Inez, and Estelle who

Our Nana: More than a Land Mark The Nana located in front of the Wildflower Open Door Gallery is more than a land mark. Travelers come from around the world to see the rendition of Nikki de St Phalle’s Nana created by Petra and Steven Seagraves. The Nana is a powerful and influential piece of art. Nikki de St Phalle made her first large Nana in 1966 : a 27-meter-long reclining female figure. She was the original

mother of all the Nanas to follow; monstrous, serenely happy, brightly painted, provocative and outrageous, the Nanas would soon captivate the world. With her motto “Power to the Nanas!” Niki de St. Phalle connected with ideas of the women’s movement which were

in the air at the time. The Nanas, at first created as larger-than-life polyester figures, soon became a symbol of the women's movement.

“Power to the Nanas!”

Reno Renaissance Project continued from page 2 This group of talented artists do just that by hosting open painting in the Art House at the Wildflower Village every Wednesday night from 6 to 10pm. This event is a pot luck and everyone is invited to bring a dish. There is a monthly due of $25 which covers the cost of paint and VOLUME 1, ISSUE 1

canvas. The RRP will provide the paint and canvas for all first time participants. Everyone is welcomed to attend from especially the little ones. It’s the RRP’ s way of enhancing the creativity that we all have in an environment that does not allow for criticism or rejection for those of us who think outside

the box or just can’t paint within the lines too well. October 15th Tony Gazzigli will have the open of his art exhibit; The Evolution of Art. The Exhibit is located in the Art House and is from 3-8pm.

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Hello Everyone, I really love this time of year. The weather cools down and life seems to even out. This is the time of year I look forward to the most because art is all around us. The leaves are changing and the air just gets my creativity running. This a really exciting time for the TRS Gallery and the Wildflower Village Galleries. Marcia and I are currently working on getting our galley ready for the grand opening which we hope will happen sometime in November. Until then we are will continue to beautify the outside of our new space located in the Chapel Gallery. I am hoping to plant some flowers in homage to breast cancer awareness month. In the spring they will be a lovely sight to see.

ARTIST HAVEN 4305 West Fourth Street Reno, NV 89523

Phone: 775-747-8848 Fax: 775-747-0213 E-mail:

In the mean time friend us on Facebook and follow us on twitter. If you have some extra time on your hands, watch some of our YouTube videos and try some of the art activities.

May All Your Weeds Be Wildflowers

Enjoy the beginning of autumn and remember Eat, Live, Breathe...ART


October 2011 Sun






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RRP 6-9






15 Evolution

@ Art House





RRP 6-9

of Art 6-9pm @ Art House

@ Art House





RRP 6-9



Open Studios

@ Art House





RRP 6-9

22 Artist


28 Nevada





Dates to Remember: “No Exit� ..Monday, October 31, 2011...Cocktails at 6pm...Play Starts at 7pm November 1st Deadline for Applications to Participate in the Winter Exhibit. February 1st Deadline for Applications to Participate in the Spring Exhibit

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